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Author Topic: The Wayward Adventure of a Soldier Part/Chapter/Act 1 6/8/12 (various couples)  (Read 1441 times)

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So, I have two fics going for now and a long one-shot but getting the tough love :lol: weird stories so far but something not even close to my styles but why not have one that has a weird twist and an old-school flavor.  I will lose a lot more people after this :nervous


Among The millions, they chose me to take on the challenge.

 Once the doll of the town, I return with scars on my face, mud between my toes, and clothes torn from all the torture.  The eyes stare at me as I was a stranger in this town.  I wanted to yell out, "REMEMBER ME!  The sacrificial lamb to the slaughter you all cheer about."  But within me, I felt at peace after all those battles and I return home to you on your back moaning on the bed we slept on the night before I left.

 I felt my blood boil as your body laid still and my hands around this roach stinking up your body with its stench.  His neck popped easily as you open your eyes to the last breaths of his life.  Your eyes had changed, you never saw me as the same person as before I left, I was new to you.  Before you could speak, I charged onto the bed and held your neck, feeling like a twig in my hands as I squeezed harder.

 Another look towards me as your face turned blue and I threw you to the carpet next to his dead body.  The tears couldn't bring me back from the past but something you had seen before got me to think about you again.

 "Thank you."  The two words I hadn't heard in a while.  I turned back to see you still sobbing but respecting my art as the man was become rotten by the second.

 We dragged the body to the back and threw it over the back looking like it was suicide.  Your bare body attracted my attention again and I felt it remembering how smooth it was but I couldn't feel that texture again.  Frustrated and angered, I commanded you to pack your bags and get dressed as we left within an hour to take a cab to Osaka.

 Now, I still feel you don't remember me but I wish I could remember who you are too.  Thus, my mission is to learn about you again.

 "Anata, where is the water bottle for the toilet."  She asked as I looked at the empty bottle beside me after draining it out into house plants.

 "I don't know, maybe it is below the sink."  I kicked the bottle to the door where she had been standing there seeing the labeled bottle on the floor.

 "Yossie, stop being lazy and help me or we will not sleep together again."  Her threats were no effect on me as I leaned back onto the couch as the changing picture made me sleepy again.

 It was two months since that roach died and his body was found later on after we had left for Osaka.  I knew that there were my clues left behind especially the exotic underwear she had bought when I was gone.  However, they couldn't link me because I was presumed dead in war.

 Yoshizawa Hitomi was a specialist in the self-defense forces require to escort civilians back and forth from base to base.  The vehicle they were driving in was blown up from a mine and the enemy thought all had died but I managed to survive by whatever means and eliminate the threat before finding myself in the middle of the desert.

 I managed to walk ten miles until an embassy was up ahead and I pleaded to return home because of the dangers but was denied because it wasn't my home country's embassy.  I bolted out of there and managed a ride by ship going through the rivers and out to the open ocean.  The crew didn't notice me for a while as I managed to survive below deck by grabbing the few things needed for survival: food, water, and a place to use the bathroom.

 I like the crew because they never checked on their supplies throughout the voyage until one day where a curious fella decided to check and began to notice that they were short of items.  I tried to stay quiet as their arguing entertained me for a bit before he checked even further but stopped right before the boxes.

 My heartbeat was racing through his exploration to find others down below but his oversight lasted me a few days before exposing myself to the crew above.  They were shocked at first that a woman was on board but warmly accepted me after the captain charged towards me and was thrown overboard by his crew as failure to defeat a woman.  Since I had no experience in sailing, they guided me back to Japan or what I thought was Japan.

 We landed in a harbor as they loaded off their goods and noticed a few of the locals coming out to gather the goods and nodded their heads as they started to quickly escort the items away.  At that time, I felt good that I was a train ride away to get to Tokyo but then I saw another person coming out greeting the sailors.

 "Welcome to Okinawa!"  My heart dropped as I was south of my destination, I wanted to cry that I was still far away from mainland Japan but I decided to enjoy myself on the island as a trip before heading back to Japan with the reward for bring the items over from the Middle East.

 The money from the owner barely made my living expenses for the week on the island as I drank most of the time while the young wives gave me food as I entertained them with my charm.  When the week was over, they promised a ride to Mie prefecture which would be considerably closer and they gave a bottle of sake for good luck.

 Despite my reservations to keep the bottle, I took a sip of the preserved drink and my mind went into a downward spiral.  I closed the bottle after the first drink and lay on the hull of the ship mumbling out words that were incoherent to everyone on the ship or what I did hear from the sailors and the buzz lasted throughout the night as the week long sail was in full effect.

 "How was the fighting?"  The damned questions always came up when I did mention my service and it always was the same answer.

 "It was boring until the explosion."  The men were talking about their battle but I insisted to stay concentrated on the water as we tried to stay self-sufficient by fishing.

 That was probably the hardest thing to master on the open sea as they were vocal about their style which confused me and the reason why 90% of the fish were lost.  Three days after we left Okinawa, we experienced a bite that dragged the boat backwards as we all tried to haul it in.  Despite being the skinniest of the men, I gathered my strength to take the rod and tugged it back our way.  The reel started to burn as we kept rolling the fish in and a few hours later, a tuna was on the boat.

 "Yossie, you make us look like fools out there."  The eldest fisherman joked as they started to place the innards into a tub and they started to heat up the salted water for a stew.

