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Author Topic: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... (Kai&Acchan) - COMPLETED  (Read 23601 times)

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 10 Oct 7th
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 what?!!! :fainted: i hate Tomo again and again and again....:temper:
Tomo selfish :on beatup Acchan and Kai please please :tantrum:
up date soon please :farofflook: I'm waiting you :pleeease:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
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Sorry guys its more than a week. LOL
here is the LAST CHAPTE!!  :thumbsup



I keep thinking about Kai’s last sentences. Last meeting. Doesn’t it mean that Kai will probably move to another school? Or what? I don’t want him to leave me like this. There’s something that I have not told him yet. I keep waiting for Kai in classroom… But the time keeps running and Kai has not appeared yet. I really worry about him…. I have not heard anything about Kai’s movement from teacher, yea at least the teacher will tell us about it, but I have not heard it so it means Kai still studies at this school…. While waiting for him, I heard that 2 boys are talking about Kai.

“You saw him yesterday right?”

“Yah I did! Kai was so cool! Sasuga….”

“Hahaha… Yea, I couldn’t believe that he visited the number one hosted club, Ropponggi.”

What?? Kai went to hostess club?? Did he??

“Sugoii ne!! I think that place bans student to come right?”

“Yeah you are right. But from the rumor, he has so many girlfriends there… He’s cool and handsome after all… I think its easy to find girlfriend there.”

“I am with you. Somehow I envy him. I want to go there one day!!”

“Let’s go together later, okay? Ahh…. And my friend also told me that he made out with one of the hostess!! Sasuga our master!!”

“Honto desu ka!! Kakkoi~ We must learn from Kai, right? I need sexy girlfriend!”

Kai…. That is not true, right? You didn’t do any single thing that they talked about right? I know you were playboy before, but I think you have changed. I try to trust you, but why I still worried about you? I feel so uneasy…I have to make sure it by myself…and I hope it was just a gossip!

As I expected Kai didn’t come to school. Is it because he doesn’t want to see me anymore? I will disappear if he wishes me to…… I walk out of classroom, losing my energy… Tomo said that he would wait for me in somewhere and he would send me message….. I look for my handphone but I can’t find it. Eh?? May I leave it in class?? That should be. I go back to my classroom….. Then when I am there, I can’t enter… I heard someone’s voice. And…..It’s Mayu’s. She is with someone and I can’t see that person as I hide myself by crouching outside classroom.

“I think you didn’t come to school…”Mayu says to someone as he turns around.

“Ah, Mayu…..”he gives her a little smile.

Eh?? Kai?? Kai is here???? I decide to keep listening.

“I left my book so I came back here…. And wow….. I meet you here…”said Mayu.

“I am leaving now….”

“Wait…..” Kai stops. “Don’t you want to tell me about you and Acchan?”

“Its not important.”

“Yes it is. She is my best friend, you are too. Remember? I can’t see Acchan like that everyday. What did you do to her?”

“Me? She was the one….”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

Kai sighs, “Okay. I’ll tell you.” Kai sits on one of the nearest chair there. Mayu keeps standing. “The day when you told me about Acchan was taken by someone, she had been my girlfriend.”

“Oh? Really?? Isn’t that good?”

“Yeah, it supposes to be and I am so happy, but……. That was the beginning of everything.”

“What is it Kai?”

“I took Tomo to infirmary because he had injured…. When I left them since they needed to talk about something, I trusted Acchan. I trusted her if they couldn’t be together, since Acchan was my girlfriend.”

Mayu keeps listening. “When I went back to give the antiseptic which was a school nurse asked me to give it to Tomo, I saw them…………kissing in front of me.”

“Ha?? They kissed??? How come??!!! Acchan was not that type of girl!”

“Who knows. I think she pitied me so that she accepted my love. Haha…. I am so pitiful.” A force smile forms on his face.

“Kai…. You aren’t.”

“I tried to calm myself since then…. Maybe she is not destined to become mine…. And you know, I have liked her long time ago before we entered this school.”

“Eh??? Really?? You knew her already?”

“Yea… I knew her, but she didn’t. Its only you who know this. And I also have kissed her once in a train.”

“Wow… Can’t comment. You are playboy after all.”she chuckles.

“Hmm….” Kai smiles. “I was really shocked when I saw her eyes that day. I know she couldn’t sleep well and always think about me and Tomo. Honestly I couldn’t see her like that.”

“Yeah…. I remembered that time. Acchan’s face was like…… I can’t tell it.”

