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Author Topic: [AKB48] Royal Couple {ATSUMINA}  (Read 5703 times)

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[AKB48] Royal Couple {ATSUMINA}
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I just copy this story from this forum web I'm sorry, :cry: :cry: his guy/girl nickname "SkullCandyFreak's" last active on MAR, 2, 2011....  I really wanted the story to move on and have an interesting plot... but it's been a while because he/she didn't up date it.... :banghead: feel very very sad... :cry: :cry: :( Hope that some one in this forum can continue the story because I not good at writing... :smhid So, If anybody have an idea :? :? :? :? JUST CONTINUE IT... PLEASE!!!!  :peace: :peace: :peace:
Chapter 1 (Be warned...its very long)

She slammed her hand down on the little digital alarm clock just 15 seconds before it was programmed to start the morning alarm call.

"Rise and shine!" She said to no one in particular as she stretched her arms above her head.

The alarm clock was just a backup, in case she couldn't wake up in time, but her biological clock never failed her once.

She jumped off her bed and skipped her way merrily to the living room.

"Morning!" A cheerful voice greeted her. A voice she couldn't possibly have heard at this hour. She rubbed her eyes as she saw the small figure rummaging around in the kitchen.


"Why did you sound so surprised?"

"Did the sun rise in the west today?" She asked confusedly as she walked towards Yuko.

"Nope, it is still rising in the east, Minami..." Yuko answered, looking out of the window.

"You're making breakfast?!? What is wrong with you today?" Minami placed her hand on Yuko's head and touched her own.

"No fever..."

"Of course not," Yuko rebutted, "Just go wash up and breakfast will be serving soon, Your Highness!"

"Hey, don't call me that."

"Oops, just a slip of mouth... now just hurry up and go!"

It definitely did not sound right to her. Yuko has never woken up before her and she has always been the one making breakfast ever since Day 1 they arrived in the States three years ago.

Minami returned from the bathroom and sat down at the dining table as she waited uneasily for the breakfast to be served. Within the next minute, the plate of piping hot pancakes was placed in front of her.

"Dig in!"

Yuko immediately devoured the pancakes while Minami simply looked on at her.

"What's wrong? It's delicious, okay! I know how to cook!"

"Did you put poison?"

Yuko almost choked on the mouthful of pancake she just gobbled.

Gah! She knew it!

"Just kidding!" Minami continued jokingly, grabbing a quick bite, "Hmmm, it is quite delicious..."


"Of course, as a food culinary tasting expert, I do know how to cook!"

"You mean as a glutton..."

".......yes, as a glutton,”

For the next few minutes, they chatted about the upcoming exams as the stack of pancakes started to decrease in height.

"Minami ah... do you wanna go back to Japan?"

"You mean during the term break?"

"Ya... kinda..."


She is adamant about going back!

"Why not?"

"Spare me the misery! I'm as free as a bird over here, why do I wanna lock myself in that cage!"

"Come on, the palace isn't that bad..."

"You don't know... imagine the strict regulations all over! And not to mention, my scary grandmother!"

"Her Majesty..." Yuko shuddered at the thought of the menacing looking Queen Mother staring into her very soul.

"I swear she could read mind!" Minami exclaimed, "There is no way I am going back... at least not for the next 10 years..."

"10 years!!?! But-"

"My brother is there, they won't bother about me..."

She is never gonna to go back with me peacefully... This calls for drastic measures...

"Anyway, why are you asking me such question?"

"Ah... no... I was just thinking of going back for a visit..."

"Well, you can go back you know... I can take care of myself. It's pretty safe around here. Actually there is no need for-"

Ding! A sound came from the kitchen interrupted Minami.

"Ah... the milk is ready!" Yuko quickly excused herself. She poured the content into two separate but personalised cups. They have bought the customised cups a few months ago because they have argued over the dish washing issue. Each claimed that they have washed their own cups and the other had not. Having a personalised set of utensils made things easier.

She made sure she was out of Yuko's sight when she took out a bottle from her pocket and proceeded to pour the powdered white tablets into Minami's cup.


Minami sneezed suddenly. The sudden sneezing sound made Yuko jumped and she accidentally poured half its contents into the cup. The milk started foaming.


She quickly stirred the content and watched on as the powder slowly dissolved. She had no idea how much dose went in but there was no time to prepare another. She carefully carried the two cups over to the dining area.

"Here!" Yuko passed it over to Minami while she took a small sip on hers.


Minami took a few sips.

"It tastes funny..."

"Is it? Mine tasted perfectly fine!" Yuko took a few gulps to prove her point.

"Maybe it is just me..." She rubbed her nose. Perhaps I'm getting a cold soon, she thought. Minami brushed away the thought as she continued drinking. Yuko eyed her constantly.

Don't blame me, Minami... this is the only way to bring you back to Japan!

"I'm full! Thanks for the meal! Now, let's get ready for classes!" Minami stood up. Yuko sprang up immediately.

"You're... fast today..." Minami commented at her unusually fast action. Yuko, on the other hand, smiled sheepishly as she scratched the side of her head nervously.

Minami took a step forward when her head spun suddenly, and felt her knees buckled under her weight. Yuko who was just right behind her, reacted spontaneously, grabbing Minami before she fell onto the floor.