 I was not interested in the stew at first but the sailors were insistent it would take away any ailment especially being hung over (I end up learning other stuff could do the trick too).  The first taste of the stew filled my taste buds with a unique flavor of blood and sweetness.  I put the bowl down and took a few moments to think about the dish and presented a smile to them as I dug into the stew until we managed to finish it all.

 The rest of the fish were rationed over the next few days as we approached the harbor and hearing that they were going to return back to Okinawa, I decided to cook the last dinner before arrival.  With the bottle of sake, I made a pan sauce that was alcohol-filled and the sailors were dazed by the amount of booze and we were awoken by the arrival of the ship crashed into a yacht.

 "Oi, Yossie we arrived."  I woke up seeing the wreckage and took the last gulp of the alcohol and threw the bottle into the ocean.

 I stumbled into the town asking for a job despite being drunk and was passed along until the tavern owner let me clean room for the time being and a room to stay in for working for them. For a month, I had to fight off a lot of rumors to my appearance although many were not too far away from the source.  The old men were military veterans and could see that I was once part of the self-defense forces.  However, they rejected the idea after my great performance in tidying up the rooms.

 However, there was one peculiar woman who was warm to me compared to the others.  She lacked girlish charm but was a great intellect.  She thought I was guy at first as she approached me many time with sweets and only after she realized I was a female that she was attracted to my appearance.  Ogawa Makoto was less popular with men because she had a brain that could beat many of them hands down but her weird demeanor always gave a chill down my back.

 "Yossie~ how are you doing?"  She would ask as she ran her finger down my spine as I wiped the floors.

 "I'm"  I would find myself being showered with gifts from her.

 The first month of arriving there I had her as a guide through the town despite everyone's displeasure but once I saw her beyond her clothing. She was active like a live electric wire and cuddling on the floor was the after work routine before dinner even if we decide to spend the hours to stay in bed doing naughty things into the wee hours of the morning.

 I had to admit that she was willing to be with me despite not having it between my legs but she had a peculiar way to keep her busy.  She lived alone and was only here because of research which I found unusual in a desolate town but when she spoke English, it was beautiful and I couldn't pull myself from her.

 My guilty pleasure was to make sure that she only spoke English during our alone time.  Her punishment was light with spanking or torture tactics but the one night when she had me well, she could not let me forget it as the only time where I had an orgasm and flooded her bathroom floor.

 One night after work, she had asked if we could take a bath together and I agreed to the proposition because it was normal for couple to bathe each other especially knowing that we can clean up without dirtying anything else.    She started with my hair, slowly massaging in the shampoo, and worked down to my chest with the same rhythm.  However, an awkward sensual feeling came between my shoulders and I froze thinking that was just washing me but she was also cleaning herself too.

 "Mako-chan, where is your scrubber?"

 "I have no scrubbers."  Her sly words made me nervous as she headed south quick and in my own panic, I burst out onto the floor.  She laughed after the unusual orgasm but it made me think that if it took an awkward moment to squirt, I wondered why I never did it sooner.

 After that night, I had to make a decision because of the money I earned at the tavern.  It was enough to take a train from here and hopefully get back to Tokyo but it meant leaving Mako-chan here.  For two hours, I began to contemplate what I should do.  Alcohol had become my listening buddy as I kept drinking until I fell asleep on the tavern floor.

 "Wake up!  I don't pay you to sleep on the floor."  The owner's voice echoed in my ears and I grabbed my entire pile of empty bottles and threw them into the recycling.  The time slowly went by as the tavern floor was cleaned and left without saying goodbye to the owner.

 Mako-chan left a note as she had to go on a trip to discuss her research and I was left to lock up her house.  Unfortunately, it was for good as I wrote a letter saying that I needed to visit my family and hope to see her later.  I folded it onto the table and grabbed all my stuff and headed to the station.  I thought about keeping the house key but I threw it into an empty pot and left without saying goodbye to anyone.

 That day I'll never forget because it poured down hard as soon as I boarded the train.  It was a somber farewell to a town that saw me as a stranger but one kept me from the cold.  She may have been not attractive but to me she kept her word that she would stick to me regardless of who I am and now I am here worried with the door knocking.

 "Rika-chan, get the door."  I yelled as she opened to find police at the door.

 "Yoshizawa Hitomi, we want to speak to you."  The woman cop flashed her badge and gave her a smirk.

 "Why the smile?"

 "You just had a baby and you are back on the force."

 "I can't help it, my husband is an out of work bum, and I caused the mistake so get here before I slam you down."  Her threat was viable and I put my hands behind my back I let them escort me to the station.

Rika stood behind watching the police officer escort me into the car as I saw her from the second floor.  The officer looked up and shook her head as Rika gave her a seductive look.

“Is that your girlfriend?”  I nodded.

“Does she always do this when you are arrested?”  I tilt my head.

“All my girlfriends are weird, so you may have to be exact on what they do?”  The officer rolled her eyes.

“No underwear?”

“Just her.  She likes to work without them as they give her freedom but her bra is restrictive.  Maybe you should know.”

“Shut up.  I got lucky when he knocked me up.  Even my best friend was wondering if I could match her naturally.”

“Did you?”

“Just get in the car.”  She slammed the door and I was driven off to the station as I heard the radio and she drove faster passing by five red lights and swung into the parking lot leaving me waiting in the car for half an hour.
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a... how come till now then i discover this fiction?!  :nervous
kuro, can you continue when you have that time to... i also want to read more about this fic of yours  :nervous

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