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Author Topic: ~ 48Fandom Writing Contest Fall Edition ~ [ Winners revealed! ]  (Read 22537 times)

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~ 48Fandom Writing Contest Fall Edition ~ [ Winners revealed! ]
« on: September 10, 2012, 11:07:47 PM »

Did you miss us? We are back! New contest, more, new (and bigger!) prizes and some more changes! What are you waiting for?


  Rules Prizes Voters How to Submit Past Contest

This is a list of the changes that have been made since the last Contest48.

Please only use this as your guideline if you have already participated/read the structure for the previous contest. If not, please read the full version in the links up here! ⇧

Additions to the rules: 

  • There is a minimum-length of 1,250 words
  • Banned Pairings: Acchan/Takamina (Atsumina), Kojiharu/Yuko (Kojiyuu), Mayuyu/Yukirin (Mayuki), Gekikara/Black (GekiBlack), Sae/Yukirin (Saeyuki), Jurina/Rena (WMatsui), and Rena/Airin (Renairin)
  • Since we are now including SKE48 prizes, we are hoping to see more sister-group involved entries
  • Every author who submits an entry must also submit a vote during the designated voting period
  • The submission period is from September 10 to October 1

Additions for the voters (optional, only if you would like to win a prize):

  • Submit not only your top picks, but also some of the reasons as to why you picked such entries
  • The voters who submit the most detailed, most encouraging, or most amazing reasons for their votes could win prizes of their own
  • We will also be keeping track and noticing who is complimenting stories throughout the entire contest.
  • The voting period is from October 4 to October 15

Changes in the prizes:


  • The winners will be announced the week of October 21

Last contest, we received an offer from someone who wanted to donate prizes. While we decided we didn’t want to inconvenience anyone at the time (we were still unsure if the contest would work out), if anyone is interested in donating x-48 related items for this contest, then we would be grateful and would gladly accept. Throw us a message in our askbox, send us a pm here in the forum or contact us via e-mail if you are interesed!

* We found the image for the Trump Playing Cards here at this listing. We did not want to open and risk damaging the pack that we have for the winner
** We will be adding more pics to this album, stay tuned!

Fanfic List

- Entry #1 -
Title: Atsui
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Yokoyama Yui, Matsui Rena, Kitahara Rie; Yui/Rena
Word Count: 3195

- Entry #2 -
Title: The Quick Shot
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):  Matsui Jurina, Itano Tomomi, Yagami Kumi, Nito Moeno; Jurina/Tomomi
Word Count: 2522

- Entry #3 -
Title: Playing with Fire
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Shinoda Mariko, Kojima Haruna, Matsui Jurina, Nakanishi Yuuka; MariHaru
Word Count: 2627

- Entry #4 -
Title: Bath: An AKB0048 Fic
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Yuihan the 6th, Kitarie the 8th; YuiRie
Word Count:2638

- Entry #5 -
Title: It Started With a Message
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Yagami Kumi and Kimoto Kanon; Kuuminon
Word Count:2462

- Entry #6 -
Title:A Maiden's First Love
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ohori Megumi, Kasai Tomomi; Tomomi/Megumi
Word Count: 1502

- Entry #7 -
Title: Messed Up
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Matsui Jurina, Takayanagi Akane; ChuriJuri
Word Count: 1886

- Entry #8 -
Title: Truth
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sasaki Yukari
Word Count: 2466

- Entry #9 -
Title: Kasuka na Kaori 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Takayagi Akane, Matsui Jurina; ChuriJuri.
Word Count: 1264

- Entry #10 -
Title: My Little Angel
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sashihara Rino, Murashige Anna
Word Count: 1896

- Entry #11 -
Title:Yesterday’s Road To Eternity 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Itano Tomomi, Kasai Tomomi; TomoTomo
Word Count: 10981

- Entry #12 -
Title: Deal
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Itano Tomomi, Matsui Jurina; Tomomi/Jurina
Word Count: 2,128

- Entry #13 -
Title:Yuki no Koi
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Takayanagi Akane, Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena; ChuriJuri
Word Count: 2,128

- Entry #14 -
Title:Unlimited Love
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Shinoda Mariko, Matsui Jurina; Mariko/Jurina
Word Count: 4,003

- Entry #15 -
Title: Tomo & Taka & the Caterpillar Incident 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):Takahashi Minami, Itano Tomomi; TakaTomo
Word Count: 2,432

- Entry #16 -
Title: Welcome Home 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Gekikara, Yuko, Shibuya, Dance, Black, Torigoya, Sado
Word Count: 3,195

- Entry #17 -
Title: Hope 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):Bunker, Sudachi, Jovijovich, Annin, Nobunaga; NobuAnnin
Word Count: 1,300

- Entry #18 -
Title: Boys Don't Cry 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Abe Maria (Tetsuo), Matsui Jurina (Nobunaga)
Word Count: 3,115

- Entry #19 -
Title: Black Sweet Apple
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Matsui Rena, Shinoda Mariko, Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu; Rena/Mariko, Jurina/Mayu
Word Count: 2,696

- Entry #20 -
Title: Majisuka Kiss 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):Oshima Yuko, Matsui Rena, Matsui Jurina; Yuko/Rena
Word Count: 1281

- Entry #21 -
Title: Tripping and Falling Back
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Oshima Yuko, Takahashi Minami, Maeda Atsuko; Yuko/Minami
Word Count: 2148

- Entry #22 -
Title: What lies beneath the surface 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Kimoto Kanon, Matsui Jurina
Word Count: 2840

- Entry #23 -
Title: Red String
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Nakatsuka Tomomi,Yokoyama Yui, Nonaka Misato; Tomomi/Yui
Word Count: 4390

- Entry #24 -
Title:we have not touched the stars 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, Kojima Haruna, Itano Tomomi, Minegishi Minami, Watanabe Mayu, Shinoda Mariko, Takahashi Minami
Word Count: 2131

- Entry #25 -
Title: Captain 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Oba Mina, Shimada Haruka; MinaHaruu
Word Count: 1272

- Entry #26 -
Title: A Promise for Happiness   
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Kitahara Rie, Sashihara Rino; RinoRie
Word Count: 1676

- Entry #27 -
Title: One Bullet
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Iriyama Anna, Abe Maria
Word Count: 5349

- Entry #28 -
Title: Nakeru Basho
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Akimoto Sayaka, Masuda Yuka; SayaYuka
Word Count: 3477

- Entry #29 -
Title: Devil & Angel 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Shinoda Mariko, Minegishi Minami, Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna; MariMii
Word Count: 1469

- Entry #30 -
Title: Between Hate and Pain, There is Love
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Itano Tomomi, Yokoyama Yui; Tomomi/Yui
Word Count: 3856

- Entry #31 -
Title: Wordless 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):  Maeda Ami, Komori Mika, Sashihara Rino; Ami/Komori
Word Count: 3039

- Entry #32 -
Title: Words of Encouragement   
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):  Suda Akari, Hata Sawako
Word Count: 1707

- Entry #33 -
Title: And Darling 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):  Nakanishi Yuka, Oya Masana, Deguchi Aki, Hiramatsu Kanako; Yuka/Masana
Word Count: 6183

- Entry #34 -
Title: By the Rooftop
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Takayanagi Akane, Oya Masana; MasaChuri
Word Count: 2710

- Entry #35 -
Title: That 1830m
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Takahashi Minami
Word Count: 7495

- Entry #36 -
Title:Not Letting Go... 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Shinoda Mariko, Takahashi Minami; MariTaka
Word Count: 2893

- Entry #37 -
Title: A Guide To Marine Life 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Matsui Rena, Kojima Haruna; Rena/KojiHaru
Word Count:  2637

- Entry #38 -
Title:A Lonely Heart Without Friendship 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Takahashi Minami, Oshima Yuko
Word Count:  1768

- Entry #39 -
Title:Don't Look 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):Suda Akari
Word Count:  1302

- Entry #40 -
Title:Fate of Love
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):Jessica Veranda, Devi Kinal Putri; VeKinali
Word Count: 1710

- Entry #41 -
Title:Of a Bird and a Peculiar Frog 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):Furukawa Airi, Takayanagi Akane; Furuyanagi
Word Count: 2487

- Entry #42 -
Title: Her only reason 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):Shimazaki Haruka, Mori Anna
Word Count: 1267

- Entry #43 -
Title: Path of Captain, Path of the Center 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Takahashi Minami, Maeda Atsuko, Takamina the 5th, Acchan 13th, Shinonome Kanata, Motomiya Nagisa
Word Count: 1283

- Entry #44 -
Title: Moving Forward 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):  Akimoto Sayaka, Miyazawa Sae, Matsui Jurina, Oshima Yuko; SaeYaka
Word Count: 2999

- Entry #45 -
Title: Little Monster
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):Gakuran, Gekikara; Gakuran/Gekikara
Word Count:1898

- Entry #46 -
Title: Cat on the Ribbon 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna, Minegishi Minami and Shinoda Mariko; KojiTaka
Word Count: 2837

- Entry #47 -
Title:Good Night
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Miyazawa Sae, Akimoto Sayaka
Word Count: 1271

- Entry #48 -
Title: Home 
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki, Matsui Rena; SayaMilky, Sayaka/Rena
Word Count: 2657

- Entry #49 -
Title:What if...
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Kasai Tomomi, Itano Tomomi, Shinoda Mariko; TomoTomo
Word Count:2589

We recommend you to keep an eye on our tumblr too, since updates will be fastest there!

Confused about anything? Feel free to pm us with your question(s), or ask them in this thread and we’ll do our best to get back to you promptly!
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#1: Atsui
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2012, 05:09:17 PM »
First entry came really fast! We were surprised, but also excited. Keep up the good work everyone!  :thumbup

Entry #1
Title: Atsui
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Yokoyama Yui, Matsui Rena, Kitahara Rie; Yui/Rena
Word Count: 3195


Notes: I do explore a couple of other pairings, but they’re not part of the main focus. Tsurai means painful. And even if the real chicken wasn’t, for purposes of this story the chicken is boneless.

I needed to meet you.

I’d already tried to be an idol before I knew about you. I auditioned for the same group as you before then, I could have known you sooner, but I failed. I was ready to give up, there was no point, if SKE48 wouldn’t accept me I wouldn’t be able to find another opportunity, certainly not near Kiyoto. I was prepared to move as far as Nagoya, but it didn’t matter if I wasn’t good enough for them.

But then one night I was watching Shukan AKB, because I felt like torturing myself with the life I wasn’t good enough for. I was going to turn it off, until it said it was focusing on the Gekikara Club. That caught my attention. I decided to keep watching and see if any of these idols were actually worthy of membership of such a club. I was moderately impressed early on, but then they got onto that last one. I watched as everyone else in the club tried and immediately failed, one by one they started crying and needing emergency mouth-cooling, it was amusing to watch, but clearly they just hadn’t had enough spicy food.

And then you volunteered. I hadn’t really noticed you hadn’t tried yet, you were just another girl. But then they said you didn’t eat meat. And suddenly you were tearing through the whole thing, eating it all up without so much as a pause. I’d only seen one other person eat those before. Myself. Right at that moment you ate my spice-loving heart with the rest of the meat, and I knew I had to meet you.

I couldn’t wait until there was another SKE audition to get in, but there were auditions for AKB48. I was prepared to move my entire life to Tokyo just in case I got the chance to meet you. I wasn’t sure how long it would be to meet you, but I could endure it, if it meant I could see you.

And so I tried. And miraculously, this time I was accepted. If I’d waited for another SKE audition maybe I’d have been able to meet you immediately. But this way I’d have to work to see you. I might even gain confidence to actually ask you out if I build myself up before I meet you, right?

I made alot of friends in that year, and I loved them, but my aim was always on meeting you, and I worked hard for it. I was expecting it wouldn’t take too long at first, but then a few months into my time as a Kenkyuusei suddenly AKB48 was the most popular idol group in Japan. And you were one of the most popular members. I was just an unknown, one of the 9th generation Kenkyuusei. There was no way you’d notice me.

Even when I managed to get onto a single it was in such a way you’d never see me. Not for all of the other members on that song. If someone of your popularity even had the time to watch the Theatre Girls MV at all. I’m guessing not.

But being on Boku no YELL, all the work, even serving as one of the most popular member’s Under for a time, all that was unimportant to me. All that mattered was that I met you. And I was going to do it if it killed me.

And then I was promoted suddenly. I’d been working hard, everyone knew that but I hadn’t imagined of my generation I’d be the first to become a member. I cried that night, on stage, because of how happy I was. I cried in bed that night, because I was now one step closer to you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my work, I love the friends I made, and I love the fans. But if I couldn’t meet you, couldn’t talk with you once, I didn’t care about anything else. That was the thought that kept me going.

The first time I really had a chance to be near you was during the Request Hour Concert. But we were all so busy at that time, getting ready to be in the next costume there was never any time to speak. And even when I was waiting for a chance on the last day, before you went out for the last set of songs, you were always too engrossed in some other girl. A captain, an ace, whoever, you were always talking with someone else and I could tell you liked them. I wanted to bond with you over our shared love of spicy food. But you probably didn’t even realise I’d be performing with you until I was performing Heavy Rotation on stage. At the back. Away from you. And even if you did notice me then, I’m sure that, to you, I was just a girl filling in for one who’d left. Maybe you’d actually known her.

Even being in a unit didn’t draw you. I was right in the front of the units songs from the start, but I don’t think you’d have ever noticed me. Because I’m just a new girl. And you don’t know about my spicy tastes.


I was talking happily with my friend, but then I saw you were staring at me. Once you noticed I could see you, you turned away. I was glad. That way you couldn’t see me blush. Still, I didn’t know you. You were just the girl taking Erena’s place.


And then suddenly I had my chance. Placed in Senbatsu for Everyday, Kachuusha. Even if I didn’t get to speak with you during the recording, the PV shooting would take a day, at least. We shared quite a few scenes, but the were all group scenes. I did get to see you in a bikini, and you were so very beautiful wearing it, I even go to be near you during the choreography. The only problem was, even closer were the ones who you spoke to often. Even when we took a break they were busy talking others. I decided to talk to you then. But when I came up to you, my lips failed me. I couldn’t say a thing. No matter how much I wanted to. You smiled at me oddly, and walked away. I felt like drowning. I cried alot that night. Kitarie comforted me, and I had to tell her why. She was a wonderful source of comfort afterwards, and the only one I could confide in. She helped me feel better, and was even willing to help me act out some of my wishes, using her in your place. I must have killed her mouth with spice more than once.

It was around that time we filmed Majisuka Gakuen 2 as well, wasn’t it. It took everything I had not to stare at you all the time when we had scenes together. I relaxed when we were between scenes, and I know you must have caught me once. I’m surprised you didn’t keep your distance when I wasn’t around. And honestly? I liked you best as Gekikara.


You walked up to me as we were filming the summer PV. You opened your mouth, but you didn’t say anything. If there had been anyone near me I’d have assumed you were struck by their beauty, but there was only me. I had to leave you there, which was probably embarrassing, and I’m sorry. Thing is, I was too embarrassed myself.


‘Dai, Jyukyu! AKB48, Team K! Yokoyama Yui’

Senbatsu, really? From the Sousenkyou? I was happy, of course. Happy to have earned so much support over the year, and it was that which lead to me crying. But I was also happy I’d get to be near to you for another song. Kitarie was the only one who knew what I wasn’t voicing in my speech.


I’d kept forgetting your name. Even if you embarrassed me the way you stared, I couldn’t remember the name. After the Sousenkyou, and how you’d cried, you were always going to stick in my memory. Honestly the way you cried, I wanted to give you a big hug right then.


After I didn’t get to talk with you at all during filming for Flying Get, I decided to cut my losses. I still wanted desperately to know you, but I was certain I’d never succeed. Paruru and I had held a close friendship, and so I decided to be with her, in the hope that in time she might help me forget you and I would love her like she loved me. I never told her how I felt. But my feelings never faded.


After finally remembering your name, I’d bought Not Yet’s first single, and pre-ordered the second. I’d watch the PVs over multiple times, watching you in them. I liked you.


When the time came to prepare for Kaze wa Fuiteiru, and start practising our instruments for GIVE ME FIVE!, I did my best to avoid looking at you. I still found myself doing it all too often though. But you never saw me.


During the entire time spent practising and filming and recording for Kaze wa Fuiteiru and GIVE ME FIVE!, I don’t think you looked at me once. I wondered if I’d done something, or you liked someone else now. I’d really started to like you, especially having seen you eat something spicy on AKBINGO! without trouble. I was sad. I cried on the only shoulder available. I just didn’t tell her why.


I managed to keep up the façade of not loving you, and actually loving Paruru, going until around Christmas time. It almost certainly helped that neither of us were in the Janken Single, and we weren’t paired for Noel no Yoruu. The only person who knew I had feelings for you was Kitarie. I felt guilty about lying to Paruru about my feelings to her, but Kitarie kept on telling me my feelings would change if I stayed with her. Even so, Kitarie still helped me live out some fantasies of you. I think I loved her more than I ever did Paruru. But never more than I loved you. Besides, she had Sasshi.

Me being able to pretend stopped at Kohaku. When I saw you on that stage, singing that song (I can’t even remember who you were with), I found myself wanting to do everything you asked in the song. I just wanted to change one little thing. Instead of Chocolate, could we make it Tsurai Curry.

If I’m honest, I’d also wound up in the time leading up to Kohaku been fooling around with Sakiko as well, in an attempt to keep me distracted from you. We’d agreed that when we sung Anata to Christmas Eve together we’d mean what we sang to eachother. And I thought with her I might have actually have managed to tell the truth. But I felt awful when I sung it there, because I was singing like I meant it. And lying to her like that felt horrible.

I let both girls enjoy their Christmases believing I loved them, and broke things off with them a couple of days into the new year. I tried to break things off with Kitarie as well, but she told me, and she was right, that I still needed an outlet.


When I saw you singing that song, I cried. It felt like you meant those words to her. It might have been selfish, but I wanted you to say those words to me.


The instant I heard about your photobook, I had to buy it. It let me see a new side of you. And I kind of liked it. Still, I tried to avoid looking at you when we were at work. Doesn’t mean I succeeded.

