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Author Topic: TakaGaki fanficness :D"MM in L.A. - Behind the cameras" [Updated FINAL - 30.11]  (Read 15494 times)

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 :on gay: Hi there~ Ada here :D lol

Uhm... did you know TakaGaki rocks?  :w00t:

I read tons of fanfics about them and decided to write one of my own too XDDD   :nervous
I got inspired watching the Los Angeles Anime Expo documentary that they provided on TV Tokyo and wrote a chapter immediately  :shakeit:  just because... I love  realistic fics based on evidence. :twisted:

Uhm, don't blame me if it's becoming pervy on the way  :smhid


We were excitedly climbing down from the plane. Everybody had their own cameras, capturing the renowned LA airport. Seeing the small bus waiting, we all ran towards it squealing. I reached there first, picking some front seat.

Koharu followed, hyped up from all the candies (?), then JunJun, ... why the hell did she use so much perfume? My nose is nearly falling off... then Eri, noisy as never, dragging Aika after her. The moment after, I really thought Ai-chan would be sitting next to me, but she seemed as she didn't notice and went in the back of the bus. LinLin was following her in a daze, but somewhat ended up beside JunJun. Nice..
Reina was clearly pissed off. She let out a loud groan, while outside, some staff member was bowing and apologizing like mad. Wonder what happened...
Lastly, Sayumi entered the bus with a large purse, filled with ...bottles or something - judging by the sounds they made.

"Sayu? Why are you taking that with you?" I asked as she was deciding for a place to sit.
"This?..." she smiled proudly "... I don't want my make-up to get lost by any chance :O"  and she jumped on the seat behind me.

Since I couldn't rest well in the plane because of Koharu's crisis (don't really wanna talk about that >.>), I think I fell asleep for a minute. A sharp scream woke me up though.
"KYAAAAH! A NAKED MAN!" Any guesses about who said that?
"WHERE! O_O" LinLin quickly jumped on JunJun and got stuck to the window, staring outside.
"Haha, gotchaa" Koharu was pleased by her mischievous prank.

"That wasn't funny..."
Oh, finally leader-sama decided to speak? I didn't turn around to look at her though. "... Seriously, aren't you guys tired or something?"
"No :D Has anybody seen my black pouch?" Koharu simply answered, calming down a bit.
I heard Ai-chan sigh loudly.

I was right at the edge between reality and reverie, when some screams could be heard again. What the f-
I opened my eyes and watched outside the window, gasping. OMGGGGG. I immediately joined the squealing fest. It was Hollywood dammit~ 8D

After taking some pics, I turned around to see what were the others doing. I stiffened seeing Ai-chan and Sayumi taking pictures of themselves and exchanging sweet smiles. JunLin were too engrossed with their cameras and Koharu yet again couldn't stand still. She was popping bubblegum and taking pictures of everything. Are trees that interesting anyway?
Eri and Aika were jankenpyon-ing for some reason. Oh look, Eri won. She was smiling victoriously from ear to ear, then they started glaring at their cameras too.
I noticed Sayumi went in the far back, where Reina's seat was. She was still pissed off and Sayumi was asking her wh...
Wut? I didn't realise Ai-chan was looking at me the whole time. She smiled, raising her eyebrows.
I felt my stomach doing flip flops for a second and decided to go sit next to her, when a cameraman appeared before me, asking me tons of questions for some documentary for TV Tokyo.

I miss hanging out with you, Ai-chan~

We reached our destination. Damn the hotel had too many floors :O Tons of wotas, cough!fans :D were outside to welcome us. I was so happy XDD wait, why are so many of them holding yellow-green glow sticks? Americans like TakaGaki eh? I couldn't help but smirk. I ran to Ai-chan and clinged around her arm, making the wotas cheer and whistle in a rage. She was surprised at first, but then she smiled and waved at them too.

