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Author Topic: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 22 - (10/28)]  (Read 44225 times)

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 12 - (7/18)]
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Really loving all the delicious tension in this fic.

Junjun is basically like the readers: Takagaki are meant to be! Aah!!! Poor Reina!! T^T

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 12 - (7/18)]
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im just happy u updated! have a fun and safe trip aiai! >3<
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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 12 - (7/18)]
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Thank you for the follow /o/! I wish I knew your tumblr so I can follow back. XD and oh deaaar I feel sad and heartbroken for reina OTl.

On anothEr note, wow that's a very busy schedule. OTL have a nice vacation and take care~! xD pleasebringsouvenirstoo!
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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 12 - (7/18)]
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Thank you for updating! :bow:

I really like the growing feelings and chemistry between Ai and Gaki :-)

And Junjun is becoming one of my favs in this story ;-)

I'm glad you updated and regained inspiration for TakaGaki :-*
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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 12 - (7/18)]
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Great thing you got your TakaGaki inspiration back!  :) I am very happy to hear that and please never ever lose it! xD

And this chapter was so cute and sweet  :wub: The chemistry between those two is just so...  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
I really liked it (of course, it's Takagaki....) and I also liked how those two are so shy around each others when something like " omg we are touching each others hands!" happens. xD

   The older woman’s eyes popped wide open.  “That… you… love…?”

   Risa’s eyes also widened shock as she realized what she had just said.  “Seeing!” she blurted out.  “I-I-I meant seeing!  Y-you know, the Takahashi Ai-san that I love… seeing.”

   “Oh… R-right, right, of course…” Ai mumbled, laughing nervously.  “The me.  That you love.  Seeing.”

   “Right.  Exactly.”



   “So you don’t really… love me,” Ai laughed awkwardly.  “I mean, you can use the word for friends too though—”

   “I don’t love you.”

   “Oh. Right.  Of course.”

   “No!  Oh, I mean…” Risa mumbled, “I don’t… love you, because love is a strong word, but I mean, as a friend—”

   “Right, as a friend, that’s what I mean,” Ai said quickly.

   “Right, as a friend… I mean… I like… you…”

   “I… I like you… too…”

   “As a friend.”



Yeah, you two really convince me...  :roll:

   “Friends can hold hands, right? Ai asked quietly.  “Close friends, who like each other and speak informally to one another… right?”

   “R-right,” Risa agreed shakily.  “Friends… good friends… can.”



Oh come on you two!  Just spit it out you like each others!

And Reina-San pretty please stay away from this. Don't mess with the love birds and JunJun make your boss think something else xD You know nothing can come between TakaGaki ;)

Have a veeeeeeeeery nice, safe and relaxing vacation  8) And remember to rest and relax! Sometimes it is very good to just do and think nothing. It really cleans your mind sometimes and it's easier to continue with other things :). At least this works for me.... XD But have fun on your trip and see ya next time!  :byebye:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 12 - (7/18)]
« Reply #205 on: August 21, 2012, 05:06:45 AM »
@maikeatoot: well i got one HUGE update? does that count as a mega update???  XD XD

@risa_ai: LOL that is some MASSIVE quoting there :lol:

@yellow: teeheehee i hope you'll enjoy this update! XD

@Kuji: lol I'm actually still not sure what i'm exactly doing with Junjun but... yah  :D

@kawaii beam: yee~ thank you~ (i did have a safe trip btw)  :lol:

@arisa03: lol my tumblr is like, abandoned now :nervous

@sakura_drop_: oooh JunJun is your fav?  why? (honest curious question, i was just wondering what it was about the character made it attractive)  XD

@MsSmigge: lol cuz TakaGaki is like godgiven :lol:

TADAIMAAAA~~~~~  :cow:

That was a LONG trip.  I got back five days ago, and i have SO jetlagged (still am.  I was SO sure i had insomnia) :sweatdrop:
at one point, my plane made an "emergency landing" cuz someone got sick and they had to get the paramedic on the plane but it's all cool~  :P
I bought LOTS of clothes in both Korea and Japan and I of course visited the official H!P shop in shibuya~ and i bought pics of Gaki-san, Sayu, Reina, and they gave me a Eripon polaroid for free  :wub:

Best vacation ever.  :twothumbs :twothumbs

and now i am BACK giving you THIS non-proofread chapter!  :nervous

hope you enjoy~


Chapter 13 – “Many fought for Juliet’s hand”

   Ever since the day her monster of a stepsister moved in to her two-bedroom apartment in Tokyo, Takahashi Ai had lived an unchanging daily schedule.  It was her job to wake up early, fix Sayumi’s breakfast, go to work, deal with snobby costumers and their diva ways, and now, go straight to her second job and clean her part of the building until every corner sparkled.  It was a tough lifestyle but Ai had gotten used to it.  She had years of muscle and stamina built up, thanks to all the rotten chores that her stepmother had made her do ever since her father passed away. 

   So it definitely came as a surprise to Ai when she woke up one morning to a clanking sound from the kitchen.  Nobody else was supposed to be awake yet; the monkey was always the first one up.  Could it be that a burglar has sneaked his way in somehow?

   Ai groggily sat up in her bed and tried her hardest to listen for more noises coming through the thin walls of her bedroom.  But instead of hearing more sounds, her nose was alerted instead when the scent of something burning started to spread.  Still not fully awake, the monkey made a face as she tried to fathom what could possibly be burning in the kitchen so early in the morning when suddenly, a loud alarm blared throughout the entire house.   Ai felt her body go on automatic as she jumped out of bed and rushed of her room at lightning speed, knowing at this point that something was, indeed, terribly wrong.  She turned into the kitchen where black smoke was filling up the area, surrounding her stepsister who was waving her arms around frantically in an attempt to fan the smoke away.

   “Open the windows!” Ai yelled over the loud beeps, ending her order with a nasty cough. 

   The bunny did as she was told (for once) while the older sibling rushed towards her, into the smoke.  She quickly removed the burnt frying pan from the stove and onto a wire cooling rack and switched off the fire.  Apparently, Sayumi was feeling especially generous that morning because she was the one who rushed towards the fire alarm controller on the living room wall and shut it off to cease the blaring siren, instead of leaving most of the dirty work to her sister as usual. 

   Determining that the worst was over, Ai felt her body go limp from lack of rest.  Her sleep had only been interrupted for a couple of minutes but to someone as busy as Takahashi Ai, every second was precious when it came to relaxing.  As the smoke started to finally clear out, the exhausted monkey caught sight of the fidgeting bunny a couple feet away from her, avoiding eye contact.  Ai opened the mouth to speak but then she realized that she had no idea where to start. 



   “… Why was the kitchen on fire just now?”  Oh, great question, Ai.  Now you’re going to get her on another rampage—

   “It wasn't my fault!”

   There we go.

   “I… All I did was just turn the stove on!” Sayumi claimed.  “And then it just burst in flames by itself!  It wasn’t my fault!”

   “Sayu… You know that this apartment is old and sometimes, we need to be gentle with things,” Ai sighed tiredly.  “When you turn on the stove, you need to let it heat up to the lower setting first before you turn up the heat.  You can’t immediately switch it onto the highest level…”

   “W-well… how was I supposed to know that?” the bunny snapped.  “I don’t ever use the kitchen!”

