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Author Topic: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 5 *FINALLY UPDATED*  (Read 5121 times)

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Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 5 *FINALLY UPDATED*
« on: November 08, 2010, 11:38:14 AM »
I had been liking TakaMina and Captain at the same level. I didn’t really plan on writing this fic because I don’t really write the fiction stories I day dream. But recently, the idea and the obsession with these two, it gave me an urge to write a day dream fic for the first time.  I’ll give you all a preview of the OC a.k.a Original Character. I’ll tell you some of her background. And yes, the OC is a girl. ^ _ ^

A preview of the OC:

This is about Akira Suchihiro, a medical student that is in her thesis state already. Akira was originally from another country and decided to continue her Medical Proper in Japan. Her Grade School and High School background goes back to her country. She graduated high school in the state university high school branch and finished her 4 years of college in an all girls school. Because of the hard work of learning Japanese with her friends, she and three friends of hers were accepted in three different Universities in Japan. Akira, following her Medical School goal, two of her friends gone together as they have the same course though different departments, and lastly, her other friend went to another University.

Because Akira didn’t want to burden her parents with her school bills, she decided to apply for a job while in her thesis. Not only to help her parents but to also help her expenses while doing her thesis. She was accepted in a Music Label, “King Records”. She was accepted as a New Media staff which entails to do those promotional videos. This was one of her chosen professions but because of her grandparents, she was forced to continue on Medicine.


I hope you guys would like to read it.  :nervous
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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related)
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i'm interested in what would follow up next ^~^

looking forward to your next post

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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related)
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I'm so sorry for updating this later than I should have. Chapter 1 was done quite some time before though. Just didn't know if it was time to post it but here it is. I won't hold on to it until Chapter 2 is done. I guess, letting people read it would help me more on seeing how the succeeding chapters would be written. Please help me on that if possible.  :nervous  Thank you. ^_^


Chapter 1

It had always been a pain when you wait for a TV show that only airs its current episode once a week and when work or studies deprive you of watching it, you could always wait for the replay though another problem was to guess when it will air for the rest of the week. Looking at the clock hanging on the wall started the countdown to the show I had always waited for each week. Being it 5 minutes or less, each second made the excitement grow and each second made me slowly stand from the chair I had been sitting on for about 30mins now. As I wait for the seconds arm to point to the number 12 and as I did, I got ready to sprint to my room and open the TV. 10…9…8…7 came the countdown in my head. 6…5…4; only a few more seconds... 3…2…1…0! As soon as 0 echoed in my head, I quickly ran towards my room, attempted to slide my way towards the low table but ended up failing as I missed the target and stopped at the other end of the room. Damn! I screamed in my head as I stood up and walked to the table in a quick pace, took the remote and opened the TV.

A sigh of relief came as the opening video went flashing on the screen. Sitting down after being tired of waiting for half an hour, I stared at the contraption with a smile. Finally! I could watch a current episode. Ever since I started working, I only got to watch the replays and it is hard to predict when the replays would be aired.

“Good evening everyone! Welcome back to the show, HEY! Kono Sagishi!. Where we set up a target person and see if he or she will give-in to the temptations of the human world and cheat on their current lover.” Without looking away from the screen, my hand wondered around the bed until it found a cold, small, light but vibrating piece of equipment.

“And we are your hosts, Kyuuto’s leader, Maimi Yajima and Berryz Koubou’s Captain, Saki Shimizu.” With a smile staring at the wonderful hosts and admiring them, my hand on the other hand was busy opening the message the small piece of equipment was telling me a while ago but I wouldn’t dare look at it. It vibrated again and I was forced to. Glancing at the piece of device and after reading the message, I quickly got up and went to the front door. As I opened it, the girl waiting outside greeted me with a pout.

“You are so slow…” She said and I felt bad.

“I’m sorry. I got hooked up with something on TV and I didn’t bother to look at the phone.” I reasoned and she just shook her head before entering the house.

“What are you watching anyway?” She asked as she started walking to my room and I followed.

“You know, HEY! Kono Sagishi…” I answered as we enter the room and the two hosts were still busy talking about the previous episode.

The girl who just came stared at the 21” colored TV before looking at me sadly. “Oh… so are you staring at Captain again?” She asked as she slowly held my arm.

“What? Me? Staring? Why should I?” I quickly answered in what seemed like a defending tone. “And what are you doing? You’re acting weirdly again.” I added, sarcastically before whispering, “Why is Momo here at this time of the day?”

“I just want to see you. Is that bad?” She answered before leading me to the middle of the room to sit down and watch.

Meanwhile… At HEY! Kono Sagishi...

“Who are we targeting tonight Captain?”

“Well, we have a request from someone codenamed, BerryzYellow21 but she said she could be called Yellow.” The older host read and she was starting to giggle just because the younger started laughing. “What’s so funny?” She asked her.

“Oh nothing…” The younger host started but was caught up by the difficulty of stopping herself from laughing. When she finally calmed herself, she finally opened up. “The codename just reminded me of you.” She giggled again before continuing. “Berryz Yellow is the one from Berryz Kamen, right?” The Berryz Yellow agrees. “And 21 is your current age.” The older host just smiled and acted innocently.

“I wonder if it was you, Captain, who filed---” Maimi continued but was interrupted by Captain’s stare. “…Or maybe just a fan…” Maimi smiled at the camera and Saki as well. “So Maimi, what kind of target do we have tonight?” The older host asked trying to regain the purpose of the show. “Well… You know Captain, we have a different target tonight. It is the first time in our show for someone this loyal to her lover to be targeted.” The older host nodded before asking a question. “What do you mean?”

“According to Yellow and 11 friends, our target today is very loyal, kind and caring. They said that ever since they became a couple, they were inseparable. Until today, they are very well into each other.” The younger host looked at Captain, curiously. “I just don’t get it why he was asked to be targeted today.”

“Maybe the girl wants to test if he would look at other women while out to work because according to the friends, the target had just started working as a New Media staff in a well known Music label.”

“Ah, that’s why they sent a request here?” The older host nodded. “But isn’t working as a New Media staff just entails you to work in an office with a lot of computers?” The younger host asked.

“I think so but one of the friends said that he not only works in an office but also goes to the Promotional Video shoots and other on-site shoots to get more details with the supposed to be output needed from him.”

“Oh, so he needs to go on-site… That is a problem.” The younger host commented. “Okay, we’ll show you all the undercover videos of our target after this little break.”

“We are your eyes on cheaters. HEY! Kono Sagishi!” The two hosts said in unison and the advertisements flashed on the screen.

Back at the house…

“Guy in a Music Label huh?” I asked in thinking.

“Yeah, and he works as a New Media staff. Just like you.” Momo added as she looked at her phone.

Having Momo tonight was not in my agenda but its fine as long as no one else comes. I want to watch my favorite show alone but it couldn’t be helped. While the advertisements are still on and Momo was busy replying to some mail, I decided to get something to drink. In the kitchen, I looked inside the fridge and took two bottles of Ramune. I was about to take them with me when a knock on the front door came.

