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Author Topic: [Ishiyoshimikiaya] Yasha of Tokyo[11-10|Chapter Eight Part II]  (Read 16707 times)

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[Ishiyoshimikiaya] Yasha of Tokyo[11-10|Chapter Eight Part II]
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#1   Chapter One: Sudden Collapse
#2  Chapter Two: In Dilemma
#8  Chapter Three:  Velvet Morning
#15 Chapter Four:  A Dim Twilight
#25  Chapter Five:  Untitled yet
#34  Chapter Six: A Coincidence   (as well as the rest part of Chapter Five)
#41  Chapter Six: A Coincidence   (Part II)
#42  Chapter Seven:  My Dream Maker
#48  Chapter Seven:  My Dream Maker (Part II)
#55  Chapter Seven:  My Dream Maker (Part III)
#59  Chapter Seven:  My Dream Maker (Part IV   finished)
#66  Chapter Eight  Uncertain Future (Part I)
#75  Chapter Eight  Uncertain Future (Part II)

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Re: Yasha of Tokyo [10-23|Chapter One: Sudden Collapse]
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Have you ever been to Tokyo? Gorgeous, crowded, full of chances as well as traps. You can realize your dreams here, and also ruin your purity. And if you’re a helpless little girl, how can you make a living there?
Tokyo…Tokyo…well, I once dreamt of brightening my life there, but I couldn’t make a worse mistake any more…All started here, and all ended here, Tokyo.

Chapter One  Sudden Collapse

I had imagined several time stepping on the land of Tokyo, and breathed its wonderful air. I had worked hard during all my senior school years, and finally succeeded being admitted to Tokyo University, which is the most famous one in Japan.
Even today, I still clearly remember the scene that my mom saw me off in Sinchitose Airport. She tried her best to hold back tears, but in vain. However, I knew she felt more happy than sad, for I was the only girl in my whole family who got into college.
“Fighting~Miki!” she said with the tears of happiness, “We will looked forward to your bright future…” I, at that time, hold the fearless ambition and believed my mom’s wish. I had never thought I would be what I am now.
If my mom knows it, how will she feel… sad or heartbreaking?

“Mikitty~hurry up~or you will be late~” my roommate urged me.
“Well…wait for a minute~I am coming~” I scratched my bag and rushed out.
Her name is Aya, Matsuura Aya. I like calling her Ayaya. My only friend in this unfamiliar city. Her family is in charge of one of the top entertainment agency in Japan.
The best time of a day then was when I walked along the roads in the campus with Ayaya, talking about every interesting topic we could remember.
Having finished the first semester’s class, I returned home and got the shocking news --- My father’s company had been bankrupt. My former warm family suddenly broke down, nothing left, but the loan-sharks which should be paid off within a year. My father seemed more than ten year older than he indeed was, and my mother forced a bitter smile to welcome me home. I had no idea about my next step.
“Miki…” After a long embarrassing silence, my drunk father began to speak in a low and weak voice, “give up your study and come back home…we can’t afford your tuition and living expense any more.”
I had guessed what he would say, but it was another thing when heard the words really spoken out. I kept silent, unable to think anything, but continuing my university.
“I know it is hard for you to make discussion, but Miki, if we had any measures to help you, we would not ask you to do that. But you know…”
“I will not depend on you from now on! I can make money myself.” I said, having no self-confidence inside.
“But what can you do? You’re just a freshman in the university. Do you really believe you have ability to continue your study? You know how much it cost per year, you know it, uh?” My father raised his voice up a little.
“Miki, I knew you had spared no effort to your study, and you realized your dream, but now, everything has been changed, Miki, we have 2 billion yen loan-sharks to pay off…we need you…” My mom said in tears, trying to persuade me.
“If I pay off the loan-sharks within the limited time, will you let me continue my study?” I interrupted her again.
“Miki…” my mother wanted to say something more.
“You stupid chick! 2 billion! Do you know how much is it? What can you do to pay it? We have nothing left now! Nothing.” My father suddenly shouted at me, “are you kidding? You stupid! Stop your study and come back! I had believed it was no use for a girl to study in university. You should meet some proper guys and get married as early as possible. If you married a rich man, this kind of bad luck wouldn't have happened!” he shouted more loudly.
“Anata…” Mom hold his arm, trying to stop him.
“Get out! That’s you! You over spoiled her!” he pushed mom down to the floor, and threw the bottle onto the wall.
“Shut up!” I yelled out, my mood was wild out of control then. “Don't put your fault in me! That’s your fault, not mine!”
I stood up and rushed towards my bedroom. Collect all my belongings into my suitcase and ran to the door. I stood at the door for no more than 3 seconds, and turned around.
“I will pay off the loan-sharks and I will continue my study, too!”  leaving those words, I left.
That was the last time I saw my father.
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Re: [Ishiyoshimikiaya] Yasha of Tokyo[10-23|Chapter One: Sudden Collapse]
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Chapter Two  In Dilemma

