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Author Topic: ✰Adventure48✰ - Heroes - COMPLETED  (Read 80830 times)

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 11 - Searching for the power part 3
« Reply #140 on: June 19, 2012, 12:21:39 PM »
ichikawa san!!!! you did it!!
thank you for bringing acchan's arm back  XD

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 11 - Searching for the power part 3
« Reply #141 on: June 21, 2012, 12:43:16 AM »
Hahhah that part: Chiyuu is so funny getting "room" for Kuu&Mariko  :rofl:
Mayu...base of what she did down in the hole I think that she will definitely help them defeat the Queen...if the author will not troll us  :D

Thank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 11 - Searching for the power part 3
« Reply #142 on: July 15, 2012, 06:04:48 PM »
I also new here, yoroshiku, Ichikawa-san    :yep:
I just read some chapters in your fanfic~ ^___^
Kinda likes it,,, but.. You know........ Atsuko and Haruna is not boy's name.. XD
So it's kinda weird when I read it..
About Haruna's name... I guess it will be good if you change his name into "Haru" it's just like my uncle's name  :D
I know its too late.. xD
Its okay if you don't change their names.. :)
I dunno what name I have to give to Prince Atsu  :sweatdrop:
Nanka henn..  :nervous

But its good, I love it  :rofl: :thumbsup

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 11 - Searching for the power part 3
« Reply #143 on: July 15, 2012, 09:01:33 PM »
The blond man is Kai lol it's the only thing I can think about lol

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 12 - The Final Battle [END]
« Reply #144 on: July 18, 2012, 12:18:17 PM »
@ miayaka : Yeah, I bring back Atsuko's arm for the battle  :D
@ Megumi : About what will Mayu do in the battle, please read this final chapter. hope you enjoy this chapter  :)
@ Ricchan_Sawa : Welcome Ricchan_Sawa-san, thanks for reading my fic  :D and welcome to this forum  :welcome :jphip:  sorry about the name  :nervous since it was my first fic, I decide not to change their names. This will be the final chapter, so it's kinda late to change the name  :nervous hope you enjoy this chapter.
@ kahem : thanks for reading~  :D about the blond man, please keep reading.

It's been a while since my last update to this fic, and I want to end it here. So, this will be the final chapter^^
Hope I don't disappoint you. Please enjoy reading^^


Chapter 12
The Final Battle

“Where is Jurina?” Atsuko asked.

“He is getting problem riding his dragon. He told us to go without him, he’ll follow us later” Mayu explained. Atsuko feels suspicious for her words at first, but he decides to trust her.

“Where is this?” Sae and Kuu began to examine their surroundings.

Mayu walks around and check the craft on wall, “This is King Matsui’s castle. We are now in King’s room chamber”

“How did you know?” Atsuko asked. Mayu avoids looking at Atsuko’s eyes and puts on her hood.

“I am Jurina’s childhood friend. I used to sneak in here and play with him” she explained. “Let’s get going if we don’t want to get caught”

Since they don’t familiar with the castle, they followed where Mayu lead them. Sneaking around inside the castle which like maze for an hour, they finally arrive at the entrance toward main hall. They successfully arrived there smoothly without having to fight the guards. Mayu was in the front followed by Kuu, Haruna, Sae, Yuki, Yuko, Minami, and the last, Acchan.

“Something is wrong” Atsuko whispered to Minami.

“What is it, Acchan?” asked Minami.

“I think we’re getting too easily to reach the hall. Besides, aren’t the guards here seemed too little?”

“Hey, you two. Hurry up!” Yuko pushed Atsuko and Minami from behind, told them to move faster.

Mayu stood in front of the big door. “This is the main hall. I think the Queen must be inside”

“Yosh, let’s move in!” Kuu gripped his fist.

“I’m ready” Haruna added.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s get in” Sae moved Mayu aside and opened the door.

They went into the chamber, it was all dark. When all of them step inside the room, the metal door behind them suddenly shut off. The light brightened and they were surrounded by hundreds of guards including some monsters. Atsuko and the others stick together to form a circle, ready in their fighting form.

“How did she know we’re here?” Yuko said.

“Good job, Mayu” the queen showed up behind the curtain. “Did you get the dark crilyst?”

“Yes, mother. I have it” Mayu leave the group and went to where the queen is.

“Mayu?! You betrayed us!” Kuu shouted at her with angered eyes.

