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Author Topic: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..  (Read 10005 times)

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[SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« on: October 22, 2010, 11:03:30 AM »
::chptr 1::

it was raining outside.. YOONA released her breath as if it is from her deepest heart.. it's already 1.45 am.. yet, still no sign of seohyun would leave her room for her Keroro show.. "Maybe this is how it supposed to end. Owh what am i talking about? I should be happy that Seohyun finally stop staying up late for that stupid cartoon. Didn't I? Screw it !" Yoona finally gave up and leave the living room for her bedroom.. In the room, on her bed, she was trying to get a good sleep.. However, she just can't control her tears..

"Noona neomu yoepo!!" " Argh! Darn that Sica's phone!!" Sica is awoke and replying to her phone alarm.. "Ahh, yeah.. Good morning!" Yoona can't help but feel irritated with Sica's daily routine.. She was hungrier than before.. Probably hungrier than Sooyoung would ever be.. She left the room and head towards the kitchen.. Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Seohyun are preparing breakfast.. " You won't believe what Seohyun maknae DIDN'T do last night! For the first time, she skip her Keroro show!", Sooyoung suddenly approach Yoona.. "Ahh.. Our maknae is growing up", Yuri spat a teasing word to Seohyun.. "Well, ever since that Yonghwa appear", Hyoyeon replied.. Yoona was stunned with what she heard.Ever since that Yonghwa appear.

Yoona was trying her best to put her smiling face in show.. Though she's a pretty good actress, (that's what they say) she found it hard to even try it.. There's something pricking her heart.. She was not sure why is it about.. But she do know one thing, only Seohyun can make her feel what she's feeling right now..

"Aren't you gonna eat something Yoona?" , Sooyoung broke the silence..

"I'll eat when i feel like it", there is a cold feeling somewhere in Yoona's voice..

"You know you shouldn't skip your breakfast unnie", Seohyun started to talked after remain silent..

"Now what? Trying to be a nutritionist again? Cut it out okay! I'm sick with it! Why don't you just leave me alone", anger started to present in Yoona's voice..

"What's your problem?", Hyoyeon started to feel uncomfortable. Yuri remains quiet.. She knows that Yoona won't be the nice Yoona if she's not in the mood.. Yoona left to the bathroom.. The water sprinkled on her.. But the tears she's been trying to hide from the other's also broke down silently.. She doesn't mean to hurt the girls early in the morning.. But the words Hyoyeon said.. Ever since that Yonghwa appear..

to be continued..

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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2010, 07:36:47 AM »
::chptr 2::

Ever since that Yonghwa appear..

All of the members were in a middle of broadcasting in the Star Golden Bell Challenge.. Everyone was having a smile on their face.. All of them were having fun until the host of the show, Hyeonmu, ask Seohyun about her new husband in We Get Married..

"Seohyun, the maknae of the So Nyuh Shi Dae! How is it going with your new husband Yonghwa?"

"We're doing fine together. I mean at first i didn't expect to have some chemistry with him, but then it turn out to be that he's quiet not bad", Seohyun replied with a warm smile in her face..

"So is there any specific feelings? In other words, do you somehow blush or had that funny feelings in your stomach when you saw him?"

I didn't think my unnies would like me to answer that kind of questions.."

Sooyoung laugh and made an expressions where you can only see when a mother doesn't like what her daughter just done.. Seohyun blushes as the answer without any speech.. Yoona was doing great with her expressions to hide her feelings.. She won't hurt her pride just for her maknae.. Hyeonmu begin to shift the attention to Yoona..

"Yoona, you told in a radio station once that you would choose Seohyun to date right? But the audience seems to have another question for you. Which one of your member would you take as your wife if you were a guy?"

The crowd in the studio seems to drew louder as a reaction for the question.. Yoona gave a smile full of confidence.. This is it Yoona! This is the time where you should show everyone that you're not just the weak Yoona! What should i answer? Well, i had to be the TOUGH YOONA sooner or later.. Then its gonna be now or never!! Here goes..

"Well, firstly i chose Seohyun to date because she is the cutest amongst all.. Plus, she's the maknae! But when it come about marriage, i would definitely choose Yuri!! I'm  pretty sure she would understand me more! Though she seems a bit mischevious, but she's my best options. She would make a good wife and a good mother!"

The crowd turns even louder than before.. Thats it Yoona! You showed them! That would do it! Amongst the loud crowd, no one realised the blushing cheeks of Yuri.. Did she mean it? Did Yonna really mean it? No one realised the sudden emotion in Yuri.. There she is, still blushing and thinking about what Yoona just said..

to be continued..
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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2010, 09:46:16 AM »
::chptr 3::

Did she mean it? Did Yoona really mean it?

Back at their dorm, the girls were having fun teasing Yuri and Yoona..

"What happen to your never ending love to Seohyun?", Sooyoung said with a laugh..

"She throw it to Yuri!", Hyoyeon replied..

"How about me then?", Sunny suddenly interfere..

"Owh.. You know i always gonna need more of your kisses!!", Yoona answer happily..

Amongst the laughter, Seohyun kept silent since they done with the broadcast.. There was something hurting her small little heart.. She tried to figured it out.. But she kept making excuses that nothing was wrong with her.. Somehow she felt really angry everytime she saw Yuri.. There's a voice in her heart saying that Yoona was suppose to be her's. Only her's.

Yuri was smiling all day.. She was still smiling even while eating.. The others keep teasing her..

"Aigoo!! Look at our Black Pearl!! Keep smiling since just now.. Yoona-shi!! What have you done to our naughty Yuri?", Sooyoung continuously teasing them..

"You have to stop that Sooyoung or you guys will see some really free hot show between me and Yuri", Yoona started to feel irritated with the teasing they get since just now..

"Owh we should stop here.. We really won't show that in front of our maknae or she would learn bad things from her unnies" , Taeyeon started to warn Sooyoung..

