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Author Topic: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)  (Read 42809 times)

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Firstly, sorry for this belated comment. Just been through the same reason you've mentioned in your comment (not your latest comment, but the previous one) in ohayou-san's thread for several days. So without further ado, let's start...

AKB48のファンサービスのショー (AKB48 no Fansabisu no Sho) Episode One: The case of Player Mii
This story cracked me up with all its unseriousness (I thought this was gonna be a serious case, but I was wrong. It's my fault anyway, I didn't take a look at the title before starting reading this :lol:). Speaking about Myao, the annoying behavior (which you've been apprehensive about) actually fitted her so you could relax. However, I'm sure the most interesting character in the story was none other than the... judge! XD I bet it would be almost every AKB fan's dream to have an uncle like Akimoto-sensei. I even want it too! This judge certainly made me jealous! XD XD

Episode One... so I can expect for Episode Two, Three, etc.?

[AKB48] Series of (Un) Love - (Un)Selfish Love{Sequel to (Un)Requited} Chapter 2
MariMii really had the talent of making a scene. :lol:
But still, even after one very long chapter, Sayaka's reason behind her 'controversial statement' was still yet to be revealed. That's the very piece of mystery I've been craving for its answer. Yuko's flashback already shown the reason of her breakdown, but I really want to know Sayaka's point of view about this. Seriously, I'm really curious.

I'm glad Miichan decided to break her own promise to Sayaka. I can only rely to her now for breaking the left mysteries.
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These two songs for the the next update that I have posted. ^^ So please enjoy the next one even though it's a disappointment for me

This song is for the first one that was played.

This one is for the second one. ^^

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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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Love's A Mission
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SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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@oist: Hmm~ Well...I want KojiYuu to end up together as well...but... hmm~  :smhid Not sure with how I made Haruna act. I mean, if it was in real life, I would hate her. BUt since this is a fic, I'm going to do some stuff. ^^

@saeyukilover: Let's all root for Nyan Nyan!

@haruhi16: T-thank you. :kneelbow: But no.  :smhid YOU'RE the GENIUS! You twisted Yuko's personality in Vampire Ice Princess! It’s really good! ^^ And yep! Takamina won't be able to stop her wife's attacks! Ahahaha~ And she's really easily seduced!  :lol:  MariMii....tsk tsk tsk. No shame in kissing! HOWEVER! I do not disagree with their kissing! And Haruna's so cruel, isn't she? Calling Yuuchan to see her making out with Marichin... tsk tsk tsk :smhid :smhid BAD girl. And I'm really sorry about breaking my promise. :kneelbow: I'll try to really make up for lost time. ^^

@Pandah: Let's see what Miichan intends to do. ^^ Though...this chapter is *ahem* never mind. I'll just say that this chapter is a bit of a disappointment for me.

@yukofan: Well…I’m not sure that you can say that Yuko CHANGED...

@Chuppachup: Don't worry! I can assure you that Yuko ISN'T sick! ^^  :D And I'm glad that you pity Yuko more! I wanted Yuko to be pitied. So...let's see what my mind do. I'm not sure if this is going to be a happy ending, as well. That's why I wrote it with (Un)  :nervous

@aruka: Ahaha, I know just what you meant! So I'm extremely happy that you managed to comment!  :D And yay~! My first comment about AKB48のファンサービスのショー (AKB48 no Fansabisu no Sho)! Since no one has commented about it, I thought that it was a fail.  :cry: But then! Your comment was a compliment!  :bow: :bow: :bow: And I'm really glad that you said that Myao was alright. Phew!  And yeah! Maybe you can ^^ I'll udpate once an idea enters my mind! But I think that it'll be updated as soon as someone maybe you recommends any form of fan service. ^^
I already thought about how I wanted to make a Sayaka version of (Un)Requited love, so that very reason shall be revealed in her version. actually almost every character involved in this story has their own version. I just need to finish this one, then I'll do theirs. And yeah. Go detective Miichan!

A/N: Hey guys~! This chapter is bit amateurish, since of what I wrote in this. So I apologize for it. :kneelbow: It’s also a bit boring for me, so I think that it will be the same for you. Again…I’m really sorry. :kneelbow:

Chapter Three

As she turned the wheel to turn the car to the left, Haruna heard thunder roaring from afar. Quick, small drops of water came down onto her car’s screen, making it hard for her to see. The mist around the city was not helping as well. Hoping that she can at least see the road in front of her, she switched the windshield wipers on.
The rain was a curtain, covering everything that was in front of the car. It was so cold, that even her screen started to become foggy. She switched her headlights on, but it only gave her a few meters of sight in front. Knowing that Tokyo was a busy city, she would casually honk the horn to warn others of her coming their way and prevent her car from colliding with another.

The constant thudding of the rain against her car’s roof was slowly starting to irritate the brunette girl, making her face form a frown as she tried to keep her mind off the stupid noise. She was able to keep it from ruining her face, but when her car had to come to a stop due to the traffic light turning red, she sighed out in frustration.

“Stupid rain.” She mumbled to herself, as she honked the horn.

Her honking— along with the others— seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as she found herself stuck on the same spot for more than five minutes. Usually, traffic would keep cars on their spot for two three minutes, but it seems that due to the rain that has befallen the drivers, it would take them even longer than that.

Feeling bored with waiting, she started looking around for her iPod. She had thought of listening to some music she had saved in it, to keep herself from going mad with the constant noise her ears kept on picking. Turning her body, she started rummaging through her bag as she tried to search for that certain piece of electronic device.

However, after a few minutes, she gave up. She had already turned the bag inside-out, and still has yet to find her iPod. Thinking that she must have left it at home, she decided to just listen to whatever sounds her ears catch— which was the noise she wanted to hear the least.

Tapping her fingers on the window, she started making a rhythm that was far better than the messy beat the rain was making. She had her nape leaning against her seat as her the other tapped to her heart’s content, giving her a comfortable position that made her quite sleepy.

Knowing that it was best to stay awake in traffic, she widened her eyes and stretched her body. It worked— and she was once again— bored. It must have been several minutes when the traffic light last turned green, and Haruna was still stuck on the same road. Although she has pressed the accelerator a few seconds ago, the car only moved an inch.

She was a bit further up to the roads that crossed one another, but there were still several cars in front. If she was to calculate how long she was going to be able to make another turn towards her desired path, it would be around an hour.

Stupid rain. she mumbled to herself once again, groaning as she hit her head against the cold window.

She was stuck in traffic without her music— the only thing that keeps her sane, at times like this— and the rain has started to become worse. Along with that cursed rain, the temperature has dropped to the minimum level. Haruna started rubbing her skin with her warm hands, hoping that she’d at least get any form of heat.

She lowered her air condition, breathing out a thick vapor of air as she started realizing that it was in the middle of November. Ugh…And wouldn’t it be great if it snowed? she sarcastically thought to herself.

Kami-sama seemed to like playing a prank on her, because that was what just happened. When Haruna took a glimpse out of her window, she saw several snowflakes drop onto the wet ground. You have got to be kidding me. she scoffed.

She began to pout when she heard several honking of the horns, and sighed to herself as she leaned her chin on the leather cloth of her wheel. She began to groan and moan as she thought about how unlucky she was. Why doesn’t she have a radio in her car or something?!

“Wait,” she sat up, “I DO have a radio.”

Realizing that, she turned to her stereo and switched it on. Several statics from stations could be heard, and she groaned. Great. Oh great! She’s stuck in the middle of the traffic, without her iPod, and now her stereo won’t even play a single Japanese song!

Is today some kind of Kami-sama’s prank on me? she thought inwardly, exhaling out the air from her lungs through her nose.

Annoyed, she hit the stereo, causing some of the buttons to be accidentally pressed. The stereo stopped its static noises, and silence formed. Haruna looked at it with anxiety, thinking that she has broken the only possible device that can take away her boredom.

“Please. Please be alright.” She prayed, clasping her hands together as she stared at the piece of car equipment.

Her heart almost jumped in glee when she suddenly heard a voice coming out from the stereo. She sighed in relief, and leaned against her seat once again as she listened to the woman speaking. However, after a second or two, she furrowed her eyebrows.

The woman wasn’t speaking in Japanese, but she had an accent of one. Her voice even seemed a bit familiar, but Haruna couldn’t place her finger at it. Just then, her eyes widened and she slapped her forehead as she came to a realization.

Of course it wasn’t familiar to her!

It was an English station! she groaned at her own stupidity.

(A/N: Play the vids to get the feeling. It’s would be best if you play the songs the moment you see this *. It’s alright if you don’t want to. Just my recommendation. ^^ and note that words in blue color are spoken in English. ^^

“And now we’re going to play an NSync song sung acoustically by Joseph Vincent & Passion.” The woman spoke with fluent English, but Haruna was able to understand it perfectly.


Wanting to drown her ears into the song that was going to be played, she turned up the volume. The moment she heard a guitar being plucked, she leaned her back against her seat as she closed her eyelids to feel the music’s feeling even more.

Lying in your arms~
So close together~
Didn't know just what I had~

Nice song. Haruna thought to herself as she opened an eyelid.

She continued to listen as the sing progressed on, closing her eyes tightly when she heard the next lyrics.

Now I toss and turn~
Cause I'm without you~
How I'm missing you so bad~

Was it just her or was it that the lyrics seemed to be making her feel guilt?

Where was my head~
Where was my heart~
Now I cry alone in the dark~

Kami-sama hates me. She thought to herself as she gave a groan.

The lyrics were really hitting her. It was perfectly stating the feelings that Haruna was feeling all these years.

I lie awake~
And I drive myself crazy~
Drive myself crazy~
Thinking of you~

Now thinking about it, she really was driving herself crazy all these years. She would constantly think about the shorter girl, and how cruel she was.

Made a mistake~
When I let you go baby~
I drive myself crazy~
Wanting you the way that I do~
(Wanting you the way that I do)~

She had made a mistake of letting Yuko go. It was the ONE certain mistake she was sure she had ever made.

I was such a fool~

Haruna can’t help but nod to herself, as she heard the lyrics.

I couldn't see it~
Just how good you were to me~

She was too blind to even notice how much she had hurt Yuko after she chased the shorter girl. She never gave a second to think about Yuko’s feelings, only thinking about herself selfishly.

You confessed your love~
Undying devotion~

Yuko confessed to her under the cherry blossom tree. She had confessed eleven years ago, when they were in their freshman year.

