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Author Topic: Ordinary Angels [Chapter I]  (Read 1155 times)

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Ordinary Angels [Chapter I]
« on: December 15, 2011, 08:46:02 PM »
 :fap ahhh, This is my first time writing fan fiction in English.
I just cannot stop the love for OG and MM, so this is all about them.
I hope you all will enjoy this.  :oops: And if there's any mistake for my language.
Please be known that I'm so sorry about that  :doh: :bow: And please correct me anytime  :peace:  :yossi: :otomerika:

P.S. The title is really not permanent. hahaha I'm sorry. But it just popped out of my mind when I began posting this.
And I just forgot the original title, so ....  :cry: Maybe I'll change.  :jphip:

Chapter I : Que Sera, Sera

The tiny girl has been sitting here for more than half an hour, staring at the place where the fine navy-blue bag  in her hands’ willing to check in. It’s just the name tag of the closing locker that stopped her. This room contains shower rooms and lockers which has the same facilities as other rooms in this floor, the only thing which separated them is generations of the idols in this agency. The girl couldn’t believe if it’s just the strange atmosphere of the room or just herself feel panic on her own, since the room has a little bigger and wider size of her group’s room. It’s the high-senpai locker room  which owned by the owners who debuted before, including that … person.

‘It meant there might be enough gifts in there, it’s Valentine’s Day for god’s sake!’ Deep in her thought, she mumbled to herself.

‘And it’s not like … yours will stand out most. Now just hang it and get your ass outta here!! DAMMIT!!’

Hell … so now or never!? Think of Que Sera, Sera, think of that damn Que Sera, Sera!!

Whatever will be, will be! Didn’t mama ever say so!??

No! Forget it!!

Hurried to the locker, she hung the paper bag on the locker just before the room door swung opened.

“Oh! … Reina?”  said the coming one.

“Ai-chan! You scared me!”

The miserable look on the Morning Musume leader was priceless when she saw her and her eyes continued to stop at the blue bag, hanging on one of the senpai’s locker behind Reina. However Reina had to play safe, it’s not the whole group’s  business seeing this.

“amm…Ishikawa-san, she thought she forgot her towel here.  So I said I’d help, since I’m going shower too”

That was….

“Oh? Really?”

a bad lie…. Tanaka, way to go!

The yankii saw her leader bended her eyes at her present bag at a senpai’s locker so she’s got panic a bit, trying to get her attention back.

“What about you, Ai-chan?” 

“Oh! , me? Amm…. I …“ She paused, looked away from the blue bag.

“Deliver some letters, I can see. Haha Ai-chan, you’re too easy to see”

She’s been expecting to see a slight blush from her cheeks when Ai-chan’s teased by someone. But all she could see was an unexpected sad smile and swear to god, Reina didn’t miss them.

“Well, not that I wanted to hide anyway. So you didn’t find Ishikawa-san’s towel?”

“Oh! I think she forgot it somewhere else, I’d better go find it.”  The Kitten calms her voice as much as she could.

“Alright, don’t forget the meeting at 3:00, by the way” Her leader shoved a small wave as Reina closed the door replying back “I won’t, thanks” 

On the way elevating down the hall, the kitten was deep in her thought.  Tanaka Reina felt an odd guessing, came up in her mind which let her arms crossed.

It might be NOT, It doesn’t have to be the SAME locker, right? So you don’t have to worry, do you Tanaka? Asking herself but resisting later, it’s Ai-chan’s right to do that.

They share close relationship …. Tanaka She told herself to believe so.

And it’s really normal for ones being in the same group years ago

And why you have to care this so much!? Eh!?

Damn! Get over it!!!

The kitten tried to cut her imagination of her leader left the letter inside the same locker as her navy-blue present bag hung around, frowned at what will happened next if the owner find her locker’s full of presents.

The yankii felt her cheeks are burned as soon as she enjoyed thinking about the name tag on that locker. The name that convinced her to be here… in Morning Musume. The one she can’t take her eyes off every time she sees her. The 6th Gen sighed when she’s feeling her cheeks are getting hotter....again.

Oh Boy...

Que Sera, Sera, …. I just gave my damn present to the Goto Maki!

To be continued....

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Re: Ordinary Angels [Chapter I]
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2011, 06:17:17 AM »
interesting start to this fic and in the end it was funny
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