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Author Topic: (Crossover) Living With You -- [HIATUS until further notice]  (Read 5882 times)

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(Crossover) Living With You -- [HIATUS until further notice]
« on: February 26, 2012, 05:36:48 AM »
*Note of Hiatus:
I have something else to focus of as of now. This will remain not updated until further notice. :) But I swear I will definitely finish this story.

I'm still not too confident towards this... umm.. writing Morning Musume fanfiction OTL. But I have an idea for a crossover fanfiction with AKB48.

It's a bit on the 'military type' side story so... yeah. I was wondering how much interest would you guys have in this story? o A o I don't have the prologue right now but... would you be interested in my official banner? =D

I did say it's an AKB/MM Crossover... these are the main couple/characters so far. Of course I'll have KameShige and MaYuki (to anyone interested) as well. But they won't be as main or whichever kljasdlkads I don't know what I'm talking about anymore.

So... anyone interested? ;__;

Note to Moderator-san: I'm not really sure where to post this... it'll be nice if I can leave a link (to this thread) in the AKB section so fans from that section could see it too  but... I don't know skdjasdsa.

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Re: [Crossover] Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Any interests?
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I'll read it. XD

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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Any interests?
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Definitely will read it!!!  :thumbup
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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Any interests?
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Don't really know AKB, but you had me at Takagaki

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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Any interests?
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@risa_ai: Thank you!
@sakura_drop_: Thank you very much!!
@rndmnwierd: o A o. I hope you would get to know AKB here, hopefully. o A o

A/N: This is a story that was originally for NanoFate. However, I still love NanoFate but I have practically lost all interest in writing this in NanoFate format so… I told Kira that I want to turn it into a fanfic.

However… KojiYuu won’t work for characters… AtsuMina won’t either… and most likely MaYuki won’t as well. So… I have decided to create it into a crossover fanfic of AKB48 and Morning Musume.

Sadly, this fic might be TakaGaki/KojiYuu centric… with AtsuMina, KameShige, and MaYuki on the side. So… if you ship them… I suggest you read. I assure you there will be comedy and, of course, wtf romance. So… let’s all have a taste of the prologue with Day xx  okay? xD

If this receives a lot of attention… I’ll be happy. If it doesn’t… then I’ll drop it <^^;;;;

Special Thanks to for the graphics!

Note: This is AU so don’t worry about knowing the AKB members. I’ll do my best so you would understand their character. =D

Character appearances in this Chapter

Living With You

Day xx

~Satsuki Akiyama~

“I… Ai… cha… n…” Heavy breathing ragged the air. Hard body shifts, fast movement, twitching. Sweat trickled down her temple. “Ai… chan…”

Mischievous lips smiled. She chomped on a flesh mound, her tongue playing with one tip playfully. As one hand penetrated, her other squeezed. “Near again?”

“Why are you so— Ah— insa— insat—“ Lust filled eyes shot closed, her hips twitching, her body shaking. “Why are you so… insatiable…?” Her eyes opened slowly, eyelids fluttering. She felt aggressive lips capture hers once more.

“It’s because… if you’d like to stop involuntarily inviting me… I won’t have to do this every single day…” Eyes burning with passion made contact with lust filled ones. Damp, brunette, long hair shaping up her curves, naked bodies clashing onto each other. “You just came the third time… I said seven, right?”

“You didn’t say anything about seven a da—“ Before she could retaliate, shoulder length chocolate hair sprawled down on the floor as they fell from the couch. Previously occupying the couch, the brunette managed to softly drag her down as they made out on the carpet right there in the living room. “Not seven a day, Ai-chan… --!”

“Aren’t I such a bad villain?” The brunette once again sealed her lips and forced herself deep down into their lust. The younger female, having no control over her mind and bodily hormones… kissed back.

‘Just how did I get into this…?’ the pinned down female thought. And indulged into hot love.

Day xx

Inside a pristine, white room, there lay a brown table. Behind it sat a female with long black hair and large black eyes, skin white in complexion and cheeks a bit puffy, her head resting atop her intertwined hands.

In front of her stood a flustered, fidgeting from time to time but still with a well composed appearance, chocolate haired female with brown eyes. Beside her, sitting on a steel chair, was a handcuffed, chestnut haired female. She had a lopsided ponytail and cat-like, chocolate colored eyes. They both stared at her the long haired female sitting across them.

From outside, the place seemed to have more than a hundred floors, but the interior’s top floor was the seventy-seventh platform where the General’s office was. It was in the middle of the city. The building had no labels. It just stood there, tall. The female before them smirked.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?”

“I—!“ The fidgety female opened her mouth.

“I definitely did, General Minegishi Minami,” the chestnut haired female said, crossing her legs in front of her. Despite having her hands handcuffed, she leaned her left elbow on her crossed leg and settled her face on top of the opened left palm. “What benefit do I get from this?”

The chocolate haired female just stared at her, mouth open. She then later on closed her mouth and looked at the aforementioned General

“Miichan,” she called to her without an honorific, like a close friend. She then scratched the back of her hair and sighed, “I don’t know what idea you have there, but why would you give me this… this… long term assignment? There are more qualified officers.”

The female behind the desk leaned back on her chair, tapping her head a little. She flashed them a shiny smile. “My judgment never falters. It’s simple.” She then went back to her previous position and half-glared at the two of them. “It’s because you two are the perfect candidates.”

The brunette sighed and scoffed, followed by a low growl. “What would the General of the Underground Investigators, an existence higher than the law, need from a felon like me?” She looked at her side and glared at the general.

But then the highly positioned officer just smiled at her. She raised her hands in the air around the same height of her head, palms up, open. She then smirked again. “Do you have a choice if I said that going with this assignment means your freedom?

“How do you assure me that I gain my freedom?” she asked back.

“That’s why I’m assigning her-” The black haired female pointed at the other person in the room. “– With you. She’d be a personal guard for your actions, a person you can trust, and, for some sheer miracle, a person you can love too.”

The chocolate haired female then started blushing and exhaled. She knew this was an important meeting; she should take this seriously. She was going to be assigned alone with a fugitive that was sentenced with life imprisonment. And then her superior even promised this female with freedom when the mission finishes. 

There must be something very special about this fugitive to be assigned to her, branded failure of the experimental division. A low Enforcer who did nothing but chase law breakers, she was pretty much a Traffic Officer, just a bit higher than them since she had the right to apprehend them.

But then again, she never worked for General Minegishi. She was assigned in the local jurisdiction, and right now she was specifically pulled out from that section to be given direct orders by her.

“What can I get from a puny Enforcer?” The fugitive scoffed again and stared at the fidgety female who didn’t look back at her. Her eyes hidden by one-sided bangs, her attention focused on the high officer in front of them.

“Don’t underestimate her, Ai-chwan~” The brunette winced at the spunked form of ‘chan’ but otherwise still listened. “She’s faster than your fingers could ever be.” She then smirked. The fugitive’s attention turned to the Enforcer, who caught the sexual undertone, and blushed. “Want to try?”

“If you don’t mi—“ the orange haired female said as she was face to face with a pointed tip of something she couldn’t make out. A hand caught the middle of the long and thin object, hair she most likely did not own fluttering right on her face. “Not bad, Ms. Enforcer,” she told her and smiled.

“Miichan. That was dangerous. You could’ve done something else. And I’m not that fast. Someone’s better than I am,” the Enforcer said and walked towards the black haired female, who smiled apologetically at her. “And even though this thing is just the key to her cuffs, the tip is still pointed.”

“So do you accept the mission now?” the General said with a grin on her face. She leaned onto one of her hands and looked at the two of them. The brunette looked to her side with a ‘tsk’ and sighed. “That’s a yes there, Gaki-san?”

The chocolate haired female just sighed and reached for her head. She slumped her shoulders and shook her head. She smiled at her friend and saluted, “Can I ever refuse you, Miichan?”

“Does the military tolerate this kind of relationship?” the brunette asked, looking at the General in front of them.

The shoulder-length-haired Enforcer looked at her, but they accidentally avoided each other’s gaze. The General just chuckled a bit and appeared less strict. “No. But this isn’t a military office. In this place, rank means nothing.”

“She just saluted you, right?” the fugitive asked.

“That’s just out of habit. Gaki-san, she’s asking you to quit it.” Minegishi Minami said and smiled at her friend.

Gaki scratched her head and chuckled a bit. “I guess it was a habit,” she said. She then knelt down in front of the handcuffed female and let go of her hands. “I’m Niigaki Risa, nice to meet you,” she introduced herself and extended a hand towards the chestnut haired female looking at her.

A slight tint of blush spread across the face of said felon and quickly looked away. “Takahashi Ai, pleased to meet you.” She stood up upon having her hands freed, completely ignoring the extended hand before her. She walked near the window and rested her back beside it. “So spill the beans about this mission already,” she asked the General, completely ignoring the Enforcer’s gaze.

“You two won’t be alone in the neighborhood anyway.” General Minegishi loosened up her uptight position from before and grinned. “I’ve assigned two more partnered agents in town. You’ll meet them soon.”

Risa looked at Ai as she furrowed her eyebrows. Minegishi just shrugged. “Tsundere much…?” she whispered.

“What?” Those cat-like eyes squinted, her facial expression turning into a scowl.

“I said, ‘shoe-in-there-much?’ I’m not one to make too much sense. So I’m giving you your mission details, and listen to me, carefully.


