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Author Topic: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[Let’s have.]12-23-13  (Read 64659 times)

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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[Simple Confess.]11-18-13
« Reply #380 on: November 18, 2013, 06:57:33 AM »
of course I post like 4 months later @~@ im so sorry guys my science class has made me hate Microsoft word and I've been pretty unmotivated and lazy so I apologize in advance for how crappy this might be. plus ist almost 1am and I have to wake up in like 8 hrs to go to said evil science class @~@

Simple Confession

Kanon looked over to her slightly sleepy friend as they placed their shoes into their respective lockers. Her best friend for as long as she could remember had been acting a bit off these past few days. The usually calm and collected club president of the calligraphy club would zone out more than usual and acted a bit more clumsy than usual with her. Plus there were times that she’d even act a little too distant. Kanon started to wonder if it was something she had done to cause the girl to act like this but nothing crossed her mind. Whatever it was she wondered if she could help her friend in anyway.

‘Riho-chan’s been acting so secretive with me lately…’

“What’s the matter Kanon-chan?”

Feeling like she was being watched, Riho gave a lazy glance at her friend, causing the younger girl to flinch and almost drop her shoes. She quickly put them in her locker and gave a nervous smile.

“H-huh? What do you mean?”

“You looked like you wanted to say something…”

“It’s nothing!”

Kanon grabbed Riho’s hand, and instantly turned her back to the slightly confused girl. She then began to speed walk through the hallways, mumbling something along the lines of them to hurry to class before the bell rang. The younger girl internally kicked herself as the two began to walk up the stairs. Even though her and Riho had been friends for years, and at many times felt that the older girl was like a (younger) sister to her, she had a feeling of more than friendship. She wasn’t sure if she could call it love or not, but she sometimes wondered if it was along those lines.

Next to those feelings though, the younger girl truly admired Riho. Even though the girl was a total dork when it was just the two of them, in school she was almost the epitome of a perfect student. Next to her occasionally sleeping in class, the girl was a straight A student, and pretty popular.

‘It’s unfair sometimes….I wish my feelings wouldn’t show on my face so mush…

After a quick hello from their classmates, the two quickly rushed to their desks and began to unload their bags. Kanon quickly unwrapped the plaid scarf she had around her neck and leaned over her desk as the school heater finally began to make her a bit hot.

“So Riho-chan, is there any love letters today~?”

The older girl shrugged as she looked in the desk in front of her and shook her head with a relieved look on her face. She then began to place her books and pencil case in as Kanon looked on. Being the popular girl that she was, it was kind of relaxing to see that there weren’t any letters today, though that didn’t mean that someone would probably ask during lunch or even after school. Speaking of confessions…there was one Riho didn’t tell her about.

“Nee, I heard you turned down a confession the otherday…”

Riho froze for a moment.

“Oh...yeah I did…”

“How come you didn’t tell me?”

“I…kinda forgot…”

“Ah, well I heard it was cus you told them you had a crush of your own…is that true?”

“….I just said that for an excuse of the rejection.”


Kaonon looked on, feeling that weird distant feeling again, before shaking it off and giving her friend a slight frown.

“You never really talk to me much about these things… so I just wanted to know…”

“Well what about you?”


She sat up as Riho stood up and leaned against her desk.

“Do you have anyone that you like? Like that handsome sempai that’s in the school committee with you?”

“E-eh!? You mean Ikuta Sempai?! No way! Don’t forget I’m not as popular as you Riho-chan.”

Riho smirked as she placed her hands on her hips and leaned forward to a now slightly blushing Kanon. It was true that in their 1st year the younger girl did have a slight crush on their upperclassman, but as soon as she got to know the popular ikemen of a girl, that feeling of love quickly faded to just plain friendship.

“Ah, I’m sure you just don’t notice it.”

“I’m telling you! There’s no way I like Eripon-san like that!”


“She demands I call her that, she doesn’t like us calling her Ikuta-san for some reason…Any way we’re getting way off topic! This isnt about me, this I about you!”

