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Author Topic: G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 5 ~  (Read 22304 times)

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 7 ~ WHEN LOVE TURNS DANGEROUS
« Reply #20 on: September 22, 2011, 08:29:43 AM »
@ Tchips : Hahaha. How come it makes sense for Aichan being a psycho person? I almost got killed for doing that. hahahaha. Hhahaha. If I had continued on with the ending, would you huant me even more? (I bet yes. =X hahahahaha)

@ lil_hamz : Hahahah. Life is always crazy. Just how we make it less crazy as it's suppose to be by thinking things positively :) hehehehe I had read that (on the day it was released. I *CRIED*. =X)  About my photography thingy, because of my degree, we are taking pictures in terms of that sense, using different kind of techniques for our portfolio, which had to plan on our own, which means we have to do our own subject preparation. :) hehehe

And O.O For the first time, you had imagined Risa to be alive!!!! I'm surprised!! =X HAHAHAHAHAH That could work . . .^.^

hahaha. I will write up a brief for the ending i had planned :)


"Erina-chan!" The policewomen brushed past Ai and ran towards the source of the cry, only to find the younger girl on her knees before a pool of dried blood, with tears running down uncontrollably her flawless cheeks. She had her eyes wide open and turned around, only to see Ai leaning by the side of the door frame.

"That's my blood." Ai mumbled monotonously. "I had accidently cut myself some nights ago while doing some craft work."

"I'm calling for forensics." The policemen decided, ignoring the explaination Ai had gave to her.

"Gaki-san was really not here. She haven been in my mansion at all. Not for once.  .  ."

"You are lying!" Erina screamed at Ai.


"The blood found in Takahashi's Mansion really belongs to Takahashi Ai. We do not have enough evidence to keep her in. We have to let her go." The supervisor informed.


"No buts! Just follow what I had ordered."


"Takahashi Ai, you are allowed to leave." The guards unlocked the black metal gates and swung the door open.

Ai stood up from the concrete bed and dragged her feet across the floor. Just as she passed by the policewomen who had arrested her, a slight smirk quivered across the side of her lips. "Risa belongs to me forever. No one can ever bring us apart. No one can ever separate us. No one . . . "

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 7 ~ WHEN LOVE TURNS DANGEROUS
« Reply #21 on: September 24, 2011, 11:17:42 AM »
Oh man, how could you leave us hanging while we were still hanging???! @@

It's surprising that I guessed Risa isn't dead huh? I shocked myself as well XD But if she's still alive, then the "fun" can continue *evil laugh* Tee hee hee.

Since Risa couldn't be found when Ai's home was raided, perhaps she was being kept prisoner in a secret room. The basement/cellar/attic?

Is this the end of this fic? Cuz us readers hope to be able to come back from being hung continuously ^^;

Wow, your classes do sound extremely interesting. What made you decide to take up that course of study? I've always regretted not going there for further study in the past. But everything's too late now. I'm just glad you're writing awesome fics and sharing them. Keep them up? Arigatou~ :bow:

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 7 ~ WHEN LOVE TURNS DANGEROUS
« Reply #22 on: September 28, 2011, 07:04:28 PM »
Well this was certainly something completely different from your other works  :D Not in a bad way, of course  :) It's always intresting to see how writers try some new stuff! Ai-chan seriously lost it, hope that Gaki-san is alive  :cry:
I'd like to see how the story will turn out  :twothumbs

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 7 ~ WHEN LOVE TURNS DANGEROUS
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Say Goodbye

Ah . . .It's raining again . . . Ai thought silently in her mind as she drew part of the curtain open gently, revealing part of the window. What a good way to end my last concert in Morning Musume. Ai sighed deeply.


On the other side of the hall, stood Risa, at the window 180 degrees opposite where Ai had stood. Risa, too, glanced out of the naked window at the down pouring cascading down the flight of stairs. Ai-chan is never ever going to graduate from being a rain-girl. . . Risa thought sadly as sad smile crept across her face.


"AH!!! How?! The concert is going to start in 10 minutes time! How?!I'm so nervous!" Makoto ratter nervously as the 4 Gokkies member gathered around their designated dressing room. Well, not exactly a room, rather, a white humongous tent. It was a outdoor concert for that day, and too, their debut concert. What's worse, was that it was raining heavily on that faithful day as well.

"Me too!" Came the response to Makoto's nervous cry out of nervousness from the barely 13 year old Risa.  21st October 2001, a day after Risa had turned 13. The four of them, spent the previous night together in the hotel room, with Asami and Makoto sneaking out of the hotel and got Risa a birthday cake without informing any of their seniors.

"Risa-chan, are you in charge of 'Ai o kudasai' today?" The 15 year old Ai asked in her heavily accent voiced.

"Yupps." Risa smiled weakly. The nervousness she felt was overflowing that it felt almost impossible for her to flash her perfect smile to her precious doukis.

"Let's do our best together!" Makoto urged as she grabbed onto Asami's and Ai's palm. Instinctively, both Ai and Asami reached their hands for Risa's and joined them together. "For Asami-chan as well. . . Even though she is unable to join us on stage today because of her injury, let us not let down the hardship we have went through the past 2 months. . . Make this a memorable debut show!" Makoto advocated.



Indeed it was a memorable one. . . With me sliding and falling down on the slippery stage. .  .Ai smiled bitterly in her mind. And it's raining today as well. . . thankfully, this is not an outdoor concert . . Ai continued as she laughed gently.

"Takahashi, time for you to gather up at the stage for the final rehearsal." The familiar voice of her manager echoed into Ai's ear, breaking Ai's chain of thoughts.

"Hai. I'm coming over right in a moment." Ai responded. She released the cloth she was grabbing on, returning the curtain back to its original position slowly.  Last rehearsal. . . .


And to think that our debut concert ended up being a disaster. Ai-chan, Yoshizawa-san, Goto-san and Iida-san had all fell on the stage due to the rain . . . Ai-chan, it's your fault! During our Gokkies photo book shooting as well . . . Who was the one who had called for the rain, causing the need for me and you to include the umbrella in the photos as well? Risa remembered playfully in her mind. Though it was a fun memory, the smile did not arrive. Instead, a weak frown gathered above her brows, with wetness of tears forming at her eyes. samishii na . . .  

"Gaki-san, time for rehearsal." Sayumi came over to where Risa stood and informed. Risa swapped the lonely tear away from her cheek before tearing herself away from the glass window, coming face to face to Sayumi.

"Hai. Wakarimashita." Came the short and dejected response from Risa as Risa brushed past Sayumi quietly.

"Gaki-san." Sayumi called out.

"I'm alright. Let's go now." Came another short reply from Risa. It was around this period of time last year, when Ai-chan had told me about her intention to graduate. . . And . . . A year had passed, just in a blink of an eye. . . With Kame, Jun Jun, Lin Lin graduated from our family. . . the Kyuukies and Juukies entering Morning musume . . . In just a year . . . A year. . . Risa reflected in her mind as she continued advancing forward towards the backstage, the designated gathering place for the members before they stood before the stage for the rehearsal.


"Gaki-san, can you come over for a while? I have something to talk to you about." Ai, who was standing at the entrance of her dressing room, stopped Risa, who was skimming her way down the corridors leadings to the various changing rooms like she usually does during her free time.

"Hai!" Risa responded as she titled her head slightly to her right. What is it Ai-chan wants to talk to me about? Such a sudden? Did I do something wrong again? Risa conjectured in her mind. She tracked slowly back the way she came from, brush passed Ai smoothly and sat down on the spare chair placed in the small dressing area.  "What?" Risa asked causally while she instinctively began to pack up Ai's scattered make up on the dressing table.

"I have something to talk to you about. . . " Ai ensured that she had secured the curtain properly before returning to her seat beside Risa.

"You said that already, didn't you?" Risa nodded her head absentmindedly before continuing.  "About what?"

"I am graduating." The simple three worded sentence sent Risa to freeze in her actions.

"Why?" Risa quivered as she stared at in to the shiny eyes of Ai. Tell me you are just joking with me, Ai-chan. This can't be true. . .With Kame, Jun Jun and Lin Lin graduating at the final day of this concert, you are the last person I will want that to happen. Risa flustered in her mind. The honest tears lingered at her eyelid, threatening Risa to break down right in any moment.

Ai broke the eye contact, looking away from Risa's hazel coloured orbs as she felt her tears gushing up through her tear gland, together with the sourness she felt at her nose. She directed her attention towards the plain white flooring. "I - "Ai parted her lips to speak, but nothing had came out, as her voice was choked at her throat, causing her to swallow the words that were intended to be expressed.

Risa heaved a deep breath. "When?" Came the almost inaudibly voiced question from Risa.

"Not decided yet. . .  " Ai trailed off as silently as Risa had raised the question.  She lifted her head slightly, only to catch Risa swiping away a single tear off her right cheek quietly. "Gaki-san . . ." Ai called out gently.

"Time to gather up!!" 

Before Ai could say anything, the familiar voice of their main manager echoed into the small room, causing the two frail bodies to jump up in surprise. "Let's go . . . " Risa stood up from the seat and stepped a step forward.

"Make up. . . " Ai called out after Risa, causing Risa to freeze in her motion.

"It should be alright. . . " Risa replied. "Let's go. . .. They are waiting for us. . ." Risa turned around and smiled weakly at Ai.


Once again, Risa felt the tears lingered around her eyelid as the fateful memory flashed passed the back of her mind. Being so immersed in the world of her memory, she took no notice on the appearance of the other girl from that memory, who had crept beside her quietly.

"Itai!" Risa cried out loud as she felt a wack on the side of her head. "Ai-chan!" Risa whined playfully. She had not had the need to see who was the one. There was only one person who will do that freely. Takahashi Ai.

"What are you doing alone over here, stoning in the space? Rehearsal is starting soon." Ai ratter at her usual speed and linked into Risa's arm. "Let's go!" Ai continued, dragging Risa with her onto the stage. You looked like you were about to cry when you stood alone over there, Gaki-san. . . Why are you always crying out alone . . . how many times were there, where you had cried, without me even noticing or knowing about it?

Ai-chan . . . why do you always be able to do that. . . whenever I'm at my brim of tears, you will always appear by my side, with a smack on my head. . . you know how much I do not want to cry before you, don't you? Arigatou, Ai-chan. . . Risa thanked in her mind as she allow Ai to drag her up the side steps up the stage, where the other members were gathered before the choreographer, who was giving out the final instructions on the positions, standings, and movements.


"Alright, the rest of you can return back to the backstage for preparation. Takahashi's solo's rehearsal up next." Nacchan, the choreographer announced.


I can't believe this is happening . . . It is real. . . It is reality. . . It has yet to settle in me until this moment, Ai-chan . . .

For the first time in these ten years plus, Risa was seated alone in this audience seat, watching the rehearsal of the final concert. Her usual company, the one who had sat beside her on her usual right since their first meeting on the bus to the training grounds,was now standing on the stage, the stage she longs to stand for her own graduation - the stage of Budokan,

Ai-chan had said to Ishikawa-san during her graduation that she too wanted to be able to stand in such huge and prestigious like Budokan for her own graduation concert. . . How many years ago was that? 6 ? Risa reminisced the particular scene, at the same seat where she sat, with Ai on her left, watching Rika performing as Viyuuden during rehearsal. That was the first time, we Gokkies, had set our feet on the stage of Budokan . . .Ai-chan's dream about performing on the stage of Budokan had came true. . . Yokatta . . .  