"Thanks..." Minami muttered a weak thank. She felt all her strength leaving her, and in the next second she was fully knocked out.

"Minami? Princess?"

There was no response from the girl lying in her arms.

"Minami, I'm so sorry... I'll let do whatever you want when you wake up."


"I'm not going!"

"Baby, please just listen to your dad for this time."

"NO! He can go marry by himself if he wants!"

"For the last time I'm saying, you will be leaving for Japan in another 2 days' time!" A loud voice boomed through the hallway.

"NO! Dad, you can't decide for me!" She shrieked in defiant.

"It's the final decision! You have no say in this!"

"What era are we in? Why can't I choose my own happiness? I don't wanna marry some stranger I have never even meet before!" She broke down in tears.

"Hush baby, don't cry..." Her mother hugged her tight, patting her back to give comfort to her poor child.

"Why.... Why... this is so unfair..." She held onto her mother, sobbing uncontrollably.

"This is for your own good, my dear... they won't mistreat you..." Her mother answered shakily, trying to hold back her own tears.

"No... Mom... I don't wanna leave you..."

"Atsuko, dear... me too... you are my baby! Of course, I won't wanna leave you..."

Outside the room standing, her father clenched the letter tightly. He heaved a huge sigh, seeing his wife and daughter cuddling together, crying their hearts out. The sight pained him. If he knew this day would come, he would never have made that promise with his best friend to wed their unborn children. If only both had only daughters.


Her head hurt as if she had a bad hangover. There was a constant low rumbling sound in the background. The bed she was lying on was definitely not hers; neither was it Yuko's. It had a faint medicinal smell. She opened her eyes slowly, adjusting to the bright light. She brought her hand up to shield her eyes from the light source and noticed the back of her right hand was attached to an IV drip.

Did Yuko sent me to a hospital? The interior looks like... huh... curved wall?

Her eyes shot open wide. She looked sideways and noticed the oval shaped windows.

No way...

She crawled towards the edge of the bed with all her might and peeked out of the window.

Clouds were all she could see.


In the next cubicle, the girl happily slurping her bowl of ramen, jumped in fright.

I'm doomed...

"Explain..." Minami said angrily, with a scowling look as Yuko entered her cubicle with her head hung low.

"It was His Highness's butler's order..."

"Sir Akimoto?"

"He called me yesterday at 4 a.m. and ordered me to bring you back to Japan at once..."

"Yesterday 4 a.m.!?!?" Minami stared at her wristwatch. It clearly stated 1:25 a.m. in US Standard Time.

"You have been sleeping about 15 hours."

"What did you drug me with!?"

"Sleeping pills... aw... don't be angry... this is the only way you would ever board the plane peacefully!"

"How did they even allow you to bring me onboard?"

"I lied... Medical emergency and with your special status, we easily cleared the customs."

"So this whole thing... This IV drip for a show then?" Minami responded fumingly as she reached out to pull the IV plug out of her hand.

"No!" Yuko stopped her just in time as her giddiness returned all of a sudden.

"Lie back down! You are still weak from the drug effect..." Yuko pushed her down on the bed.

"How many pills did you put in exactly?" Minami mumbled incoherently.

Great I'm slurring now...

"'m not exactly sure... half the bottle went into the cup accidentally!"

Oshima Yuko... are you trying to kill me... you're gonna get it when I wake up...

It was the adrenaline rush from the realisation she was on the plane, which kept her awake for a brief moment. Right now, Minami drifted back to the land of dreams mentally and was on her way back to Japan physically.


"Sorry sorry sorry sorry..."

Yuko has been apologising over and over for the past thirty minutes on their car ride. Minami was leaning her head against the tinted car window, staring out aimlessly at the city lights as the black Audi A8 drove past the bustling city streets, ignoring Yuko the entire time.

"I'll do everything you ask!"

Minami continued ignoring her. The very thought of returning to the palace or as she always called it the 'royal prison', was depressing enough, on top of Sooyoung's act of betrayal. She simply did not want to think about it anymore.

"I'm really, really sorry..."

The two black suited men in the front seat were keeping a close watch at the two. They were probably thinking she was just another difficult, snobbish princess.

"Your Highness, please..."

She hated that term, especially when it came out from the mouth of her best friend. But she was not able to do anything about it; it was her birth right and in the presence of others, Yuko could easily get into trouble if she had called her by her birth name.

"You owe me..."

Minami finally responded after the countless pleadings. She couldn't bring herself to hate her best friend.

"You forgave me?" Yuko grabbed her hand, staring at Minami with her puppy-dog eyes.

"Yes..." Minami returned the look with a bored expression, "My ears are going deaf soon if you don't stop your incessant apologies."

"Hurray!" Yuko cheered out loud momentarily. She quickly held her tongue when the one of her senior bodyguards turned around with a disapproving look.


Ten minutes later, the car came to a stop outside the lobby of a grand hotel.

"We're not going back to the palace?" Minami asked. Yuko shrugged her shoulders. She, too, had no idea what was going on.

The bodyguard stepped out of the car, stopping the hotel bellboy from opening the car door while the other one stood guarding the car from her side.