“I’m sorry, I have to do it” Mayu answered them before handed the crilyst to the queen.

The queen laughing loudly as she received the dark crilyst, “Human can’t be trust! Human are all selfish thing, they will lie and betrayed anyone to keep living. Human are useless living thing in this world”

The queen put her arm on Mayu’s shoulder and handed her a sword, rainbow sword which belong to Akimoto Kingdom royal sword. “Hold this sword, raise it high and command them to attack those intruders”


“Hurry, Mayu” the queen whispered gently at her. “Vanish them”

Mayu raised the sword up high. She closed her eyes and let out her voice, “VANISH THEM!!!”

The sounds of the guards and monsters charging echoing around the hall like earthquake. Atsuko and the other forced to break apart to fight those enemies. Each of them fights the enemies from different direction. Without the crilyst, their power dropped half from the usual power they use.

Thanks fully, Haruna’s skilled in swordmanship could take down half of the soldiers. Kuu’s power to fly in the air takes care of the flying monsters. Yuki controlled one of the biggest monsters and use it to attack the other. Sae uses his sun rune against dark monster, and Yuko stayed in safe range to use her healing ability. Atsuko recovered arm and his sword skills help a lot to protect his allies while Minami is gathering her Nen to take a powerful blast toward the other wave of enemies.

“Minami, are you ready?” asked Atsuko.

“Now” Minami answered.

Minami jumped and landed on Atsuko’s sword, he swings his sword and sent Minami upward. Kuu flies to catch Minami and sent her higher in the air. With her powerful Nen and the power of the crilyst gathered in her sword, she makes a powerful blow toward the enemies. Her sword is glowing in flame as she recites the spell.

“God of True Fire, grant me strength, let your beautiful flame dancing around with brave and justice… PHOENIX DANCE!

Like the sea of fire, the bright wave of flame sweep the hall and vanished half of the enemies. Dead bodies of soldiers placed all over the bloody ground while the monster began to disappear. Minami landed on the ground exhaustedly, leaning on Atsuko’s shoulder.

“No good, still not enough to banish them all” Minami said while she tried to gather her Nen.

Some black clothes appeared from nowhere and took Minami to the center of the hall, facing the black queen, “Ara, ara, I forgot that you still have the crilyst”

“Minami!” Atsuko dashed into the group of monster to reach where Minami was but the monsters were in the way.

Talented she got from her father was running inside her bloodline, Minami can’t bear to see the mess of this fight and told them to stay in formation, “Minna, don’t lose your formation. Keep trying to stay in circle. Sae, you go south, Yuki head north, Haruna at west and Kuu at east. Yuko, you stay in the middle and try not to cross the line. You have to be safe in order to heal the others”

“Hai” all of them replied in unison.

“Minami” Atsuko finally break the path and reached Minami’s side. Both of them are now in the middle of the hall, facing the black queen.

“Let’s see how strong your crilyst fights against mine” the queen uses all of the crilyst she got, lighting, wind, water, and dark crilyst. Minami force the power of fire crilyst to simulate inside her body while Atsuko’s left arm turned into blue glowing thing with a symbol on it.

Atsuko and Minami fight the queen while the others tried to protect them from other monster. No matter how strong they are, they have limit. The monsters were outnumbered and finally they were exhausted from the fight. Sae got slammed and stuck in the wall, Yuki were laying on the ground with her mouth full of blood, Kuu were thrust to the ground hardly because of gang attacks from the flying monster, Haruna got sliced while protecting Yuko. The fight was hard, they are now desperate and give up the fight. All of them were laying on the ground and wait for the final blow that will take their lives.

“Did you guys give up the fight?” Jurina's voice came out from nowhere.

Suddenly, the wall in east wing collapsed and Jurina fly into the hall, riding his new friend, the dragon. Mariko was sitting behind him, “I brought reinforcement for you” she said proudly.

Mayu was startled as she saw Jurina comes here.

“Tora!” Jurina called his old tiger friend and it broke the door to come inside the hall. Jurina jumped off from his dragon and sat on tiger’s back. Once the door broken, many soldiers come in and line up in formation neatly.

“Rappapa armies!” Yuko shouted gladly.

“Let’s give our best to fight these monsters!” one of the soldiers shouted.

“CHARGE!!!” all of them shouted in unison.

“The war is just begins! Charge!” Mariko jumped off from the dragon and joined the fight.

