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Author Topic: [SNSD] Crimson Fatalism-Chapter One (1)  (Read 3271 times)

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[SNSD] Crimson Fatalism-Chapter One (1)
« on: March 24, 2010, 12:03:49 AM »
I was inspired to write again.  :lol:

So here is Chapter Zero:

"Daddy, look at me!" A young girl shouted enthusiastically. She gained attention from her father, who turned around and grinned, watching his daughter slide down the slide at the playground. He stood at the edge and scooped his six year old daughter in his arms. A smile formed on his lips as his daughter started giggling. He gently put her down. "I see sweetie," he whispered. "Go play some more, I'll be right here."

Those were the last words that the young girl heard her father say.

She looked around the playground, wondering what other objects she could play with. "I already played on the bridge, the jungle gym, and the slide." she listed. Her eyes landed on a pair of swings. "There!" she pointed, running over to the swings and jumping in one of them. She started swinging on her own, but she wanted someone else to help push her so she can soar into the evening sky.

"Daddy?" she asked, ogling the playground and stopping her activity. The only sound that could be heard was the squeaking from the swing. "Daddy?" she called again. Although her bottom lip quivered, tears didn't emerge in her eyes. She looked to her left and looked to her right repeatedly until she saw a silhouette of a man and a woman. The girl walked even closer to the two dark figures. The man resembled her father, and the woman was devouring him.

"DADDY!" The girl scrambled towards her father, struggling with each step. Tears eventually flowed down her rosy cheeks; she wanted to save her father. She cried his name repeatedly until he fell onto the ground.

I'll be right here...

Those three words lingered in her mind once she approached him. "I'll be here too Daddy." She buried her face into his blood-stained chest as she squeezed his cold hand, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" A feminine voice hissed, putting her hand on the girl's shoulder. "You're my target too." The girl raced past the woman, exiting the playground.

Fangs. That woman has fangs.

"I'm not letting you get away from me you pesky little girl!" The girl ran faster, entering all sorts of obstacles that got in the way. She suddenly tripped on her untied shoelace and fell onto the pavement, hard. "Unh!" The girl squinted at the looming figure above her.

"You're my tasty dessert."

The girl winced once a hand was placed on her shoulder, gripping it tightly. She kicked and screamed, but she failed. The woman licked her lips, and her fangs inched closer to the girl's neck.


The girl opened her eyes and saw another girl standing in front of her. She was about her age. However, the only thing that was different were her golden eyes.

They're the color of the woman's eyes...

The girl sat frozen, looking at the woman and the girl with golden eyes. "Thank you." She stood up with the girl's assistance. The other didn't reply, her cold gaze fixated on the other. "You're welcome," she replied, putting her arm against the lost girl's shoulder. "Can I take you home?" The girl stiffened at the offer.

Doesn't she have parents as well?

"No, my parents died." 'Gold Girl' replied. "So can I?" The girl shivered. "No thank you, I'll go to my aunt's house." Gold Girl was silent for a while, staring at the shaken girl. "Fine then, go home." Gold Girl walked down another path. However, the girl could hear her voice; she was freaking out both externally and internally.

See you later.

Once she got home, she cried in her aunt's arms. She hoped that all this madness was a dream. Unfortunately, it was all real, and it would affect her for the rest of her life.
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Re: [SNSD] Crimson Fatalism-Chapter Zero (0)
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2010, 04:10:47 AM »
An SNSD fic! Yay! I wonder who the two girls are.
Most of the SNSD fics I read are about how they go to high school and have couples' drama, which is why I like this. It's different. I thoroughly enjoy the darker fics.
Keep up the good work! :thumbsup

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Re: [SNSD] Crimson Fatalism-Chapter Zero (0)
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2010, 08:04:51 PM »
^I personally like reading the darker fics as well. :lol: Thank you very much. :)


Pink, yellow, red, and purple hues streaked the sky. The sun was about to rise soon, and the stars were barely visible.

Jessica entered the abandoned Victorian home, wiping a trickle of blood from the corner of her lips. She had returned from the "dark hours", also known as the hunting hours.

Jessica had an eerie feeling once she entered the room.

It felt like someone was watching her.

She spotted a girl standing in the middle of the living room. Her hair was the color of obsidian, and her eyes were dark. Jessica shivered at the intense stare. It looked like the younger girl was craving something.