   “Yeah, I know you don’t…”  Then, Ai blinked a couple times as she slowly came to a realization, her sleepy eyes refocusing on her sister.  “Now that you mention it, why were you in the kitchen?”

   Sayumi’s eyes popped wide open as her mouth started to open and close repeatedly as if she was trying to formulate the right words.  “I… I was… um…”  Unable to find a suitable excuse, she suddenly yelled in an angry tone.  “What, am I not allowed to be in my own kitchen?!  Just because I don’t go in there often, it doesn’t mean I’m banned from going in there or something!”

   “No, no, no, no, of course you’re not,” Ai said quickly.  “It’s just that… well, you know, it’s a rarity to see you up in the morning so early… before me… in the kitchen… burning food…”

   “I… woke up because I was hungry,” the bunny mumbled, casting her eyes away.  “I must not have eaten enough dinner last night.”

   “So… you tried to make yourself breakfast,” Ai said, smacking her lips dryly.


   “Specifically, an omelette.”  The older sister nodded to the rolled up egg product on the frying pan.


   Ai’s face tightened a little as she looked at her younger sibling with doubtful eyes.  “Sayu, you hate omelettes.”

   “I-I know…”  The bunny started to chew on her lips as she nervously twiddled her fingers.  “But… you like them.”

   The older girl’s eyes grew wide as she looked at the omelette and then back at her sister.  “You… made this… for me?”

   “W-w-well, I mean, I didn’t want to eat alone!” Sayumi stuttered, keeping her chin up in the air.  “I was gonna wake you up when my toast was done so I would have company while I eat.  Don’t think so highly of yourself, mou!”

   The spoiled stepsister quickly strutted to the kitchen table and sat down in her chair with her arms crossed and head held high, trying to hide her reddened face from her older sibling.  Ai just stared for a while, still unable to believe that the bunny would cook for her, much less do anything for her benefit.  She caught sight of the slices of bread that was still sitting in the toaster and touched it.  The bread was crispy but cold; it had been long since the toast was done and ready to be eaten.  But omelettes took more time to cook. 

   Smiling, Ai pushed the toaster lever back down and set the level to the lowest setting so that the toast would just be reheated and not burnt.  Then, she took out two plates from the cupboard and scooped the half-burnt omelette on to one of them.  When the bread popped out of the toaster in no time, Ai scooped those on to the other plate and grabbed some utensils from the dish rack.  She then waltzed to the dining table and placed the food in front of her sister and herself.  Sayumi stared at her in disbelief.

   “What are you doing?” she asked.

   “I am about to eat breakfast with my younger sister,” Ai replied, starting to cut the omelette with a knife.

   “Baka, you can’t eat that!” the bunny protested.  “It’s all burnt; you’ll get sick!  You should just throw it away—”

   “How can I throw away something that my beloved sister worked so hard on?” Ai said, grinning.  “I’m going to finish every last bite; you watch me.”


   Before Sayumi could put up more of a fight, Ai popped a slice of the omelette into her mouth and started to chew.  The bunny swallowed hard and watched her sister nervously.  She felt like she should somehow make her Onee-chan spit out the darn thing before she could damage her health but another part of her desperately desired to know if she enjoyed her food or not.  After all the effort she had put in on making the omelette, she sincerely wanted a good response.

   “H-how is it, Onee-chan…?” Sayumi asked quietly.

   Ai chewed some more before she swallowed the food.  She blinked a couple times as she slowly put her utensils down.  “Sayu… did you really make this?”

   “I… I might’ve messed up the proportions a bit…”

   “Well you must’ve done something right,” Ai said, slowly grinning, “because this tastes absolutely delicious!”

   “Hontou ni?!” Sayumi    gasped, unconsciously slamming her hands down on the table.  “Hontou, hontou?!”

   “Un!” Ai laughed.  “It’s only burnt a little on the outside, the inside is delicious!  The cheese really melts in my mouth!”  The woman forked another piece and put it in her mouth as she sighed in satisfaction.  “Oishii na~”

   Sayumi blushed a little as she smiled happily.  Then, as her mind popped back into reality, she crossed her arms across her chest again and leaned back in her chair nonchalantly.  “W-well, I guess if burnt food suits your taste buds… it’s better for you to eat it rather than throw it away.”

   “Then it’s okay if I finish this, right?” Ai beamed.  “Arigatou, Sayu!”

   “D-don’t thank me,” the younger sister mumbled.  “You’re the weird one for liking ruined food…”

   Ai just laughed quietly at her sister’s tsundere attitude and joyfully turned her attention back to her omelette.  Sayumi tore a piece of the toast and started to nibble at it as she watched her older sister scarf down her breakfast.  A smile spread across the bunny’s lips again, an unimaginable amount of happiness taking over her heart.  This was good.  She was doing well so far.  At this rate, she would be able to win over what she wants.  She will prove to Eri that her concern was for nothing.  She knew where her rightful place was and she would do anything to take it from that Risa girl.  This was only the start.

**  **  ** 

   “Shimizu, please say aloud the directions that were given to you for this assignment.”

   “To make 10 different sketches of summer designs, Shachou.”

   “Then why, if I may ask, are the hair styles in your sketches done better than the actual clothes?”

   Miyabi quietly snorted a laughter while Saki turned bright red and scrunched up her body as if she wanted to disappear.  Junjun cleared her throat to stop the blond girl from laughing further as Risa bit down on her lip and stole glances at the president, who was eyeing the youngest intern curiously.

   “I’m sorry, Natsuyaki, did I miss something, by chance?” Reina asked, putting down the portfolio on the table.

   “It’s nothing, Shachou,” Miyabi said quickly, hiding a smile.  “I just… I found it kind of funny that Captain unconsciously focused more on the hair designs than the clothing designs.  It’s just very characteristic of her.”

    “Hm,” the kitten remarked, uninterested.  “I see we don’t share the same type of humor, Natsuyaki.”

   That shut the girl right up as she cleared her throat and held her tongue.  Saki kicked her friend under the table in retribution for speaking out while Risa fidgeted nervously in her seat.  Even Junjun seemed a little bit uncomfortable by the excessive coldness that was being displayed by her boss today.  Ever since this meeting to check the portfolios of the interns had started, Reina had been rather brutal with the comments.  Mind you, she only uttered facts.  However, she had been especially nitpicky this morning, holding far too harsh a standard for mere interns.  Risa could only imagine why.  Just about a week ago, the president seemed perfectly fine.  Had something happened during the past couple days she hadn’t seen Shachou?

   “Well, I suppose that does it for today,” Reina sighed, closing the final portfolio and setting it aside for Junjun to take.  “Your next assignment is to do the same exact thing.”

   “The same exact thing?” Risa repeated.

   “Yes,” Reina answered.  “But this time… do better.”

   Miyabi’s mouth popped open but she immediately closed it.  Saki sighed shakily as though shivers had run up her spine.  Risa pursed her lips tightly and nodded to herself. 