“Who’s there?” I asked as I came near the door and as the other side answered, I opened the door. There stood Miya, Risako and Chinami. “Oh… Good evening.” I greeted in surprise. Why are all the Berryz members keep coming in my house today?

“Konbanwa Akira-chan!” The three said in unison and one by one came in without waiting for the invitation.

“Why are you guys here?” I asked slowly. I didn’t want asking people why they came but tonight was different. They came when I was free to watch my favorite show.

“Captain told us to come…” Chii said in a whisper but I couldn’t hear it well.

“What?” I asked because it was not clear, I only heard ‘Captain’.

“We.. We just want to see how you were. It has already been a week since the last time you visited Berryz.” Miya said to save their real reason for later. Risako agreed with her and they asked if Momo came. I said she was in the room and as they left to join her, I stayed in the kitchen to think things more. The three knew that Momo would come and there was this something with Captain that Chii said and Miya trying to cover up. ‘What are they planning to do?’ I finally asked myself before turning to the fridge and taking three more Ramune bottles but before I get on my way, another knock on the door came. “Now what…”

When I opened the door, the last two people I thought of coming had finally showed up. “Konbanwa!” Maasa greeted with Yurina beside her. “Konbanwa…” I answered and let them in. After closing the door, instead of asking them why they were here, I just went to the fridge for the third time to get two more bottles for the new comers. “Akira! The show is back on!” A loud shout came from the room. “Hai!” I answered back and took the Ramune bottles that I could and when I couldn’t, Maasa and Yurina took two each before making our way back to my room. The show had already started but it was a good thing that they were still talking about the target. I was given a seat in the middle, beside Momo and Miya. I passed the guests the bottles of Ramune before getting comfortable.

Back at HEY! Kono Sagishi…

“So Captain, could you tell our viewers on what the plan is?” Maimi started and looked at Captain with a smile.

Saki on the other hand nodded her head, “We already know the target’s name, age, his job and why he was asked to be investigated.”

“That’s right” The younger commented.

“The plan was that a friend of Akira was asked to be part of this investigation and he invited him to go out and have fun after office hours. Our undercover girls for today are very special. They were picked as a special request of Yellow. So without further ado, let us watch the video and unveil if Akira will give in to the temptation and cheat his girlfriend.”

Back at the house…

Learning the name of the target got me curious. One, Akira was also my name but… nah, maybe we just have the same name and the hosts said the target was a guy and two, I felt being watched by the people around me. Momo and Miya were eyeing at me every time the host say the name, ‘Akira’. Maybe these guys are hiding something from me that I don’t know. I shook my head and tried to ignore my thoughts for a while and tried to focus on the screen.

Looking at the screen and observing what was happening; Megu was sitting beside the so called ‘Akira’ and was talking to him and even trying to hold his hands but the target was busy looking at his laptop. When I saw the laptop, it made me freeze. I narrowed my eyes more and confirmed that it was MY laptop. No one would have the same sticker at the front of the laptop because I made it myself and let Captain sign it. It is very unique.

Come to think of it, the ‘friend’ they were saying was a friend of mine in the University. As the cameras changed its focus to zoom the target and that he was already closing his laptop, it suddenly came back to me. The place where it happened was the coffee shop nearby King Records building. As the camera zoomed at the face of the target, it hit me like lightning. It was like I lost it. I quickly stood up, took my phone and started to walk to the door. It looked like the Berryz members already knew I was going to go out after knowing it was me in TV.

“Hey! Hey! Where are you going?” Momo exclaimed while Miya shouted to go and get me. Maasa, Chinami and Yurina were fast and followed Miya’s commands and took hold of me before I could reach the front door.

“Let me go!” I commanded but soon, all the 6 members were already sitting down on me on the floor. “What is the meaning of this?” I asked while trying to take them off my back. I was forced not to go anymore and fine, I will stay just that they should get off of me. “Okay fine. I won’t leave. Can you all get off of me now?”

They didn’t move and it frustrated me. I was loosing air quick and I needed these gals to get off of me. “I promise I won’t go out and will finish the show.”

The girls had a little quick discussion before getting off me. When I finally stood, it was surprising that none of the five of them held me to make sure I won’t go and run while they are not looking. In a few seconds of just staring at each other, I heard a ‘CLICK’ come beside me and when I looked at my side, Momo was there and my hand was cuffed with her cute-pink cuffs. I glared at her for cuffing me with her.

“Now we are sure that you won’t go.” She finally said before leading everyone back to the room to finish the show. My favorite show, HEY! Kono Sagishi!

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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 1
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cant wait for the next chapt XD
realy want to know what is akira reaction and what he done X3

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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 1
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^Thanks. ^^ I don't think it ha anything going but I'll try to continue it.  :)


I'm sorry for posting this just now. I finished this two days ago but I couldn't post it because of no internet connection in the hotel. ^^; It was too expensive... Anyway, I hope this is okay. ^^;

Chapter 2

I was getting uneasy as I continued watching the show. ‘I don’t even know why I would sit here and just let Momo cuff me like that or force me on watching something I wished I never knew. I could just carry her and run out of the house. She’s small, light and could be hand carried. I could do that, though… I might be branded as a bad person or worse, a pervert.’ I sighed.

‘If there is one thing I hate, that is me in the spotlight. I don’t want too much attention. I don’t even like all the attention people give me back at home. They treat me as a kid when I am already in my 20’s and they give me too much attention that even my flaws are bad for them Maybe that is why I wanted to leave and live in Japan.’

Not wanting to look at the screen, I took my ramune bottle and drank a mouthful in. Remembering that ramune had a soothing effect on me, I decided to constantly take in a few sips of it before a voice complained beside me. “Mou! Akira! Will you stop drinking!?”

Getting the complaint from Momo meant she was bothered by it but why would she be bothered when I was just drinking? “Why? I like ramune. It makes me calm down and stop me from carrying you and just run out of the house.” I answered sarcastically but she just made an exasperated look and pointed out the cuffs.

“Oh…” I already forgot that Momo cuffed us together just to not make me run away and I just realized that her hand was continuously tugged when I drink. I see now… “I’m sorry Momo. I’ll just use my other hand then…”

After apologizing, Miya told me to hush up because something good was happening. I was curious on what part was it because I couldn’t really remember anything “good” in the set up.

At Hey! Kono Sagishi… (Undercover Video Playing)

“It’s good that you finally stopped looking at your laptop. I was about to confiscate it if ever you didn’t shut it down.” Mika, Akira’s University friend, joked before taking a sip of her drink.

“What? I can’t help it. I have a deadline at midnight. I need to do as much as I can when I don’t have anything to do.” Akira answered while placing her bag under the table.

“So, Akira, these are the friends I was telling you about.” Mika whispered when she finally had the chance to introduce the companions who joined them this afternoon w/o the laptop stealing the limelight. “This is Nakky and the one beside you is---”

“Murakami Megumi…” Akira continued when she finally looked at the girl beside her.

“Right. Megu-chan.” Mika agreed as she then gave the menu to the new comers so they could order whatever they like.

