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Author Topic: White Lie  (Read 3493 times)

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White Lie
« on: October 12, 2011, 06:18:41 AM »
:D Another new story! And sorry for the lame prologue. xD Wrote it in 1 hour before going to school. :P I'm freaking late now, trololol. I'm still thinking of who I should put in the story, so if you want someone to jump in then don't hesitate to tell me!



July 24

The sound of the convenience store’s door echoed as it automatically opened for the customers- this time, there were three girls walking together, hats on their heads and their eyes scanning around the place suspiciously. The cashier paid no mind to them at first and decided to let them be as they walked further into the store. The man behind the register was about to go back to polishing some golf balls until his eyes caught something-

One of the girls from earlier suddenly ducked down into a crawling position, crawling around quietly while another girl was… clinging on one of the shelves? The man stared at them in disbelief. Thankfully, the last girl was still walking around normally- “Sasshi! You’re too suspicious!”  The girl hugging the shelves hissed. The girl immediately snapped out from her daze and in an instant, rolled to the other side of the store- now none of them seemed normal. Did they run away from the asylum or something?

While the cashier’s eyes were still locked onto the odd three girls, another girl slipped in through the store’s doors. This time, the door kept quiet for some reason. The new girl looked at the man, then at the three girls, giving them a secret nod before walking to the back of the store. She didn’t stay there for a long time as she immediately walked out just as fast as how she entered in silence- completely avoiding the man’s gaze.

Watching the girl leave, the other girl, who was called as Sasshi earlier, stood up normally again and picked out a box of pocky, waving it in the air. “Yuko!” she called out to her shortest comrade, “I found the treasure!”

Hearing her friend’s voice and the word treasure, Yuko immediately detached herself from the shelf and grabbed her other comrade off of the floor. “Hurry up, Sae! Sasshi found the treasure already! Prepare your wallet, you scum!” the girl said with much glee, hurriedly approaching the other female with her eyes seemingly sparkling. “Oh! It’s a chocolate pocky!” she exclaimed exasperatedly, her hands lifting up in the air as she did so, “Finally! We can eat this glorious snack!” She added.

The tallest out of the three- the one who had a male’s haircut, simply let out a sigh and grabbed the box of pocky from Sasshi’s hands, silently walking towards the cashier only to see the one manning behind it looking at them with a bewildered look on his face. “Umm…” she tilted her head to the side, shaking her hand just before the man’s eyes In hopes that she would get his attention- and she did.

Startled, the man instinctively took a step back before bowing his head down lightly, “Ah, I’m sorry about that. One pocky, is it?” Despite all of the confusions currently flooding inside his head, the cashier still tried to put on a smile. “That would be 150 yen.” Tapping the computer before him, the man quietly proceeded with placing the small box in a plastic, handing it to the female before him soon after.

Sae took the plastic with a small bow of her head, handing the man the perfect amount she was told earlier before signing her friends that they were going to leave. The other two immediately complied and ran out of the store- with Sae tailing behind them.

The three of them snickered on their way out, leaving the cashier alone as he stared at them in awe.


“So, what did you get in such a short time, Yukirin~?” Oshima Yuko finally freed her hair from her hat as they entered a van, sitting down near the window soon after as Sashihara Rino followed in, resting herself right beside the midget with Miyazawa Sae sitting down on the driver’s seat. The three of them let out a sigh in unison, finally relieved that they were done acting like idiots in a public place.

“Let’s see here…” The girl who entered the store for a brief time pulled out the bag she was carrying when she entered the said store, pulling out the contents inside it one by one as she began reciting whatever those things were. “A liter of boxed milk, Banana, canned goods, instant noodles and a pack of rice. The man carelessly left an envelope with ten thousand yen by the counter as well, so I took the liberty of taking it. Those were the only things near the door, so I wasn’t able to get much… You three did a good job in distracting the man though.”

