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Author Topic: [SNSD] That Certain Glow (Oneshot - YoonHyun)  (Read 10191 times)

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[SNSD] That Certain Glow (Oneshot - YoonHyun)
« on: November 24, 2011, 03:30:47 AM »
Hey everyone! I'm back with another oneshot~ I hope it's ok that I'm making separate threads, because I'll probably keep doing it unless told otherwise :lol:

I don't remember exactly where the idea for this one came from but I think it had something to do with me thinking about the lack of privacy one has when living with other people. :P Kind of a random pairing but they're cute~ :wub: plus I don't have a particular loyalty to any one pairing so I pretty much read/write anything that sounds interesting. :grin: Of course, there are pairings that seem more feasible than others but hey, I'm not one to judge what the girls do behind closed doors (or out in public on occasion, I suppose lol) And I have my own ideas about which couples are easiest to write/which members are easiest to characterize.

Enough digression. I hope you enjoy!! And comment, please! I really really like comments! :heart:

That Certain Glow

“Good morning, Unnies!” Seohyun chimed as she sat at the dining table of the Girls’ Generation dorm, self-help book in one hand and spoon in the other. A bowl of rice with an egg on top sat in front of her, with a chorus of little dishes filled with assorted vegetables around it. Her auburn hair was neatly brushed and tucked behind her ears as she gave the two entering the room a friendly smile before going back to her tasks at hand: morning nourishment and learning the way to give off a more ‘welcoming’ appearance.

“Morning,” Taeyeon grumbled softly, her newly dyed hair mussed up and her pajamas hanging off her body. She stumbled over to the fridge rubbing her bleary eyes, pulling out the carton of milk on the middle shelf. “Seohyun-ah, you should drink some milk,” she mumbled.

“I already had some, Unnie,” the youngest replied, gesturing her spoon at the empty glass on the table, “but thank you for the offer” The leader nodded, putting the milk back into the fridge, and heading straight for the coffee maker. Thank God that someone (probably Maknae but it could have been any of the other members who were up and about around the dorm) had already brewed the morning essential.

Jessica, on the other hand, was not as much of a morning person as Seohyun, or even Taeyeon. If it had been up to her, she would still be snug in her blanket cocoon but a certain long-legged roommate of hers had forgotten to shut off her alarm and by the time the offending sound was silenced, it was too late; she was too awake. She barely acknowledged the other two as she slowly shuffled her slippers across the smooth flooring. Since it appeared to be one of those “get-your-own-breakfast” days, the second oldest settled for dry cereal, unceremoniously dumping some in a bowl and leaving the box open on the counter as she plopped down across from the studious 20-year old.

The eldest group member sat next to her, coffee in her favorite sunny yellow mug and a plate of haphazardly buttered toast in her hands. She took a sip of coffee, relishing in the feeling of warmth traveling down her throat and caffeine entering her blood stream.

The three of them sat in silence, except for the occasional sounds of eating and pages turning. Taeyeon took this chance to take a good look at Seohyun while she was absorbed in her book. They’d been so busy lately that as the oldest, she felt a sense of responsibility for keeping tabs on the well-being (and physical appearance) of her members.

Lucky for her, the rather tall maknae took good care of herself but something was a little…off; something looked different about the girl sitting across from her. Sure, Seohyun was a very pretty young lady but this morning, her skin looked even more radiant than usual. Even though her eyes were pointed down at her book, they seemed to sparkle a little more. Her movements from page to page and bowl to mouth seemed especially graceful and delicate.

A few more minutes of quiet passed by before Seohyun stood, setting her book down and clearing her empty dishes, before disappearing into her bedroom. As soon as she was out of earshot, Taeyeon turned to her half-asleep companion. “Hey…did you notice anything different about Maknae?” she asked, still slightly confused as to whether there really was a change, or if she was just overly tired and imagining things.

Jessica shook her head almost immediately. Morning was not the time to hold a conversation with the Korean-American 22-year old. She had barely looked up from her now empty bowl, let alone noticed if something looked different about the girl who had been across from her. But her hasty attempt to avoid human interaction was unaccepted by the leader; she could feel eyes focused on the side of her downturned head.

“Seriously, she looked...well, pretty this morning,” Taeyeon remarked, “Like prettier than usual…her skin was all glowy and her eyes were brighter”

“Hmm…” was all Jessica said. That is, until she actually gave it some thought, and when she did, only one thing came to mind.

“I bet I know what it was…she and Yoona finally did the naughty”

Taeyeon didn’t reply, because she had slipped from her seat onto the floor in disbelief.


An hour or so later, Jessica was in the bathroom brushing her teeth. A sleepy, slightly disheveled looking Hyoyeon padded in with a yawn. Her blond hair was hastily brushed into a sloppy ponytail and her eyes were swollen with tiredness. She parked herself next to the other girl, grappling for her toothbrush.