“I nearly forgot you, where have you been?” asked Yuko as she approached Mariko.

“I was trapped in the light while Tomo transported us. When I got out, I saw Mayu knocked down Jurina. He told me that Mayu is planning something then we go back to the castle and lead our armies here” Mariko explained.

Jurina is riding her bestfriend, Tora – the tiger and charge forward to where the queen is. “I ‘ll take my revenge!”

“Fool” the queen swing her arm and Tora was thrown aside and hit the wall. Jurina managed to jump off before Tora got hit. He rolled aside and shot an arrow toward the queen. With a single sway of her hand, the arrow reverse to where he is and pierced Jurina’s chest.

“JURINA!” Mariko pulled the trigger, aiming the queen with her gun but it can’t manage to wound the queen. She uses the wind crilyst and blew Mariko a mile away.

Sae sneaked behind the queen and stabbed the dagger at her back. To his surprise the queen didn’t hurt a bit. She turned around and grabbed Sae’s neck, lifting him up in the air then threw him down hard which makes Sae’s body bounce form the ground. She kicks right at Sae rib and sent him far away. Before Sae hit the wall, Yuki moved to behind him and hold him tight. Both Yuki and Sae bumped at the wall and fell on the ground unconsciously.

Atsuko, Minami, Haruna, Kuu, and Yuko line up in straight line and launching their Nen power toward the queen. A beam of light in five colors attacks the queen’s black beam. The black beam of queen becomes big and bigger while theirs got smaller.

“Everybody, hold on!” Atsuko yelled. He put more Nen into the beam and the symbol from his left arm begins to shine brighter.

“There’s no way you can win against me” the queen is laughing as she put more powers into her black beam, Atsuko and the others can’t hold on another blast of the beam and almost lose their balance. “DIE!”

The black beam went bigger, followed by the light beam from Atsuko’s side. Minami increased her crilyst power and Atsuko’s left arm glowing brighter. The hall filled with bright lights for a minute followed by loud crash before it dimmed out. As the dust disappear, Yuko, Haruna, and Kuu were on the ground, cough in blood. They tried to get up but the wounds won’t let them. Atsuko and Minami still managed to stand up and block the queen’s attack. The queen seems to exhausted a bit while Minami cough out blood and Atsuko’s left arm is bleeding.


All of the sudden, something pierced the queen’s body. It’s rainbow sword which went through her body. She turned her head and saw Mayu.

“I know only rainbow sword can pierced your body, so I use all ways to get your trust on me” Mayu smirked at the queen and stabbed the sword deeper.

“Mayu…” all of the rest surprised by Mayu’s action. They thought Mayu was betraying them.

“Mayu...” Jurina gets up from the ground, “As I thought, you won’t betrayed us”

The queen growled and grabbed Mayu’s neck, lifting her up in the sky. “Human are all traitors!” she slammed Mayu to the wall a few feet from her then she launched Nen power toward her. Mayu closed her eyes as she knows this attack will take her lives.

“MAYU!” Jurina ran in front of her to shield the attack. Hearing Jurina’s voice calling out her name, Mayu opened her eyes, only to see Jurina’s smiling at her before he collapsed into her embrace.

“I’m glad you’re on our side...” Jurina gave out her last breath.

“NOOOO!!!” Mayu cried and hugged Jurina tightly.

“ALL DIE!!” The queen went berserk and ran toward Mayu.

Minami and Atsuko raced against her to stop her but they can only block the attack fro the queen because already exhausted from the fight earlier and has no strength to fight back, retreat was the only way the can think. Unfortunately, Minami was tripled and this gives the queen a chance to kill her. She sharpened her nails and aiming Minami’s heart. Atsuko saw it and stand in front of her. The queen grabbed Atsuko’s left arm madly and cut it off.

“ARGGGGGGHHHH!!!” Atsuko growled in pain.

When the queen is about to launch another attack on them, Atsuko’s left arm glowing in bright blue light and filled the hall. The dark bloody hall suddenly covered in wide blue light. All the dead bodies disappeared, left only two figures in it.

“Ray…” a voice called as the golden short haired man shown up.

“K-Kai…” the queen surprised to see the man before her.

“Enough, Ray. Please go back to underworld” Kai said.

“No! Not until I kill all the humans!” the queen complained.