Kanon sat up and came face to face with her friend who quickly looked away from her eyes.

“Is there really no one?”

“…There isnt…”

“But your blushing! So there is someone!”

“T-that’s cus your too close to me…”

Just as Kanon was ready to probe her friend some more, their teacher came into the classroom and began class. As they did their stand, bow and sit down procedure, Kanon whispered to Riho, trying to get just who it was the girl liked.

“Who is it?”


“Fine then, I’ll just guess till I get it right!”

Riho was about to reply when the teacher called them out and told them to hurry up and sit down. Throughout the rest of the day, Kanon wondered long and hard who it could be. Since she was Riho’s closest friend, the person she guessed would most likely have to be someone they knew. She guessed their sempai friend Mizuki-chan in P.E., their underclassman friend Haruka in Chemistry class, and even guessed Sakura-chan in Caligraphy class, but each was shot down with no luck. Eventually school was over and the two girls were alone in the classroom, finishing up an assignment.

“ Kanon-chan, did you finish writing up the class journal?”

“Almost, why? Did you want to go somewhere?”

“Yeah…The school store…”

As Riho stood up to stretch, Kanon instantly gasped and dropped her pencil, to look up at her friend.


Riho gave her a slightly discusted look as she brough her hand to her chest to calm herself down.

“You’re still doing that?! And no! Just give up already, jeez!”

“I guess I will…”

Kanon sighed as she picked up her pencil and began to write again as Riho wrapped her scarf around her neck. The two stayed quiet for a few more minutes as Kanon finished the last sentence and closed the book. She leaned back in her chair and let out another sigh as she got up and began to pack up her stuff.

“Well anyway, I was just curious Riho-chan…I just wanted to help you if you were troubled about it, but if you’re fine then it’s ok. Let’s go home~!”

The younger girl wrapped her own scarf around her neck and held Riho’s hand. Just as she was about to open the door, she stopped when she suddenly felt Riho squeeze her hand. She looked at their hands and then at her friend who was now looking away from her with a slight blush on her face.

“Riho-chan, what’s wrong?”

“Jeez, since you were so persistent all day today I’ll tell you…. But only once so listen good ok?”

Kanon eagerly nodded as she fully faced her friend all ears to who this person could be.

“The one…the one I like…it’s…”

Before Riho could finish her sentence, the door suddenly slid open, making the both of them jump and let go of their hands.

“Ah! Here you’re still here Kanon-chan!”

“E-eh?! Oh! Eripon-san!”

“I have a message for you!”

As Eripon began telling her message, Kanon turned all the way to her sempai. She was listening intently to what was being said until she felt a sudden warm hand intertwine with her free hand. She took a quick glance down to see Riho’s grip tighten, and felt a shiver run through her. Before she knew it, Eripon looked down from her paper to make sure the younger girl was listening.

“Did you get all of that Kanon-chan?”

“Huh!? Uh… Y-yeah!”

Eripon gave her a wary glance before looking at Riho and then their hands.

“Alright then…I’ll be sure to leave it to you then…Make sure you two get home safe…”

She gave the two a wink causing Kanon to blush even more, before sliding the door closed. It took Kanon a few minutes to calm herself back down before she realized she didn’t hear a word that her sempai had said. She knew that she’d have to ask her again at the meeting tomorrow, but that wasn’t important at the moment.

She looked back down at their still clasped hands and then to her friends still blushing face.

“Riho-chan…Is it…me?”

Riho quickly looked away from her and let go of the younger girls hand to bring her own up to her scarf.

“Let’s go to the school store before it closes already…”


‘So Riho-chan’s secret was me all along….’

When the two were finally walking home, Kanon couldn’t help but look at her hands. Her heart was still racing from the sudden interaction as well. Riho sighed as she glanced over at her friend, still looking at her own two hands in amazement. She had to admit though; she was still not over the rush as well.