I confessed my need to be free~

Yet, Haruna just shouted at her how much she wanted Yuko to stop liking her. She wanted to be with Mariko, without being sent disapproving looks by the other students.

And now I'm left~
With all this pain~

She was dying from the inside. Guilt was eating her, and no matter what she tried to do. She can’t stop thinking about Yuko— her broken-hearted face— and the guilt would just start the pain all over again.

I've only got myself to blame~

Even if she want to blame Mariko along with herself, she knew that it was her fault overall. She led the shorter girl on, making her think that she had a chance when Haruna was already ‘in love’ with Mariko.

I lie awake~
I drive myself crazy~
Drive myself crazy~
Thinking of you~

Now leaning back onto her seat, she began to replay the image of Yuko’s crying face nine years ago.

It hurts. Haruna thought to herself as she clutched her chest through the expensive suit.

Made a mistake~
When I let you go baby~
I drive myself crazy~
Wanting you the way that I do~
(Wanting you the way that I do)~

She was going mad with the guilt in her chest and mind. But she felt that she deserved it, and continued to let herself bask in the pain.

I deserve it. she continuously rant in her mind, clutching her chest even more.

I drive myself crazy~
Wanting you the way that I do~
(Wanting you the way that I do)~

It was driving her mad. Seeing Yuko after all these years, it took off the heavy feeling from her chest. But after she remembered Yuko crying during the wedding, the heavy feeling came back— only this time, even heavier and more painful.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

The moment the song has finished, Haruna opened her eyes and found herself crying. Her tears had managed to drench the chest part of her suit, and her hands were trembling as they held the wheel.

“Stupid traffic won’t move!” she growled to herself, wiping away the hot tears dripping onto her face.

The song has finished, yet she was still in the same road! What was wrong with today— tonight—?!

”And now, we’re going to play a song covered by Jason Chen.” The woman’s voice interrupted her mumbling, making her stare at the wet windshield.

Haruna’s ears perked the moment she heard the piano playing. Turning her head to the stereo, she furrowed her eyebrows as she began to wonder why the song seemed so familiar. As the song continued, her eyes widened in realization.

This song…Yuko sang it. Haruna thought to herself.


It was the same song that Yuko had sung during their music festival in school. It was when Yuko sang alone in the middle of the stage as she played the piano, a few weeks after the short girl found her and Mariko kissing in the classroom.

Rain just won’t seem to fall.~

Nodding to herself, she started saying to herself how certain she was that this was the song Yuko had sung.

But you don’t seem to care at all.~

It never occurred to her once, but this song was certainly meant for Haruna. She just knew it deep inside her heart. It was during the talent contest that Yuko had sung this, and she was staring into the brunette’s eyes all the time.

I’ve been waiting patiently, for your love to come to me.~

The lyrics struck Haruna hard. She was so stupid to have led on Yuko! She shouldn’t have hurted her that much, even though it was just a game to the tall, brunette girl.

Sitting alone, in my misery.~

How long has Yuko stayed in her house, refusing to come to school? she pondered.

A week and a half?

Two weeks?


Now, all I feel is pain.~

Haruna sighed, and hit her head hard with her hands. She didn’t have to count the number of days it had taken Yuko to go to school. She already knew— after Yuko has left— how much Yuko hurted.

And I refuse to keep playing this game.~

“Yuko left Japan.” She said out loud.

A game my life belonged to you.~

Why did she play with the shorter girl’s feelings? She treated Yuko like a toy, playing and leading her on.

Now you leave me black and blue.~

Haruna didn’t have to replay the hurt look on Yuko’s face nine years ago. Just thinking about what the brunette had said to the shorter girl was already painful for her to remember. Imagining the look…would just kill Haruna.

Dying inside. Can’t get you out of my mind.~

Yuko must have wanted to kill herself. Haruna thought sadly.

She had a certain feeling that Yuko wanted to kill herself, since Haruna herself tried to end the painful guilt by doing several stupid things.

How can you just break my heart and say goodbye?~

She can’t believe how she let Yuko ran out of the school crying. She just stood there by the cherry blossom tree, letting the word ‘goodbye’ linger in her mouth.

You told me that you love me baby, so tell me why…~

Haruna lied to her, telling her that she had the same feelings as Yuko. Well, not really told her, but in a way she acted. She was sure that Yuko had thought that the taller girl reciprocated her feelings.

…said I’d win you heart…~

She told that with a serious face to Yuko, who nodded her head as she said that she’d do anything.

…If I make your dreams come true.~

She was only joking, but the shorter girl took her seriously.

So I betrayed myself, to be the ‘man’ for you.~

Yuko did all sorts of stuff to prove to Haruna her love. She declared it in front of the whole school. She sent flowers every day to Haruna’s desk. She placed love letters in Haruna’s shoe locker every day. She made bento every day for Haruna to eat.

So why am I still by your side after all these lies?~

She tried to talk to Haruna every day, but the tall brunette always had an excused. She tried to make it seem like the incident the day before never happened, but Haruna would just snap at her to leave.

And why does it still break my heart to see you cry?~

She saw Yuko crying from the back of the classroom as she stared at Haruna, who was crying about her dead mother. Haruna saw the pain on Yuko’s face, but never bothered to comfort her like how Yuko comforted her.

All I want is for you to have a perfect life…~

Yuko sang the line as she stared at Haruna, with tears in her eyes.

Even if you’re not mine.~

Yuko had bitten her lower lip after that, as if trying to prevent her tears from falling in front of students.

My heart has only one regret.~

The singer was now singing in Chinese, but Haruna perfectly understood the meaning of the song. She still remembers what was being projected onto the wall by the projector as Yuko sang the song. Thinking about it, Haruna began to really understand that Yuko was trying to tell her that she regretted ever loving Haruna.

And that broke her heart. It made the guilt and pain in her chest grow even more, making her head and heart throb painfully. (End the song here.)

Haruna turned the volume down to the minimum level and leaned her forehead onto the wheel as she cried her heart out. She couldn’t take it any longer. She could no longer keep the hot tears in her eyes, and the painful guilt was too much to take.

The pain was too much for her to bear.

“Why won’t the stupid traffic move?” she cried out in frustration as she started honking her horn continuously.

The rain was preventing her from getting to her destination; the only place where she could shout out all of her problems.

Just then, her phone rang and interrupted her crying. She looked around her car, trying to figure out where the sound was coming from, and realized that it was coming from her suit’s pocket. Flipping the phone open, she didn’t even try to see the caller as she mumbled out a croaky greeting.

“H-hello?” she sniffed.

“Haruna?” the voice asked, sounding concerned. “Were you crying?”

“N-no.” she lied, stuttering.

Twirling the locks of her air— a habit she does when she’s lying—, she then answered. “I just sneezed from the cold.”
She lifted the phone away from her ear, as she looked at the screen and found out that it was Miichan. She titled her head to the side as she tried to think of the reason why the girl was calling her after talking with her just an hour ago.

Realizing that Miichan wasn’t speaking, she coughed and made a sneezing sound. The acting must have sounded real because after a few seconds, Miichan started to speak once again.“Anyway, can you send me Sae’s number?”

Haruna arched her eyebrow, as she wiped her tears and snot away with her handkerchief. “Why?”

“Just…” Miichan paused, “…needed to ask her about her job.”

Haruna sighed and started going through her contacts, searching for Sae’s contact information. She was wondering why the younger girl needed to ask Sae about her job, since Miichan never took interest in anyone’s job except for hers.

“There, I sent it.” Haruna informed, clicking the option ‘send’ on her phone.

A second passed, before Miichan spoke. “Thanks, Haruna!”

Haruna mumbled a ‘welcome’ and closed her phone when Miichan hanged up. She sighed, and looked in front of her. The rain has now receded and the light has finally turned green. Waiting for the cars in front of her to move, she honked her horn once more.

When there was a wide gap between the car in front and her car, she pressed the accelerator. Now out of the road she cried on, she started driving towards her other favorite place where she wouldn’t get cold: Home.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

She sighed happily, and smiled to herself as she put the electronic device in her suit pocket. She had no idea on how she was going to help the cat-like girl before, but after pacing back and forth by the water fountain, an idea managed to enter her mind.

Walking through the hallway, she started humming a song happily. If the first stage of her plan works out, then the rest would be smooth sailing. Haruna would get the girl, and her girlfriend won’t feel guilty about hurting Yuko any more.

I’m the best! Miichan thought to herself with a smile, swinging her arms to the side.

Seeing a familiar face on the way to the reception hall, she stopped. She raised an eyebrow, and walked towards the person leaning against the rails of the balcony. Once she was an arm’s length away, she patted the girl on her shoulder and flashed a smile.

“Rena-chan, what are you doing here outside the party?” she asked the raven-haired girl.

The said girl turned her head around, and faced the younger girl. “Oh, Miichan.”

“I just wanted to cool my mind off from the drinking atmosphere happening at my area, inside.” Rena answered after her greeting.

Miichan moved nearer to her, and started leaning against the rails as well. Looking up at the starless sky, she then sighed and looked at the girl beside her. “So there are no stars out tonight, huh?”

“It must be raining somewhere.” Rena said, as she nodded he head and smiled.

Miichan nodded back in agreement, before looking back out into the outside. She kept her mouth shut, knowing that the girl beside her prefers to have a quiet companion. But Miichan was NO quiet companion, and the girl herself knew that.

However, not wanting to go back to the reception hall, she decided on staying along with the older girl. Everyone at her table might still be teasing the newly wedded couple— Takamina, to be exact—, and she wanted a break from the teasing.

I’ll let her suffer from the others’ teasing. she thought to herself with a smile.
And besides, the girl beside her might be able to help a few unanswered questions about Yuko. Sure, it might take a few persuasions or some sort of friendly vibe to make her talk, but Miichan was in no hurry to go back into the party. She just wanted to have a talk about Yuko, who was Rena’s cousin.

“Say,” Miichan started to say, breaking the silence that has formed between the two of them. “When did Yuko return to Japan?”

She stared at Rena, who was still looking outside. Watching the older girl tuck in a strand of hair behind the shell of her ear, she started thinking how regal Rena looked like at the moment. As the girl opened her mouth to answer the younger girl’s question, Miichan stared at her intently.

“About two weeks ago.” Rena answered, taking a deep breath of the good-scented, evening breeze.


Miichan bit her lower lip, trying to stop herself from bombarding the older girl with questions piling up in her mind. She needed to make it look like she was just casually talking to the older girl, instead of trying to asking her like a reporter.

“I thought she just came back today.” Miichan laughed, as she scratched her head.

