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The Cast and Correlation Chart
« on: February 05, 2011, 07:01:55 PM »
As a quick reminder and for any new fans who will start watching Season 2:

Maeda Atsuko - Maeda Atsuko: Transfers to the school and into 2C.

Rapapa (Wind Instrument Club):
Yuko-senpai - Oshima Yuko: Leader of the strongest gang / wind instruments club "Rappappa".
Sado - Shinoda Mariko: Subleader of Rappappa, manages the top 4.

The Four Queens:
Torigoya - Kojima Haruna: One of the top 4 in Rappappa, loves chickens.
Shibuya - Itano Tomomi: One of the top 4 in Rappappa, gal.
Black - Kashiwagi Yuki: One of the top 4 in Rappappa, single mother.
Gekikara - Matsui Rena: One of the top 4 in Rappappa, absent due to being sent to reform school.

Shibuya's Underlings
Dance - Yagami Kumi
Anime - Nakaya Sayaka
Jumbo - Tanabe Miku
Rice - Yonezawa Rumi
Showa - Katayama Haruka

Team Hormon: A yankee group that chats in 2C while eating hormones.
Wota - Sashihara Rino: Leader.
Unagi - Kitahara Rie
Akicha - Takajo Aki
Bungy - Nito Moeno
Mukuchi - Komori Mika

Kabuki Sisters
Ookabuki - Kasai Tomomi
Kokabuki - Kuramochi Asuka

Sansho Sisters: Small, but together they're strong
Love-tan - Oota Aika
Manamana - Oku Manami
Myao - Miyazaki Miho

Onizuka Daruma - Nachu: A yankee that eats chicken wings when she wins.
Chokoku - Akimoto Sayaka
Gakuran - Miyazawa Sae
Nekketsu Seito Kaicho (Hot Blooded Student President) - Minegishi Minami
Matsui - Matsui Jurina
Erena - Ono Erena
Minami - Takahashi Minami: Involved in Maeda's past?

Yabakune: Rival school
Nezumijo - Watanabe Mayu
Chiharu - Sato Amina
Sanae - Sato Yukari


Maeda Atsuko - Maeda Atsuko (The opposite of the glasses...Strongest!):
The mysterious transfer student that has come to Maji High. Always diligently aiming to become a nurse but becomes the strongest by hearing the words 'maji'

2nd year Class C Team Hormone (Observing while eating hormone**):
Consists of:
Bungee - Nitou Moeno
Akicha - Takajou Aki
Wota - Sashihara Rino
Unagi - Kitahara Rie
Mukuchi - Komori Mika
In 2-C where Maeda transferred into, the group of 5 whom continuously eat hormone everyday. They observe Maeda, though she's on their minds.

Kabuki Sisters (Gonna Kabuki*** tonight too~):
Consists of:
Oo Kabuki - Kasai Tomomi
Shou Kabuki - Kuramochi Asuka
These sisters wearing Kabuki makeup that fight with no rules. The older sister's weapon is the bottom of her palm. The younger sister's specialty is explanation.

Sanshou Shimai (3 girls with a fighting style of cruel angels):
Consists of:
Manamana - Oku Manami
Myao - Miyazaki Miho
Rabutan - Oota Aika
May seem small, but underestimating them would be painful. A 1st year group that fights cruelly while laughing. Close with Shiten'ou**** Shibuya.

Nezumi - Watanabe Mayu (The evil brains peeking from her parka):
Managing the information, she schemes from behind the scenes. Aims for the top with her intellect!

Choukoku - Akimoto Sayaka (The strongest lone wolf of the Hyakunin Isshu world):
Leaves one poem of the Hyakunin Isshu***** after winning a fight. The lone wolf that has mastered karate.

Gakuran - Miyazawa Sae (The most "manly" in Maji High):
Thinks she herself is a guy. Fights Maeda in order to steal Daruma. Seems like love.

Minegishi Minami - Minegishi Minami (The student president of justice!):
The self-proclaimed (?) President. "I'm the student president starting from yesterday." Dislikes crooked things.

Onizuka Daruma - Nachu (I'm the one who'll protect Atsu-nee!):
Forcibly declaring herself as Maeda's disciple out of admiration of Maeda's strength. Not actually all that strong in fights, but follows Maeda out of adoration.

Yuko-senpai - Oshima Yuko (The strongest yankii that holds the school together):
The president of the wind instrument club "Rappappa" that holds Maji High together. The strongest beauty that even the yakuza acknowledge. Currently in the hospital.

Sado - Shinoda Mariko (That sadistic fighting style is the worst!):
The leader of Rappappa that controls the Shiten'ou. Protecting the school in Yuko's absence; a woman with a strong sense of duty.

Black - Kashiwagi Yuki (That interior...Pitch black?!)*:
Movements are amazingly fast. Bids farewell with a poem and a death sentence to defeated opponents.

Gekikara - Matsui Rena (Missing in action but...don't forget me?):
Enjoys a cruel fight. Was in reform school but should be coming back soon...

Torigoya - Kojima Haruna (Chicken...?!):
The most eccentric within the Shiten'ou. Her past involves chickens but what??

Shibuya - Itano Tomomi (Don't underestimate the devilish girl?):
The most stubborn within the Shiten'ou. Does her own thing using her disciples.

Translator's notes:
* - referring to Black being black-hearted.
** - basically fried beef or pork giblets.
*** - Kabuki
**** - the title referring to the 4 strongest directly under Yuko-senpai and Sado.
***** - 100 poems by 100 famous poets

To be honest, there's some parts that I'm not too satisfied with (bonus points if you can point them out!) but I couldn't think of a way to translate it otherwise..
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