"Alright ladies, we have gathered you all together today for this important and joyous announcement. We have managed to seize the booking of Budokan for two nights for the senshuuraku concert for the upcoming Autumn tour."

It all happened on a Friday somewhere in the middle of May, where the chief manager had informed the members 3 days before the same information was released to the fan club. Risa sat on her seat, froze in position.

"Really?!" Sayumi, who was seated by Risa's left,  shrieked out in a high tone. "Budokan?! It has been 5 long years ever since we had set our feet on it! Aren't you excited about this, Gaki-san?"

Risa remained as silent as she was, ignoring the fact that Sayumi was speaking to her at that moment. That was the first time, Risa had realised that how fast time had flew by. The reality had settled in within her for a short moment for the first time.

Ai-chan . . . She's graduating at the end of this Autumn tour, isn't she? Budokan . . . Should I rejoice about the fact that we finally has this chance to perform in Budokan once again . . . Or should I be upset . . . For the fact that Ai-chan would no longer be by my side, in this Morning Musume that we both treasured with all our life. That was the first thought that flooded Risa's mind.

"Gaki-san?" Sayumi placed her hand on Risa's right shoulder."Are you alright?"

Risa brushed away Sayumi intended comforting hand on my shoulder and assured to her that she was alright. "I'm alright." Risa croaked, while trying to let a smile on her face.

"Budokan. . . .This is so exciting, isn't that so, Gaki-san?" Sayumi asked again.

"Hmm." Risa agreed quietly before turning back to their chief manager who was seated across the table. "Have Ai-chan know about this yet?" Risa struggled to asked with having herself to cry.

"We have yet to inform Takahashi about this. She will be coming on for the rehearsal later for tomorrow's concert after her rehearsal for the hamlet play. I will inform her about this when she reaches later." The manager assured.

Risa nodded her head in acknowledgement. She stood up from her seat slowly and headed towards the dressing room. "I'm going to get change now. I will see you all in the studio later on." Risa informed.


"At first, I knew nothing about the audition. The first time I heard about the audition was from my friend." Risa sat her position beside Asami, listening tentatively to what her fellow generation mate had to say about their stories of  the audition.

"Heard?!" The host repeated the same intonation that Ai had pronounced her 'heard'.

"Hai." Ai answered innocently and tried to continue the rest of her story. That was until the other host interrupted her again.

"Takahashi-san, what prefecture were you from?"

"Fukui desu." Came the answer from Ai.

 "I see." Commented the TV host.

Taking the cue from the assistant producer to continue with her story, Ai continued, "At first I do not know about the time, the time of deadline for the audition. So I called up Fukui TV to ask them.

Fukui TV? Risa thought as she let out a hidden laugh. Mou, Ai-chan. . .  Risa looked around her seniors to check whether what kind of reactions she should have. It would be weird if I am the only one who laughs.

"Hai. And they did not know about it as well. So they called Tokyo TV on my behalf. . ."

Tokyo TV?! Mou AI CHAN! Risa burst out into laughter.

"It's TV Tokyo!" Commented the host.


Ai-chan is always Ai-chan. . . You will never change. . . The Ai-chan from 10 years ago and the Ai-chan 10 years later. . . They are the same! Even though you had always said that you are not interesting enough, trust me, you are. Risa smile lightly as she leaned forward, resting her elbow on her knees, keeping her eyes fixed on the petite girl standing on stage.


What is Gaki-san sitting alone over there? Ai wondered in her mind as the music fades into the background. Why isn't she preparing herself at the backstage?

"Takahashi! You missed the cue to start!" The director's voice echoed into Ai's ear through the earphone she was wearing, with the background music stopped.

"Sorry!" Ai apologised, nodding her head low down.

"Let's start again."

The intro started again. This time round, with her absolute attention, Ai had managed to start her solo song at the right key. With that, her eyes met with a teary pair that were metres away down the stage, amongst the audience seat.

That Baka. There she goes again, crying alone, not wanting me to it. Well, I too have a good eyesight, not as good as compared to her though . . . . That's the reason why, we, Gokkies, are so protective over her. . . Even though she is the youngest among the four of us, in terms of mental age and maturity, she is the one at the top. . . though that, pulling out the strong demure from her, she's just a little baby, who constantly needs someone to be by her side, talking to her, or rather listening to what she has to say. . .

"Come over!" Ai shouted into the microphone towards Risa as the last note ended, causing Risa to jumped at the sudden addressing to her. Ai giggled lightly at the actions, watching from far, watching how Risa frantically wiped away her tears as she stood up from the seat and ran across the arena towards the stage.


"Ganbatte ikimashou!" Ai shouted as the members gathered around in a circle, with the right hand piled on top another, their left tightly holding to the ones beside them.

As the members scattered to their allocated side of the stage, leaving Ai and Risa standing firm at their position, with their eyes fixed on each other. Tears had already made their way to Ai's pearl black iris. Seeing that, Risa instinctively, held firmly onto Ai, patting lightly on her back.

"No, you are not allowed to cry. Not until the end. . . " Risa uttered sadly, as her voice croaked slightly well, causing Ai to pull away from the hug.

"You too! You are not allowed to cry as well!" Ai ordered. You have cried enough these 10 months. . . tears don't belongs to you. . . smile is . . . "I want to see Gaki-san's smile right from the start, till the end of the concert." Ai continued.

"Hmm." Risa nodded her head lightly. "Let's smile together, enjoying this final performance together!"

"Hmm." Ai nodded her excitedly as well.

"Let's go!"

"Eh, which side do I go to?" Ai flustered, looking innocently at Risa with her usual wide open eyes.

"Mou Ai-chan!" Risa groaned playfully. "Right at this very last moment, you are still asking this question!"

"Am I going to this side?" Ai suggested to herself, ignoring Risa's whining about her bad habits of not remembering her position, whether to ascend the stage from the right or the left.

Having have no means on the air-headedness of her best friend, Risa gave in. "I'm going to this side. So you will probably be on the other side instead." Risa sighed dejectedly.


There are still so many things that we had yet to do together. . . I took for granted, the days we spent together. . . It had never occurred in my mind that there will be this day, where I will no longer be able to stand by your usual left side, no longer be able to stand together on the stage that we both loved. Staring at the lonely silhouette image of your back before me, watching you giving your final message to the fans before the last curtain draws. . . It feels . . . so lonely. . . But no . . I can't break down before you. I have to brace myself strong, in order to let Ai-chan, you, to graduate without any regrets.

Just like how the magnets work - the like poles repel while the unlike poles attract to each other. We shared nothing in common except for the fact that we both had entered into Morning Musume via the 4th instalment, making both of us Gokkies, and that our love for Morning Musume is the same. Other than that, I couldn't thought of something that is similar between us. I'm always the mature one, getting things into order when I'm the younger one between us while you - you had always acted like a little child. But the truth is that, deep down inside, I'm the childish one between us and you are the mature one. You had always thought of things that normal people who not thought of readily.

Ai-chan, you are always there, when I need support, though you always don't give me your 100% while listening. . . Such Ai-chan, I loved you the best. . . After your graduation, let us continue to maintain such a wonderful relationship together, shall we?  --Risa


The last moment had came, though it's hurting, it's a need for me to graduate. Though there are uncertainties, though I'm worried for Gaki-san, this goodbye, is necessary. . . It's the only way now. . . It's the only way for our destiny. . . Even though from this say on, we will be setting out on a different journey, Gokkies is still Gokkies. . .

Gaki-san from 10 years ago, barely 13 years old, being forced to the complexity of the human relationships, the harsh criticism, having to be alone from the rest of us, because she's from the kantou region. . . that was why . . . I'm always there watching out for her. As much as I had always relied on her, cajoling to her for her affection, she's the one that worries me the most. . .

Watching how she had grown up from a petite sized bean to now, taller than me, Gaki-san, these 10 years. . . Really. . . thank you for staying by my side for these 10 years. . . Until the day, where it's your turn to stand on your final stage, I will definitely be there for you. Until then, let us form the duo that we both had wanted to do so much, ne? --Ai


And when you need my arms to run into
I'll come for you
Nothing will ever change the way I feel . . .

Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love for everyday
So Say Goodbye
But don't you cry
Cos' True Love Never Dies.

--Say Goodbye, S Club 7

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 8 ~ SAY GOODBYE
« Reply #24 on: October 02, 2011, 03:32:35 PM »
First of all... I just wanted to say that I was planning on giving a thorough reply here in response to all your stories so far... but I've left it too long and I don't think I can catch up.  :nervous  So here's just a few thoughts on everything so far.  :love:

So THANK YOU for this thread. You've shared some really beautiful things here, and I really, really cannot express how much I think of everything you've written. This thread is TakaGaki paradise, to say the least  XD

Which also makes me wonder --- do you like any other pairings? *curious*

Your longest one-shot so far? The events of the story all happened a little too quickly I think, but just.... OMGAH.   :gyaaah:
I think I've read quite a few fics already which involve one of the girls loitering about as a ghost... it never gets easier to read.  :fainted: The diary was a great touch to the story though. Extremely sad, though not in a depressing-I-want-to-die-now way. Still... I do prefer my TakaGaki fluff above all else! *hint hint*  :P

@Mata Ashita:

I just read this now again, to refresh my memory... and the tears came spilling out  :mon waterworks: gawd, the waterworks really haven't stopped for me since evening of the 30th. Ai-chan.... TakaGaki...  :cry: :cry: :cry:

Still. . . I don't think I had did a good job for the past 4 years. . . the results. . . And I'm going to leave just as such. . . Ikuta. . .she's worrying me. . . it seems like she's not blending in as well as the other there are. . . what should I do to help her?

Awwwwwww.  :love: I bet that's the kinda thing that really goes on in her head. Always thinking about and worrying for others. It's really too sweet - and knowing too, that Ai was kind of the assigned mentor or Eripon, I do think the AixEripon combi is just adorable!  :deco:

Risa dragging Ai out to DisneySea =  :nya: I love how subleader and leader understand each other so easily.  :heart:

"Is that alright?" Ai concerned worriedly as she pulled down her hands, stopping Risa's lead. "Didn't Gaki-san said that you are now very bad with those thrill rides?" 

"Daijoubu! As long as Ai-chan is with me, I'm always okay with them." Risa reassured.

Well... we all saw what happened during their trip to Lotte World...  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Okay, fair enough with the thrill rides. But who knew Gaki-san was worse than Ai when it comes to haunted mansions? (or maybe just excuses to bury herself into Ai, hohoho). Makes me wanna see how badly Eri would've freaked in this one  :grin:

"There's no need for thank you between us, Ai-chan." Risa returned softly.

:mon inluv:

{Nee, Ai-chan! Don't think about too much! I will always be there. ^.^ Tomorrow will always be there! I will see you in the studio tomorrow! -Rii}

SUCH A LOVELY ONE-SHOT! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  :wub:

@The Missing Piece:

 :wriggly: :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :shy2:

I totally loved this one-shot! The story was just adorable. I couldn't stop awwww'ing.  :heart:

"Eh. . . " Ai stuttered. That girl . . . why did I react in that way . . . when I first saw her. . .


I honestly never think about missing pieces of my life. There's always something missing from it (just recently, an example would be ropychan...  :lol: ), though I hardly ever find myself thinking about it all too much. And if I do, I wouldn't try and fix it either. I'm a bit of a sit-here-and-wait-for-things-to-go-right kind of person, which is rather destructive I guess. So in a way, I do find it admirable that the Ai-chan here thinks so much about this - what's missing in her life.