Uhm, okay Koharu, we know you're surprised.
That's how she reacted while entering the hotel. I must admit I had my eyes wide open also, the hotel itself was the definition of luxury. Cheh, of course. We're international idols, I mean really~ I almost forgot that XD Some hours ago I was being a tourist, going fangirl over the Hollywood sign.
There were nine rooms at the 14th floor waiting for us.

What the hell. If the space at the entrance amazed me, this room is enough to make me faint.
Spacious, bright, big bed, a glass coffee table with a phone and some drinks on it (:O) a computer, and some other expensive touches.
I'll have fun tonight I whispered to myself as I touched the cold campaign bottle.
I wanted to unpack my things, but. Why do we get these rooms if we feel so lonely?

I got out in the hallway. What was Ai-chan's room again?
The one next to mine was pretty silent. I opened it slowly and entered. "Ai-chan?"
I heard a burp. Oh no...
JunJun was laying on the bed. "USO! What the hell are you doing to the campaign JunJun?!" I snatched it from her hands and remained dumbfounded. It was almost empty. Funny, she fell asleep. I smacked my forehead and tucked her in the bed.

To my surprise, the next room wasn't that silent. Some noises could be heard and I sneaked in.
"Uhm... what are you guys doing?"
Koharu was jumping on the bed like a total maniac while Sayumi was putting another layer of make-up on her face. "Koharu said her room is way too quiet and she gets scared, so she came here"
I ran out the door in a galactic speed.

The other room next to mine (mine was somewhere in the middle) was dead silent also. I rolled the door knob and asked again "Ai-chan?"
There was no answer. I closed the door behind me and just stared. "Tanakacchi?"
She kept on rubbing her temples, concentrating on something. On her bed there were tons of jackets, shirts, jerseys and dresses..
"What are you doing?"
She didn't answer that either. "I guess I should leave you alone then..." I turned around to leave but she grabbed my hand and pulled me next to her. "Gaaaaah! I can't stand this Gaki-saaan! What the hell am I going to wear at the dinner tonight? I should've brought with me lots more clothes!"
I stared at her with a are-you-serious? face. She still seemed so into it and I just shoved her hands off me and left.

I randomly picked another room which seemed to be the last one on the hallway. Once inside, I felt a fresh smell of strawberries. The room was empty though. I saw some unpacked bags on the floor, but couldn't remember which one of us they belonged to.
I was planning on leaving when someone suddenly came out from the bathroom. The water was dripping from her long hair, onto her chest and then disappeared into the towel. (which was really short btw) I reddened like a tomato on a barbecue, not being able to stare at something else other than her thighs or her cleavage.
"Gaki-san?" she asked confused.
"I... uhm..."
She giggled and walked over to her bags, bending over. I flushed like mad, turning around. As I thought, I couldn't resist so I just had to peek at her. Just a bit :D
Yikes!  She then removed the towel (OMFG) and took out some shorts and a tight shirt. She quickly got dressed, still not facing me.
That was a pretty damn smexy ass~ I said to myself, but soon after I spanked my forehead.

Ai-chan laughed. "What's wrong?"
Okay so the thing is : I had seen her bare back before, when we were young and shared the same rooms. But now I just can't watch her through a friend's eyes anymore.
I needed to calm down. I think my ears were red as heck and I slowly stroked my hair over them so she won't notice.
"I came to see how you're doing. I was getting bored alone."
"I see~" she replied.
Dammit what the hell.!  -> the inner me was spazing. I never felt so hot in my entire life. Stop staring at her cleavage, stop staring at her cleavage, stop- For some reason I couldn't open up another topic.
"How did you find out my room?"
"Uhm... I simply entered random rooms till I hit upon yours."
She smiled.
The phone rang, so she went to answer it.
I really need a therapist. Wth has gotten into me? Now I can't stop staring at her butt-
"Gaki-san?" she said as she put the phone down.
"YES?" Oh Crap.
"They said we need to change into formal clothes and then go to dinner. We'll have an interview quickly after that."
I nodded, still feeling nervous.