"Okay then.. There's always a tomorrow.. Right Yuri?", Sooyoung still aiming at Yuri..

Seohyun suddenly get up and leave the dining table.. She somehow can't stand with the jokes her unnies keep playing since evening.. She head straight towards her bedroom.. The other members just look one another and question themselves about the sudden mood swing Seohyun showed.. Yuri look at Yoona.. However, Yoona show no expression nor reaction with Seohyun attitude.. There is something wrong with them.. Yoona always the one who cared for Seohyun the most.. What happen?

Seohyun was crying on her bed..What is this stupid feelings doing in my heart? Yonghwa-oppa, what should i do? Am i being selfish?

to be continued..
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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2010, 10:39:33 AM »
::chptr 4::

What is this stupid feelings doing in my heart? Yonghwa-oppa, what should i do? Am i being selfish?

Yuri, Yoona and Taeyeon are sitting in the living room..

"Yoona, becareful with your words and action.. Girls feelings are very fragile.. You know that right?? , Taeyeon suddenly talk during the comercial film..

"Are you saying that I'm hurting others feelings with my statement? What's wrong with you guys?? First Seohyun, now you??", Yoona replied..

"You know what i'm talking about.. I'm really sure you know what i'm taking about"

Taeyeon leave the living room.. Only the television's sound were heard in the living room.. In the same time, Yuri was fighting with her desire for Yoona.. While Yoona has no idea what Yuri is feeling about her.. Yuri stroke Yoona's hair.. What have you done to me Yoona? You really making me feel like a fool right now.. Yuri shift her position closer to Yoona.. Yoona begin  to realise Yuri's sudden reaction.. Yuri move her hands to Yoona's cheek.. She shift  Yoona's face direction from  the television directly to her eyes.. Now, both of them were looking at each other.. Yuri gently stroke Yoona's lips.. Yoona remain still with her position.. She didn't resist nor play along.. Yuri was about to kiss Yoona when the television suddenly played Yesung's It Has To Be You..

niga animyeon andwe..
noe eobsin nan andwe..
na ireoke haru handareul tto illyeoneul..
na apado joha..
nae mam daechyeodo joha nan..
geurae nan noe hanaman saranghanikka..

"Unnie.. I'm going to sleep", Yoona suddenly break her silence.. She suddenly reminded by Seohyun smile everytime they heard the song.. Their favourite song.. Which means alot for Yoona.. Because it tells exactly Yoona's feelings towards Seohyun.. Yuri was fill with dissapointment.. But, she let Yoona's cheek and her desire go..

"Go get some nice sleep", was only what Yuri can say..

"I'm sorry unnie.. But.."

"Forget it.. It's my fault anyway.. Just get some rest"

"You too.. Don't stay up too late", Yoona leave the living room..

Yuri remain still at her position.. She let out a deep breath and stand up..Maybe she's not ready.. It's to soon by the way.. Yuri, you just ruin your moment.. You should take it easy..

Yoona was on her bed already.. She sighed heavily.. That Taeyeon-ahjumma seems to know everthing.. She shift her position from right to left.. What have i done? What am i supposed to do.. She shift again by facing the ceiling.. This is what you get for being TOUGH YOONA.. I'll play along till the end.. I'm gonna show Seohyun i'm just fine without her.. Saying that, Yoona close her eyes which is already filled with tears..

to be continued..
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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2010, 12:20:42 PM »
::chptr 5::

This is what you get for being TOUGH YOONA.. I'll play along till the end.. I'm gonna show Seohyun i'm just fine without her..

"Noona neomu yoepo.." Yoona was awaked by Sica's phone alarm again.. She go to the kitchen to have some drinks.. There, as usual Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon and Seohyun was preparing breakfast..

"I catch a glimpse on what you and Yuri was doing last night.. Sorry, but i was going to the bathroom.. And of course i can't resist!", Sooyoung tease Yoona..

"Owh come on.. This early in the morning.. I'm not even widely awake Sooyoung", Yoona replied calmly..

Yuri choked by Sooyoung sudden attack.. However, there was a slight smile on Yuri's face.. Seohyun was stunned by Sooyoung's statement.. Still, she try her best to hide her expressions..

"So.. Did you guys made it till the end?", Sooyoung keep teasing them..

"I tought you were peeking us till the end", Yoona stay calm with Sooyoung's question..

"I want to but i promised Sunny to play Go-Stop with her"

"To bad for you than.. It would be something you can't erased from your memory if you keep peeking.. Right Yuri?"

Yuri was shocked by Yoona's statement.. This girl.. Trying to make it interesting huhh.. You owe me one.. Yuri just smiled as Sooyoung's jaw dropped hearing Yoona's answer.. Seohyun can feel her tears is falling.. She decided to retreat from the others as fast as possible ..

"Where are you going? Aren't you eating your breakfast?", Hyoyeon grab Seohyun wrist when she was about to took her first step..

"I forgot to text 'good morning' to Yonghwa-oppa", Seohyun turn away as she answer Hyoyeon to prevent the girls from realising her tears..

"Yonghwa again and again", Hyoyeon sighed heavily..

Seohyun walk as fast she could to her bedroom.. She landed herself on her bed and cry.. Those stupid unnies.. What are they trying to do? Yoona was eating  the biscuits Taeyeon bought for them.. Yonghwa eh.. We'll see how long you can stand.. I'm gonna let you feel what i feel Seohyun.. I will..

The girls were resting in their dorm.. After a day of practising in SM building, Sunny, Yoona and Seohyun was chilling in the living room while the others were doing their own stuff in their room.. Suddenly, Sunny gave a suprise peck to Yoona on her cheek..

"What's with the arrogant face Yoona.. I'm gonna keep kissing you until you give us a smile", Sunny gave Seohyun a wink while asking..

