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Author Topic: A Bit Blind To Love - chap18 (AtsuMina) - 26/12/2011 [DROPPED]  (Read 56020 times)

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
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“Why can’t you be like Takamina!”

Because KojiYuu would not be as funny as it is now XD

Thank for the update!  :cow: That was really funny, especially with Takamina being a pervert XD
What is the "argument"? I have the feelings Acchan will play Kuu's lover in the movie XD Or maybe I'm wrong, but I like to this it is XD

Update when you have time, don't worry about it! Though I like when you're a ninja  :roll:

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 Updated wahhhhhhhh
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 :shocked :shocked :shocked yeaaaaaaaah.... finally u update keichan...  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: i've been waiting for long...  :cry: XD

well, after reading chapter 10 i have a lot of speculation.. what will happend in the shooting ...  8) 8) one of it same as bou-j525  XD

but acchan also could be the third person in the dorama or even they would feel lot of jealousy during the shooting???   XD XD thinking about this really exciting  :lol: :lol: please update as soon as u can...  :bow: :bow: u are the ninja...  :thumbsup :thumbsup

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 Updated wahhhhhhhh
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Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
@mangobanana15: Thanks for reading! I will hopefully reveal the Mendol plot next chapter!!!
@bou-j525: Haha I don't know if its really an argument but hopefully this will answer your questions! (Update your fic so you can answer my questions!!)
@sorakamiya: Sorry for the late update and making you wait! I will try to get back to my ninja ways!! gomen!

Anyway thanks for reading everyone! Here is a new update and hopefully it keeps you intrigued!!!!!

Chapter Eleven

“Why are you angry at me?” The girl didn’t receive an answer. “Did I do something wrong?” The other girl remained silent. “Please speak to me” Still no reply. “Fine, don’t talk to me anymore! I don’t care!” The girl began grabbing her belongings until she felt the other girls arm wrap around her from behind.

“D-d-d-don’t g-g-go, I-I-I d-d-don’t w-want t-to l-lose y-y-you.”

The taller girl immediately turned around to face the other girl. Lifting the other girls chin up she notices tears trickling out of the girl’s reddened eyes and down her cheeks. Why was she crying? Why did she think she was going to lose her? Hugging onto the smaller girl tightly she rested her cheek against the other girl’s forehead.

“Why do you think you’re going to lose me?”

The other girl tightened her hold of the taller girl, snuggling close against her soft body. Wiping her tears away whilst rubbing her face against the other girl’s chest, feeling the warmth of the body she was up against.

“They’re going to seduce you, and you wouldn’t want me anymore.”

Comforting the girl by stroking her finger through her hair and gently laying a kiss on her forehead she gently whispered into the other girl’s ear.

“Who is going to seduce me? You spend the entire day seducing me so when is there time for anyone else?”

The shorter girl looked up at the other girl.

“But we won’t be together for the next few days.” Looking back down she continued softly in a heartbroken voice. “You’ll be with them…”

Confused the taller girl wiped away the other girl’s tears.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying but I’ve got my mind set on being with you so you don’t have to worry”

The other girl immediately bounced up happily. Holding onto the other girls shoulders.

“REALLY?!?!?! Y-you mean that!”

Giggling softly the girl nodded gently.

“Mmm… As long as you don’t flirt with anyone else… or I’ll dump you immediately!” She pouted sadly thinking about how long it has taken for them to be together because the other girl was such as serial perverted flirt with everyone.

The other girl wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her softly on the lips. Pushing her down onto the couch, the smaller girl sat on the other girls lap facing her.

“I would never flirt with anyone else now that I’ve got you” The other girl blushed and looked to the side, trying hard not to be affected by the girl’s sweet words. Noticing this, the smaller girl gently brushed aside the other girls fringe before gently caressing the girls cheek with her hand. “I mean everything I say to you. I love you too much to hurt you. Every time you reject me to be with someone else I cry” Looking down sadly she continued. “That’s why I’m so scared that the boys will flirt with you when you’re filming…”

The other girl finally understood. Yuko would be busy with rehearsals and shows and wouldn’t be around when she was filming Mendol. Yuko was scared that Kawano-san will try to flirt with her when they were alone on set. Cuddling tightly onto her squirrel she kissed her gently.

“You don’t have to worry about them, I told you I just want to be with you”

The squirrel looked up at her Nyan-Nyan, she was absolutely speechless. Her heart beating a soft rhythm… she was in love with her princess and now she knows that her princess is in love with her. Cuddling tightly against the other girl’s chest she smiled brightly.

“I love you Nyan-Nyan! You’re the best!”

Haruna lightly giggled before holding the squirrel tightly against her whilst nodding.”

“Mmm…” The squirrel turned and looked at her wide-eyed. “What’s wrong?”

Pouting at her Nyan-Nyan the squirrel replied sadly.

“You didn’t say you love me back, you just agreed that I love you and that you’re the best”

Hitting Yuko over the head as her left eye twitched furiously.

