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Author Topic: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 4 END (02/03) Updated  (Read 13838 times)

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Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 4 END (02/03) Updated
« on: January 30, 2012, 11:03:48 AM »
This was originally a one-shot, but it ended up being kinda long, so I split it up into parts. Enjoy!

Warning: Some strong language; A lot of speculating going on, and you will see what I mean.



   “… It’s… him…”

   It happened on a fairly normal day. Black was in the kitchen, making breakfast and getting ready to commute to work. It was rare, but Gekikara was up early, sitting cross-legged in the living room, watching TV. It had been about three months since they started living together, and she had settled in fairly well with Black and her son. Gekikara had no parents she could speak of, and Black’s had disowned her when they found out she was pregnant. They agreed that this would be better for the both of them.

   Click. She stared intently at the lit screen, biting her nails. Old habits die hard. Her black nail polish was flaking off, bit by bit. She would need to get it repainted soon.

   "...tried to rob a local gas station at gunpoint... killed a police officer in the ensuing gunfight... arrested... charges have yet to be made..."

   Click. Click. The ragged face of the man with a crooked nose pictured in the mug shot stared emptily at her. She giggled as she remembered the joy in hearing the crack of bone as she mercilessly pummeled his face with both her fists.

   No, wait, that wasn’t right. The small grin faded from her face. It was anger. Rage that had enveloped her senses, even as multiple hands pulled her away from his still form. Click. An itch to destroy every cell that composed his body continued to run through her handcuffed hands, and she struggled. How dare he? How dare he touch her?!

   Now, this piece of trash is further sullying the world with his filthy hands. Click...


   She glanced towards the bedroom door.

   Would it grow up to be just like him? Trash. She tilted her head, hand still at her mouth. Click. She pushed herself off the sofa and walked past the white crib to the bed. The young child was sleeping soundly in the middle. It was no longer an infant, and had learned to walk a couple weeks ago.

   She peered curiously at the small form. This… Thing… She ran her hand over its sleeping face. The man’s face flashed through her mind. Her eyebrows furrowed deeply. This… thing caused Black so much pain.

   It’s this thing's fault that she saw sadness in her eyes.

   It made her suffer… Just like that man.


   Her hand closed over the child’s nose and mouth.

   His eyes snapped open at the sudden pain, and small hands grasped uselessly at Gekikara’s fingers, legs kicking desperately. His cries of distress are muffled under her vice-like grip.

   Worthless. Trash. Die.

   She tightened her grasp.


   “What are you doing?!”

   Her grip loosened as she swung her head to the side in time to see a shadowy form barrel into her with frightening speed.

   Black had her pinned against the wall, one hand on her shoulder, and the other hand restraining her wrist. The child wailed noisily behind her. “What were you doing?!” she hissed dangerously.

   Instead of answering, Gekikara struggled against her, trying to push her away. Black did not loosen her grip, and instead pressed her harder against the wall. “Answer me.”

   Gekikara glanced at her and recognized the fury in her eyes, causing her to cower slightly. “I…” The man’s face appeared in the back of her mind again. She scowled, throwing herself forward against Black’s restraining hands. “That thing hurt you. Just like that man. It will be just like hi-”


   She slumped down against the wall, staring dumbfounded at Black, raising her hand to her cheek. The anger in her eyes was mixed with something else, now. Disgust.

   Black turned away from her and lifted her crying son into her arms. She tried to calm the frightened child and rubbed his back soothingly. She heard the rustle of clothes behind her, followed shortly by the slamming of the front door. Gekikara’s expression was etched deeply into her mind. Her heart clenched painfully.



   She let the feeling of her fist hitting the man’s face, and their screams overwhelm her thoughts.

   Why? It didn’t hurt when she slapped her, but now it felt like a hundred bricks were inside her chest, weighing her down. She couldn’t quite tell what it was.


   The delightful taste of coppery liquid spread in her mouth.

   It had been so long since she had experienced this feeling. Who was it that had told her to stop? To stop hurting herself and others? Ah...

   She knocked down another man. She tried to let the sight and smell of blood numb her mind. She didn’t want to think. That look. She had seen it before. In some hazy corner of her memories from way back, she remembered. But she didn’t want to.


