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Author Topic: [5/23 - 5/29] HANGRY & ANGRY European Tour 2010 (Germany, Finland, France, UK)  (Read 122561 times)

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Two Dutchies ,one in Purple shirt [Mart] and Arie in the grey shirt  waiting for H&A :twothumbs

report later..

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OKay from the Crow's nest report of the Paris Live. If I get names or facts incorrect, feel free to correct me. Okay
since I hadn't been in Paris in 15 years, I got up, went to l'Orangerie and saw  the "Waterlillies" by Monet, and saw the Paul Klee exibit. Very interesting artist. Then I walked over to Musee d'Orsay and was going to eat in the cafe but the line was ridiculous ( so was the outside line, but I had bought the Museum Pass and went right in at the entrance for pass holders).. Was getting tired and hungry so got a crepe outside and went back across Paris by bus to the hotel. There I got out the card for Yaz and wrote something like we really appreciate everything you did with the organization and the questions and pimped up the national cherry blossom festival in DC (along with the website) and gave her a booklet of DC postcards which starts off with the cherry blossoms...Then I had to write a card for Rika - congratulations on the tour being over, and then Yossy's card which took longer than expected because I wrote most of it in Japanese. so I had no time for a nap, and I got in a cab to the venue. Arrived about 5:30? all the younger JpHip fans were up front and I didn't seem them until after the concert. I was stuck behind 3 incredibly loud and boisterous teenage girls who never shut up and seemed to enjoy hitting or sneaking up and scaring each other. Reminded me of the DC Metro when the students are going home for the day.  Doors finally opened around 7:15 got through the line, signed up for the picture draw, and gave the presents to Yaz and talked to her a bit. Still pimping the East Coast, yo! So I went in to the venue with my Japanese flag to wave and was just not up for the floor so I went to the back area that was raised and the photogs were staked up. I got on the rail and parked and no one said anything. I had my sparkling bracelet, and maybe I looked harmless. I was by the goods booth, and they seemed to be doing good business.  The concert started with the video - I loved Tsuji's remark about not giving Yossy too much alcohol, and that Rika and Yossy were sometimes like older sisters, but usually more like Mom and Dad. I could have done without the Berry's and Buono videos. Morning Musume would have been better - old Morning Musme say 2004? :) It was a different DJ again, I think. I can't tell you what they played or in what order  but I think it was the same setlist. It was so cool to be up above you guys and watch you really get into it. I found out I just can't bang my head anymore after brain surgery. I did try but thought it better to use my arms then faint. They did the MC in French, so you'll have to get the details from somone else.
It was my first Hangry Angry concert, and it was wonderful. They seemed to be having so much fun. I tried to watch Rika some, but you know I kept getting sucked in by Yossy. Oh, Yossy had something in her eye and she kept going back and wiping it with the towel between songs. I know there was a makeup thing in another concert, but this time she said me ga itai (my eye hurts) and Rika wiped it with the towel. Very tenderly, I might add. Encore of course, and then the questions started sooner than I thought so I had to wade down to the side of the stage. KeaLea asked hers, Linna, a fan from Japan, and I asked where we should go when we visit Japan. maybe not a famous place, but someplace they liked? It was really fun, Yosy the prankster said Harajuka, and then specified the Hangry Angry Store. I'm not sure what Rika said. I was kind of blown away at that point. I know you've been waiting to hear, so yes, the concert was great, lots of fans, and after I hung with Sumiko, her Mom, Tomo, Paul, Sarah, Rachel, the Japanese fans, some French Fans, Linna and we went to eat after waiting for the girls to leave - we killed time by singing along to Morning Musume songs stored on my Iphone. Best day ever!
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Yet another fancam!

Berlin Mediamarkt - Kill Me Kiss Me / Sadistic Dance

And another!  That's 6 different fancam sources now!

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I know there was a makeup thing in another concert, but this time she said me ga itai (my eye hurts) and Rika wiped it with the towel.