"You really want to get it from me huhh??" Yoona replied..

"Catch me if you can!", Sunny was about to run..

However, Yoona was much more quick than Sunny.. Yoona grab Sunny's wrist and said..

"Now what should i do to our fettish kisser.. Ahh.. How about this!"

Without any warn, Yoona kiss Sunny on the lips.. Realising Yoona's lips on hers, Sunny was stunned for a second.. Yoona begin to explore Sunny's wet little mouth.. Sunny could feel the steamy sensation and started to play along.. However, she regain her conscience a few moments later.. She pulled herself from Yoona.. Sunny could see that Seohyun was shocked with the incident happened right in front of her eyes..

"That would make it", Yoona smiled as she say those words..

Sunny was still in shocked and Seohyun leave the living room instantly..

"You used me", Sunny can't say more.. She certainly realised what happened between Seohyun and Yoona..

"Let's pretend this never happened.. I hope you would clear things up with Seohyun", Sunny was about  to leave when Yoona replied her..

"Sorry about that"..

Sunny gave Yoona a smile and left.. Yoona was still in the living room.. She close her eyes to forget what just happen.. Sorry.. Yoona sighed..

Seohyun was in the bathroom.. She close her eyes while the water washed her body.. She could feel her heart shattered.. This can't happened.. My feelings are for Yonghwa-oppa.. I'm sure it is.. It's time to get over Yoona-unnie.. This has to stop this instant!!


to be continued..
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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2010, 04:59:22 PM »
::chptr 6::

This can't happened.. My feelings are for Yonghwa-oppa.. I'm sure it is.. It's time to get over Yoona-unnie.. This has to stop this instant..

The dancing room was quiet.. Everyone except Seohyun and Sunny leave for lunch.. Seohyun was still busy with her steps while Sunny just sit and watch her maknae..

"Hyunnie.. Let's talk..", Sunny suddenly break the silence..

Seohyun look at her for a second and put her attention back to her steps..

"Seohyun we're not going anywhere if you keep acting this way.. You should at least listen to what i'm trying to say!", Sunny started to raise her voice..

Seohyun take a deep breath and take place beside Sunny.. She let out a heavy sigh before making an eye contact with Sunny...

"Is there still anything to say?? I saw enough and i think you know that i'm not a foolish to not understand what happened", Seohyun begin to talk..

"Then you should know more.. What do you think could be the reason Yoona who has never had that kind of personality would act in such way??"

"Do we really need to talk about this?", Seohyun tried to free herself from the awkward situation..

"She loves you.. That's why.. She's having a hard time herself", Sunny still approach Seohyun..

"What kind of love it is when you hurt the people you love?"

"Can't you even try to understand her situation?? Are you really that clueless why she acted differently?"

"Why are we even having this conversation?"

"To clear things up between Yoona and you!!", Sunny begin to raise her voice again..

"What's the use of that? Yoona-unnie changed alot! She didn't even care about me.. She won't even ask what's new between me and Yonghwa-oppa.. She also didn't console me when i'm sad like she used to do! Back then, she always know what is happening in my heart! I didn't even have to open my mouth and tell her what i feel! But now, not only she abandoned me, she hurt me.. How come she could kiss Yuri-unnie and Sunny-unnie on the next day? Is it somekind of marathon to her?!", Seohyun let out her tears while saying those words..

"People tend to hurt the one they love.. If they didn't, then it's not love yet", Sunny replied while stroking the young maknae's hair..

"You want to know the reason Yoona behaving such way? The answer is  actually inside you.. Why do you feel sad and hurt with Yoona's behaviour?", Sunny smiled as she say those words..

Seohyun tilt her head and stare at Sunny.. She doesn't expect those answer would come out.. Sunny wipe Seohyun tears and gave her a warm smile..

"The answer is in you Seohyun.. You can't deny it", again Sunny repeat her words..

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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2010, 05:56:46 PM »
::chptr 7::

The answer is in you Seohyun.. You can't deny it..

The girls was in their dorm..Yoona was sitting on the couch with Sooyoung and Jessica.. Sooyoung was tickling Jessica because she put on a prank on Sooyoung..  While filming Hello Baby, Jessica put a tambourine on the couch where Sooyoung usually sits.. When Sooyoung take her place while filming, she ends up landed on the tambourine.. Because of the incident happen while the camera is rolling, Sooyoung didn't get the chance to get back to Jessica.. So, she decided to give Jessica some lessons for messing up with her..

"How dare you to do that to your dearest husband!", Sooyoung spat  the words while holding both of Jessica's arms..

"Okay.. I'm sorry.. Won't do that again.. Promise", Jessica replied with the best aegyo she could make..

"You know that won't work on me", Sooyoung laugh as she replied..

"Than what should i do? Do you want to put on the same prank to me too?!", Jessica said with a pouting face..

"Well.. You do need some punishment..", there is a naughty look on Sooyoung's feature..

Yoona who was not paying attention to them earlier begin to sense what the couple are about to do..

"Guys!! Find a room! Not on my bed Sica! Or i'll make sure everyone in this house will be there in your session", Yoona suddenly react..

"Okay! Whatever you say.. Chill out Yoona.. You can have some fun with Yuri if you want to", Sooyoung laugh as she replied..

Yoona was about to throw the cushion she was holding when Sooyoung suddenly pull Jessica directly to the room.. As the couple disappeared, Taeyeon came and approach Yoona..

"Whats on tv?", Taeyeon begin the conversation..

"Nothing.. I was just watching what playing", Yoona replied calmly..

"Is there something wrong between you and Seohyun?", Taeyeon begin to hit the point..

"Does it seems like it is?", Yoona stare at Taeyeon as she replied..

"Well.. Your unnies have gone through it"

"You guys did??"

