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Author Topic: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)  (Read 88368 times)

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Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
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Maachan's Young Town episode really left strong impact

From Young Town 2018.06.16 (1st mentioning after Maa episode)
Haachin said she listened to Young Town last week episode which Maachan was the guest and she was in fear while listening to it and Haachin felt sorry for Harunan  :lol:
(HaaMaa  <3)
Sanma-san said after the Maa-guest episode had finished, Haruna sent him a message to LINE saying "It was the first time in my life I feel like I have schizophrenia"
Haachin: It (Maa-guest episode) was funny
Shouji: Sato has a really amazing power, even made Iikubo felt like schizophrenia
Yumeno: I also feel sorry for her (Haruna)
Sanma: I bet you guys don't like having her in group
Haachin: Eh~
Sanma: A girl like that, who has such a strong personality... she must bother a lot of people. She's funny and cute, tho.
But people in same gernation with her might feel they must be careful with her.
Shouji: The other members, have you heard any hearsay about her?
Yumeno: She is a senpai that has explosive power
Sanma:  Momusu occasionally has such a huge bomb in the group
Yanamin: Yeah her personality is explosive
Sanma: I also felt like I was having a little talk with president Trump
Sanma: After all it's interesting having her in the group. It's like putting a piranha in a swarm of goldfish.
When transporting goldfish if you put a piranha together with them, they would become energized with stimulation and would arrive alive.
If not, they might perhaps just being all quiet and die.
Shouji: That girl is a crocodile
Sanma: So is there a bomb in Tsubaki Factory?
Yumeno: We don't have anyone like that for now
Haachin: I think Kishimon is quite like that
Yumeno: But not to such level like Sato-san
Sanma: It would be horrible if you reach that level

They again talked about Maachan in Young Town 2018.06.23 (mention Maa for the 2nd time)

Fan message saying Maachan (who has said "Sanma is a dangerous one"  :lol: ) & Chel have a lot of things in common
Chel said they do have a lot of things in common even though Sato-san seems to be a genius-like more
-> Sanma: Wait! Do you think I'm a "dangerous one"?
*Harunan explained for Chel what Maachan had said when she was the guest in Young Town*
-> Sanma: Do you also like that as well?
-> Chel: Thinking Sanma-san is dangerous & such....there is no way i would think that way (LOL). Only that part, we are not alike
*everyone laughs*
Then Sanma told Chel it's better not to come near Maachan
-> Chel: But she is my senpai  :lol:
Fuku-chan (while laughing) asked what happened 2 weeks ago when Maachan came there
->Sanma: Oh you weren't there, right. She told me that I'm "a dangerous one" and scary and such.
I had a lot of fun, she didn't feel that way, though. Well, we had a lot of fun!!! It was really fun!! (laugh)

From Young Town 2018.06.30 (mention Maa for the 3rd time in a row)
Eripon: I feel like Sanma-san recently has come to understand me more and more
Harunan: Wow, (able to say that) you're so on-point
-> Sanma: Call Sato! Call Sato! So we can have Sato VS Ikuta monster showdown

*Thanks to page11 from H!O
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Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
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UTB+ preview

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