“Hey, guess what?” the group’s ice princess began, knowing any sort of gossip would peak the dancing queen’s interest, no matter how tired she was.

“What?” Hyoyeon asked, her mouth full of minty suds.

“Yoong and Maknae fucked last night,” she grinned. So what if Taeng had told her to keep it a secret until it was confirmed? Jessica didn’t need any confirmation to know that the two youngest members had finally done the deed; the physical appearance as described oh so eloquently by Taeyeon was proof enough.

The piercing-adorned 22-year old coughed and sputtered loudly as she choked on the toothpaste in her mouth.  She couldn’t believe her ears: Im Yoona and Seo Joohyun could NOT have had sex last night. Yes, they were going out (as were other members) but those two were just too innocent for things like that. She wasn’t even sure a choding like Yoona knew much about sex in the first place, and she knew for sure that Seohyun was both way too shy and lacking confidence in that department. Spatting into the sink, Hyoyeon turned and faced her former roommate. “You’re shitting me,” she said, “How would you even know?”

“Taeng said Seohyunnie had that whole post-coital glow things going on,” the taller of the two answered, frowning slightly, “but where would they have done it?” Her girlfriend shared rooms with Yoona and as far as she knew, had been sleeping in her own bed last night. Jessica was about to make a mental note to confirm with her precious seobang about that fact when Hyoyeon spoke up.

“They could have done it in Yoong’s room,” she said, starting to piece everything together (it showed on her face), “Yuri and I were comparing notes about that upcoming dance thing and it got late, and since Seobaby wasn’t back, I told your girl she could crash in our room” In fact, Hyoyeon had silently wondered how the ice princess could deal with that weird face the black pearl made when she slept; it may have been cute and funny on TV but in real life, it was just…strange.

Grinning, the Incheon native remarked “I hope they did it in Yuri’s bed”


Pretty soon, the whole dorm was abuzz with the news.

Sooyoung heard about it at the dining table between her second and third fried eggs, and nearly upset her third bowl of rice in surprise.

Sunny heard about it while playing Mario Kart on her DS and lost the race because she was so busy trying to keep her eyes from falling out of her head that she forgot to make the last turn.

Tiffany heard about it as she entered the kitchen, sweaty and thirsty from her morning run. Initially, she was convinced that a certain shikshin was exploiting her gullibility as usual but when she heard it again on her way to her room to change, she uttered but a single phrase: “OH MY GOD!”

Yuri heard about it through the shower door as she bathed herself. Her jaw dropped and an unhappy thought crossed her mind. “Aw fuck, I hope they didn’t do it in my bed,” she whined out loud and received a cackle in response.

Taeyeon was reminded of it when she tried to make her way to the youngest’s room, and was warned by a certain bunny that she should knock first. Pressing her hand against the wall for support, she turned right back around and headed straight for the couch.

Jessica heard nothing as she reclined on the living room couch but then she felt a pillow colliding with her face and a certain other member yelling “I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY ANYTHING!”

Seohyun was made aware that everyone had heard about it when she went to use the bathroom, and was confused when the previous occupant gave her a strangely accusatory look and demanded to know whether her bed had been defiled. It took her completely perplexed face for her freshly washed unnie to explain what she meant. And once Seohyun knew, she almost wished she didn’t.


“IM YOONA!!!” a voice startled the aforementioned girl as she was brushing out her hair. The door of the room she shared with Yuri-unnie flew open, revealing the owner of that surprisingly upset voice. As the girl stepped in, closing the door behind her, she voiced her frustrations.

“How could you tell them all?!” Seohyun yelled, a little shocked herself at how angry she sounded.

“T-tell who what?” the face of the group was completely perplexed. She hadn’t even been out of her room yet and already she was in trouble with her girl. And Seohyun wasn’t an easy girlfriend to upset. Everyone had their moments but the 20-year old was quite patient and compliant with Yoona.

“The unnies that we…you know,” her cheeks reddened at the memory of what had gone down in that very room last night. It had been a decision the pair had been thinking about for some time now, but the mood was perfect and they couldn’t hold back any longer. Thankfully, Yuri-unnie had been out and they could take advantage of the extra bed.

The 21-year old actress explained to her girlfriend that she hadn’t seen any of their unnies this morning so far and therefore couldn’t have told them anything, not that she would have in the first place. “But that still doesn’t explain why they know!!!” Seohyun wailed.

“Wait…” Yoona’s face adopted a strange expression as she got up from her desk and made her way over to the other girl, peering at her face from just a few centimeters away. The younger blushed deeply, even though they’d been way more intimate before; this close scrutiny of her face was slightly unnerving and the proximity of Yoona’s lips was more than a little distracting. Especially when all she really wanted to do was kiss her.