“Thank you very much!” The chocolate haired female bowed as she waved at a taxi pulling out of the garage and driving away from the location.

Chestnut hair went astride with the wind, lopsided ponytail swaying in the same direction. Curious eyes looked up at the building before them as the other, slightly taller female looked up as well.


“There’s this large warehouse in the middle of the city. You’re going to setup a private investigations office there. The two of you will be the main investigators. You two will take up different tasks, from a small scale one to a large scale one. I’m also gonna send in some of my trustworthy colleagues to assist you in missions.”


The two of them went inside and explored. It was empty as if it was completely wiped out. There were seven rooms: two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room and the kitchen, one room in front as the front desk, and one room beside that that acted as the meeting room.


“If it’s an office it means forever, right? What part of freedom do I get from there?”


They observed the building beside it, and it was a police department office disguised as a bread factory. It seemed like everything was prepared from locations to personnel… not the appliances though. It looked like the two of them who were going to start living there together would have to buy everything.


“The freedom you get is before and after office hours. You already agreed; no more taking it back, and besides, that’s better than some moldy cell, isn’t it? The office will only be open from 10AM to 6PM. Time before and after those times and every Sunday is your free time.”


The two of them walked outside and noticed that there was a completely different place behind the large warehouse. There was a pool and a miniature gym consisting of weights, treadmills, and some exercise mats. It was a really large place, but from the outside the only thing that could be seen was the main office.


“And then? Miichan, why this?”


The two of them, although surprised, acted civil and composed. “Ah, Ai… Taka… A… Takahashi-san, where are you going?” Risa asked the other female beside her, who suddenly turned to a corner and went into the gym-slash-swimming pool that was directly behind the house.


“It has come to my knowledge that there are a lot of underhanded cases that don’t get reported because of the lack of private investigators. Because of the Male Division of the military, trust towards the police is practically close to zero. So, if we created a small agency that was private and unrelated to the ‘dirty officers,’ at least people would start trusting others again. And we might be able to prevent more incidents.”


“Ai is fine,” she said as her hair fluttered while walking towards the Olympic-sized outdoor pool. Although outdoor, the whole back part of the warehouse only had large trees and the rest were walls. The place was definitely closed off to strangers. She kneeled down beside the deep part of the pool and let her hand run through the water. “This…” She dug her hand into the water and pressed a button at the side of the pool. It then quickly drained the water.


Minegishi Minami threw something at the Enforcer, who caught it within arm’s reach. The black haired female smiled at the female’s quick reflexes, which Takahashi Ai ignored. “That’s the key to the large warehouse. A taxi’s outside, you two can take it there. The driver already knows where it is. And oh, a client will arrive at 7PM. Tend to your client nicely, okay?” She looked at Ai upon mentioning ‘nicely’ and chuckled.


“How’d you know that was a water recycling button?” the curious enforcer asked. Walking towards her as she looked around the surroundings, it was pretty sealed off, but the place was very refreshing. She looked at the trees. It looked like they extended into a mini forest near the back. The place was really big, but what was obvious was that it just looked like a normal office from the outside and a horrendously big place behind it, not to mention the house was connected to the pseudo-bread factory nearby through an air bridge.


The chestnut haired female sighed and stood on her toes. She then walked past her future partner and went to the elevator. “Let’s go, brat,” she said as the mentioned ‘Gaki’ followed her, nodding towards Miichan, and rode the elevator down. It was a very silent ride. One, Niigaki Risa wasn’t one who was good at dealing with people she just met for the first time. Two, Takahashi Ai didn’t seem the talkative type.


“This… was my house.” Ai’s eyes closed and opened then stared into the mini forest. “I guess General Minegishi bought it off my parents after I was arrested ten years ago,” she said and stood up. She was supposedly going into the forest but the doorbell suddenly rang. She pivoted fast to the direction they came from. Subconsciously, she tripped over a stray electric cable. Dark brown colored hair moved in a flash, catching her softly into her arms. Her shocked eyes stared into soft eyes as arms were wrapped around the brunette’s slim waist. In a swift movement, she pushed the bearer of the soft eyes into a wall, engaging in close physical contact that shocked the squashed female with the sudden close proximity of their faces.


The whole taxi ride, Niigaki Risa was ignored. Inside the seventy-seventh floor of the building, Minegishi Minami sighed in relief and chuckled. “I’m such a cupid of some sort.”


A blush spread across the taller female’s face. She saved her and yet she got cornered onto the wall. She still held the smaller female’s waist as that same female’s hands were right beside her neck, pressed on the wall. They both stared into each other’s eyes, not letting go of anyone. The brunette’s head started moving, closer, engulfing the distance between them. “Ai… Ai- chan..? T- the doorbell rang… right? Y- you wouldn’t want to make the person wait.”

Cat-like eyes widened. She pulled back, half-hurriedly removing the arms from her waist and escaping through the last door they went through and opening the door. Niigaki Risa sighed. It wasn’t the first time she sensed danger, but that was truthfully scary. Or so she thought.

Presently, Takahashi Ai opened the main office’s door and was greeted by an all too familiar appearance. “Yo!” it greeted.

“Oh, it’s you,” Ai said and started closing the door when hands of the visitor suddenly grabbed the door. “What?”

“I’m your first client! Hey!” the bearer of the voice said as it desperately tried to open the door. “C’mon~”

“You’ve got to be kidding me—“ Ai said in an all too stoic way when Risa arrived in the scene after fixing her heartbeat.

“Miichan,” Risa called her name as Ai let go of the door and Minegishi came flying inside. Rolling on the ground with her hands on the same height as her head protecting her precious brain from the impact, she landed right in the middle of the room, lying face up. “What’s up?”

“The nice, pristine white and clean ceiling. Anyway, I told you a client’s going to come this evening and to treat that person nicely right?” Miichan got up from the floor and dusted her clothes. “Well, your first client is me.” The longhaired female pointed to herself with her thumb.

Takahashi Ai sighed. Niigaki Risa raised an eyebrow. The younger female (Risa) turned to face the chestnut haired female and talked to her. “Ai-chan, which bedroom are you gonna stay in then?”

The female shrugged and pointed at the direction of the room that was close to backyard. Risa nodded and then walked towards the main house.

“You two, don’t ignore me!” Miichan said and pouted. “Maybe I’ve done too much power play on them,” she thought. She huffed and crossed her arms. “I’m your first client, so you two take me seriously and get back here,” she spoke again in a serious and highly dignified tone. It seemed to have caught their attention. The two of them went back to her.

“What is it, General?” Ai said as she leaned on the wall and, for some reason, yawned.

“Tired already, Ai-chan?” she asked her and looked at her, and then shifted her gaze to the Enforcer, “You…?” Risa shook her head left and right and put up her hands in front of her in denial. “Really?”

What is it?” Ai asked again and, once more, yawned. “If you don’t answer now, I’m going to leave you and the brat and go to sleep.”

Miichan sighed and chuckled. “Fine, fine. As your first client, I want you to go out tomorrow and buy appliances for the place. You can only buy everything that you need. Your subordinates will arrive tomorrow at exactly twelve noon, so I suggest that you two get up early, leave early, and, of course, come back early.”

“That’s it?” Ai said and yawned again. Risa just looked at her and blushed.

“There’s got to be something else. You don’t go greeting your agents personally, Miichan,” Risa said and leaned on the other side of the wall, leaning her head sideways.

“I am ordering you to go to a particular store that opens at seven in the morning. I received files from a male friend working in that particular store. He asked for an official investigation regarding the behavior of his co-workers. In summarization, male workers have been sexually harassing female customers and female clerks. Although having all the right to report it to the authorities, they are currently kept quiet due to blackmail,” Minegishi said and facepalmed in a glorified way. “With beautiful girls such as you two, I’m sure this mission would go well. I’ll see the criminals tomorrow then.”

“You sure do have a lot of friends,” Takahashi Ai retorted as she yawned. “You sure you’re not an errand girl or something?”

“Pretty sure I’m not an errand girl, Ai-chan.” She stood upright and proud. “I’m an errand woman! A grown up, wo~ma~n~” she said it in its glamour.

“Then, can you leave now so we— so I can sleep?” Ai said, completely ignoring the plural pronoun she accidentally said. Apparently she had consideration for other people. Miichan seemed to notice this as well but didn’t pry onto it. It was roughly past seventy thirty in the evening.

“I will be leaving now, and your luggage is going to arrive at ten later. At least one of you two should receive it.” Miichan walked towards the entrance and put on her shoes. “Good luck and enjoy yourselves,” she said and winked at the two of them before going out the door.

General Minegishi walked outside, stretching her arms. “Hm. I guess that should settle it. Time to get back to some real work,” she told herself and smiled.

“Is she always like that?” Ai asked Risa as she walked past her and into her room, slowly opening the door.

“Well… most of the time at least,” Risa answered and chuckled lightly. Ai was about to open her mouth to speak was cut halfway by Risa. “Good night. I’ll receive the luggage,” she told her and smiled a radiant one that warmed everyone’s hearts. 

Ai’s face flushed slightly pink. It seemed like Risa did not take notice of it due to the house still being dimly lit for having a lack of light bulbs and lamps. “Night,” she said and immediately went inside the room. She pressed her back to the door and sat on the floor. “Something about her is… breaking me.”

