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Author Topic: [Akihabara Shounen Dennou Remoe fan fiction]Shin the king of Dennou Remoe  (Read 1850 times)

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Chapter 1

Hello, My name is shin, i am a visual kei star, I will tell you the story How I form Akihabara Sheunendan Deuuon Remoe and How I make the band si popular!!!

After Rhyolife is disbaned. I try to form a new band. After 2 week later, I find some people that there band just got disbanded. We saw each other at Akihabara. So we called our new band called" Akihabara Sheunendan Deuuon Remoe", Me on vocal, Zeku no bass, Aki on Gultar and Atamaru on drum, so Deuuon Remoe is formed from today!!!

we have our first live for our active, We sing alot of song, There have three song that will release on our single later on. The three song is Physalis, Lilac and 5th Luna...... After the concert, we start to make our first single called "Refrain"
Chapter 2

After released the single"refrain", we got #24 in ocricon rank. That is a pretty goood start for Dennou Remoe, We start to talk about what kinda genre, we will try for the future. After the discussion, we decide to do some Ballad, punk and hardcore.

Later 3 month, We released a new single called Physalis. The single have all kind of genre. like Punk, hardcore and ballad. We even make our first pv call Physalis.

We really happy about the first pv. In ocricon rank, we almost got to top 10. We say we are going for another pv and single to make the band stronger, so we make two pv in a row, 1 pv called endless waltz and other pv is call extrended.

We decide to make some various and 1 new single, release 2 single in 2 month in a row. The single called "Extended(Type R+D)". The various single is called Ura Kaizokuban Orgenshuu 03. In ocricon rank, we finally got to top 10, we go #8
Chapter 3

After last two release got#8, we decide to make a single call "Mellow", make a pv too and have another concert to get more fan, the single released. In ocricon rank, we got #1. In there is totally full

We are really happy. After we gonig to a metal single called"Bloody", make a pv like Dir En grey. Well after, we released the single, we got #1 again in ocricon rank, we happy like crazy. After that we first tiem go on Music japan, Music fighter and so much inter view to do. That why I got the name" Shin the king of Dennou Remoe".

Seem we got #1 two in a row, we decide to make our first album call "ASDR". We got #1 again Ocricon rank. we start to schocked because we think we will be #2 or 3. Well, we still really happy about it, I am happy that our fan so support us.
Chapter 4

Last time. Our first ablum #1 again, after awhile, We decide to make a new mimi album called"Heaven/love". When is release. They got number #1 again, so we decide to have a "Ax". In the Ax, is really full. We ahve to open anoher day. So there more fan can watch it....

After the concert, we are really tired. Aki got sick because we are working so much. So we decide to hiatus alittle bitafter Aki is better, 1 month later, Aki got better, we decide to make a single call" Flower of hell". This time with a pv too.... well, this time. We fianlly got a #2. well, We still feel okay, It because too much #1 already.

But we still get on Music japan and some band interview. We even make their first comment ^ ^.... We decide to get #1, with a new single call" Blueberry" fleid". Well, this time, we got back on #1 spot. They are happy again, This time, first time go on hey! jump and Music fighter. After awhile, They go on a tv show call"Band vs Band"
Chapter 5

In the "Band versus band". Another call Nega. Our topic" is a soccer game", we and Nega say"That is fun". So we go to a soccer fieid. Then we start. After 2 hour, the game finish. we lose 2-3. we got publishment!!!

Our publishment is to drink all the Nega mixed soup. So Nega go buy some stuff. They buy roof beer, coke, lemon juice and Miso soup. Then we try it. It is so foul. But we drinked half. Then, the show is over. So we don't ned to drink it all. How lucky. That we got away.

After that, we and Nega is become pretty good friend seem the "Band versus band". After that, we decide to make another single call "Melody". When time is release. we got #3. Then we go on music fighter and made a comment. But even is #3. We still really happy .
Chapter 6

After our last single got #3. we decide to have a concert and release a mini album "Nightmare" and make two pv, when the date is release, they got #1 spot back. We got on Music fighter and Hey! Jump and make a comment too. The concert. It was totally full...

After the concert. me and Zeku got so sick, So we hiatus again. After a year, they release a new single cal "Endless scream". This time they release the single. we got #8, that good for after the hiatus...... we decide get back on shape. We particle really hard.

After 3 week later, we rlease then second album"Screaming hell". After the album release. We got back no #1 spot again. We got on Music Japan and Music fighter, then make a comment. Stay toon for more....
Chapter 7

now. This is the time stop talking about the past. It because it is now that we will talk about the future with us...... Well after the 2nd album"Screamnig hell". we start to feel tire about the band. But we still going for more. We release a single" melody heaven". When the release time. We got first place. we go on music fighter.

Later. we got invited to Dir En gry concert as a guest. we are really happy. We can learn from Dir en grey. We really learn so much in the concert...... we decide to release one single call "Love me or not" and a mini album call "can't stop thinking about you". Those two single and mini album release is jsut like on fire, we got #1 in Ocricon rank. we are really happy, about the new style that we have.

After that. we decide to make another min album call"take it easy". we got #1 again in ocricon ranka again..... Then, our stuff get on Itune store. We made comment about it. Now we have #1 5 in a row. We decide to keep it on. Until we decide to disband.... So we made another single called "World end". Then, See how it go, please stay toon.
Chapter 8

We decided to make 6 single and 3th album. Then disband, so we decide to make new single call 'Dragon head", When it is released. we got #1 again. We are on fire because we want to do our best before we are disbanded. We go on music fighter and we made a comment.

After that. I find a new band. i tell them, we start active after that 5 single and the album. They say"Ok". We make another Mini-album call "King of the hill". After we release. we got 31 again. we got on Music fighter and hey1jump.

We still got 4 single and an album to disband. we got on a hiatus to find new band for future. After that, we make a new single called "Rainy day". We got #1 again. we get on Hey! Jump and make a comment. Then we start particle more for our next single!!! Stay toon for more
Chapter 9

After our last single "rainy day". We made a new mini-album called "Last man stand". The time we released got #1. we go on Hey! Jump and make a comment about it. Then, they talking about what kind genre. they will do in next single.

After 2 week. They decide to make a single call "Puzzle ring" and make a pv. We get #1 on the ocricon rank. We go on music fighter and music japan. make a really good comment. we decide go on a hiatus again to stay alive longer

After 3 month. We decide to make a single called "Fish on moon". This time we get a #1 again. We go on Music japan and Hey! Jump. We decide to get a concert, before we are disband, Stay toon for last chapter
Chapter 10

This is last chapter talking our band. We decide to make 2 more single and mini-album and make 3 pv. Our min-album is called "Last child" and Mini album is call"Ice-cream ring'

When we release. We get all #1. We go on Hey! jump, Cure and make a big comment about it. Then, We are thinking about new album tracklist and we want to do our best. After 3 week. We finally think out the album tracklist. We start record

After 3 week, Our last album"the alst ASDR". Wen is release we got #1 again. We having our last concert. The hall is totally big and full, we have 40000 people watching us. After that day. Akihbara Sheunendan Dennou Remoe is disband. Now I am in a new band call ViViD. This is end of our story

The end
Story: Setsuna
Made up story

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