“Kanon-chan, you’re saying everything too loud…it’s embarrassing…”

“But still…How did I not notice??”

“It doesn’t matter now so just stop~”

Kanon looked over at her friend (now girlfriend) who was still blushing as well. This was defiantly going to take getting used to, not that she didn’t mind.

again im sorry ;3;

forgot to add its from another oneshot manga(u can tell I need to get to bed lol)
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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[Simple Confess.]11-18-13
« Reply #381 on: November 18, 2013, 07:50:53 AM »

Cute OS although Riho is cute when she needed to just to confess all this time :3
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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[Simple Confess.]11-18-13
« Reply #382 on: November 18, 2013, 12:23:40 PM »
I think that I am once again repeating myself when giving comment  to you but this was so damn cute~  :inlove: Shy Riho is something chou kawaii~
And Eripon-san? Lol that got me!  XD

Good luck with you science class! Hopefully it turns out to be not so evil at some point.

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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[Simple Confess.]11-18-13
« Reply #383 on: December 24, 2013, 05:04:46 AM »
kuro_808-thanks~lol well I think riho's the stubborn type when she wants to get her feelings across

MsSmigge-thanks~ and lol yes eripon-san ftw~ thankfully I passed my sci class with a 95% and am now done for this semester~! :deco:

now to edit n post something~ :deco:
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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[Let’s have.]12-23-13
« Reply #384 on: December 24, 2013, 05:13:04 AM »
merry early xmas~ :deco:

Let’s have a baby

Two women swung their cold hands together in the chilly December night air as they strolled in the nearly empty an illuminated park. It was already past 11 and after a nice and simple dinner, Ai and Risa decided to walk for a bit to take in all the lights and sounds around them.  Christmas was almost near and the couple was lucky to get the same day off to spend with family and friends before going back to their busy schedules.

Ai brought her thick beige coat closer to herself as a gust of wind came through and blew both of the girls’ long hair out of their faces. Risa quickly did the same as she instinctively shoved her hands in the pockets of her own black coat, causing Ai to almost loose her balance.

“Ah! Sorry!”

The bean was ready to take her hands out when Ai gently squeezed her hand and gave her a smile.

“No, it’s alright, I kind of like holding hands like this…”

Risa smiled back as she felt her cheeks heat up from the simple sentence. It kind of amused her how after all these years Ai’s simple and sweet sentences still caused her heart to race and make her feel like as if she was 17 all over again. Ai gently rubbed her thumb on her lovers hand as the two began walking again, lightly chatting about what plans they’d have for the last week of the year. It mainly consisted of year end parties, eventually talking about the happenings that went on in their rehearsals or when out with their siblings.

When the pair reached to the park playground, they both walked over to an empty swing set. Ai’s body shivered as she let go of Risa’s hand, took it out of the bean’s pocket and placed it on the cold chain.

“Mou the chain’s so cold Risa~! Give me back your hand~”

Risa chuckled as she looked over at the monkey’s pouty face with her right arm extended to her. Deciding to act a little devilish, the bean brought her left hand out, only to quickly move it away from Ai’s grasp, causing the woman’s frown to come out even more. Risa smirked as she moved her hand towards Ai again, moving it away just as quickly. The two played this little battle for a few more minutes until Ai started whining.



“Your hand!”

“Oi, don’t command me like I’m Ouji.”


Ai moved her hand in a ‘come here’ motion; her eyebrows were furrowed with that frown still on her face. Risa looked at her hand and her face, before sighing and finally gave in to her lover’s “command”. The monkey’s expression instantly changed as soon as she felt that familiar touch. The frown she had on slowly morphed into a confident smile as she let their hands down in-between the space of the two swings.

The two didn’t say a word as they watched the world pass on by without them. They listened to the soft creaks of the chains as they both slowly rocked their swings back and forth. Risa lightly rested her head on the chain as she closed her eyes. Even though it was so cold out she never felt more relaxed. Maybe it had to do with the fact that she was out with Ai after not being able to meet up in a long time? As nice as the constant text messages were, they were nothing compared to right now.