Akira on the other hand was silent. She didn’t move nor talk. She just sat there without talking to the person beside her that was trying to get her attention. The girl talked to Akira, asked her questions and Akira could only answer with a word or two. She was actually timid at times like this. Nakky and Mika were busy talking to each other when they realized the situation of the other two and joined them in their conversation.

“Suchihiro-san, Mika said you like Japanese Pop a lot. What songs or groups do you listen to?” Nakky asked as planned.

“Please, just call me Akira.” Akira started politely, “Yes, I like Japanese Pop and it is one of the factors why I decided to continue studying here in Japan.”

“Ah, that’s great!” Megu commented as she became silent to listen again.

“Well, the groups I listen? I listen to too many… I sometimes don’t even remember the group names or how many I’m listening to.” Akira laughed while scratching the back of her neck. “But currently, I’m busy with Hello Project and AKB48.”

The special guests nodded before Megu asked another question. “Then, in Hello Project, which group do you favor and who is your favorite member?”

Akira half smiled but didn’t hesitate to answer. “My favorite group is Berryz Koubou but I like every group because before I even knew Berryz, I already liked most of the group and were past favorites…” She chuckled slightly. “I’m already a fan for five years and eleven months now. Will become six years on November.” She felt proud for the long time in the fandom. “My favorite member is Shimizu Saki. Always been her ever since Berryz Koubou became my top 1 group in HP.” She smiled after saying the little but beautiful Captains’ name.

“Eh~ That’s very wonderful! I haven’t really hang-out with a person who is already that long in the fandom.” Nakky commented before looking at her phone.

Akira just nodded with a timid smile before taking a mouthful of her drink. “You said you had past favorites before liking Berryz Koubou.” Akira nodded with Megumi’s question. “Then, may I ask what group was the one responsible for making you like H!P?”

Akira was near on spitting the drink in her mouth just because of the surprising question that entails her to say something she wouldn’t really want to talk about in front of the well known ex-kyuuto member. It took a few seconds before she could get her composure back and taking a deep breath before answering. “I…” She couldn’t start but Mika told her to say something or else the guests may leave. Gulping, she finally had the strength to tell but knew it would be embarrassing.

“Uhm… The one who made me into H!P and my first favorite group was…” She took another deep breath. “It was Murakami Megumi of C-ute…” The camera zoomed and it is well seen that Akira was turning red. “I liked her so much…” Akira could feel the ex-kyuuto member eyeing her. “Though the same time she left… I laid-off Hello Project for a few months before coming back.”

Nakky felt bad about the whole past coming back and hearing the time when Megu left, the same time, this ‘Akira’ stopped listening to h!p and C-ute songs. “I guess it really took time before I accepted the fact that she is not a member of C-ute anymore… I had been worried if she was doing fine. Not a lot of news came through the years. I also stopped wondering why she left without any explanation…” Akira looked at the girl beside her and felt that she was feeling sad with what she was saying. “But it’s great!” She continued with a sudden change of tone. “I finally know she is well and is happy.”

Megu looked at Akira and found her smiling gently at her. She felt how happy Akira was upon seeing her and it made her lighten up. She replied with a smile of her own and felt her cheeks warming up. With that, Akira finally loosened up and was more comfortable with the special guest beside her. The guest, on the other hand, realized how soft and kind the target was, she couldn’t help but to lunge her with a hug then she said, “I felt so bad that I graduated without saying the reason why I left. I didn’t even think that people like you would be that worried. Maybe I was young… but with your smile… I felt better. Thank you.” After that touchy encounter, the two started to get closer than before and was talking casually with smiles painted on their faces.

Finishing up their snacks, the three (excluding Akira), decided to go to a nearby karaoke place to sing their hearts out before they go their separate ways. Akira, being the only one not wanting to go was dragged and had no choice but to join them.

“Eh… I still have a deadline…” Akira complained while Mika was dragging her by her arm.

“It would just be an hour or two. You’re a professional on making those videos anyway.” Akira started to struggle with Mika’s grip but gave up eventually.

Arriving at the Karaoke shop, they immediately got a room and once in it, they didn’t waste time but started singing to selected Johnny’s and H!P songs. After five songs, they decided to take a rest and started talking with each other again. Eventually, the two guests went out to go to the comfort room while Akira and Mika were left in the room. Mika was curious on what was going on in Akira’s head and she should ask before the laptop takes the spotlight again because Akira was already opening it.

“Ne~ Akira?” She started and Akira just answered her with a nod. “What do you think of Megu-chan? After what you said about her, she never stopped talking to you. I almost felt she was trying her luck.”

Hearing what her friend said, Akira looked at her friend, surprised. “What? It looked like that?” She asked, not really aware of what others might think or do when she thought it was just normal. “I didn’t think it was any different… I mean, for me, there wasn’t anything like that.” She explained but Mika knew that she couldn’t really differentiate how she should treat each girl.

“Anyway…” Akira continued, “I have a girlfriend and I can’t break up with her. Wait, no. I wouldn’t break up with her.” Akira stated before glancing at the blinking equipment before her. After a few clicks, she waited for the video to load and as she did, she looked back at her friend. “I love her. You know that. And when I have a special someone, I only look at that person.” She added before totally looking at her laptop to try and add more to the work she had already started.

The two undercover girls came back and sat on their respective places. “Why don’t we play a game?” Nakky suggested and as usual, everyone agreed making Akira with no choice but to join them. Just leaving her laptop open in front of her, they started the game. The game is just to know if the target was saying the truth or not. All the four of them would make a thumbs up if true and thumbs down if not.

“Hai! The first question is: Do you have someone you like in this room?” Nakky started and after the count down from three, all had their own answers. Akira, made a thumbs up, indicating she liked someone in the room but she made it clear that it was a ‘friendly’ like, nothing else.

“Second question,” It was now Megumi’s turn to ask, “Do you have a special someone?” After the countdown, Akira said she has one. A follow-up question was then asked about it and Akira answered without hesitating.  “Yes, I have a girlfriend at the moment. We are together for about a year and a half now.” She answered.

“Who is your special someone then Akira?” Megu asked curiously.

“My girlfriend is ****-chan.” She answered but the answer was blocked by the editors of the show as a special request from BerryzYellow21.

The game was postponed when Nakky needed to answer a call and Akira continued on working with the video. Megumi was watching how Akira does her work when she pointed out the group that was in the video. “Hey, isn’t that AKB48?” She asked as she then pointed at one of the members, “That is Takahashi Minami, right?” Akira answered quickly and said that AKB is the one in the video and the one Megu pointed out was Takahashi Minami.

“So you’re working as the promotional video editor of AKB48?“ Megu asked and Akira nodded.

“Yes. But I just started a week ago and things had been so busy. I regret not making the lunch dates I have with **** for the past week when we usually meet at lunch.”

“I see… How does she react with it?”

“Well… She seems fine about it and at times I feel that she doesn’t like the fact that I work with AKB. Not that she doesn’t like it, it is just that I’m with other girls especially with TakaMina. She knows TakaMina is my oshimen in AKB and now I’m working for her. I feel bad about it. I don’t want her to think of anything that would make her worry. I don’t want her to think I’m going to fall for TakaMina just because I’m working under her. So, after work and if I have time, I go visit her in her house. I don’t stay that long because it is already late and because she has school or work the next day.” Akira added before finally hitting the ‘save’ button on the video maker.