I returned to the campus just three days after the winter vocation. I wandered along the streets in Shinjuku for the whole afternoon without any rest. I ate nothing, drank nothing and cared about nothing. Wandering and wandering.
In fact, I didn't know anything about how to make large quantities of money in such a short time, and also at the same time, I made out what did 2 billion mean. For a short while, I felt a little regretful, because of my impetuous decision. But I couldn't forgive my father and his words.
When I was in junior school, he kept saying something like “Your duty is to find a rich man and get married. Our family needs more financial support to expand~” I really hated this kind of thoughts! I hated it! Hated it in my whole lifetime! I was arranged to have blind dates with more than ten men in my third year in senior school. I felt disgusted when touched by those mid-aged bare-head men! I wanted to throw up when proposed by those young guys but with each finger a ring on. What was more rediculous, all of them said they fell in love with me at the first sight! Fuck up!! I wanted to escape from my mad family, so I devoted all my time to studying, and eventually, I succeeded in escaping! Why should I get back again? Marry those rich men and save my father’s business? Never!!
“Excuse me, lady…” my thought was interrupted by a low but sexy voice.
“Well, I am Makoto.” he introduced himself, handing me a business card, “We are looking for some young and charming ladies to work in our club. This is the name of our club,” he pointed at the bold black letters on the card, “Velvet Morning.”
Night club? You kidding? I pushed him away without saying a word.
Right! I wanna make money, but I didn't want to sell my face!

Not until I got exhausted did I remember to telephone Ayaya.
“What’s wrong?” she sounded much surprised, “I thought you were home now!”
“Er…” I held back the truth I almost spoke out, and made up another explanation, “I wanna do some part-time job, so I get back.”
“Part-time job? You want to make money? You have some financial problems?”
“No…No…No…” I felt quite nervous when telling lies to someone, “just gain some working and social experience, because…because I have never worked before, and I want have a try, and … and … I think there will be a lot chances in Tokyo, so…so I get back.”
Having talked on phone for nearly ten minutes, I hang up and couldn't do anything but sigh.

update 10-24

The next day, Ayaya came to see me, and handed my some newspaper.
“We could find some part-jobs on them, and…” she smiled, like an baby angel, “let’s do them together!”
“Er??” I was quite surprised, for I knew there was no need for her to do any part-time jobs. She would enter her father’s agency and became a singer. I had heard her sing a lot, she got a really nice voice.
“Have fun~just have fun~” she explained, “and, if so, I bet we will spend a great time together and I will not feel so boring during the long vocation~”
I nodded. The moment we met each other, I predicted that she would be my best friend. She was very nice, easy-going, and considerate. I liked her very much.
We telephoned a lot of places for applyment, and the only thing left was to wait the replies.
That night, we walked in the street of Shibuya. She asked me…
“Miki-chan, will you buy my record if I really become a singer?”
“Of course!”
“No~no need to buy them…” she pretended to be sad.
“Why?” I was really confused then.
“Because…” she suddently hit me on the head, and ran away, shouting “I will give them to you for free~~~”

Several days later, we got the reply from a restaurant not far from our university. That was my first real job, but low payment. How to make 2 billion yen, I didn't know, however, it was a start on earth.
We worked together during the whole vocation. She bought me a necklace as Christmas’ gift, but I could only gave her a pair of woolen gloves.
“I am so sorry, just a simple and cheap gift.”
“Never mind, Miki~ I like it so much,” she looked so happy when receiving the woolen gloves, “My family always give me some expensive but useless thing. I don't like them indeed. But I really want to have a pair of warm gloves so that my hand won’t feel cold any more~ thank you, Miki-chan~”
I looked into her twinkling bright eyes, and found her pure soul inside. But even though, I still didn't tell her the truth of my family.
Ayaya spent her first university New Year with me in our dorm. Both of us lay on my bed, covered by the same quilt, watching Kou Haku Uta Gassan.
“Ayaya, one day, will surely stand on the stage, and sing to the whole Japan, won’t you?”
“It’s my dream, and Miki-chan, could you do with me?”
“Sing with me!” she spoke out loudly, and held my hands closely. “We can make it, and you’re really a nice singer! Your voice matches mine so smoothly! We can surely make it!!”
“Well…” I was shocked by her proposal, and couldn't speak anything.
“You don't like it…?”
“No…but…” I couldn't tell her the truth that I had to earn 2 billion within a year and I couldn't wait another three years.
“We will stand on the stage, and shout to the audience loudly, Minna san~Nice to meet you all, we’re…” she paused, “what about the name? Our group should have a nice name~Let me have a think of it~~ah~! GAM? How about it?”
“GAM! Great Aya and Miki! It sounds great, isn’t it?”
I nodded, couldn't help smiling to the day-dreaming girl.

