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Author Topic: Koei's Writing Farm: The Mr. Moonlight’s Curse? (may-17-2013)  (Read 21136 times)

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm: Ultimate Crack (july-11-2012)
« Reply #100 on: July 12, 2012, 01:40:42 PM »
You're so genius :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I hope the Pedo Sayu still alive after she has to encounter with the kitty-liked lion Reina :lol:

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm: Ultimate Crack (july-11-2012)
« Reply #101 on: August 01, 2012, 04:24:34 PM »
Pedo Sayu and hysterical Reina are hilarious together  :rofl: What I find really worrying is the fact that I can so totally imagine this happening in real life :grin: More crack please!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm: Star (september-9-2012)
« Reply #102 on: September 09, 2012, 08:26:39 AM »
@Kurosawa87: Haha Sayu the chameleon  XD She can fit anywhere!
@Shiawase_Honoo: Hahaha I hope so as well! Pedo Sayu is the best!  :lol:
@BlackMeanie: Lol I'll try to bring more crack. Thanks for reading!  :cow:

Hey guys! So it's been almost two months since I've tended to the farm. Epic writer's block! EPIC!!!  :panic: But I seem to have gotten the inspiration this morning lol as in 2 am in the morning  :lol: curiously after a conversation about LOVE. As always thank you for reading! Enjoy your read and sorry for possible mistakes! Seed number 34 is up!


She’s there. It’s been a long time since she’s been lying there. Many stare at her misfortune. Some delighted that it is someone other than them, others…worried that it might happen to them. But nobody tries to reach out to her.

They fear she’s going to drag them along with her but in reality, she won’t accept their help. She won’t accept anybody’s help unless it comes from her; the one she lost.

From her position she sees a small face look into the well she floats in. A young girl’s features… She can’t be older than 7 yet she has something interesting …hard to explain but…interesting. Recalling where she has seen those eyes before; the girl can’t help but study this small head that has popped up and stares at her from above.

‘She’s been here ever since I came here…Why? Who is she?’

Her attention turns and stares at the girl’s features. Soft alabaster skin, light brown eyes one slightly off centered, short black hair. She’s beautiful…there’s no doubt. She’s beautiful because she’s alive. After studying those features a tear escapes her eyes…or…they would if she had the strength to shed them. But for her everything is crystalized and unmoving.

She’s looks as if fossilized in amber; perfectly preserved yet trapped inside this beautiful stony cage that when the light shines on it emits a beautiful picture of preserved perfection. Said perfection is one of the things that make people visit her. They come to see the princess that floats inside the bloody crystal. Naked and vulnerable inside this bloodstained stone which protects her and preserves her beauty.

And something unexpected happens. A tear crashes against the crystal which holds her and echoes within it. The girl sheds tears as she looks at her with a frown on her face. Her youthful eyes show a type of pain and sorrow no child should experience at that age. Her breath hitches and her small hand clutches the left side of her chest as she struggles with those sudden feelings that seem to overcome her.

‘Don’t cry…please…Please don’t cry.’

Those tears have become a thunderous rain that falls over her stone and crash with the loudest and most frightening sound there is. And she can’t seem to tear her eyes away; she can’t seem to move even though her heart aches and wishes to stop those tears the child is shedding. As she looks at the crying girl she sees her small body falling from where it stood and approaching her at a fast speed.

Horrified, her eyes widen and she tries to move and catch her. This child can’t fall in here with her. She won’t allow it. Nobody should feel her pain. But her efforts are futile and the girl crashes on top of the bloody crystal that holds her and it breaks apart.

It turns to liquid blood as it breaks and the she manages to take catch the girl and hold her in her embrace. Tightly grasping that small body; they quickly sink and the light that shines over that well gets further and further away until there’s no light left. Darkness surrounds them.

She closes her eyes and her senses concentrate on the small being she’s hugging. Through every spot that’s in contact with the child she can feel a soft heat emanating from her. It manages to slowly warm her up and the sign of a beating heart seems to calm her. Yet that darkness frightens her to on end. She doesn’t want to keep this child here but she can’t manage to find a way to get her away from her side.

“Why did you leave me?”

The sudden dejected whisper caught her off guard. Leave her? Why…she could never leave someone like this behind…It was her who was left behind not the other way. Still, her hold grew limp and the child managed to lock her wonky eyes with her. That action acted like a lightning bolt within her and realization seemed to spark.

“You would have been hurt. I couldn’t risk it.”

Her eyes were honest as she said those words, and the child understood that much. Words and actions could not form in her mind so she did what her heart told her to do; she rested against her body and hugged her. This action showed her the reason why she decided to leave the child behind.

‘This world isn’t a suitable place for a child. I had to leave her behind so that I could…so that I could…’

“Could do…What?”

After she whispered that question; her tears began to fall. Like a broken dam; they burst out of her eyes and fell down her cheeks towards the child. It had been a long couple of months. Food and water were almost impossible to get when one didn’t have money but the need to live was so crucial she had chosen to enter this world and trade her body for a meal.