The "me ga itai" thing happened at the Berlin concert too. She mentioned it in passing at the end of a MC because she kept fooling with her eye, then in the MC after that was when her makeup was wonky from her messing with her eye and touching her face. Maybe her contacts were bugging her in Europe :/

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By using different search terms I found these...

Tokyo Toys signing 2010.05.25

London 2010.05.27 - before the show

London 2010.05.27 - Sadistic Dance

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Just caught up reading everyone's summaries. Sounds like it was awesome!! :jphip:
Yossy naming the DJ's boobs= XD

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Awww poor Yossy T-T
I know how much contacts and heavy make up would suck...
Still good that she performed extremely well and energetically <3

And love all the fancams and reports ^^

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" ">HANGRY&ANGRYLIVE @La Maroquinerie (Paris)After the show end

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Busy watching all the youtube clips posted here. Omg, the boob incident, even better when in video form despite not being able to see them very well XD Hahaha Yossi~~~ :wub: xD;;;;

The MySpace video posted directly above is so sweet, awww. I really do hope we'll get to see them again here in Europe. They put on a good show, more people need to see them and catch the h&A bug! Support and love! :heart:

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Awww yay, finally some backstage material  :wub:

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Here it is in the correct aspect ratio...

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Anyone for a translation ;)

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^ I like the "Je T'aime... Sil vous plait" at the end.  :D

Rika's blog...



I'm Back!
I'm here!
It's Hot!
I want to eat ramen!
I'll think often about the memories of our European Tour.

4 photos from Paris...

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rough incomplete translation. I'm tired and the connection at the hotel suck

Y. Oh my God! R. oh Yeah Y. It was enjoyable. R ?? y. Europe is cool. Everyone was great... ?? R...Something about how of course Japanese fans are wnoderful too..

I missed a lot but I'm tired.
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Just got back myself and only able to skim the thread so far.

But I wanted to post this present that Daigong passed to me to them with the note that Tomo wrote, "This is a present from jphip."

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MAD PROPS KRISTEN <333 and to Tomo to what a great energy she is. I had dropped a message inside the frame too lol

BIG UPS TO ALL THE NEW MEMBERS!! Dropping by, keep posting your fan accounts :D

This was pretty handy haha:

and I've updated the photos (link can be found in the World Tour Thread in HiP Joint)

ps. it seems i couldnt forget that someone said he wants to bang the host  XD

That was me XD

There was an 60 year old man at the audience because he listened to the music from the stage and he liked it, so he joined us and bought some photos (and a CD too ? ) later , and then he was at the signing session  :twothumbs  :lol:

He has never heard H+A before

NOW THAT'S the pimping I like. Music has no boundaries!! Fandoms discrimnate against nobody!!

Who in the US wants to join me in a grassroots campaign to bring enough fans together to warrant a return visit from h&A?!?!  We need to WORK to get them back to the US!
Haha, I'd TOTALLY be into it.

THIS. I am fucking in like shit going back up an asshole. I got some crazy schemes in mind, I'm a make a thread shortly but totally, HH and JPH!P all in this shit!!

Dai:  Tear that shit up yo lol

Luving how jphip's representin!   :jphip:

Homie wish you was there!! SO MANY GIRLS! :P

New post in Rika's blog.

Indirect hug :lol:

Went to that signing session today. I asked if they could sign Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika instead of HANGRY & ANGRY and mentioned that I wasn't sure who was HANGRY and who was ANGRY. They laughed and Yossy was all like 'Yeah, that's alright', but then they signed as  HANGRY & ANGRY anyway. >=(

lol too bad, me feels it was the managements duty to keep it within the hANGRY & ANGRY mode. They are being professionals so don't feel bad :)

Dai!!!!! Great vid! Im loving all the wooooo's lol  :lol: I couldnt stop laughing with all the woooos XD But they love that haha.