When Rena arched an eyebrow at her, Miichan added. “Because she might have arrived from the airport, and got delayed because of traffic.”

“Oh.” Rena nodded her head in acknowledgement, before answering one of Miichan’s silent questions. “She was just late because of her work.”

Miichan looked at her straight in the eyes, trying to act like how she normally did. “So, what does she work as?”

“A fashion editor.” Rena replied shortly.

Miichan ‘aahed’. She always knew that the girl had a good sense of fashion, so becoming an editor wasn’t really a surprise. However, Miichan really thought— along with everyone else— that Yuko would become an actress, since she was one of their school’s greatest actresses. To add to that, she was the drama president from ever since she was a first year.

“So…” Miichan started to say, as she fidgeted in her spot. “Does she…Have any boyfriend?”

“What?” Rena looked at her, almost shocked by the question.

Miichan scratched her neck, as she waited for the older girl’s answer. However, her question was answered by a question in return. “Do you like her?”

Miichan blurted out a shocked ‘what’, before shaking her head profusely. She didn’t mean it that way, and even though she likes Yuko as a friend and finds her quite pretty, she already has Mariko. Putting up her hands in a surrendering manner, she then laughed. “No! No. I just want to ask for a friend.”

Rena stared at her, before nodding. She must have understood that it was Haruna who Miichan was talking about, since she sighed and stared at Miichan seriously. As she did, Miichan felt some of her hair stand up as she found herself locking eyes with the older girl.

“Miichan, please don’t do anything.” Rena told her.

A flag of worry rose in her head, and she felt herself sweat. She still needed the question to be answered, and being found out before having it answered might prevent her from getting any answer any further. Deciding that it would be best to pretend that she had no idea, she looked at her confusingly.


However, it seems that Rena saw through her acting, and crossed her arms as she started to stare intently at Miichan. The way she looked at her was a bit scary, making Miichan gulp. As Rena narrowed her eyes at the younger girl, Miichan felt her throat go dry.
“Yuko suffered a lot because of Haruna-san.” Rena told her, her stare unwavering. “It would be bad for her to have Haruna-san in her life again.”

Miichan looked at her, continuing her act of innocence. Seeing how Miichan was determined on acting, she took in a deep breath and spoke in a very calm voice. “Because of that, as her cousin, I’m asking you to please tell Haruna-san to stop talking to her.”

Miichan opened her mouth but before she could even speak, Rena added. “Or even go near her.”

What is it with her and Sayaka telling Haruna to back off? Miichan thought, feeling herself frown.

“It has been nine years, Rena-chan.” Miichan reminded her, as she herself crossed her arms. “Haruna has deeply regretted everything.”

Rena sighed and shook her head, making Miichan look at her with a frown. “Yuko… suffered ten times more than Haruna-san.”

“She was the one who got hurt. Not Haruna…san.” Rena told her, feeling her taste go bitter as Haruna’s name rolled off her tongue.

“But Haru—” Miichan started to say, only to be interrupted by Rena’s aggravated sigh and shaking of the head.

“—Your friend played with my cousin’s feelings.” Rena reminded her, her voice going slightly up.

It was obvious how much she was trying to keep herself from speaking above her normal voice level as she continued to keep taking deep breaths. She was tapping her feet, making a rhythm that Miichan can’t help to tap her feet along with. “She led Yuko on.”

“I understand that, but Haruna loves her—” Miichan started to say once more.

“—But love is not like that!” Rena cried as she stomped her feet, stopping the rhythmic tapping.
Miichan saw the older girl closing both of her hands into fists as she trembled. A nerve seemed to have popped in Rena’s forehead, and the girl could be seen flushing red with anger and annoyance. It started to scare Miichan a bit as she saw the reddish color covered the whole pale, white skin.

“Love is not easy.” The red-faced girl told her.

Miichan nodded her head, “I know but—”

Rena stopped her with the raising of her hand to Miichan’s mouth. “Let us say that Yuko still has some feelings for your friend.”

“It still doesn’t mean that they CAN be together.”

Miichan scoffed. What did Rena meant by that? Of course Yuko and Haruna would be together if that was the case! Haruna already loves her, and the only one who everyone’s waiting to answer her was Yuko! If Yuko still had some any sort of feelings left for Haruna— except hate and anger— then Miichan had nothing to think about!

“They CAN be together, Rena.” Miichan told her.

Rena sighed and clenched her fists tight. Miichan could clearly see that Rena was trying to make her understand something, but she won’t be able to know it if the older girl didn’t tell her about it. The only way to make her say it, was to ask it straightforwardly. “Why do you say that they can’t be together?”

“Well? What is it?” Miichan asked.

Rena was now looking at her, looking almost hesitant to answer the question. The way she was looking, and the way she was scratching her head was making Miichan curious. It was making her so curious that it was driving her mad to hear the silence envelope the two of them.

“Tell me!” Miichan begged.

“It’s just some sort of example! Yuko has no feelings left for you friend!” Rena told her, looking away from the girl’s eyes.

“But—” Miichan tried to say, only to be silenced by the girl’s sharp glare.

She wanted to know the reason why. But she won’t know it by letting Rena hesitate to answer her. Rena was already looking like she was ready to blurt out the answer, but the girl was hesitating because of something Miichan didn’t know. She needed to know the reason why.

For her curiosity.

And for her friend.

Just then, an idea entered her mind and she sighed mentally, determined. She needs to make Rena angry, to make her slip on some of her words. But the question was…how?

“The two of them can be together!” Miichan told her stubbornly.

Rena argued back. “They can’t!”

“They love each other!” Miichan pointed out.

Rena sighed, frustrated. “Love’s complicated! It’s not always happy endings!”

“What about the Atsumina couple?” Miichan asked. “They’re happy!”

Rena stopped her mouth from opening and looked down to her feet. She was silent, annoying Miichan as the constant tick-tock of the clock drove her mind mad.

“Not everyone can be happy.” Rena mumbled, almost inaudible.

Luckily, Miichan was able to decipher the words. Looking at the girl who had her head down, she titled her head as she tried to think of the reason why Rena was being so stubborn in saying that Haruna and Yuko won’t end up together happily.

“Why do you say so?” Miichan asked, lowering her voice to the same level she used before she asked the ‘boyfriend’ question. “Why?”

“Because…” Rena looked up at her, straight into her eyes as she sighed. “Things are complicated.”

“Then make them less complicated!” Miichan told her, annoyed.

“It’s not that easy!” Rena gritted her teeth. “Even if you and Haruna try, it’s useless!”

“Why?!” Miichan cried, almost pulling her hair as she asked.

“Because!” Rena told her, stomping her foot to the ground as she cried.  “Just because!”

“Tell me, so that I can make it less complicated!” Miichan begged.

She wants to make Haruna happy again. She wants Haruna to wear that smile she always wore when Yuko was still in Japan years ago. And she wants to stop Haruna beating herself up for something that has happened several years ago!

But then, that almost seems impossible with how Rena and Sayaka were acting. The two people closest to Yuko the most, were disapproving of the possible relationship that might occur between Haruna and Yuko. And speaking of Rena, the girl was trying to walk away from Miichan by walking back towards the reception hall.

But, no. Miichan was not going to let her walk away and leave her questions unanswered.

She needs to feed her curiosity.

She needs to help Haruna.

And she needs to bring Yuko and Haruna back together!

Miichan walked after the girl, and grabbed her by her right wrist. She started pulling Rena back to the place they talked a few seconds ago, and pinned Rena against the wall with a loud thud. The sound worried Miichan for a second, but the worry was instantly replaced by curiosity.

“Tell me.” Miichan ordered.

“Tell me why you and Sayaka are so against Haruna.”

Rena looked at her, straight into the eyes. Her gaze was not faltering, and her eyes had this sort of anger in them. Her anger was proved to be true, when she snapped at Miichan. “Why do you try?!”


“Why do you keep on insisting that Yuko and Haruna can be together?!” Rena demanded.

Miichan answered. “Because I want Haruna to be happy!”

“But you don’t even care about my cousin’s feelings!” Rena scoffed, and pushed Miichan away from her.

“I do care about Yuko’s feelings!” Miichan argued.

“Yet you keep on insisting that Haruna should be with her!” Rena argued back.

Miichan looked at her, struck back by her words. Rena was right. She kept on insisting that Haruna and Yuko could be together. But she never asked herself to think about Yuko’s point of view.

The girl was hurted badly years ago, by Haruna’s stupid act. She was there with Yuko, when she saw Haruna kissing Mariko. She was also there when Yuko ran out of the classroom, with tears dripping down her face.

“You keep on saying that Haruna and Yuko should be with each other, when you know nothing about what my cousin had to go through!” Rena spat.

She pointed a finger at Miichan, and yelled at her accusingly. “You know nothing!”

“Do you think that they’ll still be able to be with each other?!” Rena asked angrily. “Do you think that Yuko will still want to be with your friend?!”

“She was hurting so badly that everyone around her wanted to help her erase Haruna’s existence!” Rena cried.

“She EVEN thought that it was her fault that Haruna got mad!” Miichan looked at her in surprised, as the words hit her.

She didn’t know that. She didn’t know that Yuko blamed herself, even though it was clearly Haruna’s fault.

“You people know nothing!” Rena scoffed.

She breathed in, trying to calm herself as she continued. But her anger has risen, and Miichan could clearly see how mad Rena was.  “You try and butt into other people’s businesses!”

“But no one ends up happily!” Rena said, enunciating every word with anger. “Even if they have mutual feelings!”

“No matter how much they want to be with each other,” Rena closed her eyes. “They can’t be with together!”

“It’s the painful truth.” She mumbled, shaking in anger.

“Do you understand?!” Rena cried, hitting the wall beside her angrily.

Miichan was looking at her, speechless. She had no idea what to say to the older girl. She wants to keep telling Haruna that the possibility of happiness between Haruna and Yuko was possible, but the girl seemed to mad with her persistence that Miichan decided to keep her mouth shut.

“No one will approve of the relationship.” Rena mumbled.

Miichan was looking at her fists, and saw how white Rena’s knuckles were. It seemed that Rena was clutching her hand so tightly, that blood was unable to flow into it. She was shaking with so much anger, that it was almost making Miichan guilty.

She just wanted to help. She just wanted to make Haruna happy. Was that so wrong?

“It will just hurt her feelings.” Rena sobbed, dropping onto the ground.

“No matter how much she wants to be with her, it’s just impossible.”

