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Author Topic: [AKB48] bloodofthescribe's short writings - Perseverance [TomoAcchan] part 1  (Read 2501 times)

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Have not been able to work on my other fanfic so until such a time, here is something else that I have been working on.
It is the opening segment of a TomoAcchan fanfiction titled, Perseverance .

Perseverance  by bloodofthescribe - Part 1

"Is it really three months?"

The voice questioned tentatively, as if expecting an entirely different result. It broke her heart to hear, but knowing that she would indeed only return after three months allowed her heart to ache even more. Those lips which she knew all too well curved into a pout at the realisation. The smaller girl did her best to remain strong though it was clear that her emotions were too much to bear. Firmly, gently she stepped forward and embraced her girlfriend for the final time  until they met again in three months. A sweet perfume along with the unique scent of the curly haired girl reached her nostrils. Tilting her head to inhale the intoxicating aroma, she gave in to the comforting moment.

"Even if it may seem so, I am not unaffected by this. Three months is a long time." the taller girl confessed into the soft locks. "Most of all, I'm going to miss Tomochin."

Her girlfriend merely listened silently, with arms encircled at the taller girl's neck. Leaning back until her eyes met those below her own, her left hand stroked the smooth cheek tenderly. In response the surface coloured to a rosy hue yet the eyes managed to meet her own. Running down until the slender chin, the taller girl cupped it and met the pouty lips of her girlfriend with her own full ones. It was a simple meeting of lips at first. The raw feelings of the two and the burning desire kept within surfaced as each second passed by. They sought each other out hungrily, desperately, any way to let the feelings be shared. To be closer before being apart, their bodies met and filled the gaps in between. Continuously moving until they were as close as one, the taller girl found her body up against the petite form of her girlfriend as they maintained their exchange. Her tongue flicked across the small lips, they opened invitingly and the kiss intensified. Running softly, passionately, skilfully across the other tongue she captured all the love she had within in the kiss. The voice she could never grow tired of hearing moaned in satisfaction to her offering. Clinging close to the taller girl and breathlessly breaking apart from the kiss, they gazed at each other with dazed eyes unable to formulate words just yet.

Resting her forehead against her girlfriend's, the curly haired girl closed her eyes as if in thought. The brunette found that each second spent holding the girl in her arms only let the remaining time become more agonising for her.

"I love you, Tomochin..."
was all she whispered into the little ears before embracing the girl once more and promptly left the apartment without looking back. She was aware that if she didn't leave then, her resolve would allow her to cancel the plans and never leave her love.

The curly haired girl understood this despite the pain she felt in her heart. Her eyes following the receding figure of her girlfriend, the smaller girl made peace with reality and accepted the circumstances. "Acchan..." she whispered her heart beating as she watched the figure walk on.


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WOW~! TomoAcchan fanfic~?!  :on lol:

Please continue~!!  :mon XD:

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Oh I wonder how this pair will progress

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wooow.... this really interesting. kind a rare pair... please continue  :thumbsup

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Eiiiiiii, bloodofthescribe san!!  WAZZAAAAAAPPPP!!

Nice to see you here again :]  :mon XD: I'm still wating for your other fic (hope you'll update it soon :])  :mon fyeah:

Anyway, I'm not really a fan of the TomoAcchan pair  :mon sweat: (since I'm still quite new with paring Acchan with the other members, just been a fan of the Takacchan pair recently....  :mon innocent: :] )

Hope you'll be able to let me love this couple  :mon lovelaff: :] Hope fast updates :]  :mon dance: hehehe :mon roll:

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w0w!! :OMG: it's a new pair... tamoacchan :luvluv1:

i began to like their pair because of your fanfic!! :farofflook: :luvluv2:

please update soon...

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