Then when Manatsu no Sounds Good! came, I saw you in a bikini again. I stared constantly. At least with all of the others, it was hard to be sure I was looking at you at all. No-one would have noticed. Unless you knew to look for it.

And then, just so I had more trouble keeping myself from embarrassing you and destroying what happiness you had, we wound up both being in the Google Senbatsu. I decided not to talk to you, after a little debate.


It’s funny how much I’d gained interest in you over that year. When you failed to speak to me a year ago, I just thought you were cute. Now you didn’t seem to look at me, and I was left sad, now I was the one who wanted to speak to you, but was scared. At least I could see you like that, while able to hide it easily.

When Not Yet’s single came out, I immediately bought it, specifically the version you sung on. I loved the song. And your voice was to die for. In fact, I think I would.


‘Dai, Jyugo! AKB48, Team K! Yokoyama Yui!’

Senbatsu again. Of course I wanted it. Of course I was grateful to my fans for it. But I’d been expecting, with the smaller Senbatsu, that I wouldn’t be voted in. And I thought that might have been best, to keep me from you. But we were in Senbatsu. And this time my position would be closer to you. I had to control myself. I cried with happiness.


Secretly I was very happy that Jurina came higher than me. It meant I didn’t get further away from you, the girl that caught my attention. You’d actually come closer. You were crying again. I wanted to hug you. And so much more.


I was glad none of the song shuffles put us together. Well of course I’d have liked it, but I don’t think I’d have resisted trying something on you. And I didn’t want to scare you.

Still, why did it have to be shared between AKB and NMB. I mean NMB was obviously closer to Kiyoto, and I suppose Akimoto-Sensei couldn’t know my love was in Nagoya. But I wish I’d had the opportunity to be closer to you.


Yui stepped off of the train in Nagoya, Rie following after her. They were booked into a hotel there for the night, before tomorrow Rie had to meet with SKE members to get to know them, and Yui was going to Osaka the next day to meet with NMB and see the theatre. They passed by Sunshine Sakae on the way there, and Yui thought about how much simpler things might have been if she’d gotten to perform there at the beginning. But that was so long ago.

They arrived at the hotel, and after going up to their room and leaving their bags, wondered what they should do for the evening. Yui wanted to visit the restaurant that had been where Rena was when Yui discovered her, but Rie said that just a walk would be a better idea, and they could get some food from the restaurant on the way back, and take it up to their room. Yui got to order the food, deciding on two of the really spicy chicken, and a few other assorted ends. While she was doing this, Rie had gone outside, and was calling someone, Yui didn’t think much of it, Rie was always phoning Rino to reassure her, and it was more frequent since Rino had left for Fukuoka.

Back in their room, they ate the more mild stuff for their dinner, and then Yui spoke up after sitting in silence for a while.

“Rie, I’m sorry, but can we…”

Rie looked uneasily towards the door while interrupting, Yui wondered if Rino was coming for a surprise visit. But then Rie picked up one of the pieces of spicy chicken,

“Daijobu Yui. Now open wide..”, before Rie placed one end of the chicken into her own mouth (Yui could already see the pain on her face, and felt guilty), and brought it closer to Yui’s face. Yui happily opened her own mouth and received the chicken, eating through it slowly until her lips reached Rie’s, she pulled the last of the chicken out of Rie’s mouth, but didn’t break the kiss, leaving her eyes closed as their tongues flitted across eachother, she tasted the spice left on Rie’s tongue. She knew Rie couldn’t handle her spiciness as well as her. After several seconds of kissing Rie broke the kiss.

“Rena-san,” the words escaped Yui’s lips. She felt guilty now, even if Rie knew what Yui was really thinking, surely Rie must feel something for her to keep on like this. Rie stood up and went to take a shower. Yui curled up into a ball to feel guilty for a moment, then closed her eyes and tried to get to sleep.


Yui felt something on her lips. She didn’t dare open her eyes, and she couldn’t be sure how long it had been, but it seemed Rie had forgiven her, and was trying to feed her the other piece of chicken, perhaps a bit forcefully. She consented, opening her lips just enough to allow the meat passage, so that she could slowly nibble down it, she wanted to savour the taste. She could tell when she got to the end though, that the lips were not Rie’s. And she could hear the shower still running.

Yui opened her eyes, about to move and scream for Rie’s help, never mind what state of undress the girl was in. Instead she opened her eyes to find that the lips belonged to a a girl of around 20, with a beautiful face accented by brown eyes and hair.

Matsui Rena was kissing her.

“Konbanwa” came the shy words from the girl, who had just broken the kiss. Yui just stared up at her speechless, unable to believe that Matsui Rena, the girl she had admired from afar for so long, had kissed her. But at the same time she was happier than she had been for months.

“Rie-chan said you had something to tell me,” Rena said, “And I think you’ve wanted to say it for quite a while now”.

Yui struggled to form the words, but finally managed to let out ‘Daisuki’.

Rena smiled shyly, then pulled her up to kiss her again. “You know, Yui, I’ve been meaning to say the same thing.”

Tsurai Curry kuchi utsush shite
Itsumo no kiss ja tsumannai yo
Gouin ni nejikonde…

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#2: The Quick Shot
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2012, 04:44:27 PM »
Second day, second entry! :heart: Please feel free to leave your thoughts in this thread too! Authors surely will appreciate any kind of feedback :)
Entry #2
Title: The Quick Shot
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):  Matsui Jurina, Itano Tomomi, Yagami Kumi, Nito Moeno; Jurina/Tomomi
Word Count: 2522

The Quick Shot

Note: This is something I’d like to call soft-crack.

Matsui Jurina; Center Forward of Akihabara High School’s Varsity Field Hockey team sighs for the nth time in ten minutes. Her team mates, already used to this behavior, simply go about their after-practice routines. The reason for Jurina’s sighs, on the other hand, was at the other side of the room and totally oblivious to the young girls lovelorn stares.

“You need to stop that.” Jurina turns her head to her right and sees Yagami Kumi, goal keeper of the team, staring at her with an eyebrow raised. “It’s creepy.” Kumi adds.

“Sorry.” the younger girl sighs once more “It’s just that she’s so…”

“’Beautiful, talented, amazing and she’s just so Itano freaking Tomomi’,” Kumi finishes “yeah, I know, you won’t shut up about it. Look Juju you need make a decision; either you go up to her and you tell her that you’ve been hot for her since your first day here or you give up, let her graduate without her knowing your feelings and you will forever stare at her from a distance for the rest of your life sighing, looking like a freak and most probably homeless.”

“Kumi it’s not that easy.” Jurina shakes her head “Whenever I try speaking to her it fails miserably.”

“That’s no excuse kid.” Another one of her team mates; Moeno Nito, the team’s Sweeper says “The Captain isn’t gonna be here forever, you need to man up besides you’re Miracle Rookie Matsui best forward we’ve had in years, our only hope at the League Championship, you are so good they made you the first freshman in this team ever, you are the exception Juju and confessing your undying need to bang Tomochin should be cake walk.”

“I don’t want to ‘bang’ her Nito, don’t be so crude.” Jurina answers “I want to get to know her better, I want to know what favorite color is, I want to know if she likes nose kisses or forehead kisses, I just want to hold her. I want to be with her, man.”

“That is just so precious.” Kumi smiles.

“That is cheesy and stupid,” Nito deadpans then points towards Tomomi, who was still obliviously conversing with other people. “Look at that girl and tell me you don’t want to be on that!”

“I’m too young to be thinking of that.” Jurina shakes her head.

Nito stares at Jurina, as if not believing what she just said and just as was about to call her out on it someone clearing their throat catches the three girls’ attention.

“Hey guys.” Itano Tomomi, team captain and right forward greets them. Wasn’t she at the other side of the room like five seconds ago?

“Hey Captain!” Kumi and Nito greet back.

“Hurghg…” Jurina on the other hand fails miserably at forming a coherent greeting.

“You okay Jurina?” Tomomi asks.

“Uh ahem um yeah- I just- s-something in my throat.” Jurina replies, with a blush.

“Welp look at the time, I gotta get going.” Nito announces. “Things to do, you know that sort of thing!”

“Oh uh yeah!” Kumi adds. “Nito’s my ride so…bye.”

Jurina watches them gather their things in horror. They can’t leave her alone with Tomomi. Looking around she sees she’s literally alone with the Captain. The locker room was empty. Where the hell did everyone go? The two seniors wave their goodbyes and when Tomomi turns to face Jurina once again, the two begin making wild pointing gestures and hearts towards the Captain, concluding with a thumbs up from Kumi and crude pelvic thrusts from Nito.

“Jurina?” The aforementioned girl shakes her head and looks at the captain who was staring at her expectantly.

“Y-yes Captain?”

“You want a ride home?”

“I wouldn’t want to impose…”

“Don’t be silly, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while anyway.” Tomomi giggles and takes her hand. “Come on.”

Jurina squeaks and gapes at the hand holding hers. This was happening. Itano freaking Tomomi was holding her hand. Oh man it was so smooth and so soft and so freaking Tomochin. Of course with realization that this was actually happening followed the realization that she had not moved an inch and that Tomomi was looking at her strangely.

“Is something wrong?”

“Uh…” Crap Jurina think of something “I just…” be smooth Jurina. You can do it!

“You just wha-”

“I think you’re beautiful!” Jurina mentally facepalms at her ouburst. That wasn’t very smooth, damnit Matsui!

“Um thank you?” Tomomi smiles, confusedly.

“Yeah the way the sun hits your hair from this angle,” Poor Jurina just can’t stop herself. “really makes you glow…like glow… you know because you already glow even when the sun isn’t on you which is awesome by the way but this makes you glow even more, l-like it could be a super power the way you glow. We could call you Glow Girl or s-something.”

“Uh…” Tomomi is obviously confused.

“L-let’s just go!”

The car ride to Jurina’s house was filled with an awkward sort of silence that was broken every now and then by Jurina directing Tomomi to her home. Jurina was getting frustrated with each passing minute, how hard was it to talk to a girl? What would she even talk about? The weather? Jurina highly doubts that’s an interesting topic choice. Confessing was out of the question for reasons that were obvious only to Jurina. She just wanted to speak to the girl without sounding brain dead. She wanted to be the Captain’s friend.

Friendship is enough, right?

It couldn’t hurt to be friends with the girl of your dreams, right? There was no was no way they could be more. Besides, being friends meant hugs, friends hug and she wanted hugs from Tomomi… and kisses. Do friends kiss? Damn it all to hell this wasn’t going to work. Jurina is young though and maybe this attraction to the Captain is probably a phase of some sort she’d get over right?


Damn it.

“Turn left into the next street, it’s the first house on the right.” Tomomi follows the directions without saying a word, arriving at Jurina’s home shortly after.

“Thank you Captain.” Jurina bows her head shyly.

“It’s no problem, take it as a way of saying thanks.” Tomomi smiles.


“Yeah, for working so hard during practice and during matches; I know it must be hard for you to be in the team considering you’re a freshman and all. You just started high school and here we are resting our hopes of winning the League on your shoulders. It’s not fair so if you ever need someone to talk to you or to help you with anything you come to me, okay?”

Jurina nods, a little awed by the Captain’s concern.

“Good.” Tomomi smiles. “It’s the least I could do since it was me who demanded you join the team.”

“I’m happy for the opportunity.” Jurina replies enthusiastically “I love Hockey and I was so stoked to learn that I was considered for try outs and even more stoked when I got in, and here I am so it should me thanking you.”

“You’re a good kid Jurina.” The Captain ruffles her hair “Now run along, little puppy.”


“Did you bang her yet?”

“No Nito.” Jurina sighs, closing her locker.

“Did you at least make any progress with her?” Kumi asks.

“Well…” Jurina grimaces and tells her two seniors all that transpired. When she finished Kumi and Nito were silent for a beat and then began laughing very crazily. The other students in the hallway watched in amusement as Jurina starts screaming at her team mates in order to get them to shut up.

MOENO!” A shrill voice screams out, thus canceling out all noise. Nito slowly turns her head to the end of the hallway and there she sees something out of a horror movie, well for her at least, heading towards her.

“C-chiyuu baby!” Kumi squeaks and smiles nervously at her livid girlfriend

“Don’t you ‘Chiyuu baby’ me, Moeno!” Kasai Tomomi aka Chiyuu; member of the school Choir and Nito’s somewhat eccentric girlfriend, was livid. “You were supposed to meet me at my locker two minutes ago!”

“Baby! Kumi and I-”

“Don’t bring me into this!”

“-were just checking on Jurina!” At the mention of the freshman’s name Chiyuu perks up immediately and greets the young girl with a vicious hug.

“Juju!” The girls squeals. “How are you this morning?”

“I’m fine Chiyuu.”

“Chiyuu baby, would you please tell Jurina how hot her and Tomochin would look together?” Nito pleads, in attempt to keep the heat off of her.

“Your Captain?” Chiyuu asks “Aw! Juju has a crush?”

“More like a deep infatuation that can either be love or some serious creepiness.” Kumi deadpans.

“Guys can we not do this.” Jurina groans “Class is about to start.”

“You’ve been saved by academics little one.” Nito says, taking Chiyuu’s hand and walking off too their first class.

“This conversation isn’t over.” Kumi declares. “See you later, little puppy.” Jurina grumbles and turns the opposite direction only to nearly crash into the center of most of her thoughts these days.

“Hey now, save that aggression for the field Rookie.”

“C-captain! Oh man, I’m so sorry!”

“It’s okay.” Tomochin chuckles and pats the girl’s head. “By the way; how about I give you a ride home again today, and before you say it I won’t take no for an answer.”

“Well…if you insist.”

“I do.”

“Okay then.”

“Cool, meet me at the entrance after school, enjoy your day little puppy.” Tomochin waves and is about to walk away until Jurina calls her name. “Yes?”

“Why do you call me little puppy?”

“Because you look like a little puppy to me.”

“I’m taller than you though…”

“Ah…but I’m older.”

“That makes no sense, Captain.”

“Makes sense to me, kid.”


“I am a senior and you are but a freshman, go to class peasant.”

“At least I’m not old!”

“Oh kid you are so lucky we need to get to class!”

“If you’re in such a hurry to get to class why aren’t you walking, need a bit of rest for your old bones?”

“Children these days have no respect, are you lost little one, the Kindergarten is across the street.”

“I’ll see you on the field grandma!”

“You bet your sweet ass you will, little puppy!”

It was later on in the day, during Math, that Jurina came to the realization that she had not only had a civilized conversation with Tomomi but there was banter. The length of the conversation does not matter, the point is there was talking and banter! She didn’t stutter one bit during that conversation. With this realization came a sort of feeling from within her. The sort of feeling one would get when one realizes that they have accomplished or are about to accomplish something great.

The sort of feeling she gets just before she scores a point in matches. The sort of feeling she gets at that moment when the ball hits her stick in the penalty area and she has but a second to get the perfect angle. The moment when she hits the ball perfectly and the feeling of accomplishment that follows when you hear the ball hit the back of the goal.

In a simpler term: her kokoro is going doki doki from all the feels.


“I’m doing it.”Nito, Kumi and Chiyuu who were leisurely eating their lunch turned to Jurina who sat down and calmly began eating her food.

“What?” Nito stares at Jurina.

“Well, this morning after you guys left I bumped into Tomomi and we talked for a minute and there was banter and I didn’t feel like a total tool for once and it was all because I just went for it, kinda like The Quick Shot, so I’ve decided when I see Tomomi again I’m going to ‘Quick Shot’ it again and confess my feelings for her.” Jurina finishes her jumbled little speech with a wild smile, similar to the she has when she’s got possession of the ball.

“Well you better get your shit together because here comes the Captain.” Kumi says gesturing behind Jurina.

The center forward focuses her attention on Tomomi who was headed their way, she had to wait for the right moment to do this, wait until Tomomi was in the perfect position. It was when Tomomi was at their table and about to say something that Jurina shot up from her seat.

“I think you’re beautiful.” Jurina places a finger on Tomomi’s lips to silence her. “From the moment I saw you on my first day at this school, you have been on my mind. You have a way of doing things with such dedication that I can’t help but admire you. I’m too young to know what love is, so I won’t call what I feel for you that but I do know that it would be really awesome if I could call you my girlfriend.” hugging the Captain’s waist she adds “Have I mentioned that your body is banging?”


“I’m going to kiss you now.”

And the moment Matsui Jurina’s lips met Itano Tomomi’s and the moment when she felt Tomomi’s hands cup her face was the moment the young girl heard the metaphorical ball hit the metaphorical goal thus completing The Quick Shot. Excited whispers filled the cafeteria and Shinoda Mariko, who runs the school’s blog, wasted no time in photographing this blog worthy moment. The two hockey players part as their moment of romance and sappy shit is broken by Nito.

“Oh my God, finally!” The sweeper throws her hands in the air. Kumi and Chiyuu silence the girl when they see that Tomomi is about to answer the girl.

“Well, I wanted to ask you if you wanted ice-cream this afternoon,” she bites her bottom lip “but I like your idea better.”

“So you’re saying yes?”

“Yes, you silly little puppy, I would love to be your girlfriend.”

“Awesome.” Jurina grins. “Is it too early to make out?”

“Hm, we’ll see how well you do at next week’s game.” Tomomi replies cheekily kissing Jurina once more.

“Ew barf, it hasn’t even been two minutes and I’m already sick of you two!” Nito exclaims.

“Baby leaves them alone.” Chiyuu reprimands her girlfriend. In all this excitement the others failed to see Kumi’s face pale and her body quiver.

“Hey Kumi, are you alright?” Jurina asks taking in her friends distraught expression.

“No…” Kumi whispers.

“Uh Kumi?”


Sorry Kumi.

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#3: Playing with Fire
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Entry #3
Title: Playing with Fire
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):  Shinoda Mariko, Kojima Haruna, Matsui Jurina, Nakanishi Yuuka; MariHaru
Word Count: 2627

Playing with Fire

As the darkness engulfed the city, dangers lurked at every corner, attempting to draw any unsuspecting victims into its vices.