“And I know she still loves Tomo so much, and because she pitied me, she couldn’t choose between us. So in order to make her leaves me, I have said something rude to her. I don’t mind if Atsuko backs to Tomo as long as she lives happily. I love seeing her smile, I love seeing her laughing, and although I am hurt here, I don’t mind. And about the duel that I had with Tomo, whether I win or not, still the result is I will let Atsuko be with him. I can’t force Atsuko to love me, right? Hehe… I think its only me who was happy when Atsuko accepted my love. Haa… I am really stupid.”

“Please don’t say that. You are not stupid, you are cool. This is the first time I meet with someone that is so nice like you, Kai. You are the best.”

“When it is about Atsuko, I can do everything. I still regret my words to her… Honestly I didn’t mean it…. But to make her hate me, that should be good way.”

“Kai…..until now, you are still in love with her?”

Kai pauses in some seconds and answers, “Yes. I still love her so much. Maybe I will love her until my heart stops beating.”

“Kai….you are so sweet…. As your and Acchan’s friend, I really support you…. I really want you to have Acchan back, but yea I will support everything that you do. I am with you…..”

“Thanks Mayu…. And…..I decided to move to another school.”

“Eh??? Nande soko made?”

“I am afraid if I am here, Atsuko will hardly reject me. I want her to live happily with Tomo….So I think it would be the best choice for me to leave this school. Don’t you think so?”

Mayu sighs, “I am against this….Honestly I tell you…. But…. It’s your decision after all, all I can do are supporting you. I wish for your happiness.”

“Thank you, Mayu. Hmm…. I think Tomorrow I will have my documents to be prepared and leave this school as soon as possible. Don’t miss me…”

“I will miss you, Kai! If you have time, please visit me, okay?”

“I promise. Well… I am leaving now. Should we walk together?”

“That would be great! Let’s go!!”

They are heading out of the classroom. I heard their footsteps are farther as I hide myself in the next classroom. I am crying there, covering my mouth so I can’t make a loud voice. Sobbing and thinking about Kai, and only Kai is in mind mind right now.

I never pity him for once… I really want to start with him…. I am so stupid! Why did I hurt this precious person?? I should be hated the most…. But why Kai? Why you didn’t hate me?? You still love me, and that makes me wanna cry so loudly!! I am idiot. Such a baka person, I hate myself!!!

I walk to the classroom slowly and reach my handphone right on my chair. There is a message from Tomo. It is written where we should meet right now.

At somewhere.

I can manage to find Tomo easily. He is standing there and waving at me. I approach him.

“Hi Acchan. Glad to see you…. You look pretty as usual.” He smiles.

I have to tell him the truth. It is the time for me to be honest with my own feeling.

“Tomo, I want to tell you something.”

“Yes?? What is it Acchan??”

“I……can’t be your girlfriend. I am sorry…”

Tomo looks so shocked. He can’t say anything out from his mouth.

“Why Acchan?? I think you still love me?”

“I think so at first, but I know I am wrong….. Honto ni gomen nasai!” I bow my head.


I run as fast as possible. Once I look at my watch its already 7pm. After saying sorry to Tomo, hurriedly I run to Kai’s house. I have called one of my friends and asked Kai’s address… Luckily they knew. The lamp is still off, and I am sure Kai hasn’t home yet, so I decided to wait for him in front of the door. I am waiting for him almost 2 hours. Then It reminds me of the boys talked about Kai went to hostess club. Could it be he go there so that he has not home yet?

The air is really cold. I don’t wear any jacket… I keep waiting for Kai until he comes. And finally he shows up. My heart starts beating so fast as he looks at me. I narrowed my eyebrow as I see a bruise on his face.

“Kai, what happened to your lips??” without thinking I touch the edge of his lips. Suddenly he takes my hand away.

“Why are you here?”

“I really want to meet you. Your lips….”

“It’s okay. You can go home now…” he passes as he wants to go inside, but I hold his hand.

“Please Kai… I want to say something….” He pulls his hand.

“Did you forget about what I told you last day? Go home now…” he says as he opens the door and closes right in front of me. I look down and don’t have any courage to knock the door. What should I do now?? This question keeps repeating inside my head. So I decide to sit there, and waiting for him to open the door.

Kai goes to his room as he changes his clothes. Once he thinks about Atsuko. It is already late, and he just can’t let her to go home alone. He worries and takes a look outside of window. And there’s no signal of her. Maybe she has left. Before he looks away, rain is falling. It’s falling so hard, now his mind is full with Atsuko. As he remembers, she doesn’t bring umbrella and wears jacket. And now is raining…. He follows his instinct to chase Atsuko. He goes down to living room, takes his umbrella and chases Atsuko. He is shocked when he sees a figure is sitting outside of his house. From top until foot is wet. He then approaches this figure as he covers her head with umbrella.