   She wasn’t sure whether that sound came from her, or one of the men around her. A man pulled out a long, rusty knife, tired of the futile struggle using his fists. She laughed. Now she recalled why.

   Because I'm a monster.


   Click. She sat in a corner of the dark room, biting her nails. It was all she could do to try and fight off the hunger. She found that keeping her mouth busy kept her mind off her empty stomach. Last time her “mother” had caught her chewing on her nails, she had tied her hands behind her back and beat her.

   Click. She couldn’t help it, though. It had been a full day since Mother had given her any food. Perhaps she was angry.

   She wasn’t really sure what the word “mother” really meant. She had learned it in the few times she had been allowed to attend school.

   Footsteps sounded outside the door. She immediately removed her hand from her mouth. It didn’t hurt when her mother hit her, but she found it unpleasant to lose consciousness, and wake up hours later, finding it difficult to move.

   The single door opened, and she came in, holding a small box in her hands. “Rena, come here.”

   She looked hopefully up at Mother, and pulled herself weakly towards her. She sat at her feet and stared up at her.

   Mother reached down and grabbed her forcefully, kneeling down beside her. “I brought you a little something today,” she whispered.

   She grimaced and her small body shuddered. A pungent and bitter smell emanated from Mother. She knew that nothing pleasant ever happened when this odor clung to her.

   The woman opened the small box and took out some small sticks. Matches. She held one out in front of Rena’s face. “Look,” she commanded. She looked, puzzled, at the match, and then at Mother’s face.

   Taking the box, she lit it, quickly. Rena flinched; the sudden bright light scared her.

   She grabbed her roughly, long nails leaving bloody scratches on her skin, and thrust the lit match viciously onto her upper arm. Rena squirmed uncomfortably, watching and smelling her own skin and flesh burn with wide eyes.

   Anger and disgust filled Mother’s eyes, her expression twisting into that of horrible rage. “Why don’t you cry, you little fucking monster? It hurts, doesn’t it, t, you you freak? Feel it, goddamn you.”

   She couldn’t. She didn’t understand this “pain” that Mother wanted her feel. All she felt was discomfort as her skin wrinkled and twisted in the hot flame. Mother lit one after another, leaving ugly burn marks on her pale arm. Her skin cracked and red blood dripped down onto the floor. She observed, fascinated, as the dark red liquid left her body. She knew she was supposed to feel pain when she bled.

   Mother laughed suddenly. She was growing tired of this. “You’re filthy. Come here.” She seized her thin wrist and half-dragged her out the door and into the bathroom.

   Without even bothering to take off her clothes, she thrust Rena into the bathtub and turned on the showerhead.

   The freezing water quickly turned scalding as Mother drenched her with it. Rena turned away from the spray, huddling at the bottom of the bathtub as most of the water hit the back of her neck and back. The heat was nearly unbearable. She hated when this happened. Her skin would flake and sometimes blister, and the itch that developed the next morning was agonizing.

   “It’s all your fault! Your fault that he left me! You are a filthy piece of trash! If only you weren’t a disgusting freak, things would be better. But no. You have to be a fucking abomination!” she yelled continuously.

   Rena trembled and tears began to form in her eyes. She was unwanted. She had tried so hard not to disappoint Mother. She did everything she told her to do, but in the end, Mother would throw her away.

   She finally turned the faucet off and exited the room, grumbling, leaving Rena soaking wet in the tub.

   She sobbed quietly.


   Of course. How could she have forgotten?

   She walked slowly out of the dark alleyway, leaving a trail of blood and unconscious bodies behind her. She couldn’t move her right arm.

   I'm the worthless trash.

   She had tried to take away something precious to Black. She was stupid and blind. The way Black smiled softly when she held her son. She had every right to hit her, to look at her like that. It wasn’t the child’s fault, it was hers. 

   A monster didn’t belong with them.

   But nonetheless, she was afraid. Afraid that Black hated her. Didn’t want her. Just like Mother.