"She had shouted so loudly into my ear drum that it's impossible to get that name out of my mind. . . ." Ai continued as the beam on her flawless face grew wider. Ai tilted her glance back to Risa, only to catch the younger girl blushing in deep shades of red. "Was I being too rude about that? I - I don't mean it. " Ai flustered, in fear that she had stood too much over the line.

Chou kawaiiiiii.  :wub:

"Mickey-chan?" Risa looked at Ai with more uncertainties in her eyes.

Disney dork!  :lol:

"But still. . . " Ai, instinctively, pulled Risa closer to her by her forearm, closing the distance that kept the pair apart. As she did that, Risa's elbow had unintentionally brushed against Ai's chest, causing Risa to return to her earlier shades of red at the contact. "It makes me feel bad for getting your blouse wet." Ai continued without noticing the change in colour on Risa's face. And when she finally did, she puzzled. "What had happened? Why are you so red?"

:shy1: lovely moments~ ehehehe

"...It's like. . .commoners like you and me. . . there will be someday. . . where we will be part of the puzzle of another's life. . .don't you think that's amazing?"

TakaGaki = soulmates!  :k-inlove:

"I have the same set of puzzle. As different from yours, mine had an extra piece."

I'm in love!!!!!!!


This story was really lovely and simple and I'd love to read more of this from you  :twothumbs

@365+365+366+365+365+365+366+365+365+365 =:

WHAT'S THE ANSWER, AI?!?!!?  :lol:

{3652 - Ai}

The reply from Risa was fast, as expectedly, with Risa impetuous personality.

{Wrong - Ri}

{EH! There's no way that that answer is wrong! I had used the calculator to calculate the additions. - Ai}

I love Ai-chan, she can be so simple-minded sometimes   :rofl:
Loved the way you incorporated texting into this! Always a fun thing to read.  :love:

"It's perfect 10."

D'awwwwwwww. Gokkies for life!  :tama-lotsaluv:
Thank you for this 10th year anniversary fic --- it was so heartwarming!

@Between us:

I adored this fic. It really leant a nice perspective to how things really went on behind Ai's Coming Soon appearance.  :inlove: You characterise both Ai and Risa so well, it's hard not to get lost in these fics and believe they truly are the real deal. Honestly, such jobs well done, caiyunki!  :gmon heartu:

Gaki-san's internal battle over whether to be there with Ai-chan or to leave her and work on giving her some independence - lol. It's always sweet to see Gaki worrying over Ai-chan so much (I could really hear her soft, gentle voice as she thought about Ai... *squeeees*). It really rung true with me, many of the moments in Between Us.  :heart:

Will Ai-chan be alright? She must be really nervous right now . . . Risa heaved a deep breath again as she pouted her lips.

And not being able to do anything about it frustrates Gaki-san.  XD

A mischievous smile crept across Risa's face as she watched her precious douki on air, squirming in nervousness before Nakai Masahiro. Maa, Ai-chan, you are way too nervous! Relax! Relax! Risa urged gently in her mind.

That is so Gaki-san, it's not even funny.  XD

Ai-chan finding strength in Risa's words to do her best, to see things as a new start and not the end - awwww.  :wub:

Gorgeous one-shot!  :bow:

@When Love turns Dangerous:

Finally, something a bit different from your usual!  :shocked:  :shocked:  :shocked:

Ai-chan as stalker/creep/psycho/kidnapper/maybekiller!  :OMG: :OMG: hmmmm... I don't think I've read her like this before? But it's certainly a credible image!  XD (nothing against Ai-chan, of course =P).

"Stay with me. . . " Ai repeated again a she ran the sharp edges of the blade across the soft wet skin, filled of tears and sweat.


Poor Gaki-san!  :dizzy:
All this was well and good, but I would've liked for a bit more background information on Ai's character. How long have they been friends? Has she ever revealed to Risa any of her feelings? I mean... to kidnap her like this is bloody drastic. Maybe she IS a freak in the head  :nervous

"Good morning, Risa." Ai greeted the first thing she opened her eyes. The beauty angel sleeping before her brought a charming smile to Ai's face. Ai ran her forefingers against the pale cheeks of Risa. "I'm going to school now. I'll be back for you as soon as I can. . . Wait for me. . . Don't you leave me, you had promised me, didn't you?


Gaki-san's... dead? Obviously she can't leave if she's dead... (*Bee's thinking cap on!*). Yeah, I'm quite the intelligent reader  :lol:

"The blood found in Takahashi's Mansion really belongs to Takahashi Ai. We do not have enough evidence to keep her in. We have to let her go." The supervisor informed.


Why would there be Ai's blood? To cover up something? To distract? Eh? EH EHHHHH?  :dunno:

...a slight smirk quivered across the side of her lips. "Risa belongs to me forever. No one can ever bring us apart. No one can ever separate us. No one . . . "

CREEEEEEP!!!!!  :on speedy:

I really want to know what happened! You have to give us some closure here!  :bleed eyes:

@Say Goodbye:


I was hoping for something happy... I guess I'll settle for it, since it's nowhere as sad as hammy's...  :sweatdrop:
Actually, yours is probably a lot more realistic than what I wrote (Bee and her ideals *slaps forehead*)!!!

Incredibly bittersweet. Reading this just makes me continue to wish I'd become a fan earlier... why wasn't I a fan earlier?!!?  :frustrated:

"Itai!" Risa cried out loud as she felt a wack on the side of her head. "Ai-chan!" Risa whined playfully.

More comedic relief, please!
(Just one of many things I will miss about Ai-chan. Her violence towards things and Gaki-san...  :cry:).

You looked like you were about to cry when you stood alone over there, Gaki-san. . . Why are you always crying out alone . . . how many times were there, where you had cried, without me even noticing or knowing about it?

And then Risa's thoughts on the other hand... I love the way you contrasted them here.

"Let's go!"

"Eh, which side do I go to?" Ai flustered, looking innocently at Risa with her usual wide open eyes.


I took for granted, the days we spent together. . . It had never occurred in my mind that there will be this day, where I will no longer be able to stand by your usual left side, no longer be able to stand together on the stage that we both loved. Staring at the lonely silhouette image of your back before me, watching you giving your final message to the fans before the last curtain draws. . . It feels . . . so lonely. . .

DEAR GAWD. Thanks for making me cry again.
That just really hit me... the final thoughts you wrote for both Risa and Ai. Like a truck. Fuuuuuuuuuuu.  :mon cry: :mon cry: :mon cry:

They're beautiful thoughts, don't get me wrong... but they're so heartwrenching. I don't know. I guess I'm just not settled with my feelings yet... I've been looking through my Momusu goods, and at the posters on my wall.. and it still hasn't quite sunk in, I think, that she's gone... ;____; It's selfish, but I just don't want her to leave yet... I haven't been a fan long enough for her to leave!  :banghead:

So yeah... thank you for sharing all your stories with us, caiyunki... I'll always be reading as long as you update.  :heart:

*Bee goes off to mope in a corner*

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 8 ~ SAY GOODBYE
« Reply #25 on: October 04, 2011, 12:28:10 PM »
It took myself days to pick myself back from pieces after watching and listening to the graduation videos and concert rips. Well, I was emotionally disrupted inside, together with some other personal stuffs, leading the incoherent writings and irregular updates lately. So yupps. But too, in order to express my appreciation for the peeps who took their time to comment, I thought I must take some time to give a reply :) heheh

@ lil_hamz : Ahhh. . .wonder when would be the next time you will be dropping by here again. Yes it's surprising but . . . You are still as evil as usual :X hehee

Eh . . . I also donno . . .but I had too regreted my decision =X If only that I had not been THAT stubborn back then, I guess I wouldn't be here studying FS though. hmmm. Though that, since I'm here, well, there's nothing much but to enjoy what I am doing. hahah. EH. you were thinking about going, or rather coming to the land of roo roos(My niece way of calling the K animal) to study as well?? hahah.

@ Bamtai : Haha. I too couldn't believe that I had wrote that as well. It was just a sudden thought of writing something different.

@ Beecubed :

Hey gal! Thank you once again for the long comments about the stories!! It's really much appreciated. I like the way you had used so much emoicon in the reply. I can never ever be able to do that. I guess, I'm just plain too lazy to do that anyway. =X

Any other pairings that I like?? Hmmm. I'm interested in MikiEri :) hehe. You should be able to see that from BTS. And maybe a little of AiMiki. I don't write much about the other pairings, is because I had not know much about them to write about them . . .and the lack of a factor that really attracts me to writing them =X hehe. though that, I enjoy reading the said couples as well. Ah, and maybe like you say, Ai x Eripon sisterly relationship, and Risa x Eripon sisterly relationship. :)


Sorry about the speed of the events. It was originally a 29 chaptered story, which I had shortened it down into a merely 10,000 words, making it the longest one shot I have written. I wrote the translation when I was back home for holidays. and Yah, there's actually a sequel for it. But. . . yeah, I don't have any intention of translating that in any time earlier, as I had much preferred the original ending from the start =X

I would say bittersweet? from your description? hehe


About Ai x Eripon relationship, Aichan always gives me an impression that she's always watching everyone, being sensitive about the emotions about other members, though at times she could be at oblivious situation about them as well. I think it was during one incident that I actually felt, Aichan is really very worried about Erina. From the concert rips and DVDs and stuffs, it was too being confirmed. I think to Erina, Aichan had saved her alot of times from loneliness, when being alone, though it was something that can't be said into words. Ai chan had too named Erina as the person she wants to have as a little sister from MM :)

There are some very cute Ai x Erina (and her KYness) moments in the DVD magazine 40, for the behind the screen of the spring concert.

About Gakisan and the lotte world. I had actually expected that reaction from her!! Being more afraid that Aichan. When Gakisan is with Kame, I can't help but to feel that Gakisan have to carry a little part of responsibility, thus having had to be the reliable one for Kame to rely on, knowing Kame is totally helpless and lost in that kind of situation. And when with Aichan, Gakisan will turn to be like a little baby. Gakisan mentioned (or rather as her Mama from real etube improvise threatre) that Gakisan is actually a scary cat (who gets afraid at easily). Apparently, she can't handle going into a room that is totally darkness (like going back home when the house is totally dark, with no one around). With that in mind, the reaction Gakisan gave in the lotte world was really much expected. With Aichan being someone she relied on.

Eri, i think she would run back to the entrance right from the start =X hahahah


I'm glad that you like this piece. It's one of my favourites as well. :)

About 365+365+366+365+365+365+366+365+365+365 =

Alright, I realised, this title is REALLY long. =X

Originally 3652 was the title, but lil_hamz had used that idea for gokkies 9th anniversary last year. So I had came out with the longer one, and. . . thought it would be cute for Gakisan to ask Aichan for the answer :) hehee


Alright, this is the one I had written from the start of my depression. with what in mind with Aichan's graduation drawing near. I took alot of elements from Aichan's blog posts and her Nau posts and came out with that. And from the observation from Gakisan's blogs and posts, you can tell that the latter was depressed as well. From time to time, her blog would have really random sentences, thanking her fans, and asking her fans to smile each day. It almost felt like she's tell herself to that. So yah, probably I have been trying too hard in trying to get things in their prespective, such that, I have began to lose my ability to write coherently already. *sighs*


I actually considered myself as a REALLY late fan. (since last year sep/oct) So . . .

That's something I would really miss as well. Aichan's violence to Gakisan and the rest of the members (though, prenominently, Gakisan :) )

"Let's go!"

"Eh, which side do I go to?" Ai flustered, looking innocently at Risa with her usual wide open eyes.