She closed the door after me. The hallway seemed so cold... I could only hear my footsteps and my heartbeat.
"Huh?" I turned around and saw her head popping out from behind the door.
"Would you mind spending the night with me after that?"
I nearly fainted on the spot.
"We can have the pillow fights we used to, then you can freak the crap out of me with scary stories, and we can tell the others to join if they want-"
"Sure!" I cried out like some drug addict, cause I held my breath unknowingly.
She smiled and closed the door again.

Boy, this will be a long night.

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Re: TakaGaki fanficness :D
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uoh! First one, YEAH!  8)
 a new fellow TakaGaki fan! we'll never have enough fics of those two.
Somehow, I was missing someone writing this kind of 'behind the scenes' from the Anime Expo so, thanks for that. I can't wait to see how this one develops.
I'll be waiting for updates  :ding:

*Edit* Oh, and don't worry if becomes pervy... it will be very welcomed  :twisted:
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Re: TakaGaki fanficness :D "MM in Los Angeles - Behind the cameras"
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Ada-chan, ¿como estas??, bueno dejame decirte woooah XD

Me gusta me gusta jaja, el hecho que involucres lo que sucedio en L.A me parecio fantastico, hace rato que queria leer algo asi jaja.

Me imagino a las momusus asi cuando llegaron: :mon cam:

y la escena takagaki :

Ai: :onionshower:

Gaki:  :stoned:

Ai:  :mon slapass:

Gaki:  :mon ko:  :mon blood:

jaja y  bueno por lo que veo eres nueva aqui, asi que bienvenida ahh y creo que este era el fic del que me hablabas ¿no?

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Re: TakaGaki fanficness :D "MM in Los Angeles - Behind the cameras"
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len.chan : thanks a lot XDD ahaha i'm not sure i can write non-pervy stuff ._.
Gabi : jaja gracias XDD este es el fic de que te estaba hablando <3

i`m glad you liked it  :hee: i`m working on the second part XDD which is mainly takagaki btw  :ph43r:

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Re: TakaGaki fanficness :D "MM in Los Angeles - Behind the cameras"
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oohhhh... Takagaki! And based on their trip to L.A! yatta!
"Would you mind spending the night with me after that?"
I nearly fainted on the spot. 
Hmm, if you stopped in that part.. I bet Gaki-san would want to wake up now..XD

i`m working on the second part XDD which is mainly takagaki btw 
Yey!!!! me want to read it!XD

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Re: TakaGaki fanficness :D "MM in Los Angeles - Behind the cameras"
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Takagaki in LA! Awesome awesome.

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Re: TakaGaki fanficness :D "MM in Los Angeles - Behind the cameras"
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Mwahah Ada is back :D
Sorry if it's cheesy XDD I had fun writing this  :wub: :wub: TakaGaki FTW :D  :cow:

Chapter 2

Even though her black dress wasn't too revealing, I found myself unable to take my eyes off her. Minutes seemed like hours to me.
She talked calmly to the reporters;If I were them, I couldn't hold up those cameras while seeing her smile.

They told the leader and the subleader to remain some longer, apparently to give our messages to the fans through a radio show.
The others were probably resting when I was finding myself entering the elevator. Alone. With Ai-chan.
As expected, my heart began to race. She was leaning against the big mirror letting out a sigh. Three words escaped her lips : "I'm so tired..." while her own hands stroked her neck and shoulders.
She realized I was spacing out, with my eyes fixed on her.

"Do I have something on my face?" gasping, she turned around to check herself out. She saw me in the mirror approaching her. I hugged her from behind, closing my eyes. "You're so cute"
She giggled and caressed my hands. "You know that's not true. Anyway, thanks~ For being my best friend"
She smiled at me in the mirror while I remained stunned. Does she think she's just a friend to me? No, I'm just a friend to her...
I let her go when I heard the doors of the elevator opening.
"Come to my room when you've changed clothes okay?"
"Uh huh"

The strawberry scent has't faded. I walked in and saw her on the bed, reading a book or something. I haven't seen so much cuteness in my life.
Her hair was folded in a ponytail on a side, falling on her white, sleeveless shirt.
To my utter disgrace (or not :D), it was a bit low necked so I had a nice view over her- JUST STOP IT RISA!
She noticed me only when I seated myself next to her and glared at the book. NOT at something else!!