The tall lady took a look at her wristwatch and sighed. “That ass never comes on time.” Taking in a whiff of the air down the filthy alleyway, she shook her head, “Place still stinks like a dumpster. I wonder why every single fucking transaction has to take place here.”   

As if on cue, footsteps sounded from being the lady, “Still as foul-mouthed as ever, I suppose, Mariko-sama,” a voice called out. The owner of the voice stuck out a hand and turned the taller lady around, only to find himself faced with a gun aiming right at the center of his forehead.

“If I need to tell you one more fucking time to not touch me, I would rather blow your head off.”


The neon lights and loud music hurt Haruna’s head; the girl tried to keep herself stable as she walked along the stretch of clubs, resisting the temptations to step inside one and get herself even more wasted than she already was.

“Alcohol numbs the pain?” she scoffed.

Obviously, it didn’t work for her.

Oblivious to the guy standing at the corner near the far end of the road, Haruna stumbled towards his direction. Giving a knowing nod to his accomplice, both of them went up to the beautiful girl, “Care to spend some time with us?” one asked as the other stuck out his arm to grip on Haruna’s, forcing her into the alleyway.

It must be a stroke of bad luck that the alcohol effects started to kick in while she struggled, making her sight blurred as she felt strength draining from her limbs. Haruna, with the little amount of consciousness left in her, contemplated against shouting for help – in a shady district like this, it might just turn into gang-rape rather than help.

Her senses went into overdrive when they dropped her onto the wet and grimy floor, laughing in perverted joy that they had “finally picked a girl that’s both pretty as the actresses on TV and actually has a gravure-suitable body,” thankful that this girl “is actually drunk enough to have zero resistance”.

Haruna felt sick as one of the guys touched her cheek, willing herself to shut her eyes and prayed for someone to save her from this ordeal. Before she could do so, a shout called out from her right and Haruna could only open her eyes enough to see that the brute’s hand being roughly yanked away by someone. With a blink of an eye, he flew across the air and landed a few feet away, with a distinct sound of the breaking of bones.

She wanted to take a closer look at the person who saved her from the misery but felt the alcohol taking over her bloodstream as sleep engulfed her…


A tray of warm porridge, some pills and water greeted Haruna as she slowly peeled open her eyes to take in the unfamiliar surroundings; white curtains lifted and lowered quietly in the gentle breeze, sunlight streaming into the room, warming the pale-blue painted room. She winced as she tried to turn her head, clutching her head as the throbbing headache invaded her senses. Grabbing the pills, Haruna popped them into her mouth, downing them in one shot with the water beside.

“I see you didn’t even check what was given to you…” a voice trailed off as Haruna raised her head to look at the lone figure standing by the door. “What if those are drugs?”

“Jurina! Stop scaring the poor girl,” a smack on the said girl’s head accompanied the reprimand as two persons stepped into the room. “Hi? I’m Nishishi, and this prankster is Jurina,” the girl…well, Haruna wasn’t too sure if the one who spoke was a girl, introduced. “And yes, if you are wondering, I am a girl,” as if reading her thoughts, the Nishishi person added.  “Ah, and those are just the regular pain-killers, so don’t worry.”

Haruna nodded, “Thank you. B-but…where am I? And what happened?”

“Ah ah~ All these questions and talk can come later, I think you need sleep now more than anything else,” the Nishishi girl waved her hand to dismiss the questions, pushing the other girl out of the room and gently closed the door behind them.

At least she’s safe, and like what was said, the questions…can wait.


“The girl’s up?”
“En, but Nishi told her to sleep more.”
“She didn’t look well enough to leave…”
“And Nishi thought it’s better to look after her for a bit more lest she gets into more trouble going out the streets in such a state.”
“But both of you have a job to handle in like an hour’s time…”
“Yeah, and that’s why me and Jurina are gonna leave her in your care, Mariko-sama~~~”

Nishishi grabbed hold of Jurina’s hand and slung a bag over her shoulders, “So…see you tonight!” and a slam of the door greeted whatever Mariko intended to curse at.


Mariko thanked her lucky stars that by the time the mischievous duo was back, the girl was still asleep and she didn’t have to deal with whatever unknown situations there might be. A nagging voice lingered in the eldest’s head – it’s best to get rid of this girl before she knows what they are dealing with.

She couldn’t pinpoint what’s that that made her want to – despite self-battling that she doesn’t – protect this seemingly defenseless girl. Heck, Mariko hasn’t even seen this girl’s face yet. But the eldest knew the best way to protect someone; and that was to let the person remain as clueless as possible.

“I’m gonna call her down for dinner, ‘right?” Nishishi called out as she ran up the stairs with an equally excited puppy, no, Mariko meant Jurina, on her trail. Giving herself a mental facepalm, she looked on as the young pair seemed to enjoy having a new company though making sure that she will go through with them soon about protocols and what’s not.

And also to persuade them enough to let this girl go back to wherever she was from, before divulging too much.


Mariko couldn’t take her eyes away from the girl that was walking behind the energetic couple down the stairs as their eyes met and the eldest felt her skin blushed a deep shade of red.

She couldn’t exactly remember the last time she was so mesmerized by anyone; the smooth white skin that Mariko struggled not to caress, the large hazel-colored eyes that seemed to ooze innocence, the thick sexy lips that unconsciously seemed to lure Mariko’s soul into and lastly, the perfect model figure which Mariko’s red shirt hugged tightly around, letting her take a sinful glimpse at the flat tummy that peeped out from the short tee. “Red suits her very well,” Mariko mumbled under her breath sub-consciously.

Snapping out of her trance as the girl took a seat opposite the eldest, Mariko gave Jurina a stern glare upon noticing that the youngest caught her ogling and hoping that it would stop her from making stupid and suggestive comments during dinner.


“What’s your name?” Nishishi asked as she popped a piece of chicken into her mouth, slapping Jurina’s hands away from her plate as the youngest tried to steal more food.

“Haruna. Kojima Haruna,” came the reply.

Nice name.

Before Mariko could stop herself, the words slipped out of her mouth and she pressed her lips tight.Silence filled the dining room as Jurina’s hands froze in mid-air and Nishishi raising an eyebrow in surprise.

Standing up almost immediately, Mariko excused herself from the table. “I’m full,” she reasoned though knowing that she’d never hear the end of it from Jurina.


I haven’t ask you for your name…

Bumping into each other on the narrow hallway leading to the showers, Haruna mumbled as she came close to the other girl.

“Mariko,” the taller girl mumbled back before excusing herself from the awkward situation.

A tiny smile crept its way onto Haruna’s lips, “Marrriko.”

Haruna already liked the way the name rolled off her tongue.


Lying on her bed and staring at the ceiling, Haruna smiled as she recalled the hectic two days.

First she was saved from being violated by a kid then she was introduced to a boy-like girl who happened to be the kid’s girlfriend, and finally, meeting this fascinating lady who managed to steal her heart without even trying.

She could have been dead two nights before but she didn’t; and you know how people would say about blessings that followed after avoiding a disaster…

Haruna tossed and turned in bed, pulling up her blankets as the cold night wind cooled the room to a degree lower than how she preferred.


Haruna was sure that Mariko was the blessing.


Mariko tucked her arms beneath her head and stared out of the windows, giving up on catching some sleep before her transaction at two in the morning as images of Haruna flooded her mind. Every time she closed her eyes, the darkness that usually would invaded her senses seemed to explode into a flash of bright light and the innocent look of the new girl would imprint itself in front of Mariko’s closed eyes.

She sighed.

It’s been too long since her last relationship, ended way before she fell into this business and was also the catalyst for her to give up on her prim-and-proper life for this packed fully with adrenaline-rush one.

She sighed again, crawling off her bed and putting on her leather jacket then slipping a gun into her garter-belt.

Probably a couple of hours too early, but the eldest got her gear ready and decided to head out, hoping that the cool night wind could clear her mind.


“Where are you going?” a voice called out from behind Mariko as she stood a foot out of the door. Without turning around, she knew it was the new girl; Mariko was sure that Jurina and Nishishi could hardly conjure up such a sweet-sounding melody-like voice even if it kills them.

The door slammed shut in reply to the question.


The transaction had been more than smooth; the gun that greeted that prude’s face a few days ago was sufficient to warn him to keep his hands to himself. Mariko jumped off her bike and slid her bag down her arms as she grabbed her keys from the side pockets of her backpack.

Where did you go?

Mariko jumped, bag and keys cranking loudly as they hit the pavement. The blood seemed to drain from her face as she looked up at the lone girl sitting by the doorsteps, cursing under her breath.

“Get out of the way.”
“Where did you go?”

It’s Haruna’s turn to get angry; nose flaring slightly in annoyance, hands on her hips and totally blocking the way into the house.

“Do you mind getting the fuck out of the way?”
“Oh well, the last time I checked, it’s my apartment.”
“Cat got your tongue? Now if you don’t mind, please get out of the way.”
“Why can’t you just say where you went?”

Mariko glared back in irritation, words flying out faster than her brain could comprehend.

The fuck are you guys screaming in the middle of the night for?

Haruna turned, coming face to face with an irritated looking Jurina and an equally annoyed Nishishi behind. “Can’t you guys wait till the morning?” Jurina wrinkled her nose in disgust, shaking her head at the two adults who looked just like kids bickering and turned her back, dragging her tired body back to her room.

Nishishi shrugged. “Oh by the way? Mari-sama, the toilet flooded your room. I don’t think you want to go back in there before the carpet dries,” she added before following the youngest up into their shared room.


A bedroom slipper flew down the stairs, landing menacingly near Mariko.

Shut up.


Trying to find a comfortable spot on the sofa, Mariko squirmed around trying to get comfy, only to scowl in annoyance. “How the hell does Jurina sleep on this thing?”

“We can share my bed if you want,” a soft voice suggested, tugging gently on the other girl’s blanket.

Mariko tugged on the blanket before throwing it over her head, “No thanks.”


The eldest wrapped her body around the pillow, wincing upon contact with the red welts on her arms and closed her eyes. A feathery touch ghosted over the scratches, “I’m sorry,” the other girl whispered, pulling the blanket up to cover the both of them.

Mariko sighed.

As much as she was pissed to be dragged into the room, she found out that there was no way for her to stay angry at Haruna for long. Not with those increasingly seductive eyes, pouty full lips and milky soft skin that made Mariko just want to ravage.

Nope, not possible to stay angry at.

Haruna swung an arm possessively around the older girl and sighed, pulling the girl into her embrace.

I’m sorry…


 “You know…

Mariko let her voice trailed off; listening to the other girl’s steady breathing, fingers playing with Haruna’s and scooting deeper into her embrace, “I wish I could love you back too…”

If I wasn’t playing with fire…


Yet another night of transactions at ungodly hours, she sighed as she slung the empty bag over her shoulders, pulling the straps to tighten them against her back and jumped onto her bike. Forgoing the helmet for the night, “It’s just 5 minutes away anyway,” she enjoyed the cooling night wind as they caressed her face.

She enjoyed the midnight trips; while the world was sleeping, transactions happened. The silent was sliced open with her noises from her bike, the gentle wind turned nasty as she sped on the empty highway and her thoughts echoed in her head louder than she would like them to be.

A lot had happened over the past few months; someone barged into her life without warning, and then left without either, leaving her torn and tattered. It hurt; it hurt so badly that she didn’t want to continue with life.

How was the transaction?

The taller girl came down to the driveway and carried the other girl off her bike, breaking her train of thoughts. She gave her a smile, a curt nod and leaned closer, leaving a chaste kiss on the other girl’s lips.  “I miss you already…”

Life, it is full of surprises, she reckoned.

A twist of events let her picked up her life once again and this time round, the intruder was the one who stuck all the band-aids around her heart and waited as the wounds healed under her love. It was love at first sight for both of them, but it took a little more persuasion for the other girl before they got together, and they are both glad they did.

“Another night of thinking?” The taller girl asked, hooking arms with her girlfriend as they stepped into the house.

I’m sorry I got you into playing with fire as well…

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#4 Bath: An AKB0048 Fic
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Entry #4
Title: Bath: An AKB0048 Fic
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):  Yuihan the 6th, Kitarie the 8th; YuiRie
Word Count:  2638

Bath: An AKB0048 Fic

“They say that Yuihan the 6th and Kitarie the 8th often shared baths” - Kanzaki Sukuko, AKB0048 77th Generation Kenkyuusei, Year 0048.

Year 0033

Kenkyuusei Watanabe Asuka ran down the corridors of the 00 housing, heading straight for the bathroom, desperate to get to the bath before anyone else. The first two doors to bathrooms were locked, but the third was unlocked so she tore in, threw her towel to the side, and jumped into the bath.


Looking up, she realised the bath was already occupied, a girl was sat at the other end, the taps between them. She was probably sat on her legs. It explained why there was already water anyway. Worst of all though it was one of her room-mates, Kojima Yousai.

“Ah, gomen Yousai-chan, the door .. ah.. I’ll go”

“Daijobu. You’ve seen me like this now, no point worrying about it, we may as well share it.”


“Yes. Stay like this and we’re even.”, Yousai started to scrub Asuka’s leg with the soap, “Here, take the other soap,scrub my legs would you?”

“H-Hai.” Asuka took the soap, and helped Yousai wash her legs.


After that night the two sharing baths became a regular occurrence, they’d help eachother wash. Initially Asuka found the prospect, unnerving, and was always looking anywhere but at Yousai, even she was helping her wash. She slowly got used to the idea, eventually joining Yousai in bathing without having to be prompted. They spent time together alot when not in practice as well, Yousai taking her out to meals. It was when they went out for some curry that Asuka discovered her love of spicy food, and soon developed a taste for all kinds of spicy foods. But to Asuka, it was always just friendly, even as she now looked at Yousai when they bathed. Until one night.

“Hey, Yousai.” Yousai looked across the bath at Asuka, who was still in the middle of scrubbing Yousai’s leg, Yousaid had already finished Asuka’s and had been relaxing, enjoying the warm water and the way Asuka scrubbed along her leg. ‘Yousai, how come you were so willing to let me bathe with you?’

For the first time since this habit of theirs had started, Asuka saw Yousai seemed to be the nervous one, looking down. Asuka was surprised, and decided to stop scrubbing. Yousai looked back up “Why’d you stop? You’re not done yet.”

Asuka pouted “Until Yousai-chan tells me, I won’t clean Yousai-chan anymore”

Yousai sighed, and then, to Asuka’s surprise, pushed herself across the bath to Asuka’s end, bringing her face only a few centimetres from Asuka’s own.


Whatever response Asuka had been expecting, it hadn’t been this. After a few seconds, she suddenly felt Yousai’s lips pressed against hers. She was shocked, but now understood. Whatever response she had been expecting, it hadn’t been this. But now, it was clearly the only possible reason there could have been. She was about to recoil in horror, or at least shock, but she realised that in actuality, she quite liked it. In fact, she really liked it. But just as she was about to kiss back, Yousai pulled away herself.

“Gomen, Asuka. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean.. I …”

Suddenly Yousai was out of the bath, grabbed her towel, and ran out of the bathroom.

“Yousai-chan, matte!” but Yousai was gone, and she’d taken the towel with her, which was bad since up until now they’d been using one towel between them and helping eachother dry, meaning she was left in the bathroome with just both of their’s clothes.

It took Asuka 5 minutes after getting out of the bath to work up the courage to creep over to one of the other bathrooms and grab a towel. After drying herself and wrapping the towel carefully around herself, she picked up both her own and Yousai’s clothes, and put them in the laundry basket to be washed, before returning to her room. Yousai wasn’t there, so she pulled on some clean clothes and went to search for her.

She found Yousai curled up on a sofa in the common room, she didn’t look up when the door closed, but she probably knew who it was. Asuka sat down next to the girl, who was certainly horribly embarrassed, and put rubbed her back.

“Yousai-chan, look at me,” Yousai didn’t move, “Yousai, if you don’t look at me I’ll never forgive you.”

Yousai pulled herself up and turned to face her, still curled up, Asuka could see now she’d been crying.

“Gomen, Asuka. I must have scared you … I.. I didn’t mean….”

The rest of Yousai’s words were blocked by the fact that Asuka had carelessly placed her lips over Yousai’s. But as Yousai relaxed, it became evident that she had, in fact, meant it.


The pair grew closer after that night, spending ever more time together as just the two of them, going on dates to eat out, see movies, and just enjoying eachother’s company, kissing and hugging eachother. But Asuka would always look forward to bath night. And then everything changed.


They had just completed a Kenkyuusei performance at the 0048 theatre, when suddenly Tomasaki-Sensei, the theatre manager came out onto the stage.

“I have an important announcement!”

The two girls held eachother in excitement.

“It has been decided that one of these Kenkyuusei will be promoted, and join the ranks of the Successors!”

Neither girl expected it to be them.

“The new member will be the 8th person to bear the name of Kitahara Rie, known as Kitarie. That person is..”

The girls held their breath, wondering which of their fellow Kenkyuusei would be selected.

“Your knew Kitarie is … Kojima Yousai!”

Yousai was very shocked to hear her name called out, but stepped forwards all the same, and was handed the mike to give a thank you speech to her fans for supporting her up until now, asking them to continue to do so. Asuka didn’t pay much attention to it, she was just standing in shock, scared, feeling certain she’d lose her friend, her love.


When Asuka returned to her room that night, she found that Yousai, no Kitaire’s things had already been moved, no doubt to one of the Successor bedrooms in the Successors own wing. She was happy for Kitarie, of course, but she felt there was no way a Successor would want to be seen with a Kenkyuusei.

From that day on, and for a few months afterwards, Asuka didn’t spend any time with Kitarie, both due to her certainty Kitaire would want to only spend time with Successors, and because she didn’t want to get in the way. Kitaire would call her from time to time, but Asuka always ignored her phone when she did.

One night, about three months after Kitarie’s promotion, Asuka went to the bathroom and sat there thinking. She knew most of her fellow Kenkyuusei had already bathed, and the Successors were on their way back from a concert, so she wasn’t worried about causing trouble for anybody else wanting the bath.

Suddenly she heard someone coming in through the door, she looked about to tell them to go only to find Kitarie walking towards her.

“Kitarie-san” she said, as her once friend walked towards her, pulling off her clothes as she did so.

