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Author Topic: Collective Nouns for Idols  (Read 1463 times)

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Collective Nouns for Idols
« on: March 07, 2012, 01:19:57 AM »
I have often wondered at the lack of collective nouns for groupings of idols, for example in nature we would refer to a flock of birds, or a pride of lions, but we seem to lack similar for Idols.  Perhaps we should make some up ourselves?

As Berryz recently celebrated their 8th anniversary, it may be as well to start there, what would be the collective noun for a grouping* of Berryz members?
(*the grouping referred to pertains to numbers below the maximum, a full grouping of Berryz members is called, of course, Berryz Koubou.)

After giving this problem long and serious thought I would propose that a grouping of members of Berryz Koubou henceforth be referred to as a Scattering and give reasons below.

(The Tall One, another one, in mid-scatter)

Berryz special power is The Scatter.  Now, in recent times The Scatter has become a much maligned skill - oft mistaken for cowardice, that is only because people confuse it with a wholly different technique, The-Run-Away.  The Scatter is in fact superior in every way and is one of the natural worlds best developed defences, this is due to it's inherently chaotic nature.  Say we were to startle a grouping of Berryz , and they adopted The-Run-Away, but all in the same direction, they would be doomed, but by Scattering, they raise the percentages of group survival.  In this documentary clip below, we can observe a group of young Berryz in the wild.

(note how they are already developing their scattering skills in the guise of "play", much as we would expect to see young lion cubs fighting and ear-nipping.)

By the time these young Berryz grow to full Idolhood their skills have been honed by years of practice, their scatter techniques powerfull enough to deploy against obsessive wotas, rude k-pop fans and dodgy gaijin lurking about in the back of vans.

So whenever there are a group of Berryz members gathering together, we can refer to a scattering of Berryz.

I have some ideas now for Morning Musume and Smileage - though having problems with C-ute!

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