“I’m sorry, it was my fault” Kai went to hug the queen, “I’m sorry, I can’t keep my promise”

The queen began to cry, “Why, why didn’t you show up on that day. You promise to go with me, but you didn’t come. They took my crilyst, they left me being caged in the gate for hundreds years, I have waiting for you for hundreds years”

“I’m here now. Let’s leave this world, together”

Strangely, Atsuko and Minami were inside the light, separate with the others. Kai and the queen saw them, they approached them and bowed at them.

“You… you are the man who saved us in that forbidden forest?” asked Minami.

“You… you are the man who gave me my left arm?” asked Atsuko.

Kai simply smiled at them, “I’m sorry to trouble you. All of this because I can’t keep my promise to her”

“So, the story of Heroes was true. That one of the heroes promised her to go with her in order to stop her from destroying human world, but he died on the way and she was being trapped inside underworld waiting for you” said Minami.

“But now, the history is changed. The new Heroes who saved human world is you and your allies.” Kai then put his hand on Atsuko’s left shoulder, “I’m sorry that I can’t give you another new arm”

Atsuko shakes his head, “It’s okay as long as I’m not losing Minami” he looked at Minami and smile.

“Please take good care of my great great granddaughter” Kai said to Atsuko.

“Eh?!” both Atsuko and Minami were confused.

“I am her ancestor, Takahashi Kai”

Another bright light blast in front of them as Kai and Ray began to disappear, both Atsuko and Minami were forced to shut their because of the light. When they opened their eyes, the surrounding went back to the bloody hall.

“I guess it’s over” Minami said as she placed her head on Atsuko’s shoulder.


Harmonia Village

“That’s the end of the story” an one arm man is telling the story to his children.

“That was cool!” a five years old boy with short black hair was amazed by his father’s story.

“I want to hear more amazing story” a five years old young girl with a ribbon on her head looking at her father with glittering eyes.

“What happened to the heroes after that?”  three years old boy asked to his father.

“Minao, Atsuna, Katsuo, dinner is ready” Minami called.

“Let’s eat first” Atsuko said as he leaded his children to dining room.

Suddenly persona appeared above Atsuko’s house, Kuu jumped down from his plane and greeted them, “How have you been?”

“Uncle Kuu~” the kids were running to him.

“What brings you here?” Minami asked.

“Well, Yuko is giving birth to her 11th child. I’m on my way to her place. Do you want to come with me?” Kuu said as he hugged Minami’s children and one is on his back.

Minami and Atsuko smiled and nodded. Kuu uses his Nen power and fly back to the plane, Atsuko carried Minami with one arm and followed Kuu. As they reach the plane, the kids were surprised and began to suspicious toward their father.

“Don’t you think all the names of the heroes are similar with father, mother, and uncles, and our aunts?” Minao asked his two siblings.

“Just now, are they flying?” asked Atsuna.

“This plane is similar with the story father told us” Katsuo added.

Atsuko overheard what his children were talking about and approached them, “Don’t you want to know what happened to the other heroes? We’re going to their place now”

The kids were jawdropped when they heard what Atsuko said. Minami stopped behind them and whispered to her kids, “Ssstt, this is our family secret. Don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Okay!” Katsuo nodded. But his brother and sister disagree.

“No, not until you teach me how to fly~” both of them said playfully to their parent.

“That’s a deal” Atsuko promised them.



After the final battle with the queen, Atsuko and Minami give up the throne to Jurina. They decided to go back to Harmonia village and live an ordinary life.

Jurina becomes the King and takes Mayu as the queen. They lead Akimoto Kingdom peacefully.

Haruna continue his mother’s duty to serve as Great General of Akimoto Kingdom and takes Yuko, the Great Physician as his wife. Amazingly, they had 11 children in five years.

Mariko went back to her life as a pirate and going for another adventure to find others treasures around the world with her partner, Kuu.

Sae becomes vampire because he was in terrible state when he got attacked from the queen, Yuki bite him and turn him into vampire in order to keep his life. They both went back to Sae’s hometown and took back his throne to rule a harmonies kingdom.