As if on cue, two more black suited men appeared through the hotel lobby and swiftly formed a human barricade, preventing other guests from entering or exiting. They signalled to each other and the next moment, the car door was opened.

"Your Highness, this way please." Minami stepped out of the car, followed behind by Yuko as the bodyguards escorted her all the way through the elevator.

Once inside, Minami started asking questions at the bodyguards but to no avail. In no time, the elevator reached the top floor. The door opened to a quiet but brightly lit corridor.

"Your Highness, Sir Akimoto is waiting for you in the presidential suite. Please pardon us for not escorting you further. We shall be taking our leave." The bodyguards bowed their heads down.

"Please don't bow at me. Thanks for the smooth journey so far..." Minami replied politely as she and Yuko returned the courtesy bow. Together the two walked towards the hotel suite as the elevator door closed behind them.

The door opened as soon as Yuko pressed the doorbell.

"Greetings, Your Highness." A young chambermaid bowed as she greeted Minami.

"Your Highness, I must apologise for not being able to pick you up in person at the airport. I hope you had a comfortable flight."

"Indeed, Sir Akimoto... I had a comfortable flight. I was unconscious throughout the entire time," Mianmi replied with a tinge of sarcasm. Yuko hung her head low in shame. The elder butler sensed it.

"Please pardon me for taking such drastic measure, Your Highness. I was the one who ordered your personal guard to do so. If there is anyone to be blame, it is definitely I."

"So what's the big issue for bringing me back when my exams is just two weeks away? Does Da- ... His Majesty know anything about this?" Minami almost slipped her tongue by calling the King, Dad. She noticed a subtle change in his face. As the chief butler of the royal household, Sir Akimoto was rather sensitive with the respectful terms.

"Please, Your Highness. Please take a seat and I'll explain everything to you in details."

The chambermaid quickly served hot tea for the trio.

"You can leave now." Sir Akimoto dismissed the chambermaid.

Now the three were all alone in the suite. The butler and Yuko started sipping on their cups, while Minami looked on doubtfully.

"Please be rest assured, the tea is perfectly fine." Sir Akimoto spoke out.

"That was what she said 28 hours ago..."

Yuko's face flustered red instantly.

Minami is still harping on it!

"It was perhaps safer to avoid touching on the raw nerve," thought the butler.

"Before I say anything, please take a look at this letter left behind by His Highness, your brother." Sir Akimoto took the well-kept letter from his inner coat pocket and handed over to Minami. Yuko peeped as Minami read the letter.

Gone for a long holiday

Cancel that engagement in my absence

I have no intention of marrying someone I've never met before in my entire life

And don't bother looking for me

Will be back once I had my fill of fun

The handwriting was definitely her brother's.

"What's the meaning of this?"

"His Highness has been missing since yesterday. We have been searching for him but I'm afraid Prince Kai has already left the country."

"To where?"

"His passport record showed he was heading towards Germany. But he could be anywhere else in Europe."

"What's this engagement thing about? I have never heard about this before. Bet he must be leaving because of this..."

"It was His Majesty's idea. His Highness was already engaged to the daughter of the Maeda Enterprise before they were born."

"Maeda Enterprise? You mean the Maeda family who own the biggest luxury hotel chain in the world?"

The butler simply nodded his head.

"This is ridiculous. How could Dad have done that even before Bro was born?"

He cleared his throat slightly as a reminder at the usage of Minami's words.

"His Majesty and Lord Maeda are very good friends since childhood. They decided to be closer and had made this arrangement when His Majesty was still just a Royal Prince. If His Majesty had a son and Lord Maeda had a daughter or vice versa, they would be engaged to each other. The Maeda’s have only two daughters. Otherwise, Your Highness would also have been engaged to their son, if His Highness had refused."

Upon hearing this information for the first time, Minami felt a little relieved. At least, she was fortunate she was not the designated pawn in the chess set her father and his friend laid over twenty years ago.

"Does Da- His Majesty know that my brother is gone?"

"No... His and Her Majesties are currently out of country for a diplomatic visit in South Asia. They would only be coming back in another week time, in time for the engagement."

"WHAT? The engagement is taking place in a week's time?"

Her brother could be anywhere now. It could take more than a week just to locate him. Bringing him back was another issue, unless of course, everyone else in the palace decided that drugging was the best solution to transport the unwilling princes or princesses.

"There isn't any way to postpone it until my brother is found?"

"Unfortunately so... His Majesty has been arranging for this engagement meeting for the past 3 months but His Highness always came out with excuses to avoid the meeting..." Minami could totally imagine the din her brother made over this issue, "This is the final meeting His Majesty has insisted."

Minami knew when her father was infuriated, nothing could stop him. Now that her brother has disappeared, it only made matter worse.

"As such, I hope Your Highness could help out with the situation until His Highness is found."

Help? What kind of help was she able to give? Pleading to the King on her brother's behalf? There was simply no way to keep this matter under wrap. The disappearance of the crown prince would be making headlines in a week time, disgracing the honour of the royal family.

"What can I do?"

"If Your Highness could pretend to be His Highness-"

"Pretend? You mean pretending to be my brother?"

"Yes, Your High-"

"Absolutely absurd! How am I supposed to pretend to be my brother?" Minami cut him off immediately. It was a downright ridiculous idea.