   “Other than this assignment, we’ll be putting a new plan in motion starting today,” Junjun announced.  “Tanaka Shachou wishes to personally analyze each of your characters and visions.  So, each of you will accompany Shachou on her weekly public market scoping and offer your opinion on various topics.  We’ll go in age order so… I guess that means you’re up first, Niigaki.”

   Risa looked up as she swiftly stood up.  “H-hai…”

   “I’ll call for a car so you can leave immediately, Shachou,” Junjun said.

   “No need, Jun,” Reina interjected.  “I feel like driving today.  We’ll take my personal car.”

   “As you wish.”


   Risa saw her boss motion for her with her fingers as she exited the conference room.  The bean rushed to gather her stuff as she quickly followed behind, deeming herself quite unlucky to be chosen to accompany the kitten on one of her bad days.

   The president refused to decrease her speed as she continued to walk in front of the struggling bean at all times.  Soon enough, they were in the president’s glossy sports car and driving down the road.  Risa nervously glanced at her boss who seemed to be fully engrossed in her driving.  She didn’t want to irritate the stern kitten but she also wanted to know if something was the matter.  Ever since their previous conversation, Risa had deemed Tanaka Reina a rather fine person who had a soft spot, just like any other human being.  If she was being this cold and stressed, there must be a good reason.

   “Ano… Shachou?”


   “Um… did something happen… maybe?”

   “You’re gonna have to be more specific than that, Niigaki,” Reina said, revealing no emotion.  “A lot of things happen every day.”

   “Well, I mean,” Risa rephrased, “I just thought that you seem rather… upset today.  About something.  And I was just wondering if you would… maybe… like to talk about it?”

   Reina laughed dryly.  “Me?  Upset?  You insult me, Niigaki.  If I was someone who was easily put off by inconsequential things, I would not be able to do my job, would I?  After all, my occupation is quite demanding.”

   “I-I guess so…” the bean mumbled, immediately backing away from the kitten’s cold response.  Hey, if her boss said she was wrong, then she was wrong.  But Risa still could not help but be bothered by the young fashionista’s changed attitude.

   A moment of awkward silence ensued before the kitten spoke up again.  “Rather than worrying about me, I would worry about yourself more, Niigaki.”

   Risa wrinkled her eyebrows in confusion.  “… Hai?”

   “Apparently, a couple nights ago, you were found taking an unauthorized ‘break’ with another employee?” Reina elaborated.  “According to Junjun’s report, that is.”

   “Oh.”  The bean’s body stiffened as she felt guilt and uneasiness swallowing her up.  “Y-yes, it’s… it’s true…”

   “I really hope that you won’t be found being so irresponsible next time,” Reina continued.  “And the janitor that you were found with… what was her name?  Taki… Take…”

   “It’s Takahashi Ai,” Risa instantly corrected as she turned her head towards her employer, a little too assertively.  “Her name is Takahashi Ai.”

   “… Right.  Takahashi Ai.”  Reina forced a natural, professional smile but she could not help her fingers tightening around the steering wheel at the mention of the name.  “You two being lazy together like that doesn’t look too good for her either.”

   “Please don’t penalize her!” Risa pleaded, worry filling her eyes.  “It was my fault, I… I left my post first and interrupted her.  I shouldn’t have done such a thing and I’m sorry.  So please… don’t punish her for something I did.”

   Reina’s face stiffened as her teeth clenched together tightly.  “You… you’re quite close with Takahashi, aren’t you?”

   “Close…”  Risa’s mind flashed back to the night a couple days ago when they had held hands together; the smallest contact that only made them want more.  She smiled a little, lowering her head.  “I suppose you can say that… we’re close.  She’s a good friend.  A very good… friend.”

   Suddenly, the car screeched as it came to a rough halt, throwing the bean’s body forward and back again by the seatbelt.  As Risa recovered from the shock, she saw that her boss at gotten out of the car and walked around to open the passenger seat door for her.  Although she had classy manners, as usual, something about the girl was definitely off today.  The bean quickly undid her seatbelt and got out of the car, not wanting to keep her employer waiting. 

   As Reina closed the door, she said in smooth and controlled voice, “I’m glad you’re making friends within the company, Niigaki.  But… sometimes it’s wiser to make good connections as well, if you know what I mean.  Get to know people who are in the same industry as you.”

   “Oh.”  Risa blinked a couple times while the kitten strutted forward to enter the first store that they were going to explore.  Realizing that Ai was merely a night janitor to Tanaka Shachou, Risa spoke up as she followed her boss into the building, “Well, you know, actually, Ai-chan is—”


   The bean turned to the familiar chorus of voices that greeted them into the store.  She had been so preoccupied with the peculiar conversation with Reina that she had not even noticed which store they had entered.  And the particular store that they were to investigate first and foremost was the ever so familiar Tresor. 

   And when one certain store clerk who was dressed fashionably in tight jeans, a jacket, and a hat raised her head, her eyes immediately connected with Risa’s.  Connected, like magnets, unable to escape each other even if they tried. 

**  **  ** 

   “No.  Way.”  Eri exhaled sharply in disbelief.  “There is just no way!  Are we talking about the same Michishige Sayumi here?”

   “Yes, Eri,” Ai grinned while folding a shirt.  “My younger sister, Michishige Sayumi.”

   “The same Sayumi with the poison tongue?”

   “Yes, the same Sayumi with the poison tongue.”

   “The same Sayumi with the black character?”

   “Yes, the same Sayumi with the black character.”

   “The same Sayumi with the—”

   “Oh for the love of god, Eri!” Ai moaned.  “Yes, yes, yes!  We are talking about the very same Michishige Sayumi!  And that Michishige Sayumi made breakfast for me this morning!”

   “… Did I miss something?” Eri said, wrinkling her eyebrows.  “Is the world ending tomorrow or something?”

   “Come on, Eri, be nice,” Ai chuckled.  “Sayu isn’t all that bad, I’m always telling you.  She’s a sweet girl on the inside.”

   “Yeah, sweet like alcohol, if you know what I mean,” Eri remarked.  “When you’re drinking it, you feel great.  But the next morning, it comes back up because you just can’t hold it down—”

   “Okay, let’s not get graphic here!” Ai interrupted, making a face.  “Point is, Sayu is trying to be nicer, I think.  We should not only be giving her a chance, but also be her biggest supporters as her friends.”

   “… She really is working hard, isn’t she…” Eri murmured.  “You just don’t know when to give up, Sayumin…”


   Ai cocked her head to the side in confusion.  But before she could further inquire the turtle, the doors of the store opened with the chime of a bell.  The two immediately turned towards the door and bowed, yelling out the usual greeting.  But when Ai lifted her head, she immediately caught sight of the face that hadn’t left her mind since the last time she had seen it.  But more alarmingly, a petit woman with a formidable aura stood beside her, staring knives with her eyes.

   “Tanaka Shachou…”

   “Ara, if it isn’t Takahashi?” Reina said in an even tone.  “What brings you here so early in the morning?”

   “I work here, ma’am,” Ai answered curtly.  “This is my day job.”

   “So it is.”  The president smiled amusingly.  “How unusual for such a fashionable store clerk to also be working such a lowly job as a janitor…”

   “It was a necessary action I had to take to survive,” Ai replied, not phasing the slightest bit.  “But rather than speak of my private matters, may I know the reason for your visit to Tresor, Tanaka Shachou?”

