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I am dating Aika
« on: December 20, 2009, 03:11:46 AM »
Chapter 1

Hi, My name is Alvin, I start live in Tokyo, already have 1 year. Why I date with Aika, it because She is in my school, She almost have same hobby, we love each other so much
One day, I formed a visua kei band, Aika not agree at first, we shout

I say: I formed a visual kei band^ ^
Aika say: What!!! Do u know that Visual kei band is nasty
I say: Pls let me!!! I really love visual kei style
I say: I promise I don't smoke, drink and no ring(except earring)
Aika Say: Well seem you really want to do it!!!
Aika say: i let you do it, but remember what you promise

I Start to work on my visual kei band project, 5 month later, i turned to a really cute person, Have long hair that have 1 side get cover and always have a cat ribbon in my head, Aika get more love me, we turned to a really sweet pair, I know how to be more romanatic, she know how to control me.

Chapter 2

After I become a visual kei star, she start to love me alot more. I start to show romanatic. I find out out. I got a new abitity is It will settle a thing easily. why I find out that.

It because. One day, I make a little joke on Aika(I don't mean to). Then, she got really mad at me. She start to shout at me. Then she understand is just a joke. So fast settle it down. So that why I find out, I got this abitity because of this argue. I can make her angry and settle her down it so fast, it is just like a stine to me, but this doesn't mean I always make fun of her, It just use for when she is angry!!!

Recently, Aika think I am so loveable. It because my fashion sense and my thinking is really got her. She startinbg to show jealous infront of my fans. LOL, she is my girlfriends. That true, she don't want me to get steal by other girl

Chapter 3

Well, My career getting more popular. Our band single got 12 #1 in a row. So we got alot of fun. But still love Aika so much. We got sweeter after Aika's birthday...

I always buying stuff for her. I give a dog as a present, in her birthday party ^ ^.... She really happy and kissed me.... She screamed out because the dog I give her is really cute, She love it so much ^ ^

She always say that I am a adoptable boy.... One day

Chapter 4

My band got a first concert, My first concert. The concert is really full, Our guest is Morning Musume and ViViD, That us a really fun concert to me, because I am the singer ^ ^. After that, I go eat with Aika, She say that" my voice really got improve". She ve say" I even copy her vocie". I say" Not really"

Next day after school, we went to shopping. I buy her a cute pair shoe and some cute dool. she really liked it^ ^.... One day, I go out with a whole gang of Morning Musume. i buy really cute doll again LOL, All the member of Morning Musume, say "I am sweet", I say"I am not that sweet, I still a newbiie", Ya, i am tring my best to be romanatic

A month later, There something happen in Aika's family. it because Aika's grandpa die, Aika feel so sad. I try to make her happy. But after a week or week lesser. She feel happy again. She say" Thanks for making me happy, when I am in my sad time"

Chapter 5

This is a sad time. it because recently one of my good friend died because of drug driver. That make me really sad. Aika trying to make me happy, After two week. I got happy again. i say"Thank you for helping me back", Aika say "you are welcome. it because you help me one and beside you are my boyfriend"

After that. My band got a first album. Our band getting alot of new fan. Aika conculation us for getting our first album. I really happy about the first album. Then, Morning Musume will having a tour arounf the japan, so we and Aika ready for the tour

On the tour. We have alot of fun. It because we can see our morning musume fan. But we get really tired. After the tour. we need a big refresh. So the producer. let us rest, don't need to work for awhile. But i still got my band work to do. it because we going to release a new single soon, stay toon for more

Chapter 6

Well, last time, I talk about after the tour. i got a rest, but I got a new single to follow. i work really hard. After the single release. One day, I fainted in school and got in the hospital. The doctor tell me that I overworked.

So I got to on a hiatus. After 3 month, I got better. my relationship with Aika is unbreakable now. No one can despair us. Aika got a new solo song call" I love you". The solo is so sweet. Got my face totally red...... I fell so happy when I listen to the song

I broug two ticket go to Hawaii for travel. in Hawaii, we go to the beach and shopping. There have alot of thing that we being back to Japan. We take alot of sweet picture too.. we got alot of good memory between us, syay toon for more!!!

Chapter 7

After We got back to japan. I got swine flu, i got really sick. After 1 week, i recover from it Aika really happy that I cried out, i say"Is okay, I recover from it". Then my band have a new single release. We really busy about it. After 2 week, the single release. i really can rest

But there have alot of school est comnig up. i am tired like hell. After the test, I fainted again in home. i get to Hiatus again. After awhile. I have more test coming up. istudy hard with Aika

After all the test. I got all 100% again. But the result is I fainted in school again. Becasue of studying too hard. Aika say"you should really get a big rest". So I wnt on hiatus longer. Stay toon for more.