This part, is actually something that had actually happened. Gakisan had revealed this part of Aichan on the last episode of Five stars onthe 29th Sep. She mentioned that though Aichan is always very cool on stage and the cheorography, there was this side of aichan, where aichan will always forget where she's going to, especially during the HP concerts. Apparently, until the last show, Aichan still can't remember which side she's at. =X

And Finally, really huge thanks for your comments, It kinda lifted my day lightly. :)

Lastly, to all,


What to say, if everyone is interested in the outcome, I will do my best to write it then, though I couldn't promise it to come any earlier, due to the piling workload from Uni right now. But still, I will try to write whenever I can ^.^

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 8 ~ SAY GOODBYE
« Reply #26 on: October 05, 2011, 10:30:48 AM »
I've dropped in!

Yup I did think of going to roo roo land (Your niece is cute to call it that). I even applied, and got a place. But I didn't go there in the end. I wonder how my life would be now if I did go.

I read this but couldn't comment then. I'm gonna have to read it again to remember what I wanted to say. So! I'll be editing this comment later.

EDIT: You do remember it's rainy season back home don't you? From the first line of your fic and I've been pulled in. *sigh* I can already feel the sadness in my bones. If that makes any sense.

You are terrible! You made me tear from the part where AiGaki were standing 180 degrees apart. It's too soon! Do you have any idea how much water I need to drink to replenish all these tears that are gonna fall throughout your story????!

I'm wailing like a baby at this point ---> "What are you doing alone over here, stoning in the space? Rehearsal is starting soon." Ai ratter at her usual speed and linked into Risa's arm. "Let's go!" Ai continued, dragging Risa with her onto the stage. You looked like you were about to cry when you stood alone over there, Gaki-san. . . Why are you always crying out alone . . . how many times were there, where you had cried, without me even noticing or knowing about it?

Ai-chan . . . why do you always be able to do that. . . whenever I'm at my brim of tears, you will always appear by my side, with a smack on my head. . . you know how much I do not want to cry before you, don't you? Arigatou, Ai-chan. . . Risa thanked in her mind as she allow Ai to drag her up the side steps up the stage, where the other members were gathered before the choreographer, who was giving out the final instructions on the positions, standings, and movements.

You're gonna have to treat me drinks and sponsor my tissue supply at this rate.

I've always wondered, Ai is the one that doesn't like people to see her cry. What about Risa? Is she the same? The portion above got me thinking.

I liked the GakiSayu interaction. Somehow for me, it reinforced how those 2 might be close, but it's nowhere near what AiGaki share.

Ai-chan is always Ai-chan. . . You will never change. . . The Ai-chan from 10 years ago and the Ai-chan 10 years later. . . They are the same! Even though you had always said that you are not interesting enough, trust me, you are. Risa smile lightly as she leaned forward, resting her elbow on her knees, keeping her eyes fixed on the petite girl standing on stage.

I fully agree with this. Part of the reason why I love Ai is because of this.

PS: You made me dig out my old S Club 7 CDs XD

PS2: And Bee, reading your comments are just as good as reading a fic =)
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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 8 ~ SAY GOODBYE
« Reply #27 on: October 19, 2011, 04:17:21 PM »
Happy Birthday

Ai came upon an unseal box in her spare room where her mum had made it to be a temporary store room while she was packing up her apartment on one of her free days. Clearing the area around the box empty, Ai dragged that particular box out of the room and into the living room, before the coffee table, and settled down at the couch, where she began to flip open the flips of the box. AH! So that's where Okaa-san had stored them! Ai came to revelation in her mind. 

What was contained in that box were official release DVDs ranging from short TV programmes to concerts given by the agency, and unsurprisingly, they had all remained as intact, with the plastic wrapping still covering the DVD box. Ai had never had the habit to watch herself on the screen of her television, and thus had never had the habit to open and play the DVD on her player. Each time as she receive a copy of them, she would just place them at the corner of the coffee table and left it as it is, until her mother came over, and the discs will disappear since then.

"Dokyu?" Ai read the title of the DVD cover. "Did I appear in this volume?" Ai asked herself. She turned over the to the back side of the cover and read the contents. "Gaki-san. . . Me . . . Konkon . . . Oh . . ." Ai hesitated for a short moment before pulling the small plastic wrapping open and slotted the disc into the into the DVD player. After which, she settled herself comfortable on her couch, grabbing the red coloured cushion that was placed against the backrest and hugged it close to her chest.

"Ever since the day I had passed the audition and had became part of Morning Musume as one of the members, Gokkies are always there to celebrate my birthday. Usually, I would go out with Ai-chan and shop on the streets and will return back to her house, where Konkon and Makoto will appear over at Ai-chan house, with a birthday cake, surprising me as I enter her house. I really really love Gokkies to the max!"

AH! Now that I had graduated. . . who will then continue this custom of celebrating Gaki-san birthday with her? Ai finally realised. Maybe I could give her a surprise at her house? Probably with a cake that I bake myself too . . . Come to think about it . . .10 years. . . and I had never baked a birthday Gaki-san, Makoto nor Konkon, yet I had bake a cake for Kaa-chan for two consecutive years. . . hmmm. . . Maybe I should. . . . Ai decided in her mind. She stood up from the couch and went into the kitchen to check on her stocks, leaving the DVD playing in the background.

"Flour, yes. Cocoa Powder, yes. Egg, yes. . . " Ai talked to herself as she noted the ingredients she had in her cupboard and her fridge. "Mil- Wait!" Ai stopped. The rehearsal for The Dance of the Vampire starts on the 19th . . .  I would have the time to bake the cake on the 19th or even the 20th . . . ' Ai realised. "Ah . . .What should I do. . . " Ai asked out loud to herself.


Ai sat at the corner of the rehearsal studio, reading her script through thoroughly before the actual script reading session (hon yomi) begins. Then, Kenji, one of the cast, came walking into this common area. "Is the cake in the fridge part of the refreshment for today?"

Hearing this, Ai panicked and jumped up from her seat. "NO! It's mine!" Ai shouted in her deep voice.

"A cake for your boyfriend?" The female co-worker who sat a few distance from Ai asked curiously, causing Ai turn red.

"No! It's for my best friend." Ai added on quickly, hoping that it would clear up the misunderstanding.


"Gaki-san! Reina and I had booked a room to celebrate your birthday tonight! The Kyuukies said that they wanted to celebrate your birthday together with you. So yah . . " Sayumi came over to Risa and informed.

"Eh, but. . . My parents . .. they had . .  ." Risa tried to push away the offer, knowing that her parents had already been preparing to celebrate her birthday with her tonight.

"I know, but Gaki-san, this is your first birthday celebration after you have became Leader. I'm sure it will be memorable to spend it together with the members. The Kyuukies too had placed in a lot of effort in planning this . . ."

"But . . . "

"Just this time round."


It was already close to 12 midnight on the night of the 19th, with the rehearsal ending minutes after 10 in the night. After the long travel from Tokyo to Yokohama, Ai had reached her destination just on time for her surprise. Ai knocked onto the familiar door and held the white box containing the cake behind her back.

"I'll get the door." Ai heard the familiar voice of Risa's sister, Yuri, over on the other side of the door. As the door open outwards towards Ai's direction, Ai placed a finger on her lip, signalling Yuri not to reveal her presence. The similar small frame girl had her eyes wide open at Ai, surprise at Ai's sudden appearance at her household.

"Ai-nee chan, what are you doing here?" Yuri whispered as she pushed the door wide open, allowing entry to Ai.

Ai made no response to the question, only raising the white box before Yuri as the answer to her question.

"Yuri, who's that?" Risa's Mama came over to the doorway. "Ai-chan, what are you doing over here? It's been so long, ba-san had seen you around." Before Ai could signal the same request to Risa Mama had broke that intention. That sentence attracted Risa's Papa attention to the doorway as well.

"Ah, Ai-chan."

"Konbanwa. . ." Ai greeted sheepishly, with a little sadness as well, knowing that it would be much more impossible to surprise Risa now, since her parents had called her name out loud. "Sorry for the visit at such a late hours." Ai continued as she removed her shoes, and walked closer towards Risa's parents. 

"Does Risa knows that you are visiting today?" Risa Mama asked curiously as she brought Ai into the living room. Ai shook her head lightly.

"Is she back yet?" Ai returned as she rested the white cake box on the dining table.

"Risa's not coming home tonight. She had called back earlier saying that her juniors had planned her a birthday party, and wouldn't be able to get back tonight for the celebration." Risa Mama informed.

Ai froze at the information. "Ah-" Ai stuttered. A wave of sadness washed over her once again. She's not coming back tonight. . . there goes the surprise . . .

"Is that a birthday cake for Risa?" Risa Mama asked curiously, causing Ai to break away from her thoughts.

"Ah- ah. . ." Ai nodded her head shyly. Ai picked up the box once again and continued. " Sorry for disturbing you elders at such an unearthly hours. I think I shall make my move -"

"It's alright." Risa Mama held onto Ai's hand, stopping Ai from turning around to leave. "It's getting late now. Just stay over for the night. I don't think Papa will allow a girl like you to go back to Tokyo by yourself. Plus, the trains had stopped their services, haven't they?"

"But - "

"I'm sure there are still some old clothing you have left behind back in the days when you used to stay over at our house. . . I'm search through Risa's room and get them for you, so that you can change into them. And yah, just sleep in Risa's room tonight. It's not that she would mind it anyway." Risa's Mama took over the white cake box from Ai. "I will keep this in the fridge for you" Risa Mama finished with a smile.

"But I do have a rehearsal back in the city tomorrow, I think it would be - " 

"Risa Papa can send you to work to the studio tomorrow. He had taken leave for Risa's birthday, haven't you, anata?"

"Ah. You have to worry so much, Ai-chan. I will drop you off in the city tomorrow." Risa Papa replied over from the sofa before the television.

"But -"

"No more buts, Ai-chan. It's not like this is your first time staying over. "

"Ne, Ai-nee chan!" Yuri came over and pulled Ai into Risa's room. "Can I stay over with your tonight as well? I haven't talk to Ai-nee chan for ages too as well."

The first thing Ai noted stepping into Risa's room was the familiar Dark Angels DVD box set that was sitting by Risa's bedside. "This . . . " Ai walked over to the said target and picked it up. Didn't Gaki-san said that she couldn't find this at home?

"That? That has been sitting over at the bedside for years." Yuri came over beside Ai and explained, causing Ai to look at Yuri in surprise.

That's not what Gaki-san had said in that VTR message. . .

"I had always asked Nee-chan why is it over there, but she never answers my question." Yuri pouted.


"Tadaima!" Risa shouted out loud the moment she entered the apartment. It was already 10 at night the time she had reached home, after the day's work.

"Happy Birthday, Risa." Risa Mama wished as she came over had hugged Risa tightly.

"Thank you." As she entered into the living room, she was awed by the amount of food her Mama had prepared on the table. "Risa has two cakes this year?" Risa asked curiously as she saw the fact that there was two cakes laid out on the table.

Risa Mama nodded her head. "Go wash up and we can cut the cake later."

Risa followed as what she was ordered and returned back to her room. The first thing she did when she entered her room was to check her mobile phone for any messages. Still no message. .  .Did Ai-chan forget that it's my birthday today? She hasn't send me a birthday message. Risa pouted sadly. She turned around, only to find the Dark Angel DVD box by her bedside was shifted slightly from its original position. Risa picked up the box and went out of the room, shouting for her sister to get into the living room as well.