“You don’t have to make it so formal Asuka” the girl laughed, before stepping into the bath opposite her. “Now then, it’s been a while since we did this hasn’t it?”

“I .. I thought…”


“I thought you wouldn’t want to be seen with me since I’m a kenkyuusei.”

A laugh responded to that, before Kitarie spoke “Did you even read my messages? I haven’t been to eat with you in months and I’ve been missing you. Don’t assume things like that please. Otherwise I’ll never forgive you”

Asuka blushed, and then pushed herself toward Kitarie, so their faces nearly touched. “Gomen, Kitarie-san,” and the next thing Kitarie knew, she’d been pulled into the best kiss they’d ever shared.


All of Asuka’s worries were destroyed in that moment, and things went back to how they’d been before Kitarie’s promotion, they went to movies, had dinner, kissed and hugged eachother, and Asuka wasn’t sure if she could ever be happier. Kitarie had her own bathroom attached to her room, but she still often came to the bath they’d first shared to be with Asuka.

About a month after they got together again, Asuka was told she’d be serving as the stand-in for Acchan the 9th at the next concert. Since the song membership for the setlist had been shuffled since the former Center Nove, Yuuko the 7th graduated a couple of months earlier, this meant Asuka would be serving as the Center for the last song of the night, Flying Get, though the rest of the songs she wouldn’t have as much exposure. All the same, it was a song she’d already performed as the Center for numerous times in Kenkyuusei stages, making her the best choice to perform.

She enjoyed the concert night, putting her best effort to performing each and every song, including being able to share a microphone with Kitarie when they performed Heavy Rotation. She also took note of the fact that Mayuyu Mk 2 didn’t seem to put much emotion into her singing, even when she performed the solo song FIRST LOVE.

At last it was time for Flying Get, her uniform changed to the flowery design they would all be wearing for the song, and she took her place crouched behind her sempai, two others crouched next to her, Mayuyu MK 2 on her left, Tomo~mi the 7th on her right. The music began, and on cue she rose up, followed at the appropriate moment by her sempai on each side. As she reached the climax of the first chorus, she almost felt as though she was glowing, but continued putting in all of the effort she had, and as she danced through the solo, she never noticed a new Kirara spawning. As she got into the second chorus, she was now far more certain she was glowing somehow, and when she hit the climax of that last chorus, she felt the light surround her for a moment, but then just as suddenly see could see the crowd cheering as she performed the last dance of the song, and held her position. She then went backstage to catch her breath before the encore, as she wasn’t needed for the first two songs, she’d come back to perform Aitakatta with the sempai.

When she stepped on stage to perform though, before the music could start Tomasaki-san suddenly appeared again.

“I am here to announce that the decision on the new Center Nova has been made!”


Asuka stood stock still next to Kitarie, waiting for Tomosaki-san to continue.

“The new Center Nova will be a newly promoted member. Stepping into the role of Center Nova, as well as that of Yokoyama Yui the 6th, I present to you Yuihan, Watanabe Asuka”

Asuka stood stock still. Then tears started to stream down her face as Kitarie nudged her forwards to stand with Tomosaki-san.

“Yuihan, please give a few words to your fans” he said, handing her the microphone. Tears streaming down her face, she took it.

“H-hai, AKB0048 no Yuihan, Yokoyama Yui desu.” She started, trying to control herself. It had been hard enough to remember what to call herself. “Miina-sama, arigatou gozaimasu. Thank you for supporting me up until now, and I hope I will work hard enough to live up to your expectations. Honestly, this is very surprising to me, I never expected to be appointed to this role. Hontoni, Arigatou gozaimasuta!” She bowed, starting to get control of her breath, even as the crowd repeated over and over: “Yuihan! Yuihan! Yuihan!”

She was allowed to recover whilst Tomosaki-san left the stage, before the captain, Sayaka the 8th, announced the last song, and invited Yuihan to the center for her first act as Center Nova.


Whilst Katyusha returned to Akibastar after the concert, Tomosaki-san called Yuihan in order to discuss where she should room. She asked if she could share a room with Kitarie, and after Kitarie was asked if she was happy with that, it was agreed.

Once they returned to the 0048 housing, Kitarie helped the exhausted Yuihan to their now shared room, Yuihan had spent most of the journey practising the Center position for a number of songs, and collapsed immediately on her new bed, her things having been brought there before they returned to Akibastar. After letting her rest a minute Kitarie came over.

“How are you, Yuihan?”

“I’m fine, it’s been amazing, it’s like the best day of my life.”

Kitarie looked sad but tried to hide it.

“Do you know what would make it better Kitarie?” she said, before suddenly pulling Kitarie down onto her bed into a deep kiss. “Love me. Now.”

“Right here?”

Yuihan looked over to the door leading to their bathroom.

“No. In there.”

Kitarie kissed her once more, then went through to run the bath, before coming back and helping Yui undress. She then helped her through to the bathroom and lowered her in, then climbed in herself at the other end. Kitarie started to massage Yui’s legs, then brought herself up to Yui’s face, they kissed deeply, Kitarie broke it to kiss Yui again on the neck, and then her head went below the water.


The next few years were the greatest Yuihan would ever know, she performed as the Center in every concert, and whenever they could she and Kitarie would go out together watching movies or eating, Yuihan even completed several restaurants spiciest dishes on the menu. And when the night came they would share themselves with eachother, sometimes in the bath, sometimes on the bed. But they would share the bath everyday, without fail.


Yuihan had been the Center Nova for several years, when she went with the rest of the Successors to perform on an unliberated world. A recently promoted member, Miichan the 5th, had been placed next to her in the formation for the last song. It was Flying Get, the song which had seen her brought to the top, and as she began the chorus she became vaguely aware of the fact that she was glowing. Next to her Miichan was also glowing, but in a colour like she had just before becoming Center Nova, and Yuihan realised it was her end. So she’d have to make it her best performance. She put in more energy to the dancing and the singing than she had for weeks, and then, as the song reached a climax she felt the light surround her, and saw it was doing the same to Miichan. she finished the routine, turned to look at Kitarie and smiled.


And she was gone.


Kitarie begged the staff to tell her what had happened to Yuihan, before returning to the room they shared.

She ran the bath and sat in it, whiling away the hours, remembering her love and the time spent in that bath. And she couldn’t help but cry as she sat there alone.

Yuihan, wherever she was could see her. And she was sorry, but she couldn’t reach Kitarie anymore.

“If I have one regret, it’s that we couldn’t share one more bath together.”

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#5 It Started With a Message
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Entry #5
Title: It Started With a Message
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Yagami Kumi and Kimoto Kanon; Kuuminon
Word Count: 2462

It Started With a Message

It was supposed to be just a joke. A play wherein they will play as boyfriend-girlfriend. A fake relationship one might say. That this was just for fun. They said that it would be their practice when they finally have their own boyfriends to deal with.

It started with a message and ended in tears.

It started with a message..

It was their week long break from school. With nothing to do and no one to talk to, Kuumin was lounging on her couch when her phone went off signalling a message. Being the lazy bum that she is, she reached for her phone without taking her eyes off the tv. She fumbled a bit  but eventually managed to get the device. “One New Message”, it read. Pushing the necessary buttons, she saw that the message came from none other than her kawaii schoolmate, Kimoto Kanon.

To: Kuumin

Ne, how are you doing? It’s been a while she we spoke with each other. I’m bored so go cheer me up~


Kuumin couldn’t stop the smile that broke out from her face. That was just so Kanon. The girl was cute but  she was bossy. Anyways she was fun to talk with especially when they’re bored and needing some fun. Kuumin immediately opened a new message to reply to Kanon. She teased the younger girl and made jokes to alleviate their boredom.  They exchanged a few more mails and that took up most of their afternoon. Boredom, overcome!


Kanon was Kuumin’s kouhai when she was still in high school. Non was two years younger than Kuumin making it Non in her second year of high school while Kuumin in her fourth. They met each other when Kuumin’s best friend, Takayanagi Akane was befriending Matsui Jurina – Non’s bestfriend. The two was a lil awkward with each other at first when they were introduced. At first glance, Non would look like the shy one while Kuumin the outspoken one. But truth is, it was the other way around.

They became good friends as time went by. They discovered many things about each other and became each other’s close friends. They would spend their lunch time together and share their lunches too. Even though the kouhais were in another building, the senpais would always meet them by their tree just to eat lunch together. Afterschool, they would spend some time wandering around the school or going to the arcades or playing with each other. They would go home together too when they have time.

Time flew by and before they know it, graduation was upon them. On the very day, almost all other graduates was crying their eyes out aside from this group of four. They didn’t cry. Didn’t even frown or gave a sad smile. They knew they would still meet each other and nothing will change.


Kuumin was still mailing Non when they got to the most interesting topic so far. They were both joking around and talking about how both of them have no boyfriend yet. Kuumin joked that Non doesn’t have one since no one can stand the bossy Non. While Non said that no one can stand BakaKuumin. They traded a few more jibes with each other when Kuumin got the strangest idea. Kuumin – being the self-proclaimed genius that she is – suddenly asked Non if she wanted to be her girlfriend. Non, playing along had accepted immediately. And from that day onwards, they were “officially” a couple. They would send good morning texts to each other, goodnight before going to sleep and even exchange some sickeningly sweet messages.

It was supposed to be just a joke. A play wherein they will play as boyfriend-girlfriend. A fake relationship one might say. That this was just for fun. They said that it would be their practice when they finally have their own boyfriends to deal with. What they didn’t know was that with every message sent, with every sweet words, they were beginning to mean it just a bit more.


It was a few months after they became a couple that they saw each other again. It was because they were so busy with school work that the only time they have was mailing each other. Kuumin was waiting in their favourite bookstore for her first ever date with Non. She was browsing some books when she saw Non walking towards her. Normally, when you’re meeting your girlfriend of almost three months you would run to her and hug her, right? Well, since the only interaction these two have are just mailing each other, they didn’t do it like normal couples. Kuumin waited til Non almost reached her and gave the younger girl a bashful smile. She looked at what Non was wearing and complimented her on it. It was a lil awkward since they didn’t know how to apply all those fantasies they have about a first date with each other.

Kuumin then lead Non to the movie theatre and strike up a conversation. Along the walk, the awkward tension was slowly dissipating. And after the movie, it was already gone. They were like when they were still in school, laughing and joking with each other on their way to the restaurant.

Kuumin thought that it was just like a normal get together with friends when they were still in school which both relieved and unsettled her. Aren’t they a couple already? Isn’t this supposed to be a date? So, isn’t it supposed to be like this but how come something seems to be missing? These thought plague Kuumin’s mind. Then with all the courage she can muster, she slowly reached out her hand and grabbed a hold of Non’s. Maybe this was what was missing. Why does it feel so.. so like a puzzle piece being put together? She was too embarrassed so she didn’t look at the younger girl and just continued walking, her face having had a full on blush. But if she did glance at Non, she would’ve seen the happy bashful smile that the younger girl was giving her.


The date was a successful one if Kuumin would say so. They had fun like old times. Sure, it might seemed like a normal get together but Kuumin never let go of Non’s hand throughout the date. Even when they reached the restaurant and began eating, she refuse to let go of Non’s hand. It almost resulted on a soaked Kuumin as she knocked the glass full of water on the table  since she was having a difficult time eating with just one hand.

It might’ve been like a normal get together, a friendly outing but those outings never gave Kuumin these strange reactions. It never made Kuumin’s heart beat faster when Non was looking at her. When Non was smiling at her. It never made her heart skipped a beat when Non laugh because of something she said and it never made her want to kiss the younger girl so much.

With all these thought in mind, only one word escaped Kuumin’s lips. “Yabai..”


A month has passed since their date. Kuumin was missing Kanon like crazy. She already began dealing with the fact that she might be falling in love with Non. Her panic didn’t involve things like they were both girls or that Non was too young. What was worrying Kuumin was the fact that maybe, just maybe, Non was still treating what they have as just a game.

Her phone gave a chirp signalling she have a message. Jumping like a ninja, Kuumin quickly grab her phone knowing who it was already.

To; Kuu-chan~

Come at my house this Friday, we’re gonna celebrate Jurina’s birthday and have a lil party~


Kuumin then replied a hurried yes. She couldn’t stop the excitement flowing through her. Just mailing Non, talking to her this way was making her heart beat so fast. She couldn’t wait for Friday to come already so that she’ll be able to see Non again. Maybe this time, aside from holding hands, she can hug the girl all night!


The party was already in full swing. Kuumin arrived at Non’s house earlier than most to prepare for the party. It was just supposed to be the four of them but Non’s classmate and Jurina’s other friends have caught wind of this lil get together. So they made it a small party consisting of at most 15 people. The music was loud, the food was all laid out, there are drinks in everyone’s hands and everyone was having a good time. Kuumin was cuddling with Non on the couch when they Jurina shout Truth or Dare. Everyone immediately gathered around the birthday girl and formed a circle.  The game was tame at first with everyone still getting a feel of each other. But after a few more drinks and a few more daring people, the game has progressed into dangerous territory. The dares ranged  from dancing around in your underwear to making out with various people. Jurina even ordered Churi to be topless and give her a lap dance! As for the truth questions it became so personal that everyone knew almost the other’s deepest darkest secret. At least they trust everyone in the room to never reveal it to anyone else.

And then came Kuumin’s turn. Miraculously, it was actually the first time the bottle has pointed into her. But the one asking the question was Jurina which made Kuumin nervous. It was the kissing monster that started all of this madness afterall! After choosing truth, Kuumin saw Jurina’s evil smirk but when she looked at Jurina’s eyes, she was surprised to find the younger girl was looking at her seriously. Jurina glanced away from Kuumin and before Kuumin have the chance to look where the other glanced she was dropped the heavy question.

“So Kuumin.. what would you do if you found out that Non was cheating on you?” Jurina kept her smile but the seriousness in her eyes demanded that Kuumin answer her honestly. Kuumin then glanced at Non to laugh the question off and say that Non would never do that to her but when she did looked at the other girl, Non was biting her lips and she was not looking at Kuumin. And that was when Kuumin realized that there may be some truth to this question. Kuumin then steeled herself and answered as honestly as she could. “If Non-chan have someone else, then I’ll let her choose who she wants to be with. It doesn’t matter if she don’t choose me as long as she’s happy” She cursed herself when she heard the crack on her voice.

After that, the atmosphere became heavy so Jurina distracted everyone and they ended the game there. Kuumin let go of Non’s hands and got up slowly. She went outside for some fresh air and to clear her mind.She knew there was truth in Jurina’s question but she never thought that Non would ever do that to her. “She might still think that this was just a fake relationship afterall” Kuumin mumbled to herself. She then gave a pained laugh and let herself fall to the ground. She stared at the starry night and let herself relax. It wouldn’t do if she start to cry now. But she knew, that after all this time, she was actually just waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Kuumin didn’t know how long she was outside. It must’ve been an hour or just a few minutes but then she heard footsteps approaching her. She already have an idea on who that might be so she just stayed in her position – lying on the ground with her right arm covering her face.

“You’ll get sick if you sleep here” she heard Non say as the younger girl stroked her hair. She couldn’t stop the warm feeling from spreading through out her body when she felt Non’s touch. Kuumin then took her arm off her face and looked at the sky. She still can’t face Kanon after what she had been asked and she was afraid that if she did, she might just start crying her eyes out. So with a soft and hoarse voice Kuumin asked “Is it true?”

She felt so vulnerable at that time. She was laying her heart on the line and she knew it. Kuumin waited with baited breath for Non’s answer. But what she heard broke her heart. The soft ‘yes’ was all it took for Kuumin to turn away from Kanon. She didn’t get up, she didn’t think she can move after all this. But amidst her warring thought, she can still feel Kanon’s touch. She can still feel Kanon rubbing her back and soothing her. And Kuumin knew she should be angry, she should be yelling at Kanon right now. But all she felt was Non’s hands rubbing her back.

“I’m not finished yet Kuu-chan” she heard Non’s voice. She knew that no matter what, she knew that she the younger girl’s voice would always make her listen. “Yes, its true that I was cheating on you. But Kumi, I already have two boyfriends before you came along. I was just fooling around with them through mail and I have never even seen them. Still I kept them with me since at first I thought that being with you was just a joke. That this was all fake. But then after our date, no before that, I knew that I was falling for you. Your sweet words, your thoughtful actions and your ability to always cheer me up. Kuumin, I’ve already realized this after our date but I knew I’ve been attracted to you since before your graduation. And I just realized that I’m falling in love with you after our date. So the moment we went home, I broke things off with those other guys. I just have them for fun, and I know they could never compare to you. They may say the same sweet things but I never felt anything when they do. But when you were the one to say those words to me, my heart beats fast, it skips a beat. It always left me breathless Kuumin”

Kumi was shocked to say the least. She was actually ready to give up everything but hearing Non say those words, hearing the same things she wanted to say to Non, was just too much to Kuumin. All she could do was stare at the other girl’s profile and when it finally sunk in, she grabbed Non’s face and kissed the girl with all the love she can express in that one act.  After the need for air became apparent, they broke the kiss. Kuumin looked at Non’s eyes and say in her most serious and intense voice, “I love you Kimoto Kanon”   

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#6: A Maiden's First Love
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Entry #6
Title: A Maiden's First Love
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ohori Megumi, Kasai Tomomi; Tomomi/Megumi
Word Count: 1502

A Maiden's First Love

Dear Diary,

Mama spoke to my teacher the other day. He said I’ve been spacing out in class far too much these days, and that my marks are spiraling into the dirt. I thought that was a bit harsh, but I do have to admit I’m not doing as well as I used to… So mama got me this diary; she said that this book might help me focus my thoughts a bit. Honestly, I don’t really want to do this, but both of my parents promised not to read it, so I guess it’s okay. Might as well, could be worth it if it even helps my marks out just a little bit.

Anyway, I suppose it’s good that papa decided to let onee-sama tutor me a couple of weeks ago. Oh, onee-sama is what she wants me to call her in private… Ohori-san was one of mama’s students a long time ago, before mama became too busy for that. I remember her only a bit from when I was younger, but over the last little while or so we’ve really made a connection. She’s so kind and patient with me, even when I completely mess everything up- she just smiles and says “It’s okay, child,” and sits beside me until I get it.