Risa sat on the floor beside the door to Ai-chan’s room and sighed. “I just can’t understand her. She seems so far away and yet gentle at the same time.” She sighed again and looked around. “But this place sure is really empty,” she told herself and didn’t noticed that she had dozed off a bit.

The loud sound of the doorbell ringing made Risa snap her head up in surprise. She immediately got up and opened the door to find the deliverymen outside the door. She immediately walked over to them and accepted the clipboard. They entered the main house, bringing in and setting the boxes down, and settled down, waiting for the clipboard. She hastily signed it and stretched her hands out for them to accept it.

Apparently the man, clad in red and white with a matching cap, face concealed by the visor, accepted it with his hands flirting around Risa’s wrist, giving it an intimate touch.

The female raised her eyebrow. The other men looked at her. She knew that someone was up to something.

“Is that how you treat clients every day, mister? Subtle sexual harassment.” A voice all too familiar to Risa echoed from inside the room. She walked towards the men who started sweat dropping. “Your business is done, right? We can do the arrangement ourselves,” Ai said and almightily stood beside Risa. The man, who was previously making a move on the innocent female, took a step backwards.

“Or you’d rather not respect some of our private time?” The chestnut haired female snaked her arms around the Enforcer’s neck, pulling her down. She nibbled on the shocked, dark brown haired female’s ear as the men started walking out the door. “Please show yourselves outside as we are too busy. Thanks!” she told them as the deliverymen scuttled outside, bowing in regards to them and closing the door. They heard a car engine start and immediately leave in seconds.

“Uh… Umm… Ai…chan...?” Gaki tried talking but her face caught fire. "Wh... What are you..." She stuttered her way to Ai’s eyes and stared at them. Mischievous eyes were half-opened, filled with sensual temptation and a tint of seduction. Her hair seemed like she just got out of bed, and a few buttons of her blouse were open.

"Don't act passive towards them..." she said in that cold, sultry voice, chestnut hair slowly moving nearer to the younger girl's lips. "You don't know what they'll do to you," she told her, hot breath grazing on Risa's upper lip. "Even if you're an Enforcer." She looked down to the floor, and softly pushed the shocked female away from her.

Ai’s eyes wandered around as she turned her back to still shocked ones belonging to Risa. She then knelt onto one of the boxes with her name on it. "Let's unpack," she said.

And that was the last word uttered during that evening. The air was filled with a tint of an awkward atmosphere, the chestnut haired female not making a move or having contact with the Enforcer. And the poor Enforcer was possibly over thinking quite a few things right now with their first few encounters.

This was not how she normally acted. "Something about her... just throws me off-balance."   Risa reached for her hair and shook her head left and right.

Day – End.

Upcoming Next – Day 00.

PR Note: Sorry if the proofreading on this sucks more than usual. Some guy proofread and changed a lot of things before I got to this, and let’s just say that… he could use a grammar class or two. Or three. Or a thousand.
Also, I’m lazy. /shot
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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Day XX (2/26)
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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Day XX (2/26)
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Steamy TakaGaki is always welcomed  :imdead:

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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Day XX (2/26)
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Well, definitely a great start to any chapter! And so much flirting~~!

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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Day XX (2/26)
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woot~ its up~!!!

criminal ai-chan and enforcer risa sounds epic~ and that opening! :w00t: :drool: kiwi likes~ lol cant wait to see how this'll go~! :deco:
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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Day XX (2/26)
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wow this is paradise *_* lol this i'll definitely read i'm a fan of takagaki and akb since a few years now and finally theres a fanfic that have all my favorite pairings(TakaGaki,KojiYuu,AtsuMina) in it. what a way of starting a chap :-) thank you for writing this crossover ,cant wait for kojiyuu and kameshige and lol miichan always the forever alone cupid troll please update soon!

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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Day XX (2/26)
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Ok! You win! I'll read this fanfic from now on! :p I TELL YOU, YOUR WRITING IS HELL GOOD!! Especially ai. XD I totally fell in love with her nonchalant and cool attitude! Although I didn't really get the first chapter. Was it a flashback? Update soon, or I shall die!! XD

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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Day XX (2/26)
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I just read chapter one looking like this ---> :stunned:

the entire time.  Rini likey :)  Rini will stick on and hope for more!

P.S. Military themed stories rule.  I likes me some action ;)

Your writing style is sooooo detailed and interesting and catching and fluid!  Love~  Please update soon!  Rini will be creeping around as she waits :D 
Hi~iiya!~  (>^_^)>
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Re: Living With You (TakaGaki) -- Day XX (2/26)
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... it's the beginning and there's already smut present... wae you shock us like this?
“You just came the third time… I said seven, right?”
:bleed eyes:
“She’s faster than your fingers could ever be.”
:shocked :bleed eyes:
Her shocked eyes stared into soft eyes as arms were wrapped around the brunette’s slim waist. In a swift movement, she pushed the bearer of the soft eyes into a wall, engaging in close physical contact that shocked the squashed female with the sudden close proximity of their faces.
She nibbled on the shocked, dark brown haired female’s ear as the men started walking out the door.
holy shit... but way to show them aichan!

lol, anyway, i like where this story began :D! criminal aichan and officer gaki 8)


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Re: (Crossover) Living With You -- Day XX (2/26)
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Sorry, I'll reply to replies later OTL.


Living With You
Day 00

“Aaaaaallllwaaaaayssssss, I wanna be with youuuu… And make believe with youuuu and live in harmonnyyy harmonnyyyy, oh looovveeee.” A loud voice echoed all throughout the main office as a long black haired female, also the bearer of the voice, barged in through the office door, her left hand in front of her with one hand pulling a stroller. “Hola, mi amigos!”

“Did you lose a screw or something?” Takahashi Ai asked. She was leaning on an empty wall with her arms crossed. “The brat and I would be more than willing to help you find it just to pull you out of abnormality, General.”

“I hope I’m screwed up, but too bad. I don’t have time to do that,” Miichan answered as a matter of fact, sticking her tongue out with a ‘tehepero.’ "It's not that I mind if one of you two would--"

"So why on earth are you here, genius?" Irritated eyes squinted at her. Risa’s eyebrows quirked as she half-glared at the poor general. The enforcer had just left her room, her appearance fine save for her very messed up hair.

"Chill, tiger. I know that you're not good during the morning. I'm just here to give you guys a game," she told the irritated female in front of her and gave them a Cheshire smile. “So are you guys up or what?” She lifted two thumbs up and wiggled them left and right.

“Tell us first, then we’ll decide,” grumpy Risa told her, those usually cheerful eyes now in a glare. She fixed her hair with her fingers and then all of a sudden she sighed. 

“So, the brat can feel irritated too.” Ai made a snide remark followed by a smile. Miichan swiftly caught this reaction and smirked once more.

“Once I tell you two what it is, then you’d do it.” Minegishi Minami said, mischievously grinning. “So am I going to say it now or what?” she told them, putting up a gachapin expression as she clasped her hands together.

“Just out with it already!” grumpy Gaki-san said as she half shouted at the general. She grasped on to her head for a splitting headache and looked at Miichan and Ai. “Just say it, Miichan.”

“Sorry, Risa-chan, I know your duty always starts at nine in the morning but I need you to do this just for today.” She walked over her and patted her shoulder. “So to be out with it…”

“So that’s why office hours start at 10:00 am.” Ai butted in the middle of the conversation and looked at Miichan. “So? What is it?”

“No real guns,” Miichan said, raising her hands up to her shoulder level, waving them left and right. “All you can carry is an air gun with paintball pellets.”

“Why would we even need one?” the enforcer asked grumpily and massaged her temples. “Are you saying that the perverts have weapons?”

“I’m definitely NOT answering that, Risa-chan. What I’m saying is, better to be prepared than not.” Miichan said it as a matter of fact and slid her stroller in front of her. She pushed down the handle and then laid down the bag on the ground and opened it.

The bag contained several magazines, most likely containing paintball pellets for a simple airsoft gun. There were also four to six automatic Glock 18 airguns stowed inside it. The bag also contained a few sniper rifle airguns and Uzi submachine guns. Miichan pulled out two Glock 18 airguns and tossed Ai and Risa one each. She then swiped six magazines and tossed three each to the pair.

“For what?” Ai asked and inspected the air gun. She cocked the gun and whistled. “Top quality.”

“Like I said, to be prepared. Who knows what’ll happen?” Miichan answered and looked at Risa. The enforcer inspected the gun. She held it on her hand, ejected the magazine, and inspected the paintball pellets it contained. Satisfied, she put it back. “Quality is satisfactory, ain’t it?”

“True,” Ai answered and switched off the safety. She ejected and inspected the magazine, seeing if it was missing one bullet, and put it back. “Very satisfactory.” The brunette gave her a sheepish smile and pointed the gun at Miichan.

“Hey, hey. You don’t point that at a colleague, mah friend.” The black haired female looked at her and smiled, holding her hands up in the air. “Down, down,” she said as she put her raised hands up and down, signaling for Ai to put down her gun.

A loud faux exploding sound emerged from the gun as compressed air discharged from the weapon’s smooth barrel. White paint splattered at where Miichan’s left foot used to be. Risa looked at her gun pointing at Miichan’s foot and raised an eyebrow.