   “Ah, of course.”  Reina wrapped one arm around her employee who had been quietly standing by her side until now.  Her hands gently rested on the bean’s shoulder while Risa gasped softly at the sudden contact.  “Niigaki here and I were just on a little… adventure, you could say.  Do you mind if we have a look around?  As costumers, of course.”

   “You are more than welcome to do so, Okyaku-sama.” 

   All heads turned towards the woman who had just spoken up for the first time since the two women’s entrance.  Eri walked forward until she was a step in front of Ai and bowed at a perfect 45 degree angle to Reina and Risa. 

   “Please excuse my worker, Okyaku-sama,” she said, smiling brightly.  “All Tresor employees are required to call our shoppers Okyaku-sama and nothing else, in order to stress the idea that all costumers are of equal standing in this store.  Every last client is precious to us, you see.  From this point on, I will make sure that you are addressed as only Okyaku-sama: nothing more, nothing less.”

   Risa’s eyes grew wide while Ai watched Tanaka Reina’s face harden.  She had to guiltily admit to herself that she was happy that the turtle had stood up for her like that.  It was undeniable that everyone in the room understood the true meaning of Eri’s words: no hotshot fashionista was going to strut into her shop and pull a diva move.  As long as they were in this store, Tanaka Reina was just Tanaka Reina, an “Okyaku-sama”, just like anybody else.  “Tanaka Shachou” would have to back off until she was out on the streets again because in Tresor, Takahashi Ai was Kamei Eri’s employee, not Tanaka Reina’s.

   “Now, if I may make a suggestion, Okyaku-sama,” Eri continued in a clear and preppy voice, referring to her right, “you can start looking around from this side.  If you need any assistance, my employee here will be available to help you.”

   Reina clenched her teeth and revealed a tight smile, refusing to let herself boil over.  She had never been talked to in such a manner before.  As offensive as it was, she had to admire the girl’s guts and professionalism.  “Thank you very much.  I’ll gladly follow your suggestion.” 

   The kitten turned to the direction that the turtle had referred to and waved Risa over, to which the bean responded immediately.  Ai turned her head to look at her friend, her eyes showing a mixture of gratitude and uncertainty.  Eri smiled, not a hint of worry in her expression, and just patted the older girl’s arm as a comforting gesture.  As the turtle lazily made her way back to the counter, Ai noticed that Risa was staring at her.  The bean was obviously troubled because of the previous tense moment, the “silent war” that had occurred.  Deciding that she was going to have to be the brave one, Ai grinned as though nothing had happened and walked towards the two visitors to “assist” them, as Eri had aforementioned.  Risa eyed the older girl warily, reluctant to drop her suspicions, but did seem a bit relieved that Ai seemed very cool about the situation. 

   “Niigaki, are you listening?”


   Risa quickly turned her attention to the young president who was holding up a cute summer dress.  “I asked, what can you tell me about this dress?”

   The bean breathed in deeply and let it out to calm herself.  Although she wasn’t in the Bijou company building, she was still in the middle of working a job.  She had to focus.  “Well… those summer dresses are quite popular these days… Bijou also has a collection ready… Um, I guess it’s better for the waist band to be higher up so the wearer’s legs look longer and her figure becomes slimmer…”

   “Okay, good enough,” Reina interrupted, putting the dress back on the rack.  “I’ll take that as your warm-up answer.”  She looked around a little bit and then pulled out a simple white dress.  “Talk to me.”

   “Eto…” Risa mumbled, distracted by the mere fact that a certain someone was standing right behind her, watching.  “I suppose that one’s more of what you would call a ‘base’ dress…  It’s meant to be simple so that you can add other accessories and pieces on top of it—”

   “What would you add to it?” Reina cut in.

   “Me?”  Risa blinked, taken aback by the sudden question.  “I… I guess I would wear this denim jacket that I have at home…?  Um, maybe open-toed heels or sandals…”

   “Do you like this dress?”

   “… I… I guess so…?”  Risa quickly bit down on her lips and opened her mouth again as if to reset her switch.  “I mean, in some way, this dress is much more interesting than the flowery one, right?  The summer dress is just the dress itself but this white one… it can become anything you want.  It can change every single day.  One dress, multiple outfits.  So I suppose that means I do like the white one… a lot.”

   “Better,” Reina commented, the corners of her lips curving up slightly.  “Well, I’ve seen a lot of summer dresses but I haven’t seen these in any collection…”  She checked the back neckline of the dress.  Unable to find what she was looking for, the kitten looked up at Ai and frowned.  “There’s no tag.”

   “That’s because all the clothes here are made personally by Kamei-san,” Ai answered.  “If you look closely, you’ll find the word ‘Tresor’ stitched in by the neckline.”

   “Personally made?” Reina repeated, her eyes showing disbelief.  “So… this shop doesn’t import anything?  From any brand?”

   “That is correct,” Ai nodded.  “We’re more of a clothing boutique than a shop; we create what we wish to create at any time we want.”

   “So that’s why everything here is one-size…” the fashionista murmured.  “That must be terribly inconvenient.”

   The older woman stiffened a little at this.  “Why do you say that?”

   “Well, suppose you receive a certain costumer who does not apply to the one-size-for-all rule,” Reina said matter-of-factly.  “Also, in a small shop like this that doesn’t sell any brands, it’s difficult to accommodate to each costumer’s style.  It’d be much more beneficial and efficient for them to visit a real clothing store.  Wouldn’t you agree, Niigaki?”

   “… I-I… um…”

   “Well, when it comes to sizes,” Ai interjected, a determined look on her face, “we do take private orders to resize the clothes for those costumers.  And if I may, I believe that a small boutique like Tresor is actually much better at accommodating to each costumer’s style.  We don’t have a set collection or plan in producing clothes.  We create what we want and what the costumers want, when they want it.  That is what attracts costumers.  Right, Gaki-san?”

   “W-well, I…”

   “But realistically speaking, Takahashi-san,” Reina shot back, a fake smile plastered on her face, “a company like Bijou is also economically better off than somewhere like Tresor.  We’d be able to give that costumer exactly what she wants.  We are capable of making her happy.  Isn’t that true?”

   Ai felt her fingers automatically curling into a fist.  “Just because we are small, it does not mean the quality of our products are any less exquisite than other companies.  We do our best with what we have and we still manage to satisfy that costumer, or at least we’d like to think so.  If we don’t have the resources to make the costumer happy, we’ll personally sacrifice our own to satisfy her.  And we don’t give up.”

   Silence took over the shop as Reina and Ai glowered at each other, neither of them refusing to break the eye contact.  Risa stood between them, nervously glancing one way and the other, unsure of exactly what was going on.  But the person who understood precisely what was going on stood a couple feet away, leaning on the counter.  Eri had a curious smile spread across her lips, thoroughly impressed by her friend’s newfound courage.  Not bad, Ai-chan… This girl really must be something for you to get that far out of your comfort zone. 

   “Well,” Reina finally said, regaining her composure, “I see that we’re not going to agree any time soon.  But the truth is bound to be revealed soon enough… right?”