“You always ruin the moment! Why can’t you tell that I was reciprocating your feelings!”

Yuko rubbed her head and then smiled brightly.

“Because you’re a Tsunade! No one can tell how you feel unless you tell them!” Haruna pouted and crossed her arm across her chest. The squirrel smiled and cuddled her Nyan-Nyan close. “It’s okay though I love you like this.” Haruna blushed. “Reminds me of them S&M couples and I’m definitely the S!!!!” Haruna immediately began slapping the squirrel furiously.

“Get off me you Hentai!!!”

“ITAI!!!” Despite the pain the squirrel continuously tried to snuggle close to her Nyan-Nyan. It was worth it, they always say “Love Hurts” and for Yuko, it literally does right now!


Today was the day. Mendol cast meeting. I lie awake in bed. I couldn’t sleep most of the night. Instead I watched Acchan sleep soundly next to me. She stayed over again. After Korean Hotpot we got home in time to watch AKBingo with my family. It was nice to watch it together as we both didn’t get time to participate in it. I’ve got a feeling my mum is starting to pick up on the fact that Acchan and I are together.

She was watching us intently when Acchan was lying on top of me, playing with my fingers and telling me how cute I was when I laughed. Or maybe I’m just paranoid. I’m really not sure. How would my family feel if they found out about us. I know for a fact my brother will be so devastated to the extent he might cry himself to sleep. If not he might dress up in my clothes in the hope that Acchan will mistake him for me and kiss him… I have a really weird brother… I’m more scared about how my mum and dad would feel. They have always supported me no matter what. But mum and dad always judge my brother’s girlfriends and always tell me to find a nice guy once I graduate from AKB48. Although mum does always tell my brother to find a nice girl like Acchan… maybe they wouldn’t mind if I was the one to date Acchan instead of my brother. Acchan usually laughs off the idea about being with my brother when my mum brings it up… I just didn’t understand until the other day that the reason she must’ve done it was because she was in love with me. How would they feel…

After watching AKBingo we played the PS3 together. The entire time I was playing Acchan would remain lying on top of me across the couch. Her head rested on my chest. She would sit there supporting me the entire time. Whenever the game was loading she would look up at me intimately and play with my hands and fingers. She looked so cute… I wanted to kiss her the entire time. In addition, Acchan isn’t really good at video games so I had to teach her. She would sit up in between my legs and I would hold onto her hands whilst they were on the control to teach her what to do. Her body warmth, her scent, how she makes me feel is so hard to explain. I just want to be with her for eternity.

When we got tired of playing the PS3 with my brother and father we excused ourselves to go to bed. Mum asked if we needed the futon and when Acchan replied that we didn’t mum looked at us with a small grin. Acchan told me I was just being paranoid about it. But I’m not so sure. Would my parents accept that I’m an L? I guess I’ll think about it another time… my princess is waking up now…

I gently brush the sleep out of her eyes as she stares at me with her beautiful eyes. She reaches up and holds onto my hand, pulling it close to her chest. She gently yawns and stretches out her other arm. Moving forward afterwards to snuggle close against me and press her lips gently against mine for a morning kiss.

“Morning Minami”

“Morning Atsuko”

She smiles brightly at me and kisses me again.

“How was your sleep?”

“Not as good as yours”

She looked at me pouting.

“Did I keep you awake?”

I smile softly at her.


“I’m sorry” She looks at me slightly distressed. “I didn’t know I snore”

Chuckling at her remark I begin to shake my head before kissing her on the cheek softly.

“I never said you snored! It’s just that you look so beautiful when you sleep that I couldn’t stop staring at you”

Despite the darkness of the room due to the closed blinds I could see a red tinge cast across her cheeks. She moved forward and slowly pulled me into an intense session of French kissing. As she moved away we both slowly recovered our breath.

“I love you so much Minami” She slowly moved my hand closer to her chest. I could feel heart beat. Gently caressing her cheek with my other hand I move in to kiss her soft lips again.

“I love you more than Katsudon…”

“NEH!!!!!!!!” She scrunched up her face annoyed that I had ruined the mood.


“Hmmph!!” She began to move away from me. I quickly moved across the mattress and spooned her from behind.

“You know how much I love my mum’s katsudon! If I love you more than that then you must be the most important person in my life”

She stopped moving and turned around to face me, looking at me intently.

“So I’m the most important person in your life?”

“Well apart from my family yes”

She continued to stare at me seriously.

“Does this mean that you like to eat me more than katsudon?”

I blushed gently, what she implying when she says “eat me” ergh….

“I guess you could say that…”

She smiled at me and moved closer against me.

“Does that mean I can eat you too?”

I blush furiously and nod slightly.


Unexpectedly she grabs onto me tightly and bites onto my neck giving me an instant hickey.


“What?” She chuckled mischievously “You said I could eat you…. Unless you want me to eat you in another way…”

“E-e-er no no no it’s fine” I turn away blushing.