"Twins..." Yuko voiced out, "You are twins!"

"Sharing the tiny space for 9 months doesn't necessarily make us identical."

"But the fact remains, you bear close resemblance to each other!"

"So what? I am a girl, not a guy!"

"Please allow me to say something, Your Highness," Butler Akimoto interrupted.

"I wouldn't have suggested something so brazen if we had other choices. It is impossible to cancel the engagement announcement at this point in time. His Majesty's spokesperson has already released the news to the press. By this time, the media would already be frenzy over this. Any postponement or cancellation would..."

He paused, heaving a sigh.

"This concerns about the dignity for the royal family and I'm sure you know about Prince Jin..."

Yuri had noticed the lack of respectful term for her uncle, the third in line for the throne, right after them. She didn't blame him though. Her mother has always warned them about their uncle who was the first in line since their father's accession until their births displaced him.

"He might make an issue out of this... which could jeopardise His Highness's position as the heir apparent. At least just pretend to be His Highness until he returns..."

Minami was rendered speechless. Too many things were at stake. The dignity, the public, her family, her twin brother...

"Even if I cut my hair and dress exactly like him, how are we gonna deceive my parents? One look and they will be able to tell us apart. And don't suggest surgery... I'm not making myself an exact copy of my brother..."

"Nobody except the ones present here would know about this... Not even the bodyguards know anything about this. All they know is that Your Highness has flown back for a surprise visit for His and Her Majesties, but returned upon discovering they were out of country. Rest assured, Your Highness. I will definitely do my very best to cover up this act. If any problem should arise, I will shoulder the full responsibility."

It could be his gentle way of speaking but Butler Akimoto had the charisma to make her believe in him.

"I guess I have no choice but to go ahead with this big cover-up... so I have a week to pull a Prince Kai's transformation-"

"Hair cut... you're going to say goodbye to your long silky hair... And you gotta cut those nails! Practice Prince Kai's mannerism... this sounds so fun!" Yuko squealed excitedly.

Minami cringed inwardly, imagining one week from now, she would become her brother...

"Yah! Stop it... you are making the hairs on my hands stand!"

"Prince Kai or Princess Minami?" Yuko continued to joke.

The serious issue has suddenly ceased to exist, as it became an interesting interaction between the two ladies. Sir Akimoto couldn't bring the heart to break them the bad news, but he has to.

"... There isn't exactly one week..."

"Huh?" Both gave a puzzled look at him.

"She will be arriving in Tokyo in 2 days' time..."

She stared in the mirror dumbstruck by her new image. Gone was her flowing black long hair, instead she was spotting a much shorter but smart, brown coloured hair, bringing out on her handsomely sharp features.

"Holy... you look exactly like His Highness..." Yuko commented, astonished by the similarity.

It has only been 6 hours after she has touched down in Japan and already the first step of transformation was completed under the skilful hands of an experienced image consultant, the fourth person who has learnt about this secret.

G, as he introduced himself, was a personal friend of Sir Akimoto. Minami has remotely linked him with the character Edna Mode from Pixar's The Incredibles. She wondered how the usually serious royal butler could have befriended the frivolous G.

"No no darling... you gotta smile without showing your teeth!" Minami tried for the tenth time, only to fail miserably with an awkward smile.

"Your posture is all wrong. Stand upright. Chest out. Behave like you're of royal blood-"

I'm of royal blood...already...

"Yes yes... breathe in and tuck in your tummy... Did you say something?"

Minami shook her head.

"Nothing? Continue then.... Wait... Hmmm we need to do something to that chest of yours... if you know what I mean-"

Minami’s face flushed red. Immediately she was ushered into the washroom along with Yuko.

"You know what to do..." G said as he passed Yuko a piece of cloth and a duct tape. A few minutes later, Minami emerged out with a constipated look on her face, while Yuko stifled her laughter.

"Good... now try your standing pose again... GOOD! But there's still room for improvement..."

Can't breathe...

"No no no you are doing it the wrong way..."

"No no darling... you can't move your butt like a girl now... walk like a man!"

"No... not as stiff as zombie!"

"Spread your legs outward as you walk..."

"No no darling... not a duck!"

By this time, Yuko was already on the floor, clutching her stomach and laughing out loud. She quickly wiped the tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

"Your sex appeal is all gone! Bwahahaha!"

That was her final straw.

"YAH! Stop laughing!" Minami shrieked in a high pitched voice.

"No no no! Darling... you have to deepen your voice to sound like a man. Not screaming like a girl!"

This only served to intensify Yuko's laughter.

G shook his head, "You need intensive training for the next 10 hours..."


"Sir, the car is ready," said a strong built man clad in black suit.

"Get Atsuko," He instructed the servant. Within the next minute, the servant emerged down from the stairs carrying the luggage. His daughter quietly followed on. She has worn a simple white dress. Her face was somewhat expressionless with huge shades covering almost the top half of her face. He knew she was hiding her red puffy eyes from all those crying.

His wife stood besides him, sobbing silently.

"She won't be mistreated..." He whispered softly.

"I know... but... it's just..." She choked back on her words. She couldn't bear the thought of her eldest daughter leaving her side to live in a place half the world away.