   “Of course,” Ai agreed.  “Hopefully, very soon.”

   “Yes, hopefully,” Reina concurred, a sweet mask covering her true face.  “I think we’re done here for today, Niigaki.  We should get a move on.” 

   Risa wordlessly nodded to her boss’ order, all the while keeping her eyes on Ai’s stiffened form.  Reina finally turned away from Ai but instead of heading towards the exit, she grabbed the white dress that she had previously discussed with her employee.  “But before we leave…” she mumbled, and headed towards the check-out counter.  She handed the dress over to Eri.  “I’d like to buy this dress please.”

   “Of course, Okyaku-sama,” Eri said sweetly, taking private pleasure in watching the kitten flinch at her title.  “That’ll be 2500 yen.”

   Reina took out her wallet and handed the turtle a credit card.  After a quick swiping, wrapping, and bagging, Risa found her boss approaching her side again.  The president held out the shopping bag to her employee.

   “It’s yours,” she said.  “Take it.”

   Risa’s eyes grew wide.  “Oh, no, no, no, Shachou, I couldn’t, I—”

   “You said you like it,” Reina said, a hint of laughter in her voice.  “So I bought it for you.  It’s yours.”

   “Shachou… I-I can’t just accept—”

   “You really do have a problem with just doing what your boss tells you, don’t you, Niigaki?” Reina remarked, narrowing her eyes threateningly although her tone revealed her obvious playfulness.  “Just think of it as a gift and take it.  Please.”

   Risa looked at the bag and up at her boss again; her eyes were much softer and welcoming than they were this morning during the meeting.  Something told the bean that accepting this “gift” would be of more help to Tanaka Reina than to herself.  So for the kitten’s sake, Risa graciously accepted the dress.

   “Arigatou gozaimasu, Shachou,” she thanked, bowing.  “I’ll make sure to take good care of it.”

   “I know you will,” Reina replied, revealing a bright smile.  That smile.  It was the smile that no one had the good fortunes to witness, yet Risa had already seen it once before on the day she first went to work at Bijou Company.  Why she had been allowed to see that smile multiple times while others have never caught a glimpse of it, she did not know.  But being a fully grown 23-year-old, Risa wasn’t blind.  What if maybe… just maybe… Tanaka Reina was… towards her…?

   “Well then,” the president started, turning towards the storeowner, “thank you for allowing us to look around… Kamei-san, was it?  And of course, Takahashi-san, for your services.”

   “Our pleasure,” Eri giggled.  “Please come visit again… Okyaku-sama!”

   Reina flinched again ever so slightly before moving on towards the exit.  Ai had to bite down on her lips to stop herself from laughing and appreciating her friend’s wittiness.

   The kitten left the store with a jingle of the bells and Risa was right behind her.  But at the last moment, the bean turned around and dashed towards Ai and stopped, seeming to forget the words that she had been rehearsing in her head for a while.  She wanted to make sure that her friend was okay, that she wasn’t offended in any way, and that there may be no…  “misunderstandings”.  Unfortunately, her brain was in such rush to make sure that she caught up to her boss in time that she couldn’t exactly spit out all her thoughts in an orderly fashion.

   “I…” Risa mumbled, “ano… I’ll see you tonight?”

   Ai chuckled.  “Well, actually… I’m not working tonight.  It’s Saturday.”

   “Oh, right!” Risa prattled at top-speed, laughing nervously.  “Right, right, right, of course, of course, I-I-I completely forgot about that, um—”

   “And since I’m not working tonight,” Ai continued, cutting into Risa’s chain of incoherent words, “I have some free time left…  Maybe we can get tea or something later?”

   A huge grin slowly appeared on Risa’s face.  “Tea… sounds great.”

   “I’ll call you,” Ai smiled. 

   “Yes!” Risa laughed awkwardly again.  “Yes, yes, yes, please, call me, do call me, I’ll just, um—I gotta go.”

   Flashing one more bright smile with red blush staining her cheeks, Risa twirled around and pranced out of the boutique.  Ai just simply laughed to herself, finding the bean rather cute today as she lost her usual mature composure.  But she knew that wasn’t the only thing that was different today.

   “You’ve changed.”

   Ai smiled and whirled around to face her friend who was grinning from ear to ear.  “Who, me?”

   “Yes, you!” Eri laughed.  “You just seem more… confident.  Empowered.  Ready.”

   “I think I am all of that today,” Ai shrugged, beaming.  “I don’t know why, I’m just… I feel like I want to become stronger.  I want to work for it.”

   “That’s the spirit!” Eri cheered.  “You just remember that I’m always here to help you too, if you ever need me.”

   “Believe me, I haven’t forgotten,” Ai laughed.  “Arigatou, Eri.”


ugh that turned out SO much longer than i planned for... OH WELL.  :P

i need to get the story moving faster!  ragskjfowjer;owiej  :banghead:

:byebye: :sleep:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 13 - (8/21)]
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 ah LOVELOVE-SAMA !!! welcome back !!!  wait i'll be back to comment..  i need to shout in happiness !

EDIT: haha i know you're going to update today ! thanks God it's holiday ! muhaha! and yay ! reina vs. aichan that's great ! and yeah please update again !! remember the mega updates?
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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 13 - (8/21)]
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I love that argument with Ai and Reina. LOLOLOL.

They're totally fighting over Gaki over there. LOLOL.

I'm so glad your vacation went well ; A ; Post picture of them photosets! ; A ;!!!
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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 13 - (8/21)]
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YOU'RE BACK! *saves spot for comment*
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OKAERI JOU-SAMA~! <3 Glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm jealous. *pouts* do post pictures! :D
Ok firstly, hell of an awesome chapter! Sayu is so... AHAHAHAHA. xD
GO AI! FIGHTO~O! GO AFTER RISA WITHOUT GIVING TWO SHITS 'BOUT REINA! xD LOL. I find Ai so aidorable. And risa so... Stuck like a meat patty in a burger. xD what am I sayin'. ;A; UPDATE SOON~<3

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 13 - (8/21)]
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Was there possibly somee tanakame?!!!!! :heart: Go Ai-chaaan~! XD

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 13 - (8/21)]
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haha.. thx... sarang, i did enjoy :D
my radar is telling me that there is possibility for aisayu...
i'm glad that the bean's heart is with the monkey... :lol:
wonder what will happen next in their tea session...
if possible, hope to have some tanakame too (it will be quite weird not to see them together in your fics when it always have been for the last 2...)

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 13 - (8/21)]
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Nice start for a day to notice that you are back and as a bonus with a new chapter!! :cow: And it's also good to hear that you had a nice vacation  :)

Aho Eri xD You're juust so slow when I tries to tell you about Sayu x)

But the best part was this:

   And when one certain store clerk who was dressed fashionably in tight jeans, a jacket, and a hat raised her head, her eyes immediately connected with Risa’s.  Connected, like magnets, unable to escape each other even if they tried. 