It was time for us to take our salary for this part-time job. The boss handed us the envelopes. It was too thin!
“We should earn more, right?” I got a little angry, “You promised we would have 200 thousand yen! Here is no more than 100 yen!”
“Yep, I had promised, but girls, you broke 17 plates and 24 cups. Many customers complained you were slow-acting. How much did you suppose to get?”
“We didn't do so bad!”
“Take it and go away, I don't need stupid guys.” The boss yelled.
“Your fucking bitch!!” I burst into anger, “You cheated us!! Your fucking bitch!!”

The fact made me understand what the reality really meant. I held 100 thousand yen in my hand. I need 2000 times as much. 2000 times!

Several days after the starting of the second semester, I received a call from my mother. Her voice souded dying.
“Are you OK, mom?”
“Nothing bad, don't worry.”
Silence, a long silence…
“Miki-chan, your father…”
“I will pay off the debt. Though I know 100 thousand yen is not so much, but don't worry, I can make it.”
“But you need tuition and daily expense. What can you do to make it?”
“Mom, I have told you not worry! I have my own way.”
“I will never do anything illegal, I promise.” I said, and hung up the phone.

Just when I hung up the phone, Makoto, the man working in a night club again, occurred to me. I didn't know why I recalled this man, but I knew it for sure that working in his club maybe the fastest way to make money. And I met him again in the same street we firstly saw each other.
“How much will you pay?” I asked him directly.
“If you are qualified, you can make 1 million.” Makoto said politely, “Our guests are all from upper class.”
“Work time?”
“From 7 p.m to 2 a.m. and no extra service needed.”
“Extra service?”
“I mean, our guests will not ask you to have sex with them. They just want you to go out with them to attend some parties.”

A week later, I became a new member of the night club “Velvet Morning”.
And, that was the beginning of my falling.

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  • YOMIKI RULES!!! <3 <3 <3
:mon hanky: poor Mikitty
her dad is a jerk :mon annoy:

:mon cute: please keep posting the next chapters

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Interesting, looking forward to more chapters.

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i've finished chapter 2~~
thank you for your comments, i love them so much~~

to be honest, i look forward to chapter 3 eagerly too~
because a very important character will come up~ :otomerika:

need your more supports~~

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At least Miki's not whoring herself out.

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GAM idea lol, well that made a good background story to lead to the anticipated chapter

i agree with rndmnwierd she's not whoring herself out which is good :D
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Chapter Three   Velvet Morning

Nice to meet you, everyone. I am Rika. Ishikawa Rika. No.1 hostess in the Velvet Morning, which is one of the most famous night club in Genza. The other two girls are No.2 --- Okada Yui, and No.3 --- Miyoshi Erika.
I took up this job after I finished my senior school, and spent 1 year becoming No.1 girl here. Though it was a night battle where a lot of fights happened, I still made two friends here. Yes, you know them, Yui and Erika.In my deepest heart, there was another person, who was the most important one to me in my lifetime.
That day was a usual day, like any day else. Makoto-san introduced a new face to us.
“I am Miki, Fujimoto Miki. Hajimemashite…” the young girl made a self-introducation, bending to us.
“This is the No.1 hostess here, Ishikawa Rika,” Makoto introduced me to her.
“I am a greenhand, nice to meet you.” She bent again to me.
I just looked on her, saying nothing. I didn't want to say anything to her, but I couldn't tell the reason. I didn't like this girl, for she looked so proud, even if she appeared to be polite. I guessed she might be from a rich ,or at least middle-class, family. Quite different from me. I was born in a poor family, and the only financial supplier in my family was me. My father had been ill for more than five years and my mother couldn't find any job, because nobody wanted to hire a woman whose only living skill was cooking.
“You looked unhappy,” Yui whispered to me in the locker room, “What’s wrong about the girl?”
“Nothing.” I replied.