This child she left before entering that world…this child is herself. She couldn’t live like this having such an innocent and pure part of her within so she cast her out and went on alone. But now, after she was a being no more…she was stuck in the same place without knowing why. And this child found her. She is now complete.


Her hold tightens around the child after a soft whimper escapes her lips. She had to console this child one way or another so she just hugged her and kissed the top of her head. Light was a long gone thought and in the darkness she held the little girl and rested her chin on top of her small head.

“Don’t be. I’m here…we’re together now. You won’t ever be alone again.”


On the middle of the street she lies. The perimeter marked with yellow tape, her head and stomach gushing blood from gunshot wounds. The white dress she had decided to wear that evening permanently stained with blood which had slowly but surely pooled around her pale body.

And as rain gently cascaded from the heavens, Tanaka Reina held a small cross necklace dear to her and smiled towards the sky. For the only light she can see with her soon-to-be lifeless eyes comes from the stars.

Stars she saw as a child, stars that brought her happiness whenever she looked at them. Stars she had neglected when her world turned dark… and stars that accompany her one last night.

'Could I please become a star?'


The end! It's short but after being so long gone it feels quite long  XD
Thank you for reading! Have a nice one!  :cow:

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm: Star (september-9-2012)
« Reply #103 on: September 09, 2012, 08:35:52 AM »
Welcome back :jphip:

I think in a way you run your mind through many stuff and sort of a way you just end on just the hope :nervous
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm: The Mr. Moonlight’s Curse? (may-17-2013)
« Reply #104 on: May 18, 2013, 01:49:36 AM »
@Kurosawa87: Lol thanks for the welcome! My mind's nuts lol I've decided to accept that fact  :lol:

Haa~~ It's been a while huh? Like 8 months? My writing inspiration seemed to have run away after that last seed. Haha! Therre's a lot of catching up to do reading and comenting and such.  :cow: Now let's see if my mind ain't so bad and another seed can grow up in here. Enjoy your read! Thanks for your support! And...WOW!! I've already been over a year in  :jphip: lol nice!

Seed number 35 is up!

The Mr. Moonlight’s Curse?

It was a pretty typical afternoon in Morning Musume’s dressing room as they hung around until it was time for another dance lesson. Snacks were scattered around the room as Sato and Ikuta ate and plotted numerous strategies to capture their adored Tanasatan and Niigaki-san. Mizuki, Ayumi, and Zukki were all taking pictures of a dozing Riho and Reina besides a posing Michishige. Haruna was resting on a couch with some toilet paper up her nose trying to stop her nosebleed do to all the moe in the room and Sakura had just finished fanning her before going towards a deep in thought Hakura.

-“Ne, sempai? Are you ok?” Asked Oda as she peered over some notes Haruka was writing.

-“Mmm…No…that won’t work…” Haruka crossed out some words she had penned down as she deeply sighed. Suddenly she felt her whole vision begin to shake and she flapped her hands to try and get herself together before hearing soft giggles by her side.

-“Sakura-chan! What?! What happened!?!?”

-“Sempai, you seem to be deep in thought…Is something bothering you?”

Both girls glanced down to the paper Haruka was scribbling on and Sakura giggled once more as Haruka began to turn beet red. Numerous “IshuDuu” and “Haru :heart: Ayu” accompanied by doodles of them both in a prince and princess attire filled the page that was currently under scrutiny by both girls. Oda decided to not laugh at her blushing sempai and simply sat down by her side waiting for Haruka to explain.

-“I don’t know why you’re waiting for an explanation Sakura-chan… Everybody knows I like Ayumi…”

-“It’s ok sempai! It’s good to finally get it out of your system! That’s the first step to getting the girl!” Sakura beamed as Haruka simply stared confused at her junior.

-“What do you think I should do?” A deep sigh was let go by the girl when suddenly Sakura was called to vocal lessons. Both girls bid each other goodbye and Haruka sat alone once again with her thoughts and her doodles.

Either she was thinking too hard or time seemed to move too fast; Haruka suddenly realized she was alone in the room right before someone just jumped at her and pinched her cheeks. She was getting ready to jump up and smack Sato over the head for jumping at her but when she looked up she realized it wasn’t Masaki who jumped her. Behind her; four of her seniors smirked and snapped pictures of her flustered face after she realized just who had pinched her cheeks.

-“Takahashi-san! Niigaki-sempai! Yoshizawa-san! Ogawa-san!” Haruka was so suddenly nervous she could only stare wide-eyed at her laughing sempai.

-“Haruka-chan I think we know our names pretty well. Even if that: was a really cute reaction.” Ai-chan said as she held Gaki’s hand tightly and they both looked at Haruka who began to blush deeply.