“Yeah, you three should have seen yourselves crawling around the floor and rolling. And Yuko, did you seriously cling on one of the shelves inside?” A head popped out from the passenger’s seat. It was their ‘Captain’ of some sort. Well, she’s the mastermind behind everything, at the very least. “Also, Yuki, you did a great job once again, I’m proud of you.” She added as she looked at the girl sitting down at the furthest seat inside the van. Yuki simply gave her a smile and a nod in response.

“Come on Sayaka, you don’t have to be so rough all the time~ Oh yeah, where’s Acchan? I miss her already~” Yuko sighed, leaning her side by window.

The car finally roared as Sae turned its engine on, finally leaving the store’s parking lot as they made their way back to their ‘home’. “I think she left for school already. It’s always early in the morning, right?” Sae quietly watched Yuko’s already sad expression become sadder through the rear-view mirror, chuckling to herself.

“Lucky Acchan gets to have a scholarship in one of the best schools just ‘cause she’s smart… While we, the dumb ones has to stick with stealing things. Not that I’m complaining or anything. It’s just that she seems to be living a better life than us.” Sashihara pouted, earning a light pat on the head by Yuko. She slapped her hand away angrily, giving Yuko a glare while the midget responded with a goofy smile.

“Come on Sashihara, you know Atsuko also has to study a lot just so she could get into that school. If you really want to go to school then study.” Sayaka deadpanned. She already knew what the girl’s answer was going to be- her answer was always the same-


Yep, she was right.

The captain let out a sigh, shaking her head disappointedly.


“So the thieves came here, huh…?” A short female said, biting her thumb’s nail lightly while staring at the man sulking before her. “How many were they, if I may ask?”

“Well, I only saw three girls…” The man sniffled, “But I suppose they secretly had another comrade with them… So that would be four. Officer, please, no matter what, catch them! They took the money for my daughter’s medication!”

“Don’t worry Sir, we’ll catch them… This isn’t their first strike, after all… I’ll definitely catch them…”

The girl pursed her lips into a frown.

“Karma awaits them…”
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Re: White Lie
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2011, 06:28:35 AM »
this seems interesting itadakimasu- san  :)
i wonder who this mystery person is
"karma awaits them" enough said  as they say 'what goes around comes around'
please update soon :cow:


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Re: White Lie
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2011, 08:08:16 AM »
Wooottt!!!  :w00t:  Another interesting prologue~~  :twothumbs

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Re: White Lie
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2011, 08:15:53 AM »
Ahahahahha the convinience scene was so hilarious!!!!!

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Re: White Lie
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2011, 09:43:11 AM »
This sounds interesting :)

Stick in Haruna? Haha

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Re: White Lie
« Reply #5 on: October 12, 2011, 10:02:06 AM »
First time stepping out of lurkdom in this forum so hi there! You might've noticed the thank you I left at your other story "Unexpected".
Just want to say you have a great opening scene! I LOL-ed the moment Sasshi rolled to the other side of the store :lol:

Since you are still thinking of who to include in this story, may I suggest Mayuyu? Where there's Yukirin, there has to be Mayuyu. That's the rule of this world (or at least MY world :P).

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Re: White Lie
« Reply #6 on: October 12, 2011, 06:00:22 PM »
YeHey!  :cow: New Story to read again..  :D heHe!
haHaha! the scene in convenience store is hiLarious, haHaha! The Trio Idiots.. :P
haHa! and I think the Officer here, or Short femaLe is Takahashi Minami a.k.a Takamina?
Umh! Yeah I hope she is, 'coz She is my Oshimen..  :)
and the first person in Akb that got in my mind when I saw the word Short is Takamina,
So Yeah! heHe..  :twothumbs  Update Soon.. I LIKE IT!

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Re: White Lie
« Reply #7 on: October 14, 2011, 10:24:52 PM »
New Story! COOL~!  :twothumbs

I hope there is a SaeYuki here~  :wub:

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Re: White Lie
« Reply #8 on: October 15, 2011, 09:29:21 PM »
Ooo new story and with such a different plot too!  :heart:

I shall be awaiting the next chapter! :D
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