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Author Topic: [One shot+ My creation] Ghost town  (Read 2432 times)

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[One shot+ My creation] Ghost town
« on: October 05, 2010, 10:01:53 PM »
My name is Luna, I will tell you a story about why my town become a ghost town. This happen a year ago.

A year ago! It wast a peaceful morning in my town. Afternoon later on their had an accident. I heard that a zombie like look creature bit someone in the neck and the guy who get bit turned into a zombie right away. After I heard it. i laughed at it because I haven't believe it yet.

After a few hour later. I was at my school in class. Suddenly there had a zombie like creature, come in to the class and bit someone on the neck. he infected and turned into a zombie right away. i was so scared and shocked. i don't believe is really. I started to ran away. ran and ran. I got away from school. By the time I ran outside of my school. half the school infected. Only the small half of the schoolmate successfully ran away from the school. I decided to hide in my house.

15 minute later. I arrived at my house. When I go inside. I found out. my parent are infected

I said: Mom, Dad, How did you guys got bit?

*They didn't speak to me, I started to cry and started to ran away*

I ran out of my house. I went to the Downtown. I found out that 90% people are infected. I found some of my friend wander at the street. i went over to them and discuss where we going to hide. So we decide to run away to the town to New York. We go to our next village 30 minute walk to our town. we rent a car there and we drove to New York.

After a month. We rented a house. we live together. A few days later. I heard after we are gone. U.S government dropped a unclear bomb to the town and everyone died. We was lucky. we got away. But We still cried for 3 day because our parent is died.

Until now. I still have Nightmare of that day and I still the feel the angry spirit that who died in the town. I don't know why I feel it. But I can tell they are really angry and i scared to go back to the town. I think if anyone travel by they will get kill by the angry spirit. So I hope know one traveled to that haunted town.

The end

Story by: Hade

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