“A lil’ bit more to the left,” Risa said as she inspected the gun again. Cat-like eyes looked at the grumpy police officer.

General.” Those cat-like eyes sparkled in amusement. “I’m gonna love your brat.” She said, point-shooting at the scared general’s right foot. (Ooooh, someone already admits it 8D)

“But that’s not all” Miichan said as she perfectly dodged the blue paint on the ground and stepped backward. “I want the two of you to stay together.”

“What?” the sleep enforcer asked grumpily as she packed the gun and the magazines inside her black leather jacket. She saw the brunette do the same thing to her white cotton jacket.

“Because, staying together is sweet~” Miichan said and then hugged herself. The two female just shrugged their shoulders and walked past her, leaving her in the office.

“Take care of the office while we’re away, ‘kay? Let me borrow your car too,” the still grumpy officer told Miichan and shut the door in the gachapin’s face.

“Enjoy~” she practically told the door and started shuffling for her phone and dialed some numbers. “Hello? Ah, yes, yes. They left already. Please bring those here.”

“You are actually a good driver,” the side ponytailed brunette said as she looked out the window, her chin on top of her fist that was laying on the armrest. She wore blue skinny jeans and black rubber shoes with a nice orange and blue top underneath her white cotton jacket.

“This is part of being an enforcer, I guess. Chasing traffic rule breakers,” Risa answered, her eyes kept on the road as her left hand changed gears. She wore black jeans paired with black and yellow leg boots with a plain white shirt underneath her black leather jacket.

“Isn’t that the traffic division’s job?” the brunette asked, her eyes darting from the window to the beautiful female driving beside her, back and forth.

“We do get dirty jobs,” she answered and stepped on the gas harder. She looked at the blinking dot on her GPS to know that she was nearing their destination. “When did we get this talkative towards each other?”

“Since General failed at life and woke you up early.”

Niigaki Risa was never good with mornings. In fact, they made her grumpy. they made her show the hidden side of herself, a Niigaki Risa that’s not shy, the side that no one has seen other than Miichan, and now, Takahashi Ai.

The two stood in front of an eight-story building. They looked up in the sky as the sun shone on their faces, their arms over their eyes.

Risa opened her mouth;

“WHO IN FUCKING EARTH THOUGHT OF BUILDING AN APPLIANCE STORE AT THE 4TH FLOOR OF A FREAKING BUILDING BESIDE A RESORT?!” Someone with short black hair wearing a lapel mic shouted. Suddenly she winced on one side as if someone had just shouted into her ears.

“Who are you?” Ai, slightly pissed raised an eyebrow and asked.

“How rude of me. Nice to meet you, Takahashi-san, Niigaki-san. My name’s Oshima Yuko, Miichan’s tactical Con Artist and Communications Specialist. Today, she assigned me to your office as the front desk clerk and information researcher together with a lov—“ She suddenly winced into a side as if someone shouting in her ear again. “F- friend, who will be working with me at the main base. She did promise to occasionally drop by, however.” She fixed her lapel mic and took out an ID holder and showed her police badge. She wore casual jeans and tank top.

“What are you doing here then?” Niigaki Risa asked, slightly back to her old personality as the day started.

“Miichan told me to keep watch over you two. Although I’ll just back up from outside just in case something happens.” She answered the question and puffed out her chest. “Despite being a midget, I’m good at my job. Although you two aren’t any different.”

The two just stared at her for a moment.

“Uh… how did you get here?” just to break the ice, police officer Niigaki asked.

 “Oh, I rode a bike from the opposite direction you two came from. I GPS’d your car,” she answered with a smile, dimples appearing on her cheeks. She then took something from her bag and handed it to the two. “These are communicative transmitters. Put them in your ears and I’ll keep you updated from outside.”

The two accepted it then put the single earphone on their ears. Risa sighed and walked towards the building as Ai looked at the building once more and walked in as well.

“I have a really, really bad feeling about this,” she muttered.

The building was adjacent to a big resort that had an Olympic pool right at the left side of the building. There were other small buildings beside it. In this part of the city, this was the only property built in it.

Ai and Risa arrived in the appliance store and were immediately eyed by the males in the area.

“Good. Can you guys here me?” Yuko asked as she looked at the portable laptop mounted on her bike that showed sound waves and feeds from the store’s hidden cameras.

“Loud and clear, squirrel girl,” Ai answered and looked around.

“Just so you know, the guns are not detected by any sort of detector because they are not made of metal. So feel free to just pass by security,” Yuko told them as the two of them went inside the store.

The male employees eyed the two as they walked around the place, standing beside each other, looking at all sorts of appliances. A female employee then walked towards the two of them, trying to do sales talk.

“Go- good morning, m- ma’am,” the female clerk greeted the two of them but only Risa looked at her. “A- are you two okay? Sh- shopping here, I mean.”

“Well, of course. If we don’t go here, you guys won’t have salaries, will you?” Risa answered and gave the female a glamorous smile that made the poor girl blush.

“But, you know, I mean, the… ru- rumor…” the girl said as she stuttered upon hearing a horde of men coming from behind her. “Please enjoy your stay!” the clerk said on a whim then ran away.

Curious cat-like eyes kept on moving from one bed to another bed, checking which one was soft. She glanced at Risa’s direction from time to time, looking at what’s happening. They were over at the bed section about four meters apart from each other.

“Hello there, miss.” A male with short red hair greeted Ai. He softly grazed his hand on her right thigh. “What type of bed would you like?”

“I can choose which one I want, thanks.” She tried to sound polite as she kept a straight face. “Definitely perverts here. No hesitation feeling me up, huh?”

“My suggestions are quite good,” the red-haired guy insisted as he felt up Ai’s right leg again. He started trailing upward to the female’s butt when a hand gripped his wrist tightly and held it away.

“No touching.” A low pitched voice followed by a growl echoed from beside the side ponytailed brunette. The red haired guy forcefully pulled back his hand from Risa’s grip. He raised both of his hands open in the air and took a step backward while laughing nervously.

“Yo, brat.” Takahashi Ai greeted Risa as she continued to walk around and test the comfort of the beds with her knee. “Doing well here, though suddenly I feel like blowing up everything in here to pieces.”

The two then walked away from the crowd of male employees and went on to a different section. The red haired guy went to his accomplices and got a pat on the back.

“Nice try, Peter bro’.” A shorthaired blonde said and slapped the red haired guy named Peter’s back. “They seem pretty close don’t they?” 

“Dude, lesbians are always hot,” another guy with black hair said. “Mitch, you should try going for the taller one.”

“No way, Maynard, that hottie glared me down when I was talking to her.” the guy named Mitch, a shorthaired blonde, answered and he sighed. “How ‘bout you, Joao? Wanna try?”
“I’ll go for the taller hottie then, since you guys are such wussies. And after all, I like very ferocious bean faced ones,” Joao, a longhaired red head answered and walked away from his group. He approached Niigaki Risa from behind her and swiftly walked past her then stopped right in front of the female.

“Good day,” Joao greeted Risa who just stared at him blankly. “Would you like some soft pillows?” Joao said as he pulled a pillow right from the rack behind Risa. He let his hand pass through her chocolate colored hair, making it as an excuse to put his face near the officer’s.

“No thanks,” Risa answered him and walked away to the side that his hand wasn’t bordering on. Before she could even get away and follow Ai to wherever she was, Joao grabbed her wrist and pulled her to himself sliding his palms down her back. “Personal space, please.” She pushed him away hard enough to bump his back on the rack behind him. She then walked away.

The lopsided ponytailed brunette looked at her and sighed. “Men here are nutcases,” she told her and, crouched down in front of the lavatory appliances. “Brat, look at this here.” She pointed at something black and rectangular with a blinking red dot.

Risa also crouched down and looked at it. “Huh, looks like a bomb to me,” she answered and looked at it closer. “Yuko, are you there?” 

“Yes, Niigaki-san?”

“Ai-chan and I found a suspicious black object. I’m taking a photo with my phone. I’ll tell Miichan to have it analyzed in the base and send it to you.”

“Alright, Niigaki-san!”

The two were about to stand up from their discovery, preparing to move on to the next stall when the unexpected happened.

A loud bang echoed across the store as the entrance doors parted and rammed the walls.

“EVERYBODY FREEZE! WE’VE PLANTED BOMBS ALL OVER THE PLACE! DO ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS AND WE BLOW THE PLACE UP!” A man wearing a full woodland pattern camouflage outfit and a gas mask shouted as a seven men rounded up behind him.
All the employees ducked down as the terrorist-like man pulled out a machine gun from behind him and started shooting at the ceiling.

Niigaki Risa ducked, covering a certain Takahashi with her body until the shooting subsided. When Risa parted from Ai, she noticed that the female was holding her left palm over her face.

“This day… is seriously making me facepalm a lot.” Takahashi Ai in her whole life, had never felt humiliated this much. “Looks like General wanted us to play with real guns, brat.”

The Officer just looked at her with a bored expression, her arms still wrapped around the brunette. She looked at the blinking bomb near them and said, “I know.”

“Takahashi-san, Niigaki-san, can you hear me?” The two answered confirmation as they hid behind a stall while the gas masked men rounded up the employees and the little to none customers who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time by the exit and tied them up. “According to the analysis, it’s a sleep bomb. It has been used a lot of times by the police when raiding bars and strip clubs that had no business permits. Obviously, its effect is a small explosion and a cloud of sleeping gas post-detonation.”