"I don't know the others.. But i do feel what you feel when Fany was all over Sica"

Yoona breath deeply and close her eyes..This Taeyeon-ahjumma really knows everything.. She open her eyes and shift her attention back to Taeyeon..

"But you get what you  want already", Yoona continued their  topic..

"And do you think its easy?", Taeyeon lift her brows as she ask Yoona..

"How? How did you managed to get through?"

"Love doesn't mean you should own them.. It means you should make them happy.. I tried my best to cheer Fany when Sica told her she's with Sooyoung"

"Doesn't it hurt you?"

"Who said it wasn't? You have to swallow it.. If you really love them, you'll take on everything.. And some secret i would like to share.. Before i managed to accept that Fany love Sica, i used Sunny to see Fany's reaction if i'm with someone else.. Just like you  use Yuri"


"Yeah i know.. Better tell Yuri the truth before you hurt her even more.. Don't give her to much hope.. I was lucky that Sunny understand me.. But i don't know about Yul.. She seems serious with you"

"Sunny?! Owh.."


"Nothing.. By the way, are you trying to tell me that i should wait?"

"Take your own decision.. People are not the same"
, Taeyeon smiled as she answer.. She shift her attention back to the television.. Yoona close her eyes and rest her heads on the couch.. She could feel Taeyeon's hand stroking her hair.. Thanks unnie.. She think of the  conversation she just had with Taeyeon and smile.. That's it.. Wait.. I'll keep waiting..

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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #7 on: October 25, 2010, 11:42:38 AM »
::chptr 8::

Thats it.. Wait.. I'll be waiting..

Yoona was just back from the grocery store.. She was in  the hallway when she heard Yuri call her.. Yoona head towards the kitchen where Yuri was waiting her to prepare dinner.. Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun was there too..

"What did you get from the store?", Taeyeon ask Yoona as soon she reach..

"This..", Yoona hand over some vegetables and fish she bought..

"This would do it.. What should we prepare then?", Taeyeon ask the girls..

"Ask our little nutritionist", Yoona smile at Seohyun while replying Taeyeon..

Seohyun let Yoona's word went away.. She didn't even smile nor look at Yoona.. Yuri and Taeyeon realised the sudden change of their youngest maknae.. Yuri look at Yoona.. Yoona was still smiling and looking at Seohyun as if she was waiting for Seohyun to reply.. Seeing no reaction from Seohyun, Taeyeon take the conversation..

"Seohyunnie, Yoona-unnie was talking to you.."

"Owh really? Well.. I tought someone hate it when i become the nutritionist..", Seohyun still didn't look at neither one of the girls..

Yuri remembered the time when Yoona suddenly threw her anger to Seohyun in the early of morning.. So this girl is getting back at Yoona.. Seohyun, why take the hard way when Yoona was about to make it up for you already?

"Let it be.. Maybe she had a quarrel with her Yonghwa-oppa.. Right my little maknae?", Yoona smiled as she said those words..

"So you're happy if i had a fight with Yonghwa-oppa? Is that what you mean unnie?", Seohyun show a mocking smile on her face..

"Its not that..", Yoona was about to finish her words when Seohyun suddenly cut her..

"I forgot i have to call my Yonghwa-oppa.. He'll be curious if i didn't call him.."

Seohyun left the kitchen.. Yoona stared at her until she entered her room.. She looked at Taeyeon for some strength.. Taeyeon give her a nod as a sign to leave Seohyun alone.. Yoona nodded back and focus her attention back for preparing dinner.. In the middle of the awkward situation, Yuri sense something weird.. Something i don't know is happening now.. It seems like Taeyeon know about it..

Tiffany who seems like doesn't realise a single thing except the fact that Seohyun was acting cold that day could only stare at Taeyeon for some explanation.. Taeyeon only smile as Tiffany tilt her head and look at her in the cute way she used to do.. Yoona smile as she look at the reaction of the couple.. If only i could be like that..

Sunny came during the dinner almost done.. She give a hand on setting up the dinner.. Taeyeon and Tiffany were fooling around in the kitchen.. Tiffany laugh aloud when Taeyeon act dorky in front of her.. Sunny was looking from afar.. Yoona sense something from Sunny's eyes.. She saw a glimpse of sorrow.. And some secret i would like to share.. Before i managed to accept that Fany love Sica, i used Sunny to see Fany's reaction if i'm with someone else.. Just like you  use Yuri.. Yoona looked at the couple as she re-cope what Taeyeon told her.. She looked at Sunny back.. When Sunny realised that Yoona was looking at her, she smiled and give her a wink.. Yoona lost the sorrow from Sunny's eyes.. She look at Yuri who was setting up the dishes.. What have i done.. What have i get myself into.. She look at Yuri with a heart full of regrets..
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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #8 on: October 27, 2010, 11:50:59 AM »
:: chptr 9::

What have i done.. What have i get myself into..

Everyone are in the living room.. Since the day Hyoyeon-ahjussi make them watch All About Marriage, they seems addicted to the drama.. So there they are, watching the drama together in the living room.. Yoona who was sitting beside Yuri suddenly nugde her and give her a signal.. Yoona left the living room to her room.. Few moments later, Yuri follow her.. The other's were to busy watching the drama that they didn't realise it.. Except for Taeyeon, Sunny and Seohyun.. They just trail both  of the girls with their eyes.. Good luck Yoona, Taeyeon whisper to herself.. Seohyun continue watching the drama while Sunny still had her eyes fixed on Yoona's room..

Inside the room, Yoona was sitting on her bed while Yuri stand in front of the door she shut tightly just now.. Yoona take a deep breath before she could say something.. Yuri remain still in her position with her eyes on the floor..

"Unnie.. Why don't you make yourself comfort.. Come and join me..", Yoona begin the conversation.. Yuri who was still nervous gave her a confused look.. She fixed her way to Yoona bed.. Yuri takes place beside Yoona.. She can feel Yoona's body heat.. While Yoona still trying to find the right words, Yuri was fighting her nervous feeling by herself..