“You’re so cute, I wanna eat you up!” She moved forward and whispered in my ear. “In more ways than one.”

I swallow immediately. My eyes widening as I feel her hand creep up my shirt. Her soft hand pressed against my stomach and I immediately begin panicking and squirming. She quickly moves on top of me and licks my lips.

“You taste so good…”


She moves down and silences me with a kiss. My hands unconsciously move up along her thighs whilst reciprocating her kiss. Her hands move down and begin grabbing at the elastic of my shorts. My hands however have already moved underneath her underwear, just like the other night I was grabbing onto her soft cheeks. She moves down slowly and nibbled on my neck before moving up to whisper into my ear.

“Minami…I’m ready…”

My eyes dart open and I freeze in motion. She looks at me as she notices my stillness. Looking at her I didn’t know what to say.


She slowly pushes herself off me and sits up on my thighs looking at me. My hands are still holding onto her behind.

“It’s okay if you’re not ready” She smiled as she moved her fingers up and down along my stomach. Her hands are sending thrills through my body. “I just wanted you to know that I’m willing to give you my all whenever you’re ready to give me your all.”

Pulling myself up, I gently nibble her neck and chest area… I can’t really reach her lips properly…I’m too short… She moans softly, enjoying as my lips gently caresses her skin. Suddenly I hear Tomochin’s voice and automatically collapse backwards against my pillow. Acchan growls in frustration and reaches for her phone. Ringtone Dear J… It’s the first time I actually disliked hearing this song…

Acchan answers the phone, voicing her frustration to the caller with a bland annoyed tone of voice.

“Moshi Moshi.”

“Acchan!” says a cheery voice on the other end of the phone.

“Er, Miichan?”

“Let me in!!”

“Where are you?”

“Outside your house!” Acchan glances at me and smiles at my sad pout.

“I’m not at my house…”

“ERGH! Where are you?”

“I’m at Takamina’s”

“Ohohohohoho! Smexy time!!!!” Acchan smiles at me whilst fiddling with the hem of my shirt and drawing circles on my stomach.

"Yeah and you ruined the best bit!”

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!” Acchan moves her ear away from her mobile as Miichan’s scream comes piercing through the phone. “I’M COMING OVER NOW!!!!” Acchan moves down and kisses me as we hear the sound of Miichan hanging up. I stare up into her eyes.

“Today’s going to be a long day…” Acchan giggled and nodded.

“Mmhmm long and sexually frustrating”

“For you!” I chuckled. She raised her eyebrow as she smirked at me. “What???”

“Your hands are still in my panties…” I quickly retracted my hands.

“U-um…” She laughed as she climbed off me to get ready for the long day of work ahead of us. I just lay there for a few more seconds thinking about what may have happened if Miichan didn’t call. I could feel the heat on my cheeks increasing…


WAHHHHHHHHHH! Yet again no bed scene! mwahahaha sorry...  :cry: lol anyway shall hopefully knock out the next chapter for you soon!!!!!

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Thanks for the update ninja! :)

lol its alright if there's no bed scenes i'm fine with Takaachan just being together

AWWWWW Yuko is so adorable afraid Haruna will leave her for guys. soo not truee

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA Miichan is gonna tease soo much after that phone call :lol:

i hope the plot of the movie will be revealed next chapter!

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 :heart: KOJIYUU  :heart:

THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE~!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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KojiYuu was so cute!!!  :wub: LOL "hentai" XD I guess KojiYuu moment isn't complete without this word XD

Thank for the update! I miss my ninja! XD Just kidding, take your time! But not too much...

This chapter was cute! And great! And funny! And...pervert  :lol: Miichan will so tease them  XD Poor Takamina... XD Or maybe not  :grin: And Acchan's ready for more.... Watch out... >.> The bed scene's coming  <.< XD

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 :luvluv1: KojiYuu 

 Maeda is ready to the next step :shy2:

I look forward to the next update  :kekeke:

update please!  :cow:

sorry if my english is wrong  :depressed:

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keiiiichaaaaaaan.... you are so awsome...  :thumbsup it's okay if your ninja skill is vanish as long as you update this fanfict it will be great....  :thumbsup :thumbsup oh my...  :shocked :shocked another delay on the bed scene...  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: its so interesting...  :grin: :grin: :grin: owgh, and so cant wait for the casting... what will acchan role in mendol... and how takamina reaction...  :O :O :O :? :? so curiouuuuuus....  :panic: :panic: :panic: i'll be waiting for the update...  :thumbsup :thumbsup and..... please not so long....  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Ello Ello! Thanks for the comments! Your much awaited Mendol Story line is now in your grasp! Don't know if anyone guessed this but I would be amazed if you did!!!!
Anyway love you all long time!!!