I think I could talk to her about anything, even the stuff my parents can’t know, and she’d understand. I know she’s older than me and everything, but I think onee-sama is one of my best friends!



Dear Diary,

How do you kiss someone? Is it just something that happens instinctively or do you have to learn it?

Hm… I’ll have to ask Tomochin one of these days. Those lips look like they’ve seen some action.

Just kidding. Don’t tell her I said that.



Dear Diary,

Ah, it’s been long time since I last wrote. It’s only been two entries and I already sort of forgot about this thing.

Um, I can write secrets in here, right? Well, lately, I’ve been having these… thoughts. About onee-sama. Actually, I’ve been having them for a while… but they’ve grown a lot stronger over the last few weeks, and they’re getting harder and harder to ignore. I can’t stop thinking about her…  Come to think of it, maybe that’s what’s been affecting my schoolwork, because when onee-sama is beside me, I don’t have a problem doing things right (after a couple of tries!). In class though, it’s like everything kind of fades out and I start imaging things about onee-sama- her flower-like scent, her eyes, her voice close to my ear…

Ahh! It’s all so confusing.

I was wondering, are these normal?

I’ll try to ask onee-sama without giving myself away.



Dear Diary,

I’m in my family’s garden. The flowers smell really nice out here, and there are a couple of butterflies fluttering about. I need the fresh air, anyway.

I couldn’t summon enough courage to ask onee-sama about my feelings last time. Even though she asked me what was wrong and if I was sick, I still couldn’t bring myself to spit it out. And when she touched my forehead to check my temperature, my thoughts got even more jumbled and even though I trust her and I want to talk, nothing would come out!

I tried to talk to Tomochin about it. We’ve been friends since childhood, so I thought she’d understand. I guess I didn’t explain myself very well though, because she gave me this weird look, almost… alarmed? I’m not really sure how to describe it. She didn’t say much in response, either. Maybe I shouldn’t tell her about such things anymore…

Writing that makes me want to cry a little.



Dear Diary,

I finally got up the courage to talk to onee-sama. But I didn’t need to say much. It was like she already knew what I was talking about right after I said my first sentence. But she still smiled and listened to me talk anyway. At the end, she did this small chuckle that made my stomach twist. She rested her head on her knuckles, looked me in the eyes, and said,

“It’s love.”

Her voice makes me want to melt into a puddle. I wasn’t able to pay attention at all after that, so we called it a day. I don’t think she realizes it was her. She can’t have… can she? Diary, I’ve never been in love before, but what she said… it kind of matches up with what I’ve read in books, and what everyone tells me love is like.

But… onee-sama is a woman… and my tutor, at that! Mama and papa would never approve.

Oh no… Diary, what should I do?



Dear Diary,

How do you tell someone that you love them? My grades still aren’t getting any better, and I think it’s onee-sama’s right. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I think I’ve fallen in love with her. I saw this happening once in a book, but mama took it away from me before I could finish it, because she said it would “taint my mind” or something like that. I wish I’d read it faster! I could really use some kind of guide right now…

So if I tell her, will my life go back to normal? Or will it get even crazier?

I really want to be with her, Diary. I’ve been taught that a relationship like this will never work out, but maybe they’re all wrong. I want to think that they’re all wrong.

Ever since she said that word, my heart has been aching for her. I have to do something.



Dear Diary,

I don’t have too much time to write today. Onee-sama is coming over, and I think I’m going to tell her how I feel today. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but today I’ll either have to force myself to move on, or… or something insane will happen.

Wish me luck!



Dear Diary,

I’m floating.



Dear Diary,

When the person you love returns your feelings, everything feels perfect. What onee-sama and I have… it can’t possibly be wrong!

Here’s another secret: I want to marry her one day. But maybe that’s being a bit greedy… for now, I’m satisfied with what we have.



Dear Diary,

Something terrible happened. Mama broke her promise and read my diary. Papa was livid; he yelled at me and I thought that he might hurt me. I don’t understand what’s so wrong about this.

I feel so lost.

Onee-sama is forbidden to see me anymore and papa locked me in my room. Outside, I can hear terrifying things- they’re screaming at her over the phone, and I can’t do anything about it. They called us disgusting… My own parents! They’re treating our love like a scandal! I’m getting out, and I know just how I’m going to do it. I can’t write it here, though. If mama and papa find out, then I won’t be able to escape again if I need to.

Mama, papa, I know you’re just trying to look out for me, but when you use words like “reeducation” and “sick”, what choice do I have? I’m sorry, but I can’t stay.

… maybe I’ll take this book with me after all.



Dear Diary,

Onee-sama said she was going to step out just for a few minutes, so she left me in her room. I guess I have time to write in this thing a little bit before she comes back…?

Her home is beautiful. I though my house was big, but hers in on another level entirely. The first thing I saw when I got here was a huge flower garden, full of butterflies. Well, onee-sama said a lot of them were asleep, but maybe I scared them when I walked in, because there were still a few about in the air.

Onee-sama’s embrace is nice.

I don’t think I can stay here long, though. I don’t want to leave, but she will be in danger if I stay. I can’t take any chances. First thing tomorrow, I’ll leave, maybe even before she wakes up.

Onee-sama said she’ll teach me something special when she comes back. But what could she be teaching me at a time like this?

I think I hear her now.


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#7: Messed up
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Double update! Sorry for the slow update this time here in the forum :(

Entry #7
Title:  Messed Up
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Matsui Jurina, Takayanagi Akane; ChuriJuri
Word Count: 1886

Messed Up

“I said I love you but I never said you have to love me back”

Matsui Jurina and Takayanagi Akane are childhood friends. They’ve known each other since they were little and you know all those cliché stories about childhood friends? Yup, they were exactly those.

The two of them was walking on their way home. Normally, their walks would be filled with stories, gossip, chattering and most of all, laughter. There was never a dull moment when in close proximity with these two. And the keyword there being ‘normally’. Its been a few weeks already when Akane also known as Churi have noticed Jurina’s strange behaviour. The girl was being silent when most of the time she wouldn’t even shut up. Churi tried asking Jurina what was wrong but all she received was a forced smile and the words “daijoubou” most of the time. She was seriously starting to worry about the younger girl. They would normally talk about everything bothering the both of them whether it be something as simple as a broken pencil or something more serious. This was actually the first time Jurina have kept something from Churi this long. Churi didn’t want to pressure the other girl but if she didn’t know it soon, she might just have to force the girl to tell it to her.

She was so engrossed in her mental debate when she was startled and dragged by a running Jurina. Churi can’t see the other girl’s face and didn’t know where they were going but she just run along. After a few minutes of running, an out of breath Churi and a barely breathing heavily Jurina stopped in front of a swing. Churi went to glare at the other girl’s lack of heavy breathing but when she finally looked up – being bent over from trying to catch her breath – she saw that they’re actually in ‘their’ park. It was the park where they met for the first time. The park where Jurina, little Jurina saved Churi from those big bully kids. They park was the same as always with sandboxes  all over, full of trees, a slide and their favourite – the swings.

Churi looked over at Jurina and found the girl head bowed and sitting on the swing. Churi then went behind the girl, took hold of the chains and gently pushed the younger girl. Churi knew there must be something important Jurina wanted to tell her since they went here in this specific park. Maybe she’ll tell me what it was that was bothering her so much. Churi thought to herself and couldn’t hide the smile that broke out from her when she thought she’ll finally be able to help her younger friend out. They stayed that way for a few more minutes until Jurina finally stood up from her swing. The younger girl faced Churi and Akane can see the intensity of those eyes boring into hers. Churi looked equally and directly to Jurina’s eyes, conveying and encouraging the other girl to say what was on her mind. Churi can see the frustration and well-hidden fear in those eyes. What those were for, she have no idea but she waited silently and patiently. But what she heard just left Churi speechless and thrown for a loop.


It’s been days since that fateful day on the park and everything was almost back to normal. Jurina was as energetic as ever, as clingy as ever and as affectionate as ever. What was different was the way the younger girl wouldn’t hold her as tightly when she would hug Churi or the way the hug didn’t last as long. Also the fact that Churi would involuntarily stiffen when she felt those arms around her.

Churi could still remember Jurina’s words from the park. The fact that the younger girl was so ready to cry as she just stayed silent after Jurina uttered those words. That confession. Churi didn’t know what to do so she just stood there dumbfounded. Jurina„ realizing that she wouldn’t get anything out of Churi anymore, just laughed it off and said to just forget about it. But Churi can’t. Her freaking bestfriend was in love with her! She didn’t know what to do. Sure, she loved the younger girl as her bestfriend and as her lil sister but she didn’t know whether she could love the other as more than that. And that was what was eating at her. Every day she could see Jurina looking longingly at her but when she tried to turn her head, Jurina would quickly look away. It was like they were playing a game of cat and mouse.

Churi haven’t realized this but Jurina has been overthinking everything lately. She could see that she was making Churi uncomfortable. She knew that their friendship had changed so she acted like nothing happened and that she didn’t confess. But she saw that Churi just wouldn’t let it go and it was changing their dynamic. Also, it hurts the younger girl everytime she’ll hug the girl and felt her stiffen. It was almost a rejection in itself. So she decided to fix this once and for all.


The bell just rung and everyone started gathering their things. Churi was just about done packing her things when she noticed a little puppy or rather Jurina propped up on her desk, giving her puppy dog eyes. Jurina looked so cute so Churi ruffled her head and gave her a warm smile. But then Jurina stood up and gestured to Churi that she wanted to talk. The playful aura surrounding them instantly vanished and replaced by a foreboding aura. Churi finished packing her things and followed Jurina outside. Jurina led the older girl on their tree – yes, they have a habit of claiming things as their own. Once they reach their tree, Jurina turned to the older girl and grabbed her hand. It was so gentle, so strong yet feminine that it just made Churi’s heart beat that faster. Made her heart almost skipped a beat. It was strange reactions and she didn’t get those feelings whenever they hold hands normally.

Jurina swung their hands together. It was actually cute how the younger girl was acting. But the words that left her mouth was something that Akane never wanted to hear.


“I know I’m making you uncomfortable by being this close… I also know because of the confession thing. I think I just wanted to let you know about how I felt.. Don’t worry Churi, I’m not expecting anything, just that I hope our friendship wouldn’t be broken by this.. But if you need time for yourself or time away from me, I totally understand” Jurina said while shooting glances at Churi. The younger girl couldn’t keep her eyes connected longer to the older girl. She didn’t like this idea – even though she’s the one that was suggesting it now. But if it would make Churi feel better or make their friendship go back to the way it was, then she would gladly do it.

Jurina’s thoughts was interrupted when she felt pain in her cheeks. Churi was pinching her cheeks so hard that she tears was forming in her eyes. Churi’s face was as stern as ever and she was in her scolding mode. “Bakayaro Jurina! You think I can stand a day without your annoying presence?! Sure, I know that our friendship isn’t like it was before but it’s partly my fault too! So don’t go blaming this all in you!”

Churi never wanted to let go of their friendship. It was so important to the both of them that they were willing to overcome this. Sure, she feel uncomfortable but who wouldn’t? She just need to deal with this.

“You know, I know I said I love you but I never said that you have to love me too” Churi’s heart almost broke from that. Here Jurina  was laying her heart out again only to be met by silence. Churi really didn’t know what to do about it. Sure, she accepts the girl’s feeling but what she can’t do was how to return it. “Jurina-chan, I accept your feelings. I know you mean them but I don’t know if I can return it. I don’t want to get your hopes up you know. I don’t want to hurt you. You’re too important to me.” Churi said, tears also gathering in her eyes. “Jurina, I’m not rejecting you, just please understand that I’d rather choose something that I know will last longer, okay?” Churi then hugged Jurina. She could feel the girl shaking with her sobs. It hurt Churi that she was part of the reason why Jurina was crying right now. A few minutes passed and Jurina’s sobs had turned to sniffles. The younger girl had calmed down considerably.


The sun was now out and the sky was littered with stars. The two friends was lying on their backs, cuddling with each other. Jurina was holding Akane’s hand tighly, never wanting to let go. She knew she got rejected. It hurt, yes, but she understood what Churi said. She may be stubborn and persistent but with this matter, being that just wouldn’t solve anything.

Akane looked at Jurina’s eyes when the girl turned to face her. She just wanted to reassure Jurina that after this ordeal that they were okay. That nothing would change. That will go back to the way they were before. She tried conveying what she really felt and unbeknownst to her, she leaning closer to the younger girl. She could feel Jurina’s breath on her face, she could feel  her heart beat faster and faster, until it almost stop when she felt soft lips against her own. Akane’s breath hitched and she unconsciously closed her eyes. The kiss was gentle, overly innocent and not like how she imagined it to be. She never saw fireworks, she saw the the big bang! She never felt the butterflies in her stomach, she felt dragons raging. Is this how a kiss should feel like? Churi have no idea but all she knew was that she felt more from that kiss than anywhere else.

It was wrong, Churi knew that. She already rejected the younger girl but with that kiss she was already second guessing herself. She was blushing so bad all she could do was burry her head in Jurina’s neck. Meanwhile Jurina was shell shocked but she couldn’t stop the grin from overcoming her face. It may be a simple kiss but what a kiss it was! She also couldn’t stop the happy feeling that flows through her that all she could was laugh out loud! Churi was hitting her already from laughing so much. She hugged the older girl and never let go. It was getting so late that they decided to stop fooling around. Churi was the first to get up, her face still red from what happened. She offered her hands to the younger girl and Jurina took it, grin still in place. “So.. that was some kiss, ne?” Jurina then dashed away from Churi laughing her heart out. Churi just shook her head and let out a giggle . She knew they were going to be okay. She knew that nothing will ever change.. well, maybe, she might fall in love with the puppy too!
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#8: Truth
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Entry #8
Title: Truth
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sasaki Yukari
Word Count: 2466


This was what kenkyuusei Sasaki Yukari was anxious to find. Up until now she had never noticed anything wrong with the way the group was run, in fact she enjoyed it. Yet it seemed to her that many of the same people that she had auditioned with were suddenly becoming vastly different. It wasn’t in a bad way, their changes had allowed for them to become promoted ahead of her as their skills improved and personality shined. She actually felt proud of them even though they were allowed to shine on the stage as a promoted member and she was not.

The thing that was truly nagging Yukari was the fact that it was soon becoming everyone but her. It was as if not long after their changes they were promoted and this itself was weird. She wondered exactly why it was that so many of them were changing so drastically or even the fact that so many of them had become different.

She was still friends with them but it felt like some sort of thing holding them back now. Occasionally they would be forgetful of things that she thought they would never forget. They seemed to only include her because they had to rather than because they wanted to. They tried to act normal but it wasn’t only Yukari that sensed the difference, the others did too.

Everything was different.

This scared her- their changes, and this group.

Yukari started looking into things in an attempt to figure something out. In an desperate attempt to find out where those people that she had once been close friends with had disappeared to. It was through Maeda’s vague words that an idea had started budding inside of her.

Those weren’t the same people that she had befriended.

It was illogical but after having been close to the senbatsu members during the time when she was arranged to play the role of Eguchi Aimi she could hear them talk. She could hear their worries about being the next one to go. That if they were to even speak out they wouldn’t just lose their position, but something far more important.

Yet when Yukari tried to ask around she got no help, just warnings. She wasn’t to touch upon such a subject if she wanted to stay in the group.

Yukari was okay with everything until Nattsun told her that she had been seen things when she had been following one of the girls when they were called down by the staff members. The next day she was gone, they said that she had been sick. When she came back, she was different too.

It was not long after that they brought back the kenkyuusei selections.




Yukari ticked off their names in her notebook, they had been acting funny and she was sure that they were goners. Many of the members had been looking at Yukari differently and she had noticed. Someone had noticed that she realized something was going on. Fear filled her and she could only plan some way to get out of whatever she had gotten herself into.

“The only way to live is to fail.” were the words that Acchan had whispered once when walking by her. Yukari mused upon these words, and what she thought were random gibberish that the older members had been telling her.

“Stop looking, you will lose.”

“They’re gone.”

“Quit playing detective”

“Escape is the only hope.”

“I’ll miss you.”

Whatever it was that the others were warning her about it was dangerous. If she was right about what Acchan meant, she was to fail the kenkyuusei selection or she would be gone. This gone was different though, Acchan had said live and Yukari was worried that her curiosity over all of this world lead to her own demise. She couldn’t do it though; she couldn’t just fail the selections. Not after all the hard work and sacrifices that she had made in order to get into this group.

Yukari would just have to face the consequences, whatever they may be.

The list of names for those that had not passed the selections was announced, all of them from the 13th generation.

Yukari took a sigh of relief only to have the fear come back to her.

“I hope you made the right choice.” this time it was Yuko that had told her that.

Are you really ready to learn the last truth of your life?

It was a message from a foreign number.

Yukari stared at it for a while before her curiousity got the best of her and she replied to that mail.

Yukari was scared, but she knew that she couldn’t turn back now.

She was in the basement on the Don Quixote, 10 floors beneath her usual stage. What scared her was the fact that this was something you would expect in a movie, secret basement. Who knows what could be in the dark room in front of her, well she definitely didn’t.

“Welcome my child. I see you have decided to take up my invitation.” A voice from behind told her.

“Who are you?” Yukari asked out to the person who had sent her that mail. “I am nobody yet I am also everyone. I have promised to show you the truth you so desperately seek in exchange for your life.” The voice told the shocked Yukari before shutting the doors behind her. “M-my life?!” Yukari shouted. “I’m sure you have heard the others talk about it. Such a pity that you’re so curious. I was going to spare you.” The voice sighed out before flickering on some lights.

In front of Yukari were dozens of bodies…

Of the members.

Yukari was shocked at what one would describe as “out of a movie.”

Rows upon rows of glowing green containers holding the members. Ryoka, Nattsun, Mayu, Yukirin, Sasshi… She had seen all of these people reccently. Yet why were they in the containers before her.

Yukari’s curiousity no longer overpowered her will to live. She bolted for the door only to realize that it had been locked shut by the cloaked figure beside her. “Let me go!” Yukari pleaded, but the figure would hear none of that. She simply walked alongst the containers, beckoning Yukari to follow her.