“How big is the explosion?” Ai asked as they continued observing the robbers tying up their hostages.

“Just about 1 meter in diameter. Pretty small, I say.”

“Is there any way to determine the locations and how many of these are in the place?” Risa whispered to her device as she and Ai retreated to a secluded area to hide from the masked men.

“ALRIGHT, BOYS! OPEN THEIR BAGS AND TAKE WHAT THEY HAVE!” A masked man ordered as he and his ilk helped themselves to their spoils.

“There is. Just place a transmitter on the floor. I can use it to search for blinking signals and I should be able to track estimation on the location of the other ones placed inside,” Yuko explained. Without asking, Risa immediately removed her transmitter and placed it under a shelf. 

“Why did you put yours?” the brunette asked and stared.

“SPREAD OUT, BOYS! MAKE SURE WE HAVE EVERYONE!” the masked marauder ordered again and the eight men dispersed.

“I trust you. There’s no reason not to do so,” Risa answered and smiled at her. “Are you thinking about what I’m thinking?”

“Squirrel girl said that the bombs have timers but she can’t determine how long they’re set to explode. They could be detonated as well,” Ai said as she stood up and went over to the next stall adjacent to Risa’s. “Also, yes. I know what you’re thinking, brat. Playtime, eh?”

“Let’s go then,” Niigaki Risa said as she pushed a vase off from its shelf to distract the men. She took out her Glock and ran around to hide behind a cabinet.

The brunette ran around in a loop from the front of the store to the other side and threw a small stool at an unsuspecting robber, smashing directly in his face. He reached for his face to his mask. Fixing himself, he discovered his assailant. Ai immediately hid in between chairs and took out her gun. She aimed straight at the masked man’s eyes. A duo of paintball pellets burst out as compressed air discharged and sent them splattering hard on the mask visor.

The man felt the impact of the pellets and cursed as his vision darkened to blue and white.

“They’re scattered. They won’t just randomly shoot people when there’s risk of friendly fire. Good job,” the brunette thought as she ran away from the struggling robber off to her next one. 

Risa ran toward the hostages struggling with their shackles.  “There are four left guarding the employees. The other four went on the other side to check for people. Now… what to do.”  The enforcer crouched beside a bed.

“Takahashi-san, there are a total of twenty sleep bombs scattered, about 10 – 14 meters away from each circled around the area. They’ll detonate in the next three minutes. You two need to get out of there,” Yuko spoke as Ai blinded the eyes of her last victim with vengeful blue paint and ran towards the front door and reached the opposite side from Risa.

Risa noticed Ai at the other side of the hall. She quickly dove in the middle of the store and kicked a row of kitchen equipment that toppled like dominos, producing a loud clang that resounded throughout the store.

“What the hell was that?” one of the robbers said as he looked at the others behind him. “Let’s check it out.” The three nodded and the four went to investigate.

Risa kicked more rows causing more ruckus when she saw four men who had abandoned their masks approach her. She spotted another four masked thugs closing on her. Cautiously observing from the distance, Ai understood that the enforcer had drawn the thugs from the hostages.

Ai quietly shifted towards the exit and opened the doors. She untied and freed the unattended hostages and tactfully led them out, instructing them to stay sharp on the way out. Confirming the escape of the last of the hostages, she locked the door and walked slowly and grimly back to the center of the besieged living appliances store.

“Yo, sexy hottie. What a nice piece of ass you are,” one of the unmasked thugs bearing his teeth in a malicious and lecherous grin said to Risa as his pack closed in behind her. “So how about you come with us nice and quiet and, have a little fun. You won’t regret it.”

Risa raised an eyebrow at the thug. He lunged at her like a tiger with his hands in front of him like a sumo wrestler. She agilely dodged to her side and watched her attacker run past her. She scratched her head and sighed. “C’mon babe. This ain’t hurtin’.”  He lunged at her again with the same animal barbarity as before. This time, Risa got the better of the moment. The dazzling enforcer sidestepped out of the way and drove a hard knee in the man’s gut.

The predator became the prey as the man flopped over Risa’s interdicting knee, proceeding to slide on the floor face first and knocked unconscious. She shook her head. “I can’t believe I signed up for this,” she sighed a second time and looked at her recent attacker’s pack stunned in disbelief. Her feet moved to a stance as she gestured for the thugs to go fist-to-fist with her.

The remaining men looked at their fallen comrade lying unconscious on the floor who had been bested by the short female in an impromptu beat down. Two men with their bare faces lunged at her, their submachine guns hanging around about their waist. The enforcer, as fast as a lightning bolt, dodged out of the way as the two missed her and collided hard onto each other. She recovered her footing and stood confidently waiting for the other thugs. She counted one, two, three, four. Only four.
The count was wrong and Risa realized the elusive fifth thug a second too late as the fifth attacker was already behind her.

A matte-black Glock 18 flew from out of nowhere and hit the fifth thug’s mask dead center a second before he had the chance to bring Risa to the ground. Niigaki turned to look at her savior behind her and sweat dropped.

“Thanks,” she told Ai, who just shrugged at her. Risa drew her gun and tossed it to the brunette. “Not really needing that, for now.” The shorter female swiftly caught it.

Risa and Ai ran for the exit as the remaining thugs followed in hot pursuit. The acting leader, one of the masked men, pulled out his submachine gun behind him and unloaded a full magazine at the escaping pair. The gunfire was scattered, a stray bullet hitting one of the store’s fire sensors and triggering the emergency sprinkler system, initiating an untimely shower. The thug swiftly ejected the spent magazine and slammed in a fresh one.

“Who you aiming at, cross eyed?” Ai had her ponytail loosened and her hair down, turned to a mess. She kicked his gut with a sidekick. “Next time, try ta whack off before a robbery, nay?” she added with an accent from someone who lived in Fukui before whirling around for another kick, her left heel hitting home on his throat, taking him down with his gas mask torn in half. “Learn how to aim properly, or Imma kick yo’ ass.”

Risa slid under a table. While in motion, she grabbed a mirror and pivoted on her heel. She threw the mirror at the man running after her and used her momentum to break. After she ran like lightning, she made a running heel step on his head, driving his face to the ground with the mask breaking on the impact.

The fast enforcer immediately saw another man running after her with his gun poised to shoot. She ran through a row of stalls. Another unmasked man tried to cut her off from the front. The enforcer slipped on the floor, made slick by the sprinkler water. The thug’s gun spat and a stray bullet hit the offer’s left calf and thigh.

 “… Ow.” Risa winced in pain and put a hand over her leg. Still, she stood up with pulsating force on her right leg as she pivoted and ran for the exit, the two men following closely behind her. When she was about to reach the last stall before the exit, she saw a hand from behind it. Immediately she ducked and slid out as a chair leg stretched out and intercepted the two men from their run, knocking them down to the floor.

“You okay, brat?” Fierce cat-like eyes asked, widening as they saw blood trailing from Risa’s wound. “No playing with bang bang for you?” she asked her and saw the masked man stand up. Niigaki was down on the floor with her left leg bleeding.

“You guys won’t escape here! BWAHAHAHAH! THERE’S ONLY ONE MORE MINUTE BEFORE THE BOMBS DETONATE! YOU’LL NEVER GET OUT OF HERE ALIVE, BITCHES!” the mask man said, raising his arms open like a mad prophet and dropping his guard. In a flash, Ai kicked the gun out of his hand and caught it.

“My foot,” Ai said, slowly raising the gun. She pointed the weapon on the man. She squeezed the trigger, her hands bucking at the recoil until the magazine was spent. Bullets soared from the flaring barrel of the gun, darting hard and cracking the glass windows behind their attacker. “Next time, bring more ammo,” she told him and threw the gun end over at his face, taking him down on the floor.

“Let’s go, brat.” Ai said as she picked up Risa by wrapping one of her arms over her shoulder. They ran towards the cracked glass at the left from the front of the building. They burst through the glass and the two of them jumped off. “You’re no decoy,” eyes filled with mischief told the injured officer and immediately sealed her mouth with Risa’s before the other could even retort, giving her oxygen. Their lips remained locked to each other until they splashed down on one of the pools of the neighboring resort before Ai released her lips.

The fourth floor of the building suddenly exploded into bright flares when noxious clouds of smoke soon followed. Below the building right beside the Olympic pool where the pair made their splash landing, an astonished Yuko stood as General Minegishi looked up at the building flanked by her personal guards, Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko.

The general walked towards the pool where the two landed together. She whistled, “Some feat that is. I wished I brought my camera with me.” Dressed in a fancy garb, General Minegishi greeted the two in a friendly way that soon ended with a salute.

“Hi there, General Screwed Brain. Thanks for letting us play with guns.” Obviously irritated, Takahashi Ai climbed up of the pool, dragging other female with her as medics rushed to their aid.

“True, I knew there would be a robbery. Never expected they’d bring in machine guns,” the general answered and shrugged.

Risa sat down by the poolside and looked at her. “Thanks for putting me in a mission very well prepared,” she told her as she had her wounds treated. “I’d definitely want to do that again.”

“Well, SOR-RY~” General Minegishi answered with matching left-right head movements and coughed. “Our armory was still in the making by then. I had no choice but to give you my playthings.”

“Whatever,” the brunette answered and looked away, she then sighed. “So, house and office…?”