“Rika-chan, Sato-san there is waiting for you.” One of the waiters came to me.
“Excuse me…” I stood up and smiled to the guest and then headed for Sato-san. I saw Fujimoto stood beside the waiter.
“This is a new comer here, Fujimoto Miki.” The waiter introduced her to the man.
That was the third day she worked here. Though she was very polite to me, and never did anything bad to me, I still didn't want to get close to her. Just saying hello.

“ehhhhh….?” Erika shouted out, “you’re from Tokyo University?!”
Fujimoto nodded.
Tokyo University… That was the dream I would never realize.
“University student?” some girl laughed, “you may be eager for money badly~ University student~”
Fujimoto kept silence, but I found her face red.
“Nobody can beat Rika-chan~~~” I heard somebody teasing.
I had never thought that one day I would work here before, or even would become No.1 here. Life was always ridiculous. When I wanted to be No.1 in my senior school’s football team, I broke my knee in an unimportant match, and ended up my career in Grade Two. When I never thought about winning No.1 here, I made it surprisingly easily. Had I got a gift for being a hostess?
“Mind your own business.” Erika said to the other girls, “wish all of you a nice night~”

Erika was always like this. She was tender and considerate, never hurting anybody on purpose. But she was still just, and called a spade a spade. She helped me a lot when I came here. At that time, she and Yui lived in one flat, not very big for them two, but she still offered me to lend a small room for me to live in. I appreciated it very much. Then I discovered they two were lovers. I felt quite amazing that they worked together, and meet different guests together, but still kept a close love between. That was really amazing!!
“Because Erika will never betray me.” Yui said to me proudly and confidently.
Erika just smiled, silent as usual.

“Wow~~~it’s tasty~” Yui’s excited voice interrupted my thoughts, “have a try, Rika~ nice taste~ this sushi~”
I felt comfortable when staying with them, very relaxed. It had been quite a long time since I last saw that guy. What was she doing now? Have she become a top player in her team?

I told lies to Ayaya that I found a night shift in a net cafe, and had to work till mid-night.
“Is there anything wrong with your financial situation?” Ayaya once asked me.
“Nothing. But I don't want to spend my family’s money. I want to depend on myself.” This was really not a reasonable explanation, but Ayaya, after all, believed it! As expected, she never worried about her finance and future, and trusted that all the people were the same with herself. There was nothing dirty in her eyes, and everybody was a nice guy. I felt a little worried about her. Was she really suitable with this cold and trap-filled world?
“Miki-chan, if you’re tired, you can have a nap in class, and I will keep notes for you. So don't worry~”
Her pure smile made me feel guilty. “I am sorry, Ayaya.” I never spoke these words out.
“One day, we will have GAM famous all over the country~ We’re GAM~~!!” she shouted excitedly. I couldn't break her dream, I couldn't.

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i made some pics to match with the fic~
are they adding any fun to reading? haha~
wish you enjoy them~
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Rika is the No. 1 in the club? The Ishi-Miki interactions will be interesting, since Rika doesn't have much of good 1st impression of Miki :lol:

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Very strong reaction to competition interesting good work
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Ishimoto rivalry from day one? And Biyuuden as girl 1-3.

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i cant wait for yossie's appearance here, i bet she is one of the customers at velvet morning

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oh god!! ishiyoshi and ayamiki~~my favourites ~~
please keep on updating!!
i love it~

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Chapter Four  A Dim Twilight