Rena sniffed, and Miichan was just standing to the ground. She was paralyzed. She has never seen Rena cry. Seeing the girl, —whom she has always seen with that polite smile of hers— cry in front of her, was just…Heart-breaking to watch.

“Why is it impossible?” Miichan asked softly.

“Everyone will just disapprove of it.” Rena sobbed harder. “They’ll say that it’s disgusting.”

Miichan’s eyes widened. That…was the reason? Because love between two girls were taboo? But wasn’t that removed years ago by the present?

Same-sex relationship and marriage was approved by the government, making Japan a free-willed country. she thought to herself.

“If the others knew about the relationship…” she saw Rena bite her lower lip, as the older girl looked up. “…Everyone will say how revolting it is.”

“Rena…” Miichan walked towards her, wanting to pat the girl’s shoulder for some reason.

She knew how much her grandparent’s made a disgusted face when Miichan introduced Mariko to them. It was so painful that she almost died right on the spot. Even though Yuko’s parents were dead, Rena’s parents took her in. And Rena’s parents were strict, so it was understandable how Rena wants to stop Yuko from being outcasted by the family.

Like what happened to her.

Just as she was about to pat the girl’s shoulder, a hand grabbed her wrist, stopping her gesture. Miichan turned, and found Matsui Sakiko, Rena’s older sister, holding her wrist.

“S-Sakiko…chan.” Miichan stuttered the girl’s name.

The girl let go of Miichan’s wrist, and stared at her intently. The stare made Miichan step back, and let Sakiko help Rena up. She watched as Rena wiped away her tears, before looking at Miichan.

 “Let’s go, Rena.” Sakiko told her, turning her away to face the door of the reception hall.

As they walked, Sakiko turned her head and greeted Miichan with the bowing of the head as she spoke. “Hi, Miichan.”

Miichan uttered a greeting back, and started walking behind them. She kept her distance between the two, not wanting to make anything seem awkward when the three of them enter the room.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

The moment they entered the room, Miichan heard a familiar energetic voice call out the puffy-eyed girl. She looked up and saw Matsui Jurina, the youngest out of the three sisters, ran worriedly towards the two Matsui sisters.

“What happened?” Miichan heard Jurina ask.

Sighing, she decided to move away from the three. Jurina was a kind girl, but Miichan didn’t want her to get angry. It was already scary to see Rena’s annoyed face. And even though it was brief, the stare that hid Sakiko’s glare was scary as well.

She was already managed several steps away from the three Matsui sisters, but she still managed to hear Rena call her. Turning around, she saw Rena walking with the two girls towards their seats. As the girl sat down, she motioned for Miichan to stare at her lips as she mouthed some words.

“About…your question for… Yuko having a boyfriend…”Miichan squinted, as she tried to make out the words being mouthed to her.

Her question was finally going to get answered!

Squinting, she tried to make out the next words that the girl mouthed, only to have her eyes widen in surprise and shock as the words processed in her mind.

Yuko has a fiancé.

To Be Continued…

Yuuchan has a fiance! How is Haruna going to win her back?
And will Yuko take her back?
The reason for why Sayaka and Rena wanted to keep Haruna away, has finally been revealed!

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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SAY WHA-????!!!!!! :shocked

Yuko has a fiance???!!!!  :panic: Who is this person!?


Poor NyanNyan....  :cry:

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Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I'm like Miichan I want to know why!!!! And who is Yuko's fiance?!!!

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OMG an UPDATE! SPAZZ*  :panic:

So it started about Haruna who stuck in a traffic, and lol Kami-sama surely played a prank on her, poor her XD ..and daaang that two guys who just made a cover of Nsync's Drive myself crazy are really good, i fell in love with their voice. :wub: You just made me a fan of these guys, karomuwi-san!  :wub:

Jason Chen :heart: I love him! I watched all of his videos on YT and it was all good.  :thumbsup .... and yeah those two songs were totally hitting her  :smhid

Well, back to the story, Oh Miichan has a plan on her own to fix this mess eh? But it looks like she still has a long way to go before she could make those two made up  :smhid

When Rena was getting mad when Miichan keep on insisting about the two getting back together, all i can imagine is a very mad Gekikara  :mon curtain:

Okay, honestly, the last part really shocked me. I was like "WHAT! YUKO HAS A FIANCE?!" I really pulled my hair in frustration!  :angry: but LOL i didn't know my mom heard me and she look at me strangely, she asked "You okay?" LOLOL, well yeah sure i am mom! but my OTP is NOT OKAY  :(

THANKS FOR THE UPDATE KAROMUWI-SAN! I can't wait for the next chapter! Please update soon as you can  :kneelbow:
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And one more thing! Who's Yuko's fiance?!?!?!  :dunno:

Even if he's a good looking guy or a nice one, i would still vote for KojiHaru for Yuko! KOJIYUU FOREVER  :onioncheer:

and to that still unknown fiance, BURN IN HELL!!  :mon mad:

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Ah things are getting interesting.

I wonder since Rena was getting all riled up if there's something in store for her down the line. coughrenairincouh

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gahhhh i was so happy you updated but then i was dreading the end of the chapter D:
i havent had a chance to read it through with the music since its night right now...dont wanna disturb so i shall re-read it in the morning with the music :D but but harunas so heartbroken  :cry: argh i want to give her a cuddle but then shes untouchable :(

the matsui family totally wants to kill miichan now D: but all she wants is for haruna to be happy but then yuko has been hurting so much! i dont know what to think anymore..this is making me sad  :(

gahh i was so startled when i read that yuko has a fiance! i totally just sat up in my chair and gasped out loud ! CAN I KILL HER FIANCE? yuko can only be harunas and haruna can only be yukos D: this does not work! murder the fiance! *cough* im totally calm...

well thanks for the update :) and im hoping it'll be a happier chapter next time....*crosses fingers* RENAIRIN FTW (sorry lol this has got nothing to do with this fic)

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 :cry: rena is a bit scary :( !!!
:angry: and what!! Fiance??

No way!!! Yuuuchan would always be for nyanyan  :wub:

Am I right or am I RIGHT !!! :)

By the way I love ur story.... Pls update soon :)   :bow: :bow:

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nooo mu kojiyuu..

at leat dont happend  the thing that i thought.. i think that yuko have a terminal disease and for that can be together.. but its not the case...

come haruna fight for your wifey...
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« Reply #71 on: April 11, 2012, 07:28:36 AM »
oh my god..reading the last chapter made my heart ache..poor yuko (HARUNA! YOU WERE SO CRUEL TO YUKO!!!).i was shock when i read that yuko now has fiance..but,if her fiance can make her happy,i don't mind..after what haruna did to her,yuko deserve happiness..

i want to know who is yuko's fiance..maybe sayaka? LOL

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Here's the next update! The comments are at the end!




Actually, my plan worked for making myself guilty after opening this thread. Right now, I want to rewrite and edit some parts of my R.A.Y fic, since after I reread it.... I find it a bit disappointing. My plan for that said fic, is to reedit it, to make it longer and sadder and write it onto a new post. So this thread is going to have two posts of each chapter of that fic until chapter four since chapter five has still yet to be posted.

I want to ask you guys whether you want me to post a re-edited version of R.A.Y or just re-edit it though I think that the new re-edited version will be better

I'm really sorry for trolling on you guys ( :lol:). For my Oh My Dolly! fic, or O.M.D for short, I will update it as soon as you guys have given me your answers for R.A.Y and I managed to post the edited one, or the new edited version (I'm confused. They sound the same, that's why.  :lol:) There's still no news for AKB48 Fansabisu No Sho, so yeah.  :sweatdrop:

Ok. Comments time!

@ohayou(-san): Ah! The author— who used to be one of my Top #2 authors and became my Top #1 author— has commented on my fic!!! *squeals in delight and faints*  Thank you for commenting, Ohayou! ^^ And now onto my repy! Yes. *nods* Yuko-san has a fiance. Even I was surprised with what I've written. It was supposed to be a boyfriend at first, but then "Fiance would make it much more dramatic" was what I thought. And look! It did became dramatic! YAY~! As for the person's shall be kept as a secret for now....  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: It can be a girl since I didn't say it was a boy OR a boy since I never said it was a girl either  :P And will you burn him/her if she/he was possibly one of the AKB48 members?  XD And one more thing. I hate what Haruna did to Yuko though it was my fault for making her do that  :lol:

@kahem: Miichan, you have to wait.  :P And that's going to be kept as a secret. ahahahaha~

@haruhi16: Wow! Two comments!  :thumbup  :twothumbs And the guy without the guitar is Joseph-san~  :heart: I'm glad that I made you a fan. ^^ And yes! JASON CHEN IS A GREAT SINGER!!!! I love him, his covers, and his ORIGINALS!!! And now I shall talk about the fic. haha. She has a VERY long way to go unless ths sadistic author just writes down that an asteriod hits the earth and everyone dies, then the story will end.  :lol: Who is Yuko's fiance? Hmm~ :dunno: I dunno~  :P He/she, who is it I wonder?  :lol:

@Kid_Alpha: coughrenairincoughmightcoughbecoughpossiblecough  XD

@Pandah: I loved the last part. Ahahaha~!  XD  hmm~ A hug, huh? Maybe I should....*ahem* just wait and see~ *winks* And yes. The Matsui Family...*shivers* scary. Anyway, I have a question. Do you know who Sakiko-chan is always paired up with in AKB48? And NO! You can't kill the finace. I'll do the killing instead.  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: He/she shall die after he/she is married to Yuko!!!  :lol: Joke. MAYBE~? And RenAirin....I have a question. Why are they so popular?

@saeyukilover: Yes. Fiance. Thank you for the love~  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: And I shall... as soon as many replies have been given to the question I've written above.