“Already too late for you child. He will never set you free now that you know about this.” The figure told her.

Yukari was speechless and she knew that there probably wasn’t a chance for her anymore. She had chosen this and she was to blame for her own ending.

“Tell me the truth.” Yukari told her, at least she would die satisfying this curiousity of hers. The figure spoke as she paced forward now that Yukari had chosen to follow her into the unknown. “I see that you have chosen, then follow me I’ll show you what you seek.”

Yukari followed the figure in between the omnimous tubes containing people that were once her friends.

“Yes, those are the very people that you might have known. Or better yet you’ve never known them in the first place.” the figure said, gesturing to the various tubes that surrounded them. Many of the figures very familiar to Yukari or that was what she thought.

“Never known them?” Yukari asked confused, she was sure that she knew those members. Maybe she wasn’t close to them but she was sure that they were the very people that she had to perform with. They were her senpais and occaisionally they would give her advice.

“You see those members?” The figure pointed towards the tubes containing the 7th gens, well merely half the 7th gens.

Maeda Ami, Komori Mika, Sato Sumire, Iwasa Misaki.

“Know what’s common about them? Why the other members of their generation aren’t there?”

Yukari looked at her with a confused face.

“Management tried to push them at one point. Their pushes however failed.” The figure tried to explain to the confused girl. She was used to this, having done this dozens of times. Now that Yukari thought about it, they had all fallen in ranks this year at the election with the exception of Wasamin.

“So you entrap them simply because they weren’t popular enough?! That’s horrible!’ Yukari shouted but the figure shook her head.

“Not because they failed. They were only pushed because they had already been taken in. The people you see in front here are the real them. Not the ones that you’ve been performing with, not the people that you think that you know. ” The figure tried to explain to Yukari, although she had done this many times before it seemed as if every single time they would be slow to accept such a truth.

“What happened to them?”

“They were like you; they sought the answer and gave up their life for it.”

“Then who are the ones that I know.” Yukari asked, scared of the multiple possibilities that were coming into her mind. She never knew any of them, those that she had known were not them…

‘Replacements, they considered taking their bodies but instead developed a clone of them. The bodies just stay here until the day when the clones die, graduation? That just means that they’re free. No longer needed for the advancement of this group. It was only a matter of time for you too.” The figure said before it unvealed the tube behind her. A replica of Yukari was inside that exact tube.

Yukari stared in amazement at the body inside.

“She’ll be taking over your spot soon. You should be glad that they scraped the taking over your body part. Maybe in a couple years you’ll be out and about too.”

“…Doesn’t make it any better. Knowing that I’ll be living in a tube for a couple years. Why would they even do this, better yet who is they?”

“Too many questions child. Let me answer them one at a time. Listen carefully though.”

The figure lead Yukari further along into the maze of tubes, passing by many familiar faces.

“Everything started with Acchan. God old Acchan was the first one to be pushed wasn’t she? The plan, this plan had been hatched long before the formation of the group. It was with the birth of the frail Akimoto Aimi, Akimoto Yasushi’s only child.”

“Akimoto Aimi?”

“You see with the failure of Onyanko Club, Akimoto Yasushi had pursued his other interests… science. He messed with what shouldn’t be messed with, his own child. Little young Aimi had been born with a weak body and wasn’t going to live so Akimoto tried his best to save his only child…”

“Right out of some sort of movie…”

“He however did not anticipate for his child to be turned into such a demon. Everything had been fine, Aimi was growing stronger. It was already too late when they realized that Aimi had gained powers and not just the gift of taking over minds. They entrapped Aimi hoping to reverse everything but it was already too late. Unless Aimi split herself she wouldn’t be able to live or rather nobody would be able to live. That’s when the Akihabara Project was hatched. AKB48 is merely a place for Aimi to thrive.”

“We’re all sacrifices for Akimoto’s child…”

“Yes. As long as Aimi can split her multiple personalities she does not risk going insane and destroying half the city. The more of her personalities that Aimi keeps, the more dangerous and unstable she is.”

“Wait… just what did they do to Aimi?

“Oh just a little nuclear radiation, some human experimentation, oh and I don’t think replacing her weakening heart with a super battery helped much either.”


“Now what else was there…”

“The older members know about this don’t they… why are they still alive then?”

“Akimoto grew too fond of them by the time the first experiment was set into place. Oh you know her too, Maeda Atsuko she was the first one.”

“Acchan? But she was the one that warned me about this…”

“She was the failed experiment, the reason why they use clones now. Acchan proved a little too much for Aimi, her mind control was not yet perfect and eventually Acchan broke free.”

“This is why all the older members know about it…”

“They’re sworn to secrecy though, some of the members couldn’t take it anymore and left the group. Some of them had such potential too… I’m sure Aimi would have enjoyed playing with them. ” The figure paused before continuing, “They still try to spoil his plans, it’s rather entertaining to watch them try even though they know their career is at stake. Some of them still try to protect those that they love.”

Yukari didn’t know what exactly it was that Aimi spoke of, but she had heard the rumors of the so called forbidden relationships in the group. She didn’t know if it was about that but she wasn’t interested. To Yukari the forbidden relationships paled in comparision to the greater conspiracy that laid behind this group. She scoffed to herself thinking, ‘Who would’ve thought that the biggest girl group in the history of Japan was merely a sacrifice for a child that should’ve died. A mere playground for such an abornormal child.”

“This group is scary…” Yukari threw out offhandedly even though her fear had long been diminished with it some sort of acceptance to her fate bloomed.

“You just realized? Half the people in this group are actually the same person…”

“Why hasn’t anybody tried to stop them… there’s really no hope is there?”

“No, unless you’re willing to be some stupid movie hero and risk the city of Tokyo.”


“There’s nothing much to tell now, are you ready to face your doom?” The figure asked as she lead Yukari back to the empty tube next to her clone. “One more question, who are you? Why would you be helping Akimoto and them?” Yukari asked before stepping into the tube.

The figure closed the entrance to the tube before taking off her hood and pressing the button next to the tube allowing for the green liquid to fill the tube

Yukari stared in shock at the looks of the figure, she looked exactly like Eguchi Aimi!

“Because I am Aimi.”

Sometimes things aren’t as they seem.

Don’t join AKB48.

Even if you do.

Don’t be curious.

Don’t seek her out.

You could be next.

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Re: ~ 48Fandom Writing Contest Fall Edition ~ [#7: Messed up & #8: Truth]
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Wow, nice work.

Gambatte ne, minna-san :3

Wish all the best for the competitors.

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#9: Kasuka na Kaori
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Entry #9
Title: Kasuka na Kaori
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Takayagi Akane, Matsui Jurina; ChuriJuri.
Word Count: 1264

Kasuka na Kaori

Did you noticed my secret love,

Just like a gently fragrance?

Churi was singing the chorus of the song, when she waited patiently for someone in the Disney World entry, she could not help but remember of the girl that she was waiting when she hear that song. She didn’t know why exactly that music remember so much the girl that she was waiting and why she loved so much that song. – Maybe because the song is so sweet like her? The older girl thought.

- CHURI!! Sorry for be late!

Jurina come running in her direction with a big smile in her face, when the young girl reached Churi she stopped and took a breath.

- It’s okay Jurina, I come some minutes early.

The young girl face was taken by an expression of relief when she heard he older one answer, the young girl was really worried about being late for they date. Churi cannot help but smile seeing that, even that Jurina was always busy with her two positions as an AKB and SKE member and the high school, the young girl was always try to spend some of her free time with Churi.

I was always looking for the reason of why can we be together.

After take her breath Jurina smiled and took Churi hand when they started to walk in the direction of the park. Initially they have a little problem with the roller coaster and the scary house because of Jurina but after this all went well. Seeing the young girl having fun and smiling make Churi heart beat more fast, even the little things about the young girl, like she have fear of scary houses, make the older girl want be by her side more and protect her.

While I keep learning about the things you like,

This feeling as well kept growing.

After play in a shooting game and Jurina win a bear plush to Churi, they decided to take some ice cream, after they sit in a bench, the girls start to chatting and enjoy the ice cream, Churi still was impressed how Jurina was able to get the most huge bear to her, and Jurina start to acting in her cool and flirt way, like always. She was used to spoil the young girl, always accepting her hugs and kisses, letting her sleep in the same bed with her when the girl asked, she was so used that when she was not doing that she feel that something was missing. A sad smile come to her face when she remembered that now they time together decreasing because of Jurina be always busy holding her new position in the team K.

The time we are together always flies by

And my way back home the time passes too slow

And I made the habit of grasp my cell phone tightly

To always notice your mails

- Churi are you okay? Asked Jurina worried about the sad expression of the older girl. Churi realizing that she was making Jurina be worried make her best to fake a happy smile when she answered her.

- I’m okay, I was just thinking if I put food for my birds, but is alright. I have certain that I did this.

She laughed and Jurina sighed.

- Please don’t make me be worried again, we now have so little time to pass together, I was worried that you was not enjoying…

- Eh?! Why I should not be enjoying?

- Well…I notice that have been some days that you are acting a little awkward when we are together…

Churi became surprise with Jurina said.

Did you noticed my secret love,

Just like a gently fragrance?

She knows that she have been acting a little awkward with Jurina but she cannot help, when they was together she can’t focus in anything but the young girl, her smile, her voice. Was hard to her hold her urges in hug and kiss the girl, or try to hide her jealous when she see Jurina kissing treating other member in a flirt way. Took some time until she was able to think in something to said to the girl.

- Is nothing Jurina, I love when we spend some time together the only thing that bothers me is that we don’t have much more time to do this…

- Ah! I Understand…

Jurina stared the floor, she was sad because was not able to pass much time with Churi too but was nothing that she was able to do about this.

Churi start to feel guilty to change the happy atmosphere of some minutes before, without think she kissed Jurina’s cheek, the unexpected action of the older girl make Jurina blush and smile.

- Let’s go Jurina! We still have some time to play.

The young smiled to Churi and took her hand and guide her to some attraction that she wanted to see.

The time we are together always flies by

And my way back home the time passes too slow.

Before the two girls notice the day was ending, they saw the sunset together and then after Jurina insist, she and Churi was going to the older girl house. Churi sighed,even that she said that Jurina don’t need to leave her in her house, the girl was so stubborn that Churi didn’t saw other choice. They was walking holding hands in silence, just enjoying each other company. When she was with Jurina like that she always remember why she love that song, the song was sweet like the young girl, that song said how she feel about Jurina, she has fall in love with the young girl.

I can only tell I like you in a nonchalant way but

I really want to know your feelings but I am scared

And I can only talk about the usual things.

When they finally reach the door of her house both of them smiled, they still was holding hands but for some reason they don’t wanted to release each other hand.

- Is late I should go.

Said Jurina.

- Yeah… You’re right.

I can only tell I like you in a nonchalant way but

I really want to know your feelings but I am scared

And I can only talk about the usual things.

- Jurina…

- What?

- Nothing, just take care when you go to your house, t-thanks for today and g-good night!

Churi released Jurina’s hand really fast and opened her door but before she be able to enter in her house she feel someone grabbing her arm and pushing her.

 Did you noticed my secret love, Just like a gently fragrance?

When she turned to the young girl she saw Jurina smiling, the young girl without saying nothing kissed her, a gently and sweet kiss, when she break it the kiss she said to Churi.

- You awful liar, if you was in love with me why did you not said before?

Jurina sighed, Churi still did not believe in what was happen.

- I have to go now but we will talk later ok?

Churi nodded with her head confirming, after saw the girl answer Jurina smiled said goodbye and leave her alone.

Did you noticed my secret love, Just like a gently fragrance?

The older girl smiled, just like in the song Jurina noticed her love, and better than this, now she know that the girl feel the same for her.

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#10: My Little Angel
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Entry #10
Title: My Little Angel
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sashihara Rino, Murashige Anna
Word Count: 1896

My Little Angel

How long has it been?

It feels like it all happened yesterday; perhaps it did. It was like something out of a ridiculous video game. It’s always the government, you know? In the movies, in the books, in the video games and the comics it’s always the government’s fault. Apparently this applies in real life too. When we were recruited we were thoroughly briefed on the situation. At least they had the decency to look ashamed.

They were attempting to make a some sort of chemical that betters the human body. They wanted stronger soldiers, soldiers who were fast and soldiers with better vision and hearing. Most importantly, they wanted soldiers who didn’t feel pain. The drug was supposed to work so that even if a soldier lost an arm or a leg they could fight on. At least that is my understanding.

Of course this back fired on them, something about abnormalities I didn’t bother understanding the chemistry jargon, at any rate when the vial was injected into the test subject, he went into cardiac arrest and passed on. The scientists were confused but before they could even get the poor young man to the morgue he woke up and began to tear at their bodies, gnawing on their flesh, the security footage they showed us was horrid. Even more so when the five mutilated bodies started moving again.

This happened to other test subjects as well and before anybody knew the virus had spread to the surface, labs in Japan, the U.S, England and South Africa were practically overrun by zombies. Evacuation plans were executed and cities were closed off. Once the contamination was contained the remaining scientists worked on a cure whilst the government planned on how to get survivors out of the cities. That’s where Akimoto Yasushi, a scientist and survivor of the attack on the facility in Tokyo, came in. The subject he was working on was immune to effects of the virus.

Maeda Atsuko

The reason for her immunity had something to do with some sort of biological jargon that I tuned out. The point was, the governments began recruiting people just like Maeda. They called us ‘The Chosen’ because of how ‘unique’ we were apparently. It was compulsory for us to join The Chosen, you could not say no. You were serving your country, they’d tell you, you’ll be a beacon of hope. So we were trained until deemed ready for combat. We were then deployed to different sectors, to recover survivors, take back cities or recover lost data from old labs.

I personally felt no satisfaction in this, as I had no family to make proud.

But I digress.

I was in the first group of recruits, Maeda was appointed our commanding officer. The girl was quiet and she did not look like much of a leader but she gave her God damned best. Two years later we’ve hardly made a dent in reclaiming our cities. Some of the infected have even evolved or mutated. Some were abnormally large and just as strong, others were agile and could leap buildings. There is talk of others that scream so loudly your head could pop off if exposed long enough and others that are coated in deadly acid. It was, for lack of a better term, fucked up and it was making our mission a great amount harder.

Six months ago, my superiors thought I was ready to lead my own squad of twenty troops. We had a good track record. Two successful reconnaissance missions and three successful extractions. I grew close to my squad, they were family almost. We’d have nights where talked of memories before this insanity started, we would sing songs and dance like silly fools if only to forget the horrors we will have to face the next day. One particular young girl had snuggled her way into my heart.

Reporting for duty ma’am!

She was the youngest member of our squad, at only fourteen years of age, she was special and cute as a button. She was my hope for a brighter future. Her enthusiasm was so inspiring she was probably the reason why I had not taken my own gun to my head. She had the rest of the squad in stitches and even made the toughest of our squad smile. Her smile could light up a galaxy. She had odd sort of outlook on life for someone in her situation, it was sort of refreshing.

If life gives you lemons then smile and kick life in the face!

Then it happened.

The higher-ups wanted the facility in Tokyo back. My own squad and two others were assigned to this mission. The objective was simple; go in, kill all the zombies in the surrounding area, secure any survivors and secure the area around the facility. We were to leave in a few days, after the proper briefing was done. This was the biggest operation we’ve ever been a part of but we had confidence. The higher-ups seem to think there is something in the facility that can help our fight, we were not told what exactly but their usual ‘you are making your country proud’ pre-mission spiel was more passionate than all the others. Whatever that meant.

We’ll be fine because we’re together.

Ever cheerful was she.

But was she ever so wrong.

So very wrong.

It was almost as if those mother fuckers knew we were coming. Five of the massive new breed zombies had already taken out two our choppers and in the confusion our squads were separated. The horde swarmed on us and it was by pure luck that eleven of us found each other. I made sure my little one was by my side the entire time. The chaos served as good cover as we ran off, far from the horde and found an abandoned house. We took refuge in there and barricaded all entry-ways. We could still hear faint noises of the horde outside, a few screams of terror and gun-shots, she was frightened of course, she had battle experience but nothing had prepared her, or any of us for that matter, for this.

It was after what felt like hours that sounds stopped. We heard the groaning and roaring the roaring of the horde become even more faint until it was quiet save for a few groans of the stragglers left in this area. It was decided that we would scout the area the next morning. No one spoke that night, and the little one sobbed and trembled in my arms and I could do nothing but hold her tighter and whisper words of comfort into her hair.

The next day the situation did not get better.

We had been abandoned.

We had returned to the crash site and found the communications system was still functioning, we informed Headquarters of the situation. Their response had angered all us. We were ordered to ‘hold out until reinforcement arrived’. That was weeks ago. Fortunately we had found an underground army base during one of our day time patrols. It was a bit beat down but there were beds, rations and armaments enough to last us months. The convenience of it’s discovery was almost painful. It reminded us that we were probably going to die here and that in a sick twisted way, God wanted us to be comfortable before we died but she tried so hard to cheer us up.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth, guys!

Stupid little cheerful girl.

She was so young.

Too young.

It was supposed to be a simple patrol. I think it had been two months since we were told to ‘wait for reinforcements’ and we normally patrol the town in the daytime, looking for a way out of this hell hole.

We were walking down an abandoned road, then we heard the thundering foot stomps, she pushed me out the way just as the brute came charging in our direction, hitting her square in the chest and knocking her into a car across the street.

Go to her! We’ll handle this bastard!

I ran to where she landed, careful not to aggravate any of her injuries. My God she was a mess; blood running down the side of face, her breathing shallow, left leg was sprawled in an awkward angle, various parts of her body riddled with scratches. Her half lidded eyes look up and she attempts to grin at me. The realization that this was my fault, that she did this for me, the guilt and pain hit me just as hard as the brute hit her.

Why are you crying?

Her voice, once high and energetic, was now raspy and faint. I told her to save her energy, I told her we’d get help for her. By now the brute had been taken care of and the others had gathered around us. I looked up to the only person who knew basic medicine; Minegishi seeing my pleading gaze, shakily pokes and prods her body, my eyes were on her face the entire time. Her features still churubic ut marred by the gash that where the blood came from. Her breathing was becoming slower and her eyes were beginning to glaze over. Minegishi finishes her prodding with a shake of her head.