“Fully furnished.” The two looked at her in awe.

“Miichan, you’re such a derp.” Takahashi ‘Takamina’ Minami, one of her guards told her. “They could’ve gotten killed!”

“Hi there, midget.” A certain taller Takahashi greeted her and patted her head. “Never thought I’d see you here again. Still as small as ever.”

“Don’t call me midget! You’re small too!” Takamina immediately tried to pry away Ai’s hand, but the other female kept on pulling away her hand to somewhere the other couldn’t reach.

Just like that, the day ended. The masked thugs who staged an armed robbery and the vile sexual harassers were arrested. It seemed like the owner of the store asked for his own place to be robbed off so he can ask for help from the society and be given monetary compensation. The pair consisted of Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa went back into the safety and peace of their new home as their crazy maiden mission ended.

Inside the house, before going to their respective rooms for a fine and dandy rest, Niigaki Risa spoke, “During that fall, you didn’t need to pass me air.”

The brunette looked at her, her face blank of emotions. “I wanted to kiss you.”  Just like that, Takahashi Ai went into her room. And the day ended in silence.

The next day…

“Hi!” A very enthusiastic Oshima Yuko greeted them. “I’m your Communications Specialist and Client Relations Officer from now on!” She bowed as the two of them stood before her. “I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Oh, Squirrel-girl-taller-than-the-other-Takahashi.” Takahashi Ai greeted her.

“So, a mission.” Yuko lifted up her eyeglasses as they shone. “You guys were asked to look for a missing turtle.”

“Goodness,” said a certain Niigaki Risa, who did not detest missions. Hated one, just like that one.

Today, the adventures of Niigaki Risa and Ai Takahashi passed the first day. Today, what would they get themselves into, looking for a missing… turtle?

To be continued in Day 01.

A/N: As usual… this was a hardly edited piece, from the original fanfic. LOL. 

Day 01 Intro Omake

The General sat in her room as she was getting toppled with a lot of deskwork and permits to stamp. She got one of the papers she needed to stamp as a song started playing from the adjacent room. She tapped her finger on the table as she got her groove to the music, stamping faster and faster on the papers.


Outside her door were Atsuko and Minami, hesitating to knock.

“I WANNA BE ON THE COVER OFFFF FORBES MAGAZINEEE~” She continued on stamping files as she sang along the music. General Minegishi Minami decided she liked singing.

“Was she always like this?” Takamina asked her companion.

Maeda Atsuko just shrugged, grabbed the shorter female’s hand, and walked away.
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Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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AN UPDATE!! Finally~ it's gud. ^^ GO GO TAKAGAKI! Will edit later~ ^^
EDIT: THIS UPDATE. *dies* Tiger Risa. A cool Ai. A screw losed General. xD ohgawdmylifeisjust ;_; IDON'TKNOWWHATTOSAYMAHBRAINISJUST... Ohmahgah.
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AKB girls are such crack xD Making situations soooo funny even though they shouldn't be. Troll miichan is the best xD Shoving takagaki in situations where they could have freakin died!!!! ahhhhhhh~

missing turtle = missing kamei? ;D

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Re: (Crossover) Living With You -- [Day 00 - June 03]
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Could never been a simple shopping trip, of course, had to be the super robbery version. XD Looks like Takagaki is coming along just fine, too, with the help of some crazy AKB girls.

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asdkjaskldas sorry I don't know how to reply to these comments. /foreversociallyawkward

Warning, fucking long chapter ahead. LOL


A/N: Day 01 will start differently from the end of Day 00. This is going to be sooo muuuchhh fuunnn. I’m sleepy though OTL.
Living With You
Day 01

General Minegishi Minami walked along the halls of the Metropolitan Police Department –Tokyo, greeting officers that passed her with a wave of the hand. After passing by a room, she started hearing groovy beats and started walking in rhythm. She bobbed her head left and right, matching with her shoulder movement.

She passed by Oshima Yuko on the grounds as she walked, a song definitely playing in her head. She stopped in front of her and pointed at her with two index fingers, both thumbs pointing upward.
“Hello Miich—“

“I’d catch a grenade for ya~” General Minegishi sang and moved her shoulders left and right, forward and backward. “Throw my hand on a blade for ya~” She pointed at another passerby and did the same move.

“Miichan?” Yuko called to her and General Minegishi went back to her. “Are you okay?”

“Man~ That song was so upbeat. Hello, Yuko,” the Gachapin-like General answered and wiped sweat from her forehead. “Don’t forget to go to the Agency, ‘kay?”

“That is where my new assignment is after all,” Yuko answered and smiled, showing her dimples. “And Niigaki-san and Takahashi-san are very interesting people.”

“Oh, ya? How so? Are they going–” Miichan created a heart with her hands and moved it forward and backward like it was beating. “–already?”

“No, not yet. I do sense strong attraction though,” Yuko said as she lifted up her glasses again until they shone inn the light and hid her eyes. “Lust, I think.”

“You have to fill me up on that. Report later,” General Minegishi said as she saluted. “I need to go now somce  a certain brat is waiting for me. Later, Yuko~” The brunette turned around and said hi to more officers that passed her, but she pivoted and turned again. “Oh, about Nyan-nyan…”


“I’ll send her over later.” With that, Miichan turned to leave and Yuko just smiled at her retreating back.

Day 01, 05:04am

A brunette with a ponytail opened a door from the backside of the large house and descended the three-stepped stairs in front of it until she was on concrete ground. She wore blue jogging pants with white stream-like patterns on each side of the leg, partnered with a blue jacket hoodie with the same design and a white tee inside the closed top.

Earphones hung in her ears, connected to her pants’ zipped up back pocket. Eyes searched around, looking left and right. She eyed the trashcan filled with bulging black bags and a few rectangular trashcans with the same sight. She looked around and found a small orange kitten lying down beside the stairs she just descended from.

It was an orange cat, fur patterned like a tiger. It was lying upward with its paws stretched out on the crook of the stairs. It was around four inches in length, a very small kitten. It then shuffled around and curled around like a ball.

The woman curiously looked at it and slowly walked near it. She kneeled down before it and started poking the exposed and fluffy stomach of the orange kitten. The normally stoic expression on her face changed into a calm one.

“Where’s your mom?” the brunette asked the kitten in a soft, small, and sweet voice. The orange fur ball woke up from its slumber and hissed at the brunette’s left finger. “Why are you hissing at me? Mou.”

The kitten then softly attacked the stretched finger with its left paw and pawed at it softly. The brunette smiled at the act. The cute orange thing then lay down on the concrete and rolled over. The brunette started poking its stomach again as it tried to catch the finger with its all four paws, trying to playfully bite them.

“You’re so cute,” she muttered to herself and played with the kitten. Getting too into the cute feline, she failed to notice her surroundings.

Unnoticed, the door on top of the stairs opened softly revealing a half-groggy enforcer having a good look at the smiling brunette. Without asking she softly emerged from behind the door, wearing green pants and a white shirt. Surprisingly, the brunette did not pay her any attention. She peered over at the corner and saw her playing with the kitten.

Not being able to stop herself, the chocolate haired female greeted, “Good morning, Ai-chan.” The brunette, quite surprised, gathered her composure and stood up, leaving the kitten unattended. She turned her back towards the officer and sighed.

“Morning, Brat,” she said, her voice stoic and her expression stony as a light blush flushed on her features. “I’m going for a jog.”

Confused chocolate eyes blinked. Shoulder length chocolate locks swayed to one side, her head tilting to that direction. “Alright, take care.”

The two of them engulfed in an awkward atmosphere, it was silent with no cars passing by, the kitten scratching on the cement, and just the two of them there, one staring at the other’s back.

“You’re not coming?” the brunette, obviously in a half-surprised tone, asked. Obviously a criminal should not be allowed to wander around the cities alone without a guard on watch.

“Do I need to?” the Enforcer replied to her in a serious tone. Definitely meaning something with just those four words, the brunette just heaved a sigh and looked to her side. “And besides…” She moved forward and showed the shorter female her wrapped up left leg, which earned her a facepalm.

“… You’re too kind.” She told the officer then took a step to her left and jogged away.

Day 01, 05:47AM

“What does she mean?” Risa sighed and looked at the kitten. She went down the stairs and walked over to the kitten. She looked at its cute blue orbs. “You look like her; you also almost have the same hair color.” She chuckled. “Or rather fur.”

She kneeled down before the kitten and extended her right index finger. She drew circles in the air as the small head of the kitty followed it. She then neared the tip of her finger to in between the eyes of the kitten and pushed it until the kitten softly fell on the ground.

The kitten rolled and lay down on its stomach, looking angrily at the finger. “Ah, sorry, sorry.” She smiled at the kitten and patted its head. Not being able to resist, she picked up the kitten and pressed it on her chest.

“Where’s your mom?” The same question echoed. This time, it echoed a bit of bitterness and sadness. “Did your mom leave you here?” She asked a question. She then turned to look at the direction Ai went to. She looked at the kitten and placed it on her lap. She played with it as it rolled around. “So you’re the only thing that can make her smile, fur ball?”

Day 01, 06:18AM

“Freaking brat,” the brunette said as her face got stained by a blush again, not having to forget the moment that got her caught smiling at the kitten. “She… didn’t have to see that.”

She shook her head left and right and ran faster. She rounded up to a corner and encountered an unusual person.