"Unnie..." she spoke, her voice barely audible. Her fangs were visible. Jessica also knew she had returned from the dark hours earlier. "Yes Krystal?" she replied.

"I'm still..." Krystal started to respond, but she started shaking. Jessica grabbed her hand, squeezing it firmly. "Still what Krystal?" She hoped Krystal wouldn't say the word.


"You returned from the dark hours earlier," Jessica lectured. "Hunger is something you must control." Krystal just stared at her sister. "I don't want you to step in the sunlight...yet." Jessica continued. She let go of Krystal's hand.

"Okay unnie, I'll go to sleep." Krystal rubbed her eyes tiredly and went into another room.

Jessica sat in a chair, gripping the leather. Memories of her family flooded in her mind. Some were good, some were bad, and there were those terrible moments.

Her parents' death.

Jessica remembered when two people with guns barged into their home. She didn't know who they were until later. Her father tried to negotiate with the two, and her mother was holding baby Krystal in her arms. Jessica could only pull on her mother's shirt, wondering what was going on.

"Nothing is wrong Jessica..."

But Jessica knew something was wrong. The evidence was right in front of her. She could feel her heart thumping in her chest, and she could tell that her mother was panicking.

"Hide Jessica, hold Krystal for me."

Jessica went to a different room and hid in the closet with her baby sister. She could only hear crashes, shouts, and gunshots.

Then she heard the door slam.

Jessica winced and looked at Krystal. The baby didn't cry, she was still sleeping peacefully. She realized there weren't any screams nor gunshots, so she stepped out of the closet. She returned to the living room, and noticed her parents covered in blood. Jessica's eyes grew wide.

They're dead...

Jessica was silent. She had no choice but to leave and find her uncle, who lived next door. She knocked, trying not to wake Krystal. "Uncle...they're gone..." Jessica started crying and she handed him the baby. His expression was unreadable, and his response was shocking.

"I know..."

Jessica remembered living with him. He taught her hunting methods and how to control her hunger. She always told him everything.

Good times...

However, she never told him about the first time she saved a human from danger. Jessica bit her lip. She remembered the girl had chocolate eyes and light brown hair.

I don't know what came over me...

The girl was obviously frightened, and Jessica tried to be kind. However, the girl denied her offer and walked off on her own.

Jessica never saw her again.

"I'm going for a walk." Jessica put on her necklace. It was a gift her mother had given her before she was killed. She could experience new things during the day. As long as she had the necklace, she was fine. She exited the home, closing the door and locking it behind her.

Taking a walk seemed to calm Jessica. It was peaceful. It also helped her control her hunger, even though it wasn't a challenge. "Ah," she sighed, closing her eyes and looking up at the blue sky.


Jessica snapped out of her peaceful state and saw two girls. One had long brown hair, but the other girl was oddly familiar. "What is it Sunny?" Taeyeon questioned. Sunny pointed over to Jessica. "She has gold eyes."

"She does..." Taeyeon trailed off, observing Jessica. "Maybe we should greet her." Taeyeon walked towards her, but Sunny interfered and whispered something. "I don't care." Taeyeon gritted her teeth and continued walking. Sunny had no choice but to follow her. Jessica remained still.

"Hi, my name is Kim Taeyeon." Taeyeon was the first to introduce herself. Sunny didn't respond until Taeyeon elbowed her. "My name is Lee Sunny." Jessica giggled, trying not to reveal her fangs. She hoped they didn't notice. "I'm Jessica Jung, nice to meet you both."


"It's time to go to our classes," Sunny checked her watch. "We have to go." She smiled at Jessica and walked off, dragging Taeyeon with her. Taeyeon could only wave, still mesmerized.

She was definitely familiar.

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Re: [SNSD] Crimson Fatalism-Chapter One (1)
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2010, 09:37:01 AM »
TaengSic, huh? It seems cute. Being a vampire already makes Jess the more masculine of the two; "If anyone gives you trouble, just tell me, I'll make them know true fear" :lol:

Good stuff, I hope it doesn't turn into Twi- Romeo & Juliet to a large extent. I have to say, this really explains why Jessica likes to sleep so much. Now I want to see her with golden eyes as well :thumbup

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