Silence then came and it was a little deafening for Akira. She thought she might have said something to make Megu sad for she looked like it. “I…” She started but was cut off by Megu.

“She’s really lucky to have you.” She said before glancing to Akira with a smile. “It is very rare to see a person this loyal and dedicated to a relationship.” She smiled more the same time as Nakky came back in.

The game was forgotten but they continued on singing. After the two hours that they stayed, the four said their goodbye’s and went their way home.

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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 2
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Really great story. Can't wait for the next chapter.  :love:

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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 2
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^Thanks! :D I hope I can keep up with this though. :D

I had actually posted this in H!O last November 23. I kind of forgot to post it here.... ^^ sorry...

Chapter 3

The cameras came back to show the two hosts as they were giving their comments on the video. “Wow. At first I thought Akira would cheat on her current girlfriend because the special undercover girl was his past favorite member of C-ute and is the only one that made him lay-off listening to h!p songs.” The older host nodded. “I thought so too. They were getting too comfortable with each other after Akira -made the move to say what was on his mind about Megu-chan.” Maimi looked at the other host with an agreeing expression.

“But at the karaoke, we finally see the whole idea of how loyal Akira is.” The younger said.

“True. Akira didn’t hesitate on revealing who was his girlfriend and even told his university friend that he wouldn’t look at others and that he loved her.”

“Yeah. He said that and even though he works with AKB, it seems he is just there to work and not look at others.”

“Mhm. This is really an interesting target. He’s even working under AKB48 and the girlfriend knowing he is Takahashi Minami’s fan.”
The older chuckled. “Yeah. But he seems assured that he wouldn’t cheat on Yellow. Though how he treats girls are different, right? He is a gentleman to everyone.”

The younger nodded before a signal was made that she took notice of, indicating the show is near its end.

“Yellow must be so happy with this video. She finally knows that there would be no one to replace her in his heart.”

The older host nodded with a genuine smile. “True. Yellow, if you are watching this, we hope we had helped you with your doubts about your boyfriend. You’re really lucky to have someone like him.”

“Yes. You wouldn’t find someone that loyal.” The younger added before fixing herself on her seat.

“Therefore, Akira had passed the Hey! Kono Sagishi investigation. We don’t have a bust on the scene video because we don’t need one.” The older bowed her head slightly as an apology.

“There was no cheating situation in this investigation so there is no need for that.” The younger added. “I’m sorry everyone but we had run out of time.” She apologized.

“Don’t forget to tune back again next week; same time, same channel.” The older host reminded.

“Till next time. We are your hosts, Yajima Maimi and,”

“Shimizu Saki”

“See you guys again next time in, HEY! Kono Sagishi!” The two hosts said in unison before waving goodbye as the credits were rolling.

Back at the house…

Murmurs were heard all around me and I had no way of leaving to evade them. Maasa, Chinami and Yurina were saying how I was a gentleman and honest for saying that I was in a relationship and that I do love my current girlfriend. Risako and Miya on the other hand were debating about the incident where I made Megumi blush and how I let her be too close after.

“You shouldn’t have told Megumi about the past.” Miyabi complained, looking disappointed at me.

“But she didn’t do anything wrong. She was asked about it and she was just being honest.” Risako debated.

“No! That didn’t mean she would say something that would make Megumi like her.”

“But she was just being herself.”

“I don’t care!” Miyabi countered before moving closer to me with that terrifying stare and I was like melting in hell. “She should know when to say such things.”

“I know but-”

“See! You know it as well.”

“No, that is not what I meant.”

“But it’s great! I finally know she is well and is happy.” She said the exact same line I told Megumi in the video. She even copied how I said it. “See? Can’t you see how she felt after that?”

Risako didn’t want to argue anymore but she knew Miya was being too cruel. “Miya! Forgive Akira for what you think she did wrong but Akira is just like that. You can’t change her even if you want to.”

Miya was surprised on the tone Risako had used on her but she has a point. “Fine.” She stated before glaring at me again. “Just because you’re Captains’ current lover, don’t think I won’t try and find your flaws to use against you. Captain might be older than me but I’m her friend and I only want to be sure that you’re not hurting her.”

“Miya, that was too harsh…” Risako complained but the older girl didn’t listen. On the other hand, I understood what Miya meant and I knew how it is to protect your friends, though I wouldn’t dare hurt Captain. For so long I had yearned to meet her and just hang-out with her, even for just for a few hours, I couldn’t even believe that she is now my girl. I’m no longer a fan she doesn’t know. I’m already a fan and a lover. That is better and because of that, I won’t even let this relationship pass.

“I know Miya. I’m sorry if I had made Megu too comfortable with me. I’ll call Saki later to apologize.” I answered with a tone of sincerity and sadness.

“You shouldn’t really sorry for that…” Momo commented beside me but I knew I was at fault.

“No.  Miya had a point. I should be careful on what I say…” I was now feeling sorry for what I had said to Megu. I didn’t mean it to be too soft or kind to her to seem like I was letting her in my heart or something like that.

“See what you did Miya! You made her feel sorry when she was doing nothing wrong in the video. She was even saying the truth and was brave enough to tell the truth about her current relationship. If someone was in the same position as her at that time, with another person they liked, do you think they will tell that person that they are in a relationship? Of course not!” Momo lectured and everyone in the room was quiet afterwards. It was unusual to see or even hear Momo to be so serious about something that was not about her. When everyone was together in an outing or just hanging out, Momo would just get serious when it is about herself and if ever someone doesn’t agree with her. Today was different. She was saying these things just because of me. Now I feel worse about it. I’m the reason why these two are having an argument.

“What? Look what I did? She should be sorry about it! I didn’t do anything wrong!” Miya countered and they started to argue. I tried to stop them by just telling Miya I was really sorry and I wouldn’t do it again. I will be careful on what I say. I then told Momo that it is fine. It is not Miya’s fault that I felt sorry about it. I was just like what Risako said. I was that kind of person and this is me. I feel sorry for my actions that make people uncomfortable in anyway but I was thankful on what Momo had said. It gave me strength.

Miya and Momo stopped their argument and Momo took off the cuffs. It was already past nine in the evening and I don’t know how long these guys will be staying. I went to the kitchen to throw away the empty bottles of Ramune before surveying the cupboards and refrigerator for snacks. A knock on the door came but before I could come and open it, Maasa was the one who volunteered to open it and she did. I went back to get some snacks in the cupboards when a warm feeling shot up my back and a tight feeling on my stomach. As my instincts made their move, I looked at my back and found a familiar figure hugging me from behind. “Saki…” Was the only thing I said before holding her hands to release me from her hug. “What are you doing here?” I asked, surprised as I could be. She didn’t answer but just hugged me. I gave in and hugged her back and as tight as how she was hugging me.