@Haruko: Terminal disease, eh? But if that happens....Yuko will die and no happy ending. Right?  :twisted: Should I do that then? Ahahaha~  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

@yukofan: Yes! Finally! Someone who agrees with me that her Fiance can make her happy!  :thumbsup And CAN be Sayaka. Or maybe NOT. Who knows? Me. :P Ahahaha~  :lol:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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...and here you are again, trolling your avid readers in your fic.  :smhid
LOL as what i expected, i know you're going to write more dramatic scenes and all~ TSK, What a sadistic person you are, karomuwi-san~  :smhid  but you know we both love it anyway  ;)

Well, i want you to post the new re-edited version of R.A.Y 'cause you're making me curious about this. As what you've said, it will be better if the re-edited version will be posted instead of re-editing it (LOL i'm also confused about this editing and stuff, it really does sound the same  XD )

.. So i edited this comment 'cause i have to add my raging emotion about this fiance who just came up with the story  :angry:, cock blocking kojiyuu is not a good idea BROTHA!
But i was wondering, why am i getting mad with these characters in this story? It's not their fault for causing all this mess anyway! I should start strangling the author of this fic  :twisted:
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yo!~ i have come to reply to an imaginary update! LOL
hmm for RAY you can post your re-edited version i guess :) so there wont be much work...i think  :huhuh

im actually not quite sure who sakiko is usually paired up with..but for some reason i keep thinking its nonaka misato or maybe to me they both look like a pair LOL  :P cos they seem really close imo  :D

booo D: can i at least strangle the fiance or beat them into a bloody pulp? LOL  8) KILL THE FIANCE AFTER THEY MARRY YUKO? NOOOOOOO ill just be so devastated if that marriage ever goes through   :bleed eyes:

and i actually have no idea why renairin is so popular..i only sorta recently found this pairing so cute and adorable! or maybe its just me liking those perverted chars *cough*yuko*cough*airin*cough*...i actually never really liked the wmatsui pairing (much) for some weird reason ..its not that i dont like jurina but they seem more like sisters to me x.x

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But then we still love you for it, for some reason. :lol:

And will you burn him/her if she/he was possibly one of the AKB48 members?

KAROMUWI-SAN! ARE YOU HINTING SOMETHING THERE???!!! *gets ready chainsaw and all other pain-inflicting equipments*

But yeah, I hated what Haruna did to Yuko as well, BUT THAT IS NO REASON TO MAKE YUKO MARRY SOMEONE!?!?!?!?
Anyway, that's moi rage.

Now, I, personally, would suggest you re-post the edited version, just because, you know, I've never read it xD
Really~ And I want to read it, but I'm really too lazy to go look for it :lol:
Please don't kill me!
But yeah, re-posting would be good, or you could edit it,
and then make me go look for it or something.
Either way, I'll get to read it so, it's allllll up to karomuwi-san.

P.S. And since when did I become your top 1?
I-I-I-I am truly flattered...
BUT, I don't deserve that spot, number 2 was waaaaaay above what I really am already.

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Karomuwi-ssi!! Seriously you're brilliant writer.. #worship
I just found out about akiba family today and finished it in one day, and know this heart-breaking and tear-jerking story..
You're so goooddd! :D
I'll become your fans now~ LOL
And yes, I love the way you troll, remind me of an epic snsd fanfic writer at soshif!ed. :p

Poor yuko!! :'( huaaaaaa.. Haruna is so... *3/:$.@}x¥v>a
Kissing mariko-sama in front of yuko is unacceptable!! She's too cruel to have yuko.
And thx for making me yuko fiance. #whatAmISaying?
I promise, I'll make yuko happy. :D
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Grrr.. Troll author is just gonna troll..  :smhid
and haters just gonna hate..  :bigdeal:

Oh my, Yuuchan has a fiance already??  :stoned: Oh noooooooo!!!!!  :on speedy:
Now, Karo-chan, would you be kind enough to update and tell us who's Yuuchan's fiance, please?  :wriggly: Or else...  :shifty: Hahaha.. Just kidding..

Awww..!! MariMii is just sooooo adorable!!!  :luvluv1: I'm hoping I can see more of their ehem time together (well you know what i mean  :mon ignore: ) they romantic time always tend to bring me  :on bleed: :mon blood:

This is getting more and more interesting.. Now, I'll silently be waiting for your updates on this story, as well as the others too..  :on drink:  :bow:
I love FTM. Nuff said.

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@haruhi16: Ahahaha~  :hiakhiakhiak: I wanted to do some trolling to inspire myself. So...yeah.  :hiakhiakhiak: Sorry 'bout that. And yes... I want more angst! What can I say?  :bigdeal: I love making my characters suffer. Most of my characters in my other non-AKB fics all died  :lol: And yes. I know that even you love sadistic events. Though I should say that you should have made Haruna suffer more in T.O.E! She deserves it!!! But didn't make her suffer terribly  :angry1: Therefore...  :ding: Prepare for ultimate suffering in SoUL Haruna!!!  :mon evillaff:
And no!!! *runs away from Haruhi-chan* :mon runcry: Don't strangle meeee~  :mon curtain: If you do, I shall do some stuff! *fails at threatening*

@Pandah: Well, since I'm not familiar with Sakiko-san and Misato-san, I shall do a twist. ^^ You might be surprised with who I'm going to make Yuko's fiance as...  :mon noprob: Ahahahaha~ Just wait... And yes. Can you please tell me more about Airi-san? Rena-sama seems so hooked up on her, and as someone who's biased about Rena-sama, I want to make a fic of them both. So... RENAIRIN~! :mon fyeah:

@Ohayou(-san): I'm sorry Ohayou-san. I really respect you that I can't lose the 'san'  :mon whimper: <------- I LOVE THIS!!! ( :lol:) Anyways...I'm still loved~ Hooray~!  :mon angel: I shall refrain myself from trolling then if that's the case. But then...I can't promise anything.  :P And I love your rage~! I wanna rage about Rena-sama too! How could you?! How could you make that bruised eye girl 'talk' with Rena-sama! :mon kungfu: Jurina-chan!!! Kick their butts!!! (I also love that icon!!! I can't get enough of these icons!!!)  And I won't kill you yet You still haven't finished your yeah...  :nervous  But you can't do anyting about it! I am one of your avid readers, fans, followers, and worshippers! I SHALL WORSHIP YOU AS A NUMBER #1 AUTHOR!!!! well...That's moi rage.  :mon fan:

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Chapter Four

The slamming of a car door echoed throughout the basement, followed by the car’s clicking sound of being locked. The lights hanging from the ceiling emitted only enough light to let her see a few meters in front of her, making her use her phone’s light as a flashlight to watch where she was walking to.

Seeing a huge light coming from the far end of the basement, she walked towards it, knowing that it was the elevator. As she neared to the elevator, she started twirling the car keys in her hand and sighed as she craned her neck to the side.

Hearing her own neck cracked, gave her a good sensation that made her want to crack her neck to the other side. But knowing that if she does, she would get a cramp and she would have to keep a warm cloth on it, which she really hated even though the temperature of the air was as low as zero degrees.

Upon entering the elevator, she put her keys back into her pocket and pressed the first floor button. The doors closed and elevator music started to play, making her relax and lean against the walls as she started tapping her fingers on the metallic rails.

The doors opened after a few seconds and she walked out, walking straight towards the exit door of the car hotel. Once she was out into the cold, she shivered and wrapped her arms around herself to form any form of blanket as she headed towards the house her late parents gave her.

She walked towards it as fast as she could, mumbling curses at the cold weather before rummaging for her keys to enter her warm abode. Once she managed to get the keys out and into the lock, she bursted through the door and slammed the door shut hard as she threw her shoes into the rack.

Dashing to the bathroom, she removed several parts of her suit. The snow has melted on them and its coldness has reached her skin, prickling her nerves with their cold sensations. The moment she was inside the bathroom, she took off her last remaining piece of clothing and wrapped herself with a thick bathrobe.

She shivered once again, and debated whether she should just go to bed or take a hot bath to calm down her cold skin. Choosing the latter, she switched the taps on and made sure that the heater was on its maximum level of hotness.

Walking out of the bathroom, she then started to prepare her clothes to get herself into once the bath has finished. She took out the warmest and thickest pajamas she has and laid them upon her queen-sized bed, before going back to the bathroom.

Seeing that the water was now flowing off from the tub, she gladly removed her bathrobe and jumped into the boiling water. Once her skin made contact with the water, she hissed and jumped back out. Sighing to herself, she lowered the heater and allowed a few liters of cold water enter the boiling tub.

“Guess I deserved that for setting the temperature on its highest level.” She mumbled to herself as she ran her hands through her messy hair.

Deciding that the water was better to enter at that moment, she switched the tap off and this time, checked the water before jumping in. She sat down and sighed with a purr as the warm water engulfed her cold skin, leaning against the warm, graphite tub.

“Thank you cold weather!” she sighed, before cleansing the dirt off her face with the water.

~0~ ^o^ ~o~

She sighed as she exited the bathroom with a fresh and clean body. Her head managed to dry during the whole time, since she never really washed it that much. Her skin was no longer sticky and cold like before, and was now as smooth as a baby’s.

She has already managed to get into her pajamas as well, since she decided to get them and hang them on the rails beside the tub when she got out of the bathroom to get a towel to dry her hair with. Jumping on the bed, she sighed and ran her hands on its soft and fluffy blanket.

She missed her bed during the party, since she was practically standing the whole time. Her back started to ache and all she wanted was to drive back home to get some good night sleep, but her desire to look at the girl she has missed and had not seen for the past nine years made her endure all of those.

“Yuko.” She breathed out the name, before closing her eyes as she tried to remember the face she missed.

Her hands raised and she started tracing the girl’s face into the air, imaging her beautiful brown orbs and rosy lips. She sighed and smiled as her mind flashed her Yuko’s smiling face, when the said girl watched their two friends get married to one another.

“Yuko.” She once again breathed out, this time with a sad sigh.

She started to remember what Sayaka told her hours ago, and that popped the bubble she was longing to keep. The way the girl glared and looked at her with disgust, as if she was an experiment that has gone wrong, made Haruna’s stomach churn.

She sat up, and sighed. Does Sayaka really hate her that much? Does she hate her that even the sight of her made her smile turn into an instant frown whenever Haruna tried to move closer to Yuko?

“Has she not forgiven me?” Haruna asked out loud.

Though she knew that it was not Sayaka whom she needed to get forgiveness from, what the girl thinks of her as Yuko’s best friend matters. She knew that Yuko always preferred friends over any relationships, and Yuko leaving nine years ago to prevent herself from ruining Mariko’s and Haruna’s relationship was a proof of that.

It was a proof that Yuko will stay away from her if Sayaka tells her to.

And that scared Haruna. It scared Haruna so much, that she was terrified to even let Sayaka look at her shadow. She had to hide from the two, and that seemed to have made Sayaka test her by letting her stare at Yuko from afar, which was really hard for the brunette since all she wanted was to hug the short girl as much as she could.

Being away from Yuko, but being in the same room was slowly killing her. It made her heart ache at the thought that she was unable to be with Yuko even though she was so close, and she was forbidden to because the short girl’s best friend forbade her to.

It was frustrating!

