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Author Topic: [TV] Academy Fantasia ทรูเอเอฟ (Thai reality show)  (Read 3031 times)

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[TV] Academy Fantasia ทรูเอเอฟ (Thai reality show)
« on: September 15, 2010, 12:45:36 PM »
[TV] Academy Fantasia ทรูเอเอฟ (Thai reality show)

Everyone's favorite talent show! :thailand:

Academy Fantasia (or True Academy Fantasia) is a reality show held in Thailand. It is a singing contest, judged through popular votes.

Created by cable TV provider TrueVisions, formerly known as UBC, Academy Fantasia is currently airing its sixth season. Academy Fantasia is a franchise of La Academia, a popular reality TV show from Mexico. The contestants are selected through nationwide auditions, as well as through online audition clips. The live auditions take place in major cities in every part of Thailand to search for those who dream about becoming superstars. Four judges will eliminate thousands of people down to top 100 then last twelve or more finalists into the Academy House for study.

The contestants live in the same house with hundreds of hidden cameras. Audiences can watch them 24 hours live on TV and online. Each week the contestants are assigned individual songs and sometimes group songs to perform on stage every Saturday until the last week of the show. The contestants attend voice class, dance class, and acting class to practice the songs that they perform.

The audiences can vote for their favorite contestants through cell phones and land phones. It costs three baht for each vote. The show usually airs 24 hours on True Vision 20 (digital) and 16 (analog) and the concerts will be broadcast live on True Music Channel (Digital:26 , Analog:30) and ModernNine TV (public channel 9) every Saturday night between 20:40-23:10 Thailand time.

After each performance the commentators will evaluate the performance. At the end of the concert, the contestant(s) who received the lowest percentage of audience votes will have to leave the show. The winners of the first five seasons were all male and was the first female in the season 6. The winners and the runner-ups will automatically receive record deals with True Fantasia record label. After the end of each season, there is a nationwide concert tour starring the top 12 finalists.

source: Wiki and Thai Wiki

Check out the official site:

Fan portal: and Youtube Channel!!

featuring such popular singers as Mint!! tama's favorite from Season 3 (2006)

credit: tama's vox

Season 7! Who is your pick?

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Re: [TV] Academy Fantasia ทรูเอเอฟ (Thai reality show)
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2010, 05:50:29 AM »

ก็เพราะฉันหลงทางหลงอยู่กลางใจของเธอ อยู่ไหนก็ใกล้เธอเพราะว่าใจเธอกว้างใหญ่

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