After a minute of silence that felt like an eternity, Saki loosened her hold on me and looked into my eyes. “I’m so happy on the results of the undercover video.” She started as she then kissed my cheek. “I thought you were going to cheat on me when Megu hugged you and the smile you gave her.” I looked at her raising one of my brows then I chuckled. “Why did you think that? You saw and heard it in the video. I won’t look at others. I love you and I won’t ever want to hurt you.” I explained before kissing her hand.

She smiled but said sorry for not warning me that I was going to be on TV. I was disappointed at first but now, I don’t care anymore. If it would make Saki happy and make sure that I won’t be doing anything behind her back, then it is okay.

I smiled at her and was about to kiss her when giggling were heard beside us and as we saw the eavesdropping people, they suddenly said they would be taking their leave and left in a hurry. I was about to shout to ask them to come back but never mind.  It is better to be alone with my girl than being watched by so many people.

I laughed with the thought and Saki just smiled. “So, BerryzYellow21, what else would you want to explain tonight?” I asked and when I did, she smiled hesitantly and tried to make an excuse. “Well… I have school tomorrow and so I can’t really stay…”

“You can sleep here.” I said straightforward. “You have extra casual clothes here.” I teased as I began to drag her to the bedroom to cuddle on the bed so she could explain everything. Every little detail of the undercover footage and the plan behind it.

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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 3
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I will finally post here. Hehe. I finally finished CHAPTER 4 of the Untitled fic.

I think the start of this chapter is okay.... but the end... I think not. ^^;

I'm sorry if it is short and not good. ^^;

Chapter 4

“Just a little more… C’mon… and… Done! Finally!” It was already lunch time when I hit the save button and it was already half past twelve noon when it finished saving. Realizing that I only have thirty minutes to eat, I didn’t bother to go. Even though there were a few restaurants just outside the building, I just knew I won’t make it back in time. Holding the mouse and quickly pushing it side to side while watching the pointer does the same on the monitor, I can’t help but hear my stomach rumbling. Realizing as well that I didn’t eat breakfast, it was really not a good idea to skip lunch. “AH! I’m hungry!” As soon as I finished yelling, the door suddenly opened. “Suchihiro-san?” Not having the chance to look at the person, I stumbled off my chair and landed on the floor with my back.

“Ah! I’m sorry!” A girl, in her middle twenties came rushing to my side and helped me up. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to surprise you.” The Team K leader apologized.

“Ah no… It’s fine.” It was really okay. I don’t mind it since I really get startled instantly. When I finally got my composure back, I greeted not only the girl beside me but also the three more people by the door. “What are you guys doing here? Is there anything I could help you with?” I haven’t really talked to them so casually, not because I don’t know them but because I’m working under them.

“Are you really okay?” The next older girl and a member of Team K came in, and the other two of Team A followed. “Yeah, I’m fine.” I answered, smiling. “So, is there anything I could help you with?”

“Ah. No, no. I’m sorry if we disturbed you-” Minami, the leader of team A, who was beside Acchan, answered quickly and looked eager to leave. I don’t know if I did something that could have scared her or anything like it. I watched as she pulled Acchan to the door.

“Eh?” The youngest answered, confused on why Minami suddenly wanted to go.

“Stop it TakaMina.” The other Team K member took hold of the team A’s top clothing while Acchan tried to lean on the eager leader to prevent her from pushing her outside the room.

I was still confused on what was happening and I had no way of knowing unless I ask them. Sayaka, who was beside me, suddenly took my attention when she started to laugh. I kept quiet but smiled. Things had been weird since yesterday and now, more things that I don’t really catch. “We are going out to lunch since dance practice just ended.”

“I see. Where are you guys going to eat?” I asked. Then I realized I haven’t eaten lunch.

“We were just planning to go somewhere near here. We need to come back in an hour or two.”

“Ah…” I wish I could go but I need to go back to work in about… twenty minutes.

Watching the three girls finish their scene, Yuko came back with Minami and Acchan. “So, are we going or not?”

“Ah, yes yes.” Sayaka answered, before looking at Minami with a grin.

I excused myself and walked between Yuko and Sayaka before sitting on my chair. “Okay. If you guys want, I have some suggestions on where-” but before I could even finish, Sayaka suddenly talked.

“Say, Akira.”

“Who are you calling Akira?” Minami twitched upon asking as she went in between Sayaka and me.

“Uhm, Akira the one behind you?” Sayaka answered with a big grin. She liked picking on Minami. Being a fan of them, I knew that she liked it because of Minami’s reaction and who wouldn’t?

“Why are you calling her Akira?” She asked upon revising her initial question. Sayaka on the other hand ignored her as a joke and went beside me. “So Akira, want to have lunch with us?”

“I…” I started but looked back at the wall clock and I only have fifteen more minutes. I don’t think I can go but how could I deny the offer? Here they are, Acchan, Yuko, Sayaka and… Minami. They’re, well, at least, Sayaka is asking for me to come with them. It’s something not to deprive myself of.

“Well?” She asked again and I was going to answer when Yuko encouraged me. “C’mon! It would be fun~”

Laughing a little with their insistence, I still don’t know if I would go. “You see…” I started, “I only have around thirteen minutes before my break is over.”

“See. She can’t come. Let’s go!” Minami suddenly blurted out before trying to pull Acchan to the door again.

“No wait,” the youngest said in a way of disagreement. “Suchihiro-san, have you eaten lunch then?”

I expected them to ask but what then if they ask? Now they did, what should I say? “Well…” I let out a small laugh, “I already did.”

“See, she already finished eating lunch. We should go.” Minami was trying to convince her companions and with my answer, it helped her on that. The four of them were already walking out the door when my really upset stomach suddenly called out to them with its rumbling. Sayaka looked back at me and I was biting my lip. “I’m sorry.” I apologized before laughing a little and looking away to just stop myself from feeling embarrassed.

I thought they were already gone but then, a sudden pull on my wrist made me go out the door. It turns out, Sayaka already knew I hadn’t eaten yet with the sudden rumbling while they were at the door. “It’s good that you could come~” Yuko greeted with a smile. “I…” I was going to say that I won’t make it back in time when Acchan held my left arm. “Today’s lunch will be fun with a new friend to come with us~”

I was already trying not to sweat. Even though this was just lunch, it is still different when you’re a real fan of the people you’re going to spend lunch with. It was also like this when I first dated Saki and because Berryz wanted to meet me, they were all there. Though, through time, I got used to being friends and seeing all the Berryz members and it doesn’t feel like this anymore. Still, this is a different group and thinking back, Miya already scolded me for treating all the girls that I had met the same way.

“Uhhh… I’m sorry.” I apologized in advance but I can’t really afford to be late. “I’ll be-” but before I could say the real reason for my attempt of lying earlier, Sayaka wrapped her arm around my neck and made me continue on walking. “So! What should we eat today?” I was surprised with her gesture but didn’t feel irritated. Instead, I just continued walking with them. “Why don’t we go for noodles?” Yuko suggested. “Could be,” the Team K leader nodded. “We just had noodles yesterday…” The shy Minami complained. “We could go seafood.” Acchan suggested while still holding on my arm.