No doubt CLAUD!! WOO!!! When Masa asked his question "whatcha like about Finland" and Yossi  was like "WOO! :rockon:" You know I was all in her brain XD Man, I am gonna write up my shit but I wanna tell YOU Mae and Mika were fucking awesome, like in Seattle when u, me, Yesse, Kim, Wolfie, Rick were all crazy in that place! I'm so glad The Finnish HiPstaz got to meet her cuz she really defines what a positive fan should be. Loved it when Mae came up to me and gave me random hugs <333 WE GONNA DO THIS AGAIN and I wantcha there going crazy with me!

and to our fellow Japanese fans we at :hipheart: say:

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On special request, here's my very own report of the events.
It's basically a c&p from HH and I have not come around to write my experience from the Berlin @ Alexa event...
The entire thing is pretty much Yossy-centered (well, I *am* a Yossy-fan ^^;; )
Well, whatever, here I go:


Some other tiny things during Berlin which I am not sure if they have been mentioned here yet:

Chiko and some others were standing on a wall before the concert and kept looking over the fence to the back of the concert hall's back entrance, listening in to the rehearsal through a broken window there.
After the rehearsal ended, I was looking for a calm spot to finally eat my burger after saying hi to everybody, so I went to that corner and stepped up on that wall, being joined really quick by Chiko.
I only took 2 or three bites, when that last bite basically got stuck mid-swallowing: Yossy just exited there!!   :shocked
She had her hair done already at that point but was still wearing her orange tracksuit pants and a black (tight) t-shirt   :oops:
When she looked over, all I could think of was "dontstaredontstareather!!", so I looked away for a quick moment. When I looked back, she was already going down some stairs - and Chiko told me later, that I MISSED THAT YOSSY WAVED AT THE TWO OF US!!! $§(!$&%!!!1!! -_-
Anyhow, it wasn't until then, when my brain finally kicked in and as soon as I started moving again, I was already down the wall running to the others in a total fangirl mode   :panic: :panic: :panic:"WE SAW HER!!!"
*slaps self*  :doh:
...oh, and I kinda dropped my half-eaten burger during or after the excitement of that   :sweatdrop:


Mika and me were having a little sign-language 'talk' about who should start the chanting - we even included Golem into that, but he was like "nu, not me, you start.". So in the end I made Mika start the "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGRY" chant and I chimed in happily~ and Golem replied in his well-known and very loud "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGRY" fashion.
...I started some "OI"-chants there later though :P

I really liked the little montage video in the beginning. Esp the others saying Yossy and Rika were like big sisters... no, like mom and dad!! XD

...and don't get Yossy drunk *lol*

Rika peeped through the backstage door at some point during the video... Cute, but I didn't fangirlscream, since I was hoping to see Yossy >.>

They had a german chick as DJ in germany... I only looked a handful of times at her, when she was spazzing out in the background too much to ignore though XD
Seems they were looking for female DJane's to replace Dangry on the tour... maybe trying to stress the 'girl power' theme..?

I was a bit saddened and glad at the same time when they didn't throw their fans into the crowd during Lady Madonna.

Yossy's Make-up kinda got everywhere all over her face at some point during the first 15 minutes or so when she got some of her make-up into her eye during one MC. Rika attempted to clean it up a bit with a towel during a later MC... and totally cracked up in the process   :lol:
...she couldn't get all make-up off btw, and Yossy only fixed it when they got off stage for a bit later... was very cute though   :oops:

During another MC h&A realized, that everytime they ended sentences with "YEAH!", the crowd replied with a loud "Yeeaaaaah!" back, so they started joking about that at some point just repeating "YEAH!" three times in a row to play with our hearts, assuming we just replied like that without understanding what they've said in japanese anyhow - there was a tiny pause of silence during that and just because she could, my roomie Dodo randomly screamed "YEAH!" towards them, which resulted in Dodo getting spotlighted and Yossy pointing at her in a "Yepp, like that..." manner  :nervous

Kevin was standing next to me and he was the one who screamed "SPANISH" at the "What other language for the songs"-question. He also got a spotlighted moment there... ...resulting in me wondering why my peeps, who I had to convert first and basically bribe into coming along to the concert, got more attention by h&A than me...   :sweatdrop:

Oh, and btw, I've never found myself cheering for Rika before as much as I did there... I felt we were much more Yossy-Fans in Berlin, so I wanted to show her some support as well (and fix my karma a bit, since I tend to neglect / not really look at Rika during signings and such - sorry, Rika). But Rika seemed to enjoy herself quite a lot ^^


I skipped Helsinki due to organization issues in the first place, but after all, it was a good decision, since I got a really bad cold after the Berlin events and needed to cure myself a little before heading to London...