It was every girl's dream to marry a prince charming.

But it was also every girl's dream to marry someone they loved.

It would have been a perfect fairytale if Atsuko had meet this prince and fallen in love with him before the engagement or marriage. Sadly, it was not the case.

There was no way her father would be able to reject the marriage proposal that came almost as an imperial decree. It has been long decided even before she was born. Out of the possible candidates for the crown princess between her and her younger sister, the prince was of the same age as her and only at age fifteen, her younger sister was far too young for marriage.

Atsuko has resigned herself to fate. She would rather be the one to suffer instead of her beloved sister.

"Dad... Mom... I'll be going then..." She said in a hoarse voice.

"Onee-san!" The younger girl came in through the front door. She has just returned back from school. She immediately ran up to hug her elder sister.

"It's time to go... Micchan... let go of your sister..." Their father spoke.

Micchan shook her head as she clung unto Atsuko, unwilling to let go as tears streamed down her cheeks. On the surface, Atsuko was unmoved and appeared indifferent. However, under those dark shades, she was fighting back her tears that were on the brink of overflowing.

In a seemingly harsh action, she pushed her sister away and walked briskly towards the white Mercedes that was waiting for her. She was afraid if she had stayed any longer, her determination to part would falter.

"Please drive..." Atsuko croaked immediately once she had entered.

Once the car was driven out of their mansion, she could no longer hold up her tears, allowing it to flow freely once more. In another 20 hours and probably for the rest of her life, she would be in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces.


"Yes yes, please come in..."

A group of female attendants entered the suite, armed with measuring tapes and some pushing trolleys of various type of clothing. They flocked up to Minami immediately and started laying their hands on her figuratively. Minami was too tired to resist their wandering hands. Her bloodshot eyes were a clear indication.

She has been awake for the last twenty hours; crash coursing on 'How-to-be-a-royal-prince' lesson conducted by G the Devil - at least that was what she called him.

The ladies shouted out numbers to each other and there was a person, presumably, the official recorder, taking down the numbers. Minami heard her height being shouted across vaguely.

"Try this on." G handpicked a white shirt coupled with a black vest from the trolleys. One of the attendants immediately took the selected clothing and in a flash, Minami was fitted with the set.

"Hmmm, splendid... now try this!" This time round, it was a cream-coloured tuxedo. Then, followed by a black suit with a black bowtie, followed by a simple pale pink shirt with a tie and countless others in rapid successions.

All in all, Minami was fitted with the outfits while standing still, without moving a single muscle.

G clapped his hands to get everyone's attention.

"Good good! It has been a great job for far. Now my ladies, you have all the measurements you need and the selected clothing. I would be glad if the alterations can be done within the next 3 hours."

They vacated the suite as swiftly as they had come in originally.

"Oh gosh... my darling, you look horrible!"

Minami gazed blankly at him. It was the after-effect of drowning down cups after cups of black coffee in order to stay awake and refresh.

G looked at the clock. There was still a few more hours before old Akimoto would come to fetch 'His Highness' and Minami has managed to master the 101 techniques of being a prince. Though it was not up to perfection yet, G figured she has done her best. The last thing he wanted was for the 'prince' he has trained, to collapse due fatigue during the first meeting, later in the noon.

"Go go... get yourself some sleep... your beloved princess would only be arriving in another 5 hours," he said as he pushed Minami along to the bedroom. On the huge bed, Yuko was sleeping soundly. He set Minami down and drew the curtain so it would be more conducive for sleep despite the rising sun outside.

"Sleep well my darling..." he said as he left the room.

Minami lay down on the bed, unable to fall asleep due to her hyperactivity mind. She turned over and watched her sleeping companion.

"Lucky her..." She mumbled. First an accidental overdose of sleeping pill and now an overdose of caffeine, Minami wondered what was coming for her next. Her mind began to wander about another plausible solution to end her misery earlier. Perhaps there was a way out after all...


"Wake up, Your Highness..." Yuko gave her a gentle nudge.

Minami squinted her eyes, "Oh, it's just you..." Upon, seeing it was Yuko, she fell back to sleep immediately.

"Your Highness, you can't sleep now-"

"... Another hour..."

"No! You gotta get up-"

"...Let me skip school today..."

"School?" Yuko scratched her head, "Ahhhh, we're in Japan! Your Crown Princess is arriving soon!"

"... What Crown Princess..." Minami mumbled in her sleep.

Princess? She bolted upright instantly. The last 48 hours of her life had been nothing but a hectic chaos. First, she was 'kidnapped' back to Japan, then she was told to impersonate her brother, and lastly, she would be engaged to a girl in 5 days time.

"Tell me it is all a dream!" Minami stared at Yuko, hoping to hear everything was nothing but a bad dream.

"No... your fiance is really coming. She'll be arriving Tokyo in another hour! Get up!"

Minami was immediately dragged out of the bed to the dressing room where the same group of attendants was waiting. Within the next moment, she was ushered out to the living room, where G and Sir Akimoto were waiting patiently, all dressed in the smartest suit - a white shirt coupled with a black vest, a matching pair of trousers and a grey tie. Yuko stood besides her, holding the black blazer.