I went silent. I don’t really mind where we eat. All that is bothering me now was my work and how I’m going to be late. I haven’t been late and I don’t want to. It’s something my parents taught me when I was young. It’s not to be late on anything. Even though our country was known as the ones late for an hour every time there is a convention, meeting, etc. Although during college, I was a little late at some of my classes during third year, but that was different. I had some difficulty placing the extra lab work in my free time so I always, well, not really always, but I do get late at times. Being late is something I really dislike actually. It gives me the impression that I was irresponsible in some way.

I didn’t realize that my companions were still debating on where to eat, until I heard a phone ring. I glanced at them but it seemed they haven’t heard it or rather, they were too busy debating. After a few seconds, the ring faded and we still continued walking. We made a left turn at some cross section and the same ring came echoing in my head. I don’t really know if they can’t hear it or ignoring it.

“Uhm…” The four of them stopped walking as they finally heard me speak. I guess they thought I will continue on being silent until they found somewhere to eat. I smiled slightly. “I’m sorry for bothering the brainstorming but I just kept on hearing a phone ring.” The four of them took out their phones and they didn’t look like the ringing phone was from them. That was kind of impossible since it was also not my phone. My ring tone was of course, very unique. It was a recorded song by Captain, Miya and Momo and it was done in my place so no one has the same thing. I glanced once again to my companions and I was staring at Minami. Not just because of the phone thing but because I couldn’t help not to. I know it was bad staring at her but c’mon, it was another dream of mine to actually meet her. I always put up in blogs that I would love to meet both Captain and Minami. Now that I already met both of them, the last thing on my list is to be a companion or a friend.

My staring was disturbed by a sudden cry in front of me. Looking in front, Yuko was panicking. “Yuko?” Sayaka asked beside me as I can see she was surprised as well. “Nyan-Nyan called me twice!!” Yuko quick dialed Haruna’s number and we just watched as they talked. We were silent since Yuko was really looking troubled but she was screaming around, panicking. We kept our distance and looked like we didn’t really know her. “Nyan-” That’s all the last thing we heard when Yuko closed her phone, hid it in her pocket and started to walk like there was no one else around. We, of course, followed until we reached a bridge. Watching her from a distance, we didn’t really know what she was planning until…

“Yuko!” Sayaka exclaimed as we all rushed to pull her away from the railing of the bridge. She was about to jump and we didn’t want that to happen. “Stop it! Let me go!” Yuko countered as she tried to loosen our grip from her whole body. “Come down Yuko!” Atsuko was pleading her but still she wouldn’t budge.  Minami took her phone and dialed Haruna’s number. While waiting for an answer, Yuko was still trying to jump but because of our firm grip, she couldn’t and yet she kept shouting, “Nyan-nyan won’t let me come to lunch with her while the four of you can!” She shook her leg and finally got one out. I stumbled to get that foot back on place just so she wouldn’t come down the other way. “Why didn’t she invite you?” Sayaka asked as she tried very hard on hugging Yuko and pull her the other way. “Just because I didn’t answer her calls!!” She was not going hysterical. Minami got through and was now talking to Haruna.

“What? So you are approving of her coming?” Yuko then went silent when she heard Minami and we finally got to rest. Although, accidentally, Minami blurted out a phrase that Haruna said, “Yuko still can’t come to lunch?” Me, Sayaka and Atsuko suddenly looked at Yuko. She looked stunned for a second but then, she yelled, “Nyan-Nyan!” then tried to jump. It was a good thing that we didn’t walk away from her or else she had already reached the water.

After a few more minutes of trying to stop Yuko from jumping, Minami closed her phone and told Yuko that Haruna said yes, and she can come to lunch. “She did?” Yuko asked again. It was sort of a question to reassure that she was hearing it right. “Yes! Now come down and let’s go to lunch. We can’t keep her waiting or she might get angry.”

With that, Yuko finally got down, we evaded the people who were staring at us and finally made our way to a seafood restaurant. It was not too expensive to look at but when you look at the menu, it will surely make your eyes grow wide.

I leaned over to Sayaka, who was sitting beside me. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” I asked her in a whisper. “Why not?” She asked as she looked at me. “I mean… I will be late for work and…” Before I could even finish, she let out a laugh and then slapped my back. “It’s fine. We’ll just tell your boss that we dragged you out to have lunch with us.”

“I see…” But that was not really the thing I would like to tell her. It was more of money issues and I can’t afford any of these. If I do pay for my food, I will be broke until next week. I think Sayaka knew what I really meant and so answered me in a louder tone, just so someone will notice.

“If you’re worrying about the price, don’t worry. Minami will pay for half of it.” As she ended, everyone eyed on Minami and she was in her usual ‘why are you looking at me like that’ look. “C’mon Minami. Sayaka is right. You should pay at least half of Suchihiro-san’s food. You’re the one who always wanted to have lunch with her. Now that you are, you should be thankful and pay for her.” Minami’s brows furrowed and stared at Haruna, in which Haruna ignored as she was forced to feed Yuko a spoonful of fish meat. Atsuko then nudged Minami and asked her politely. In the end, Minami had no choice but to agree.

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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 3
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This is a nice story.

This is the first fic I read that's not in the AKB48 Fanfic area.

Hope you can continue it. Thank you.

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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 4
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Thanks Sok. This is not in the AKB are because it surrounds the main character with both H!P and AKB. :)

I am so sorry for not updating this and my other fics but I don't have inspiration for a while. Last night, I suddenly have it and started writing. Of course, this fic will be next. :) I'm currently writing my other fic, "Hoping for Chance", which will end soon. After I finish writing a chapter for that fic, I'll do a chapter for this.

Hope you all will look forward to it. ^^

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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 4
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And of course I'll be looking forward to it.  :mon XD:
And I understand.  :mon sweat: It's hard writing when you're not inspired. Especially when you have more than one fic to write for.
And since you also wrote "Hoping for Chance," I'll definitely check it out.  :mon thumb: I'll be waiting for your next update. Thank you.  :kneelbow:

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Re: Untitled (Berryz & AKB48 related) - Chapter 5 *FINALLY UPDATED*
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It has been a very long time. I hope people who reads this will read the newest chapter I'll be leaving here today.  :sweatdrop: I hope everyone will like it.  XD

Chapter 5

   Holding the receipt of our lunch, the numbers on it was being too unfriendly with me. I know if I paid this, then I would become broke until I get my money from my parents by the end of next week. I looked at the members of AKB who dined with me this afternoon. They were all insistent to make Minami pay and as it were a great solution for my problem, my conscience wouldn’t actually let me take the offer. “It’s okay Takahashi-san. I’ll pay for my own food.” The leader of AKB48’s team A looked back at me with a confused look. “It’s fine. I only have a big bill with me so it’s fine.” I shook my head in disagreement, “No, no. If you pay with that, then I’ll just pay you.” Minami looked like she was really having a hard time. She was being told by her friends to pay for me but I kept insisting her not to. I guess, I know her pain at some point in my life. “Let her pay for your food, Akira!” Yuko insisted. “If you don’t do what nyan-nyan told you earlier, I’ll get mad at you.” She said it like she was really serious on getting mad at me and that scared me. I didn’t want any of the AKB members to get mad at me. I won’t take it very well since I don’t want to have any enemies and people angry at me.