Meanwhile, the other members begin to realise the absence of Yoona and Yuri..

"Woah! This two girls dissapear in the middle of All About Marriage? Nice step they take here!", Sooyoung laugh as she say those words.. Jessica smile and wink at her..

"Everyone seems to be very busy nowadays.. Except me..", Hyoyeon complained to Taeyeon..

"Your time will come Hyoyeon..", Taeyeon smile as she replied..

"Unnie i can't hear a single words they saying", Seohyun suddenly break from her silence.. There is annoyance in her voice.. The other members look at each other and stop the conversation.. Sunny stare at Seohyun who still has her eyes on the television.. No matter how hard i try, why do i still feel hurt?? Seohyun still had her eyes fixed on the television though her mind is somewhere else..

Yuri started to feel comfortable with their situation.. She decided to start the conversation to end the awkward situation they face.. Especially after the almost-kiss incident.. Yuri took a breath before start..

"What is it? You sure has something to talk to me right?", Yuri spoke her words at last..

Yoona stare at her and smile.. Yuri try to find something beneath Yoona's eyes.. Anything.. But nothing she could find.. She left out a sigh.. Yuri lost her confidence.. She felt the nervous she managed to chased away for a moment.. Yoona gave her a smile and reply..

"It's about what happen between us recently.."

I knew it.. Yuri can felt her heart thump faster and faster.. Yuri nodded and waited for Yoona's next words..

"I'm sorry if i cause any chaos in there..", Yoona continued her words and put her hands on Yuri's chest.. Right at Yuri's heart.. Yoona look at her while she say her words..

Yuri can feel her blood ran all the way to her face.. I bet she can feel how fast my heart beats right now.. Yuri was still waiting for Yoona to continue her words..

"You know i love you.. You have always been a very good unnie to me.."

Yuri lift her face.. She stare at Yoona's eyes.. She's still searching for something.. And she actually found it.. She found guilt in Yoona's eyes.. Unnie.. Of course.. This was totally a misunderstood on my side.. Yuri look at the floor back.. She was trying her best to control her feelings.. I can't show my tears to Yoona.. Good unnie never do that.. Yuri held her head high and take a deep breath to comfort herself..

"Unnie.. I..", Yoona was about to finish her sentence when Yuri suddenly interfered..

"Poor my little maknae.. Look at you.. Trying your best to find the solution huhh?", Yuri smiled mischieviously..

Yoona look at her with a confused expression..

"That's why you're my favourite target to pull a prank on..", Yuri still had that naughty look on her face..

Yoona tilt her head.. Yuri could see that Yoona demand for more explaination.. You can do it Yuri.. Yuri wipe her smile away and put on a serious face..

"You didn't think that it was for real right? I mean.. You did?", Yuri controlled her voice so it wouldn't break..

"Unnie..", Yuri realised there were tears in Yoona's eyes..

Owh no.. Did i took the wrong steps? Yuri begin to doubt herself..

"Don't ever do that again! You really scared me to dead! I really thought that i would hurt you!", Yoona said while her tears roll down her cheek..

Well.. I guess that was the tears of joy.. Yuri feel relieved with Yoona's reaction.. However, somewhere in her heart, she could feel there was a hole pierce slowly but painfully..

"You were to easy to fall for my tricks.. And you will always will!", Yuri laugh as she finish her sentence..

"Unnie! You really got me there!", Yoona put her pouting face on.. Yuri smile and stroke her face.. What Yoona didn't realise is, beneath the smiling face, there was sorrow.. Yuri stand up and about to leave the room..

"Unnie where are you going?"

Yuri turn her head to Yoona and  smile..

"We're done right? I'm going to my room.. I feel kinda tired today.."

Owh well.. Have a nice rest unnie.."
, Yoona smile as she replied..

Yuri took her steps as fast as she could.. Yoona felt as is a heavy burden was lift up from her chest after the conversation.. She lay on her bed and close her eyes with a smile on her face.. That was close..

In the living room, Sooyoung tease her when she saw Yuri out from the room..

"That was fast!", Sooyoung smile..

"I'm not as active as you Sooyoung! By the way, i'm kinda tired today..", Yuri laugh as she answer Sooyoung..

"Okay you hit me there!", Sooyoung also laugh as Yuri answer her..

Yuri didn't wait for long.. She left the living room before her tears break down.. Seohyun still had her eyes fixed on the television.. Though she felt really mad seeing Yuri's smile.. Taeyeon look at Yuri with a relieve heart.. I guess it went out smoothly.. Sunny trail Yuri's steps with her eyes.. She held her breath longer than usual before release it.. There goes one more heart full of hope.. That makes two broken heart..

On her bed, Yuri was crying silently.. As long as you happy Yoona.. That's what love for.. As long as one of us happy.. Yuri cried until she was asleep.. Sunny quietly enter the room.. She stroke Yuri's hair gently.. You're not alone Yuri.. I'm gonna make sure you're not alone in your miserable days.. I'm not gonna let anyone feel what i felt.. I promise.. Sunny lay down beside Yuri and close her eyes while her hands still stroking Yuri's hair..

to be continued..

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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
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::chptr 10::

You're not alone Yuri.. I'm gonna make sure you're not alone in your miserable days.. I'm not gonna let anyone feel what i felt.. I promise..

The girls were watching Seohyun's newest project, We Get Married.. Everyone was laughing hard watching Seohyun's innocent attitude during the show.. Even Yoona herself was having fun with the show.. Sunny and Yuri was sitting together.. Since the incident between Yoona and Yuri occur, Yuri seems to be close with Yuri.. That makes Yoona even happier.. She was trully relieved seeing Yuri and Sunny close with each other.. Well.. At least Yuri can help Sunny to reduce her pain.. Yuri is such a kind person anyway.. They would be nice together.. However.. Taeyeon seems uncomfortable with the situation.. She always act dorky and funny in front of  them.. But she felt unsatisfied with Sunny and Yuri close bondage.. What happen with this two? Is something going on between them?

