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Author Topic: [9th Gen] Secret Base [Chapter 2 - 110912]  (Read 2082 times)

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[9th Gen] Secret Base [Chapter 2 - 110912]
« on: September 05, 2011, 06:46:46 PM »
It’s a short chapter. But I wanted to upload something because I’m finally done with my letter to Nanchan. I will mail it at the post office after I meet Sashihara tomorrow.

[Secret Base] - 君がくれたもの
9th Gen Fanfic. With all 9 members. Because in my heart, Team 4 is made of 12 members. And she'll always be in the 9th Gen. 

I wanted to write a Team 4 +Yokoyama fic, but I guess I can keep that idea for another time. It's quite hard to squeeze 13people for this fic's setting.
Original intention was for this to be a one-shot. But I just wanted to keep writing. So it's going to be something longer I guess. Maybe about 6-9 chapters? Actually I don't know.

Fic title is a song by ZONE. If you have the time, do listen to it. It's a sad but meaningful song. 

"Hurry up! Or we'll be late."
"I'm trying, I'm trying"
"You eat so much all the time. No wonder you can't run"
"You stupid rock head!"

"We've reached!"
"You two are slow~"
"It's all Koro-chan's fault"
"Stop calling me that!"
"Koro-chan. Koro-chan"
"Don't fight, don't fight"
"Yui-han is always helping Minarun when Haruu bullies her"
"Miyumiyu~ I'm not bullying Koro-chan! It's the truth!"

"Nan-chan is reading manga again?"
"Yup! Gin-tama's really funny. Do you want to read too?"
"I-I'll stick with idols."

It's summer. In the small neighbourhood that we all grow up in, we've built a secret base. It's not so much of a base, it's just an abandoned shed that we claimed as our own. There's 1 bunk bed, a small table and some chairs that we brought from our home. On the table there's a tablecloth which Mariyagi contributed and the cups and plates are from Ranran's house. The stack of manga at the corner is shared by Haruu and Nan-chan. Idol magazines are all property of Paruru. And the food we have here is mainly Yui-han's and Minarun's. Miyu did contribute some though. But since Minarun is always the one eating and Yui-han seems to have a lot of food all the time, both of them are the major contributors.

"I can't come tomorrow."
"Ehh? Why? I thought Minarun said that we'll be catching fireflies tomorrow. I don't want to catch fireflies without Ranran."
"Yeah! It's not the same if someone isn't here. We're a group!"
"My father wants to bring me to play golf.."
"Ah! That's great! Ranran always wanted to be a professional golfer like your father right?"
"Yup! But I want to catch fireflies too.."
"It's okay! We'll just catch fireflies tomorrow tomorrow then."
"It's called two days later. Koro-chan."
"It's the same!"
"What shall we do tomorrow then?"
"Has everyone finished their homework?"

There was a sudden pause.

"We have homework?!"

This is a story of 9 kids who lived in the same area and attended the same primary school. This is a story of people who have played hard, worked hard, dreamed hard together. A group of people who have spent, and will be sharing happy, sad and tough times together. As rivals, as comrades and most of all, as friends.

"What's wrong?"
"I don't really like insects..."
"It's okay. I'll catch them for you."
"They're pretty!'
"Shiny bright fireflies~"
"But we have to let them go later..."
"Miyumiyu, don't look so sad. It can't be helped."
"Yup. We need to return them back to nature. They belong back there."

We let them out. All the fireflies that we caught with our hard work. It was a sight to see.

"It's like mini fireworks~"
Everyone nodded.
"I'm glad Ranran could come!"
"I'm glad everyone's here!"
"I'm glad that I'm friends with everyone!"
"Let's be friends forever!" 
"Friends forever! Together forever!"

When you are young. You don't think before you speak. You mean what you say. There are no lies. No masks. No sugar-coated words. They are all words meant from the bottom of the heart.

"Tomorrow's the last day of the summer holidays."
"I don't want it to end..."
"I don't want it to end either. It's fun to play with everyone."
"Does everyone want to stay over at my place? My parents said everyone could come over."
"I'll ask them tonight!"
"Me too!"
"Yui-han's the best!"
"You only say that because you know that Yui-han will give you more food. And you'll grow fatter. Koro-chan!"
"I meant it! Yui-han really is the best! I like Yui-han's house the most~"
"What about me?"
"Eh? I like Miyumiyu's house too."
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Re: [9th Gen] Secret Base [Chapter 1 - 110906]
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2011, 07:40:39 PM »
I want to press the thanks button thousands millions times to you.
The wound is still so fresh in my heart right now ;____;

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Re: [9th Gen] Secret Base [Chapter 1 - 110906]
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2011, 02:48:07 AM »
wow, very nice and cute~~~  :cow:

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Re: [9th Gen] Secret Base [Chapter 1 - 110906]
« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2011, 12:58:13 PM »
I love that song and that fic was great. ;__;
Leaving my comment here because I can't comment on tumblr.