"Oh Gaki-san.."
"What are we doing now?"
She just yawned and pointed at the plasma tv on the wall "Let's watch a movie"
I agreed as I went to turn the lights off.
Switching the TV channels, she bumped into some romance movie and I layed on the bed next to her. She watched at me doubtfully and I answered her without being even asked : "You know I'm a sucker for these types of movies so yeah, we can watch this"
She smiled at me and after some minutes, she fell asleep. I wanted to pull the blanket over her but she rolled over and trapped me in a tight hug.

The next time I opened my eyes... it was morning. The tv was still on, and... HUH?! Ai-chan was still in my arms, looking straight into my eyes.
"Ai....chan?" I asked still half asleep.
She smirked and ... oh my gawd. she gave me a light kiss on the lips. Perfect way to wake me up completely?
It's not like we didn't kiss before, but. this time was different. My blank stare softened as my heart throbbed against her chest. I leaned in and kissed her too. I didn't care it looked awkward, since it felt great. Her arms wrapped around my waist tighter.
I think my head was about to explode. When she nuzzled against the crook of my neck I melted, literally. My body weakened as I sighed loudly.
A smirk was formed on her lips against my skin.
Her right hand went under my shirt and started stroking my back, while she came closer and closer to my face and bit my lower lip.
What the hell was happening to her :O
I freezed on the spot when she stuck her tongue in my mouth. In the same time, her hands were now playing with my thighs.
I thought I was having a dream. A really weird one, in which you have all these sensations and you simply don't want it to stop. I closed my eyes and let myself fall in a frenzy, feeling the room get hotter by the second.

The phone rang, and she quickly loosened her grip on my body. I sighed as I opened my eyes. A hot make out session was the last thing I expected that morning.
Her hips moved lazily till the coffee table, while the light from the window fell on her steel abs.

Her squinted eyes looked back at me, then smiled. "Ok"
She hung up and crawled into the bed again, beside me. Her soft fingers played with my hair.
"Who was that?"
"My manager. He said that we can do shopping till noon. At 14:00 we have the AnimeExpo opening."

We stood snuggled like that for a while, then I broke the silence. "You have no idea how happy this makes me feel"
She giggled and looked at me playfully, pinching my cheek.
"Sorry but... what happened to you? have you seen some porn movie late last night while I was sleeping or what?"
I got some cute laughs from her at that question and I couldn't help but smile too.
"You reaaaally don't remember?" she teased.
"Not at all" i answered sceptically. She faked she was blushing and hid her face in my chest, making me even more curious.

Some knocks were heard at the door. "Come in~" As she said those words, I panicked cause she wasn't planning to let me go from that hug.
Aika, Sayumi and Koharu made their appearance in Ai-chan's room, with Eri following close behind, more asleep than sober.
"KYAAAAA" their squealing in the morning wasn't really pleasant for my ears. Still, nothing could ruin my mood today. With Ai-chan by my side I was in 7th heaven.
"You two are so cuuuuute snuggled like that!!"
Ai-chan's expression was priceless <3 She had this uberlyextremelyincredibly adorable pout on her face, literally screaming "Bawww we got busted"
You're pretty smart honey~ Reverse psychology Ftw!
They started giggling and one by one, were leaving Ai-chan's (i mean OUR) room, as if not to disturb something.
Much to my surprise, she got up and chased after them, screaming from the hallway "Go out and do shopping! Don't be late till the AE opening kay?"
I heard some more squealings again and she closed the door with the key, smiling.