There was nothing we could do.

I’m glad you’re okay Sasshi but I’m so tired.”

I begged her not to close her eyes. The others joining in my pleas.

You guys need to stop crying.

No. No. No! NO!

“Be strong for me, okay Sasshi?”

And as she took her last breath I heard a terrible sound, an inhumane wail of pain, I would later realize that it was my own. My comrades joined me in my mourning. For we had not only lost a friend but we had lost our hope. We had lost our driving force. We had lost our life.

And I had lost my soul.

My little angel was gone.

My reason for being was gone.

And it was my fault.

I am reduced to nothing but a shell.

We gave her as best a send off as we could. Her grave was near the base, so she could be close to us. The others, I see them when they think I don’t notice, they stare at me with such pity. They try to make me feel better, reassure me that it’ll be all okay. They tell me it wasn’t my fault. But their words are mere whispers compared to the voices. The voices tell me others things. They shout and scream words of hate and blame. I agree with the voices. I never fought the voices. They were right. My little angel would be alive right now if it were not for me.


Bless you Miichan. Always coming to check on me.

But I’ve already made my decision.

“Sasshi why is the door locked?”

The pistol I had been holding feels lighter now.


With a shaking hand I point the barrel to my temple.

“Ryu! Help me with this door!”

I’m sorry guys, I’m not strong enough without her.

I pull the trigger just as the door is busted open.


I never liked that title.

Wait for me my little angel.

I’m on my way.

I’m coming, Murashige Anna.

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Re: ~ 48Fandom Writing Contest Fall Edition ~ [#10: My Little Angel ]
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A PACK OF TRUMP CARDS !? I really want it! I will try with my 1st time writing fanfic!! But with those entries... Its hard for me... QAO

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#11: Yesterday’s Road To Eternity
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@kokoiscute: Trying won't hurt! Deadline is October 1st, there is still time if you finally decide to participate :thumbup

Again, sorry for the slightly late update here. Prepare yourselves for a long read!

Entry #11
Title: Yesterday’s Road To Eternity
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Itano Tomomi, Kasai Tomomi; TomoTomo
Word Count: 10981

Yesterday’s Road To Eternity

The room is white, plain and sterile. With barely any decorations or furniture, it is a simple and depressing room. Even with my deteriorated sense of smell, I can detect the strong scent of disinfectant and sickness. You would think that a hospital would make their rooms more… welcoming.

But then again, I guess a hospital isn’t the happiest place on Earth. They wouldn’t particularly be sending the right message if they paint their white walls pink, change their beige duvets to flower patterned covers and squirt apple perfume around the wards. A hospital is indeed not a happy place.

At least, not for me.

- - - - - - - - - -

I stare at the large ventilator in the corner, with all the wires connecting to the sleeping body, the only feature to the room that made it seem less miserable. Indeed, the beeping machine made the room become rather futuristic. Taking my gaze away from the constantly pumping machine, I focus on the tiny body, her porcelain skin almost transparent as the fluorescent lights shine down on us. Able to easily see her pale blue veins and with all the tubes intertwined with her system, she almost looks like a cyborg. A perfectly preserved being that could last forever; that just needed to be recharged. And after her batteries reached 100%, she would jump back to life, letting us return to our daily lives.

However, I know that this isn’t true. She isn’t a robot that can live for eternity. She is just human. And all humans have an expiry date.

Nothing can bring Tomomi back to life.


I sit quietly as the doctor explains your current condition. Hearing it all before, I just stare at you, wishing you would wake up and tell the doctor to be quiet for me. I almost smile, practically hearing your sappy voice whining at the man, whinging until you got what you wanted, like always. Then, when he left, we would grin at each other and we would escape with your wheelchair. I would push you out of the synthetic hospital, past the busy nurses and doctors, out of the doors and through the blooming gardens, until we were free. And while we do this, with our remaining adrenaline pumping, I would be able to hear your laugh once more, harmonising with mine.

Yet, your voice doesn’t sound and I am forced to sit silently through his lecture.

While the doctor rambles on, I begin to think about our past. Reminiscing of the days we met and the days we parted, the infinite memories that we created together, brings a melancholic smile to my face. I remember it all as if it only happened yesterday.

- - - - - - - - - -

Rushing past the hurrying students, I sprint to the high school playground, the spring air drying my throat. When I arrive, as expected, there is an ocean of people in front of the notice board. Going to the back of the herd of noisy girls, I skim past the colourful heads, walking along until I see the second year section.

Even though I totally dread having to do this, with a deep breath, I dive in. Bending down and pushing past, I make my way through the hot and stuffy channels of females. Ignoring the brief exclaims and complaints, and enduring the sharp elbows and hurtful knees. Time passes slowly as I swim through the different limbs. Sweaty and slightly disorientated, I consider how much further I would have to go. Then, through the gaps of girls’ legs, I see the light. With a final dash forward, I explode out of the crowd. With a deep breath of fresh air, I cheer in silent triumph at being in front of the huge mob.

I stare up at the large board, searching for my name within the jungle of names.

Itano Tomomi…Itano Tomomi…

“We’re not in the same class! How could this be?”

I jump with shock at the sound of the loud whine next to me. Incredulously turning to the side, I see the girl with the voice that I easily recognise, the unique pitch imprinted onto my brain. I grin at her, everything around us fading as I focus on my best friend; Kasai Tomomi. The girl that I have known for over half of my entire life. And the girl who nearly made me wet myself.

Calming down from the initial shock at my best friend’s arrival, I ask, “What?”


Concentrating my gaze on the direction of her pointed finger, among the mass of names, I see my name under Class 2-C and just across, I see Tomomi’s name, in Class-D. My eyes widen with initial shock. This will be the first time we will be in separate classrooms and a sort of loneliness starts. However, I expected this, being in an extremely large high school and so I shove aside the lonesomeness. Besides, it was about time we weren’t together 24/7.

I smile, watching the bemoaning expression on the girl’s face. “Calm down Tomo, you’re only the next class along.” I soothe.

I watch with amusement as Tomomi’s melodramatically threw her arms into the air, suddenly hanging onto my right shoulder with despair. “But it’s not the same!” she cries. “I won’t be able to stare at Tomo-chin’s concentrated face or her unsure face or-”

“Okay, I get it.” I say, my cheeks beginning to heat up at her description of attention. Although I also knew all of Tomomi’s expressions, having witnessed them all enough times, embarrassment still projects through me at the voicing of her personal knowledge of me.

Brushing Tomomi off, I try to ignore her sniffling. However, even though tears appear in Tomomi’s eyes as often as I eat rice, they still affect me. So, I wrap a single arm around Tomomi’s quivering shoulders.

“Let’s go to class. And then I’ll treat you to something at lunch.”

As soon as I finish, Tomomi looks up at me with a beaming smile, making my chest flutter with surprise.

“Okay! Let’s go!”

I shake my head in disbelief. This girl could be an actress. However, even as she drags me forcefully in the direction of our respective classrooms, I can only smile as her warmth envelops me like a cosy blanket.

- - - - - - - - - -

I stare down at the playground from the rooftop, placing my empty lunch bow at the ledge. The spring breeze is calming, the afternoon almost relaxed, much unlike this morning. Observing the tiny figures move around, I wonder how the first years are getting on. I remember my first day being hectic and frightening. With a new school, new people and new learning criteria, it was daunting. If it wasn’t for Tomomi, I don’t know how I would have survived. Suddenly, a rush of pity washes over me and I feel sorry for most of the first years. Not everyone can have someone like Tomomi.

“Are you going to continue Dance Club Tomo-chin?” I hear Atsuko call from behind me.

I turn to face her, giving a nod. Atsuko, Takamina, Mii-chan, Mariko, Haruna, Yuko and Tomomi continue their conversation about clubs, while my body is abruptly beckoned by the call of nature.

“Just need to go to the bathroom.” I state, not bothered if they heard me or not.

Quickly jogging down the stairs, I head to the bathroom.


Flushing the toilet and relieved of the painful pressure of my bladder, I am about to unlock the door, when I hear the loud chatter of people entering. I don’t know why, but I pause. From the voices, I recognise that there are two people. I hear the sound of conversation and washing of hands. I don’t understand why but instinctively I stop to listen for a moment. And as my intuition must have suspected, I suddenly hear one of the girls say my name. 

“What do you think of Itano-san?”

Why are they asking about me?

“She seems pretty nice. I wouldn’t mind getting to know her since this is the first time we’ve been in the same class.”

My ears perk at her response and despite my situation, I grin at the compliment.

“But… don’t you think Itano-san is close to Kasai-san?”

My smile instantly disappears. My heart drops and squeezes with discomfort as I hear Tomomi’s name. Confusion fills me at the association with us. Of course I am close with Tomomi; she is my best friend after all. Irritation suddenly develops at their audacity to gossip about us and my hand is on the door handle before I know it. However I halt as the girl, who said wanted to be my friend, defends me and Tomomi.

“Yeah, they are friends after all.”

She is definitely becoming my friend.

“I mean too close.” emphasises the other. “As in, more than friends.”

All air escapes me as the surprise settles itself in my brain.

More than friends? What did this mean?

Tomomi is nothing more than my best friend. There is nothing more. An odd and uncomfortable sensation tingles through me and all I want to do is rush out. I don’t want to hear anymore. Yet, my body remains tense, unable to move. All I can do is listen and hope that the friendly girl would defend me once more.

“No way.” she mutters. “But that’s… so gross.  They can’t be together.” she unreservedly retorts.

I try to control my breathing as I turn cold.

Please stop.

A self-loathing impresses itself on me, even though I’m not sure why.

“But they are always together. During breaks, during lunch, to and from school, and probably after school they are always together. And when they aren’t, they’re always talking about each other. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kasai-san talk about anyone else other than Itano-san. And she’s in my class.”

“That is true…”

“And they’re always linking arms or holding hands. Don’t you think that’s strange if they are just friends? I mean, we don’t do that. At least, not every day.”

“I guess so… Maybe they really are together… That’s so wrong.”
“Tell me about it.” she finishes with a disgusted tone. “Oh we better hurry, the bell is about to ring.”

Light footsteps exit the bathroom and fade away. However, even when they are completely gone, I cannot move. With one hand clamping my mouth shut and the other holding the door to keep it shut even though I know it’s locked, I silently let the unexplainable tears roll down my face.


Washing my face, I stare at my reflection. I sigh at the red eyes, biting my lip with aggravation. Suddenly the bell rings, signalling the end of lunch. Shaking my head, I take my handkerchief out of my pocket, about to wipe my face. However, as I pat my face dry, I stare at the tiny cloth. Peach coloured, with cherries dotting the surface. A handmade gift from Tomomi. I gaze at it, in mid-air as I press it against my cheek. Suddenly, a conflicting emotion surges through me and angrily I shove the handkerchief back into my pocket.

Storming out of the bathroom, I blindly make my way to the classroom. With my desperate pace, it isn’t long before I reach the classroom corridor. 


Her voice grips my heart, the pain almost crippling. Though I normally would turn to her immediately, I don’t. Instead I quicken my steps, keeping my head down and try to mentally block the brash voice. However, I suddenly feel a hand on my shoulder, halting me. I know instantly it is Tomomi. Even though I wish I could carry on, I can’t. I can attempt to ignore Tomomi’s voice, but I can’t ignore her touch. However, I don’t to dare to look at her, unable to bear the pressure. 

“What took you so long?” brightly asks Tomomi. “I was waiting for ages. The others even left Chiyuu alone.”

Extremely aware of her touch and feeling the stares of the passing students, my control breaks.

“Let go of me!”

I thrash my arm out of Tomomi’s hold, anger preaching its wrath upon me. With the violent move, I find myself staring at Tomomi’s shocked face. Honestly, even I am shaken by my rash action, but her touch and those presuming stares were burning me. However, after the initial shock, Tomomi’s face becomes one of concern.

“What’s wrong Tomo-chin?” asks Tomomi, her voice embedded with worry, making my heart ache further. She edges a bit closer as I don’t give a response. “Have you been crying?”

I stiffen, my hand nearly reaching up to touch under my eyes. Snippets of the conversation that made me behave this way sound in my head and I remember why this is wrong. I can’t go through it again. Those days in elementary schoolm when no one would even acknowledge me, to the extent that I almost forgot how to talk. I can’t be ignored again.

“No!” I crossly spit.

Then, beyond my gaze of Tomomi, I see the quickly growing crowd. I pick up on the hushed whispers, my body prickling with their judging stares. And amongst the excited, curious and insensitive mutterings, I catch a sentence that pushes me off the wall.

“A lovers’ tiff?”

With fear, I glance at the direction of the cutting statement and see two girls, glaring at me with repulsion.

Were they the two?

However, surrounding us are other girls wearing similar expressions; presumptuously assessing and condemning. Like a trapped animal, I don’t know what to do and this feeling of incapability and hopelessness makes me even more afraid and panicked.


I return my attention to Tomomi and wish I hadn’t. Immediately, along with the other chaotic sentiments, guilt joins them when I see the welling eyes of Tomomi. Much different from the crocodile tears, her eyes are reflecting so much hurt and uncertainty that I am forced to look away.

“I can’t do this anymore.” I pitifully force out and I walk away, trying to not meet any off the audience’s eyes as I enter the sanctuary of my classroom. I’ve made up my mind. I’m a deserter.

“Tomo-chin, wait!” I hear Tomomi cry, which makes the tears easily swell, flooding my pupils. 

However, I do not stop and soon I hear the yells of the teachers, telling everyone to get to class. And though it hasn’t even been a minute, I already feel a dark void in my chest.

- - - - - - - - - -

Days pass and it is another end of another dreadful day. I lay my head on my crossed arms placed on the desk, my usual position these days.

“I haven’t seen Tomomi around.” I hear Atsuko address me.

I don’t answer her. My will to do anything has left me, leaving me irritable, unbothered and plain unpleasant. I know this. But I can’t help it. I just can’t be bothered anymore.

“You know, if you did something, you should apologise.”

“I didn’t do anything.” I quietly mutter, turning my head to face the blank wall. This is better than having to look at Atsuko’s disappointed expression. I hear her sigh, which makes me feel more inferior than I already am. I’m already guilty enough with what I did to Tomomi.

Only a day after did I realise how foolish I was. The void that I felt quickly enlarged and I realised that if it wasn’t for Tomomi, I would still be friendless. Now, because of my useless fear, I lost the closest friend I could possibly have. I didn’t care about the rumours or judgement. I just wanted my best friend back. However, no matter how many times I call, text, email, she ignores me. Tomomi has not come looking for me either. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even seen a glimpse of her. Even though she is only next door, approaching her was far more difficult that I thought it would be. When I go to school, I don’t see Tomomi. When there are breaks, she is never there when I go to the class. At lunch, she disappears and doesn’t even have lunch with the others anymore. When it is the end of the day, I dash to her classroom, but even though she is only next door, she is already gone. And the one time that I went to her house, knowing her parents would be at work, she completely dismissed my shouts. That night I was made to walk home in the coldest spring nights I have experienced, and I know it’s because I was without the person who always shared her warmth with me.

However, I deserve it. 

“You should talk to her. Make it right Tomo-chin.” Atsuko says. “No matter what you did, if she loves you, she’ll forgive you.”

My stomach jumps and I bolt upright. Yet, Atsuko is already gone.

What did she mean by ‘love’?   

Yes I love Tomomi, but as a friend. Surely that was what Atsuko meant. No way does this anxiety, terror and unfathomable yearning has anything to do with love. There is no way.

Yet I know it my heart, no matter how much I may deny it, I know it is the truth. Sometimes Atsuko knows my true self better than me.

However, my comprehension may have occurred too late. Tomomi may never talk to me again.


The night is cold and desolate as before. I gaze up at the house that is only five minutes away from mine. I can see Tomomi’s room window, the white curtains lightened by the buttery bedroom light. She is probably studying or watching one of the TV dramas. She probably isn’t thinking about me.

I glance at the gate, which is usually open for me. However, like the other day, it is locked. Shaking the tiny pebbles in my palm, I take one into my other hand. Aiming roughly, I throw it at Tomomi’s window. I miss. Trying again, I take another pebble and throw. I miss again. A sigh of aggravation escapes me. I throw another. It… misses again. I release a small cry of infuriation at my poor sporting skills and at this situation. Balling the rest of the pebbles in my fist, I throw back my arm and toss them at the window.

To my surprise, most of them hit the window. Suddenly I see the shadow appear behind the curtain and I have the urge to run. However, I stay still, waiting for Tomomi to reveal herself. And she does, quickly pulling back the curtain with a guarded appearance. I see her eyes widen when she sees me and our eyes lock for the first time in what feels like forever. Even from this distance I can see the sorrow in her gaze, and I expect her to close the curtains on me. However, she doesn’t. I see Tomomi fiddle with her window lock and throw it open.

We stare at each other in silence. To be honest, I don’t have a speech prepared. I was expecting my plan to fail and that I would go home alone again. However, now that Tomomi is actually listening, I don’t know what to say, and Tomomi remains quiet.

“I’m sorry.” I call, the only words that form in my head.

However, Tomomi waits, persisting to say nothing. I think of words to say, searching my apparently non-existent vocabulary.

“Please forgive me.” I shout, not caring if the neighbours will yell at me to quieten down. “I’ll do anything.”

Tomomi continues to stare at me, but this time with a hesitant gaze. And just as I think Tomomi is going to say something, she closes the window and the curtains. All my optimism is gone and replaced by despair.

How could I be so naïve?

Of course Tomomi wouldn’t forgive me so easily. I was cruel and unreasonable. It was senseless to think that anyone would forgive me for what I did, especially to my best friend. Well, I hope she is.

I am about to leave when I am slightly blinded by the bright glow erupting from the opened door. I see Tomomi stand at the doorway, and giving me a vague glance; she steps outside and opens the gate. I watch her, while she avoids my gaze. When the gate is opened, she heads inside first, and I quickly follow. This is my chance and I don’t want to lose sight of her.