"Yuri, did you touch my DVD box again? How many times have I told you that you are not suppose to touch that?" Risa asked the moment her little got her presence before Risa.

"No, I did not." Yuri denied.

"But it was slightly shifted from its original position, are you sure that you are not the one?"

"I am sure I'm not the one." Yuri replied in 100% assurance.

"Is it Ai-chan who had -"

"Okaa-san! Didn't Ai-nee chan said that she doesn't wants -" Yuri interrupted her mother's suggestion in order to fulfil Ai's request for them this morning, only to realised that she, too, had revealed something that she should not have.

"Hmmm? Ai-chan was here?" Risa questioned, looking in lost at her mum and sister.

Neither of them were willing to reply Risa's question.

"So Ai-chan was here last night? Why am I not informed?" Risa pouted.

"Ai-nee chan says that we shouldn't interrupt your birthday party with the members. " Yuri replied reluctantly.

"She brought a cake in late last night wanting to give you a birthday surprise." Risa Mama added on.


Ai sighed deeply as she entered the lift. Should I send her a birthday message? It's just a birthday message, isn't that so? Why am I hesitating so much? Ai wondered in her mind. She retrieved her Iphone out of her handbag and typed a simple birthday message and had stopped there. Hesitation brought her to freeze her thumb at the send button. Should I ? The hesitation continued even after she had reached her floor. Dejectedly, she strode out of the lift.

"Did you forget about my birthday?"

"WAHHH!" A deep scream came out from Ai's lip as an unexpected voice echoed from her back. Instinctively, she turned around at swung her hand at the intruder.

"ITAI!" Came the familiar cry.

"What are you doing here?"

"To scold someone who had forgotten about my birthday. . .when she had promised that she will always celebrate my birthday."

"I - "

"And that someone had not even sent a simple birthday wish to me"

"I - "

"Why?" Risa pouted.

"It just slipped out of my mind. Rehearsals are getting a little hectic right now." Ai replied.

"Lying!" Risa refuted. "Someone had left traces of herself in my room last night."

"Did I? I was pretty sure that I had place back all the stuffs before I leave."

"There, you just did." Risa smile victoriously.

"Ah - "  Ai was lost for words.

Risa closed herself to Ai and hugged Ai suddenly, catching Ai off guarded. "I'm sorry." Risa whispered softly.

"Why are you apologising?"

"I should have went home last night. . . "

"It's nothing. That's just so not you, Gaki-san. . . "

"And too. . . about the Dark Angels DVD box set. . . "

"Since you love them so much, it can be a birthday present from me to you." Ai joked. But it seems like Risa had not caught the joke.

"It's not that. . . It's just. . . the DVD had became a common topic to come between us, with you always chasing me to return them to you. . . If . . . if I had chose to return them to you . . . I'm very afraid that. . . there would not be any more chances . . . "

"Silly . . . I was just kidding you." Ai stopped Risa from going on, as she had truly understood Risa's intention for that little white lie. "This, then is your birthday present." With that, Ai moved towards the side of Risa, and planted a soft kiss on Risa's cheek. "Happy Birthday, Risa-chan."

@ lil_hamz : Ah.. . i see i see. . .you can't blame my niece. . .she's just barely 3 years old. . .so . .that's the way she pronounce and call them. . hahah pulling that away, she's a total monster. so . .hahaha
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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 9 ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY
« Reply #28 on: October 19, 2011, 05:30:30 PM »
I can't believe you always manage to bring a smile to my lips with your stories.. (well except the last one, 'cuz I was too frightened to even smile :panic: ) And I can't believe how you manage to write TakaGaki's stories with all kind of subtext without ever crossing the line between love and friendship.

You're great cayunki! Keep it up :twothumbs

Breaking them is a crime!

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 9 ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY
« Reply #29 on: October 19, 2011, 10:30:18 PM »
Ah, so cute Takagaki! Ai's plans foiled so easily by Sayu-tachi's innocent celebration. Risa being obsessive about the dvd was pretty lol. The end was so adorable though! I squealed. :wub: :wub: Great birthday story for the bean!

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 9 ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY
« Reply #30 on: November 15, 2011, 04:56:27 PM »
A FLUFF FIC for AiGaki Violence fan :) HEHEHEHE, as inspired from reports from fans, newspaper article on a science based show Gakisan had recorded a week ago (?).


Ai was removing the makeup of her face when her Iphone, placed on the top of the dressing table, vibrated. Who? Ai wondered in her mind as she picked up her phone with her free hand.

{Ne, Ai-chan! You are getting a day off from the musical on the day after tomorrow, aren't you? -- Ri}

Eh, Gaki-san? Ai was slightly surprised at the sudden message from Risa.

{I am. What's up? -- Ai}

{Me too! Let's hang out together ! It's been ages ever since I had spoke to you. Tomorrow after musical ends and dinner? After that a sleepover at your house and a shopping trip in shibuya the following day? -- Ri}

Ai was even surprised at the sudden invitation that she had saw, especially the invitation to a shopping trip by Risa. Though surprised, Ai had accepted the invitation immediately, greatly to the fact that she would never reject a shopping invitation, especially when she was in the mood to do so.

{I like it! Where? -- Ai}


"The rehearsal for this stage play was so fun and interesting! Though it was tough, to the fact that I'm always towered by the tall guys everyday - "

"Me too!" Before Risa could finish her sentence, Ai had interrupted her completely, completely oblivious about the pout that had formed on her late dinner partner across the table. "The guys in my musical are too towering over me. The female actress as well. I felt so midget throughout the whole production till now. It's so different as compared to when I'm still in musume, with Gaki-san and Reina who are of the same height as me. Sayashi and Suzuki too."Ai ended as she placed a piece of rice cake into her mouth and started munching on it.

"Mou Ai-chan" Risa pouted as Ai looked up from her plate to Risa.

"Gomen! I cut your words" Ai apologised, and signed a silent sorry to Risa.

"As I was saying, the rehearsals were tough, not just only to the fact that I was always towered by the co actors, also to the fact that there are so much action! Do you know that . . . " Risa picked up her unfinished sentence and continued, with Ai, listening while eating, nodding her head occasionally to show that she was paying attention to the younger girl.


"Gaki-san you can go into the shower first, I will take the later one." Ai informed as she placed her backpack at the dining table after switching on the lights at the hallway, with Risa following closely behind. Risa came forward beside Ai and rested her belongings on the same table.

"Hai! Arigatou, Ai-chan!" Risa chipped as she ruffled her hand through her belongings, retrieving her set of night change and headed towards the  bathroom in a way as if that was her own apartment. After Ai watched Risa entering the bathroom, she headed towards her storeroom, with the details from the short newspaper article she had read a couple of weeks ago.

When Risa had finished with her shower and had gotten out into the living room, her belongings was already transported into Ai's room, where the two would spend their night together. When she entered the room, she was surprised to the see the spare Mickey mattress, already made up in place beside the bed space.

"Eh? What's this for?" Risa asked innocently as she ran her towel through her dripping wet hair.

"Eh? I'm sleeping on that tonight?" Ai replied with her famous childish smile, causing Risa to look queerly at Ai.

"Eh? We always sleep together on the same bed, don't we?" Risa asked again.

But before Risa could get her answer for her question, Ai had already gotten out of her room with her towels and change of clothing and into the bathroom.

"Eh? Ai-chan?" Risa walked out of the room as she called out, only to have her voice echoed down the empty hallway. Could it be that. . . impossible right? It hasn't been broadcasted, doesn't it? Maa, and it's only limited to Yokohama broadcast. . . .Ai-chan might not had the ability to watch it, don't she? Risa analysed in her mind. She hung her wet towel across her neck and bent down, as she began to fold the Mickey mattress up and moved it across the hall and back to its original place in the storeroom.

When Risa returned back to Ai's room, she settled herself before the dressing dress where she took her set of cleansing cream and moisturiser out of her handbag. Just as she had expected, Ai had took her usual speed of spending at least half an hour in bathing, even with the fact that she had a visitor over with her at her house. By the time Risa was done with her face, Ai was still barely done in her washing up. So Risa took her tattered looking script of her current stage play out of the same bag and walked towards Ai's bed, where she began settle herself comfortably on the bed and began to read through it once again.

"Eh? Where's the mattress?" That was the sentence that had brought Risa back to the current time from the Edo period as written in her script.

"I kept it." Risa replied casually as she climbed off the bed and return the script back to her bag.

"Why?" Ai asked as dried her hair with her own towel.

"There's no need for it, isn't that so?" Risa replied as she climbed back onto the bed. "Let's sleep together!" Risa patted the empty space beside her. "Just like what we always do." Risa ended with a smile.

"Eh. . . But . . . "

"But what?"

"You said that . . . ." Ai trailed off.

"You've read?" Risa tilted her head slightly.

"A little. . . " Ai answered. "Why didn't you tell me that I had smacked you in your sleep?" Ai asked as she gotten herself nearer to Risa.

"It's alright! It's not that you had did that on purpose." Risa ensured with a smile as she looked up to the shorter girl who was towering her in her standing position.

"Really?" Ai asked again.

"For sure." Risa reassured.

Ai climbed onto the bed and into the empty space beside Risa. "Since when did that happen? I really can't remember. . . " Ai went all over again.

"When . . . " Risa touched her chin and she willed herself to remember when did such events had started to happen. "Around 4 years ago? I remember Ai-chan was still gentle in her sleep during the Hawaii fan club tour in 2007 . . . " Risa trailed off into silence. "But . . . After Ai-chan had gotten the role of the leader, the first autumn tour. . . Ai-chan you had started to edge me in my sleep na. . . "

"For such a long time?" Ai was surprised.

"I guess so . . . " Risa replied ambiguously. "I heard on that TV host that stress and psychological state of a person will reflect one's action in their sleep. . . hmmm. I guess that it should be the stress and pressure of being the leader had led to that 'violence' in your sleep?" Risa suggested. "That's what they told me . . . hmmm. ..  " Risa continued. "Now that Ai-chan had graduated right? Your source of stress and pressure is gone right? So wouldn't that mean that Ai-chan will return back to your original self like in the past?" Risa finished.

"That sounds scientific, doesn’t it? Hmmm. . . sounds feasible too as well. . . " Ai resolved the information given by Risa as she pulled her blanket up to her chest. "Eh. . . doesn't that means that now that you are the leader now, you are going to hit me in your sleep?" Ai scoot a few centimetres away from Risa and looked at her with her wide open eyes.

"IYA!" Risa replied in a raised tone. "There's no way I am going to do such thing. "

"Really?" Ai snickered playfully.

"For real!" Risa humped.

"Really? I'm asking right from the bottom of my heart. Is there anything in work there's bothering you? Or stress? The kids, are they bothering you?" Ai changed her tone and began to concern about her beloved fellow same generation.

"For real! Hmmm. Not really? I haven't been working much together with them lately. And I haven't saw most of them for days. " Risa pouted. "But, I don't think there's much to worry about. Because Ai-chan is always by my side. That's why there's nothing to worry." Risa finished with a smile and turned around, only to find the girl beside her already sound asleep. Maa. . . I guess Ai-chan must be really tired from the musical. . . Risa smiled lovingly at the sleeping girl. "Oyasumi." Risa whispered softly to the sleeping girl. With that, Risa slipped down into the pillow and snuggled slightly closer to Ai. Though she kept her eyes closed, she was still not able to fall asleep.

That was only until the familiar pair of hands wrapped around her waist.  "Why are you still not asleep?" came the muffled voice of Ai and the conversation had stopped there. Ai had fallen asleep again once again. A wide smile ran across Risa's face at the pair of warm arms around her waist. I guess I should be safe for now . . .