“Nee… Let’s have a baby.”

The bean snapped open her eyes and looked over to Ai who was casually looking at her phone with her free hand. Did she just hear her right?


“Let’s have a baby.”

Risa looked at her lover in confusion as she repeated her simple statement. Ai didn’t even bat an eyelash at the bean as she looked up from her phone and grinned.
The younger girl patiently waited for the usual “just kidding” whenever Ai had something quite out there, but this time, it seemed like she was actually serious.

“Are you for real right now?”

“Un…why wouldn’t I be?”

She gave Ai a good look, causing the older to tilt her head a bit. Ai had actually said something similar to this many times before, but usually played it off as a joke, though this time something felt a bit different. Maybe the cold air was finally starting to get to her.

“You’re fooling around with me aren’t you…?”

“I’m not.”

“Well how are we going to make a baby then if we’re both women?”

“With our love of course.”

The bean stayed quiet as her lover went back to looking at her phone, calmly waiting for a response. A thousand thoughts rushed through Risa’s head as she finally realized just how serious Ai was at this time. If they were going to have a baby, just how would it work? They would most likely have to adopt, but even then how would they take care of a child? Baby sitting was one thing but raising a child that’s officially yours was a whole other story. Would they even be good parents?

Risa suddenly felt a warm squeeze on her hand, causing her to snap out of her worries and look up at her lover. With her phone now in her pocket, Ai smiled and gave another gentle squeeze.

“So…what do you think…?”

“I…I don’t know…do you think we’re ready for something like that…? I mean having a kid is such a big responsibility and-“

Ai leaned in and gave the bean a soft and gentle kiss. Risa slightly flinched at the sudden contact, but slowly felt her body relax. They slowly parted, giving Ai a chance to look into her lovers eyes. There were still some unsure feelings but she knew that Risa was now a bit calmer than she was earlier. Ai softly whispered her pervious question, letting a puff of warm air come out with each word.

“So...what do you think Risa?”

“…It’s a lot to think about…”

“We don’t have to do it right away.”

“But it’s a big responsibility…”

“That we’ll work through together.”

The bean looked down at their entwined hands before looking back at Ai’s face. She saw her own self reflected in her lover’s eyes that were suddenly filled with a bit of fear herself. She could even feel how her hands were shaking, possibly from nervousness, the cold or even both.

“Are you sure…?”

“Only if you are.”

Risa took a deep breath as she gave a firm nod. She wasn’t sure how they were going to do this, and just how much they’d have to learn, but if Ai was with her, she knew they could do anything they put their minds too, even if it was making a child of their own.

“… alright then…let’s have a baby.”


my aigaki shipper self came out on full blast after finding out aichans legit getting married and its not to risa ;3; I also had to lol hard when aichan herself said that she casually proposed to abe. and with that I suddenly had to write this cus it legit seemed like something aichan would do.

hopefully i'll be able to get a few more stories out before the year's done for good lol
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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[Let’s have.]12-23-13
« Reply #385 on: December 24, 2013, 06:59:47 AM »
^ all the takagaki shippers are going to go with the ship  :lol:

Don't remind me of such things.... I was born in September do the math XD
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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[Let’s have.]12-23-13
« Reply #386 on: December 24, 2013, 07:49:23 AM »
Too cute ~<3 Both Simple Confession and Let’s have a baby.

^ there goes the ship >.< ah~ my inner takagaki is bludgeoning me head like a tomato.

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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[Let’s have.]12-23-13
« Reply #387 on: December 24, 2013, 11:18:16 AM »
Omg this was so cute again! I was grinning stupidly all the time I read this and felt so fluffy~ And then I came back to reality and well.... you probably know how I felt, lol. But this made my Christmas day and I feel so warm at the moment~ :3

and its not to risa

Yeah, I'm going with the ship as well... Wont abandon it! XD

Oh and great to hear that you passed you school stuff and such so well! Very good~  :)

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