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Author Topic: [AKB48]Four Feelings, Four Days. ~I'll set it now~ 12/22  (Read 2039 times)

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[AKB48]Four Feelings, Four Days. ~I'll set it now~ 12/22
« on: December 23, 2011, 05:11:57 AM »
Hi, I planned to post this on the 21st but you know, I forgot O3O;;
And school was so fun yesterday.
We played with oobleck <-- is that it
That weird thingy on mars or like idk ?
today, i dressed up in a suit. i liek danso oml.
I know I has the Hopeless story of Takamina thingy but, ill try to update after next week ^^;; -kicks work-
Enjoy these 4 stories countdown till christmas 8D
just saying this
Some of the girls here turn into guys.
I'm awesome
Well, like, only one so like enjoy
I should stop

I never knew one single meeting and parting can change my life. Before she parted, I told myself.

I told myself that when she comes back, from fulfilling her dream, I’m going to change.

I’m going to change who I am and stop the mischievous things I do.

And I’ll also set my feelings for her.

Only for her…

…My love…

Four Feelings, Four Days. ~I'll set it now~

Day One


“How did you finish your run so fast boy?” a young ikemen asked his partner who was relaxing on the bench.

“I don’t follow businessmen like you do, ya kno?” He laughed at the ikemen and threw a wallet at him.

The young ikemen was surprised when he saw the amount of money inside the wallet.

“You get all the big fishes! Unfair!!!” The ikemen still shocked by the amount of money inside the wallet.

“So Sae, how much did you catch?” His partner asked.

“Eerrmmm…. 400 Yen” He facepalmed.

“Hey Sayaka~ How did you manage to catch 500,000 Yen. Did you steal it from a wota or something” The ikemen joked as he still checks the wallet to find a small note.

The ikemen tried to read the note but it seemed impossible for him. He called his partner.

“Oi, oi, Sayaka, read this will ya?” the ikemen showed his partner the note.

“Dear grandpa, I finally managed to save enough money for your operation grandpa! You probably won’t accept this but take it as an early Christmas gift from your beloved grandson! I wish you the best! I’m sorry for not being there with you until Christmas. I hope we meet again grandpa!

-Riku K.”

“Holy sh---“
Sayaka muttered

“Hey! What does it say! I don’t speack English like you ya know!”

“I think we should return this, this guy needs this money for his grandfather’s operation….” He panicked.
“SEE, LOOK HOW SIMPLE IT IS WHEN WE COAPORATE… WAIT WHAT…RUN BOY RUN!!!” The ikemen started to panicked and ran with his partner to the nearest police station in Shibuya. After 30 minutes of sprinting, they finally arrived in front of the police station.

“Hey yo Sae, why don’t you turn it in. I sorta have, you know, a record…” he pushed Sae to the entrance

“Yeah yeah, whatever you say~”

“Ah, I’ll be waiting over there…” Sayaka pointed at a  small coffee shop. “See ya~” He ran off


The ikemen walked towards the police station to see a tall man reading his newspaper and drinking his coffee. Sae then call for him as he walked towards the front desk.

“Erm excuse me, I found this in the middle of the street. I think it belongs to a person named K. Riku?” he scratched his head and avoided eye contact.

“Ah, thank you very much young man. I’ll tell him right away that you found his wallet. What’s your name young man?” he questioned

“Miyamoto—Miyazawa Sae!” He exclaimed his real name after realizing that he got his last name wrong.

“Miyamoto huh?” He questioned with a grin

“Sorry sir~ A friend of mine accidently called me ‘Miyamoto Sae’ once cause she said I resemble him and it just bothers me~” The  ikemen facepalmed mentally

“Well, if I mistaken for ‘Miyamoto Sae’, I’ll be proud of that I guess. He was truly a legend. His partner Sayaka also. Anyways, thank you very much Miyazawa-Kun.” The policeman thanked the ikemen

“Yeah…Anytime…” The ikemen sighed and looked down as he walked towards the exit to bump into a familiar figure.

“Ah, Sae!” the familiar figure hugged the ikemen.

“WOAH! HAR—“ The familiar then covered the ikemen’s mouth and whispered…

“Err, I’m Riku right now…Cooperate for me please~”

Sae thought for a second and realized why the name and the whole ‘I’m going to pay for my grandfather’s operation’ thing seemed so familiar.

It was obviously Kojima Haruna.

“Ah Kojima-san! This young man here found your wallet!” the policeman pointed at Sae.

“WUUAH! Sae, thank you very much! Thank God it was you who found it! Thank you sir!!” The taller ikemen then walked out the police station with the shorter ikemen

“I thought I wasn’t going to see you again! Sayaka is going to be so thrilled to see you~!”