It's been a while since Yoona talk to Seohyun.. Everytime she try to approach Seohyun, She would either rejected or treated badly.. But Yoona won't stop trying.. Because all she needs is her relationship with Seohyun return as it was.. As a close unnie and maknae.. Like they use to do.. In the same time, Seohyun seems to have her own decision to let their relationship hang around.. Though sometimes Yoona felt tired and devastated, her memory of the bond she use to have with Seohyun always managed to get their way..

In the point of Seohyun.. She likes to torture Yoona recently.. She left Yoona's question and conversation hanging everytime Yoona start it.. There is something about it that makes her feel proud and happy seeing her young unnie trying the best to approach her yet neglected.. That's what you get for torturing my feelings unnie..

"I'm hungry..", the shikshin of SNSD suddenly complain..

"You're always hungry Sooyoung!", Hyoyeon gave a K.O. answer to Sooyoung..

All of them laugh aloud with Hyoyeon reaction..

"Yuri-ah.. Lets buy some food for our shikshin..", Sunny wink at Yuri while she ask..

Yuri only nod her head and get her purse in her room..

"You're  paying?", Sooyoung ask Yuri when she was about to left with Sunny..

"Yeah! She owe me something and she's  paying me back.. So, literally i'm the one who paying..", Sunny laugh as she answer..

"Ah be fast then!", Sooyoung replied..

"Where will you get the foods?", Taeyeon ask with her concern voice..

"Any convenient store.. We should get going now..", Yuri interfered before Sunny could even reply..

Taeyeon stare at the girls as they walk out the door.. Somewhere in her heart whisper that she can't leave the two girls go by themselves.. Another whisper saying that she's just being jealous blindly.. She shift her eyes to Tiffany who sits beside her.. She's my all.. I'm pretty sure about that.. Sunny.. She's just my friend.. A good friend.. Tiffany realised at Taeyeon stares, she tilt her head and smile charmfully to Taeyeon.. As is hypnotised by Tiffany's reaction, Taeyeon could only stroke her hair and smile..

to be continued..
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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #10 on: November 02, 2010, 05:16:55 AM »
am i the first one to comment about this story?! i think so... well i should begin now XD   THIS IS THE BEST/SAD LOVE STORY THAT I HAD EVER READ SO FAR!!!!
and i'm totally loving this story <3 .... when i found out that yuri and sunny were both used but they have/had feeling for taeyeon/yoona, it made me so sad too :(
i hope sunny and yuri would be together :) well i'll be waiting patiently for new updates/posts :]

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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #11 on: November 07, 2010, 02:57:08 PM »
firstly .. thanks and congrats for being the first to comment  :)
anyway.. i'll be trying my best to entertain the readers  XD
so.. wait for more from me !!

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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
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::chptr 11::

She's my all.. I'm pretty sure about that.. Sunny.. She's just my friend.. A good friend..

It was a very cold night.. Taeyeon could hear the clock ticking which means she was widely awake while the time goes by.. She look at Tiffany who was sleeping beside her.. If the other girls suddenly burst in.. Both of us will be dead meat when they realise Tiffany's not on her own bed.. Taeyeon smile and close her eyes.. However, she found it hard to invite the dreams to come.. At last, she made up her mind to have some water to help her to get some sleep.. But first i have to get through this little baby.. Taeyeon smile as she stare at the sleeping Tiffany.. Slowly, she shift Tiffany's arms away from her neck.. After she managed to get free from Tiffany's teddy-hug, she took a thick blanket to cover Tiffany's petite figure.. Done with everything, she left to the kitchen..

Sunny was thirsty that night.. She went to the kitchen to have some drinks.. As she close the refrigerator, she realised someone was watching her from the kitchen entrance.. She was shocked at first, but smile as soon as she realised that it was Taeyeon who observing her..

"You nearly suprise me to death!",Sunny laugh as she spill out what was in her mind..

Taeyeon remain silent.. She was still observing Sunny thoroughly.. Sunny was wearing a singlet which is see-through with shorts as usual.. However, Taeyeon had a very different feeling tonight.. Not that she never saw Sunny is such way.. But she felt different tonight.. Sunny realised Taeyeon's behaviour.. She could feel her hand sweating.. Sunny try to retreat from Taeyeon as fast as she could but Taeyeon act faster by grabbing Sunny's hand.. This is the girl who driving me nuts recently.. Now that i have her all by myself, without Yuri to bother.. What should i do? Taeyeon look at Sunny's eyes while her hand still holding Sunny's hand.. Sunny, who was completely nervous could only had her eyes locked on the floor..

"You really doesn't feel anything on me after what happened?", Taeyeon suddenly begin to break the silence..

"What was that suppose to mean?", a shaky voice could be heard from Sunny..

"There must be something! At least something!", Taeyeon keep insist..

"Does it matter now?", the tears Sunny tried to hide roll slowly on her cheek..

Taeyeon didn't have any words as answer.. She could only stare at Sunny as she cried..

"It's amazing how people can break your heart, but you still love them with every single pieces of it", Sunny continued her words..

Taeyeon still remain quiet.. Suddenly, there was a coughing voice behind them.. Both of them turn around and saw Yuri standing there.. Yuri take her way to their position and stop right beside Sunny..

"Are you taking her with you?", there was a sharp voice in Yuri's question..

Taeyeon look at Yuri.. She seems shocked with Yuri's sudden appearance..

"I said are you taking her with you?", Yuri begin to raise her voice..

Taeyeon try to answer, but  she stuck when she realise she doesn't have the answer..