But Haruna can’t do anything about it. She knew that it was the reason that she won’t have any good reason to say if Sayaka asks her in front of the whole crowd. The thought of Sayaka doing that sounded close to impossibility, but knowing Sayaka— who would do anything for her friends, especially Yuko— she would humiliate Haruna without any hesitation.

If someone asked her whether she was a coward for being scared of being humiliated, Haruna would say that she was not a coward. She really wasn’t. The only reason why she didn’t want to take that risk was due to the reason that some of her company workers were there in the party.

She is Kojima Haruna, the Top #1 model in the whole country. She has a huge career to take care of, and a reputation to always look after. Her juniors always looked up at her with respect for being as professional at any time.

Critics always gave her problems and scandals almost every single day, and to be humiliated because she just wanted to be close to Yuko would make an uproar rise with her popularity. There is a proof that there would be a major uproar and scandal, if the reason for her getting humiliated got out.

Her scandal with Top# 2 fellow model Shinoda Mariko

Everyone knew that the two of them were close, and that made everyone curious why the two top models never got together. Haruna— being impatient and careless that time— announced that she already dated Mariko. And that announcement almost caused her, her downfall.

The critics started saying that she only dated Mariko to make sure that she was ahead of the girl, and that made the companies cancel the contracts they had formed with her. It was another mistake she regretted, but it was nothing compared to the mistake she had made before.

Hurting Yuko.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“Don’t just stand there! Go after her!” Miichan cried to her.

Haruna looked at Mariko, asking her whether the girl would be alright with being left with the fuming girl once she  runs after the Yuko— who had just ran out of the room with tears falling down from her eyes. When she received a nod, Haruna stood up and walked towards the door.

But just as she was about to make any more steps towards the door, the Miichan stopped her by grabbing her wrist. Haruna felt the pressure being inflicted on her wrist and looked at the younger girl, wanting to find out why she was gripping her wrist.

When she looked at Miichan’s face, she saw the girl glaring at her dangerously, as if wanting to tear Haruna’s head off from her shoulders— which scared the older girl, a lot.

“We’ll talk after this.”

The voice that Miichan had was like cold ice slicing her skin. It was cold, sharp and uncharacteristically Miichan’s, making Haruna nod at her obediently like a child. A second passed, and Miichan let go of her. Haruna looked at Miichan’s brown orbs to see whether she was allowed to leave, and saw anger and coldness in them. The look terrified her, and she dashed out of the room.
When she was out, she started looking around her. She looked through the windows, and saw Yuko running down the third floor stairs. Scared that Miichan would kill her if she found out that Haruna never ran after Yuko, she started running. But as she was running, Miichan’s voice echoed throughout the hallways.
“You knew how much Yuko loves Haruna.”

Haruna ignored the indescribable feeling in her heart the moment the words were processed by her brain, and started running down the stairs. As she leaped from step to step, Haruna saw Yuko running down the second floor stairs, making her fasten her leaping. She dashed down the second floor stairs and the first, just in time to see Yuko coming out into the campus.

She sighed and ran after the girl with a speed she never really used for sports. When she was at arms’ length from Yuko, she stretched her legs and managed to stop the girl by grabbing her arm. She felt the girl stiffen under her touch, and it was not long that the girl tried to run once again.

Haruna stopped her once more, and turned her around forcefully. She was tired of running from the fourth floor, and this girl in front of her wanted to run some more?

“Just how much energy do you have?” Haruna asked her as she looked at the ground, panting. “Do you have the same amount as Sae’s?”

Haruna waited for an answer, but none came. Wondering why, she looked up and saw tears streaming down Yuko’s face. Haruna sighed and ran her hand through her hair, waiting for the girl to speak up. She didn’t know what to say, and she had no plan on starting the conversation.

She knew that Yuko wants her to start explaining for the reason she called the shorter girl watch her kiss with Mariko, but she had no idea on how to start it. It was never part of her plan.

She didn’t even plan on running after the short girl. All she had planned was letting Yuko witness the kiss between her and Mariko, before letting the shorter girl run out of the school. She thought that everything would go well, until Miichan came into the picture.

“Why?” Yuko croaked, making Haruna look at her.

“Why did I call you just to let you see me kiss Mariko, is that your question?” she asked; coldness in her voice was evident.

When she saw Yuko hesitate to nod, Haruna scoffed as she turned her gaze away from the short girl and onto the cherry blossom tree that stood beside the two of them. She didn’t want to the bearer of bad news to Yuko; since she has seen others get insanely mad in this similar situation.

“I want to stop your advances towards me.” Haruna answered, a second later. “That’s why.”

Yuko looked at her with eyes that held disbelief in them, and told her. “I don’t believe you.”

“Don’t you get it?!”Haruna sighed in frustration, and stomped her feet.

She glared at the girl in front of her, and pointed a finger at her. “I made you come after school, to watch me kiss Mariko!”

“I don’t believe you!” Yuko stubbornly told her.

Haruna scoffed at her. “Are you an idiot?”

“Are you stupid? Blind? Clueless?” Haruna sneered at her.

She enunciated the words slowly and clearly. “I. Don’t. Love. You.”

“I never reciprocated your feelings! I don’t even like you!”

Yuko’s eyes started pouring out more tears, and Haruna scoffed at her. She crossed her arms, hoping that her words were clear enough for the shorter girl. How many times must she tell the girl to get away from her? How many more times must she tell the others that she has no feelings of love or whatsoever for Yuko, except annoyance?

“I don’t—” Yuko started to say once again, only to be stopped by Haruna.


The slap made Haruna’s palm tingle, and she moved her hand to her side. The slap has stopped Yuko from speaking the same words Haruna heard before, and Haruna sighed in relief. She hated hearing the same thing over and over again!

Staring and glared at Yuko, she then spoke words that made the shorter girl flinch from the impact it made to her.

“This is NO dream, Yuko.”

Haruna growled. “Believe it.”

“This is REALITY.” Haruna stood up straight and clenched her fist. “This is real life!”

“So deal with it! And stop telling yourself that it’s not true!”

Yuko was stiff and she wasn’t moving, making Haruna have the desire to slap her once again to stop the girl’s trance. But she knew that a slap once was enough, and a second slap was no longer needed. She never wanted to slap the girl, but Yuko just needed to realize what Haruna was trying to tell her.
“Has the words finally sink into your brain?” Haruna coldly asked.

Yuko looked at her with hurt in her eyes, and nodded. Haruna saw the girl’s cheek redden, and she started to worry whether she did it too hard. Yuko was slowly moving her right hand to her right cheek— the cheek where Haruna slapped her— and touched the swollen area.

“Why Nyan Nyan?” Yuko sobbed, looking at her with pleading eyes.

“Because I’m tired.” Haruna answered her, sighing along. “I’m tired of being nice to you, and it’s leading you on!”

“Does Nyan Nyan hate me?” Yuko asked; fear was clearly in her voice.

“Yes.” Haruna replied. “I hate you. I despise you!”

“I despise you for being annoyingly beside me all the time! And I hate you for making Mariko stay away from me because she thought that you and I were going out!” Haruna shouted.

She knew that she was spewing venom at the shorter girl, but she didn’t care. She was finally able to tell the girl the anger she had bottled up in her chest. She was finally able to tell Yuko without any care whether someone would see them.

Why didn’t she do this any sooner?

“Nyan… Nyan’s in love with Marichin?” Yuko said, almost in a daze.

“Yes! I LOVE her. And I HATE you!” Haruna said through gritted teeth.

She didn’t really hate Yuko, but the words bursted out from her mouth and she can’t seem to stop spitting out words that she was sure hurted the shorter girl. The sudden freedom of speaking what’s on her mind and chest has been finally given to her, and she was not willing to let it go.

“Nyan Nyan, please don’t hate me.” Yuko pleaded, taking a step to try and touch Haruna.

But the other girl swatted her hands away with disgust and looked at her with anger. “Don’t touch me!”

“You’re a pervert!” Haruna cried at her, taking a step backwards. “And whenever you’re near me, it bothers me!”

Yuko had her hand stretched out, too shocked to place it beside her. She looked at Haruna and hot tears continued to form on her face, though she has finally stopped crying.

“Nyan—” she started say.

“— Don’t call me with that stupid nickname!”

Haruna interrupted her, and stomped her foot to the ground hard. She hated hearing that nickname the shorter girl made for her! It made her sound like an annoying cat! And she despises cats!

She looked at Yuko with unwavering eyes. “Listen carefully.”

“I LOVE Mariko, not you. I WANT Mariko, not you. I NEED Mariko, not you.”

“Do you understand?!” Haruna cried at her.

Yuko was clutching her shirt, as if trying to tear something apart. She looked at Haruna bit her lips. Her legs were trembling, and she was shuddering badly. Haruna noticed how the short girl seemed to have difficulty breathing, but didn’t bother to ask whether she was fine. Instead, she looked at the cherry blossom tree beside both of them.

“I-I’m sorry.” Yuko sobbed out.

“I’m sorry. I-I thought that Nyan—” Haruna turned to her, making Yuko stop and choose her words carefully.

“— Haruna likes me back.”

“I thought that Haruna likes me back because she agreed to go on dates with me, and she said that she liked me back when I asked her.”

Haruna scoffed and laughed out cruelly. “Dates? You kidnapped me and forced me to go! I had no choice because I know that you won’t stop asking me if I don’t agree!”

“I also said that I liked you back to shut you up!” Haruna sighed in frustration. “I can’t bear hearing your voice any longer that’s why!”

“It’s even more irritating than Kasai’s strawberry voice!”

That made Yuko look at her in shock. She closed her mouth, and looked down onto the ground. Haruna saw the shorter girl’s hands clench into tight fists, and noticed how Yuko’s legs stopped trembling. Instead, she seemed like she was trembling with anger.

Yuko’s knuckles were white, probably from the tight clenching she was making. Her breathing suddenly became rapid, and the taller girl saw Yuko grit her teeth. Getting worried about Yuko and thinking that she was hyperventilating, Haruna walked towards her.

But just as she was about to place a hand on the shorter girl’s shoulder, her hand was swatted back with a smack. Yuko snapped her head up and locked eyes with worried ones.

“Then why?” she spoke, and Haruna felt that there was a hint of anger in those words.

Yuko took a step towards Haruna before continuing. “Why didn’t you tell me straightly? I can understand if you told me to stay away.”

“But why did you give me hope?! Why did you make me think that you were in love with me?! Why did you made me make a fool of myself?!”