 :wub: :inlove: :wub: :inlove: Yes, they are like magnets :pimp:

Also the ending was very cute <3 I hope you will write a chapter where these two are spending an evening together  :roll:

Nice chapter and hopefully you will keep the takagaki alive in this story xD Keep Reina and Sayu away from TakaGaki who aare meant to be with each others xD Lol sorry I am just a big fan of them....
Keep up the good work!!  :cow:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 13 - (8/21)]
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That's Sayu I know :wub:
The argument in Tresor is kind of entertaining :oops:
Reina didn't keep her emotion towards Gaki-han,nee :lol:

Sorry for didn't comment anything :sweatdrop:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 13 - (8/21)]
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Sorry i've been MIA. Welcome back from your trip! Just caught up on everything and i wanted to say i love the way you write Sayu!!!  :drool: keep it up!!!!

I wanted to say it is sad kind of reading this with everyone graduated.. I was so depressed thinking about Ai the last few months and missing old MM... But anyway, they will live forever in this thread!!!

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 13 - (8/21)]
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This is kinda late... I finished reading this like a couple of months ago and I was meaning to leave a post too when I got home... but I forgot.
So now imma leave a comment...

Sayu's tsundre attitude FTW! Damn, she’s just like my little sister. *recalls the last kitchen incident*
Urgh… anyway…

“… Did I miss something?” Eri said, wrinkling her eyebrows.  “Is the world ending tomorrow or something?”
no hotshot fashionista was going to strut into her shop and pull a diva move.
GO ERI! Ain't no one messin' with her and her friend/trusted employee in her own shop.

Takahashi-Tanaka battle, poor Gaki-san stuck in between. I like how Ai stood up to the big boss. Gaining some guts to stick with her beliefs and opinion… and impressing the lovely Risa. Good going Ai.

“Of course, Okyaku-sama,” Eri said sweetly, taking private pleasure in watching the kitten flinch at her title.  “That’ll be 2500 yen.”
““You really do have a problem with just doing what your boss tells you, don’t you, Niigaki?” Reina remarked, narrowing her eyes threateningly although her tone revealed her obvious playfulness.  “Just think of it as a gift and take it.  Please.”
Nice tactic Tanaka shachou.

Risa a blubbering mess = <3

Damnit! SarangAi you've got me falling for takagaki once again. Then again you got me hooked in the first place(along with tanakame, which I hope is going to happen here too). I love your stories to pieces. Argh... I can't wait for an update!  :cathappy:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 13 - (8/21)]
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I know I know I've been MIA for like... 4 months...?  I'm sorry...  :nervous
I have nothing to say if y'all hate me... shit i'd hate me too...  :bleed eyes:

I've been so incredibly busy.  I don't really live at home so much anymore so I was trying really hard to adjust to a new life haha

BUT this extensive break has (hopefully) helped me get over some MAJOR writer's block to FINALLY finish up the next chapter  XD

It's winter break, I'm back in my parent's home, so I hope this means I'll get to write more... but I DO have a job to work :bleed eyes:

but fingers crossed!  :D


Chapter 14 – “O Cinderella, Cinderella, wherefore art thou Cinderella?”

   “No. Way.”  The noodle slipped through the chopsticks of the dumbfounded Mitsui Aika and plopped back into the bowl.  “Tanaka Reina… the Tanaka Reina… bought you… a dress?!”

   Risa blushed as she silently nodded, swirling her chopsticks in her udon bowl, obviously having no intention of actually eating it.  Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to tell her young friend about what had happened at Tresor this morning, especially during dinner time, since the girl was now completely ignoring her unfinished food and directing her full attention to the bean. 

   “Wow, Gaki-san.  I gotta say, I never knew you had it in you,” she breathed, “but you really know how to play the ladies, huh?”

   “HAA?!” Risa remarked, looking at her friend as though she had lost her mind.  “What are you talking about, Aika?  You know I’m not like that.  Besides, it was just a dress; she was doing it out of courtesy.  I bet she’s going to give gifts to the other interns as well when it’s their turn to go out with her.”

   The puppy narrowed her eyes.  “How much was the dress?”

   “2500 yen…”

   “Not bad,” Aika nodded, grinning.  “That says, ‘I’m kind of into you but I’m willing to take it slow so you don’t freak out’.”

   “Since when does yen translate into the Japanese language…?” Risa muttered.

   “All I’m saying is that she seems pretty interested in you, as more than an employee,” Aika clarified.  “How do you feel about her?”

   “… I... I don’t know…” Risa mumbled, her chopstick busily swimming in the udon bowl.  “I mean, Tanaka Shachou is… she’s nice and all… She seems all tough and unbreakable on the outside but on the inside, she’s very… human.  I like that about her.”

   “But…?”  Aika waited, sensing that there was more to this picture than she could see.

   “But... there’s something between me and Ai-chan…” Risa admitted.  “At least I think there is.  I don’t know, it’s really confusing, but… I feel really safe when I’m with her.  Like I know her.  But then again, there’s also an uneasiness, almost like we’re at a standstill and we’re both too much of a coward to cross the threshold.  I don’t know what to do.  Plus…”

   “Go on.”

   Risa hesitated.  “I’m just… worried about her, too.  I mean, from what I can tell, it seems like… Tanaka Shachou isn’t exactly… fond of Ai-chan.  And if what you said is true about Tanaka Shachou… you know… towards me?  I’m scared that Tanaka Shachou might be even harsher towards Ai-chan.  And I don’t want to be the cause of that.”

   Aika gazed at the older girl for a while, watching her intentionally abuse the udon noodles now by cutting it off, limb by limb, with chopsticks.  It was natural for Risa to be so troubled.  On one hand, she had a sweet, casual, hardworking girl whom she had met through something that one would call fate.  On the other, she had a cool, charismatic, yet sensitive girl-millionaire who seemed to be very attracted to her.  Only having had a couple of teenage relationships that by no means were serious, Niigaki Risa was definitely not familiar with being stuck in this kind of situation.  And whenever the bean was stuck, who else could help her other than her baby-turned-babysitter friend?

   “Look,” Aika started, smiling warmly.  “You know I only want what’s best for you, right?”

   “Of course,” Risa chuckled.  “I only heard that phrase once every day for the past, maybe, 10 years?”

   “Then I hope you realize I’m saying this to your own benefit,” Aika grinned.  “I want you to be treated well, Gaki-san.  And if Takahashi-san isn’t jumping at the chance you gave her to be with you, then maybe you need someone better in your life.  However, from what I can tell, this Tanaka Reina seems brimming with energy to fight for you.  So maybe, if you give her a chance, you might wind up being happier with her.”

   Risa bit her lips.  “I… guess I see your point…”

   “And if what you’re saying about Tanaka Shachou disliking Takahashi-san is true,” Aika continued, “maybe you two just aren’t meant to be.  You’re not that far in the game yet, Gaki-san.  Don’t jump into the water too quickly.”

   “Okay,” Risa sighed.  “I think I understand what you’re saying.  Arigatou, Aika.”

   “Glad I could help,” Aika grinned.  “Now, are you going to finish your udon or should I start the dishes?”

   The bean looked down at her bowl and laughed.  “They don’t exactly look like noodles so much now, do they?”

   “No, more like macaroni,” the younger girl giggled, “after the way you obliterated them.”

   “Hai, hai, sumimasen!” Risa apologized jokingly.  “I don’t think I’m really all that hungry anyway.  I’m gonna go work a bit more on my portfolio, okay?”