Every day I went back to dorm, I would first had a full shower in the night club. I had to be careful in order to not be suspected. Young as I was, I still felt exhausted every day.
At the end of the first month working there, I got my first real salary. Not so much as expected. Only 30 million yen. I was discouraged. Maybe I was just a boaster. My mother phoned me several times, however, I only talked a few words and hung up in a hurry with “daijobu~”
   My wallet became flat again after I went out of the bank. What I remained was the expense of daily life and, of couse, money for cosmetics and dress.
   I didn't know clearly why I could attract some guests, for I owned no skills in this field. Makoto-san once told me that was due to my silence and pride. Sometimes, the guests want to meet some unique girls who were totally different from those ordinary hostesses. And fortunately, I was suitable for their taste. “Intelligence, beauty and politeness are your advantages.” he said. But, in fact, I was not sure about what he said.
   One day, one of my guests, Nakamura-san --- a saycyou, asked me to attend a commercial evening dinner with him. That was the ENCOUNTER of DESTINY with HER. From then on, my life began running in an unknown direction.
“Nice to meet you, Yoshizawa-san.”
“Oh…Nakamura-san, nice to meet you.” The man said in a loud but nice voice. “Let me give an introduction. This is my daughter, Yoshizawa Hitomi.” How dazzling the girl was, I thought.
“This is Fujimoto Miki.”
“Nice to meet you, Nakamura-san. And nice to meet you, Fujimoto-san.” The boyish girl bowed to both of us in a properly polite way, which indicated her noble family background.
“Wow~Hitomi-chan has grown up. You was so little when I saw you last time. Have you still being playing football?”
“Yes, I have. ”
“Your father told me you were in Tokyo University, right?”
She nodded, keeping smiling.
“Is it hard to study there? ”
“A little bit, but I have learnt to enjoy it, so daijobu~”
Tokyo University?!
“Ano…Excuse me,” I couldn't help asking, “Yoshizawa-san is in Tokyo University’s football team?”
“That’s right.” She smiled to me. I thought she must know my profession, because there were several girls in this dinner the same with me. But I couldn't find any scorn. She treated me like others.
During the whole dinner, I couldn't take my eyes off her for an unclear reason. She was like a sun, sending out light and warmness. And it was just the things that I wanted to obtain. I found my heart beaten fast and violent, as if it would be jump out of my month. Meanwhile, I also felt depressed, strongly depressed, which almost made me choked. We were not in the same class, and never would be, either. I knew it very well, but I couldn't helping diving myself into her light. Maybe, that was the DESTINY.

The next day, I went playgroud to see whether the football team was practising. I had ignored it since I got into the university. All my energies and strength was devoted to my study and job. But now, exactly I knew, I got something else in my life which attracted my attention, and it was Yoshizawa Hitomi who brought me happiness as well as tragedies.


updated part on Oct. the 28th

I stood outside the playground for quite a long time, with my eyes fixed on Yoshizawa. She seemed a genius of playing football. During my watching, she shot 6 goals in and made several assistance and nice passing. I didn't realise the training was finished until she came to me, and said “Nice to meet you again, Fujimoto-san.”
I bowed to her, feeling fairly embarrassed.
“It’s amazing. We’re in the same school~really a nice coincidence, right?”
I nodded, noticing some sweat running down her cheeks.
“Well, I guess I must be smelly~”she put up her arm, pretending to smell her armpit, “Oh, my god~ I have to take a shower as fast as possible~” she said and laughed, “then…Ja nei~see you tomorrow.”
I watched her walking away, my heart beating strongly.

“You mean Yoshizawa senpei?” I said in a loud voice, “You didn't know her? Mikitty, you’re totally out of date. She is one of the most popular students here. It is said that she is really a nice lady.”
I began to call Miki Mikitty some days after the beginning of the second semester. Now she was asking me some information about Yoshizawa Hitomi.
“Ei~~~? I watched her training today.” She said, some exciting expression appearing on her face.
“And you becomes her fan?” I asked, but felt a little jealous.
“I didn't mean that. ” she answered, looking down at her feet, like….like a…shy little girl!
“Don’t show me that disgusting expression~” I pretended to be joking. And she looked at me, then smiling.
“Go out to find something to eat~let’s go~” she said, pulling me out of the room by the arm.
Every time we walked past the playground in the afternoon, it looked as if she was looking for someone. You got it, right? It was Yoshizawa Hitomi.

I liked Mikitty, and even today, I still like, or to say, love her. Sometimes she napped in class and looked really innocent like a baby, I put down notes carefully in order to make it easy for Mikitty to review. To be honest, I prefer her sleeping than her awake. Because when she slept, the only one who could watch and protect her was me, but when she woke up, I really knew nothing about her thoughts and inner heart, at least, l felt so.
Though she smiled and talked with me every day, I still found no access to her real life. I didn't know it was my misconception or the reality. Between us lay an invisible gap which I didn't and either couldn't come over. I feared if something was uncovered, our relationship would come to an end. Afraid as I was, I still wish that was really my illusion.
She mentioned Yoshizawa more and more in our conversation. I knew, she didn't realise it herself, which made me extremely uncomfortable. At that time, I, the fool, didn't know that kind of feeling was called LOVE.

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Ah so now the story of YoMiki begins....

Will it lead to friendship or even more? Or will trouble arises? Will wait for our writer to update...

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You have a very interesting way of phrasing things. I like it.

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I like your flow to the story, it has structure, well YoMiki cheehee
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It's so bad that the electricity is cut off because there is a routine check of the whole electric system~I can't update in time~ pity~oh,what a pity!

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