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Author Topic: [Greek god fiction] Hade heart got melt by Athena's love power  (Read 3550 times)

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[Greek god fiction] Hade heart got melt by Athena's love power
« on: October 06, 2010, 05:41:39 AM »
Chapter 1

Hello. I'm Hade, God of Underworld. I was a really cool guys 3 year before. But once I start dating with Athena my heart just get melted. This is what happen.

3 year a ago! One day! I was at managing the people new come to the hell. I send them to difference hell by their publishment. But one of the person is not support to be here because someone wrote she will be hell for mistake. I went to the Mount Olympus and ask why. Zeus said "It is my mistake. Sorry". I replied back "No problem". i walked out and I see Athena. The god of strategy and war.

Athena said: Hello.

I said: Hello.

Athena asked me: Why are you at Mount Olympus

I say: Zeus made a mistake and I just talked with him and I got to go now.

I saw her face is red. I don't know understood her face is red because I am a really cold man that time. But I understand now. back to the story. 2 day later. Athena invited me to her place to have a party. I accepted and I decided to went to the party.

I went in to Athena's house for her party. Inside the house....

to be continue

Story by: Hade 

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Chapter 2

I went into the party. I saw there have a lot of god. Athena came to me and said "Hi" to me. We talked for a while. She walked away. Then, Zesu, Apollo and Nyx come and talk to me. They said "This is rare you come here". I replied "I think it is time for me to build up my relationship with the other gods, make more friend, I feel really lonely so i come here". They all smile at me. We talked for a long time. I found out that we had a lot of common topic. We started to become good friend. 30 minute later. The host Athena started to talk. She tell us that we're welcome to the party and enjoy the party.

The god started to dance. Suddenly. Athena asked me for a dance. I said yes to her and we start dancing. We dance and dance. A hour later. We stopped dancing

I asked: How is the dance? Fun?

Athena said: It is really fun and Do you have time this Sunday?

I said. I am free this Sunday.

Athena said: I want to have a dinner with you."

I said: Sure

After the conversation. The dinner is started. Athena sat at the host table. My table had Poseidon, Ero, Demster and Ares. They all surprised that I was at the party. I just say I want to met new friend. They all laugh and talk to me. But Ares seem don't like me. Even now. But the other 3 are really nice. I ended up become BFF with Ero. We all had fun in that nice. We still talk to each other even now.

After the party. I went back to my place, took a bath and went to sleep.

To be continue

Story by: Hade

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Final Chapter

4 day later! I was at the dinner place. I saw Athena was waiting for me. I sat across of her. There had a candle. it like those romantic restuant. That time. She already melted my icy heart a little bit already. Back on the story. I decided to let Athena order the food. Athena ordered a lot of food. The food I never ate those before. The resturant cook Russia food. So I can't wait to eat it.

The time that we were waiting. We talked a lot of stuff. At i found out she is really talkive and cute. My icy heart melted a big half. I started to like her.

15 minute later. The food come. we ate the food. On Gosh. the food was so yummy. The best dinner i never had before. I ate a lot in that night. After 2 hour. We finished eating. We paid the bill. I decided to protect Athena back to her house because I am a gentlemen. On the way.

Athena said: I have something to talk with you

*She gave me a kiss*

Athena said: Hade, I love you

This time my icy heart is really melted. My face turned really red

I say: Welll..... I don't know what to say. But I liked you when we are at the resturant. So it is a yes.

We start to held hand and after that happen we revealed our relathionship to the other god. They all shocked and congrations us. After a year. We were married. Now. We still have sweet time talking back that time. We have 4 children now. 2 son and 2 daughter. We live happily forever

The end

Story by: Hade

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Re: [Greek god fiction] Hade heart got melt by Athena's love power
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Chapter 2 is up now
Chapter 3 will be the ending
Please enjoy it

- G slayer

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Re: [Greek god fiction] Hade heart got melt by Athena's love power
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Final chapter is done now
Go enjoy the story now
Hope you all like it

-G Slayer

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