"Take it or leave it", Yuri low down her voice to prevent awaking the others..

"What?", Taeyeon begin to react..

"You didn't pull her nor push her.. Don't you know it hurts to left hanging without answer.. It's better to get rejected than treated in such way", Yuri had her eyes on Taeyeon's hand which was holding Sunny at the moment.. Taeyeon remain without any movement..

"If you didn't make up your mind, let me do it", Yuri pull Sunny in her arm as she say those words.. Sunny was stunned by Yuri's reaction but remain silent.. Taeyeon still have her hands on Sunny's hand..

"You still not gonna let her go? Trust me.. I'll take care of her", Yuri smile as Sunny look at her..

Taeyeon slowly let Sunny's hand go.. She still standing in front of them..

"You better get going now.. I bet Fany needed someone to hug as it is a very cold night", Yuri pull Sunny to her room as she finish her sentence..

Taeyeon lost her desire to have some water that night.. She slowly walk back to her room.. She open  the door and saw Tiffany still sleeping.. Taeyeon smile and take place beside Tiffany.. From today onwards.. It's all about you.. No one else.. Taeyeon give Tiffany a kiss on her right brow and close her eyes..

Sunny was in Yuri's room.. She was still shocked with the incident occured earlier.. Yuri was doing her stuff infront of the mirror.. After a while, she look at Sunny and ask..

"You're not going to sleep?"

Sunny smile and lay down on Yuri's bed..

"Hey! Not on my bed!", Yuri jump on Sunny as she say those words..

"Please let me sleep here tonight.. It's cold tonight", Sunny put on her aegyo voice..

"I hate it when you use that!", Yuri look away from Sunny.. However, a slight smile carved on her mouth..

"Then why are you smiling?", Sunny tickle Yuri as she ask..

Yuri caught Sunny's hand and lay on her..

"Because it cute"

Sunny smile and give Yuri a peck on the cheek..

"Thanks for everything"

Yuri stare at Sunny and answer..

"If it's not because of you, i would still feel lonely.. You're a really good friend.. I could see why Taeyeon found it hard to let you go though she have Fany.. I really owe you much.. And there's nothing i can do to repay you"

Sunny gave a mischievious look and give Yuri a suprise french-kiss..

"'You owe me nothing already", Sunny laugh and close her eyes..

Yuri still had her eyes on Sunny.. This girl is really strong.. If i found it earlier.. Just a little earlier.. Yuri gave Sunny a hug and goodnight kiss.. She was about to close her eyes when again she stare at Sunny for a moment.. You've got a friend in me.. And i always gonna be at your back.. Always..

to be continued..

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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
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WOOT HOOT!!! new update and im lovin it <3 but it kinda scared me when then part yuri poped up and i thought they were gonna fight over sunny but they didn't... LOL XD  AND yes!!!! sunny and yuri are together??? well i think they're.... with the kiss at the end... anyways i will be waiting for your updates and DON'T rush!! i know it's hard to write stories...

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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #14 on: November 09, 2010, 08:48:00 AM »
sorry if i'm rushing but i'm pretty excited with this story  :D

don't worry.. it still had a long way to go anyway  :P2

thanx anyway   :nervous
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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
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::chptr 12::

You've got a friend in me.. And i always gonna be at your back.. Always..

"How come you're here?"
, Hyoyeon's voice break the cold morning..

Yuri who was widely awake shock by Hyoyeon's present.. Sunny still had that sleepy eyes when Hyoyeon's voice woke her.. Hyoyeon was still standing beside Yuri's bed with her hand holding a spoon.. She was about to wake Yuri to help them with preparing breakfast.. Of course, she didn't expect to found Sunny on Yuri's bed.. With a position which usually occur between two passionate lover..

"Ah! Morning Hyoyeon-ahjussi!", Sunny greeted Hyoyeon immediately after she manage to chase away her drowsiness..

"Hyoyeon-ah", Yuri stuttered..

Hyoyeon still looking at both of them and smile..

"None of my business.."

She walk to the door and stop for a while..

"Yuri.. If you're done, come out to help me with the breakfast.."

Done with her sentence, she leave the room.. Yuri quickly release herself from Sunny's embrace.. Sunny just watch Yuri's reaction with a smile..

"Morning Yuri.."

Yuri remain silent as she check herself in front of the mirror..

"Yuri-ah! Is that how you greet a friend?", Sunny keep talking..

"Morning.. I have to go and help them now before Hyoyeon tell Sooyoung about this.. It's gonna be a long day if she do", Yuri replied without looking at Sunny..

"It's not like we've done anything", Sunny smile as she answer..

"We're talking about Sooyoung here.. The one who makes small things big.. Catch up on us later or you'll miss breakfast!"

Yuri pause a while and gave Sunny a smile before leave.. Sunny gave her bestest wink to Yuri.. Then she lay down again..

In the kitchen, Yuri's appearance invite Hyoyeon's smile.. She still couldn't chase the image of Yuri and Sunny together.. Somehow she felt like smiling everytime she saw neither Yuri or Sunny.. Taeyeon seems to woke early today.. She also involved in preparing breakfast.. Yoona suddenly came to help.. She was smiling as she saw Seohyun was there too.. Yuri stare  at Yoona's behaviour.. Could it be?? Could it be that Yoona and Seohyun really had a fight??

"Where's the sleepyhead?", Sooyoung gave a question to Yoona..

"She'll wake up when her phone started to sing that noona neomu yoepo", Yoona laugh as she answer Sooyoung..

Seohyun seems to entertained by Yoona's words.. But she immediately chase her smile away..

"Did i see things or you just smile just now?", Yoona raise her brows while looking at Seohyun..