She loosened her hair, letting it fall on her shoulders and climbed on top of me on the bed, kissing my nose. I tensed up again, feeling my cheeks burning with every gaze she threw at me.
Bending over to kiss my forehead, I saw what I didn't want to see. (or did I?)
Damn lownecked shirt~! I was boiling up at the view, she was doing a great job playing with my senses.
I looked her in the eyes seriously : "You know, I don't really mind... at all in fact :D but. why are you doing this? Weren't we just friends yesterday?"
"It all started from you, Gaki-san" she seductively whispered the last part in my ear.
"Huh? Me?" I never felt as proud of myself as then. But I really didn't know what was she talking about.
"Next time you touch Takahashi Ai you won't be getting this kind of treatment again, but something else.."
I blinked as she climbed down off my stomach. She entered the bathroom and I heard her sing Jounetsu no Kiss wo Hitotsu.

I thought about her all morning. I was finding myself inside some fancy shop, not quite listening to what the others were saying.
"Gaki-sannnn~" someone grabbed my hand and stuffed me in a dressing booth with some really short shorts. I snapped to reality "You want me to wear these?"
"Yes" she smiled sarcastically.
"It won't fit on me, Kame-chan!"
"Just put it on and you'll see it will"

After some minutes, I came out from the booth, where they were waiting for me.
JunJun spit her banana milkshake which I kinda found amusing while Eri stared and stared at me till I flicked her forehead.
"Cough. Uhm... see? It fits you perfectly~"
Kinda.. But it won't do any wrong if I wear this tonight right? :D
"Whatever... I'll take it" and stuck my tongue out at them.

I hate the manager right now. I really do. What was the point in sending Sayumi and Koharu to do shopping in some part of the town and Me, Eri and JunJun somewhere else? Reina and Mittsi were sent for lunch, and... what bothers me the most is that Ai-chan is hanging out with LinLin.
I really didn't pay much attention to Kame than I usually do. She was jumping all over the place, but I just couldn't concentrate. I smiled and posed at some cameras, but my mind was somewhere else.

Half an hour till the opening for AnimeExpo and we were in the dressing room. Ai-chan felt watched while pulling up her boots. She had some safety pants we always wear under our costumes and only a bra. My mind went blank when she smirked at me in the way only herself can. Good thing no one noticed.
The opening was boring, really. The only things I found cute were the fangirl moment of Ai-chan on some seyuu and me doing the A! sign with Kame.
From here, the busy schedule started.
We went to the first handshake event where lots of fans told me they love 5th gen. It was a bit interesting, women, children, men, grannies, they all came for us from different countries. It made me think about more than just my own fun.

Tomorrow we had the concert and we had practiced for some hours too. It was around 11 pm when we arrived in the hotel room.
Ai-chan threw herself on the bed. "Gaki-san.... give me something to drink~"
"I wish I could, Ai-chan, but you need to rest for tomorrow." I got no answer from her and went in the bathroom to change my clothes. When I came out, (dressed with my newest purchase) we both were in shock. She spit the champaign she had drank.

"Why the hell people keep doing that....? Anyway Ai-chan, I told you not to drink!"
Her eyes were scanning me with a slight different glint. She put the glass down and walked towards me.
I gulped "What's wrong?" She almost fell on me, but I supported her.

"Ai-chan, I really meant it when I said about the drinks! But wait...You couldn't be that drunk just from half a glasssssssssss~~~whuuuuuthe hell are you doing? "  
Her hands landed on my butt and squeezed it hard while her head fell on my chest, causing my heart to reach in my neck.
We both wanted to say something, but she was about to fall off her feet if it wasn't for me to catch her.

I climbed her on the bed and held her tightly, drifting off to sleep.

I wish I could read her mind~

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JunJun spit her milkshake
She spit the campaign she had drank.

Lol, Gaki's just that awesome.

This story is really energetic! I like it.