Sorry if any of them seem out of character at any point. Will upload next part if I have time tomorrow.
Also, I have not given up on my other fic (if any of you still remember lol). I'm just a lazy butt. :/
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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 1 (01/30)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2012, 11:48:33 AM »
Another fic about Black/Geki.... i totally love it..... it was so good and i enjoy every little part of it ! Reading fic about Geki is always fun and yeah.... dont know why, but i just love it :D

I can understand why Geki turn into a monster.... well maybe because of her sad past... with her Mother and all of those torture things. I feel bad for her, bearing all of those for no reason.

In a min of losing her mind, she got Black angry at her, Well that's understandable... Geki love Black, and she hates everything that hurt Black.... even her son.

She fights other ppl because that's the only thing she cans do.... to calm herself ...

However Geki realized it at the end that Black loves her son.... but she said she's a worthless trass, and a monster like her didnt belong to them... that's kinda hurt me.... she's not worthless at all... if her mother didnt treat her like that... haiz

She was affraid.... that Black would hate her... well dont know it yet... have to wait for ur update.

Ur fic is very interesting to me... I hope there will be more in the next part ^^

Thank u for ur fic ! Plz update sooooooonnnn :D ! Nice day !

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 1 (01/30)
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2012, 01:23:15 PM »
Man pretty darn dark start to this fic, Geki trying yo kill Black's son because he will end up 'trash' not only a harted coming from him but also a hatred of her own past.

And Geki afraid, not of any person to fight against but of the girl whose son she tried to kill, who she wants to love her......

looking forward to more!

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 1 (01/30)
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2012, 07:43:40 PM »
Hehe blackXgekikara continue!

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 1 (01/30)
« Reply #4 on: January 30, 2012, 10:27:08 PM »
Poor Geki~

Please update soon~

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 1 (01/30)
« Reply #5 on: January 31, 2012, 12:30:56 AM »
Poor Renachan...
Please update soon
Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 1 (01/30)
« Reply #6 on: January 31, 2012, 01:22:33 AM »
Heyyy! I like thisssss~! :D

Please do continue! I havent seen much Black x Geki about lately~!

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 2 (01/30) Updated
« Reply #7 on: January 31, 2012, 09:53:33 AM »
Thanks for the comments everyone! This part is kinda short.


   Black awoke with a start. She had fallen asleep, waiting for Gekikara to come back, and now her son was awake, crying for her attention. Cradling the child in her arms, she looked at the clock. 4:38 AM. The fine mist that was falling from the sky shortly after she returned from work had turned into quite a downpour. She searched the house, but there was no sign of her return.

   After putting her child back to sleep, she sat down, head in her hands.

   She had slapped her.

   She stared at the offending hand, deeply regretting the impulsive action. She had looked so shocked. It was probably the only time she had ever hit her so forcefully.

   She saw the news. Her previous partner had been arrested for armed robbery and murder. She knew Gekikara hated him. She berated herself for not taking notice of Gekikara’s insecurities before. She didn’t know what to do, witnessing her son almost die at the hands of someone she cared about.
   She grabbed an umbrella from the closet and left the apartment.


   She wandered the dark street, looking in each alleyway for any sign of Gekikara. She even checked the store where they sold her favorite kind of melon bread. Her heart beat faster at the realization that it was likely she got in fight.

   She wasn’t sure how long she had searched, but the rain had stopped, and sunrise was beginning to peek over the horizon. She wasn’t at any of the places she had expected her to be. This wasn’t going anywhere.

   She took out her cellphone and searched through her contacts.

   The phone rang a couple times before a sleepy and irritated sounding voice spoke up on the other side.

   “…Black? …Goddammit it’s like 6 in the morning. You never call, and when you do, it’s at such an ungodly hour.”

   “Shibuya? I need your help. I can’t find Gekikara,” she said quickly, ignoring Shibuya’s complaint.

   “What? Are you sure she’s not just playing around somewhere?”

   “I don’t know.”

   “When did she go missing?”

   “… She left yesterday morning.”

   She heard Shibuya curse under her breath over the phone. “Why the hell didn’t you go look for her earlier?”

   “I…” She didn’t need Shibuya to rub it in right now. Her own anger had taken longer than usual to disappear. And she hated herself for it.

   “Yeah, yeah, you had work and your son and whatever else kind of shitty excuse you have. I’ll get the others to look around, too, so get off your irresponsible ass and look harder.” The phone cut off abruptly. She didn’t need any further prompting.