"Perfect, isn't it, old Akimoto?" G commented, with great pride.

Sir Akimoto was impressed. Even though the prince and princess were twins, he had never expected Minami would look exactly like Kai after the disguise. It was a 100% success. Sir Akimoto nodded his head with gratitude to his long-time old friend.

"Are you ready, Your Highness?"

"I guess so..."

"From now on, once you stepped out of this suite, you shall be His Royal Highness, Crown Prince of Japan, Prince Kai. Please remember that, Your Highness."

Minami took a deep breath. There would be no turning back anymore.

"Yes of course. Please lead the way."


"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking. We will be landing in Tokyo in another ten minutes. The time now is 1:25pm local time. The ground temperature is 22 degrees. Please fasten your seat belts to prepare for landing. Thank you for flying with United Airlines and a warm welcome to Japan."

Atsuko looked out of the window as the plane began its descent. An unfamiliar landscape, she thought. She has not been to Japan since the last visit 15 years ago for a holiday trip with her parents. There seemed to be only bad memories for the place, except for one.

She could remember faintly. She was lost in a huge amusement park amongst the towering adults and there were no sight of her parents. It was a carnival day and there were a lot of other people. Scared and alone, she wandered around for a long time, crying her heart out but no one seemed to hear her, no one bothered about her, until a little girl came up to her.

"Why are you crying?" The little girl asked in the most inquisitive tone.

Atsuko did not answer. She continued wailing for her parents' attention. They would always rush to her instantly every time she does that. But today, they were not by her side.

"Don't cry..." The little girl tapped on her shoulder, "Here, have some of my superpower sweets!"

Atsuko looked up. A small glass jar with an assorted range of colourful candies was held right in front of her.

"Take it!" The little girl said, shoving the jar unto Atsuko's hands. Surprised by her sudden action, Atsuko looked up at the girl. She was wearing black t-shirt and there was a pair of cute fluffy bear ears attached on her head.

"Say ahhhhh~"

"... Ahhhh~" Atsuko followed her little girl's action, popping the 'superpower' candy into her mouth. It was the most delicious sweet she had ever tasted.



"And now, you are Super White Bear!" The girl took off her bear ears and placed in on top of Atsuko's head.

"Wheeee~ Super Black Bear to the rescue!" The little girl flapped her arms like a pair of wings and ran around Atsuko. Soon, Atsuko stopped crying and together, she and her newfound friend played happily for quite a long while until she heard a familiar voice crying out for her name.

It was her anxious mother. Atsuko ran towards her mother, crying out loud as all her emotions burst out from within. She had missed her mother dearly, hugging her tightly, afraid that her mother will disappear again.

The little girl came running along behind her, with the jar of candies they left on the floor while they were playing.

"Super White Bear! Glad you found your mummy! Don't forget your superpower sweets!" The girl chucked the jar of candies and ran off in the opposite direction.

"What's your name?" Atsuko shouted, choking with tears.

"Super Black Bear!" The little girl shouted back, before disappearing into the crowd.

From that day onwards, whenever Atsuko felt sad or unhappy, she would take a candy out of that jar Super Black Bear gave it to her and yelled 'Power-up'.

"Cabin crew, prepare for landing." The in-flight announcement came on.

Atsuko quickly took a candy from the little glass jar she brought along and popped it into her mouth. She hated the ear popping sensation associated with the sudden pressure change, and she would need all her strength for the upcoming 'battle' with the royalties.

"Power-up! Super White Bear! Fight them down!"

Atsuko smiled for the first time in many days. The codename Super White Bear had fitted her nicely indeed. She was wearing a white dress

"This is Tokyo News Live reporting from Tokyo International Airport. The Royal Household has recently released an official statement. In a letter addressed to the media from His Majesty, King Takahashi, the engagement between His Highness Crown Prince Kai and Miss Maeda Atsuko was agreed upon with the approvals from both parties' families."

A young female journalist stood at the entrance of the airport, alongside with dozens other news stations actively covering the news of what could be the biggest news of the year. She was a petite figure compared to the other reporters and monstrous equipment present in the tiny space. Fortunately for her, their news team managed to secure the area closest to the bodyguards who have formed a line of barricade, supposedly clearing a path for the crown prince and his entourage. Ignoring the noisy background and the gathering public, she continued the broadcast while the live coverage has been switched to a prerecorded clip of the Prince attending the opening match of this season's baseball league.

"Crown Prince Kai who is the next in line for the highly coveted throne, is definitely one of Japan's most eligible bachelors; having bagged the award selected by public view for the past consecutive 4 years. News of the engagement has literally broke the hearts of millions hopeful crown princess-wannabes as netizens flooded the online forums with their outcries that their prince has been 'stolen' ever since the release of the engagement news earlier today. If His Highness is to succeed the throne in the future, he would be the 28th King of Takahashi Dynasty and the 4th King since the Constitutional monarchy was established in early turn of the 20th century."

"Miss Atsuko Maeda, 20, is the eldest daughter of Lord Maeda, the current head of the noble Maeda clan and the CEO of Maeda Enterprise."

A series of still pictures taken from various sources of the crown princess-to-be flashed across the television sets nationwide. She paused for a short moment, briefly reading through the transcript prepared by the editors before continuing.