“And Yuki will be so thrilled to kiss you too~”

“EHH” The shorter ikemen exclaimed “YUKI! WHERE?!—“ Right before finishing his sentence, he felt hands covering his eyes and lips pressed into his left cheeks. He heard a soft and familiar voice whisper at him.

The person covering his eyes removed their hands from his eyes and hugged him from the back tightly.

“Sae…I’m home.” She whispered softly.


The ikemen turned around and embraced the girl and kissed her passionately.

“Ahem, get a room.” A certain cyborg announced as she tried to hide her laugh.

“Yo, Mayuyu~” The ikemen broke the kiss to see a young cyborg behind Yuki

“Yosh Sae!”

“You know, Sayaka is sitting alone in there…” The ikemen pointed at the coffee shop “We should surprise her or something~”


As they drank and chatted, Sae felt like she should step up the conversation.

“So, why did you guys decided to come back anyways?”

“Errmmm” The said in unison.

“We broke up so we should come back to Tokyo, right?” Haruna titled her head to the right as Mayuyu and Yuki ate their cake ‘cutely’

“EEHHHHHH” The partners in crime exclaimed

Sae was seriously surprised. They were so determined to chase their dreams, yet, why did they split?

“Whatever happened anyways?” Sayaka asked.

“Errmmm, members of Persona and French Kiss, including the great artist Mayuyu, was walking down the street and was shot by gang bangers~” Kojipa avoided eye contact as she sips her tea.

“Or something like that I guess~” Mayuyu added.

“But you know…” Yukirin looked at Sae and hold his hands tight.

“The reason why we quit was because we weren’t happy with the outcome of this. We wanted to be with the people we love. Being separated for three years was too long… Being separated that long isn’t worthed chasing my dream, until I realized…” she paused for a second and showed a hit of pink.

“Right now, my dream and future is right in front of me…You’re my dream and future, Sae.”

Sae could’ve swore something went hard. She ignored her feelings and got on his knees to take out a small black box out of his pocket.

“You know Yukirin, I’ve been holding this box every single day, hoping that maybe you’ll come back. I told myself when you left, I’ll change and I’ll set my feelings for you. I told myself, I’ll accept what answer you’ll give me. I told myself to be strong…” Sae opened the small box to reveal a silver ring with a bluish-white diamond on top.

Sae looked over his shoulders for a second and then looked directly at Yuki’s eyes.

“Kashiwagi  Yuki…” Sae felt his heartbeat go faster and faster as time passes by “Wi—Wi—“ He tried to get the words out of his mouth.

“Wi—Wi-Will you marry me?”

Yuki looked at Sae’s eyes as she felt liquid flowing down her cheeks slowly.

Mayuyu, captivated by the moment, decided to take a picture of this beautiful confession.

Sayaka and Haruna on the other hand just smirked.

And everyone in the shop just stared at the couple.

“Sae…” She said in between her sobs.

“You shouldn’t be scared of the answer because, it’ll obviously be a yes...” Yukirin hugged the ikemen who was on his knees. She kissed him and rested her head on his shoulders crying tears of happiness.

Everyone clapped for the couple. They were happy for them too.

Especially their friends.

But they weren’t as happy as Yuki and Sae.

“Sae…I love you…”

“I love you too, Yuki.”

Day One – End.
I wonder who's the next couples, any guesses 8D ?
omg wut is this.
it's 10
i shud go and do homework now

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Re: [AKB48]Four Feelings, Four Days. ~I'll set it now~ 12/22
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2011, 05:26:13 AM »
Next is KojiYuko and Atsumina

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Re: [AKB48]Four Feelings, Four Days. ~I'll set it now~ 12/22
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2011, 07:19:10 AM »
Woah! CONGRATS TO SAEYUKI!! I wish i'm invited to their wedding!! keke.

Uhm the next couple? Probably KOJIYUU 8D My OTP <3333333333333

Update soon!!

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Re: [AKB48]Four Feelings, Four Days. ~I'll set it now~ 12/22
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2011, 08:38:20 AM »
Euh Sae and Sayaka are guys, right?
I wonder if Sayaka will have a partner

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Re: [AKB48]Four Feelings, Four Days. ~I'll set it now~ 12/22
« Reply #4 on: December 24, 2011, 06:53:50 AM »
omg I forgot to update.
-updates tomorrow-

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Re: [AKB48]Four Feelings, Four Days. ~I'll set it now~ 12/22
« Reply #5 on: December 24, 2011, 10:16:44 AM »
SaeYuki?! Getting married?! YAY~!

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