“Just let her pay for it. I know Minami knows the consequence of dragging someone to eat lunch with her.” Sayaka reasoned, observing my reaction. “Wait a minute! I was not the one who dragged Akira to eat lunch!” The leader of Team A countered but was still taking out the amount of money from her wallet. I went staring at Sayaka and then at Minami. I was quite confused on what they had been debating about this entire time while we were also debating on who was going to pay my food. It has been that way when they even went to get me from my office earlier. They were always playing with Minami, which I’m quite aware of even before, but this playing with ME in it, I don’t quite get it.

I stopped staring at Minami when someone suddenly tapped my left shoulder. I turned and was surprised on who were standing behind me. “Yo, Akira!” The cheerful girl greeted. “Aaa.. yo…” Was the only answer I could give while staring at the faces of the people behind me. “Say Akira, we didn’t know you eat here?” the other girl asked as she observed who I was with. “It was an unexpected lunch -” but before I could finish my sentence, Yuko suddenly blurted out a continuation of it, “DATE!” The group I was facing suddenly went into silence and I was surprised. I looked at Yuko but she evaded my stare and focused herself to her Nyan-Nyan. Minami suddenly understood the awkward situation and scolded Yuko for it, with Sayaka backing her up. I sighed, I just hope Saki didn’t hear any of it but when I looked back to the group behind me, I couldn’t help but to be nervous. There she was, talking to her group which made her constantly look at me and to my current companions.

Before they even finished, Minami tapped my shoulder and my gaze went back to her. “Since, I think, you won’t let me pay for the full price, then let’s just go with what the others wanted, I’ll pay for half and you pay for the other half.” She explained as she started doing the math. I was still hung-over with the fact that Berryz might have told Saki about what Yuko said earlier. I don’t want any misunderstandings with Saki. I was going to agree with Minami when a voice spoke on my behalf. “I’ll pay for Akira’s half.” With that familiar voice, I knew it was Saki and when I looked behind me, indeed, she was there, standing with a smile.

The AKB members with me looked at her and I could see all of them were curious on who she was. Before I could even tell them, the girl beside Minami stood up and went beside me. “You’re Shimizu Saki, right?” With a smile, the leader of Berryz Koubou nodded as an answer and when she did, Sayaka suddenly stood up and went beside Atsuko, “Eh! Really? The leader of Hello!Project is here?” I was being pushed aside when Sayaka and Atsuko suddenly wanted to talk to the new Hello!Project leader after the graduation of the former leader.

When I knew this would be longer than expected, I looked at my wallet and took out the half of the bill for my food but when I handed it to Minami, she slowly pushed it away and told me she already paid our food, mine and hers. “Wait, what? I thought we’ll be paying for half?” I asked with a confused look on my face. “It’s fine. You were distracted for a little while so I took the opportunity to just pay for it.” I was surprised and went into silence. The only thing I could say to her was thank you as I put the money back in my wallet. I’ll definitely pay her back in some other way.

After a few minutes, Sayaka and Atsuko went back to their seats and went into paying their own food while Haruna and Yuko also debate on who will pay for their food. Minami, whom was sitting beside Atsuko, was silent. I excused myself and went to where Berryz was sitting. When I was finally there, I wanted to talk to Saki but she only told me that I am already late for work and we could talk about it once I get home later tonight. I finally realized that I was already late for work and quickly went back to the table where AKB were sitting. When I got there, they were already ready to go and were waiting for me. We then walked back to our office building. Before parting ways in the corridor, I thanked Minami, Atsuko, Sayaka, Haruna and Yuko for the wonderful lunch. “You’re welcome.” Sayaka answered. “Come eat again with us tomorrow!” Yuko added as they went back to their rehearsal room.

Back in my office, I was greeted with a pile of papers beside my computer. I knew being late would entail me to rush and cram everything till the last minute, meaning I might be coming home late tonight. I fixed the pile of papers before starting on the very first order. “Why am I doing this to myself?” I asked myself in a whisper before getting my groove to my work. It was a pain to do everything without any mistakes but in a fast pace. It wouldn’t make you finish it in one go, you need to check each video to see flaws before submitting it to higher ups to check. I guess this is how everything works, now that I’m doing the video editing for AKB. It was not that pressured to do leisure work for fellow students who need their video projects edited. I earn a profit out of those and enough to at least pull me through three days. Well, that was back in my home country. What I earn here is thrice higher but entails more work load. I don’t care anyway, I love this work, and at least I won’t be a burden to my family.

As I go about my thoughts while editing the videos I needed to, I finally finished half of the papers on my desk and I guess I would be coming home early. Lifting the next paper on the pile, the door suddenly opened and I was once again, startled. The paper I was holding went flying and landed on the head of the person who opened the door; my boss.

“I see you’ve finished half of the papers I left you after lunch.” He snickered as he went straight in front of me and I knew what was next. He furrowed his eyes, glared at me, and pointed his finger. “You know what I don’t like my employees to do?” He was staring at me with that death glare and I knew I’m really in a pinch. “It’s being LATE!” He suddenly shouted and everyone outside my office; the assistant and fellow media staff had stopped on their work and peeked around the corner to eavesdrop. “You have your lunch break at exactly twelve noon and it ends at one in the afternoon. I came here at one and your lights were off, your computer was off, you were nowhere to be seen!” I wanted to say my apology for being late but even before I could say anything; he always ends up saying something. “You came back around two in the afternoon, an hour late from your time for work!” I stood up slowly and before he could say anything else, I bowed in front of him as I said my apology. “I’m sorry! I’m really sorry for coming late!” I stood straight and bowed another time. “I had lunch with some friends and I forgot to check the time.” I stood straight again, looking at my boss with a sincere and apologetic face before bowing again. “I’m really sorry! It won’t happen again!” I finally ended but didn’t stand back straight as I was waiting for his answer.

He sighed and I could feel he was calm again. “I want all these papers and the videos on my table before the offices close tonight.” He sighed again and I could hear him walking towards the door. “I’ll accept your apology when you get them in by then.” I finally heard the things I was yearning for him to say. I don’t want him to get mad at me. I know it was my fault for not standing up to Sayaka earlier, and so I know I need to face the consequences of my actions. I finally stood straight and looked at my boss with a smile. “Thank you very much!” I bowed again before looking at him. “If only your talent is not as amazing as it is, I would have fired you as soon as I entered this room.”

I was happy that I had another chance and with what he said before leaving my room, I saw it as a wakeup call that I should consider. They see my work as amazing and they believed in me to make these videos for AKB48. They trust me to do my part and I will. I won’t disappoint him again. I closed my office door before going back to the table to finish the next half of my work.

MEANWHILE, near AKB48’s rehearsal room.

News had been traveling fast as the news of Akira being scolded for being late had reached the other side of the building. AKB48 members were already having their fifteen minute water break and some were outside the rehearsal room to get water from a nearby vending machine. One of the members was Minami and Sayaka who were talking about the things they need to step up with in the rehearsals. “We need to bring out our arms like how Yuko does.” Sayaka explained to Minami as the Team A leader takes her water from the opening of the vending machine. “Yeah, I guess we should. We could ask Yuko to teach us how.” The leader of Team K nodded in agreement. At the same time, two media staff assistants stopped beside them since they would also want to get something to drink. The two leaders couldn’t help but listen to their conversation.