Haruna took a step back. The words that Yuko lashed at her was whipping her. It was making something deep in her heart grow. Haruna didn’t know what it was, but she wanted it to go away. She wanted the feeling to stop, and she wanted Yuko to stop looking at her with angered eyes.

“Why did you make me waste three years on you?!” Yuko cried out in anger.

“Y-Yuuchan.” Haruna said, hoping that by calling the girl with the nickname she adored would calm the girl down.


“I hate you.” Yuko murmured, but Haruna heard it perfectly clear.

She suddenly felt a pang of pain in her chest, and her breath stopped. She clutched her shirt and tried to breathe properly, but something seemed to be blocking her airways, making her gasp for air. The words managed to pack a punch that left Haruna gasping for air.

“I hate you!” Yuko shouted and this time, it rang in Haruna’s ears.

She watched as Yuko walked backwards with her angered eyes blazing red at Haruna, unwavering. Haruna tried to remove her hand from her chest, but the pain was still there and it was more painful than before. She started panting harder, trying to figure out why she was being so affected by three mere words.

Looking up, she saw Yuko by the school gates. She tried to walk towards the shorter girl, but her legs gave up and she dropped to the ground. She watched as hot tears streamed down continuously from Yuko’s eyes, and saw Yuko crying out and sobbing.

She was about to turn and leave the school, but she decided to look at Haruna one last time to give her one final message.


~o~ ^o^ ~o~

Haruna sighed and groaned to herself as she lay back down onto the bed. She started hitting her head, hating herself for doing such things to the girl who loved her through thick and thin. She ruthlessly and selfishly hurted the girl, treating her as if she was just a toy.

“I’m such an idiot!” Haruna cried to herself, turning her body and hitting her head at the bed.

She really was, and she knew it. She knew she was an air-head, but she never knew that she was THAT stupid to let go the only person who loved her without anything in return. She was stupid to let go and hurt the only person who took care of her selflessly, and loved her as if she was more important than anything else in the world.

Yuko treated her like a treasure that she was lucky to have found.

Yuko treated her as if she was a goddess.

Yuko treated her as if she deserved to be loved like others despite her selfishness.

And Yuko loved her truly.

“Why am I so stupid?!” she cried to herself, screaming at the pillow she managed to grab from the head of the bed.

After a minute, she calmed down and sat up. She looked around the room and smiled as her eyes were surrounded in pictures of her and Yuko.

No one else, but her and Yuko.

“It’s so ironic that I want her back after telling her that I didn’t want her.” She laughed to herself, before crying and sobbing as she remembered the painful words the short girl shouted to her.

“She hates me!” she sobbed, punching the pillow in hope that her depression would go away with the action.

Unfortunately for her, it didn’t work. Haruna sighed out in frustration and hit the door with the pillow. She screamed once again, and cried. Why did everything have to be too late?

Turning to her desk, she reached for a stuff toy that always made her smile. It never failed in making her forget every horrible things and events, and she hugged it.

“Pandah, how I wish that your master never waited that day.” She said to the lifeless panda stuff toy.

“If she didn’t, I could probably have never hurted her and still have her to this day.”

She stopped and titled her head to the side as she hugged the stuffed panda close to her chest. “But then,” she started. “I wouldn’t have known my real feelings.”

Realizing that, she groaned and lay back down on her bed. Why was her life so complicated?!

Sighing, she started petting ‘Pandah’. She was glad that she never threw the stuffed panda. If she did, heaven knows that she would have gone insane without it. It was her friend, and the only one she could confide in. She has told it all her secrets, and it was the most important thing next to Yuko.

“Pandah.” She said the toy’s name, before falling into a sleep that she really need.

Two days later

Walking to her office with a doughnut, coffee, and several files in hand, Haruna grumbled about how troublesome it was for her. The elevator in the building was broken, and her office was located at the very top of the amazingly tall building.

She was a model, but with that much to walk in heels was just too much. Even a professional model like herself would end up slumping as they walked out of from the emergency exit. She was glad though, that she was the only person using the top floor.

Now she could take off those painful high heels, and just soak them in her foot massager!

Opening the door, she threw the files down onto the couch located in the middle of the room and placed her doughnuts— along with her coffee— on top of her desk. She turned to the files and was about to take them, when it suddenly fell onto the floor— messily.

“Need help?” a familiar voice asked along with a chuckle, making the girl turn her head.

“Ah, Miichan.”

Haruna smiled and nodded, letting the younger girl take the messy papers from the floor as she sat on the desk. She had thrown her high heels at the door, and was now sighing in relief as she took out the foot massager she had expertly hidden under her desk.

“I always knew heels were evil.” Miichan laughed, passing Haruna the organized files.

Haruna thanked her and placed the files inside her drawers, before motioning the younger girl to take a sit on the soft couch she had. Miichan gladly took the offer and plopped herself on the couch, with her feet up on its arms. She rested her head on her arm, and looked at Haruna with a smile.

“So,” Haruna sat down by her desk, before turning to her best friend. “Where’s Marichin?”

Miichan shrugged her shoulders, and heaved a sigh. “My girlfriend’s at another photo-shoot.”

“Ah.” Haruna nodded in acknowledgement.

The older girl did tell her that she won’t be able to use the phone during work time, and asked her a favor to tell the younger girl about it. Haruna was glad that Miichan went straight to her office, since her phone was playing pranks on her by not allowing her to make any calls or send any messages.

“You know the deal, right?” Haruna asked.

Miichan nodded. “I’m glad that your office is right across Marichin’s”.

Haruna nodded in agreement. It was true. Mariko’s office was right across the street, giving Miichan the advantage of resting in Haruna’s office whenever her girlfriend was out for shoot. It also gave Haruna the chance to find out what was happening in her rival’s building— though Miichan’s really good at keeping them in the bag.

“So, what do you want to talk about today?” Haruna asked, taking the coffee in hand.

Miichan sighed, and sat up on the couch.


Haruna looked at her friend with an arched eyebrow, and placed her coffee back down after taking a sip. She leaned against her comfy chair, and scratched her head. Miichan was here to talk to her about Yuko— the girl whom she was desperately avoiding?

Though it was not hard to avoid her, since I haven’t seen her ever since the wedding. Haruna thought to herself.

“Well…” Haruna scratched her head once again. “What about her?”

“I’m pretty sure that you’re dying to see her again.” Miichan told her, with a smirk.

Haruna sighed, and stood up from her chair to stare out of the windows. She didn’t need to be told about that. It has only been two days, yet Haruna felt like it was five years.

“So what if I am?” Haruna asked her, crossing her arms as she turned to Miichan.

“It’s not like I can see her.” She pointed out. “Sayaka’s probably with her 24/7.”

Miichan chuckled to herself and nodded in agreement. The two of them knew just how protective Sayaka was over Yuko, and the girl’s threat was still vivid in Haruna’s mind.

“I know where she works.”

“And?” Haruna asked, knowing that there was another thing coming.

“Sayaka won’t know.”

Haruna snapped her head instantly to Miichan, interested with what her ears managed to pick up.

“Seriously?” she asked.

Miichan nodded, and Haruna couldn’t help but smile. Sayaka not knowing about her meeting with Yuko? That definitely sounded interesting.

“Wait,” Haruna sat back down by her desk, and looked at Miichan with her chin leaning against her hands. “What do you mean by Sayaka not knowing about it?”

“Well, Sayaka works for Takamina.” Miichan pointed out, and Haruna nodded.

“I know that.”

“Ask the girl for a favor.” Miichan told her, wiggling her eyebrows.

Haruna furrowed her eyebrows together, and looked at Miichan. What does Takamina have to do with Sayaka not knowing about anything? And what favor should she ask the midget so that she could see Yuko?

“It’s not like I can ask her to keep Sayaka busy with work so that I can see Yuko without any disturbances.” Haruna told her, still not getting that what she had just said was the favor that Miichan was trying to point out.

A second passed.

Haruna stood up and clasped her hands together, when the realization hit her. She started jumping up and down in excitement, before jumping on Miichan to hug her. She enveloped the younger girl into a tight bear hug, and squeezed the breath out of Miichan.

“You’re a genius!” she cried, twirling the younger girl around.

She added, the moment she let go of Miichan. “I can kiss you, Miichan!”

“Ew! No way! My lips are only for Marichin!” The younger girl told her with a disgusted face, as she pushed Haruna’s face away from hers.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

Two girls peeked out from a corner of the place, before taking their heads out of sight. The person they were looking at was paying for her meal, and was about to see them when she started walking towards the exit. Fearing that they would still be found out with the place they were currently in, they rushed to a line of people by a café.

Paying the complaints being thrown at them from the back, the two girls peered at the girl who just exited the fast food restaurant. They waited for a few seconds before getting out of their hiding place,— which made the café’s customers extremely glad— and followed the unsuspecting.

“Tell me why are we following her again, instead of meeting with her properly?”  The taller of the two asked to the girl wearing a black sunglass.

The girl wearing the black sunglass turned to the long-haired girl and smiled, before pointing at the girl they have been spying on for the past hour. “You’re going to show up in front of her, and sweep her off her feet.”

The taller of the two scoffed at the plan, and crossed her arms. She thought that she was going to meet the girl face-to-face as soon as possible, but ended up spying on her instead. She sighed and started pinching the bridge of her nose, before looking at her comrade as she smacked her forehead.

“What am I? A guy?” she asked with a hiss.

“You can dress up like one, Haruna. That would make her not slap you the moment she sees you.” The shorter girl suggested, only receiving a smack on the head as a reply.

“Forget it! I’ll try to find a way for her to make me her model!”

She started to walk the opposite direction until she was stopped by her friend, who has grabbed her by her collar. She hissed in pain as the collar pressed up against her skin— bruising it—, and turned to the shorter girl with a sharp glare she had managed to perfect after years of spending time with her.

“Miichan!” she growled, caressing the reddish mark on her skin.

Just then, the said girl pushed Haruna into the street. Haruna— having no time to react— fell to the ground and. She stood up from the floor and was about to scream at Miichan when a car started going straight at her, bringing her knees to jelly.


The car stopped, and Haruna dropped to the ground. Her heart was no longer in her chest, and was now in her throat. Her face was pale white, and her lips were trembling. Miichan almost killed her! That girl she called as a best friend tried to kill her by pushing her into the street!

She heard a slamming of a door, and looked at the direction with dazed eyes. When she turned her head, her eyes widened and she gaped in awe, taken back by the beauty of an angel in front of her. The angel was now beside her, and helped her stand up.