Chapter Twelve


Takamina’s head remained bowed down towards the ground as they continue walking towards the TV station. Miichan was happily skipping down the path ahead of her and Acchan screaming “SHEX” every two minutes. Acchan was happily holding onto Takamina’s arm smiling at her vibrant friend ahead of them. She didn’t care if the world knew about her and Minami. On the other hand Takamina was overly embarrassed. Although she loved Acchan she couldn’t bear the thought of Acchan’s reputation, and that of AKB48 being damaged due to her decision to be with Acchan. Her own reputation didn’t really matter much, like Yuko, she had been accepted by fans that she may be L. Well although it wasn’t true at the time, Mendol did help ease the possibility if she was in the future. And currently, it seemed she would not only be easily accepted, but her fans loved her being dressed as a male more than a female. Acchan doesn’t care if she’s dressed as a girl or a boy….to be truthful, Takamina believes that Acchan just prefers to see her naked due her persistence to bathe with her. As they continue strolling towards the TV station, Acchan notices the unease in Takamina’s facial expression.

Is she ashamed of being with me? Why does she act so differently when we’re alone…

Acchan began to feel self-conscious about how Takamina felt about their relationship, her grip on Takamina’s arm began to slowly slip. Noticing Acchan slowly retracting her arm, Takamina grabbed onto her hand tightly. She could sense that her own insecurities are beginning to affect Acchan as well. Acchan glanced over at her, seeing her smiling face, Acchan quickly smiled back and tightened her hold on the other girls hand. Pulling the other girl closer to her side, Takamina finally looked up at Miichan who was a few steps ahead.

“Does she ever shut up?” She sighed deeply.

“You don’t like her telling people we’re together?” The other girl asked as she looked over at her little boyfriend.

“Hmm?” The other girl looked over at her girlfriend. “It’s not that, well it is in some way… does the world need to know about our private life?”

Acchan looked down at the ground… Takamina is ashamed of being with me…

Seeing the other girl look down dejectedly she quickly stopped walking. She turned towards her and held onto both of her hands making the other girl look up at her.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking but I’m not ashamed of being with you.” Looking down and gently swinging the other girl’s hand she continued. “I love being with you” She turned and looked at Miichan who was still screaming and skipping ahead of them. “It’s just that I don’t want people to gossip about our private PRIVATE life. It’s something special to me and other people don’t understand how special it really is to us.” She turned and looked at her girlfriend. “I can’t bear the thought of you getting hurt by what some people may say about you, I don’t care if they talk about me. All that matters to me if your welfare. Do you understand?”

Acchan smiled and nodded. Pulling the other girl into a deep hug she whispered into the girl’s ear.

“I’m not scared of anything as long as you stay by my side. What you think and feel about me is all that can ever affect me.”

A smile appeared on the shorter girls face and she gently rubbed her cheek against the one against hers.

“NO SEX IN PUBLIC!” Miichan squealed in front of Takamina’s face making her jump back.

“Damn it Miichan!!” She growled angrily.

Sensing the other girls anger Miichan quickly ran away. The little captain immediately chased after her angrily as Acchan laughed at them and slowly began to run after them towards the TV station.


Here we are, sitting in the giant office with our scripts in hand. I keep looking up at Acchan who is seated across from me.  We’re all nervous about the movie. Wonder what’s going to happen… Is Persona going to be in the movie? Are we going to debut as No Sleeves? How are we going to be reintroduced into the entertainment industry? So many questions are flying through my head. But the most important question for me is what role does Acchan play in the movie.

Finally our director gives us the okay to read the script and discuss it…


Asahi, Nami and Hinata decide to work at Tokyo Disney together in the Disney Princess Café. However due to Hinata’s inability to stop herself from eating the customer’s cake the three girls are fired. In hearing that there is a lack of male staff the three girls dress up as males for job interviews as Disney Princes. Once arriving at their job interview they are immediately recognised and scouted by the employer who is a major Persona fan. The boys are then asked to perform on stage. When performing on stage, Ray enters Tokyo Disney in disguise to pick Nami up from work. Upon seeing her Kai on stage dressed up as Prince Eric she immediately rushes onto the stage to kiss him. Due to the media coverage on the event, Saeko and Marilyn find out and immediately attack the boys again to manage their career. Since Ray was not recognised by the media, the boys are asked to star in a movie, and Kai is asked to act as the love interest of an up-coming star Tanako Naru (Atsuko). Naru, despite having a boyfriend, begins to fall in love with Kai. Kuu on the other hand meets Naru’s boyfriend whilst dressed as Hinata and instantly falls for him. Asahi is still with Jiro, however upon seeing Katsuyuki, is told by him that he may no longer be gay and may actually like Asahi. Ray who is still intimately attached to Nami, becomes overly jealous when media pictures of Kai and Naru having lunch together are all over newspapers with the headline “Ray dumped by Kai for co-star”… The rest of the storyline… you won’t find out until later!!!!... It has not been written 

Acchan smiles brightly at the script and then glances over at me. Forming a kiss with her lips she kisses the air and blows it towards me. Before I could subtly reach out and catch it Hanako suddenly begins to shake me nonstop.