In the middle of the night a silent thud echoed in the small room, with a silent hiss by the taller yet younger girl. Is Ai-chan still stressed about anything? I should have kept the mattress as where it is in the first place. AHH...


"What happen to you today, Gaki-san? It's so unlike of you to be lagging behind me. You are the one who are always rushing me to walk faster. . . " Ai turned around and asked.

"Yah. . . I'm alright. . . "Risa tried to reassured with a plastered smile on her face. And when Ai and turned around again, Risa began rubbed against her back where she was attacked the night before.

"Are you sure?" Ai turned back abruptly, only to catch Risa pulling her hand away from her back.

"I'm sure!"

Ai walked back to Risa and tried to pull Risa's jumper up to check the back Risa had been rubbing throughout the shopping trip.

"Not here, Ai-chan, we are on the streets!!" Risa refuted as she tried to pull her jumper down.

"Let me see!"

"Not here, people are watching!"


"It looked so bruised. . . . " Ai trailed off slightly. "That's why I said I should have slept on that mattress last night."

Risa shook her head stubbornly. "Is something bothering you?" Risa asked again as she pulled her jumper down.

"Not really?"


"I guess. . . I had really took in that habit then." Ai smiled sheepishly as she rubbed the back of her head. "I guess you won't mind it right?" Ai ended off with a giggle and she stepped out of the toilet cubicle, leaving Risa stunned and shocked alone in the same toilet cubicle.



Thanks Tchips and rndmnwierd for the comments. Hope you all will like this fic as well. . .so :)

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 10 ~ SLEEPOVER
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I was wondering if anyone would  write about this and I'm sure glad it was you that took it first. I always love your takagaki!

Now when is search going to be updated  XD

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 10 ~ SLEEPOVER
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Mission Advisor : FAILED

"Niigaki-san, your phone is ringing!" Aika shouted to Risa who was standing at the other corner of the rehearsal room, teaching Haruna one of the dance steps the choreographer had just taught them. Haruna was unable to catch up with the progress of the lesson, thus, Risa had chose to stay back and help the younger girl. The teenager was so lost like a little lamb, making Risa to panic like the ants on the hot pot-time is running short. They are juest barely two weeks away from the start of the spring tour and they had only mastered half of the setlist.

"Coming !" Risa responded to Aika as she looked up towards the latter's direction. Aika was holding Risa's iPhone high up in the air, signaling to her the unheard phone call as reminded by Aika.  "You should leave now too as well. It's getting late. You have school tomorrow too, don't you?" Risa turned to Haruna and asked hurriedly. "Be sure that you look through the tapes tonight and try practicing them when you are back home. If there's something that you still don't understand, you can call me tonight." Risa debriefed quickly. "Ja, mata ashita!" Risa waved a light goodbye to the younger girl. After watching Haruna leaving the rehearsal studio, Risa rushed towards where Aika was standing immediately.

"Thanks, Mitsui!" Risa thanked as she took over the phone from Aika.

"You're welcome, Niigaki-san. I will make my move too. . . I have an appointment with my occupational therapist." Aika bided with a smile. "Mata ashita ne?" With that, Aika waved a good and began to walk slowly towards the studio door.

"Mata ashita ne, Aika." Risa bided good too. Without looking at the caller ID of her phone, Risa slide the phone and answered the call.

"Risa-chan?" Came the familiar slightly childish accented voice then sent a wave of chilling sensation down her back.


"What took you so long to answer my phone call, Risa-chan?" The voice continued.

"Ai-chan?" Risa raised a tone in surprise.

"Who else do you have in mind then, Risa-chan?" Ai blabbered with her relaxed voice.

"No one? And Ai-chan, don't call me Risa-chan? How many times have I told you, Risa or Gaki-san. Stop calling me Risa-chan . .. It makes me feel so much like a little kid." Risa pouted across the line as she sat down cross-legged on the polished ground of the rehearsal studio.

"But it has been Risa-chan since we first met, why can't I continue calling you that?" Ai argued on the other end.

"But it too has always been Gaki-san as well. . ." Risa proposed her argument.

"But - " Ai tried to refute, but was interrupted by Risa once again.

"Ne, Ai-chan, you called me just to argue with me how to address me in a proper way?" Risa raised, hoping that would bring Ai back to her main reason for calling. She wiped away a lone sweat away from her temple,

"Nah. . . " Ai shook her head on her side as she answered. "Are you getting a off day tomorrow?" Ai went straight into her point.

"Yeah?" Risa answered casually as she reached for her bag for her towel.

"Let's go shopping together!" Ai's excited voice came echoing loudly into Risa's ears , causing Risa to pull the phone slightly away from her ears.

"Eh?" Risa was surprised again. "Me shopping?" Risa repeated.

"Be my advisor for the day." Ai continued. "I want to control my spendings but I'm afraid that I won't be able to have that self-control to do so...." Ai added on quickly in her proposal.

"But I've promise my mama that I will spend my day off together with her tomorrow..." Risa explained worriedly.

Silence persisted for a moment in the mist of the phone conversation. Ai was whacking her mind up for a good solution about the situation Risa had just informed her. "Ah!" Ai cried out suddenly, catching Risa off guarded, causing her to almost drop her phone onto the ground.

"You scared me, Ai-chan!" Risa pouted to the person at the other end.

"My mama is with me in Tokyo right now. . . You can asked your mama if she wants to join my mama for afternoon tea tomorrow? And you can accompany me to shopping !" Ai suggested.

"I - I will ask my mama about it. . . " Risa nodded her head while saying.


Back at Risa's house, Risa had been pacing around her room, thinking about how she should phrase the suggestion made by Ai. "Yosh! I will just have to do it." Risa urged herself as she stood behind her room door. She placed her palm on the doorknob. Just when she was about to turn it, a knock sounded from the other side and the door swung inward open, just missing Risa's forehead by a millimetre.

"Risa, I heard from Takahashi-san that Ai-chan had asked you out to shopping as an advisor. You don't have to worry too much about Mama. Mama will be going out with Takahashi-san for afternoon tea as well. Be sure that you ensure that Ai-chan don't overbuy this time round again. . . " Risa-mama starting nagging the moment she saw Risa at the door.

"Takahashi-san has been complaining about Ai-chan's spending habits again. Be sure that you help Takahashi-san to control Ai-chan this time round." Risa-mama continued.

"Ha-i" Risa answered in rather shock and reluctance. She knew deep inside that it was no simple task to ensure that Ai don't overbuy.

"Take an early rest tonight then." Risa-mama finished. "Oyasumi."

"Oyasumi. . ." Risa trailed off into silence as the door went click. Just then, her phone vibrated, signalling to her a new incoming message.

{Gaki-san, My mama told me that she had asked your Mama out. . . Yatta! That means that you will be going out with me to shop tomorrow! - Ai }

{Yupps . . .So. . .where shall we meet tomorrow? - Risa }

{1 at Shibuya. - Ai }


Where's Ai-chan? Risa thought silently in her mind as she kept her eyes wondering around the department store where the two were shopping at. Risa was engrossed in looking at a set of dress that she had lost Ai the next moment she turned her head. With the dress the only item in her shopping basket, Risa had been searching for Ai for the past 5 minutes around the department store and it was all futile.

Just then, right before her eyes, a familiar figure, with a overflowing shopping basket, past by her and went straight to the next nearest rack. "Ai-chan?" Risa raised a tone slightly loudly as she chased after the figure.

Ai turned around and looked at Risa for a short moment before turning her attention back to the rack. "Oh, Gaki-san, you are here! I've been looking all over around for you. Where have you gone to?" Ai asked without looking at Risa.

"That's the question I want to ask you, Ai-chan.. . " Risa replied before turning to the basket. "And look, it's less than 5 minutes and you had filled your basket to its brim." Risa continued scolding, remembering the role she had in this shopping trip. "Do you really need this much of clothing? Self-control, Ai-chan, self-control." Risa lectured.

"Eh, a lot of them are not for me." Ai argued back as she turned her eyes onto Risa. "I think you will look good in this." Ai continued as she placed the apparel in front of Risa had glanced her from head to feet.

"Really?" Risa held the hanger from Ai and glanced down her body.

"Really." Ai continued while ruffling the contents of her basket. "This looks nice on you too." Ai said again while holding onto a jumper like shirt. "Let's get to the changing room and change into it to get a better view of it, Gaki-san." Without waiting for a reply from Risa, Ai had already dragged the younger girl towards the changing room and threw her behind the curtains, drew it up properly for her and crossed her arms. "I'll be waiting outside for you." Ai finished. Less than a minute after Ai had said that, she had began to wonder away from the changing room and towards the nearest rack.

"Ai-chan?" Risa called out the moment she got the dress on her body and stood out of the changing room.

Ai turned around upon that call. "Wow, you really look pretty in that. You should get it." Ai praised.

"I should?" Risa troubled.


It was already late at night when the both mothers had returned home from the day out. On the phone, Risa's mama said, "The trip to Korea back then was really fun. We should go back there again together some days."

"Yes we should." It was about the same time that Ai-mama had stepped into Ai's apartment. "At least we have an accompany when the younger ones went running around on the streets all night." Ai-mama continued.

"That's right! I think this coming summer may be feasi-" Before Risa-mama could finish her sentence, two shouting voices from Risa's room as well as through the phone receiver were heard.

"Mama! Help!"

"Kaa-san! Help!"

"I will talk to you later." Both the mother said at the same time. Without hanging up the phone call, they both went into their daughter's respective room and say their respective daughters standing before the wardrobe, with their hands ran through their hair in frustration.

"Mama / Kaa-san! I can't find ways to fit them into the wardrobe!" Risa/Ai cried out to her mother at the same time.

"Aren't you supposed to be advisor to Ai-chan to prevent her from overbuying? What is up with this whole bag of clothes that you need to put into the wardrobe?" Risa-mama questioned Risa.

"Aren't you supposed to be controlled in your buying today since Risa-chan is with you today? What is up with this whole bag of clothes that you need to put into the wardrobe?" Ai-mama questioned Ai.

"I - " Ai/Risa stuttered, unsure about how should they answer the question raised by their mother.

Shaking their head in unbelievingly, they walked out of their daughter's room and resumed the phone call. "Well, I think the trip can only happen when Ai-chan can properly learn to control her shopping habits. . ." Ai-mama spoke through the phone.

"Same over at this side. Until Risa can learn to not fail the task as an advisor to Ai-chan . . " Risa-mama smiled through.

Mission Advisor : FAILED.

Hihi! New oneshot for Valentine!! Though it doesn't have a valentine feeling in it. Just a cute AiGaki one shot :) heheh

It's based on an unrecited (unreliable) source on 2ch about Gaki's fashion/ clothes, something Risa had mentioned in the new MM application. I personally have not find the particular timing nor read any other report about it, so . . . I'm not sure if that's real and reliable or not. .. But if it's real, it must be really cute to know that Risa always end up with buying lots when shopping with Ai as Ai will always say "You look good in this."

about the Risa-chan vs Gaki-san vs Risa - this arguement was from ANNM, where gakisan mentioned something about wanting aichan to call her by Risa instead of risa-chan when they were young since aichan was older than her. And when the nickname gaki-san came, aichan had thus been calling Risa by Gaki-san, though Aichan will always randomly call Risa by Risa-chan, sometimes just moments before when they were suppose to appear on stage. :) hehehe

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 11 ~ MISSION ADVISOR : FAILED
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LOVELY UPDATE!!!!!! <3 It's been a long time since you last did..... But I'm glad you updated. ^^ Good one-shot~ Takagaki shopping trips. XD
Updating Strawberry penguin soon?? I'm DYING to read the next chapter!!! :D

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 11 ~ MISSION ADVISOR : FAILED
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Risa, you derp. LOL (I've read everything that you've written but I am afraid of bumping threads ;___;)

Risa.... LOLOLOL. Reminds me of the extra footage Seoul trip. xD That Mama-Gaki said that Takahashi-mama is an interesting person, while Takahashi-mama said Mama-Gaki is funny. LOL.