When she was on her feet, she almost dropped to the ground once again. Fortunately for her, she was caught in time by the beautiful angel. She jerked back the moment her skin made contact with the angelic girl’s skin. She had felt a jolt of electricity run through her body and all she wanted was to bask in the girl’s warmth.

“Haruna-san? Are you alright?” the angelic girl gently tapped her face.

“You look so pale and your eyes have dilated.” She stated, slinging one of Haruna’s arms around her smooth skin. “You must have been so shocked.”

Yuko grunted as she helped Haruna stand up. “Let’s go get you checked out.”

Haruna mumbled an incoherent ‘yes’ and she gulped nervously, as the scent of the girl’s shampoo hit her nose. It was making her lose her mind. Yuko’s hair has a mixture of the smell of French fries and cherries, making Haruna’s nose senses go haywire. Her stomach grumbled and without realization, she started to lean her head on the girl’s shoulder.

“Yuko.” She mumbled as she closed her eyes, letting her heart continue its fluttering in her chest.

“Hmm?” the angelic girl hummed, sending vibrations through her neck and to Haruna’s face. “What is it?”

“You smell nice.”

Haruna’s angel chuckled before opening the passenger’s seat, gently pushing the taller girl into the seat. Watching the shorter girl close the door after making sure that Haruna was comfortable, Haruna smiled thankfully at her. Smiling back, Yuko then walked to the driver’s seat and started the car.

Haruna felt Yuko’s gaze on her and felt her face burning, making her lean her forehead against the cool window glass. Once her senses told her that it was safe to look at Yuko without being caught, Haruna peeked from her seat and saw Yuko casually taking worried glances at her.

The realization that Yuko was worried about her, sent butterflies in her stomach and she clutched her chest as she started feeling her heart thumping faster. Her throat started to dry, and she felt her body tremble from the constant glances she was receiving.

She cares. Haruna thought to herself with a smile.

But just then, a part of her mind stopped her mind’s shouting of ‘hooray’ and spoke to her with a cold demeaning voice. She only cares because she almost ran you over, idiot.

The voice made Haruna's eyes snap open. The suddenly jerking her body made, sent her forehead in contact with the hard glass. She groaned and her hand instantly went up to the bump that has formed. Just then, her skin and inside melted when she felt Yuko’s warm hand touched the swollen part on her forehead.

The car has stopped and they were behind a car that was waiting for the red traffic light to turn green. Turning her gaze from the traffic lights to the girl who was gently touching the bump, Haruna saw Yuko with a slight frown as she inspected it.

“That must have hurted a lot. It’s so swollen.” She stated.

Haruna nodded. It was true that it hurted but as soon as Yuko placed her slender fingers on it, the pain magically disappeared. Though it was still slightly tingling from the contact it made with the glass, Haruna was sure that pain was far away from what she was feeling.

“Pain, pain go away~!” Yuko sang, making patterns on the air.

She placed her index finger onto her rosy lips, before touching the bump with it. Taking it away from Haruna’s skin, she smiled as she tilted her head to the side— which Haruna really adorable. She gave the dimpled smile that Haruna hasn’t seen for nine years, and patted the taller girl’s head.

“Has the pain gone away?” she asked in a childish voice.

Haruna nodded; a tint of pink covering the area of her cheeks. When Yuko returned her gaze back to the car screen, Haruna leaned her head against the window once again as she gazed lovingly at the girl driving beside her. She watched as Yuko pout whenever a car would overtake the car they were in, and chuckled quietly to herself.

Closing her eyes, she returned to the same position that led her forehead to get its bump. She was hoping that she would get another bump, hopefully somewhere near her lips. She smiled to herself and squealed inwardly, letting her fantasies fill her mind.

Just then, she felt a vibration from her pocket but decided to ignore it as she opened her eyes to continue her loving gaze on the girl she missed. Let her co-models search for her frantically. She didn’t care. She can always return to her job, but this…

This moment was something she might not be able to return to everyday.

“I wish to stay like this forever.” She sighed to herself, quietly to make sure that it was not heard by the shorter girl.

This moment was one of those events that Haruna wished would never end, but she knew that it was impossible. She was just lucky that it was Yuko who almost managed to run her over. Weird how I want her to almost run me over every single day. she thought to herself.

She wouldn’t mind if Yuko actually runs her over. She would even like it more if the shorter girl runs her over— but not kill her—, because she had a feeling that the girl would take care of her, like how she was doing now. Speaking of the girl, she was currently driving towards the path that Haruna knew was headed to a private hospital she goes to.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“Hello?” she heard Yuko speak on the phone, but kept her eyes closed.

“Yes, it’s me Oshiriri-chan.” She chuckled. “No, I didn’t get into an accident. My friend almost did though.”


The word made Haruna’s heart clench painfully, but she decided to let it go. She was willing to let things start slowly, and let it develop into something that Haruna fantasied for years. If Yuko wanted to call her as a friend, Haruna had would have nothing against it.

It was definitely better being called a friend, rather than being called an ex-friend or any other names that a person would have called someone like her if they knew what she had done to Yuko.

“I won’t make a mistake this time.” She swore under her breath.

She was willing to be friends with Yuko by starting from scratch. And she was definitely willing to wait for Yuko no matter how long it takes her. Let it be three years, four years or even longer. She will definitely wait for Yuko no matter how long the girl wants her to wait!

“Okay.” She heard Yuko say with a laugh. “I’ll wait for you at home. Tell me more about this girl of yours when we meet.”

She heard Yuko flip it close, and opened her eyes. She looked at the shorter girl, before sitting up straight as she tilted her head to the side.

“You can drop me at my office.” She said, turning her head to watch the familiar stores they passed by.

Judging from how they were going, the car would be directly in front of Haruna’s and Mariko’s offices in a few minutes. When the other girl looked at her and shook her head, Haruna arched an eyebrow. Where was she going to get dropped then?

As if reading Haruna’s mind, Yuko cleared her throat and looked at the taller girl every now and then as she drove past the girl’s office. “You’re going to pay my unclean house a visit.”

“Really?!” Hearing that, Haruna couldn’t help but lean towards Yuko in excitement.

The other girl looked at her with a dimpled smile, before laughing as she patted the exited girl’s head once again. With how she was being petted, Haruna couldn’t help but feel like Nyan Nyan— Yuko’s cat. Remembering about the animal that she was nicknamed after, Haruna couldn’t help but have the desire to ask.

“Is Nyan Nyan going to try and get in between of my breasts again?” Haruna asked jokingly.

Yuko laughed back, before looking at her. “Maybe, if she was still here.”

“What?” Haruna asked, not getting what Yuko meant.

The shorter girl’s lips pursed, and she sighed. Then looking at Haruna with saddened eyes and a smile that held nothing but sadness in them, she spoke.

“Nyan Nyan died four years ago.”

The words left Haruna speechless and it made her want to wipe away the tears that was slowly starting to form in Yuko’s eyes. The vulnerable state that Yuko was looking in, made Haruna’s heart feel like it was being torn away from chest over and over again.

“I-I’m sorry.” Haruna told her, not knowing what else to say.

Yuko waved her hand at Haruna, and smiled. “It’s fine.”

Though the girl said that it was fine— and said that she was as well—, Haruna knew that she was far from fine. The cat was one in a million— or was it billions with the population that cats had? —, and Haruna has never felt so close to a cat before.

She always despised cats but after getting to know the cat she was nicknamed after, she couldn’t help but fall in love with it. It has the same personality as Yuko, and it was as adorable as its owner.

Leaning close to the sniffing girl, she wrapped her arms around Yuko’s neck and brought the girl’s head down to her shoulders. She felt Yuko stiffen from her touch and started panicking about whether she had taken it too far with the touching but then, the shorter girl relaxed into her touch.

Yuko leaned against Haruna’s shoulder, and the taller girl managed to get another whiff of the cherries from the shorter girl’s hair. She patted Yuko’s shoulder, and sighed as she mumbled an apology for letting her remember the dead cat.

They stayed like that— while Yuko was driving and fortunately, they didn’t crash— for some time, before Yuko pulled away to Haruna’s dismay and wiped the small teardrops from her eyes. She flashed a thankful smile to Haruna, before focusing back with her driving.

“Now,” Yuko told her with a new energetic smile. “Let’s go to my house, shall we?”

Haruna nodded in response, and Yuko accelerated. As they drove through the streets, Haruna looked up at the sky and mumbled a silently.

“I hope that Nyan Nyan is fine there in heaven, Kami-sama.”

Turning her head, she found Yuko smiling and started wondering whether the girl heard her. She never asked as she decided to let it go, and leaned her head against the seat as Yuko assured her that they were nearer to the shorter girl’s house.

After a while, they pulled up in front of a humble house. Haruna stared at it and admired its beautiful designs, not completely surprised that Yuko lived in such a beautiful abode since she knew that the girl has great taste. Haruna started to get off the car, but Yuko stopped her and told her to wait.

She did, and watched as Yuko got off. Not knowing what the shorter girl would do, she watched as Yuko walked to her door and opened it up. Yuko offered her a hand— which Haruna gladly took— and slung the taller girl’s arm around her smooth neck once more.

Blushing, Haruna decided to look away and hide the pinkish cheeks she had. They started walking towards the house’s door, and that was when Haruna decided to do something that she had always wanted to do ever since Yuko left nine years ago.

She stopped their walking, and motioned for her to stay on the spot as she ran to the front of the house. Yuko stared at her, wondering what the taller girl was planning.

“Yuko?” Haruna called the girl’s name, cupping her hands around her mouth to let it reach the said girl’s ear.


Haruna fidget on the spot and played with her fingers before coming to a conclusion that she should continue what she had planned on doing. She took a deep breath and looked at Yuko that she hoped has portrayed the sincerity she wanted to show. Then looking at the shorter girl, she smiled lovingly.

“Welcome home, Yuuchan.”

To Be Continued…

A/N:Woah…This chapter ended like this! What the! I never wanted to end it like this! *sigh* And after that horrible flashback I made for Haruna, :err: I fail at this. :on cloudeye:  But oh well… :bigdeal:  I guess my second Top #1 pairing deserves a break. And hahahah~ Pandah-san did you enjoy the gift I made for you? I hope that it kind of made you happy a bit, too have Harunyan hug you. I’m sorry if it kinds of failed. :depressed: And let us mourn for Nyan Nyan (the cat) and my dog. It has been four years, so I wanted to include my dog in this as a tribute. I miss you Chao Chao :gyaaah: *AHEM* Anyways~

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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