Seohyun keep ignoring her.. Yuri sense Seohyun's coldness.. Though she was hurt by Yoona, she still find it hard not to care a thing about Yoona.. Well.. I guess it's true.. Yuri keep observing Yoona and Seohyun.. What she didn't realise is, Taeyeon was staring at her.. This girl.. Why do i feel angry everytime i see her??

Jessica came out from her room.. Everyone was looking at her.. She walk calmly to the bathroom..

"I guess that sleepyhead was still sleepy", Sooyoung hesitated..

"You talk as if you didn't know her.. I mean.. How many nights have you spend with her?", Hyoyeon tease Sooyoung with her sharp tongue.. She was looking at Yuri while talking.. Yuri tried to shift her eyes to anywhere except Hyoyeon's stare.. Taeyeon sense the two reaction.. What was that?? Sooyoung who was shock by the statement didn't answer but immediately throw an asparagus to Hyoyeon..

"Unnie! Asparagus is not a toy! Stop toying around with it!", Seohyun was almost shouting when she saw two of her unnie's behaviour..

"Stop it! Both of you!", Taeyeon raise her voice..

Yuri look at Taeyeon.. Taeyeon still had her eyes fixed on the tuna she's spreading for biscuits.. She's angry.. But.. To who??

Jessica fetch her toothbrush.. She brush her teeth and repair her bangs in front the mirror.. From the corner of the mirror.. She spotted Tiffany looking at her.. Owh my God!! She must have forget to lock the door just now.. It's a good thing that she didn't undress or anything when i enter just now.. Jessica speed up brushing her teeth.. This is so not good!! I better be fast!! Jessica walk straight to the door when Tiffany suddenly hug her from the back.. Too late.. She's fast.. Now what.. Sooyoung-ah.. Help me.. Jessica didn't move from her current position.. She was afraid of what action will Tiffany take next if she moves.. Jessica take deep breath for some strength..


"Just please let me spend a little time with you.. It's been awhile since we spend times with each other", Tiffany sound as a child begging for some candy..

"This is awkward!", Jessica try to free herself..

"What happened to us?", Tiffany still had her hand on Jessica's waist..

"Don't do this Fany.. Not now.."

Will it ever be a next time then?"
, Jessica could feel Tiffany's lips change to a smile..

"Fany.. I thought we settled this.."

"I can't let you go! No matter how hard i try! It still hurts seeing you with Sooyoung! Just please let spend a little time with you.. Please.."
, Jessica's back was wet with Tiffany's tears..

"Fany..", Jessica turn around to face the crying girl..

She was about to console Tiffany when suddenly the girl kiss her.. Her lips was warm.. Probably because she was crying just now.. Jessica try to pull herself from Tiffany.. However, Tiffany was holding her firmly.. There is no way she could move.. Since when did this girl became so strong?? Owh please!! Sooyoung-ah!!

Tiffany was still light up with the situation.. There is no sign that she would let Jessica's lips go.. Her lips keep moving and exploring every single inch of Jessica's mouth.. Jessica's tears came down.. It touch Tiffany's face.. Suddenly, Tiffany stop.. She release Jessica and look at the poor girl.. What have i done..

Jessica was still crying.. Yet, she still manage to make herself talk..

"Fany.. Taeyeon.."

Fany quickly release her hands from Jessica's waist..

"Taeyeon..", Tiffany repeated the  name as if she just recovered from amnesia..

Jessica was still fighting with her tears.. She wipe away her tears and continue..

"What if she know?"

Tiffany didn't answer.. She stare at Jessica blankly..

"Remember how she mend your heart?", Jessica still push Tiffany with her question.. She found her strength in Tiffany's silence..


"Do you.."

"Yes i love her! Deeply!"
, Tiffany answer before Jessica could finish her sentence..

"Then why? Why did you this?", Jessica started to raise her voice..

"What are you trying to do? You want to tell everyone what happen? Keep raising your voice and all of them will be outside knocking the door!", Tiffany answer sharply..

"Since when do you turn so hard like this?!", Jessica stare at Tiffany's eyes..

"Since you hurt me dear Ice Princess.."

Jessica turn around to leave the bathroom..

"Lets forget everything.. As if nothing happen..", Tiffany say with a low voice..

"And how would i do that?", Jessica smile mockingly..

"Just like you forget about me", Tiffany walk past Jessica and left  the bathroom first..

Jessica was still stunned by Tiffany's answer.. I wasn't expecting that.. Then she fix her way to the bathroom door.. There, she saw Tiffany still standing numbly.. She walks faster and find out that the others were outside the bathroom.. Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Yuri and Seohyun look at them with a judging expressions.. She turn her face to Tiffany.. She saw Tiffany's mouth keep mumbling as if she was trying to say something.. Then she look at Sooyoung..

"So that's what keeping you so long", Sooyoung said sternly without looking at her..

Jessica lost her words.. Her whole body freeze.. No.. It's not what you think..

Sooyoung leave the place with Taeyeon trailing her.. The others could only look at them with neither pity or mad..

This is not happening.. It can't be.. Please tell me it's a dream.. Jessica's dry tears seems to came down again.. She couldn't say a word.. She just look at Tiffany who also seems lost..

to be continued..
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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
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OH NOOO!!!! they found out about what happened between tiffany and jessica!!!  :panic: oh no oh no oh no!!! wats gonna happen next???? more drama????..... will be waiting patiently......   :thumbup

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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
« Reply #17 on: February 05, 2011, 01:19:02 AM »
any new updates yet?   :O2  r u doing okay? r u having hard time writing the story?   wat happened??? (sorry if im asking too much)  :(
please don't end the story here!!!  :cry:  this story needs the continue or happy or sad or any other kinds of ending...    :yep:
but please don't feel any pressure kay?   :nervous im just saying cuz im afraid u r not gonna post any msg up or something be4 ending the story.... WEEELLL GOOD LUCK   :) :peace:

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Re: [SNSD] It Has To Be You..
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So interesting!!!
More more more!

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