Just decided to add some things about the Tour from my point of view as well:

First of all, I am so happy I got to see our japanese friends again and grow a bit closer to them, namely Mika-chan, Tomo-kun, Golem, Sumiko and her mom~
Tomo-chan was also a real delight to spent time with and get to know a bit better ^^ She's really awesome! And I hope to meet her again someday.

Looking back, I'ld like to make some comparisons:

- London was pretty much the smallest stage (at least with the little step / podest for the DJ table, it made the dance-area rather small for h&A) while Berlin certainly had the biggest stage.
- Yet, since Berlin's location was so big in comparison, it looked even more empty... from what I've heard the audience in Berlin and Helsinki were pretty much alike...
- The biggest audience (in a rather small location though) was undeniably Paris. It was stuffed in there and also REALLY hot...
- Paris also had the loudest audience
- but the most fun audience was Berlin - because I knew most ppl there - and London - because we were most synched in chanting, swaying and most harmonic when it came to anything else.

- For that reason I give Paris some minus-points, because it was just plain too full, too loud (at a few occassions I thought the blast of noise would literally throw me onto stage...) and there was a lot of punching going on, not to mention ppl who won the lotteries really had troubles getting to the stage...
And because of the really loud crowd, they had to increase the mics so much that IMO we had the worst eccho going on there (not that I would complain about hearing Yossy not only once but 5 times XD).
- Also Paris had the worst weather, which bummed me even more since we waited there the longest before the concert >.>

But as for the heat in the Paris club, I also blame h&A who certainly spiced up their dancing there a bit with some really really sekushiiiiii moves!

- London gets some plus-points, because I felt that the overall h&A-audience interaction worked best there (though Yossy was a hell lot more Pimp in Paris...) and the 1444-moments there just felt more warm there altogether.

- From what I know and saw, Berlin seemed to have had the longest and most demanded signature session, while Paris ...was over before it really started... Also the "buy CD to get a sig" rule was kinda annoying - not to mention the fact that nobody told me we could get anything signed there even though -_-;;

Now, a little story time:

Before I forget to mention it, the entire show felt a tiny bit like a full body work-out for the audience with some aerobic-feel to it, due to the different moves almost each song had in store for us to repeat.

London Concert

First of all, I was lucky enough to stand not only on the left side of the stage, but also literally got some light bruises there from the stage itself. \^.^/ As far as I can tell, the only guys around me where CDevil and another guy, both left of me in the very corner of the stage. I didn't see Yossy flirting much with them, but I myself got my eyecandy and even felt looked at as well as I am sure She eye-sexed pretty much every female in that area surrounding me.
When Yossy came on stage and started to sing, she took the mic away from Her mouth after the first line or so and screamed something over to Mr. Ductape (I wish we knew his real name  :sweat:  ) and later She seemed to have some issues with Her boots, or rather a chain there getting loose and she had to fix.

I think it was during Shake Me, when our little japanese friends started some awesome swaying, where we all placed our arms around the shoulders of our neighbours~
We got some sweet happily surprised looks from h&A at that - I have no idea how many rows behind us followed suit in that manner... It was neat anyhow~
Standing where I stood, everytime Yossy came over to that edge, I had to reduce my  :rock: because I seriously would have hit Her in the face or something -  and then Yossy at some point leaned over to the crowd right in front of me and was less than an armlength away from me. EVERYBODY around me, was reaching out to touch Her, and I was very much the only one who actually would have had a chance to really do so, to literally grab onto Her or something.
But I didn't.
I just stood there and kept kept thinking "PPL! Don't make Her fall!!" was only when She leaned back again that it occured to me "Wait, make Her fall! I'll catch Her!!!"
Oh, Rika looked at me at some point as well...