And like risa_ai~~~ *prays silently for an epic Strawberry Penguin update soon >_<bb*
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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 11 ~ MISSION ADVISOR : FAILED
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How cute! Risa's so easily swayed by the monkey. I love the relationship between their mother's as well. Moar updates please! I can't get enough takagaki

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 11 ~ MISSION ADVISOR : FAILED
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gah just way to cute ;3; i think only ai can sway risa to be a bit spontanious and give into things like that...only cus its ai-chan XDDD thanks for this valentines day gift! X3 even if its not all lovey-dovey its still cute as heck! >3<
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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 11 ~ MISSION ADVISOR : FAILED
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Warning: I have written this piece when I'm really emo. . . So . .. It's emo. . .

By your side

"Ne, Ai. . . " Risa called out with her tired voice as she laid down on her back. It was pure silence in the room, except for the beeping sound of the heart monitor and the occasional shifting of the legs of the other individual in the room.

"Yes?" Ai responded as she tightened her grip that was held the hand that was freed from the needles.

"How does the sunrise looked like in the real time? Does it look like the ones in the television, that it brightens up the night sky with the gradually with its orange light? Does it feel warm? Or does the light runs cold from the chilliness of the dawn?" Risa weakly asked when she felt Ai's eyes fixed on her. She gently turned her head to her side and came to an eye contact with Ai.

A bitter smile grew on Ai's face. "That - "

Ai was interrupted by a visitor at the door. "Ai-chan, Yasuda-sensei is now free to respond to your request for consultation time, Aya, the visitor at the door popped her head at the slight opening of the door and informed.

"Thanks Aya." Ai responded. With that, Aya excused herself  out of the ward, leaving Ai and Risa alone in the room once again. "That - " Ai started to speak again, only to be interrupted again, by Risa this time round.

"Ai, you should go. . . Your consultation time with Yasuda-sensei is way more important than answering my meaningless question. . . " Risa lifted her hand that was filled with needles to the IV drips and machines that was attached to her and placed it over Ai's hand that was gripping her other, patting on the hand lightly.

"About that. . . " Ai shook her head stubbornly, being headstrong to the fact that she wants to answer Risa's question before she leaves. "Risa-chan will have to discover that yourself, when you get better. . ."

"And I don't even know if that day will come. . . " Risa whispered really softly as she turned her head away from Ai's eyes. A single tear ran down from the corner of her eyes, staining the white pillow case wet.

"You will." Ai assured firmly as she squeezed the hand she was holding onto. "I promised I will become a doctor one day so that I can heal you one day. See, Risa-chan, I did it."

"Ne, Risa-chan. . . Look. . . " The 8 year old girl, who stood by the bedside, waved a piece of paper before the 6 year old who was lying on bed. "The teacher asked us to write about our ambitions for our future." The older girl continued.

"What did you write about?" The younger girl asked in rather tired voice. Not that she was deprived of sleep but the constant lying on the bed had made younger weary.

"I will read it for you. . ." The older girl replied. She climbed onto the bed and moved the younger between her legs and rested the back of the younger's head on her chest. She then placed the of paper right before them. The scribbling on the paper made the giggled.

"Ai-chan, your handwriting is awful." The younger commented.

"What?" Little Ai pouted disapprovingly. "We had to write this within a period. And I have so much to write. Of course I have to scribble my way through." Ai continued.

"I was just kidding with you, Ai-chan." The younger gently smiled.

Ai rested her chin on the top of the younger's head as she straighten the piece of essay before her eyes. "My ambition is to be a renowned cardiologist, who will be able to help Risa-chan from her conditions she had been suffering since she was born. "

"And I'm just two years away from becoming a specialist in cardiology. Whatever I had promised, I will definitely achieve it. And when the day come, I will bring you to experience all the things you had never had the chance to do so. The sunrise, the sunset, the school fields of the elementary school, the star-filled night sky. . . All the things I had promised you, I will bring you there." Ai continued firmly as she placed her other hand on Risa's, that was over her hand.

Risa's eyes were now flooded with tears. She turned her head back and glazed at Ai with her tears filled eyes.

"Don't think too negatively. . . I will always be by your side." Ai assured as she moved her hand from Risa's hand to the younger's forehead, patting it lightly.

Risa nodded her head lightly as she blinked, allowing the tears to flow down her cheeks.

"Rest well, I will be back soon." Ai whispered softly while standing up from her seat. She bent over and planted a soft kiss on Risa's forehead. A bitter smile went across Ai's face when she pulled away from Risa.

"You should run along to your supervisor's office right now, Ai-chan. . . You are running late." Risa informed.

"Hmmm." Ai murmured as she nodded her head. As Ai turned away from Risa, the tear that she had been trying to hold back all the while had finally made its way down her cheeks. She knew that the time on Risa's watch was running low, there was nothing else she can do about it, but one. Once she was out of the ward, she wiped away the tears away from her cheeks and slipped her hand into the pocket of her white coat, where a single piece of paper was felt inside. With that, she began to make her way to her supervisors office.

"Takahashi-sensei, what is it about that you want to see me for?" Kei asked them moment Ai stepped into the office.

"I need you to endorse this document for me, Yasuda-sensei." Ai went straight into her purpose as she pulled out the paper that was lying in her pocket all these while and handed it over to Kei.

"DNR?" Kei read the title out in surprise.

"Yes." Ai replied in a serious, monotonous voice.

"Can I know the reason why, Takahashi-sensei? " Kei kept her shock expression back to herself and began the routine questioning.

"After working in the medical field for a few years, I do feel that, I do not wish to be resuscitate if there is  this day I will be situated in a life and death situation. I would rather the attention to be given to someone else, rather than myself. " Ai explained. It was as if, she had memorised this answer before hand, from the way she had been going.

"Can I ask if there's any other underlying reasons, such as a unknown medical condition you are undergoing, or?" Kei questioned again.

Ai shook her head in respond. "There isn't any, Yasuda-sensei. I am in a perfect pink of health." Ai answered. "Onegaishimasu." Ai bowed.


"Risa-san, I believe that you understand that your heart has already in this condition, such that no other corrective surgery done will be effective in pulling on your condition. The only way out is a heart transplant. We have moved you up to our priority list right as this moment. Hopefully, we will be able to hear some good news for you. . ." The voice of Risa's cardiologist in charge, Kei, echoed in her mind.

'Ai-chan. . . I'm afraid that . . . I might not be able to wait till the day. . . There is this possibility that, I will be gone when the day arrives. You and me both knew the difficulties of being on the waiting list, don't you? I have been on the list for 24 years. . . 24 years. . . ' Risa thought sadly in her mind. She had no courage to tell Ai what Kei had told her earlier in the day. She just had no courage to do so. 'And I am going to leave the world, without knowing anything, without experiencing a single thing about life. . .Except for love. . .' Risa continued depressingly in her mind.

She reached her free arm to the cabinet next to her and took the ribbon that was on the top into her possession.

"Ne, Risa-chan, look at what I had gotten for you!" A 10 year old Ai came running into Risa's bedroom, with a pink ribbon that has strawberries and penguin embroidered onto it. "Isn't this cute?" Ai continued as she tied the ribbon onto one of Risa's pigtail. "It's a matching hair ribbon. I have one too!" Ai turned around and showed Risa's her ribbon that was tied on her pony tail."

A weak warm smile ran across Risa's face as she vaguely remembered the day Ai gave her the ribbon on her birthday. "Too bad Ai-chan refuse to wear it anymore. . . Ever since the day she cut her hair short. . . " Risa sighed sadly. 'What are you going to do, Ai-chan, if at the very next moment, I'm gone. . . perhaps if we had never kissed that night, it would be so much easier for you to let me go, isn't that so?'


Ai pulled the loose ends of her short hair behind her ears as she began to check herself through the rear mirror of the car. Through the mirror, a similar patterned ribbon to the one Risa had was tied perfectly on Ai's hair. 'Risa, I am going to fulfil my promise. . . Please wait for me. . . '

"Play?" A two year old Ai looked up at her caregiver as she muttered the single syllabus word.

"Alright, what would you like to play?" Yuki, the caregiver of the baby hatch kneeled down onto her knees to come to an eye level with Ai. She was the one who had found the Ai on a bridge, wrapped in thin towels on a Autumn night two years ago. With the newly found infant, Yuki had decided to introduce the baby hatch, which allows babies from unwanted pregnancy to be homed rather than to be left on the streets to fend for themself.

Young Ai titled her head to the right as she stared at Yuki with her wide big eyes. She could not comprehend the question raised by Yuki. Yuki giggled at the innocence of the adolescence. Without explaining much, Yuki hid her face behind her hands. "Peek-a-boo!" She pulled her hands away from face. That made young Ai to burst into huge fit of giggling. When she covered her face with her hands again, Ai stopped. "Peek-a-boo!" And Ai giggled again.

The game continued for a while until the echoing of bells in the small infirmary stopped the game. "Wait here for a while. . ." Yuki ordered gently as she rushed towards the drop basket. There she found a small infant, wrapped in a think towel. "You looked blue, my dear, this is bad. . ." Yuki muttered to herself as carried the baby straight into her arms and to the examination table, where she took the stethoscope and began to examine the young infant.

As she was intently trying to listen for any heart murmurs, a tug on her long skirt broken her attention. She looked down and saw Ai tugging on her skirt, looking at her curiously. "Ai-chan, I'm sorry. . . I can't play with you now. . . " Yuki said to Ai in a gentle voice before turning her attention back to the young infant. "This is bad. I need to bring her to the hospital." Yuki mumbled to herself. "What about Ai?" Being alone at the baby hatch, Yuki had no choice but to bring Ai along with her.

Yuki named the infant Risa. Since that very day, young Risa had been in and out of the hospital. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease that required her to undergo various reconstruction surgery to keep her alive through her infancy and childhood years. As a result of that, Risa was not allowed to interact with other children, in afraid that Risa might catch infection from bugs that will not cause serious problem to a normal child but a life threatening outcome for the naturally weak bodied child. Ai was an exception. The child named after love, was something more than love. Stubborn was the right word to describe her.

Even after being told off by Yuki and other ladies of the children's home, Ai still managed to find her way to sneak out of her room and into Risa's personal room and snuck into Risa's bed, spending the night hugging the younger girl to sleep.

"Risa-chan's is lonely to be sleeping alone!" Was the answer Ai refuted when being reprimanded the elders of the children. That answer alone made them speechless and eventually, the older girl was gradually allowed to be in the younger's room even without permission.

"Ne, Ai-chan, how is it like in elementary school?" The 10 year old Risa asked the 12 year old Ai, who was at her last year of elementary school and was in her mist in preparing for her entrance exam for a private middle high school which was well known for its escalator system to one of the nation's best medical school.

"Eh? Everyone's a big bully?" Ai replied stupidly. "The boys always like to chase the girls around, pulling their pig tails and stuffs. It's really a pain in the ass do you know that?" Ai complained before turning back to her revision.