"Despite her eligibility as a descendent of noble status, the general public view is somewhat less supportive, as she has never lived in Japan since the Maeda family moved to America more than 2 decades ago."

She shook her head in shame. The small screen at the bottom of the camera showed their live feed from their broadcast. Out of all the pictures, why did the editors choose to broadcast pictures of this Atsuko Maeda in poor light? She remembered seeing a brilliantly cheerful picture among the stack of photos but most of the televised pictures showed a cold and unflattering side of this crown princess-to-be. And with the comments added, general public view would most likely be swayed. Now everyone would be bound to think that she was a snobbish, rich heiress who was brought up in America without any traditional Japanese cultural upbringing - in another words, she should not be crowned as Crown Princess, the future Queen. Then something struck her. The board of editors was all females. Jealousy was the only explanation.

"You are going live in another 5, 4, 3, 2-" The crewmember signalled a silent 1.

"It would be the biggest royalty event since the celebrated twin births of the Prince Kai and Princess Minami some 20 years ago. The engagement is to be held in another 5 days time according to statement issued earlier on. This is Tokyo News' Watanabe Mayu, reporting live from Tokyo International Airport."


"Woah, that's your fiance" Yuko commented after viewing the broadcast from the screen panel installed in their Black Audi A8, giving Minami a sly look.

"Is that another of your smart alec statement?" Minami replied coolly, focusing her attention back onto the folder in front of her. She has been reading details about the girl ever since they boarded the car, stopping only to see the news report about the engagement news.

"Nah, I'm just happy..." Yuko choked in a dramatic manner, "...That my best friend's getting married... awwwww~ you're all grown-up now..."

Yuko patted Minami's shoulder, "I'm so proud of you!"

Minami gave her a huge grin.

"When that day comes, you will definitely be my best man... grow a moustache... you'll look better in one."

"Your humour is at all time low..."

"It is much better than your acting..."

"She looks icy..."

"Be nice, Yuko, don't bite..."

"Bite? Hey, I'm not a dog."

"You owe me..."

"But that doesn't make me a dog..."

"Don't worry, I will feed you well and proper." Minami patted Yuko's head, smirking as she recalled the broadcast. This would make things a lot easier...


The fleet of black Audis has finally entered the airport drop-off zone. Mayu quickly scrambled to her feet for another live as the media went frenzied over the appearance of the royalty fleet. Dozens flashlights shone continuously one after another, as the photographers clambered forward eagerly to take a good shot.

"Reporting live once again from Tokyo International Airport. His Highness Prince Kai has just arrived."

The cameraman quickly zoomed past the journalist to the centre car carrying the royal emblem flag. The intimidating looking bodyguard opened the door swiftly and everyone held their breath as the prince took his first step out.

Mayu finally understood the reason why half the population went crazy when they heard the announcement. The prince was breathtakingly handsome as he rose to his full height...though short, dressed in a smart suit in the three black-grey-white colours. The prince was not particularly small, just below the average height for males, but he exuded an air different from the rest. It wasn't simply because he was born into the aristocracy. An individual with high charisma, which dazzled the world with his amazing all rounder talents in competing sports, arts and diplomatic skill, the prince was above the rest by several cuts.

He was simply made to be a prince.

And coupled with a dreamy look like his, it was no wonder the girls would die to marry him, or to be entirely engulfed by the flames of jealousy with the future crown princess. Mayu, too, began to feel envious of the lucky girl.

Cries of the shrieking girls and constant shouting of 'Prince Kai' were overwhelming. Miami, immersed with the intense media attention, cheekily threw a wink at the crowd, much to Yuko's disgust.

I can't believe she is actually enjoying all these?

Mayu was completely smitten by the dreamy prince that just walked past her, caught the wink.

"Mayu, you're still on air!" came a voice through the receiver in the young journalist's ear. She jumped a little, quickly recomposing herself, as she made the live broadcast with a faint blush on her face.

"We shall now hand over to our next correspondent who's awaiting the crown princess arrival in the gates. I'm Watanabe Mayu from Tokyo News."

The scene was immediately switched over to the other standby crew in the comfort of the air-conditioned arrival hall.

"Thank you, Mayu," addressed the second journalist, another young female on Team B.

"Hello, I'm Kashiwagi Yuki from Tokyo News. The United Airlines plane from San Francisco has landed approximately 10 minutes ago, and any minute from now, the crown princess-to-be, Miss Atsuko Maeda, would be passing through the arrival gate, expected to be escorted by the royal bodyguards."

The camera focused its attention to the Arrival Gate Two, the rumoured exit that the crown princess would be taking, which was a quite fair distance from where the Tokyo News team had positioned. Other stations had planted themselves upfront in the waiting zone. It was a fight for the exclusivity of showing the clearest video clip of the princess, probably the very first footage of her at the baggage claim counter. Sadly, their team would probably lose out, but at very least, they should be able to film some footage of the first meeting.

The commotion following the prince and his entourages quickly followed suit as the public and media started to crowd around. The camera immediately wheeled around to capture the footage. Despite the rowdy crowd, the prince maintained his calm composure, fully trusting the bodyguards' ability to secure a walkway and safeguard the security issue. This was the very quality Yuko found herself attracted to; a self-composed person like Prince Kai.