Cuddling onto me she smiles excitedly.

“You are dressing up as Prince Eric!!! He’s my favourite Disney Prince!”

“Haha, is that all? I thought there was something wrong with the script!”

“Oh, I haven’t read it all yet…” She bends down and continues reading the script.

Miichan looks over at me and smiles.

“I get to dress up as Cinderalla! You on the other hand… You have to dress up as Mulan… She’s not even a princess… however she does dress up as a male in disguise… so I guess they had to make you Mulan because you are male!”

I glare at her intently… Seems like she’s been hanging around Mariko too much lately…

Haruna looks at the script nervously. All she can think about is the look of devastation that would appear on Yuko’s face once she knew the plot of the new movie. Not only was Jiro her boyfriend in it, but Katsuyuki was going to confess that he likes Asahi…

“Are you okay?” Haruna turns to Acchan who has gently placed her hand on hers in a comforting way.

“Yeah… I’m just a bit nervous about… yeah”

Acchan although confused at first, finally catches onto the fact that Haruna is nervous about Yuko’s reaction when she notices the other girl gently stroking the Purikura of the Squirrel on the back of her phone.

“It’s going to be okay. She’ll understand you’re only doing it for the movie.”

Seeing Acchan smiling at her Haruna feels a little bit of relief, yeah, maybe Yuko will understand.

“Mmm…” She nods as the other girl before looking back down at her phone.

After comforting Haruna, Acchan begins to think about her feelings about the script a bit more. Takamina is still dating Ray in the movie… and Ray does kiss Kai on the Disney stage… Was she going to be alright with seeing her girlfriend kiss another girl? Well… during the reunion party it was fine because Takamina ended up embarrassing herself and biting onto Hanako’s nose. Looking across the table she watches as her girlfriend continues to the study the script.

“Hey Miichan you have a love interest!” Takamina said with a sly smirk on her face.

Looking across happily Miichan smirks.

“Yeah but my love interest is dating your girlfriend!”

Hanako looks over immediately.

“No he’s not he’s dating Maeda’s character”

“Oh oh oh yeah sorry I read the script wrong!” Miichan quickly backtracked remembering that no one in the room knew about me and Acchan expect me, Acchan, Haruna and her.

Smiling pleasantly at Miichan, Hanako suddenly turned and looks at me holding onto my arm.

“Kai, you better not cheat on me with Naru!”

I look over as Acchan who is seated next to Haruna, she pouts at me sadly.

“Ergh!” shaking my arm out of Hanako’s I continue “You don’t have to act like Ray already!”

“Yeah true… but when I do… Oh you are in trouble!!”

I felt a bead of sweat stream down the side of my head. She reaches up and holds onto my head. My eyes widen in fear.

“I’m going to get revenge on you!!”

“W-w-what do you mean?”

“I’m going to bite onto your nose in the middle on Disney during filming like you bit onto mine the other day!”

I look at her emotionlessly.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…”

“Nope! And afterwards I’m going to kiss you all over your face and snuggle into you!” She said excited. “I’m Kai’s and Kai is mine!”

“Huh?” I look at her in fear.

“Hehe I’m just trying to get back into character!” Pinching my cheeks gently she continues “You are so cute when you are nervous! I miss seeing you freak out!”
Slapping her hands away from my face I hear someone asking a question.

“Excuse me…” I turn and look at Haruna. “But who is playing Acchan’s boyfriend?”

Everyone looks at each other puzzled, this was true no one knew who was playing Acchan’s boyfriend. I slowly glared at all the men in the room, they better not make any perverted moves or I’ll bash them…

The director smiled at Haruna politely.

“Well he isn’t here yet but he should arrive soon…”

We all turn towards the door as we here the knob being turned.

“Looks like he’s here now!” We all watch as the door slowly opens. I’m glaring at the door, Miichan squinting, Acchan overly nervous, Haruna’s emotionless like normal. “This is Naru’s boyfriend…”

My eyes widen upon seeing the asshole in front of me. I clench my teeth before saying his name.

“Ishihara Shinji”.


Thought that was bad news!! There's something worse!

I'm going to be away for the next two weeks! Gomen!!! Ninja has definitely died I'm sorry! I will see what I can do for you guys tonight if i have time! Apart from that I do apologise... My ninja abilities have been taken from me until further noticed... hopefully, I will reincarnate soon! Love you all!

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 UPDATED Chapter Twelve...Ninja is dead!
« Reply #69 on: February 20, 2011, 05:16:27 AM »
yeaaaaaaay... finally u update keichan...  :cow: :cow: :cow:

but waiiiittttt..... "Ishihara Shinji.." ... uhmm...  :? :? :? Ishihara..... :huhuh :huhuh :huhuh ISHIHARAAAAAAA???????!!!! :shocked :shocked :shocked

dont tell me that.... he is.... he is...... HE IS THAT ANNOYED GUY!!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHTTTTTTTTTT........ AS I THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!! u try to kill me slowly with the story...   but oh well.....  i guess i have to wait for the update what will happend to acchan n takamina

now you make me curious with the story line... i cant have a guest / speculation now...

but dont worry.... i'm still like your story...

i'm just hopping that... you will make appear of takamina in dansho yesterday in akbingo will you granted my wish....

taka kun protect princes maeda...

waiting for your next update...