Oh Nanchan... I still can't get over the fact that she's graduating and I just hope she comes back like.
The bickering between Haruu and Minarun was funny but at first I sort of imagined that it was Lemon calling Minarun 'Korochan' then I remembered, oh right, ninth gen fic. :oops: Haha, I guess she's the one I think of first when it comes to having a rock head.
Catching fireflies together was so cute. I did wonder with some of the dialogue, who was saying what but I pretty much just assigned it in my head as I liked in those cases so it didn't matter much. XD

Anyway, thank you for writing ninth gen fic. I love my ninth gen babies. ;w;

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Re: [9th Gen] Secret Base [Chapter 1 - 110906]
« Reply #4 on: September 12, 2011, 04:22:00 PM »
@tenjinashi So is mine. :_: Time will heal the wound. But how long it takes i won't know. D: And i think it won't recover fully.
@saeseki Thank you!
@Kuji I love the 9th gen. Maybe I'll let lemon + the other T4 members have a cameo appearance or something. Just assign whoever you deem fit to be the one talking. :D it's more fun reading it that way.


"I've got some money."
"My parents gave me some too."
"Let's go to the sweet shop~"
"But isn't this our lunch money?"
"Sweet shop~ Sweet shop~"
"Doesn't matter right? We can always eat sweets for lunch"
"That's not healthy!"
"Don't be so strict all the time~ It's the last day, it's okay to be unhealthy for once~"

The sweet shop was a small shop that sold icecream, snacks, chocolates, sweets and even toys. It was a place where kids frequent whenever they had a chance. Which didn't come often. Unless you were Yamauchi Suzuran. The shop owner was a kind 70 year old lady that gave us freebies rather often. We placed the items that we wanted in a cardboard box before going to the shop owner to pay.

  [please pretend that they are younger than how they appear in the picture]

"Minarun. Now I know why you look like this. You're practically buying a mountain!"
"Sh-shut up! Your box is full too!"
"At least I don't look like you~"
" Don't be mean Haruu. Sometimes there are certain things that is common knowledge but shouldn't be said~"
"Yui! You too?"
"Nan-chan you bought a catapult?"
"Yup. You don't like insects right? I'll use this to protect you."
"I want Nan-chan to protect me too!"
"Miyu, Nan-chan's Paruru's prince. Don't get in the way."
"We've reached Yui-han's house~"
"Thank you for having us here!"
It was a familiar place. All of us have stayed at Yokoyama's house at least once. Although it wasn't as much compared to the secret base, but did we spend quite a decent portion of our childhood here too. Her parents were used to our company, and our parents trusted us here.

We put our bags down and placed them neatly in Yokoyama's room. Taking only our tidbits and a water bottle, except Shimada who also brought along a basketball, we left Yokoyama's house as quickly as we entered and headed to the basketball court.

"There's 9 of us, so 4 vs 5?"
"I'm not really good with sports. I'll sit and watch. So there'll be 4 on each team."
"Are you sure you don't want to play? It's okay to have uneven numbers."
"Yeah! Especially when I'm as good as two people."
" But it's lonely to sit alone at the side. I'll accompany you!"
"Eh? Ranran, you don't have to."
"It's okay~"
"So it's 3 vs 4 now?"
"I'll sit out as well. It's easier to play 3 vs 3."
"Okay. I'm captain. Nan-chan's the other captain. Let's start choosing members."
"Mina-Wait? You picked Minarun?"
"I'm giving you a handicap! A handicap!"

Nagao, Yamauchi and Shimazaki sat at the sidelines watching the others play.

"Nan-chan's cool!"
"Yup! Really cool!"
"Definately cool."
"Oi, what about me?"

No one replied. And a basketball suddenly came flying at their direction.

It was late at night. The mattresses were spread out on the floor to form a huge bed. The lights were switched off and everyone was in their pyjamas getting ready for bed. But kids always have excessive energy. And kids never liked following rules.

"Ghost stories! Let's say ghost stories!"
"Shhs. Lower your voice. You don't want Yui-han's parents to come in. We're supposed to be sleeping."
"I don't want to hear this. I don't like ghost stories.."
"Why can't we say fairytales instead?"
"Fairytales don't fit the mood. Besides, Miyumiyu is younger than you and she's not scared"
"Fine! I'll listen."

Innocent conversations. Occasional banters. Playful words. This was the kind of summer they had. This was the kind of summer they spent together. This was the  kind of summer they enjoyed before they returned back to school, before they grew up. Before all the other things happened.

Because no one knows what would happen in the future. No one. 

-End of prologue-

Still having an internal debate on how the story line should go. I have too many ideas that I don't know which to use. That and I've not recovered from the shock yet.

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Re: [9th Gen] Secret Base [Chapter 2 - 110912]
« Reply #5 on: September 12, 2011, 06:40:01 PM »
I'm not familiar with the 9th gen but it sounds interesting ^^

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