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Author Topic: [SaeYaka]BlueRose (FINISHED! - 12/07) + other SaeYaka fanfiction links ~  (Read 2812 times)

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Hello everyone! I was astonished by the huge lack of SaeYaka goodness around the Fanfic area so I thought I'd do better bringing you some of this wonderful piece of heaven ~

My blog currently holds a page with a list of SaeYaka fanfics, including my own, some from other authors who gave me their authorisation to post them there, and some that I have translated myself. The ones that aren't written or translated by me redirect to the original website where they were posted, so I'm sorry if sometimes some of the fanfic links are broken (like, currently, most of the portuguese ones, due to some problems with their original blog).

My fanfic BlueRose is still being written and the pace varies from day to day. It can go from 4 new chapters in the same day to almost a week without updates, so please don't feel alarmed if they go from being updated quite fast to a very slow pace. It's up to how overscheduled I am that moment.

You can either post your feedback (about all the fanfics from my blog) in their original websites, or here. Although it would be nice it they were posted in the original website, if you also comment here it will help me bump the thread so that it isn't burried on these forums. ^^

I hope you enjoy ~

BlueRose : HERE
Other SaeYaka fanfics from my blog : HERE

Have fun reading and fulfilling all of your SaeYaka needs ~ <3
Please don't forget to leave your feedback, it is very important!
ALSO: If you know any SaeYaka fanfic that isn't published in my blog page, please contact me as I'm trying to get them all there in order for it to be easier for the readers to have a place where all the fics are already.

List of the actual english fanfics in my blog:

    * Thanks You
    * ZMB48
    * The Brightness in your Eyes (originally written by danny_lolita from these forums and translated by me)

I will add more fics in the meanwhile in my blog but I'm not sure if I will update this thread since I don't come here often (I'm more of a stage48 user, sorry...), so make sure you check my fanfic page once in a while to see if I submitted more fanfics ^^

Do NOT repost these fanfics or redirect to them without the authorisation of their original authors. I am also VERY intolerant to plagiarism and I gladly appreciate that you tell me (if it concerns my work) or the original authors of these fanfics if you ever plan on creating a piece of work concerning or quite inspired in these original fanfics. Thanks you for your time.
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