When h&A introduced their DJ, Yossy looked at her (Alicia?) and went all "WHOOOA!!!", turned around to the crowd, and held Her hands up imitating the DJ's boobs naming them "Hangry. Angry." ...making Rika giggle and stunning and amusing the entire crowd at the same time with Her bluntness.

As h&A returned from one break with the UK-banner, Yossy kinda stumbled over the above mentioned step -   :lol:
Oh, btw, I could read the letters a little that they had prepared in english, because they were shine-through.
Yossy's only had the first line with some kana for pronounciation, the rest seemed english only - yay~ So GJ there, Yossy!!!
From what I could tell, Rika's had way more kana there XD ...also, imo Yossy was way better to understand...

Also Yossy mentioned Her eyes itching at this concert during one MC as well, though it never was as insane and Make-up disaster'ish as in Berlin or London XD
Oh, and when they came out for the Q&A, Yossy had also taken off some of Her make up and asked the audience if it was still okay - which of course we replied positively to :P

Rika and Yossy got asked in the Q&A what their relationship was or something, and Yossy replied "Family... supesharu Paatna!" and Rika chimed happily "ME TOO!"

At the "Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?" question (I think Mae-chan asked that and she was so out of breath, it was adorable :P) Yossy and Rika first started calculating their ages for that time,

then Yossy said "kekkon" and started to look into the crowd for potentional candidates. As both, some women raised their hands (incl. me very shyly ._.,) and Rika made some comment amongst the lines of "not me?!", Yossy stood back up, held Her hands up defensively and said "No. No ladies..." [insert my heart being shattered to pieces] and "...I like boy." and Rika piped up again "ME TOO!". Then the two shared a look and started to giggle...
I really wanna know the in-joke they shared there...

Yossy's impromptu Mr. Moonlight Rock Vers. was delicious. After She had decided for that song, the audience and Rika demanded Her to prove the point and Yossy took a moment, fingers at Her temple, focusing before going for it - the crowd was in sheer bliss and sang along~

They also got asked which costumes they would like to wear again, and Rika said she would like the The Peace costumes (making me wonder if she was refering to the boy'ish sailor suits or the golden sparkling birdie-dresses from the PV) and Yossy decided for HSW - making someone start "Para Para...~" and the entire crowd joining in - lovely!

Yossy was taking quite some time to figure out what instrument She would like to be able to play. Just looked at Her and doing my impersonation of playing a guitar... after what felt like an eternity, She eventually made the move of strumming a guitar and I did a thumbs up - not that She ever looked over to me. ^.^;;;
I think it was cute, that Rika said she wanted to play the drums after that. Making h&A a real band, hn? ^_- ...also it's an incredibly cute mental image XD

At the end, when finally a girl won the lottery to get a pic taken with h&A (me, half the crowd and Yaz kindly helping her to get on stage), Yossy immediately pointed out how cute she looked, slipped next to her "me is cute too?"'ish and Rika looked at the two of them for a moment.
Then - in my very own opinion - her look turned into something suspicious, she reached out, grabbed Yossy by Her arm and pulled Her back to her own side XD It looked pretty demanding... Then Rika's manager came onto stage and they took the pic.

After the show, we didn't care to much about hanging out to wait for them to come out, as we did in Berlin, since the location was too big and there were like three sides of the building we would have needed to cover all exits.

Paris Signature

First was the (short) signature session we attended there.
We hung out with some peeps from other boards before that outside the building. Which was fun for me - I saw Miss Grumpy (aka Rika's manager) again and eventually Yaz came out of the building as well with Mr. Ductape. He then decided to stay out to have a smoke and take some pics (with a pink cellphone that I am pretty sure wasn't his  :lol:) and at some point when he looked over I smiled at him  ^^ which he replied with this grin   :D and for some reason that made me very happy since he obviously remembered me (or at least my bright blonde short hair) from previous cities.