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 UPDATED Chapter Twelve...Ninja is dead!
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at least you finally revealed the plot. hehehe i'm glad Aachan's character is gonna cheat on him what Takamina  :twisted:

lol i love how Hanako is scaring Takamina with her Ray character


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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 UPDATED Chapter Twelve...Ninja is dead!
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Thought that was bad news!! There's something worse!

Two weeks....  I want my ninja :smhid

Now... :shocked Don't tell me... love scene between him and Atsuko? I don't even want to think about it....

 :lol: I missed Ray

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 UPDATED Chapter Twelve...Ninja is dead!
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Elo!!!  :mon hi: Keichan ^_^ san!!!  :on gay: Oi!!! Dude, thanks for the update  :bow: :bow:
 (even if you're not that fast anymore, it's still ok with me!!   :mon thumb: since you're the one who made me love the Takaachan couple :]  :mon squee: )

Anyway, I read this (yeah, you read that right  :yep: :yep:) I read this (after soo many days of suffering bec. of school, and missed commenting and just finished reading those last chapters...) Gotta say, Can't really wait for the next chap!!!!  :mon angel:

I thought that I would never see that jerk again, like he's just an additional character or something, but really, Keichan san, you really do know how to fire things up (especially the smexy I said smexy parts  :drool: ... hehehehe  :mon mischief:) Wow! This is unexpected coming from me...  What have you done to me!!!?  :mon headbang: 
Now I really look like a true Yadong freak  :mon scare: (and it was all because of you!!!  :mon mad:) Nah, just joking..  :hiakhiakhiak:

 But really thanks soo much for the fic (and the smexy parts as well...  hehehe :mon mischief:)

Pls. update as fast as you can, my perverted ninja!!  :lol: :lol: (I'll use that for calling you  :twisted: bwahahaha!!  :wahaha: )

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 UPDATED Chapter Twelve...Ninja is dead!
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I have been silently reading your fic and I have to say that I love it.

YEAAAA AN UPDATE! haha I knew that guy would pop up again and I bet he is gonna cause alot of drama.

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 UPDATED Chapter Twelve...Ninja is dead!
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Gaaaaa!!! U updated!!!!
i've been one of those silent reader...well that was until today cause ur fic is so awesome!!!
I like the whole mendol thing in it, and of course TAKAACHAN!!!!  :D :w00t:
The takaachan moments were seriously cute  :wub: :wub: :wub: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :love: :heart:
Ah!!! Its that b@stard...opps potty mouth came out  :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
he just makes me want to kill him  :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
please update soon!!!!!

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 UPDATED Chapter Twelve...Ninja is dead!
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So I decided to browse the rest of the fanfic section...

You have just made my day. I'm hooked. :mon thumb:

Actually, I just read the first 4 or 5 chapters and skipped to the current one out so far because I couldn't contain myself BUT I WILL go back and read and reread because it's that good. lol.

AtsuMina scenes are love. :mon lovelaff:

Edit: Okay so...I've read it all now.

Let me be the next in line to murder that Shinji guy after Takamina does.

Oh, and you continue to give me diabetes (with the couple scenes and all). :)

But that b*stard needs to step off...SOON. I do enjoy the drama though... I'm excited for Mendol filming. (O_O)

That is all. :P
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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 UPDATED Chapter Twelve...Ninja is dead!
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Before I begin I am sure that everyone on here is aware of the issues that are currently occurring in Japan at the moment so I would ask everyone on the forum who reads my fanfic to please support everyone in Japan by placing a Japanese Lucky Cat as there Avatar. Sounds corny I know but we can't do much from where we are although I am planning to go to Japan, however as for now we should just show our support. :japan: Ganbatte!!

As for now this is my next chapter, it's been hard writing it due to the fact that all these natural disasters are happening all over the world and due to my own busy schedule! I hope that everyone in this forum remains safe! I will leave my comments at the end of the chapter as i feel as though I have written enough!

So then... "Let's Enjoy!"

Chapter Thirteen

Here we sit. Same table. Same  movie script. Same director. Same positions. Oh wait my bad there’s a dickhead here now…

I bite down onto my inner cheek as I feel the asshole’s presence as he sits next to me.  My eyes twitching and I know it. Despite the fact that it’s closed I’m 100% certain that Acchan can see it! You know when you watch anime and there’s that scene where the annoying idiot begins to talk and begins laughing like a moron and there’s always a little girl with a twitching eye and clenched fist next to him? Well that’s pretty much the scene right now. However, I can’t really punch him in the face and watch his teeth fall out… damn you anime for making my imagination go wild!

“AHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the opportunity director!”


I open my eyes glaring ahead of me. However I immediately cease glaring as the first person I see looking back into my eyes in Acchan.

“By the way Ishihara-san…what happened to your nose?” Miichan asked with a smirk on her face.

Ceasing his sadistic laugh immediately he straightens himself up in his chair. I begin grinning evilly whilst looking down at my little hands which are gently placed in front of me. I felt like chuckling in victory however he had to open his fat mouth…

“W-w-well I accidently got hit in the face whilst helping a girl who got her bag stolen”


Yet again I open my eyes and glare ahead of me.


Damn it why does Acchan have to sit in front of me and stare at me…

I rest my chin on my hands in defeat… however I’m lucky Miichan is such a great friend to me!

“REALLY? Wow I just heard a rumour you got punched in the face for being a perverted asshole!”

Most of the cast members began whispering between themselves. I opened my eyes and looked at Miichan. She winked at me slyly making me grin. Immediately I grin back at her before giving her a quick thumbs up. I can feel the asshole glaring daggers at me however it’s as though I’m an EVA in neon genesis and my AT Field is reflecting his blades from harming me. Looking across from me I notice a sad pout from Acchan. Why is she pouting at me? She can’t like him can she?

After awhile we all begin to segregate from the meeting. Walking outside I sense that Acchan is trying to deter away from me.

“Oi Takamina!” Miichan nudges into me. “Shouldn’t you thank me?”

“Haha I guess I should! Thank you all mighty Miichan!” I say whilst bowing slightly towards her.

“No problem! We are the Minami mafia! No one dares to mess with us! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Miichan holds onto her hips and starts laughing victoriously. Feeling the moment I begin chuckling as well, however it is short-lived as I noticed Haruna staring blankly by herself. Walking over I give her a slight cuddle before Miichan wraps us into a tight hug.

“What’s wrong?”

Haruna looks up at us blankly.

“Just worried about how Yuko is going to take the plot of the movie…”

“She will be fine as long as you give her some loving!!!” Miichan gently pinches her cheeks. Haruna and gently giggle. “And by the looks of you should give Acchan some loving as well.

“Huh?” I turn around and glare towards the group of men surrounding Acchan. I watch as the asshole and Kawano try to talk to her… I feel as Haruna holds onto my shoulder… I guess Yuko won’t be that angry at me if Kawano starts flirting with Acchan… What’s annoys me right now isn’t the fact that they are flirting with her… it’s the fact that she’s laughing at their jokes… I move away and begin leaving the premises.

“Takamina where are you going?” Haruna tries to stop me.

“Home.” I stomp out and begin walking towards the train station.

Miichan and Haruna look at each other confused as to what to do.

“Er… I’ll get my wife and you go chase the dwarf!” Miichan quickly scrams towards Acchan as Haruna runs out to chase Takamina.


“WAIFU!!!!!” Miichan charges through the group and jumps onto Acchan.

“Miichan what are you doing?!?!” Steadying herself before she falls over Acchan takes a few steps to get her grounding right whilst carrying Miichan. Bending forward Miichan whispers into Acchan’s ear.

“Your midget elf has turned into the Grinch and has decided to ruin Christmas!”

Confused Acchan stares blankly at Miichan.

“Are you drunk?”

Frustrated Miichan scratches her head frantically.

“Your first rape victim has gotten away?”

Acchan immediately begins looking around the room before lifting Miichan higher up on her hips, apologising to Kawano-san, and begins sprinting out of the studio with Miichan enjoying the feeling of bouncing around whilst being carried by Acchan.


“Takamina! TAKAMINA!!!” Haruna chases Takamina as the little captain increases her speed ahead of her. Similar to the scene in Mendol where Riku chases Jiro, Haruna watches as an extremely quick Acchan zooms past her in high boots as Miichan cuddles onto her laughing and waves back towards Haruna as they over take her. She stops in her footsteps and stares at the awkward sight. “ERGH!!!!”


Catching up towards the little captain, Acchan quickly begins to yell out towards her girlfriend.


“Argh!!! Acchan stop screaming in my ear!!” Miichan squints in agony from the ringing in her ear.

“Oops sorry!”

Upon hearing Acchan’s voice Takamina slows down her pace and turns around to be faced by the weird sight in front of her.

Stopping a few paces away Acchan lets a whinging Miichan onto the ground like a baby before stepping forward and embracing Takamina into a tight cuddle.

“You look so cute when you scrunch up your nose and pout!” She then gently begins to kiss the angry wrinkles away with her soft lips, making the little captain giggle.

“Stop it Acchan! What are you doing?”

Moving away Acchan smirks at the small smile appearing on her girlfriends face.

“Are you angry at me?” She gently rubs her nose against the shorter girls.

“Hmmph!” Turning away the shorter girls’ cheeks redden.

“Aww, what did I do?” The taller girl gently snuggles into the small crescent area of the shorter girls neck.