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peek at her. Just a bit


and glared at the book. NOT at something else!!

sure...  XD

"It all started from you, Gaki-san" she seductively whispered the last part in my ear.

Please explain further :D

"Next time you touch Takahashi Ai you won't be getting this kind of treatment again, but something else.."

 :w00t:  like what

When I came out, (dressed with my newest purchase) we both were in shock

short shorts ...  :on bleed:

I climbed her on the bed and held her tightly, drifting off to sleep.


Yay!  :pepper: TakaGaki  :gmon twirl:

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What's this? A TakaGaki fic? I see so many butt references :drool: *jumps onboard*

Oooh I wonder what happened that night? Risa touched Ai huh :w00t: I want more!

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XDD Only one chap left. I can't write more because Momusu's visit in LA lasted around 4 days XD so yeah ._.

Chapter 3

"Oiii! Wake up~!"
I flinched as someone poked my cheek.. "Uh-... whut?"
"It's late! Just wake up already~"
That voice... "Kame?" The sudden amount of light hurt my eyes.
I saw her rolling her eyes at me so I stood up. Besides me, the bed was empty. "Where's Ai-chan?"

She shrugged and walked over to the window. "Again, I didn't find you in your room I just came here and saw you sleeping."
Sighing, I took a look at my mobile phone. "9:38 am.... HOLY SH*T!"
I stormed into the bathroom to change into rehearsal clothes, leaving giggling Eri behind.

"50 minutes late. Haha, we're so dead!" Sayumi whispered as I opened the door slowly. Ai-chan, LinLin, Aika and Reina were rehearsing some dance I was too dreamy to remember.
Dammit Ai-chan why must you be so hot~
The choreographer looked at us as she would want to pierce our bodies.
After 10 minutes of stretching, we joined the other 4 to dance. I don't really want to remember the number of times I messed up. And don't ask why.

I entered the locker room. She noticed me and put the empty water bottle aside.
"Tired?" I asked as I leaned against the wall.
She nodded while desperately gasping for air and wiping her mouth.
"Why didn't you call me?" ...but the real question was "Why were LinLin, Aika and Reina with you and not me?!"
When she calmed down, she sat on the bench and started undressing. "This morning I heard knocks on the door and went to see who it was. The sun hadn't even risen..."
It was really hard for me to concentrate on her words without staring ... That bra really gives her cleavage to the front... WTF! I felt the urge to slap myself but I simply angled my gaze at the floor.
"... In the hallway there was my manager. LinLin, Aika and Reina were leaning against each other almost snoring. He told me to change clothes quickly cause we've been programmed for a live radio show at 6 am.I didn't want to wake you up cause you were so cute sleeping~"
My lips spread into a huge dumb smile from ear to ear.

"So after the show I just wanted to come back and sleep with you again..."
Omg I think I skipped a beat.
"...but the choreographer found us and stuffed us in the rehearsal room. She just screamed at us like we were animals"
She stood up and walked towards me. Still in her bra dammit!
"I swear Gaki-san, if she had a whip in her hands then I would've been dead by now.I wasn't allowed to call you"
"IIII-I's okay." Is it just me or it's getting hotter again?
She played with my hair gently. "Let's take a shower when we're back"
OMFG. I shall die from heart attack one day... I nodded as she walked away and dressed up with another shirt.
Bleh~~ In the end the choreographer stopped us on the hallway, with the other members following her.

We were now in the bus, waiting to arrive in the concert hall. They told us to check the suits and the mics earlier, apparently to avoid problems.
Ai-chan was sitting next to me, yet I felt distance. I kept quiet the whole road.