She had long brown hair and was at least a foot taller than her. She had cat-like eyes as she wore jeans, an orange shirt, and a jacket on top of her outfit.

“My, if it isn’t Mikitty,” the brunette said as she stopped her tracks before her, looking up, sweat trickling down her neck as small strands of hair stuck to her face and temples.

“Oh, look, a criminal,” the woman answered and looked at her. She walked towards Ai and attempted to put a friendly hand on her shoulder when the shorter female took a step backward. “Hey, hey, it’s been ten years since we were last together...”

“And so? That doesn’t give you permission to touch me,” she answered her and raised one of her hands in front of her as if shrugging off something. “I was young and stupid.”

 “You weren’t stupid. You were just young and made wrong decisions,” the woman told her and walked towards her again. “Too bad you got caught all too fast.”

“You sold me.” She told her and glared, fierce. She could feel a shiver running up her spine. She had a past with the female. One thing is for sure, she isn’t going to share it with anyone. “You killed my parents.”

“No, no, no. You’re a bit wrong there,” the female said as she laughed. “You killed your parents.” She explained. Ai scowled at the female. She quickly ran past her and turned a curve, running back into the agency.

Day 01, 07:15AM

Takahashi Ai, completely sweaty from her jog, arrived at the backside of the Agency once more and found that the kitten she was playing with wasn’t on the side of the stairs.

“She must’ve been picked up by her mother.” Almost hurriedly she climbed the three-stepped stairs and went inside only to find a lazy gray and orange streaked cat lying beside their living room couch. Beside its stomach were an orange kitty and a white kitty drinking its milk.

She looked at the group of cats, then to the female cooking breakfast, back to the cats, and then to Risa again.

“Ah, welcome back,” the officer answered as she turned around, her ponytail swaying.  She was wearing tight jeans ready for deployment in job and an off-shoulder black top as a white apron rested in front of her.

“Brat, why? Cats? House?” the brunette asked as she walked towards the living room and the cats. She took her iPod from her back pocket and wrapped her earphones around it, setting it on the living room table. She sat Indian style on the ground and started stroking the orange kitten’s fur.

“I watched after the kitten after you left. After a while, its mother came back with two more kittens following. The mother cat wasn’t excreting any milk, so I took them in and fed them.” Risa finished the eggs she was frying and settled them on the dining table. She washed her hands and removed the apron and put it on the cabinet handle hanging above the sink.

Risa eyed the sweating brunette and gave her a towel. She sat on the couch space in front of the kittens and looked over them. The brunette looked over at the chocolate haired female and stared at her nape, down to her creamy shoulders and luscious collarbone. She looked at how the off-shoulder top revealed Risa's plain black bra strap as the opening in front of her outfit’s chest almost showed the female’s bra covered breasts.

The brunette sighed and stood up, wiping her sweat off with the towel handed to her. “I’m taking a shower,” she uttered and went into the bathroom.

“I wonder if she’s okay,” Risa wondered aloud and picked up the kittens and the mother cat and laid them on the couch.

The brunette stepped in the shower, her long hair covering most of her backside. She slowly turned on the knob until droplets of water appeared and the shower gained power and drizzled on her.

“I could barely…” She hugged herself, and looked up to the showerhead. “… contain myself…” She reached her left hand upward as if trying to catch the light from the light bulb. “What are you doing to me?”

Day 01 09:30am

“Oh, Squirrel Girl, you’re early,” Takahashi Ai extraordinarily said as she sat on the office couch with the orange kitten. Her feet, wearing socks, were up on the cushion of the couch, stretched from one end to another, and the feline was resting on her lap, playing with her finger. “Diligent, aren’t we?”

“Of course, Takahashi-san. I am General Minegishi’s Communications Specialist after all,” she said as she pointed to herself with her right thumb and sat on the front desk table.

“You two act alike; it’s freaky.” The brunette lifted up her free hand and shrugged off the desk lady and played with the kitten.

“I agree with you there and I don’t know what to do about it.” A long haired brunette entered the room, wearing short shorts and a black shirt. “Uh…  I knocked twice and just helped myself.”

“Nyan-nyan!” Yuko smiled in delight as she launched herself on the newcomer, who caught her out of kindness and tried prying her face away from the female’s breasts.

 Just in time the enforcer emerged from the main house into the office, dressed in a plain black shirt, and her left leg has its bandage rewrapped. The brunette opened her mouth to say something.

“Are you okay, Niigaki-san?” But the eyeglass-wearing brunette beat her to it. “You did take bullet wounds yesterday.”

“As you can see, I can walk properly. I’m sure I could still take someone out on a moment’s notice, so no worries there,” Niigaki Risa confidently said and sat on the couch right across Ai and the kitten. The black and white kittens had followed her from their house and so did the mother cat. “And you are…?”

“Kojima Haruna. I’m a communications specialist assigned to the Main Base in yesterday’s operation.” Haruna took out her badge with her free hand and showed it to them and kept it.

“Oh… that girl shouting right at Squirrel Girl’s ears?” Takahashi Ai, having caught on yesterday’s events, asked.

“No doubt,” Haruna answered and smiled as she continued to try and pry away the female trying to rub her cheeks on her breasts.

“So… how did you suddenly get cats here, Niigaki-san?” Yuko asked as she watched the mother cat slowly walk towards Haruna, who was soon surrounded by the other kittens save the orange one Ai was playing with. 

“This morning they were outside the back door. I don’t know how long they’ll stay here though. I don’t really mind them,” the enforcer answered and smiled. Probably remembering the memories of this morning, she probably thought that if the cats made the vigilant fugitive soften and smile, she wouldn’t mind having them here for a while.

Cat-like eyes widened as her cheeks got tainted in pink after her mind had caught up with the brat’s expressions and what she was probably thinking about. She shook her head left and right and started playing with the kitten she was holding again.

The office then was suddenly subjected to an awkward silence. The brunette then tried saving the comfortable silence she once had and opened her mouth; “Ri—“

The door then suddenly bolted open, much to her chagrin. Jumping inside was a person dressed in a cream colored trench coat with black leggings, brown boots, and black scarf.

“Where are we going?” the person who came inside said as she positioned both her hands at half a meter distance from her chest, palms facing down, fingers apart, moving up and down at different timings.

Oshima Yuko, typically in the visitor’s spell, detached herself from her Nyan-nyan and did the same gesture. “Shopping~” she answered. She looked around and saw three people staring at her. She quickly stood to her feet and saluted, “Good morning, Miichan!”

“Well-rehearsed, Yuko~” the short haired brunette said and turned her hands into two thumbs up and faced her two workers. “Hi there~ Getting along well?”

(A/N: I totally White Chicks’d there.)


“… Fine?”

The Officer-Criminal combi answered, completing each other’s sentence. They looked at each other and shrugged. They let each other’s gaze linger on a bit longer before returning back to their problem, the long haired gachapin.

“General, what brings you here?” Takahashi Ai, in her professional tone asked, and settled down the orange kitten on the floor.

“I came here to talk to Yuko and see what we can do about our armory. For today, Harunyan will give you the mission and orders,” she said and signaled for the short haired female to join her outside the office to discuss the matter in private.

Day 01, 11:47am

“So, a mission,” the tall female said as she typed on the laptop in front of her. “You were asked to look for a missing turtle.”

“… Goodness,” Niigaki Risa sighed. “How important is this?”

“Very,” Haruna answered and typed on her laptop again. “General Minegishi told me that this relates to large-scale drug smuggling and money embezzlement activities in the city. Apparently a group of men wearing black have been looking for a turtle. This turtle is said to be owned by a well-known information seller called Fujimoto Miki, who has recently lost the animal. She requested intervention from the Agency directly to the General’s desk, and as it happens, it was granted.”

“But there was just a…” the brunette mumbled to herself. When she noticed that the other two people in the room looked at her, she quickly shrugged. “Nothing. Continue the briefing, Cat Girl.”

“So far, there’ve been sightings of said turtle in the Akibahara Park.” She typed up information on the desk and a few photos popped out. “Apparently, children who are frequent visitors of the park have seen the turtle and have played with it. They said that the turtle might’ve taken refuge in the park but is yet to be found.”

“Do you have any information regarding the men in black chasing this very important pet?” the enforcer asked as she leaned over on the desk and pointed at a part of the monitor. “They look like ordinary men in suits.”

“Well, information says that these men are always on the go in the park. The embezzlement and smuggling information that the turtle carries must be this important after all,” Haruna answered. “I had a talk with Fujimoto Miki-san a while ago, and she told me that this turtle was with her, and as she was about to give the information, it ran away as she just looked away from it for a bit.”

“Idiot…” the brunette muttered to herself again and brought her palms to her face. She felt two pairs of eyes gazing at her again and shrugged them off once more.

“Who’s the big name involved in this embezzlement?” the enforcer asked. She was prepared for the answer the female was bringing to her.

“General of the Ground Forces Division, Terada Mitsuo.”

“Is that information legit?”

“Only the turtle knows.”

The brunette rolled her eyes and sighed. “What a pun.”

Day 01, 01:12PM

Dressed in casual outfits, Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa walked around the Akihabara Park. They looked around, not finding signs of any other presence of a human being. Peculiar, since it was a park, it would not be normal if it had no visitors.