   It was near noon when they finally found her.

   Black was searching the outskirts of the city with Dance, one of Shibuya’s former underlings. The young girl pranced purposely beside Black, cupping her hands around her mouth, yelling Gekikara’s name.

   Her legs were beginning to protest the abuse, but she ignored it.

   That was when she spotted her. A small, dark form was huddled under an overpass outside the city.

   “Gekikara!!” Dropping her now useless umbrella with a clatter, she rushed over quickly, Dance trailing behind her.

   She was curled up in a sitting position with her knees pulled to her chest, face buried into her left arm. Her other arm hung limply to her side.

   Black knelt down beside her, shaking her shoulder. “Gekikara! Are you alright?”

   She stirred slightly. “…?” She raised her head and looked at her, or rather through her, with half-lidded, glazed eyes. She grasped weakly at Black’s sleeve.

   Black felt panic rising throughout her body. “What’s wrong? Gekikara?” She didn’t respond, and instead began mumbling incoherently as she slipped into delirium, her head drooping. Her skin was terribly pale, even for her, and her hair and face were drenched in rainwater and perspiration. Her forehead was burning hot.

   “Call an ambulance!” she hissed to Dance, who was standing nervously behind her.

   “Y-yes!” She fumbled through her pockets for her phone.

   Black laid Gekikara gently on the ground. Her face was bruised and scratched. It was obvious that she had been in a fight. Her clothes were covered in blood. Using her bare hands, she ripped Gekikara’s thin jacket from the right shoulder down. Her arm was swathed in a dirty, ragged cloth, caked with dried blood. She carefully peeled the cloth away.

   She nearly gagged as the putrid smell of rotting flesh hit her nose. There were numerous deep, jagged cuts in her arm, and her flesh was swollen with several different unhealthy colors. Red blisters were forming on her skin, and black blood and pus were oozing slowly out of the wounds. “What…”

   Dance had made the poor decision of coming back to take a look after her call to the hospital, and was now doubled over, retching onto the concrete floor behind her. Black fought the urge to do the same.

   Gekikara groaned, still mumbling, reaching blindly with her left arm. Black caught her hand and squeezed it, comforting her, or perhaps herself. “Gekikara, you’ll be okay, you hear me? Just hang on a little while longer.” Every second that it took for the ambulance to get there, she felt like her heart and throat were screaming at her.

   She clutched her rosary and Gekikara’s hand in both hands, praying.


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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 2 (01/30) Updated
« Reply #8 on: January 31, 2012, 10:28:39 AM »
gekikara :ptam-cry:

she'll be alright, right?

please continue  :bow:

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 2 (01/30) Updated
« Reply #9 on: January 31, 2012, 01:14:13 PM »
Ahh, poor Gekikara is in such a bad way, I hope she comes through from this all right, well physically anyway, I think mentally things will take longer....

And Black, half-regreting her actions of slapping Geki, she knows how Geki feels about it all, her insecurties but also loves her son and Geki might well of killed him.....

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 2 (01/30) Updated
« Reply #10 on: January 31, 2012, 02:04:47 PM »
Gekikara  :cry:

What happen actually??

Hope she will be ok

Please continue  :bow:


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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 2 (01/30) Updated
« Reply #11 on: January 31, 2012, 02:48:55 PM »
OMG this fic is so dark.... :on blackhole:
I can barely stomach this.. :on freeze:
It's just so dark. But I love it, because it is GekixBlack....

Geki's dark past make me so sad......Poor Geki.......I really really want to hug her.....  :cry:  :frustrated:

   She nearly gagged as the putrid smell of rotting flesh hit her nose. There were numerous deep, jagged cuts in her arm, and her flesh was swollen with several different unhealthy colors. Red blisters were forming on her skin, and black blood and pus were oozing slowly out of the wounds. “What…”

I wonder, did Geki cut herself? Or did she lose her fight?

