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Author Topic: [Shipyon's own fiction]Crazy love story  (Read 2380 times)

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[Shipyon's own fiction]Crazy love story
« on: December 23, 2009, 08:55:48 PM »
Chapter 1

Hi, My name is Takeru. I just move back to Tokyo from Paris. I been paris seem i am born. Why I go back to tokyo this year because my mom is a half franch and half japanese and she really like me to live in Paris. But my girlfriend gonig to back to Tokyo to work.She get hired by a a company as a translator . I want to go back with her. so I am go back to Tokyo. My girlfriend name is Karin. She is 20 and I am 15. I don't if she bigger than me 5 year. i really like her. I will tell you about my story. One day.

I walk out to the Tokyo's Airport Terminal. I see the city

I say: Wow, Tokyo is pretty.

Karin say: Thanks god. you like Tokyo. I through you don't like

*I smile at her*

After 5 minute. Karin's mom come to back us up. In the way. I look out at the window. I really like Tokyo. The house is pretty and the mall is big. After 30 minute. I arrive to Karin's house. Karin's mom tell me to sleep to get ready to go to school. After that. i go take a hot bath and go to sleep. I wake up eariler next day to ready to go to school. After I prepare everything. I brush my teeth and eat breakfast. After breakfast. I walk to school. I arrive to school. The teacher Ms.Tanaka introduce me and everyone clap. After that. I walk to my seat. After I sit down. People beside me start introduce themself. After that. They tell me about a girl in Top left. She a bully and a Boss of a gang. She is 18. Why she stay in this grade because he failed 2 time. her name is Sayumi. After 4 class. It is lunch. i take out my lunch and I start to eat it. Suddenly. Sayumi and her 3 friend walk up to me.

I ask: What do you want?

Sayumi say: Oh so you are the new transfer student. I heard you are half franch and half Japanese.

I say; Yeah. so.

*She grabbed on my chin*

Sayumi say: You are adorable. Want to be my boyfriend?

I say: No thanks. I ahve a girlfriend already.

Sayumi say; I don't see her anywhere.

I say: She not in this school.

*I put her hand down and conutiune eating*

Sayumi say: Don't be like that.

I say: Please don't bother me.

Sayumi say: ZFine! if you mess with me. i will make you in a lot of trouble.

*She and her friend walk away*

After 6 class. it is after school. I walk back to home. in my way. Suddenly there have a car is beside me. Inside the car. there have a girl. it is sayumi.

sayumi ask: Want to hand out with me?

I say: No thanks.

*I walk away*

Sayumi yell: You are pissing me off. i will make get in trouble in school...

*I didn't answer back*

After a while. i walk back to the house. They ask me how is school. I say It is fine. After that. i go to do some homework. After 2 hour. i finish my homework. After that. i use computer for a while. After that. We eat dinner. It is really yummy. After dinner. I take a hot shower and go to sleep.

Chapter 2

I wake up. I go brush me teeht and eat my breakfast. After breakfast. I walk to school. In the way. I see Sayumi again. I trying to walk faster. But the car still following me.

Sayumi say: How are you?

*I didn't answer*

Sayumi say: Why you always be so cool to me.

*I walk away*

Sayumi say: That way will make you late. get on teh car.

*I didn't answer her*

15 minute later. I arrive to school. I am late. the teacher shout at me. She tell me to stand outside. i stand for a hour. After a hour. The teacher call me back in. After 5 class. It is lunch.. Sayumi come over.

*Sayumi grab on my chin*

Sayumi say: You are quiet a boy.

8I didn't say anything and not be carefully pushed her to the floor*

Sayumi say: You bustard.

The teacher see it and tell me to go to the princpal office. I trying to tell them What happen. But they don't listen to me. Just shout at me and they phone my home. I feel piss and I go back to the class. When i back to the class. My classmate tell me about something.

Hinda say: You know Sayumi is a daughter of a gang boss and this school is own by his father.

I say: How can this be! That why they don't listen to me.

Hinda say: that not all. I ehard that there have three handsome transfer school boy like you and mess her up and kick out of school. After they kick out of the school and Sayumi father reall good relationship with the police because they want to use each other. Police want the gang reduce and the gang want to expand there gang. so they are good friend. Back on the story. After they get kick out from the school. they tell lie to the police and make them go to jail and make them kick out of the house and make them end up being a begger. Then, Sayumi mess them up and they sucide at last.

I say: This won't happyen to me. This is laughable.

Hinda say: You should listen to this.

I say: Why do I listen to this. I will be fine

Hidan say: Oh well. you don't listen to me.

After that. The class begin. I listen to the teacher and work hard. After 3 class. it is after school and I walk back to home and in the way. I see Sayumi's car pass by again.

Sayumi say: Hello! So I heard Hinda tell you about the story alread. Scare?

I say: No. It really laughable.

Sayumi say: Ah! You are a pretty calm.

*I walk away*

After that. I go back to the house and karin's mother shout at me about what happen in the school. After that. i go do my homework. After I finish my homework. I go take a hot shower and eat dinner. Then, I go take a good sleep for tomorrow.

To be contiune
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Re: [Shipyon's own fiction]Crazy for love
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New chapter updated

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