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Author Topic: NYC Chuseok Festival 2010 Oct. 9-10  (Read 34202 times)

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Re: NYC Chuseok Festival 2010 Oct. 9-10
« Reply #120 on: October 18, 2010, 06:08:22 AM »

oh man, GJ Matt! way to just capture the cupcake skirt Dambi had on and mmmmmmmmmmmmmdelish black panties. :drool: I was surprised too how short her set was but ah well, everyone was there for her. We got to Randall's Island just in time, traveling on the Yankees subway WOO HOO.

More videos of Hot Drummer Girl I found from the hour long extravaganza:

Then she set the place on FIRE!!

Since we had to sit on the side of the stage - there was a middle part for MVPs or people who went there early? I dunno it was fenced off so obviously there was another Drummer Girl in red, was she as hot? Lord knows. There was also topless dudes, they were fucking hardcore. I love drumming :rockon: Blue Hot Drummer Girl was just mad cute, esp. when she was screaming.

Jung In was real cute too, and the 60s and I had a fancam of Brian Joo's backup dancers only XD

our minds being BLOWN! on a Saturday night

For all the "Fuck, they didn't came" talk, I was thoroughly entertained!! FREE!! And hilarious adventure back into Manhattan XD Can't wait to see the 2011 line up.

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