   At the point, the two girls split up into their own worlds and went about their business.  The bean returned to her bedroom and turned on the dim lamp on her desk.  Realizing that her curtains were drawn open and her room could be easily visible from the outside through the veranda, Risa walked over and quickly shut the glass sliding door and the drapes.  When she turned around, she intended to get back to her desk and do some work but instead, her comfy bed just looked too tempting to pass up after a long stressful day.  Without any more hesitation, the bean fell onto the soft bed sheets, lying in a large X shape, and exhaled heavily.  No matter how many times she breathed in and out, she just couldn’t relax.  There was a storm in her heart, and the cause of it was still a mystery.

   I guess I should tell Ai-chan that I can’t meet up with her today for tea, she thought to herself.  Maybe it’s better to distance myself from her until I figure this whole thing out…

   A cute ringtone interrupted the bean’s chain of thoughts as her cell phone vibrated on her bedside table.  Risa reached over to answer it.

   “Moshi moshi?”

   “Gaki-san?  It’s me!”

   “Ai-chan!”  The bean immediately sat up when she recognized the voice. 

   “I’m calling about our tea plans that we arranged earlier,” Ai said.

   “Ano ne, about that—”

   “I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it to a tea shop in time,” the older girl said.  “It’s the opposite direction from my house and frankly, it just seems a bit too far.”

   Risa faltered a little bit at the unexpected revelation.  “Ah… um… it’s okay, Ai-chan!  I understand, really.”  Although she was going to cancel their plans as well, she couldn’t help but be disappointed.  Are you… really stepping away now?

   “So instead of tea,” Ai continued through the phone, “I thought of a better place where we could meet.”

   Risa raised an eyebrow.  “Where…?”


   A soft tap resounded from the veranda as Risa jumped in shock.  The phone disconnected as the bean dropped it and rushed to open her curtains.  Another soft tap resounded as a pebble hit the glass before Risa slid open the door and walked out.  She looked around for a while, unable to see well through the dimly lit evening when a hushed voice came from below her.

   “Psst!  Down here!”

   Risa looked down from the veranda and automatically broke into a huge smile when she saw the woman she had very much missed, standing outside, two level below her, waving her arms frantically to catch her attention. 

   “Evening, Gaki-san!” she greeted, laughing playfully. 

   “Ai-chan!” Risa exclaimed happily in disbelief.  “What are you doing here?”

   “To see you, of course!” Ai said matter-of-factly.  “Hold on one second.  I’m coming up.”

   “Coming up?” Risa said in confusion.  “What do you mean you’re coming up—O-OI!  CHOTTO!”

   As the bean broke into a panic, the monkey started to climb the first floor veranda and continue up to the second floor, using a nearby tree as leverage.  She was rather quite nimble and agile in climbing, to Risa’s surprise.  In no time, she was up on the second floor, hanging on to the veranda railings, facing the younger girl.

   “Thank god you live only on the second floor,” she remarked, breathing heavily.  “One more level up and I would’ve given up.”

   “You should’ve given up before you even started!” Risa scolded.  She slapped the older woman’s shoulder, hard enough to make a point yet gentle enough so that she won’t fall backwards.  “That was dangerous!”

   “Oh please,” Ai said, rolling her eyes.  “I’ve seen my dad do much worse than that.  But then again, he is an ex-yankii… There’s a lot he’s done.”

   Risa’s eyes grew wide.  “Should I be scared?”

   “No, of course not,” Ai laughed.  “His yankii days are ancient history; he’s not like that anymore… most of the time.”

   Risa gulped.  “Not sure if I feel any better…”

   “Well I can leave if you want…”  Ai shrugged nonchalantly as she backed away a little but Risa immediately grabbed her wrist to stop her.

   “No!” she blurted out.  Watching the older girl raise an eyebrow, the bean quickly restated, “I mean… stay.  You’re here already, so… why waste the trip?  Stay.”

   “Well… only if I get to do this,” Ai grinned.  She reached for the hand that was still holding onto her wrist and locked her fingers around it.  The bean seemed a little surprised at the gesture as her cheeks turned pink.  But after a moment, she pulled away.  Ai looked up at her solemn friend and asked with concern, “Is… something wrong?”

   “No, nothing’s wrong, I just…”  Risa drew back a little as she looked down.  “I think… we shouldn’t meet for a while…”

   There was a pause.  “Did… I do something wrong?”

   “No!  You didn’t do anything wrong!” Risa reassured.  “It’s just… we’re both working people and I just thought that maybe it’s better for us to concentrate on our jobs for a while instead of our social life—”

   “Gaki-san, I can take anything else you throw at me,” Ai interrupted, staring at the younger girl intensely, “but please… don’t lie to me.”

   Risa looked back at her friend, feeling her gaze dig deep into her.  No matter how many times they made eye contact, there was always the same spark; the same trigger that connected them together.  Risa knew she couldn’t deny this.  “I… I’m scared.”

   “For what?”

   “For you.”  The bean exhaled as she stood with her back straight, properly addressing the older woman.  “I’m scared for you.  I’m scared that… if we get any closer, it won’t end so well for either of us, but especially you.”

   “Why do you think it won’t end well for us?” Ai asked.

   “It just seems like the likely option, okay?” Risa groaned.  “Look, remember when we were eating together in the lobby?  And Jun-san caught us?  I see that woman every day at work but I’ve never seen her that harsh before.  And today, at Tresor, Tanaka Shachou definitely wasn’t pleased to see you.  And Kamei-san backing you up like that didn’t really help either.  And even before that, in the car, she was talking about how she was disappointed to hear that we slacked off to socialize.  The world just wants to pull us apart and I think we should let nature do its job unless we have some masochistic wish to get in some serious trouble.”

   At this point, Ai’s expression had turned very grim.  “So you’re saying… we can’t meet anymore.  Not even as friends.”

   “Oh is that what we are?  Friends?” Risa remarked, letting out a tired laugh.  “Come on, Ai-chan.  Don’t tell me that’s how you’ve thought of me all along.  Because it most certainly didn’t seem like it.”

   “We are friends—”

   “No we’re not!” Risa shot back, her words starting to pour out uncontrollably.  “You know why?  Because friends don’t hold each other’s hands unless they’re shopping together or something.  Friends don’t dance together at the club the way we did.  And friends don’t climb each other’s balconies when it is clearly after sunset.  We are not friends, Ai-chan.  I don’t know what we are, but we’re definitely not friends.”

   Silence ensued.  Risa stood in her place, breathing hard from her previous rant, watching for the older woman’s reaction.  Ai was frozen still on the balcony ledge, her eyes blanking out.  Patience was obviously not one of Risa’s strong points, the bean realized, since she lost control of herself so easily like that.  It was a shock, even to herself, how much emotion she had pent up within her. 

   Unable to take the heavy atmosphere anymore, Risa just shook her head as she started to turn away.  “Good-bye, Ai-chan.”