“Kai….” I look up as I see Kai is standing there.

“I told you to leave.”

I shake my head…. “There’s something I wanna say…..” Kai helps me to stand up and takes me inside. He places the umbrella to its place and leads me to the living room.

“Sit there. I will look for something that you can wear.” Kai goes to upstairs. I sit on the couch as I rub my arm to help me feel warmer. It’s really cold.

Not long Kai appears and gives me a towel first.

“Here wear these. Dry your body first, then go the toilet over there to change your cloth.” Kai says with such a cold tone. He goes to the kitchen… I follow his order and change the cloths.

I finished changing my cloth and go back to the living room. Kai is there and sitting on the couch. I stand there and can’t look at him.

“Why are you standing there?” he asks without looking at me.

“Ehm…..May I sit?”

“Yes of course.” I walk slowly to the couch and sit beside him, but I keep in a distance.

“I made hot tea for you. Drink it.” I nod as I take the cup. “Thank you, Kai….”

“In the outside is still raining. You may stay here, but when it stops you may go.”

I am in silent. I drink the tea and it really helpful to make my body warmer.

“Are you happy now?” Kai breaks the silence.

“I am not.”

“You’re such a liar.”

“I just met with Tomo…. I said I couldn’t be with him….” Then Kai looks at me.

“Why?” he asks. I put the cup back on the table.

“I realized that he is not the one whom I love right now…… It’s you.” I look at him and our eyes are meeting.

“Don’t joke around.” He looks away.

“I said the truth. I am sorry Kai if I have made you disappointed and hurt. I am really sorry… But it hurts me when you are not around, Kai. You are too precious to me. I am serious saying this….” I hold his hand.

“How can I trust you??” he keeps looking away…

“Please you must trust me. You are the one I love, Kai… I love you…..” I hold his hand tightly….

“You know I have said something bad to you….. Why you-”

“Sorry Kai, I was there when you talked with Mayu. So I know it all….” Slowly Kai looks at me. I can see he is surprised…. And he sighs.

“I was so sad when you said I loved Tomo that much. You were wrong…. He’s my past, and now I am with you… I love you more than him. I can’t imagine you are not in my life anymore...”

“You two, kissed in front of me. Did you understand how I felt?”

“I am really sorry, Kai! I…..I didn’t know either! That was just……so quick. I didn’t even know what I did. Really……..”I cry and look down. Kai must hate me more now. How come he won’t? I kissed with another guy and he saw it….

“Atsuko….” We still look each other and slowly his hand rubs my cheek, strokes my hair. “Please don’t cry, Atsuko….” He wipes my tear so gently, he keeps telling me to not cry anymore…. I miss this gentle voice from him. It makes me little bit relieve and smile. I reply it by touch his bruises. I move slowly to him as I kiss it right on the edge of his lips.

“Did you fight?”

“I met Koji… It reminded me when he hurt you so bad before, so I thought I want to kill him…. He succeed punch my face and run away. It’s really embarrassing.”

“No it’s not, Kai. I am happy you are okay…. The day when you had duel with Tomo,  I really worried about you… I didn’t even think about Tomo, coz it was you in my eyes… I was scared when something happened to you…..”


“Yes… And I am sorry for making you suffer. Really sorry….” Suddenly Kai hugs me.

“Don’t apologize. I am glad when I know you are finally in love with me too…..”

“I still can’t believe my first kiss was with you, Kai….”

“Hmppfh… Sorry for stealing it, Atsuko…”

“Not at all…. I am relieved coz my first was with you, Kai….”

Kai releases the hug and immediately sweeps my lips with his…. The sensation is really different when I kissed Tomo…. I close my eyes and feel the softness of his lips. Its really short one as he breaks it.

“I really want to kiss you, Atsuko. Not when you are sleeping…” he chuckles.

“Me too …. Can we start all over again?”

“Hm? Again? We have not begun yet. Today is our beginning, Atsuko….” He smiles as he kisses me again. This one is full with passion. He is so aggressive since he had experienced it before …. His move is so fast and I have to adapt myself to move as fast as him. He’s too strong and he keeps pushing me down, I can’t push him back as I am too weak…. Finally he is successful to push me down and now he is on my top. He starts moving his hand and messing my hair up… I put both of my hands on his shoulder to help me hold his body. The coldness inside my body likes disappearing as our bodies are touching each other. I still can’t believe I kiss Kai likes this… and I am glad I do….