“Did you hear?” The man started with a whisper as he then tried to hide what he was about to tell his companion. “Akira was scolded for being late.” The other looked at him in confusion, “Are we talking about Akira Suchihiro? She wouldn’t be scolded in any way. She’s kind of perfect on her job.” The other heaved a sigh, “Yes she’s perfect for the job but she was late for work.”

“How could she be late? I saw her come an hour earlier this morning.”
“No no, not this morning, this afternoon. She came an hour late.”
“Oh really? I wouldn’t have thought she would be late.”
“Me too! Her boss really yelled at her in her office.”
“Isn’t that a bit harsh for her very first late for work?”

The two leaders find the two staff’s conversation was a bit surprising. They had come back from lunch with Akira and they really had fun, although, they forgot one thing. They forgot to tell her boss that they dragged her to eat with them, resulting to her tardiness. Minami and Sayaka looked at each other with eyes wide. “We forgot!” Sayaka blurted out before leading the way to the office of Akira’s boss. While there, they explained that they were the ones who were responsible for making Akira late for work. They also explained that they dragged her to eat lunch even though she was actually telling them that she’ll be late for work.

4 hours passed…

“Finally! I finished it!” I gathered all the papers and discs where I saved all the videos I made and carried them to my boss’ office. When I walked out my door, one of my assistants asked if I would like some help on carrying all the papers and disc casings. I would love some help but I declined. This was my fault so I need to do this by myself.

I was finally standing in front of his door. Glancing on my watch, I still made it. Closing time is still twenty minutes from then but I was still a bit nervous. I finally knocked on his door and he answered to let myself in. When I did, I presented him with all my work and it was a bit unusual. He was smiling now and had a lighter expression on his face. “Wasn’t he angry at me hours ago?” I whispered to myself. “All is here?” He asked as he inspected all his orders had been done. “Yes. Everything is there.” I answered, hoping he will take them and would forgive my tardiness.

I waited for him to tell me what to do next and when he looked at me, I knew he was going to say something. “These are, as always, amazing work from you, just as how I expected it.” I was ready to smile but I know it would ruin the moment. “I’m sorry for scolding you earlier, but I needed to do it.” I nodded. I knew it was my fault but he didn’t need to apologize for it. “You said you ate lunch with your friends. You didn’t mention your friends were AKB.” I looked at him surprised. How did he know I was with AKB earlier? “Takahashi and Akimoto came by earlier to explain why you were late. I told them that I will let it slip this time but next time, I’ll be giving you a serious penalty.” I nodded intently, as I was really glad that this was now good. I just need to not screw up again. “Thank you for your hard work today.” He finally said before sending me out the door so I could go home. “One last thing…” I stopped and looked back at my boss, “Don’t destroy your new relationship with your new friends.” I just stared at him as he ended, “Take care as you go home.”

I smiled at him before walking back to my office to fix my things and to close my office. As I entered I placed my laptop, house keys, wallet and my pen and paper in my bag before slinging it on my shoulder. After closing the door and locking it, my assistant bid me farewell. I was kind of surprised seeing her still there. “Why are you still here? Didn’t you go home with your friends?” She shook her head as we started walking to the buildings front door, “You should have walked with them. It’s going to be dark soon.” I explained and looked outside as the glass door was in front of us, “See, it’s already dark.”

When we stepped out of the building, she said goodbye in a hurry. It was a little awkward but I just shoved it off. “Ano…”

I looked around. That voice was too familiar to miss. I knew whom it was from; I just don’t know where she was. I was actually feeling a bit nervous. If the voice really came to the person I am thinking of right now, I wouldn’t know how to interact with her. “Suchihiro-san?” I looked behind and she was there. I fixed myself, looking at her with a smile. “Ah! Takahashi-san. Why are you still here? Did rehearsals end late?”

She looked at me with a smile of her own and explained, “Ah. No, no. I was going to walk home with Sayaka and Acchan, but when I came out, they already left.” I looked at her ready to chuckle but I held it in, just to not tease her. “Well, it’s already dark, can you go home yourself?” I asked; a little worried since it is already dark and well, I don’t like people going out dark, especially friends of mine. If they want to go out at dark or go home at dark, I would volunteer to go with them. I guess, I was just raised in a place where we don’t naturally go out at dark and if we do, we’ll always be in pairs. Well, Japan is different from my home country but still, I wouldn’t risk it.

“Say, I can take you home. Well… I don’t have a car or a motorbike. So I guess we can take a cab.” I then looked at the street to wait for a cab. “N-no. It’s okay. I can go home by myself.” I looked back at her and it looked like she was embarrassed. Had I said anything? Wait, I didn’t mean it like she’s a kid or something. “Ah! I-I didn’t mean to…”

She smiled and made me stop. “No, it’s okay. I understand.” She answered as she stood beside me. “My house is near here, we can walk. You don’t need to spend for a cab.” I smiled slightly as I could feel little sweat coming from my head. “Oh, okay. Then let’s go.”
We walked towards her house and it was true, it was not that far. Although it entails walking, it was not that tiring as I expected. I guess I am getting used to walking more. We were quit on the way. I had no idea what to ask her or talk to her about. It was when she was in front of her house that I got to sincerely thank you for today. “Takahashi-san…” She looked at me with her usual curious face you see in TV or in AKB’s backstage shoots. “Thank you for lunch today and also for telling my boss that I was with you.” She smiled and tapped my shoulder, “It’s ok. We had fun and we got to know you more. Thank you for coming with us, but I’m sorry for making Sayaka drag you out.” I shook my head, “It’s fine. She also knew I hadn’t eaten anything, so I thank you and her for forcing me not to miss lunch.”

Feeling a little embarrassed since I just revealed I really hadn’t eaten lunch yet that time. Looking at her though, makes me a bit, calm, rather than nervous. I guess, I’m getting used to seeing her and being able to talk to her casually. “Thank you for walking me home Suchihiro-san.” I answered with a smile. “You’re welcome. Oh, and you can just call me Akira.” Minami looked at me a bit surprised but she also agreed to let me call her Minami. I think it’s a bit soon to call her Minami but if that’s what she wanted, then it’s okay. “You should go in now. It’s going to get colder out here. It’s best to be warm.” I told her, making our few seconds of silence end. She nodded and went to unlock the front door. As for me, I won’t leave until she’s inside the house. I just want to be sure she’s home and safe before I leave.

I waited as she finally opened the door, but before she went in, she looked back at me, “Good night, Akira.” It was the first time I heard her call me by my first name and it made me happy. It had always been my dream to meet all my favorite singers and groups and I still couldn’t believe it is already happening. First was with Berryz and Saki. Now was with AKB and Minami. For the last tonight, I looked at Minami with a gentle smile and also told her good night, before seeing her close her door and for me to walk home.

It has been fun today, though, there is still one thing I need to clear up, I hope Saki is waiting for me at the apartment.

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