Uhm. Why do I bump so often into Ai-chan when she's changing clothes?
I closed the door behind me. I was actually gonna tell her to hurry up, cause only 15 minutes were left till the concert. But she couldn't close up the zipper of her boots so I walked over to her and helped her, staring at her thighs all along.I'm i-n-n-o-c-e-n-t~~~ Yay for short safety pants!
When I met her eyes, there was something different. Uh oh... Don't tell me I got busted.
She jumped on top of me on the floor, stuffing her fingers in my hair which took more than half an hour to arrange.
What the-
I couldn't react, I didn't have the time to. Or maybe I... didn't want to.
She trailed kisses on my neck, teasing me. Then... onto my cheeks, and then on--
*Knock Knock* (lol)
"Hurry up will ya?"
GODDAMIT. Why now, Aika, WHY?
My heart was going to jump out of my chest as she stopped. She looked at me for a second , then got up and lend me her hand.
There you have it, the reason why we were so close on stage.

Wow. We did it!
Not that >.>
The concert was a success. Even backstage I could hear the fans chant for an encore, but the managers simply didn't let us.
Tomorrow morning we're leaving...

You might think the ceiling is pretty interesting, since I've been staring at it for some while now. The door squeaked and I immediately shot up from the bed, but sighed seeing Eri entering.
"It was you... Don't scare me like that."
"Were you waiting for Ai-chan?" she asked boldly as she jumped on the bed, next to me.
"Well... yeah"  
Smiling, she looked the other way. "Did you know she's in LinLin's room?"
I flinched. "Huh?"
"Yeah.. there were strange noises I could hear some minutes ago"
"I don't believe you Kame."
Her serious face expression changed into a sarcastic smile. "Really? I don't really want our beloved leader to get busted, but I don't wanna hide things from you..."
My eyes squinted. "I don't believe you"
She sighed "Oh well. Just hope curiosity won't kill the cat tonight.." and she left.

As I thought, I couldn't resist more than a minute and started eavesdropping all the rooms. Wah! more burps, laughs, screams, loud thumps probably made by pillow fights, and...moans....-
"Does it hurt this way?"
"Mmmh No.. I mean yeah"

Ai-chan and LinLin?
I stepped back as I felt my fists clench.
Aika suddenly came out from her room screaming her lungs out because Reina was hunting her with a pillow, so I just ran away in my room hoping they wouldn't see my tears.

Dammit Ai-chan!


Swoosh~~ Steamy chapter to come :D  :w00t:
Comments are always appreciated :D  :yep:
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Wa-hh? Why did you leave it there?!?!?! I wanna know what happened! Something tells me it was a misunderstanding though. I don't think Ai and Lin know.
Come back and update. ONEGAI!!

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Don't cry Gaki-san! It's probably not what you think!

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OMG I like it xD

Ai.Chan did it with LinLin... COME ON!!!

Risa can be that blind xD

God!! She knows she's HOT!

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Not sure how Kame feels about Gaki ;)

Moans huh? Getting hotter in here :twisted:

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"Again, I didn't find you in your room I just came here and saw you sleeping."

like it's the normal place to go and find her  XD  :wub:

I'm i-n-n-o-c-e-n-t~~~ Yay for short safety pants!


Wow. We did it!
Not that >.>

why do I find author-san *coughpervycough*  :ph43r:

As I thought, I couldn't resist more than a minute and started eavesdropping all the rooms. Wah! more burps, laughs, screams, loud thumps probably made by pillow fights, and...moans....-
"Does it hurt this way?"
"Mmmh No.. I mean yeah"

 :shocked poor Risa  XD

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OMG how I miss this fic >.<
Hi I'm a new reader of u story, Nice to meet u :)

 :w00t: TAKAGAKI  :wub:
I love them

Noooo~~ Aichan >.<
Gaki don't be sad there is a reason for those moans...