Chapter 8

After awhile. I fully recover. we decide to make another album for my band..... After is released. i got a great rest. My birthday that day. They set up a susprise party for me.... I really susprised. I got alot of present and alot of people in the susprise party. My best present is from Aika. She give me a big panda doll.

After my birthday. i got really loved by Aika. One day, We go see AKb48 stage. the AKb48 emmber saw us. They ask will we handout with them to eat. we say "Ok". we taled alot of thing. We become treally good friend with AKB48's member

After that. we got a concert. My band get so popular in this 3 month, So we decide to have a Ax. After the Ax. I really tired.... I got to rest. After 2 week. Our band decdied to go on a Nation Tour. we are getting ready for that. Stay toon for the story

Chapter 9

After the National tour. i still got a test. After the test. i was really tired, i fainted in the street again. I get on a hiatus again. I am really tired. After 2 week. i fully recover. i have to get ready for a big present for Aika. it because next 2 month is her birthday!!!

After 2 month. It is Aika birthday. I give her a big panda doll as her birthday present. She really happy. She kissed me on the lip this time. My face is all red. Then, run to the washroom, I come out everyone say I am shy!!!

After that day, i got a guest home stay in my house. It because a school in canada, Alberta absent stufent in our school so home stay in here. we talke care of him really hard. he is a really ncie guy that hard working. always get a good mark. he always get 70-80%. he say I better than him. it because I always get 100%. I say I am not that smart, Stay too for more

Chapter 10

Last chapter. There have a guy staying in my house. He name is Johnny chan. ell, He is a chinese like me. We become really good friend. One day. He ask meabout something do with grammar of japanese. I give him some advice. He say "I am really good at writing". I say "I am not, there have people better than me".

After 2 month. He going back to tonorto I am really sad that he gone. After a while. Me and Aika planning a trip to Osaka for two week. In osaka. We see Nega live. It is so good. But Aika don't seem to like it.

I say sorry to Aika. It because i want to watch it and forget about Aika. She say "its okay. If you like to watch, just watch it". I say "But you seem don't like it". Aika say "Let go". I feel pretty sorry for Aika. Stay toon for more.

Chapter 11

After the concert. We go to shopping. We brough alot of Stuff. We watch SKE48 stage. it was good. We went to check out the Osaka castle, it was so big and like a maze. We say "Wow", We brought so much gift for our friend.

After 2 week. we went back to Tokyo. I ahve to start working on my band new single and get ready for the world tour. Our world toru will go for 1 year. Aika is not going. So i will miss her so much.

1 year later. I finish the world tour. I really missed Aika. I ask her will she marry me. She say "ok". Aika say "I about to ask you". I say "I love you Aika". Then, the company say I can go into a long vocation. So I decide o rest for a while.

Chapter 12

After couple week. one day on that week. i suddenly fainted at house. I go to hospital. The doctor say "Alvin get cancer. he still got 6 month". Aika start to cry. After i wake up. She tell me everything. i slient for a while.

Then, i started to cry. I say "I can't die yet, I still have to protect my love. This is not real". Then, I pin myself. it is hurt. I think for a while. I say "I will take it, But first we will go travel around the world for 6 month. I will come back to the hospital in last two week". I will make my last memory. Stay toon for last chapter

Chapter 13

Next six month. We go to China, France, England, Spain, Eqypt and korea. in korea. In korea, We go to a mountain to play ski. We stop in half way of the track and start to talk. I say" you give me a wonderful time". She say " you give a good time too". She start to cry. I say "Sorry that i go so early". I start to cry too.

After, We go back to tokyo. We eat our last candle dinner. We have a great time. I go back to the hospital. 1 week and 6 day later. It was my last day.

All my friend and parent is here. I ask the nurse for a gultar. I plugged in. I ask everyone to get out of the room except Aika. i want to share my last song before I go.

I start singing

Aika you are my first girlfriend
You give me a sweet time
You change me alot
I love you

You are my wonderful girlfriend
Thank you for your wonderful time

But i must leave now
I am sorry
To leave you alone

My spirite will be always with you
I will be always in your heart

After that I stop. i start to feel tired.

I whisper to her. Thank you for giving me a wonderful time, sorry I have to go now. But I will keep the memory forever. I love you forever

I closed my eye. i died on Jan.1, 12:00. After U dead. A few demon pull me into hell. I see the place is dark and scary. I fell really scare. But after I think about the memory I feel not scary again

The end

Author: Mitsu
Made up story

My lyric is own by me. DO NOT TAKE It...

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