“Why were you talking to them?”

“Well I have to meet the cast…and Kawano-san was speaking to me before the other idiot approached us and I can’t just be rude and leave Kawano…”

“Well why were you pouting at me during the meeting?”

Cuddling Takamina closer Acchan gently kissed the shorter girl’s neck.

“Well since you were lying on your arms I saw the giant bruise on your elbow…and I just can’t stop blaming myself for you getting hurt by him”

Holding the taller girl closer she gently kisses her cheek.

“It’s not your fault. I love you, so I have to protect you”

The taller girl smiles gently before looking up and kissing the smaller girl on the lips.

“I love you too.”

Suddenly Takamina feel as she gets kicked in the butt and Acchan is pulled away from her.

“NO SHEX IN PUBLIC!!!!” Miichan yells triumphantly as Haruna lightly laughs whilst pulling onto Acchan.

“ERGH!!!! Why do you always ruin the moment!!” Takamina sulks in defeat whilst rubbing her butt.

“Because you PDA rape Acchan more than Yuko touches Haruna’s boobs in public!” Miichan quickly replies.

“NEH!!! Why are you dragging me into this!” Haruna pouts at Miichan.

“Hahaha gomen! Only person I can think of who is more perverted than Takamina!”

“I’m not perverted!” The shorter girl protested before attacking Miichan in a playful wrestling match.

Looking at the two younger girls Haruna sighs before walking away with Acchan.

“Come on Acchan let’s go get some food”

Smiling brightly younger girl strode proudly with the older girl.

“Mmm I feel like pancakes and ice-cream!”

Upon hearing the mention of pancakes Miichan and Takamina cease their activities and looks up at the two figures getting away from them.



Looking at each other they quickly turn and chase after the other girls.



@sorakamiya: I have already completed granting your wish and I am happy you liked it! Thank you for being so supportive of my fanfic! I have been enjoying all your new ones!
@mangobanana15: Hehe I knew for some reason you wouldn't enjoy the Ishihara character! hehe but i will not give the plot away!
@bou-j525: scene... we will see! lol but sorry about my lack of ninjaness! I will try my best to get back to my ninja training when i have more time and motivation! Love where your fanfic is going but dude...why wont you be my friend!!! I am motivating you to type!..however not a fan of the cliffhangers!...update soon!
@alexiel17: ahhhh my dearest Yadong! maybe I should actually write a bedscene but pm it out so younger people can't read it...when I say young I mean you! mwahahahahaha! jk jk no bedscene...however if you are nice to me you may get some kojiyuu lovel lovel!
@imcutek: Welcome to JPHIP! lol I use to be like you and just read all the time!!! But thank you for your support! I hope to keep you entertained!
@hott3stson3: Welcome to JPHIP as well! lol I love it when silent readers come out! I hope you enjoy the new update! and swearing if okay with me! Even I get angry when I type it!
@Japanime1: Hahaha thank you!!! I have been reading your fanfic and absolutely love it! I'm a silent stalker on Stage48 and Nihongo but noticed your inputs in the takamina threads! Anyway about the Mendol filming! If time and motivation arrives than I will write out a fanfic of the movie!

To everyone else, silent readers and people who leave thanks for me all the time Domo Arigato Gozaimasu! Hope I wrote that correctly! Lol! As for now I must prepare for work tomorrow! Love you all heaps!

P.S. To a certain Hentai-chan (you know who you are!) You promised me on fb chat that you would update a Takacchan facfic!

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lol i did promise  ;) ;) ;)
just give me some moooooooore time to finish it  :nervous
i still felt its...hmm what's the word, um  :roll: incomplete? haha
i'm still trying(struggling) to get the feelings back of wanting to write again, gomen  :P

PS: stop calling me hentai-chan if u dont want me to call u sue-chan  ;) ;) ;)
oh, and good thing u didn't stop writing this ninja-kun... :lol: ja!

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 :shocked :shocked keichaaaaaaaaaan..... finally you update....  :w00t: :w00t: thanks loooooooooooooot.....  :cow: :cow:

you have granted my request. you are my favourite ninja.... and thank you for reading my fanfict. i'm glad you enjoy it.  :yep: :yep:

i'll be always support your fanfict and i'll wait for your update....

and about the ava, is anyone in here could told me how to change my ava... I dont know how...

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AhHhHhH!! You updated!!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
I now will now bow to you  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
Lol, Takamina and the twitching~ And Miichan totally burning shinji  :lol: :lol: :lol:
 :lol: :lol: XD XD  The waifu made me lmao, that reminds me of how asian parents say english words differently...(I have to deal with my asian parents english  :smhid ) Not really fun
Naw I love their cute accents  :lol: :lol: :lol: XD XD XD
Awwww, cute Takamina being all jealous~ don't worry Acchan would never go for that EHEM A word EHEM....bad cold XD XD :P :P
Anyway UPDATE SOON!!!!

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