Ahhh......Poor Geki.....
Hope she's gonna be okay.....
Black, please be nice to her...... :bow:

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 2 (01/30) Updated
« Reply #12 on: January 31, 2012, 02:51:38 PM »
Okay, since I read this, I just wanted to cry. And still...I want to see Rena-chan suffer. Why? I dunno, maybe because I feel that Black should realize how Geki-chan is important to her, and feel the emptiness when Geki-chan's gone, or left her. I dunno~ ^^
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 2 (01/30) Updated
« Reply #13 on: January 31, 2012, 11:20:38 PM »
Gekiii!!! Please be ok!!

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 2 (01/30) Updated
« Reply #14 on: February 01, 2012, 01:29:10 AM »
It's lucky that Black didnt get angry at Geki... well instead ... she did really care for Geki

I can see that she regretted slapping Geki and really worried when Geki not coming home.

Geki..... hixx.. i hope she'll be ok.. plz be ok.... Lucky that they found her... or else it 's going to be worse ... her arm... she needs her arm to fight... and i also need her arm... because i want to see her fight :)

Thank for update ! Wait for ur next update, hope it will be soon ! ^^

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 2 (01/30) Updated
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2012, 04:30:40 AM »
ndsflm,adnsfsdf omg sun... GEKIIIIII

Please be okay... Q A Q

please continue~~ :3

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 2 (01/30) Updated
« Reply #16 on: February 01, 2012, 07:06:40 AM »
GEKIBLACK! Please Update soon!

It's so messed up but so proper for the situation but its.... ahhhhh Geki don't die!!!!
This is so sad, I hope things work out after.
Reading about Geki's past and her abusive mother is just  :cry:

I have been wondering while reading this... if the kid will be alright since Black kinda just
left home to go search for Geki and the kid is at home all alone....

Please update! Thanks  :bow:  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 3 (01/31) Updated
« Reply #17 on: February 01, 2012, 07:18:38 AM »
Sorry this part is a little boring...


   Black sat down on the bench in the hospital’s hallway, her now bloody rosary still in her hands. Dance was dozing next to her.

   Shibuya came storming towards them, through the hallway. Torigoya was following close behind her.

   “You found her? How is she?” Shibuya asked them loudly, jolting Dance out of her sleep, causing her to fall almost comically to the floor.

   Black tightened her grip on her rosary and said nothing.  Dance decided to answer in her stead.

   “She doesn’t seem to be doing too well. She had a high fever, and her arm looked nearly torn to pieces when we found her,” she ventured timidly.

   Torigoya gasped, her hand flying to her mouth. “Is she okay?”

   “We don’t know yet,” Black whispered.

   Shibuya became even more irritated than before. Grabbing Black by the collar, she slammed her into the wall. “Damn you! You were supposed to be taking care of her! What would Yuko say if something happens to her?” she shouted angrily. “What the hell did you do anyway?! She wouldn’t have gotten in a fight if she wasn’t upset!”

   Black was silent for a moment. “… I slapped her.”

   Shibuya’s eyes widened. “You what?! You’re the person she trusts more than anyone else, and you fucking hit her?!” She raised her fist.

   “Shibuya!” Torigoya put a restraining hand on her shoulder. “This is a hospital. Please. Yelling at her and hitting her isn’t going to change anything at this point.” She was wiser than she seems. Shibuya released Black reluctantly.

   A middle-aged doctor came out of the ER, holding a clipboard and pen.

   “Are you Miss Matsui’s friends?” he inquired. They nodded. Black could swear the sound of her palpitating heart was audible. She tried to steel herself.

   “The wounds in her arm are seriously infected. The cuts are very deep and severed some of her muscles. The damage is too great, and before we can make further treatments, we have decided that her arm must be amputated in order to prevent blood poisoning and further spread of the infection. She is unconscious, so we will need the permission of a family member or guardian in order to proceed. Does she have any contacts?” he asked.

   Black felt her breath hitch in her throat. The blood in her head pounded incessantly. She felt like her chest was caving in, and she found it hard to speak, until Shibuya, who looked equally in conflict, nudged her with her elbow.

   “I-I’m her guardian,” she managed to say, though she heard her voice crack near the end.

   The doctor looked at her dubiously, but knowing the urgency of the situation, handed the document over to her anyway. “Please just sign at the bottom of the form and we can begin surgery immediately.”

   Black took the clipboard and pen from the doctor, hands shaking. “Is there no other way?” she asked quietly, voice thick.