I ask for more please~
I really to read this fic and can't wait for the next update
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HolaAda jaja, bueno volvi, estos dias anduve sin internet  :gyaaah: una tortura, pero bueno, simplemente wow!! me encanto el fic enserio, los capitulos son muy interesantes y que mas puedo decir me gusto mucho, espero que actualices pronto XD ah y bueno voy a traducir el primer capi y te lo mando por mp a ver que te parece si?

salu2 chica :mon trannie:

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Uhm... This may not be appropriate for minors  :ph43r: (under 16 (?) )
Sorry D:


I felt someone caress my cheek. I rolled over the other side, but now my wet hair was being played with, so I simply opened my eyes.
"Gaki-san..." that whisper made me shiver.
"What are you doing here, Ai-chan?" I stood up and searched her gaze in the dark room.
"I'm sorry..." My eyes widened "...for leaving you alone"
I couldn't dare to ask her what I wanted to ask. You know... It wasn't my business after all. But I still had unanswered questions.
"What... I mean. How did you, and why? and-"
"Shush~" she placed a finger on my lips and touched my bare shoulder. SH*T! I forgot I fell asleep with the towel!

"LinLin faked she sprained her ankle and she asked me to massage it..."
My eyes shot open; she continued "... But Aika burst in and said that you were eavesdropping"
I am going to torture her mercilessly for that.
"... And that you ran in your room crying soon after that"
"...But I couldn't just follow you and tell you you misunderstood, so I just waited for everyone to go to sleep"
You're pretty smart honey~
Crawling on the bed next to me, she embraced my waist.

Just when I thought she fell asleep. . ."Ne Gaki-san... Don't you remember?"
I shrugged, looking at her obliviously and she sighed. "Fine~ You started groping every part of me in your sleep, and then you stuffed your thigh between my legs and-"
"HUUUH?!" I nearly shouted my lungs out and snapped my hands off her like she was some kind of disease, jumping in the other corner of the bed.

She giggled and shushed me again. "I didn't even imagine you're so pervy when you sleep Gaki-san..."
If my face was already red from the shocking news I had found out, then you should have seen me now. I didn't know what to say, especially now that Ai-chan was pulling me from the ankle towards her, smirking from ear to ear. What I did know was what to do next.

She crawled on top with all her weight, looking me deeply in the eyes. I reached forward and pulled her head down, kissing her hungrily. I felt a tingling sensation between my legs when she slid her tongue between my lips. In the same time, her hands roamed on my chest teasingly, completely ripping the towel off in the end. I flinched at the slight breeze coming from the open window. While I could feel one of her legs near my entrance, her cold hands cupped my breasts, causing me to gasp loudly. She pushed herself more into me, with her left thigh touching my spot. Her lips moved onto my chest, gently flicking the tips with her skilled tongue, as my legs clenched on her own quickly.
My little moans made her chuckle.

When my fussy fingers pulled her top upwards, I just stared. (lol) I think I might have drooled a bit..
Around two sizes bigger than mine, firm and begging to be touched.
Two minutes later she was in my lap facing me, with her legs spread, enjoying my massage and my kisses on her neck. I sucked hard on it, leaving a big cute hickey, claiming her mine. But that just wasn't enough.
We turned around and I pushed her on the bed, laying next to her. Her hands desperately clung on my neck while my two fingers entered her slowly.
I have never imagined my name could be spoken in such a way... My fingers twisted inside her, making her arch into me. Her cute moans were music to my ears. I continued, until with just one inhale, her chest grew. She was almost there.
A mix of pleasure and pain overflowed when my thumb pressed against her nub.  She groaned silently, biting my shoulder.
For the next minutes I prayed that no one heard that.

I just couldn't get enough of her kisses. She was scooping me further into the pillows, trailing circles on my stomach with her tongue. My legs were parted and...
oh god~

Late in the night... no idea which time it was, her scratched body clinged onto mine lifelessly. I could only feel her chest going in and out on my back and her calm breathing.


*runs and hides*  :ph43r:
:kneelbow: sorry if it's short, the next one is the last one  :prayers:
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Takagaki  :prayers:

fantastico Ada  :onioncheer:

Gaki-san es perve mientras duerme jajaja, bueno eso le ayudo a "declararsele" a Ai-chan XD

oh god~

jajaja eso me mato  :mon blood: :mon dance:

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