It is hotter as he lifts my shirt a bit up… I can feel my heart beating so hard like wanting to jump out from its place. His hand begins to move upper, before moving any farther, it travels around my stomach… Every single touch of its fingers make me moan a bit… When it starts to move again, suddenly he stops the kiss… I open my eyes and confused why he stops.

“I think…..I can’t do that to you….”


“It’s my first time doing this with someone I love. I feel a bit…..shy. Arrgg!! I am useless!!”

He’s so kawaii!! Really cute when he blushes like this.

“I am fine… As long as its you.”I say.

“I want to treasure you, Atsuko. You are more precious than my own life…”

I rub his cheek as I give a small kiss on it. “I love you.” He smiles so widely and replies it with, “I love you too…” and kisses me again. He moves his lip slowly to my cheek and sucks my neck. Then it comes back to my lips again as he starts sucking it up. After a few seconds he then slides his tongue inside my mouth… His hand continues to lift my shirt up until it reaches my neck. I place my hands behind his neck and keep pulling him closer for another kiss. Slowly he moves down and kisses around my chest. And then he kisses both of my eyes and he says, “Sorry for making you cry…” and goes down, kiss my nose.

Suddenly I remember about something, and I bite his lips.

“Itai!” he touches his lips with his right hand. “Why do you bite me that hard?!”

“Answer me… Did you go to the hostess club?”

“Eh??” he looks confused.

“Tell me honestly. Did you?”

“Who told you?”

“I heard when the boys were talking about you. They said you often went to the Ropponggi.”

“Its misunderstanding I can explain.”said Kai.

“I am waiting for your explanation. I hope you have good reason for this.”

“Of course. I met my friend there. She is working there…. She asked me to help her. Because some of guests are ladies lately, they need a host, must be the handsome one. So she called me last time.”

“Handsome, huh?!” I pinch his cheek.

“Ahaa… you are jealous, right? Funny….”

“Huh?? No!” I pout.

“You can’t hide your expression, Atsuko…You make me want to eat you….” He then slowly moves closer to me and kisses my lips again…….

“I hate seeing you with other girls…” I say as he moves to kiss my neck.

“ Fine.”

“You must see me. Just me.”

“Fine.”he sucks  my neck and makes me moan.

“….. Kai, you belong to me.” I say as I can feel he smiles while kissing my neck… He moves his hand so fast and he is stripping my shirt…Now my body is being exposed.

“Aa!! Don’t look at me….” I say to him as I blush at the same time. It’s the first time my boyfriend seeing me half naked like now…

“Why? Did you just say I am yours, right? It means that you are mine too…. So I am allowed to see you even in this condition…” he smiles as he touches my skin… “It’s really soft…”

I keep quite as my head feels like wanting to explode….It’s really embarrassing! I don’t know if it would feel like this….. Kai seals my lips for thousands times as his hand squeezes my breast.


“What did you say??!!!” even he says that in low tone, I still can hear him…. How rude!

“Eh? Nothing….” He smiles.

“I know you like it which is so big like watermelon. Sorry if I make you disappoint.”

“Haa??? I never want that.. It’s more than enough…. Even it’s flat I….”

“See?? Ugh….”

“Hehe… I am joking, princess.” He plans a short kiss on my lips.

We spend a whole night in living room as outside is still raining and I can’t go home… I will tell my parents that I will stay over at my friend’s house, I can’t tell them I am with Kai… They would be shocked after hearing that… My seifuku is here after all, so tomorrow I will go to school together with Kai.


“Good morning….” I hear a gentle voice in the morning… Slowly I open my eyes and see Kai is already next to me. I give him a smile. “How do you feel?”

“I am still…..tired. I want to sleep until tomorrow….”

“Wow…. We have to go to school. Wake up… Hey…” he is shaking my body, but I can’t open my eyes…. “Okay, If you don’t want to wake up, I will do something like we did last night….”

Quickly I open my eyes and pinch his cheek. “Hentai! Okay, okay. I won’t sleep again…” I say and yawn after that….

“Where’s my ‘good morning kiss’?” ask Kai. I smile to him as I plan a short kiss on his lip. “That’s not enough, Atsuko…” then he pulls his head and kisses me in passionate way..

After that long kiss, we prepare ourselves and go to school together. Holding hands each other and we are now a lovey dovey couple… And I am so happy Kai is with me now.

In front of gate, I see Tomo is standing there. He looks at us and smiles. I think he is waiting for us.

“Hi there…” he approaches us.

“Hi…..” I give him my usual smile.

“I am glad you are together now…”

“And this time, I will kill you if you try to steal her from me.” Said Kai.