   The doctor shook his head. “I’m sorry, but we have to remove her arm, or she will die.”

   Her vision grew blurry as she scrawled her name on the blank line. The doctor nodded and took the paper from her before disappearing down the long, white corridor.

   She sunk back down on the bench, hunched over with her hands on her face, moisture seeping through her fingers.

   Shibuya rammed her fist into the wall. “Shit!”

   Dance was trying to support Torigoya, who looked like she was about to faint.

   A nurse came running through the corridor. It was Sado. “I just heard from the other nurses that Gekikara was admitted to the ICU. What happened?” she asked, worried.

   “G-gekikara-san is g-going to have her arm c-cut off!” Dance stammered, tears in the corners of her eyes. Even though she was never really close to her, she understood the gravity of the situation.

   The confusion was evident on Sado’s face. “What? Why?”

   “Because Black fucked up, that’s why,” Shibuya said through gritted teeth, a fire in her eyes. “She hit Gekikara, so she ran off and got in a fight.”

   Sado picked up on the circumstance and Shibuya’s anger quickly. Her expression hardened. “Shibuya, calm down. You know Black wouldn’t have raised her hand without a reason.” She knelt down in front of Black. “Could you tell us what happened?”

   Black wiped desperately at her face, shaking her head. “It was my fault, I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have lost control,” she said, voice still thick with tears.

   Sado put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “Black, I won’t push you to tell us, but right now, you need to go back home and take care of your son. He’s the one that needs you right now. There’s nothing more you can do here. We will look over Gekikara, so please, go home and rest,” she urged.

   “But…” she tried to protest.

   “Go. It’s no help to anybody if you worried yourself to exhaustion here.” She turned to Dance and Torigoya. “Torigoya, you should go home, too. Shibuya and I will call you when the operation is over. It won’t take very long, so take this time to get something to eat, and tend to your son. Dance, could you accompany them home?”

   Dance nodded vigorously, grabbing Black’s sleeve and tugging on it to indicate that she should follow her. Black staggered after her as they left the hospital with Torigoya in tow.


   Black could barely stomach her own food after feeding her son. Anxiety was eating away at her. Leaving the half-eaten bowl of rice on the kitchen counter, she watched as her son played on the floor, cellphone in her hand.

   An hour after she had left the hospital, she felt the soft vibration she had been waiting for. After answering, she bundled up her child in her arms and slipped hastily out the door.


   She stared through the glass at Gekikara’s motionless form on the bed. The numerous machines beeping and buzzing around her made the atmosphere even more cold and lifeless than what she felt inside of herself. Her right arm was missing from about the middle of her upper arm. A doctor and a nurse were busy taking notes and blood samples.

   Sado, Shibuya, and Torigoya, who had also come back, stood silently behind her.

   The middle-aged doctor from before came into the room. “May I speak with Miss Kashiwagi, please?”

   Black nodded, expressionless, and handed her son to Sado.

   “This way.” The doctor led her out of the room.

   Sado held the struggling child in her arms as Torigoya cooed over him, rubbing his head. Sado tensed up as she saw the purple bruises on his face.


   “The surgery was a success, but due to blood loss and infection, she entered what we believe to be septic shock during the procedure. The diagnosis has yet to be made, but if she does not regain consciousness in 48 hours, it is likely she has become comatose. Most comas last for several weeks, but it is very difficult to predict whether she will recover. It is quite a miracle that she is alive at all, looking at the complications.” The doctor sighed. “Once her condition has stabilized, you and your friends may use regular visiting hours to see her. We will also notify you immediately if there is any change.” He looked sympathetically at her.

   Black bowed her head, stiffly. “I understand.”

   The doctor nodded and left the waiting room. Black headed slowly back to where the others were, her mind and heart heavy. When she opened the door, Sado and Torigoya were inspecting the marks on her son’s face. Her lips pressed into a thin line.

   Sado stared at her grimly. “Did Gekikara do this?” Her words cut the air like cold steel. Shibuya looked up from her place by the wall, the perpetual frown she seemed to be born with on her face.

   Black shifted her gaze away for a moment before answering with a whispered, “Yes.”