Eventually we got to line up for the sigs and ...whatshisname-japanese stood with us while waiting. I got the Sadistic Dance album

a) because we had to to get a signature
b) because Yaz told us to buy the CDs at the end of London stage
and c) because I already bought the album 5 times, so why not a 6th time for our precious Cazzy-Baby, right?

My hands got all sweaty the closer I approached the signing table, but I made sure to not directly touch the cover or case but only the wrapping.
I could watch Yossy a bit through some display cabinets and in some mirroring surfaces~
Oh, and Tomo-chan had helped me previously write Yossy / h&A a letter!!!

So I had that with me as well~
But then, when it was eventually my turn, I quickly showed it to Mr. Ductape "Is oky?" and he looked at it twice before nodding - then I turned around and was about to approach Yossy, but Miss Grum-... Rika's manager saw that I was holding something, so I thought I better just show it to her as well, to get her okay too, but...
So, I went up to Yossy only with the CD-Cover (parking my other stuff quickly on the table to perform a light bow while handing it over though).
I don't know exactly what Yossy thought. I only know that Rika was at that point already done with the person in front of me and that BOTH OF THEM looked at me expectingly. And since my brain freezes everytime I am closer than less than a meter to Yossy, I couldn't say anything but "Thank You" english. Not even in Japanese or German.  :doh:
Yossy signed, looked at me again, passed the cover to Rika and looked at me again

before eventually tending to the next fan... Rika still gave me the same expecting look, but then she signed and just smiled in her trade-mark Haaa~Piii~ smile and I bowed one last time before I made my not so graceful exit

Well, we were lurking (much to the shop's clerks' and security's annoyance) around in the shop until the signing ended - which then again didn't take too long. I tried to stay close to Yaz, hoping to get to chat with her a bit, but that never happened, because - as usual - she was too busy doing 62 things at the same time, only being able to get 7 done (still I think, she did an AMAZING job during the tour ^^). Eventually h&A took some pics with the staff (everybody smiling for the camera 'cept for Rika's manager of cos) and started their exit.
I managed to get a spot along our 'guard of honor' lining for them that wasn't too crowded.
They passed us and Yossy actually had her head up for once while passing ppl - resulting in her to vaguely scanning the faces while smiling and... She looked at me~ She kinda spotted me when she approached, then looked to some other ppl, then did something that looked like a double-take and turned her face back to me and looked at me again until she passed by... 
*does the happy-chicken-dance*

Paris Concert

So, next day we lined up super-early (like 8 hours before the actual concert).
To be honest, there were ppl there before me. But my favourite japanese friends were amongst the first in line, and since I basically kept talking to them (mostly Mika-chan) the entire time, I ended up staying with them in the front and being like the 6th person to enter the club   :nervous
And again I got my loveeeeely front row spot, right at the edge of the stage, in front of the left speaker = Yossy's side. (+ now I really have some nice bruises on my thighs... The french were pushing a lot.)
While the crowd was entering and before the by-now-famous intro video started, Kristen started chatting up some ppl and suddenly poked my back "Hey, this girl is german too!".
So, the girl introduced herself as a fellow Yossy-fan who just learned about the Tour 2 days before the Paris concert and got there asap to see Yossy live. And since I am a kind chickeh, I let her next to me in the front row. AND I gave her my last glow stick (bought 6, but gave the other 5 to the japanese)...
Before the actual concert started, some stupid press-guy forced himself in front of me for the first three songs. Yossy looked at me though once during my time in second row, but still...
The more my fellow german Yossy-fan fangasm'ed, squealed, screamed and almost-fainted, the more Yossy paid her attention. Yossy even squated down during one song in front of her, looked her straight into the eyes and sang to her!!!
All left for me was catching Diana (which is btw the name of the girl) everytime she was close to fainting.


Oh, there were those tapes on the speakers, that kept curling up - and us being good fans, we kept straightening them out whenever we could.

The upper one we noticed first was one saying something in Katakana only ...and Tomo-kun just laughed at it saying something like "to remind them they are in France" or something (might be wrong there).
The other I spotted a bit later only when it started to get loose on the edges. So I leaned over the speaker to straighten it out again ... and read it... and LAUGHED OUT LOUD!
It said "Are You Having Fun?" with the katakana written above it XD
To give Yossy and Rika some credit, I never actually saw them look down there before doing these chants to the crowd, but it was just too cute.