   Suddenly, the bean’s arm was grabbed and her entire body was spun around.  Risa barely had any time to react before a forceful lip planted itself upon her own, kissing her.  She felt one hand of the older woman rest upon her cheek as the other grabbed her wrist and put it around Ai’s waist.  Before Risa could push herself away, however, Ai reached up and placed both of her hands on the bean’s face, completely relying on Risa’s one arm hugging her to not fall to the ground.  Realizing this, the younger woman quickly put her other arm around her friend as well, pulling her into a complete embrace as they continued kissing.  As Ai’s soft lips worked around hers, Risa’s entire mind started to blank out.  A single thought remained in the very corner of her brain, and that was how sneaky she thought Ai was to put herself in a position like this where she had to accept her advances if she wanted to keep Ai from falling.  But she couldn’t quite think that she hated her for it.

   Finally, after having enough, Ai stopped kissing the younger woman and stared deeply into her eyes.  Risa also gazed back, her arms still tight around Ai’s waist, but tried to stay in control this time.

   “What… the HELL do you think you’re doing?!” she hissed angrily.

   “I don’t know what you’re doing but I was just kissing the girl I’m in love with,” Ai said coolly.

   “I’m not talking about that!” Risa retorted.  “I’m talking about how you just almost let yourself fall two stories—wait…  You… love me?”

   Ai smiled.  “That, I do.”

   “… You’ve got to be kidding me,” Risa said doubtfully.

   “Hey, it’s like you said,” Ai explained.  “Obviously, I don’t like you as a friend.  So I must like you as something more.  And I think… I really do love you.”

   Risa’s heart started to race as she stared at Ai smiling so close to her face.  “I… I need a-a moment… I-I think…”  She mumbled to herself as her body started to feel limp.  Her arms shook weakly as Ai started to fall backwards when there was nothing to support her weight anymore.  Risa let out a short shriek but Ai grabbed on to the veranda railings just in time to pull herself upright again. 

   “I’m sorry!  I’m sorry!” Risa apologized frantically.  “I totally forgot, I-I-I’m sorry!”

   “I’m fine, Gaki-san, calm down!” Ai assured shakily.  “Really, I’m fine!”

   “No, you’re not fine!” Risa babbled on, digging her hand into her hair in search for something to hold on to.  “You almost fell!  I let you go!  I-I-I never should have… let you go…”

   A gentle hand touched the bean’s tense arm as she was pulled back towards the edge of the railing.  Risa took a breather as she let her hands slip back down to her sides, one of them ending up in Ai’s grasp.  The older woman pressed her lips against the younger’s fingers.

   “Then don’t let go,” she murmured.  “Never again.”

   Risa swallowed as she felt her eyes automatically connect with Ai’s, unable to break out of her gaze.  She felt herself being drawn to the woman by an unknown force, just like the one she always felt when she was being looked at like that by this person.  Risa slowly leaned forward, closer to Ai’s face, until their lips gently touched.  Ai’s lips trembled a little, waiting in anticipation.  She wasn’t going to kiss her again until she was absolutely sure Risa wanted it; it was on her this time.  Realizing this, Risa slowly leaned closer until her lips pressed against Ai’s more and kissed her sweetly.  A sigh of relief and satisfaction escaped Ai’s lips as Risa whispered softly.

   “I won’t let you go.  Ever.”

   Ai smiled at this as she eagerly kissed her love again, relentlessly expressing the feelings she had kept hidden until now.  Risa kissed back with the same passion—her childhood friend’s words long forgotten, her previous resolution destroyed—with only a single thought in her mind withstanding: she loved her.  She loved Takahashi Ai and that was all that mattered.  She didn’t know how or why but just that she wanted to be with her.  She needed to be with her.  All this desire was being conveyed through this kiss.

   “Gaki-san!  Can you come over for a second?”

   The two women backed away in a startled manner, seeming to finally remember that the bean did not live alone.  After staring at each other in panic and loss of words for a couple seconds, Risa finally raised her voice.

   “U-Un!  Coming, Aika!” she called back.

   “I should probably go,” Ai whispered.

   “Yeah, you should… probably,” Risa agreed.

   The two stared at each other again, their fingers still entwined together.  In a spark of passion, the two started to kiss again, a little more rushed this time, until a knock resounded from behind the door.

   “Gaki-san?  Are you okay in there?”

   “Y-yeah!” Risa yelled, quickly breaking away from the kiss.  “I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m coming!”  She quickly turned her attention to the woman hanging on her veranda.  “Can you get down okay?”

   “No sweat,” Ai replied.

   “Gaki-san?” Aika called again.  “Can I come in?”

   “J-j-just a second!” Risa stuttered.  As the bean turned towards the older woman again, she found her lips being stolen one last time.

   “I’ll see you tomorrow, princess,” Ai grinned before making her way back down. 

   “Gaki-san, I’m coming in!”

   Risa breathed shakily as her bedroom door flew open, just as her older companion disappeared from the railings.  She whipped around to face her confused flatmate who was carrying a carton of milk.

   “Was someone in here?” Aika asked, raising an eyebrow.

   “No!” Risa blurted out, answering a little too quickly to ease her friend’s uncertainty.  Well, technically, Ai hadn’t been inside her room…

   “That’s funny.  I thought I heard voices…” Aika said.  “Were you on the phone or something?”

   “No—yeah!” Risa stumbled.  “Yes, I, uh, was just on the phone.  Very, very, important phone call.  From… work.”

   “Oh, okay, for a moment I thought you were talking to yourself in there,” Aika chuckled.  “I was just gonna say this milk tastes a little funky.  Should I throw it out?”

   “Yeah, sure,” Risa nodded.  “I’ll get a new one tomorrow.”

   “Okay,” Aika said.  “You should get in and close your veranda.  It’s kind of chilly in here.”

   “I’ll do that,” Risa nodded.  “Thanks.”

   Shooting her oddly stiff friend one more suspicious glance, Aika walked out and closed the door.  Risa immediately let out a huge sigh of relief as she started to sink down to the ground.  But then, she remembered her visitor and immediately turned around to look down below her veranda.

   “Ai-chan?” she yelled in a hushed tone.  “Ai-chan!”

   A figure popped into view from behind the tree as it slowly made its way to an open area on the sidewalk.  She waved happily with a smile, like a little child would, allowing Risa to laugh. 

   “I love it when you laugh like that,” Ai chuckled.

   “Go home,” Risa ordered, rolling her eyes at the sweet words.  “It’s getting late.”

   Ai nodded.  “Sweet dreams,” she said.  “And don’t change your mind!”

   Risa smiled, waving goodbye.  “I won’t,” she reassured. 

   I won’t let you go.  Never.


MEHEHE I hope that earns me some forgiveness..  :wub: :wub:

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 LOVELOVE - SAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :wigglypanda:  :luvluv2: :luvluv1: :on woohoo: :on gay: welcome back LOVELOVE - SAMA !!! woah ! it's been 4 months ! i missed you so much and yeah this fic of course !!!  :yossi:

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gah i was startng to wonder what happened to u aiai ;3; im happy you've been bussy in a good way so to speak lol you know i atleast wouldnt hate u ;3; and with a chapter like this who would?! so many kisses it turned me into goo at like 1:30 am XD

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thanks for giving such a good takagaki moment...  :cathappy:
glad to hear everything seem so fruitful during these 4 months...hope that everything is well in your new life...

please update more often in future  :)

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