Finally, it ended.
Thanks for reading Minna~  :D

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 12 - The Final Battle [END]
« Reply #145 on: July 18, 2012, 02:56:37 PM »
 :thumbup Man thankyou for writing this fic i hope u can make more....  :panic:
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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 12 - The Final Battle [END]
« Reply #146 on: July 18, 2012, 04:14:43 PM »
wow yuko have 11 kids.. haha

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 12 - The Final Battle [END]
« Reply #147 on: July 18, 2012, 04:16:56 PM »
kojiyuu couple had 11 children in five years???  :grr: thaw was awesome
and atsuko' arm didn't come back? i mean it returns to be one arm again  :pleeease:
Epilogue please!!  :prayers: if its ok with you  :on gay:

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 12 - The Final Battle [END]
« Reply #148 on: July 18, 2012, 04:36:14 PM »
What a great ending!  :farofflook:

 Please tell me you're going to make an epilouge.  :wriggly:

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 12 - The Final Battle [END]
« Reply #149 on: July 18, 2012, 07:18:12 PM »
Very nice ending..  :twothumbs
But..... Ehh It's over  already? Sumannaii~~

Kojiyuu have 11 child in 5 years?! Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
But how? XDD

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 12 - The Final Battle [END]
« Reply #150 on: July 18, 2012, 07:21:31 PM »
oh little sister yuko have 11 kids :stoned:

is she planning to make a football team from her kids... :sweat:

add one more kid and we have akb's version of cheaper by the dozen /lol

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Re: Heroes -- Chapter 12 - The Final Battle [END]
« Reply #151 on: July 25, 2012, 10:45:02 PM »
 :farofflook: Sugee! What an awesome ending to an awesome story!  :thumbsup

At first I was like Mayu noooo and the YEI!
Jurina survived Phew! I've sweat-dropped for a little while there.

Thank you for your update!
Hopefully I'm looking forward if you're making new fics.
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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✰Adventure48 - Love Destiny - Prologue
« Reply #152 on: July 27, 2012, 06:59:16 PM »
Minna~ thanks for the comments and thanks (●´∀`●)♡♡
Gomen about the epilogue... I have no idea to write the epilogue  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:  :cry: :cry:

o(`ω´*)o Here's another adventure story of mine~

This story will not be only a love story, but also an ADVENTURE~ 〜(^∇^〜)
Time travel~ space travel~ adventure~ ┏(^0^)┛

Please tell me if you're interested with this story (*^ω^)人(^ω^*)


What was the start of all this?

When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?

Perhaps it is impossible to grasp the answer now

From deep within the flow of time…

But, for a certainty, back then…

We loved so many, yet hated so much,

We hurt others and were hurt ourselves

Yet even then, we ran like wind,

Whilst our laughter echoed,

Under sacred skies…

=================   =================   =================


There’s a short figure running toward the girl who was on the edge of rooftop, on top of the highest building in this beautiful city. The girl was wearing white dress with shoulder length black hair. Closing her eyes, she stretched her hands like wings and feels the breeze of night wind. She took a breath and jumped down from the building. A loud crash can be heard from the top of the building. The short figure was late to reach the girl. She is now crying as she saw the body of white dresses girl placed on the ground far below... deadly.


The short girl felt weak on her knees, can't hold the desperate feelings inside her, can't hold the pain of heartache inside her, can't hold the weight of her heavy yet empty soul. She kneeled down and keeps punching her fist on the ground, tears filled her face. She keeps shouting the girl’s name and asking why, why did she taking suicide. This is the tragedy of triangle love between them, haunting those three girls… How will she finds the answer? The answer of her best friend's suicide...

What was the start of all this?
We loved so many, yet hated so much,
We hurt others and were hurt ourselves

Dou~? \(;´□`)/

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Re: ✰Adventure48✰ - Love Destiny - Prologue
« Reply #153 on: July 27, 2012, 08:36:30 PM »
I am doing the same as Takamina. WHY WHY ACCHAN!  :gyaaah:

This prolouge is so great!  :farofflook:

Please update soon!  :pleeease:

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Re: ✰Adventure48✰ - Love Destiny - Prologue
« Reply #154 on: July 28, 2012, 02:52:50 AM »
OMG You killed Acchan!!?!?  :stoned:  :OMG:

NOOOOOOO!!!!  :on voodoo: :on shady:


Ugh.. I wanna know what happen.. geez this fic will be so saaad I can already feel it..  :on cloudeye:

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Re: ✰Adventure48✰ - Love Destiny - Prologue
« Reply #155 on: July 28, 2012, 03:21:22 AM »
Great end for heroes! OMG!!!! Kojiyuu couple got 11 children!!!!!
The new story seems pretty dark lol

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