   “Why?” Torigoya questioned softly, setting him on the ground.

   He toddled unsteadily over to Black, clutching the leg of her pants, crying, “Mama!” She lifted him up, and he began playing with her rosary.

   “She said that he would grow up to be like his father and hurt me. She saw that he had been arrested on the news that morning. It must have angered her,” she explained with a subdued voice.

   Sado stood by the glass, looking into the room that Gekikara was in. She scoffed. “Talk about karma.”

   Black frowned. “Please. Please don’t say that,” she pleaded, moisture building in her eyes again.

   Sado sighed unhappily. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that she deserved this. I guess she still doesn’t understand, does she?” She glanced sadly through the glass. “What did the doctor say?”

   Black held her son closer to her. “… He said that Gekikara has likely fallen into a coma, and that they don’t know when she will wake up.”

   There was sorrow in Sado’s eyes, but it seems she expected that answer. “Gekikara is stronger than she looks. She’ll be back up, asking for melon bread and curry in no time,” she said, smiling lightly, offering consolatory words. “I have to get back to work, but I’ll come and check on you guys later. Make sure to get some more rest.” She nodded at them before leaving the room.

   “More like stupidly strong,” jibed Torigoya, peering through the glass. She dipped her head affirmatively, seemingly convinced. “Yup, she’ll be right as rain. Poor kid must have been terrified though,” she sympathized. “But he’s young and has your genes, so he’ll be a-okay, too! Anyway, I have work also, so catch you guys later!” She pranced out the door, messing up the child’s hair with a quick rub on the way.

   Shibuya kicked off the wall, scratching the back of her head, abashed. “Man, I feel stupid. I’m sorry, Black. I guess I was a little hasty in judging,” she apologized. She looked seriously at her. “She should have known better, but she’s going to need you by her side when she wakes up. Even though she’s a tough nut, she relies on you.” She sighed. “I’m going to go check on Dance and make sure that idiot didn’t get lost somewhere.” She patted the child’s head affectionately. “Sorry our mad dog got to you, too, eh?” He stared at her, confused, Black’s rosary hanging partially out of his mouth. She chuckled before waving goodbye.

   Black placed a hand on the glass. “Gekikara…” The life support machines beeped steadily.


   She went to the hospital every day that she could, occasionally taking Torigoya and/or Shibuya with her. Every week, she brought fresh flowers, even though she was never awake to see them. She felt as if a hole had opened up in her heart, and the void was threatening to consume the rest of her.

   The others noticed the lack of life in her, but could do nothing but give her encouraging words. Nearly two months had passed without any sign of awakening.

   “At this rate, she will proceed into a persistent vegetative state. The chances that she will recover will become much lower,” the doctor explained. There was a pause, and a sharp intake of breath. “You should prepare to make the choice whether you want to pull life support or not.”

   “No.” Black raised her gaze to meet the doctor’s, fists clenched. “I don’t care how long it takes. I will wait,” she said flatly.

   I still have to tell her that I’m sorry. That I love her.

   The doctor nodded slowly. “I see.” He seemed troubled for a moment before adding, “If you like, we may extend your visiting hours to better fit your schedule.”

   “… Thank you.” She bowed to the doctor. He left the room, and she turned back to Gekikara’s prone form, listening to the sounds of steady breathing misting the oxygen mask. Other than the buzzing machines, it was the only indication that she was still alive.


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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 3 (01/31) Updated
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sdjkfhsdlfdsf GEKI'S ARM... NOOOOOOOOO


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Please update soon!

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Re: Broken [BlackxGekikara] Part 3 (01/31) Updated
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Man.. u r fast... but i love u for this :D

well ... Y DID U CUT OFF HER ARM ?????????? =((

NOOOOOOOOO, what will she do? How will she react once she wakes up and her arm is gone =.= ?

She's going to be crazy and think that she's officially worthless.... huhu u r so evilllll... u make her suffer all of those....

When will she wake up? No one knows, but i hope she'll wake up soon... to listen to Black's confession :D

But i still feel worried that Geki will avoid Black, because she doesnt want to border her... (just what i think it's going to be)

This is going to be tough for both of them... hope for the best :|

Thank u for updating ! Waiting for ur next update ! ^^

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