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Author Topic: extra credit tanashige part 1  (Read 1058 times)

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extra credit tanashige part 1
« on: February 07, 2012, 04:38:27 PM »
Extra credit
morning musume fanfiction
by : XxRoByNxX78

(Reinas pov)

Okay all i need to do i jump over the last vault and i pass gym. I cant believe that i had to do more than everyone because i skipped a couple of lessons. Okay am running jumping and "Ahhhh!" i fell hard on the floor i didnt land propley which means god dammit i have to do extra credit to pass!!

"This is what you get for skipping gym Reina you never learn do you." When i heard Ishikawa sensei say that i turned and poked my tounge out at her. "I dont know how you became a gym teacher you suck at every sport you try and teach us." I replied. She then done a backflip and a frontflip proveing what i said completely wrong."Renia are you jealous beacuse im cute and buetiful?" Ishikawa sensie asked. Seriously how is she a teacher if she acts like someone my age."Not a chance your an OBBACHAN!" i shouted and ran to the changing rooms before she had a chance to kill me.
"Yo miki can you pass me my top?"

"Where is it oh found it." She throw the top at me and i caugth it with my left hand and took deoderant out with my rigth. I finally finished getting changed into my uniform and headed to maths with my best friend Miki.
Niigaki sensei sarted handing out the test results as we sat in our seats. I looked at my score 75/100 which ment i got a C+. She makes you loose marks over the sligthest things. Whatever i looked at Miki's she got an F-."Ahahahaha Miki your really dumb." I said giggling. Only to get a piece of chalk flying at my head which i quickly dodged with ease. "There was no need for that sensei." I whinned. An got another piece of chalk thrown at me. "Then dont talk when i am teaching Tanaka!" Screached Niigaki sensei."Oh and Miki you will be doing extra credit to pass maths." Everyones faces dropped when they heard that Miki the back talk queen had to do extra credit. No one knew i had to do it for gym luckily. Seeing everyones faces i began laughing and pushing Miki saying " Hahahaha i knew it your not perfect. Miki pushed me off my chair okay i deserved that.
After class Miki had to saty behind while i headed to gym to earn some extra credit. Lucky me. I put my headphones in and NO3B Relax! came bursting through them. Singing along since everyone had left to go home. For the second time that day i changed into my gym clothes. When i entred the sports hall Ishikawa sensie was waiting with a bunny looking girl standing next her.

"Yo sensie who is this?" I questioned Ishikawa pushed the short girl foward so that she could introduce herself."Sayumi Michishige am the new transfer student nice to meet you." She said while lookin at the floor ethier the girl was shy or just plane rude but i decied to go with shy."Nice to meet you am Tanaka Reina!" I ethusically introduced myself to her wow totaly out of my charater. Catching Ishikawa sensei and myself of guard.

"Okay enough with intoductions am putting some music on and we will do dance okay." We where dancing great i groaned really annoyed. She turned on the speakers and Party in the USA came streaming out of the speakers. "You have good taste in music sensei!" I shouted as she began to teach us the dance. "I put my hands up there playing my song the butterflys fly away nodding my head like yer moving my hips like yer." Sayumi began singing while dancing. Sensei began joining in so did i mabye this wasnt going to be as bad as i think. Soon we knew the dance and where danceing singing and messing with eachother. Sensei really is like a kid she made Sayumi feel really comtorable already and even got me danceing she really is my best adult friend of course i will never admit it.

"Okay thats enough for today be back tomorra you two." Commaned Sensei. We both bowed and got changed. "Sayumi want to come karoke?" I asked earing a nod and her trying to hide her blush. I giggled at the cute action and quickly texted Miki telling her to go on without me. I took her hand in my hand and ran with her leading her to the karoke place.

end of chapter 1

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