“Hello, Niigaki-san? Takahashi-san? I have received reports that the men wearing distinct black shades have cleared out the people in the park to thoroughly search it. However, the Municipal Hall of Akiba did not allow them, so it’d be normal if there are civilians there. Please be careful. They might find you two hostile if they notice that you two seem to be looking for something as well.” New Bluetooth headsets inplanted as single earrings for the both of them sparked in a minimal sound.

“Alright, thanks for the heads up,” Risa said as she looked around and saw the two men who just arrived in the park start looking around. She and Ai started pacing their walk. In surprise, the brunette suddenly grabbed her left arm and wrapped both of her arms around it. “A- A- Ai-chan?”

“If we pretend, they won’t find us suspicious,” she told her without looking at her face. She glanced at the men in black and then proceeded to walk forward. “Parks are famous for couples.”

Risa’s face flushed red as she tried to distract herself by looking in different directions. She noticed one of the shades-wearing men run after a bush and motion to his partner that he seemed to have found something.

“Hey! I think it’s here,” that one man said as he pointed at a hole in the bush and saw something run away from it.

The two men chased it towards the inner parts of the park. Eyes met; the women nodded at each other and ran after the men in black. Upon arriving at the depths, they did not see the men and proceeded to look around.

“You think they got lost?” Risa asked as she flopped down on a free bench. Ai took the space at the other end of the bench. “I do think they’ve notice that we’re looking at them though.”

“How do you know? It’s just normal to have people in that part, right?” the brunette asked and looked at the officer as she sat closer to her.

“We went into the same path they took. We ended up here earlier than them. I think that would be suspicious.” Risa looked to the direction they came from and saw a man in black walking towards them.

“We should do something that’s not very suspicious,” Ai suggested as she sat closer.

“Eh? Like?” the chocolate haired female asked and looked at Ai, who stood up in front of her. She suddenly walked up to her and placed her knees on either side of the enforcer’s waist, straddling both of her thighs completely. “E- Eh? A- Ai-chan?”

The brunette removed her one-sided ponytail and let her hair flow as the air got filled with her melon scented bath cologne. She sat on the furiously blushing enforcer’s thighs and wrapped her arms around her neck. Sultry eyes filled with lust bore into confused ones, her eyes completely serious. “If we act like lovers, they’d likely leave us alone, right?”

“We- well… that’s true, but… n-n ot… this… umm… how do you put…” Niigaki Risa was someone who couldn’t refuse anything. “Umm… not this daring….”

“It’ll be more effective, right?” the brunette told her as she reached for Risa’s hands and planted them on her behind. She grabbed Risa’s face with both of her arms as she neared her face and started a soft kiss on her lips.

“Hmp— Ai-cha— hold—“ She could not reply. The brunette had closed her eyes as she completely engulfed the enforcer’s mouth with her own. Niigaki Risa’s seyes fluttered open and close as if her mind was being grilled on a barbeque. Without knowing what to do, she had been returning the kiss since who knows when.

The brunette opened her mouth and chomped softly on the Risa’s upper lip as she braced her front, pressing it to the not-so-poor twenty-one-year-old enforcer’s breasts, her arms tightly wrapped around her neck. Takahashi Ai’s eyes fluttered open as the men in shades passed by them with a shy blush, continuing their pursuit of a turtle.

She continued her ministrations on the not-so-poor Enforcer’s mouth as unconscious hands from her behind started to move upward inside her shirt. Her mind was screaming for a moan, but she knew that she couldn’t do that. Not because of Risa, not because they were out there in a park, not because of anyone. Because it was a sign of submission, she quickly withdrew her mouth from the hungry brat as she took her hands from her shirt and settled them down on the bench. A trail of saliva trickled from their mouths. She licked it out of the way and gave the officer a chaste kiss.

“I’ll continue that someday when we’re not on a mission, hungry brat,” she said and stood from Risa’s thighs and quickly walked away.

Risa blinked once, twice, thrice, four times. She forgot what was happening, but she knew of one thing that kept on consistently happening, “She was shaking…” She held onto her the whole time they were kissing. “But she was nervously shaking…” 

She moved her head left and right, vigorously trying to forget the intimate moment that she should’ve rejected and forgot everything else that went with it. “Focus! Risa! Focus!” She slapped herself with her both hands and followed the brunette in pursuit of a turtle. “Ai-chan!”

The brunette quickly stiffened. Flashbacks of the previous hot steamy kiss scene right there at the park with an audience flashed onto her mind. She shook her head left and right and tightened her closed fists. She closed her eyes tight and opened them slowly; she glared at the ground and held on to her fists tighter until her shaking subsided. “It’s not the time for this…” She turned to look at the female whose face was still red. “Brat, let’s go. The turtle’s getting away.”

She was turning to walk forward when she saw feet right in front of her. “Hehe~ That was quite a hot show~” The feet walked in front of her. “Hi!”

“Who are you?” Irritated, Ai asked. The female with short Asian blonde colored hair blinked at her.
“Oh. I’m Kamei Eri,” the female introduced and stretched a hand forward. “Nice to meet you, Takahashi-san, Niigaki-san.”

“Kame—“ Risa quickly realized. She pressed onto her earring and spoke. “Kojima-san, we found the turtle.”

Eri clapped her hands and Ai grumbled in irritation.

“Congratulations! So smart!” Eri clapped her hands again as another sound of clapping distracted her. “Oh god.”

“But no one would ever be smarter than me!” A thin and high-pitched voice echoed from a tree. “Usa-chan peaaace!” A quick shadow jumped from a tree and landed right in front of the three people. “Hihi~”

“And… another high-pitched person appeared…” Takahashi Ai spoke quietly and was suddenly surprised when the black haired female from the tree skipped towards her, planting a smack kiss on her lips.

“Ya~ bai! You’re cuter than I expected!” The female exclaimed and skipped away before the short brunette can clobber her to pieces. “My name’s Michishige Sayumi! And as you can see, I’m quite the cutest bunny in the world.”

“Oh come on, Sayu. Go away.” Turtle-i Eri whined as she pushed the female away from them. “This was a job tasked to me, not you.”

“Don’t be such a killjoy, Eririn.” Sayu pouted at the other female as they locked eyes. Immediately the atmosphere changed. Everything went cold and previous playfully gazes suddenly turned steel cold.


“You tell them,” Eri started.

“No. That’s your job. You tell them!” Sayu spat back, putting her hands on her hips.

“You came here to disrupt it right? You do it!”

“No! You do it!”

“You do it!”

“Umm…. Guys…” Risa tried to interject but the two continued on bantering at each other. “GUYS!”

“What?!” The two shouted at the irritated officer who just scratched her head. “Oh. Oops.”

“So?” Takahashi Ai crossed her arms in front of her and looked at the two. “Anything important?”

“No, not really,” Sayu answered and flaunted her long black hair. “Only the turtle knows.” She stepped back and gestured a short ‘whatever’ to give Eri her supposed spotlight.

The turtle scowled for a moment before turning to the two with a smile. “Anyway, my information supplier wanted me to tell you this. Tsunku didn’t do it.”

“… Tsunku?” Ai asked.

“Oh. Terada Mitsuo-san,” Eri answered casually with a smile.

“How legit is your information?” Risa asked suspiciously.

“Legit enough for your companion over here to believe it.” Eri glanced at Ai and turned around to leave with Sayu. “We’ll meet you guys again sometime! I still have a bunny to deal with over here.”

“What do you mean deal with?!” Sayu complained as she shrugged Eri’s arm from her shoulder. “I’m gonna deal with you!”

Risa raised an eyebrow, and turned to look at Ai who had started to walk away. “… Ai-chan?”

Day 01 08:08PM

“If I were a booooyyy~~~ There would be one less lonely girl~” Minegishi Minami sang in a mistune as she sat on a wheeled computer chair as she spun around with her right arm raised on the air. An all too familiar brunette wearing a white worn down polo shirt with short shorts under it stood near her with the orange kitten walking around her one leg and a chocolate haired female wearing a black night gown sat on the couch as the mother cat laid down on her thigh in a deep sleep with the other two kittens.

“You just… mixed lyrics didn’t you?” Risa looked at her in confusion and then back to the kittens.

“I wouldn’t want Justin B. to become the next Madonna,” Miichan answered with a smirk.

The brunette shrugged and rolled her eyes. “So why are you here in the first place?”

The Gachapin of a general stopped spinning on the computer chair right in the middle of the living room and looked at her seriously with a frown on her face.

“To brief you about your first major mission.”

TBC – Day 02

A/N: Well that’s that! Well turtle searching went well with a hawtsme—kiss! So I hope you enjoyed that. Whoever noticed the rising tension… would have noticed the rising tension. Please stay tuned for Day 02!
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Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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Re: (Crossover) Living With You -- [Day 01 - June 21]
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HASOKHFAOWHFOKANOGKFHDNGM. WHY YOU NO GIVE MEH AIGAKI LOVE A LOT. I  :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:. HOLY. UPDATE. **faints**  :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:

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Re: (Crossover) Living With You -- [Day 01 - June 21]
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Ai-chan is kinda Emo XD Yay for new house pets and hot make-out sessions! :drool: :drool:

“Only the turtle knows.”

The brunette rolled her eyes and sighed. “What a pun.”
:w00t: I got that pun! :w00t:

Eri and random Sayu... Wonder if we'll see them again soon.

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