Another commotion started at the other end. She has been sighted at last. The other news stations began their live broadcast as the first footage of the princess surrounded by at least 4 guards flashed across the various big screens in the arrival hall.

Yuki reeled into action swiftly.

"5, 4, 3, 2-"


Atsuko hesitated her exit. The media frenzy was a little overwhelming even for a rich heiress like her. The popularity of the royal household in Japan was incomparable to what she had initially thought.

"Your Highness, please don't worry about the safety issues. All the guards out there would form a barricade." The leader of the 4 bodyguards assured the concerned Atsuko.

"You don't have to call me Your Highness... I'm not... at least, not officially yet..."

"Yes, Miss Maeda then... this way."

With that, the small group began their way out of the gates to the readied cameras and their countless flashes. It was like walking on the red carpet of Oscar Awards in Hollywood. Hordes of male photographers shouted out for her attention.

"Look this way!"

"Look over here, Your Highness!"

The constant flashlights temporarily blinded her as dark spots started swimming in her eyes. She shielded her eyes with a hand and started walking at a brisk pace. Then, the bodyguards around her stopped. She looked up and noticed another group standing in front, facing her. Only one person stood out among the rest.

Though he was not exactly tall...well he was short, slightly tanned, the prince had a well-proportioned build, clearly bringing out an unparallel aura of nobility. But what caught Atsuko's attention was the smile he had, a smile that simply lit up the world.

So, that's him / So, that's her, the exact thought flashed across their minds.

Dressed in an elegant white strapless dress with a black waist bow and her light brown hair tied loosely in a bun, Atsuko was the image of a perfect princess in every man's eyes.

Woah, you're missing out a lot, stupid brother...

Not even Minami was able to resist taking a second look at the gorgeous beauty. She was thinking there could even be a remote chance of a 'love at first sight' if her brother was here instead.

Minami stepped forward and held her hand in front to Jessica.

"Hi, this seems to be our first meeting. I'm Takahashi Kai. Pleased to meet you," Minami introduced amiably.

"I'm Maeda Atsuko . Nice to meet you too, Your Highness," Atsuko took his hand shyly.

The moment of their contact was greatly sought after as the media and crowd surrounding them closed in for a better shot. The Tokyo News team was just a few metres away as they prepared for another live broadcast.

"This is Yuki from Tokyo News. The royal couple has met and they will be walking past us shortly in a moment."

The camera panned across to the couple that was now posing for the photos under the media constant urging.

Seeing the rather uncomfortable expression on Atsuko's face, Minami acted instinctively. She held Atsuko's hand tight and started pulling her along. The bodyguards immediately cleared a path for the young couple to pass through.

A loud snapping sound was heard and before anyone could react, one of the barricades just behind the couple gave way due to the constant pushing of the crowd, sending the crowd stumbling forward.

Then everything else happened in a quick blur.

The unexpected incident occurred just opposite the Tokyo News team. Their recording camera had followed through the royal couple right from the start.

"There's been an accident but- OH MY GOD!"

"You jerk!" Then came a loud slapping sound.

Everyone, appalled by the sudden turn of event, remained completely still. With the camera still rolling, the stunned journalist quickly regained her composure.

"This is Kashiwagi Yuki from Tokyo News, reporting live..."


That particular rare footage replayed countless of times later throughout the day, exclusive to Tokyo News who had the full close up coverage.

Just as the barricade fell down, the bodyguards rushed forward to protect the royal couple. Prince Kai acted swiftly as he pulled the crown princess forward to safety. But in the rush to do so, Prince Kai has tripped over someone's leg and stumbled forward, pulling the Crown Princess down with him. The royal couple sprawled on the floor, with the princess lying on her back on top of the prince. All was well, except...

Minami has meant to cushion Atsuko's fall with her own body by grabbing her waist to pull her close. She did succeed, as she managed to let Atsuko land on top of her, but the only thing she failed terribly was she grabbed her chest instead of her waist. When Minami realised that, she quickly let go of her hold. Deeply embarrassed, Atsuko turned around immediately.

"You jerk!" Atsuko shrieked, mustering all her strength and slapped Minami across the cheek. An infuriated Atsuko stormed off towards the car, leaving the stunned Minami clutching her stinging cheek. Minami turned back and looked at the leg that was tangled with hers.


It was her short leg.

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okay, thank you first. For your effort to bring this fic here.  :thumbup  :thumbup

However, this fic is already said that it was copied/ pasted from soshifield, which originally is a S9 fanfiction. SkullCandyFreak was basically copied that fic and changed all of the name in there to AKB48 members. And from what I know, it hadn't had any approved from the original author.

So, I think we should not do anything with this.


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This was one of my fav YulSic fic...  XD

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Me too.. i love this fic.. i used to read at nihongogo but there is no update...

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But copy is still copy, so let's contact the mod, sorry, I know you guys like it, but the original author will not like this, and I don't like an SNSD fanfic to be mix with AKB fanfic, and the story-line is not suitable for the akb member name she change here  :catglare:

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But copy is still copy


Secondly, simply re-posting other people's stories from other fora isn't really a good idea either.

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