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Author Topic: BOOK OF CIDER [o5/2]  (Read 1163 times)

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I wasn’t precisely sure where I found myself. It wasn’t the library. There weren’t tables and chair, not a single book in sight. Instead, a vast open space under the clear blue sky, lonesome tress in a far distance, and some upcoming noises from behind. Noise?

I turned around to find a looming commotion. Horses, it must be, and they were in some sort of race. Not horse race though, a chase… and not a very safe one. I can see swords glinting against the bright sunny day, and they are fast approaching towards my direction. Ok, that didn’t look good.

Too late though, as far as I calculated, running won’t be an option of escape. No rubbles to shield me. Just the rich earth soil to witness how I’m going to be trampled beneath the hurrying horses’ feet. And those few seconds within my panicking thoughts, I’m soon to be run over.

I jumped, rolled on the dirt, and choked some more dirt. As I made sure none got in my eyes, realization hit me that I’m in a far more danger. I’m in the midst of a duel between two men, their swords clashing against each other, horses swaying according to their desired movements. Right in front of me, then suddenly I’m in the middle.

I screamed as I rolled once again, my pitiful existence ignored by both parties. As much as they want to kill each other, I don’t wish to be an additional bonus to Death. I ran away from fatality, slumped in a safer place as I took deep breaths of fear. I watched with my mouth agape, not quite believing the scene before me
“Just hand over the parcel and you won’t be hurt.”The man in heavy-looking, metal armor said in such a gruffly voice as they round each other in an invisible circle.

The man in thick, green coat remained shadowed beneath its hood, his mysterious silence not wasting a word but responding with a swift attack that was welcomed by his opponent’s weapon. They exchanged attacks once again, skillfully moving along with their horses.

 For all the madness, how was I able to jump into a Hollywood film shoot? This is even better that what you see in TVs, or even in 3D or 4D screens, it’s damn too real that even my head was nearly lashed out of its place.

It was just then the hooded man realizes my presence, just barely missing a hit as he tried to avoid me getting stepped upon. Unfortunately he fell from his saddle, his hood sliding down as he attempted to stand-up, revealing a neat, mid-bun of brown hair.

“My, my~!” The armored man exclaimed, as he stood over the trapped man with his sword pointed. “A woman!”

I gasped, just apprehending the feminine features of the fallen party. Indeed, it is a woman, completely deceiving the two of use with her impressive fighting posture and skills. I watch the man draw his sword from the midsection of her coat and up, revealing a womanly body against its netted, tight and dark clothe. The lady can only gulp against the sharp tip of the sword, her head tilting up to the man’s face as it proceeded to lift her chin. “Couldn’t be you the parcel itself? We can have a small deal of not bringing you back anymore, just spend some romance with me.”

A spit was well-received by his dry face, which quickly turned sour. “The parcel is not with me and I must say, you’re no close to the lowest kind of a gentleman, if not of a maniac.”

“Very well then,” the man breathed in an amount of air as he tried to keep composure. “At least I tried, don’t you think?”

I felt twisted inside, my inner self rebelling to my unmoving state as the man position his sword for a finishing blow. My hands clutched tighter, the sandy soil gathering within, and no longer had I felt my feet rose and step towards them. I threw it straight to his face, the dirt sticking to the unwept saliva. He cried and step backward, struggling as his eyes felt the stinging sensation of acquiring particles.

The woman wasted no time taking advantage of the situation, spinning to give a strong kick square to his jaw. It sent the man flying down to the ground, and sooner they’ve already change positions.

“The deal must be done.” She firmly said, before burying the man’s own sword deep down his abdomen. He can only look up at her with eyes wide, as his mouth bubble-up with blood. She pulled out the sword, and more blood squirted along its lift, my hands covering my still opened and shaking mouth.

She briskly walked towards me, and I was too dumbfounded to struggle when she pulled me along. “W-wait. Where are we going?”

“It will not be safe to stay here any longer.”

“But.. I’m--”

“You’ll get killed out here.” I haven’t been so astounded in my entire life. Things happened here and  there, I’ve been playing tag with death the moment I came here, and now I was told that I’ll get killed? “Do you ride horses?”

What the hell is happening anyways?


about the title is... im just out of ideas .

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Re: BOOK OF CIDER [o5/2]
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nice start!!! :thumbsup
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