So, anyhow, back to the overall concert experience there.
Like I said, it was VERY loud. And hot.
So hot, Yossy started sweating within the first three songs so much She was literally dripping sweat to the stage... ngah.. at some point, again, She leaned over my head to the crowd and I basically faced Her crotch Her being less than an lower-arm length away from me...

God bless my better senses or rather my brain dying, or else I would have most certainly hugged Her waist right there.
I later wished, She would have dripped some sweat on me   :nervous
I literally broke down after She retreated again, and needed a moment with my chin resting on the corner of the stage before I regained control of my legs again...

So, again, Yossy was sweating and some of the salt must have gotten into her eye, resulting in one tear making it's way ever so slowly down from the corner of her left eye, over her cheek, finally reaching her cheekbone in a perfect black line and eventually fading in the sweat of her neck.
I had a blast watching that happen over the span of at least 5 minutes.

Tomo-kun next to me tried to get Yossy's attention to point that make-up incindent out to Her, but I am glad, She didn't notice him, because any attempt of Hers to wipe it away like that would have only make it worse XD

So, EVENTUALLY (after at least 2 songs) Rika finally looked at Yossy during some lines - and instantly cracked up laughing!
It took her some moments to resume the choreo and point it out to Yossy.

During WALLFLOWER, where at the previous performances h&A would do that "we turn away from most of the crowd and Rika sings so closely with her mic into Yossy's ear, that most of the audience thought she kissed Her", Rika was just loosely hanging in Yossy's arm and used her free hand to try and wipe at least most of the gone-astray make-up away.
It didn't work well, and for me it looked like Rika was even using some force - resulting in Yossy's head tilting in a little uncomfy way XD
I expected inwardly Rika to lick her thumb to be able to clean Yossy's cheek better (like mom's do with their kids or something) and at one point I was even positive Rika was about to do exactly that (since she noticed the faux-pas so late, that most of the dark make-up already dried so much that it was pretty sticky) but either she caught herself from actually doing so, or it was all just in my head. Anyway, it was

a very memorable moment   :heart:
Eventually Yossy got to the table during the intro of the next song - kinda missing her cue there - to use a towel to get rid of the most part.

Mika-chan gave me her pink fan during Lady Madonna - which caught Yossy's eye double time - first because their japanese followers interacted with me and second because it was the weird blonde chick again >.>

There was at least one other part where Rika and Yossy looked at each other, and just giggled about a joke nobody ever said out loud. I really wish, I could have heard their thoughts there...
Anyhow, like in London, Yossy was having issues with her boots. But this time it was even worse.
During an MC She left the first words to Rika and kneeled down to fix something there. ..........  :shocked .... She had her back turned to us/me... so, go figure where my attention went XD
( :jphip:)

They read out their letters in french this time (and see-through paper proved to me, that they just read kana out XD).

We did the Shake Me-swaying as we did in London again.
Hnn... The crowd was very hyped and loud, but IMO London was better since the audience there was more in synch and followed the h&A instructed moves better (like the Mr. Monkey thing and the Shake Me whipping gesture)... Well, but Yossy and Rika didn't seem to mind too much - Rika was too busy getting all out with her skirt whipping and holding her mic into the audience and laughing at or with Yossy, while Yossy was way too busy pimping the girls.
I mean it.
The girl next to me was literally in Hitomi Heaven and a girl in second row who kept doing a heart-gesture for Yossy got it replied by Yossy who had one mic in one hand, singing, and the other in a half-heart shape.


Oh, yeah, the only good thing for me about Yossy being all over Diana was, that She randomly kept glancing at me.
I try to be realistic.
Rather than Her recognizing me, it was probably more my bright blonde head that kept catching her attention, right?

When they returned to the question thingy, Yossy had obviously taken off most of her make-up. It must really have been a pain in the ..butt.

