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Author Topic: [My fiction]DarkWorld: The Raging Orc  (Read 3224 times)

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[My fiction]DarkWorld: The Raging Orc
« on: April 24, 2011, 07:45:21 AM »
Chapter 1

2 year later. After the war with Undead. One day. Suddenly, A reporter come in and he run into the palace.

"Sir. The Orc move a lot of solder into the border. Look like they want to declare war on us."

"Oh no. the orc are on the move. We will start moving solder to the border to defend too. Please tell the king about it."

"Yes sir"

I quickly gather all the solder and get ready to declare war. A day later, The reporter come again and he face look really serious.

"Did they declare war on us?"

"Yes, they did already. They are charging into our camp and we have a big war with them."

"Who win?"

"It is a tie"

"Ok, go and gather information about their move and plan. Report it to me"

"Yes sir"

I call up all the solder and we gather so quickly. We march to the front line in a day. We rest in the night. Next Morning, we meet the orc.

"We will going destroy the alliance"

"No you won't. We will be the one who destroy you"

"We will see about that. Charge"

"Attack everyone"

Everyone in the battle field start charging to each other. 30 second later. Both side engaged. We fight and fight. But the Orc are so strong and fierce. A hour later. we can't hold them. We retreat to into a city named "Golden".

Chapter 2
In that night. I am thinking out a plan. suddenly. The king come in and point his figure to the Mountain in the north and he smile at me.

"The Mountain is a clue. i give you"

"Are you thinking to ambrush them there?"

"No, We are going defend the mountain"

"But if we defend in a ground. We will have no water to drink from."

"No. The mountain is full of snow and is winter right now. So we can use the snow to make water."

"I understand"

"Now. you must send some messager to the city and call reinforcement. After the reinforcement come. We will defeat the orc together"

Next day. We move out to the city to the mountain. Orc quickly attack the city and move to the mountain and surround us. They start attacking with their siege and arrow. We throw rock and shoot arrow to them. We have a fierce battle with them. Few hour later. The orc retreat, they have a lot solder wounded and died in the battlefield. We didn't off guard. We set more guard in the night to watch over because they might give us a susprise attack. I go into the king's camp

"You see? sometime you should think more"

"Yes. I see what you trying to do. I should learn from you"

"Nah. I am old and useless. you are young. you just need to read more"

"Yes sir"

Next morning. We eat breakfast and after the breakfast. The orcs is arrive to the front of the mountain and get ready to attack.

Chapter 3

As we waiting for the orc attack. Suddenly the reporter that I sent out to get reinforcement comeback.

"The reinforcement will arrive in 2 hour."

"ok. thanks"

Everyone start to cheer up and quickly get ready for battle. A hour later. The orc start to attack and they climb. We shoot our arrow to the orc. The Orc's Ballista and shoot the arrow strike at us. We use fire arrow try to make the Ballista burn. We fight and fight. 2 hour later. The reinforcement come. Their camp is burning and the orc is going panic. They retreat. But we come out and surround them.

"You are stuck now. Just surrender"

"No. We wioll not surrender. Attack"

"Oh well. Charge"

We engaged again. This time we find out their weakness and we fight hard. Quickly a lot of orc surrender. But i see the king still fighting. But don't last long. The king come over to us.

"We surrender."

"Well, Wise choice. We don't need you to step down your throne. We jsut want you to join our alliance to protect the land"

"Are you sure? Thanks you for letting me into the alliance"

We go back to the palace and everyone welcome the orc king. he say that He feel really shame to declare war on us. We tell him that is okay, everyone make mistake. Few day later. Everyone match back to their own land.

The end

Story by: DJ HADE
Please support my fiction by viewing my fan fiction blog.
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Re: [My fiction]DarkWorld: The Raging Orc
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Chapter 3 is up now
Enjoy it

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