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Author Topic: [Greek God fiction]Protongenoi vs Titan  (Read 2817 times)

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[Greek God fiction]Protongenoi vs Titan
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Protongenoi is the god that create the Earth, They are the 1st generation of greek god

Titan is the god that rule over at golden age. 2nd age of greek god

Why Titan declare war on Protongenoi because they have diffence rule


Chapter 1

10 year before. The Protongenoi have a great war with the Titan and win the war. I win tell you the story now.

One day! The Protongenoi and the Titan had a big argument about Titan killed one of the God "Choron" and He was on Protongenoi side. They were arguing. The Titan is tired to hide the reason.

Cronus said: I kill him because he broke the rule

Gaia asked: What rule he broke?

Coeus said: He is in love with a Human

Nyx said: So what! That called love

Lapetos said: But he broke our rule

Tartarus said: But we didn't made the rule. he is our side

Themis said: I should say the trust. We hate Protongenoi and we declare war on you guys.

We all went back to mount Protongenoi. We gather our solder in the border betweet protongenoi and Titan. A few day later. The Titan started their move by invade out border with a army made of twenty thousand solder. After the first team. There 2 more team at least. The total of their solder is five hundred thousand solder. They had a strong force. But our first team is made up of ten thousand solder to defend the border. Behind the first team. we had 2 more team like the Titan. That made up of four hundred thousand solder. Choas, Erebom and Gaia lead the first team.

We camped at a little field in front of the border. Their camp was 3 mile in front of us. We all talked about the strategy. We all agreed with Erebon idea. The idea is we fake lose and we hide 2 team of army under a deep valley. When they went in roll the rock and ambush them all.

In the morning. The war had started

To be continue

Story by: Hade

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Chapter 2

Next morning. We gathered all the solder for the war. The titan solder is on other side. The distance is around 1 mile. After 5 minute. We said 'Charge'. The drummer started drumming and send the signal. Once they heard it. They started charging.

4 minute. We start to close combat. The Gods are fighting so hard too. We are even for a while. but after a while we start to be losing. We said "retract". The drummer started to sent the signal. Everyone heard it. They started to ranl. We ran for half an hour. We entered the deepp valley. They chased after us. But after 15 minute. They found is a trip. But it was too late. we already roll the rock down. After 10 minute. We rolled the rock down. But still left at 2000 solder. The solder that lose in the war come back and killed them all. The first war is over.

On the other side. once them heard the news. They were so angry.

Mnemosyne say: Dam! First team is all dead. Who came out with that plan?

Crius said: We don't know yet. But i heard people said is Erebos

Theia said: We undermated Erebos. i through he don't have a brain. I guess he just hiding he true stragths for a long time.

Cronus said: Tchi! We should crashed them all ready. This is unexpected. But don't worry. we still have the two team with five hundred thousand solder. They just have four hundred thousand solder. We over number them.

The other 11 gods agreed with Cronus

Back to Protongenoi side. Suddenly. Nemsis, Hypons and Thanathos say they are come to join us. To get revenge for Charon. So we accpeted them to join, we have a welcome party and a party for defeating for their first team. That night. We drink so much wine. We had so much fun. After mid night. Everyone went to rest.

To be conutinue

Story by: Hade

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Chapter 3

Two day later. The titan second and third team arrived to the border about to start invade our terriory. Our second team arrived. But our third team delayed because of a forest fire. Second team leader is Uranus, Chaos, Gaia and Chronos. We decided to defend the city of Edessa. After 2 hour Titan arrived to 10 mile of the city. Chronos decide to send Gaia and Erebon to attack the Titan. We gathered fourty thousand solder.

At the battlefield. I saw them at 3 mile of north ahead of us. We can't wait. We said "Charge". The solder charged. 2 minute later. We approched and we started combat. But after a while. We badly out number. We said "retrace". Everyone ran and ran. we ran back to the city.

The Titan started attcking the city right away. They shoot the stone with their casuplt. We shoot back and them. Their army climbed up to the all and we started close combat. We fought and fought. The Sunset. Titan leader said "retract" and they rectracted. Chronos was so frustrated because we ahve  lot of dead and injected solder. We have fourty thousand is injected and ten thousand is dead. We discussed the sistuation

Chronos said: We can't keep this up.

Erebon said: I got a idea. But we need the other team to be here.

Gaia asked: What the plan?

Erebon said: We fake retract our solder each mile after each war. We retract to the mountain area and two team cut their back off and we ambrush them in the mountain area.

Chronos said: Good idea. the cut off will let the third team do it. I send them a message.

They all agreed. After the discussion. Chronos send a message to the third team and went to sleep.

To be conutiune

Story by: hade

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Chapter 4

On the team 3 side. The Gods that led the army is Nyx, Pontos, Aethor, Tarutarus and Thalassa. After they got the message the quickly moved out of the forest. In the way. Olympian's Gods come to help us.

Nyx said: Why you help us?

Zesu said: Don't forget Chronos is my father. i am helping my father so.

Nyx said: Sorry forget about that. How much you being?

Zesu said: two hundred thousand

Thalassa said: We will win this!!!

The solder was so cheered up. When we about to moved out. The god from Oneiroi are helping the protongenoi. They already know about they will help them. The Oneiroi had three hundred fifty thousand solder. We are so happy. We started to move out. We all knew Titan was wrong.

On the other side. We been retrace. All the way But we had 2 more day until the mountain area. We fought are little bit and ran away a little bit. The Titan was already think they win and they used a bunch of shortcut to get me in a circle. But they were wrong. The first team of Oneiroi and Olympian is already in the back of them. second thing is when they got us in circle we were already in the mountain area and the back already cut off.

A few day later. they finally circle us. But After the Titan heard the news and the solder that hide in the mountain area got them in surprise. They started to worried and we got them in the circle. The Titan is angry.

Cronus said: No. This is not happening

Hyperion said: How came we been so blind

Crius said: it because we been winning forget the back.

Cronus said: We can still fight right. We never give up.

*They all nobbed*

Next day. The other team are gathered together. We have at least 10 million. We and the Titan were going to the battlefield. This will be our final battle.

To be contiune

Story: Hade

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Final Chapter

At the battlefield. The titan decide to last stand. They don't think and just charged everyone. We said charge and we came out everywhere. But I didn't see any afraid of their eyes. 1 minute. Later we started to fought.

The solder was fought really hard. it is hard for our solder for a while. But we still out Number them. After a while. They are little bit tired and defeated. We saw the Titan decided to ran. It in our plan. 1 hour later. We made them into a city. They left 200 solder.

We decided to give them a fast attack. We used the heavy Capsule. they rock threw them and the solder was down fast. We climbed the wall and 1 minute later. We are on the wall. We fought and fought. After half hour. We opened the 4 gate easily and The titan still fought so hard. But 2 hour later. 6 Titan are down and the other 6 surrender.

The war is ended. The people had the peace time. Until now. We still through of the war and we live peace forever

The End

Story by: Hade

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Re: [Greek God fiction]Protongenoi vs Titan
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Chapter 2 is released now

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Re: [Greek God fiction]Protongenoi vs Titan
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Chapter 3 is up now

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Re: [Greek God fiction]Protongenoi vs Titan
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Chapter 4 is up now

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Re: [Greek God fiction]Protongenoi vs Titan
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The final chapte ris up now

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