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Author Topic: Batsu Gamuu Hell: a new WebTV series  (Read 1928 times)

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Batsu Gamuu Hell: a new WebTV series
« on: September 19, 2011, 04:52:36 PM »
Prologue: It all started from jealousy:

It was night. Some producers & managers of H!P staff who worked late were in Conference Room #27

"Did ya hear? Tsunk's new project Tsuntube got green lighted."

"Yeah, it's like he got Naoki suckered around his finger. The s/mileage's sub-members were only their final decision, & the MM's 10th generation will be too."

"Darn it, we contributed hard work too! Why is it only him that gets his projects green lighted?"

Only one person wasn't participating, but watching youtube instead.

"Hey, are you listening- what the hell, you're watching internet videos?! We're discussing something important here! It could mean out future!"

"Yeah, yeah, I hear ya-"

"And you're watching Akbingo?! What-"

"And it's better than our HalloPro Time. I've seen Tsunk's notes on his Tsuntube concept & it's no better than Yasushi's group's TV program too. Hell, this Akbingo is better than Berykyuu, Yorosen, even our old Hello!Morning!"

"So? your point being?"

"Why can't we propose a new TV program that beats the rest? We'll propose this to Naoki, beat Tsunk at his own game!"

"Hmm, I don't know, this- now what are you watching? That's not Akbingo, that's Gaki no Tsukai! Hey, are you concerned for your job or not-"

"Shut it, watch."

Everyone in the room watches, few minutes later

"It's a batsu game, so?'

"What do ya guys thing about a H!P program centered around the batsu game concept?"

"It's been done countless times, it's old-"

He cuts off noticing a new word is typed into the searchbox: "JACKASS"

"I suspect that Gaki no Tsukai is inspired by this American MTV show, a brain child of one Johnny Knoxville."

They watched a Jackass video. Then another. Then another.

"Ok, so a batsu game TV program that pushes the envelope, but will it fly?"

*The next day*

Naoki: "This won't fly; you know how our TV censors are, Gaki no Tsukai & other batsu game TV programs get plenty criticized already. And have you forgotten the 'Hitler debacle' on Yorosen?"

management exec: "Hmm..(ponders for some seconds)but what about an Internet program?"

"Will it work?"

"Look, Naoki-san: it's outside our national TV censors' jurisdiction, & we reach the foreign fanbases too."

*Naoki ponders*

"Come on, ya green lighted Tsuntube, give this idea a chance!"

"...alright, write up a pilot, get it hosted somewhere, we'll see how it goes."
(Batsu Gamuu Hell pilot debut in next post)

Morning Musume died on December 15 2010 RIP ● S/mileage died on August 27 2011 RIP

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Re: Batsu Gamuu Hell: a new WebTV series
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2011, 05:08:41 PM »
Hmm touchy stuffs you've said there 8)

I don't know where you're going with this fic but I'm interested to find out.

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Re: Batsu Gamuu Hell: a new WebTV series
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2011, 05:44:18 PM »
~Batsu Gamuu Hell, Pilot Episode~

"Hello, welcome to Batsu Gamuu Hell, the show where HelloPro members compete solely to avoid hellish forfeit! I'm your host, Takahashi Ai, & this program is so stupid, we're not allowed on national TV! Ok, now, let's meet from Morning Musume, Szuzuki Kanon!" "From C-ute Yajima Maimi!" "And from S/mileage, Maeda Yuuka!"

Kanon: "Aichan, why are we at this tarmac track?"

"Well that's because for today's first challenge is Go-Kart drag race! Get into you karts at the start, & at the signal, race to the end! The last to reach the end faces the forfeit!"

Maimi: "...Takahashi-san, there are 4 go-karts here"

Aichan: "Eh? (looks off camera) What?! I'm taking part in it too?!"

The other 3 girls lmao-ed. "Come on, Takahashi-san, don't be afraid!"

Aichan gets into a go-kart reluctantly, the other 3 followed suit.

A horn sounds off, & the go-karts took off..wait not all the go-karts.

Maimi: "Why isn't it moving?! (frantically steps the pedal repeatedly) AHHH that's the brake!! Not the accelerator!!" She depresses the accelerator pedal & speeds off finally..
..reaching the end..last.

Aichan & the other 2 girls are rofl-ing "You're last!" While Maimi lamented "I stepped on the wrong pedal!"

Aichan: "Still ,you came last, so you must face the forfeit!"

A tray was brought forward to Aichan, & on it was white powder.

"This is powdered wasabi, Maimi, and," Aichan takes out a straw. "Your forfeit is to snort it up your nose!"

Kanon & Yuuka were roflmaoing uncontrollably.

Maimi "No way! I bet it hurts!"

Yuuka: "That's why it's forfeit, silly,"

Aichan "Come on, Maimi, just get it done."

Maimi took the straw, puts one end to the powder, the other to her nose, & inhales.

"ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!! PAAAIINNN!!! SO MUCH PAAIIIINNNN!!!!" She starts coughing & tearing hard, while Aichan, Kanon, & Yuuka guffawed hysterically.

*Maimi's painful groans continues*

A glass of water was brought to Aichan, who then hands it to Maimi. "Here." Maimi takes it, gulps the content..& spits it out.

"WHAT THE- WHAT'S THIS?!?!" Kanon, & Yuuka are now HYSTERICAL.

Aichan(looks off camera) "What? it's dissolved with sea salt?!" Even she's in disbelief.

Another glass of water was brought forward; this time, Aichan tasted it first. "Here, Maimi, this one is okay."

While Maimi is gulping the water, & Kanon, & Yuuka are laughing uncontrollably,

Aichan "That's it for part one, stay tuned for part two coming up next!"
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Morning Musume died on December 15 2010 RIP ● S/mileage died on August 27 2011 RIP

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