“Wow… I won’t Kai. I know I have lost to you. Both in karate and…….in love.” He said as he looks at me.

“Don’t you look at her like that….You know, we did ‘that’ last night, you know what it means, don’t you?”

“Kai… don’t need to say something like that…” I whisper to him…

“Hmm…yeah I know. I just want to say, I won’t bother you guys again. Starting next week, I am going to go to London to continue my study.”

“Ow really? That’s nice.” I say as I feel happy for him. At least he was my 1st love, and now he is supposed to be one of my best friends.

“Tomomi will go with me…” he smiles.

“I am happy you are not around.” Kai says as I snudge his arm with elbow. Tomo chuckles.

“Okay that’s all I want to say. I wish for your happiness, Acchan.” Tomo then leaves us.

“What the hell is that? He just wished you, though you are with me.”

“Don’t think about it, Kai. Okay? I am with you now…”

“Okay……” he still looks angry…. I can’t hold my self not to kiss his cheek….

“You are not handsome if you show that expression at all.” I chuckle.

“Wait for my revenge, Atsuko.” He says as he tickles me. I keep laughing as I run away.

“Don’t run!!” Kai shouts at me.

“Catch me if you can!!” I start to run again as I hear he says, “Okay! Wait!!” and he is running as well…..

This is the best moment ever in my life. With my beloved Kai beside me, it’s more than enough. Thanks god its not late when I have realized my own feeling. And also, I would not forget our moment last night…….



Am I ruining something??  :fainted:
thank you guys for reading my fict until the last chapter.... Really thank you.  :luvluv2:
I know its really not good....  :on speedy:
well...... my os my os  :dozing: :dozing:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
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I think i can understand why now..  the scene is almost the same.. LOL...  :lol:

and I love the happy ending!!!  :luvluv1:  being jealous at each other... so cute!!!  :shy2:

please make a new fic moe-chan!!!  :onioncheer:
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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #63 on: October 18, 2011, 06:38:14 AM »
wow new update  :mon inluv: but the last update too :mon freeze: it ended too quickly :mon whimper:
Acchan jealous kawaii~~ :mon lovelaff: happy ending I like it :mon fyeah: It's so good :mon thumb: but I need more than :mon cute:
will you try start a long fic another, huh?:mon misch: You know, I always wait for you :mon innocent:
sorry my bad english :mon sweat:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
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awwww good final chapter!! :D i love  it!! the bestpart.. all episode :D jealousy a little lust... jajaj :D cool.. thanx

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #65 on: October 18, 2011, 09:02:56 AM »
Kai is so kind! Thx for the fic!

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #66 on: October 18, 2011, 11:54:17 AM »
Good ending... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Hope can make a new fanfic in the future :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :wub: :wub: :wub: see you again!!!

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #67 on: October 18, 2011, 12:06:49 PM »
..and they live happily ever after...............

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #68 on: October 18, 2011, 06:53:54 PM »
Kai + Acchan together forever... yay... happy ending to all...

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #69 on: October 30, 2011, 11:10:00 AM »
 :on GJ: Nice Fanfic!!!
Kai x Acchan ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Atsumina / Takacchan too!!!!!!  :k-thrilled:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #70 on: December 09, 2011, 08:18:53 AM »
as usual you made a summary of my story  :grin: big thanks to you  :inlove:
You wrote is so detail, I dont know what I should say to you anymore. Just thanks for reading my fic ^^
Well...... that's all Anzai! hahaha n I love you too!  :wub: Your fic! Update it!

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #71 on: November 18, 2012, 03:25:03 AM »
Just finished this fic all in one go!!
It was a good fic... very cute and very intense!! :)
Thank you!!

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #72 on: November 29, 2012, 02:50:52 AM »
I really love this story. After I read the first chapter, I left the fic cuz I thought it isn't KaixAcchan fic. But then I was curious and continued it. It 's a great story that finally KaixAcchan are together in the end!

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #73 on: November 29, 2012, 12:12:52 PM »
kai x acchan  :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :wriggly: :nya: :shy2: :on slopkiss:
this is why youre my fave moe!

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #74 on: December 16, 2012, 09:05:04 PM »
Yeah...very good last.  :twothumbs

You made very good story plot... I even cry when I read about why Kai was rude to Atsuko after the kidnapping scene. :heart: :love: :yep:

Very good story.... :P XD :lol: :)

Hope to see your next story.  :drool: :wub: :inlove:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Last Chapter Oct 18th
« Reply #75 on: April 08, 2015, 07:11:13 PM »
Realy good story
just reed in one go!
I love Kai and Acchan  :heart:

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