Also while Rika was already cheering the crowd up for the things to come, Yossy was basically crawling all over the floor XD Obviously her boots have given up at some point - as in one of the chains attached to them had shattered and She was picking up the bigger pieces to not later slip on them.
Tomo-kun and me got Yossy to look at us again when we pointed Her to another bigger piece - at which She mumbled something explaining or maybe silent cursing in japanese.. I should've asked Tomo-kun, but we were too busy being happy that She actually looked at us XD

Did I mention, that Yossy's calves are barely thicker than my upper arms?! ...and who saw me will know that that's really not much...

I didn't grab much from the Q&A, since it wasn't translated into english  :che: I remember cheering at some parts based on what I understood from the japanese....
Mika-chan and me were lost after the Q&A for a bit in a happy hug, because she got to ask a question there~ (again in resulting me to forget to ask what Yossy's reply was to her question XD) She was so happy, it was adorable!!

I think Diana had another fangasm before the entire thing ended, since Yossy looked at her again (she kept holding up the glowstick I gave her and an old-school Mr. Moonlight card to get more attention)... I later mentioned to Kristen, that Yossy probably was so much into her, because she vaguely looked like Angry - which made Kristen laugh and agree that Diana indeed was very much the caucasian version of Angry/Rika.
The lottery was flawed, from what I read probably as much as the Helsinki one... But Rika was more like "That's the name. That's the numer. What?Nobody?Okay,let'sdrawanotherone." to speed it up.

So, yeah, we waited this time in front of the location for h&A to exit.

We gave Yaz a cheer and lotsa thanks when she exited and eventually Yossy and Rika exited as well (showered?).
We all bowed to them "arigatou" and kept screaming that.
Yossy looked again at me. Seriously. I was standing there with my bright orange jacket and my well-known baby-chicken-colored hair and as Yossy went to the car with a quick pace, She looked at me again!! I am pretty sure about that particular look, because the others were mainly on the other side of the street, I had previously made sure to step away enough from the guy on my right, behind me was a car parked and left to me was at least another meter or even more till the next fangirls were waving at Her. I was so happy~

Speaking of happy, I have NO idea when that happened, which country or which event, but I managed to give Rika another Ha~pi~ and got one in return... I can somewhat pin all directly Yossy-related events down, but the entire tour is now like a blurr to me, and so is my memory of my personal interaction with Rika   :nervous

So, yeah, Yossy and Rika entered the car with the dark windows. Since it was night'ish and dark outside already we had no chance to see the girls inside. Also there was no Yossy-camera this time... We kept waving to the car until it was out of sight.

After this all ended, we went out to eat with entire gang again~
It was a fun evening and one nice french guy taped us all introducing ourselves "Hi, my name is XY, and I am a Rika/Yossy/1444 -fan" ...felt a little like an annonymous alcoholics meeting - especially since we were in the basement of the restaurant *lol*


I had a blast. Yossy is incredibly pretty, though She had no shame to lie.
Rika's really cute and has a quite infectious smile (not like Yossy's that makes you feel like you're getting a full fore-play there...).
But honestly, what I will miss most after this week and am most looking forward to for any other potential tour or event in the future, is seeing all the friendly faces, friends and the joyous times we spent all together, before, during and after the actual events.

Special thanks to
Kimuuu, Almond, Aqua, Chris, Kristen, Tomo-chan, Mika-chan, Sumiko, her mom, Tomo-kun, Golem, my roommates and my sister, Natty, Kevin, CDevil, Paul, Mamu, Diana, Anja, Mareike, Laureen, Päxie, Denni, Chiko, Marion, Matthecat, Robert, Elsa, Sven, Lin... and everybody else whose name I forgot <.<
and of course YOSSY AND RIKA   :heart: :heart:
to make this a very memorable, fun and special week~


PS: Sorry, it's so long...

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DJ Kee Mee ;


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WTF!?  Was she the DJ at the Paris concert?

Daaaamn... as the tour went on, the DJs got hotter.  :O :shakeit:

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Who needs Dangry on the stage anymore?  :mon determined:  XD

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