-“But looky here! It seems we have another one under love’s spell!” Yoshizawa said as she waved the piece of paper in the air and giggled alongside Makoto and the others. Haruka in turn deeply sighed and dropped on the sofa.

-“I’m sorry. I know it’s against the rules. You can punish me if you want sempai.”

The elders looked at each other confused and then stared at the sad Haruka in front of them. Being the motherly figured everyone knows her to be; Gaki stepped forward and held Haruka kindly by the shoulders. When the youngster looked up; tears were already beaming at her eyes and a pout was visible on her lips. Gaki patted the youngster’s head and smiled.

-“There’s no need for punishment Haruka-chan.”

-“That’s right! This just means you’ve been hit!” Makoto replied which in turn brought the others to face her with a really confused face. It seemed that she was talking in a theatrical monologue since she stepped aside form Yossy and with her hands held together Charmy style she began:

-“Indeed Haruka-chan! You have just been hit by…” Here she began to make some suspenseful music by her own. “The Mr. Moonlight Curse!” She finished with some lightning and thunder sounds. If this were an anime one could see over each member’s back of the head a sweat drop as they tried not to smack their and Makoto’s head. Yet, after a couple of seconds of silent reply Makoto simply looked at them and began to explain.

-“The Mr. Moonlight Curse, Gaki-san! You should know! You’ve been hit just as I have!!”

-“And what exactly is this curse Mako-chan?!” Gaki questioned as she tried to pry off her shoulder the now too close for comfort Makoto.

-“Ugh! Must I explain everything?! The Mr. Moonlight Curse is the curse that hits every Mr. Moonlight!”

-“Makoto…sweetie… I think you need some fresh air.” Yoshizawa was gently escorting her girlfriend out of the room when Ai suddenly stopped her.

-“Wait a second Yoshizawa-sempai! I think she’s onto something!”

-“Oh no, Ai-chan! Don’t indulge her anymore!”

Makoto looked at Ai-chan and pleaded to be heard when suddenly they just heard clapping. Haruka was staring at all of them with an irritated expression as she tried to get an explanation about said curse. Thus, Makoto began.

-“This curse is born with every single Mr. Moonlight. Handsome beings born with natural musical talent who can evoke this sexy aura of love. There have been two before you: Yossy and Ai-chan, and both had the same problem. They fell in love with the main girl from the song.”

-“Hey! What do you mean problem Mako-chan? You and I were the main girls in the song!” Gaki began to get infuriated before Makoto continued:

-“It was a problem Gaki-san! No Mr. Moonlight ever has had an easy time confessing to the main girl since the other members also star in the song and they all covet said Mr. Moonlight’s attention!”

-“Hey now Mako-chan. Let’s not bring our past into this matter…” Yossy mumbled to her girlfriend as Ai-chan cowered away from Gaki’s gaze.

-“There’s no need, but you know the dangers that lie ahead Yocchan. She’s not safe now.”

-“She’s right. If Haruka ends up being like Ai-chan she won’t confess until one of them graduates.”

Haruka was now getting scared to accompany her confusion. The words ‘danger’ and ‘graduate’ were getting to her nerves and a headache was beginning to make itself noticed. In a manner of seconds Yossy and Ai-chan flanked the young one’s sides to try and reassure her.

-“Don’t worry Haruka-chan! We’ll help you! You just have to be with everyone at the same time, keep it a secret, and then choose your favorite one! Easy!”

-“That’s right! If you don’t count yourself; there are seven more members: Haruna, Masaki, Ayumi, Riho, Erina, Kanon, and Mizuki. That means one for every day of the week! You’re set!”

*POW!* *BANG!*

A couple of blows landed on each of the Mr. Moonlight’s head that nearly KO’d them. Both Makoto and Gaki were fuming as a couple of bruises were beginning to take form over Yossy and Ai’s head. They then took Haruka by her hands and sat down on the couch leaving their girlfriends on the floor mumbling incoherently.

-“Don’t listen to their dumb advice Haruka-chan. You know who it is you like. Just trust yourself.” Risa said with a smile as Makoto nodded.

-“Take your time and confess to her when you deem necessary. This curse has another side to it as well! The main girl always falls for the Mr. Moonlight!”

-“As crazy as it sounds, Mako-chan is right! This means that Ayumi also feels the same way you do Haruka!”

Suddenly the girl’s face turned pale and her eyes widened. This expression from Haruka worried Mako and Gaki who in turn asked if something was wrong. Slightly trembling Haruka stood up and faced both her sempai.

-“The main girl in my performance of Mr. Moonlight wasn’t Ayumi…it was Maa-chan!”


Finished!! Phew! That was hard haha! Until next time!  :cow:

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm: The Mr. Moonlight’s Curse? (may-17-2013)
« Reply #105 on: May 18, 2013, 02:11:15 AM »

welcome back again

too bad I went over to the other side of fan fictions and only venture over here for certain ones :nervous

The Mr. Moonlight curse although formally Yossie>Ai-chan>everyone else :lol:
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