"Really?" Risa pouted lightly before continuing. "It must feel really good to be able to run around in the green fields till the sun sets. . . " Risa envied.

"Risa-chan wants to run around in the field?" Ai turned away from her revision and stared feverously at Risa. Risa nodded her head in response. "Give me a minute. " Ai continued. Ai returned back to her table and pulled her drawing book and crayons out of the drawer and began to draw on the white piece of paper. When she was done, she carried the drawing book with her and climbed onto Risa's bed. "For you. . . " Ai whispered as she passed the book to Risa.

Risa burst right into fits of laughter the moment she saw the drawing drawn by Ai. "Who's this monster over here?" Risa asked in the middle of her laughter.

"Eh? That's Risa-chan!" Risa blurted out.

"Eh? Why did Ai-chan draw me like a monster?" Risa cutely pout.

"That's not a monster!" Ai argued.

"It looks like one!"

Ai always has the way to cheer Risa up whether she was troubled by the fact that she was sick and stuck on bed rest.

"Ne, Ai-chan, have you seen the night sky that is lighten up by the star light?" A 14 year old Risa asked the 16 year old Ai, who was already half asleep when the question was asked. Upon hearing Risa's voice, the older immediately snapped awake.

"Hmmm? The skies in the backyard are always lightened up the glimmering stars up high in the sky." Ai replied through her croaked voice.


Ai nodded her head in response. "When Risa-chan gets the green clear sign from Yasuda-sensei, I will bring Risa-chan to the backyard and glaze at the stars." Ai promised.

"But I want to see them now. . . " Risa whined.

"But . . . Yuki-basan is going to kill me if I sneak you out right now. . ." Ai contemplated.

"Please, Ai-chan. . .Just once?" Risa stared at Ai with her puppy eyes, which melted Ai's determination instantaneously.

"Alright, Just once. . ." Ai gave in. She helped Risa off her bed and supported the younger girl on her waist as the pair walked out sneaked out of the room.

"Ai, where are you bringing Risa to?" The two jumped up in surprise when an unexpected voice echoed from their back.

"I - I - I -" Ai stumbled as she tried to explain.

"Ah. . . " Risa groaned in pain suddenly, saving Ai from the confrontation as the attention was directed to the younger immediately.

"Risa-chan, are you alright?"

Things like this did happened from time to time, and gradually Ai had learnt to conquer the puppy eyes Risa always give while trying to psycho the older girl to break the rules about Risa.

When Ai turned 18, she left the children home and rented a studio apartment near her college.

"Do you really have to leave?" Risa looked down sadly on her hands as she muttered the question almost inaudibly. "I'm going to be so lonely without Ai-chan with me . . ."

Ai ruffled Risa's long hair into a mess. "It's the home's policy that we have to leave when we are 18. When Risa's 18, I will be here and bring Risa-chan with me. . . "

"Really?" Risa looked up, with tears of happiness glimmering at her eyes.

"Hmmm." Ai nodded her head. "I promise." Ai finished as she rubbed Risa's hair into a mess yet once again.

And it turn up that Risa was unable to have a good night sleep for that whole two year. Without Ai by her side, Risa slept with insecurity, waking umpteen times in the middle of night with tears in her eyes. Ai knew all about it. And the day when Risa officially turns 18, Ai turned up at the gates of the home early in the morning.

"You will be staying here with me from today on." Ai led Risa into her studio apartment. "And when you are bored at home, you can always watch all these dramas I had rented from the video store. . . " Ai continued as she showed Risa where the television and player was.

That was how their life was. While Ai was busy in college, Risa spent her time at home, watching the programmes Ai had prepared for her.

"Ne, Ai-chan . . .. "

"Yes?" Ai looked up from her book and turned her attention to Risa.

"Have you been to a wedding?" Risa asked.

"Hmmm. Once? The nee-chan from the home." Ai replied quietly.

"Ah, that time when I was admitted into the hospital . . . "

Ai nodded her head in acknowledgement. "Why?"

"I was just wondering. . . If I will be able to get married one day. . . " Risa trailed off into silence. Silence persisted in the atmosphere before Risa decided to speak again. "With my condition. . . I don't think I will be able to meet someone who will love me wholeheartedly, ne?" Risa continued bitterly. Ai bitted her lower lips nervously as she battled the clenching heart of hers in her left chest. Her healthy heart is now clenching painfully in her left chest. "I wonder how does a first kiss feels like . . . " Risa continued quietly.

Ai flipped her book close out of a sudden and began to stomp towards where Risa sat - the bed right before the television. She climbed onto HER bed and straddled across Risa's thigh, blocking the younger's girl vision of the television. The reason for the sudden questions about love from the younger was that she was watching a romance drama.

Risa leaned back slightly, slightly startled at Ai's impulse actions. "What's - "

Before Risa could fully finish her question, she felt a pair of warm lips pressing gently on hers, causing Risa leaned her head back straight into the pillows, with Ai's weight on her body. After a short moment, Ai pulled back, supporting her own weight on her hands that pillared Risa's neck. "This is how a first kiss feels like. . . "

Risa felt her lips trembling, as her heart raced in speed.

"Risa-chan. . . Don't say that you won't be able to find someone who will love you wholeheartedly. You had found someone. . . " Ai whispered in a husky voice."I have always love Risa-chan. . . since the first day I met Risa-chan . . . " Ai continued as she leaned and kissed Risa once again.

The sudden kiss Ai gave ended up badly as the rhythm of Risa's heart went hay wired. At the hospital, Ai was so shy and guilt-stricken that she could not find the courage to come face to face with Risa. She faced her back at Risa all the time she was in the room. It was only until Risa wrapped her arms around Ai's slender waist and leaned her chin on Ai's shoulder that Ai finally turned and faced Risa.

"I also love you, Ai. . . " Risa whispered gently into Ai's ears. "You made me feel something that I had never felt before. . . "

"Yasuda-sensei! Please come down to the A&E right now! Takahashi-sensei had drove into the big oak tree outside the hospital and they need backups in the A&E right now!"

When Kei reached the A&E room, she stopped the doctors in A&E in work.  "Stop everything that you are doing." Kei ordered.

"Why?" Was the question asked by all individual in the room.

"Takahashi-sensei had just signed the DNR form . . . " Kei punched the metal table nearby her as she said.

"Yasuda-sensei, we found this organ donation card in the pocket of Takahashi-sensei pocket. . . "

Kei's eyes went wide open in realisation. 'Why are you so silly, Ai-chan?!' Kei thought silently in her mind. "Inform the organ donation team. I have a patient on a top list for heart transplantation. " With that, Kei pulled the curtain open and walked out of the room. She endured the tears that formed at her eyes. "How am I going to tell her then?"

Kei made her way up to Risa's ward. When she entered the ward, she saw Risa struggling to tie her hair up with the ribbon she had in her hand.

"Yasuda-sensei. . . " Risa greeted as she saw Kei walking into the room.

"You are looking good, aren't you?" Kei commented as she took over the ribbon from Risa and helped the young girl a favour by tying the ribbon up on her hair for her.

"Thank you." Risa answered with a smile.

"I have a good news for you . .  .We have found a heart for you."

"Really?" Risa's eye's beamed with happiness, though it had only lasted for a while. "Well. . . that means that someone else had just . . ."

"I'm sure that that person would be glad that their organs are still out there, giving others a hope of life while theirs had ended." 

"Ai-chan knew about it?"

Kei smiled as she lied. "Of course she do. She had just stepped into the operating theatre to do the preparation work while I'm here to inform you about your new heart."


Kei nodded her head again.


"Erina, what are you doing here?" After the long hours of operation and under sedation, Risa had finally woken up. And the first person she saw when she opened her eyes was not the person she had wanted to see the most. "Skipping school again?" Risa croaked. "Ai-chan is going to get angry with you if she knows about it. . . "

"Risa-san, how are you feeling?" Kei asked with the assessment board in her hands.

"Tired and groggy . . . " Risa looked around the room as she answered.  "Where's Ai-chan?" Risa asked again when she realised Ai was not in the room.

"Ai-chan had went for a medical conference in the United States. I had sent her off to the conference in my place, since I can't leave you after your major operation, Risa-san." Kei lied again. "Ai-chan was reluctant to leave initially. . . But did when I forced her to . . "

"Well. . . her work is important too. . . " Risa smiled lightly. "I want to get well as quickly as I can, so that Ai will be able to see the Risa in her best form when she's back." Risa whispered to herself with a smile too.

Her gladness about her successful heart transplant made her fail to notice the unusual behaviour of Erina.

As weeks go by, Risa began to realise something was wrong.

"Ne, Erina, when is Ai coming back." Risa asked Erina while seated in Ai's studio apartment. 

"Ne, Risa-nee, do you want to go out to watch the night stars?" Erina asked, trying to change the topic Risa was going.

"I'm not going until Ai is back." Risa refused stubbornly.

"Actually, Ai-nee had called back to the home some days back. She said that something had cropped up in the conference and she can't be back on time and she wants me to bring you there. . . " Erina lied.

"Really?" Risa turned and looked at Erina.

Erina closed her eyes, trying to avoid Risa's stare as she nodded her head. "Shall we go?" With that, Erina dragged Risa out of Ai's studio apartment with Risa's hospital bag and brought the elder sister of hers back to the children home.

As the two sat side by side on the grass, with eyes fixed on the sky,  Risa cried. Erina jumped up in surprised when she heard Risa breaking down into tears. "What's wrong, Risa-nee?" Erina flustered.

"You lied to me . . . "

"I - I - I "

"Where's Ai-chan?" Risa asked again. 'I'm by your side, Risa. . .'  Risa felt a gentle voice whispering into her ears. "Where? Ai, Where are you?" Risa rushed back onto her feet and began to glazed around her surroundings. "Where? Ai? "

'I'm here. . . Risa. . .' Risa felt her heart beating in an familiar pace. The heartbeat which had always calmed her to sleep. The heartbeat that protected her from loneliness all these while. The heartbeat that showed her what love means.

Ai released her handbrake and stepped gently on the accelerator pedal. 'Risa . . . This might be a silly way to do it . . . But I have no other choice to do so . . . '  Ai thought sadly in her mind. 'Even that. . . This way, when you are happy and enjoying your new found life, I will be watching you from inside. . .Even at times when you are lonely, whenever you feel like crying. I will still always be by your side, Risa. I will be with you forever. . . I still live in you. . . I still love you . . . and always forever . . . by your side. . .

"Ai. . . " Risa broke down on the ground as her heart remembers something she never knew.

'Ne, Risa. . . I will always be forever, by your side. . . '

This story is inspired by two songs from the reborn musical. . .And also ideas from the past.
Can't get past the emo period i'm going through right now, though writing this story did cheered me a little, which made me realised how much writing had influenced me and my thoughts. Though i felt that I'm a little out of it.

I will try to update Strawberry Penguin over the weekends. . .
and yah, hopefully. . . the emotion of sadness will be gone and away before I write SP. . .
So yah . . .

Until the next time then.

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I'm dying of sadness! Ai-chan... Risa... Poor risa, she'll never experience ai's love again... *sobs
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"Yasuda-sensei! Please come down to the A&E right now! Takahashi-sensei had drove into the big oak tree outside the hospital and they need backups in the A&E right now!"
since this line, my tear cant stop..cause i know how the story gonna goes..And indeed, you successfully make it more sad..
such love is so selfish yet so touching
last time, i also cried when *you should know*

Cheer up..although i know its hard..

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