“Your skin looks so pretty today…prettier than usual…” Yoona mumbled with her hand on Seohyun’s cheek, “…wait, does mine look any different?”

A closer look brought the consensus that both girls were looking slightly different after having their first time. Their complexions were brighter, and a previously unnoticed tension seemed to have disappeared from their usually strained bodies. Seohyun was a little skeptical about the whole “having sex makes you physically look different” thing but she had no better argument.

Suddenly, Yoona took her hand, holding it tightly. “Joohyun,” she began, “Y-you don’t regret it, do you?” The older’s eyebrows furrowed in disappointment at the prospect of the girl of her dreams wishing they hadn’t taken that step last night.

“No, of course I don’t regret it, Yoong,” Seohyun said firmly, without hesitation, “it’s just that I had hoped it would stay between us and we wouldn’t have to be subjected to the other members’…taunts” She was particularly bothered by the fact that their unnies kept implying that they were too young for this. Especially when she knew some of them had been sexually active before her and Yoona’s ages. It was expected that they would always been thought of as the “babies” of the group, and Seohyun understood that.

It was when things got hypocritical that rubbed her the wrong way.

She sighed, squeezing Yoona’s thin hand. “Are you ready to go out there?” she was treating the prospect of them leaving the room as she would  when the group prepared themselves to step out of their van in the midst of over-zealous fans. It would be noisy and there would be people getting in their faces. Seohyun was normally able to keep her cool, as was Yoona, but that was when it was fans, not fellow members.

Yoona nodded, leading Seohyun to the door as she turned the knob…

And the two watched as seven bodies fell into the room.

“U-unnies?!” Seohyun cried out, staring at the pile of women on the bedroom floor. She was not only shocked, but slightly embarrassed that her and Yoona’s conversation had been most likely heard by everyone else. Privacy might have been an elusive state when you share a living space with eight other girls, but it was still a shock (though it admittedly wasn’t the first time members had ended up in a lump on the floor of someone’s bedroom before).

A tawny head poked up from the living mass, brashly telling the couple “We were just making sure you two weren’t fucking again”. Taeyeon spoke up from somewhere near the bottom, scolding that member, but then buried her head back under Sooyoung’s arm when it was revealed that the eavesdropping was in fact the leader’s idea.

Yoona finally spoke up, turning to Seohyun, “I feel like Starbucks today, care to join me?” She didn’t wait for a reply as she pulled her girlfriend by the hand, stepping over the tangled mass of arms, legs and torsos.

“Please take me with you,” was the desperate reply.

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Re: [SNSD] That Certain Glow (Oneshot - YoonHyun)
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2011, 06:44:13 PM »
Kream, because this section isn't that popular or there isn't a high demand to have everything organized, currently one-shots do not need to be put into one thread. I can, however, put your one-shots into one thread if you would like. And, I will post my comment on this fic once I get the time to read it, sorry~ T_T The pairing is cute though I like them.

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Re: [SNSD] That Certain Glow (Oneshot - YoonHyun)
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2011, 08:43:22 PM »
Okay, let me quote Yoona: OH MAH GAH!!!

I didn't expect anything else from you! I really love the YoonHyun couple! Your fic is well written, has an interesting (and cute :heart: ) plot and I couldn't help but smile while I was reading it. And thanks to your amazing way of describing... I could imagine every little bit of it (how the other 7 members were falling into Yoona's room as they were eavesdropping for example... I lol'd XD) So yeah... from the beginning to the end an awesome oneshot!

Can't wait for the next one~


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Re: [SNSD] That Certain Glow (Oneshot - YoonHyun)
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2012, 04:59:49 AM »
The first comment after disappearing from the forum for so long is on a YoonHyun thread ^^; What can I say, I'm a convert. And I totally wanna kick myself for not attending the snsd concert when someone offered to get me tickets to go. The only way to make up to myself the foolishness of the past is reading adorable and awesome FICs. So bring it on I say. You, the amazing author needs to write more :)

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Re: [SNSD] That Certain Glow (Oneshot - YoonHyun)
« Reply #4 on: May 06, 2012, 03:38:49 AM »
That was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Very good job. :twothumbs

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Re: [SNSD] That Certain Glow (Oneshot - YoonHyun)
« Reply #5 on: July 06, 2012, 07:51:32 AM »
Heheheheheh, that was cute. :D

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Re: [SNSD] That Certain Glow (Oneshot - YoonHyun)
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2015, 04:08:39 PM »
Seohyun is cute, being all shy towards her unnies  :lol:
Nice story btw  :twothumbs

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Re: [SNSD] That Certain Glow (Oneshot - YoonHyun)
« Reply #7 on: February 16, 2015, 12:41:47 PM »
huhuhu~ so cute~ [emoji5]️

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