Closing the front door, making sure it is locked, I enter the living room. I stop at the doorway, seeing Tomomi sitting on the couch. She glimpses at me, then to the empty space next to her. Cautiously, I sit next to her, never having felt so nervous and timid around Tomomi since the first day I met her.

“Tell me why you did it.”

As usual, Tomomi is direct. I try to settle my uneasy heart, sorting out my words carefully. I shift my eyes to her, making sure she is looking at me. Tomomi is. This gives me the courage that I need to begin.

“That day… I was being stupid and scared and… I don’t know. I just didn’t want people to presume about us…me. I didn’t want them to judge me. I didn’t want them to think that we were together. I didn’t want them to say our relationship was something else, when even I don’t know what it is.”

Overcoming the unsteadiness and disconcertion of my speech, I begin to go with the flow.

“But after all this, when you weren’t there, I thought properly of how I feel. In these few days, I’ve missed you so much. Tomomi, you are the one person I need. You are the one that lifted me when I was down, you were the one that saved me when we were little, and you were the one that talked to me, hugged me, loved me and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be who I am today. You make my life worth living and I just… I love you. I love you so much.”

Finally, I confess what I truly feel. The fear that I felt when I heard the girls talking about us was not because of the judgements of our relationship. I didn’t care about the others. At least, after thinking about it, it wasn’t about everyone else. I was just terrified Tomomi would discover that I was harbouring this unconventional and conspicuous love and that she would hate me. I can bear the weight of everyone else’s hatred, but Tomomi’s would be crushing.

“So, please don’t leave me.” I quietly finish, pleading, as I stare at her.

Her expression is surprised and dubious. This is expected. However, it soon transforms into one of relief and tearful happiness. This is truly unexpected.

“All I ever wanted was for you to love me back.”

I stare at her, my ability to speak now subdued again. Tomomi suddenly brings me into her tender embrace. Immediately I am enveloped in the familiar and comfortable warmth that only Tomomi can produce. An immense sense of relief engulfs me and I feel my supressed tears finally overflow. This is what I’ve wished for in my dreams. This is all I need. Just to be Tomomi’s forever.

Feeling Tomomi moving back, I tighten my grip. Not yet. I don’t want to let go just yet. It could too easily be a dream, and if it was, I just want it to last a bit longer.

Nevertheless, Tomomi pulls back again and this time I release her.  She stares at me, while I return the attentive gaze, hypnotised by the brown orbs.

“I love you too.”

I think my heart is going to burst. The words that I’ve heard many times from Tomomi’s mouth have never touched me so much. And before I know it, her lips are on me.

Soft, luscious and mine. My eyes blissfully close, my heart fluttering. We take turns catching each other’s bottom lips, endlessly tasting each other. I breathe in her breath, swallowing, just so part of her could be absorbed and become part of my existent. Before long, her arms are around my neck and mine are grasping her back. I don’t want this to ever end.

In this bliss, we don’t hear the door unlock and the sound of approaching steps.

“Tomomi we’re back. Did you miss-”

I feel Tomomi freeze against me and I too do the same. I open my eyes and look at the terrified expression that is covering the one I adore. Frightfully I force my head to turn, and I am met with Tomomi’s parents, wearing the most horrified expression I have ever seen.


“Papa, please!”

I stand in the middle of the living room, facing the ferocious and towering figure that is Tomomi’s father while Tomomi’s mother holds back her daughter.

“That is enough!” he bellows, making another bullet of fear shoot through me.

“Please Sir, understand, I lo-”

A gasp is forced out of me when a hand slaps me across the face so strongly that it felt like a brick. My ears ring, the vibrations from the blow spreading from my head, down my spine. Cupping my stricken face, I stare at Mr Kasai. Even though I am a woman, he is unforgiving, glaring at me with livid animosity. The pulsing pain quickly brings tears to my eyes and I already feel my cheek begin to swell.

“Honey!” exclaims Mrs Kasai. “She is only a girl!”

“I do not care!” he furiously retorts. “This… thing is not a woman. And I do not want her dragging my daughter into the depths of her misguidedness and to lead her down this disgusting path.”

Behind Mr Kasai, I see Tomomi struggling, tears dripping down her chin, crying out at her father to stop.

“Leave. I no longer want to see you here ever again.” he instructs, and when he leans down he adds with a hiss, “And do ever go near Tomomi or I’ll really show you what I do to people like you.”

Another stab of terror wrenches into me and I retreat, quickly leaving the house, compelling myself not to look back. My illusion is shattered and I am facing the cruel reality of our situation. As if our parents would actually allow such a taboo relationship. I already see my parents’ reaction, matching Tomomi’s parents, their disappointment and anger depressing me further.

As I walk in the bitter cold, even though my cheek is in excruciating pain, Mr Kasai’s words echo in my head, hurting me far worse than his slap.


I lay on my bed, attempting to fall asleep. After crying for a few hours, my body is exhausted and all I want to do is sleep the pain away. Except, the mattress feels uncomfortable as I lay on my back, not accustomed to sleeping in this position. However, my cheek is sensitive and stinging, causing me not to be able to lie on either side, as it intensifies the throbbing. So I am forced to keep as still as possible, in the position you would lay a corpse in a coffin.

Suddenly I jump as I hear the sound of tapping on my window. I quietly hiss as my cheeks throbs at the sudden movement, but I stand to investigate. Opening the curtains and seeing the early hours of late spring, I see a minimised figure standing in front of our gate. My eyes widen when I realise it is Tomomi, frantically waving at me. Hesitantly I raise my hand in a makeshift wave, and I quickly open the window.

“Tomo-chin!” I immediately hear her cry.

Making a shushing gesture, looking behind me to check if my parents had awoken and about to enter my room, I shift my attention back to Tomomi.

“What are you doing?” I harshly whisper. “Your father will kill us if he finds out you’re here.”

“Who’s going to tell him?” she returns. “Just let me in.”

With an uncertainty, I nod. If Tomomi is brave enough to make this daring move to see me, the least I can do is let her into the house.

Carefully rushing downstairs, I watchfully open the door and allow Tomomi into the house. When I close the door, immediately I am engulfed into a hug, the coldness of Tomomi’s puffy jacket briefly shocking me.

How long has she been outside?

However, just as suddenly the embrace began, I am freed.

“Let’s run away.”

With astonishment, I stare at Tomomi’s excited and eager face. Then, I realise that Tomomi is dressed warmly and carrying a large rucksack and handbag. I am about to question Tomomi’s motive, going to convince her that this is a ridiculous idea. However, my cheek suddenly pulsates and Mr Kasai’s angry face flashes in my mind. This makes me hesitate and I focus again on Tomomi’s anticipating grin.

The next thing I know, I am in my room packing my things.

- - - - - - - - - -

The scent of mould and damp blends into the wonderful scent of the cup noodles as I pour in the boiled water from the old kettle. Placing the worn chopsticks over the lids of both noodles, I trod back to the other room, the only room other than the tiny bathroom and the almost non-existent kitchen, feeling the tatty carpet on my bare feet. Hopping onto the single bed of the shabby one room apartment, I hold Tomomi against me, who was previously sitting on the bed scouring through the job section of the local newspaper.

“Anything?” I ask.

“No.” she replies. “Most of them require at least a high school level education and those that don’t are looking for experienced drivers.”

With a sigh, Tomomi folds the newspaper, tossing it aside. She leans against me, holding my arms around her stomach like a safety rail.

“I miss home.” she mutters.

My heart twinges and I can’t help but agree in my head. However, what do you expect when you don’t really have a plan.

That morning, we just got on the first bus that arrived, hopped off at the last stop and looked for the cheapest hotel. We carried enough money and clothes to get us by the week, but it was tough, especially when it came to ignoring all the phone calls and listening to the angry and distressed messages of our parents. It wasn’t the most comfortable life, but we have each other and that has gotten us through.

However, nowadays, even with careful spending, we lack money and are beginning to grow hungry. Plus, our wearable clothes are dwindling, closely driving us to spend the little money we have to wash them. Yet, I can’t bear to go back because if we do, we will surely be forced to separate. Furthermore, with Mr Kasai’s job, Tomomi’s family could easily move, making it definite that we wouldn’t be able to see each other. And that is a fate that I do not want.

“I know you do. But… just a few more days.” I say.

After a moment, I feel Tomomi’s head nod against my chest and a smile plays on my lips. Gently tightening my hold around her stomach, I place a kiss on the top of her head, content.

- - - - - - - - - -


I almost fall from the bed from shock. Unaware, Tomomi breathlessly rushes in, shaking her jacket from her body and throwing her shoes at the doorstep. I amusedly watch her dance around the small room, laughing at her ridiculously excited movements while being completely baffled. At last she faces me, a massive grin pasted across her mouth.

“There’s money in my account!” she yells, grabbing my hands and pulling me to my feet.

“What?” I ask, sure I misheard. I thought Tomomi had been cut off, after a few days of warnings from her father.

“Mama must have put it in!” she reasoned, continuing to celebrate by swinging my arms.

“How much is there?”


Suddenly a burst of joy explodes from me. That is enough to last us for a few months! I give my own scream of happiness and I join Tomomi in a dance. Finally our days are starting to look bright.

- - - - - - - - - -

My eyes are heavy as I try to open them when I hear the front door unlock. However, my exhausted body does not agree with me and lulled by the unbelievably comfortable duvet and double bed, I soon feel myself quickly falling in the depths of sleep.

However that is short-lived when I feel the mattress sink from the newly arrived body. Wearily opening one eye, I see Tomomi smiling down at me, her hand lightly brushing the messy stands from my half snuggled face.

“Don’t you need to get ready?” she asks, blithely pulling down the duvet from my face.

After revealing my lips, Tomomi leans down and kisses them, leaving a warmness in my chest. With a moan, I stretch and sit up.

“So how was work today?” I inquire, leaning my head lazily against the headboard.

“Another usual day at the restaurant.” she replies, carelessly sprawling across the bed and over my covered legs. “The cook was so harsh today.” Tomomi complains into the blanket.

I grin. “Well you are his apprentice so he has to teach you correctly.”

Tomomi shoots me a defiant look. “Aren’t you supposed to be my girlfriend? You’re meant to be on my side.”

“I am.” I smirk. “Just not in the way you expected.”

Tomomi just rolls her eyes. That just makes my smile broaden and a contented affection blooms within my heart. However before I can relish this moment of tranquillity any further, as Tomomi said before, I need to get up.

“Right, I need to have a shower.” I announce, playfully slapping Tomomi’s firm buttocks.

With a yelp she rolls over, giving me the chance to get up.  Giggling at Tomomi’s flustered pout; I don’t notice her get up too. Then, she is holding my arm, mischievously smirking.

“I also need a shower.” she proclaims.

“I need to go first.” I impishly return.

A leering glint appears in Tomomi’s eyes before she leans to closer to my face. “Well then, why don’t we have a shower together?”

I stare at the beaming vixen feeling the rush of adrenaline run through my body, awakening my inner beast. “I like your thinking.”

I grab her body and we friskily drag her inside. More giggles erupt from us as we both enter the bathroom, closing the door behind us, blocking out the world.


When I slip on my socks, I begin to feel the bed stir. I glance to my left, seeing Tomomi’s disordered hair border her beautiful face.

“You’re going now?” Tomomi sleepily questions, her eyes just opening as slits.

I smile at her adorableness. “Yeah, today’s my shift at the bar.”

“Okay. Be careful. I don’t want any unruly men touching my Tomo-chin.” Tomomi warns, even though she is in the midst of extreme drowsiness.

A sense of delight always materialises in me when I hear Tomomi’s loving cautions. With an affirmative, I lean down and routinely leave a kiss on her forehead and a peck on her pursed lips, before I get up.

“I’ll see you in the morning.”

With a hum of understanding, Tomomi is back to sleep and with a lingering gaze, I head out to another night of work.

- - - - - - - - - -

The warm spring breeze passes through the open flower gardens. The sun is setting and the disappearing rays highlight the casually dancing clouds circling above the park. We walk side by side, our hands connected, enjoying the remaining hours of the day.

“This has been such a wonderful day.” speaks Tomomi. “First the romantic dinner, then the picnic in the flower gardens and then the boat ride across the lake. It has been just perfect.”

I smile, proudness building in me at my surprise celebration. “Well it is our five year anniversary. So I wanted to treat my beautiful and perfect girlfriend to the best day ever.”

Tomomi’s smile is as stunning as the sunset behind her and I revel in this satisfaction. Five years we’ve been together, yet it only feels as if it’s been a week. Five years is only a short time when it comes to infinity; the amount to which I will continue to love Tomomi. 

She kisses my cheek and the usual blush presents itself on my cheeks. Tomomi skips ahead, happily dancing through the spitting water, the fountain lights outshined by her presence. Her melody of a laugh sings to me and I just watch over her as she dodges the momentary columns of water that sprout up from the floor. However, as I contently observe, it doesn’t take my mind off the momentous question I am about to ask. I nervously put my hand into my pocket and lightly touch the box at the bottom.

The small box that contained our future.

The box that contained the personally designed platinum engagement ring.

- - - - - - - - - - -

I pace apprehensively, up and down the large bedroom, fiddling with the waist of my silk and satin white dress.

“Nervous?” asks Atsuko, sitting relatively calm on the bed, my maid of honour.

“Of course I’m nervous!” I exclaim. “My heart is pounding, my palms are sweating and I swear every five minutes I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

“Sounds more like you’re pregnant.” she mutters.

I shoot her a glare, while continuing to pace. It is amazing that I haven’t tripped on the lengthy and expensive material. I knew that this was coming since the moment Tomomi accepted my proposal. But I never thought I would be this frightful. Though I know for definite this is what I want, as I wait, ridiculous situations start to pop into my head.

What if Tomomi runs away? What if she says no? What if someone objects? What if someone kidnaps Tomomi during the ceremony and I never see her again? What if-

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and I freeze. My heart bolts up into my throat, clogging my saliva. With a churning stomach, I watch the door open and see Shinobu peek in.

“You ready?” she asks.

I glance at Atsuko, who confidently smiles, before standing and hooking my arm around hers.

“We’re ready.”

With a nod, Shinobu disappears and I feel Atsuko begin to lead me. Nervous and fearful, I simply follow her steps, allowing her to guide me because I don’t think I can walk on my own. I hear the organ piano begin to play the wedding march. My heart is still stuck in my throat, and when we enter the ceremony hall, my chest tightens when I see the eyes of our friends and colleagues. Keeping my eyes forward, Atsuko guides me down the aisle as I am surrounded by the sounds of awe. It seems like forever before we reach the front pedestal. Leaving me next to the priest, Atsuko gives me an encouraging nod before she disappears behind me to the side. With a deep inhale through my nose, I fretfully wait for Tomomi to arrive.

Then, when I hear the sounds of awe again, I turn and I freeze. As soon as I see Tomomi, I am stunned.

It is as if time has slowed. Everything fades away and all I can see is Tomomi’s beaming grin and the twinkle in her eyes that I have never seen. With each step Tomomi takes down the long aisle, the glowing white dress falls flawlessly behind her. No words can describe how beautiful Tomomi is today. She is simply breath-taking.

When Tomomi steps onto the platform, across me, she nods to Shinobu who gives her a heartening thumbs up before she moves to the other side behind Tomomi, opposite Atsuko. She smiles at me and all my anxieties vanish. This is all I want. To be Tomomi’s forever.

The priest begins and my attention on his words gradually fazes. I only focus on the woman who I sincerely worship with my entire heart, soul and body. This reality feels unreal and I can’t help but want to pinch myself just to make sure this isn’t some wonderful dream. This sense of security and oneness that I have never felt before is like an illusion. However, it is real and this is meant to be.

“Now for the brides’ vows. Itano-san.”

Inhaling a shaky breath I take Tomomi’s gloved hands into my own, feeling the thin lace contrast against my bare skin.

“Kasai Tomomi. Ever since I met you, I knew that you would be my best friend. When you first transferred to our school, you didn’t see me as the strange quiet girl. You saw deeper than that and extended your hand to me. That day you accepted me for who I was. You were my first friend and will forever be the closest person to me.” I take another shaky breath and continue, feeling my nose start to tingle, warning me of the oncoming tears. “I can never really express to you how much I love you or how much I need you or how grateful I am to you, but by this marriage I hope to spend every day trying. Tomo I love you and I will love you for all eternity.”

I sniff in my tears and I smile. Tomomi sniffs as well and I see her smile with the glittering trails on her gorgeous face. She squeezes my hand reassuringly and pushes out the tears that have been teasing my eyes.

“Kasai Tomomi.” indicates the priest.

Breathing in, Tomomi gazes into my eyes.

“Itano Tomomi. The first day I laid eyes on you, I knew that I loved you. Every time you smile, laugh, cry, I want to be there with you. I want to be part of every moment. You’ve always supported me, even if my idea is dumb or I’m wrong, you are always there for me. When I’m scared or tired, you’re always there to see me through and pick me up. You are my pillar, my support, and without you, I can’t imagine who’ll I would be but I know I wouldn’t be happy. I’m so glad that you are part of my life and so much happier now that you are going to be my wife. You are my best friend, my soul-mate and the one who I want to be with forever. I love you more than words can describe. Tomo-chin, you are the one and only.”

Complete joy overcomes me and tears fully pour out of my eyes. However, it is the same for Tomomi and from the brief sniffs and whimpers, I can guess it is the same for some of the guests as well.

“Thank you for those beautiful vows. Now, can I have the rings?”

 Takamina comes forward with the rings, quickly shooting us tearful smiles before retreating back to the side. We each are given a ring and as we slip on the rings on each other’s delicate finger, I can’t help but think this is perfect. As if my hand was designed for this moment, to hold Tomomi’s ring. 

“Do you, Itano Tomomi, take Kasai Tomomi as your lawful wedded wife?”

I gaze into Tomomi’s glistening eyes.

“I do.”

“And do you, Kasai Tomomi, take Itano Tomomi as your lawful wedded wife?”

I have never seen her just look so… happy. 

“I do.”

“By the power vested in me, I pronounce you wife and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

Closing my eyes, I lean forward and we seal our binding promise to each other, with a loving kiss.

- - - - - - - - - -

It is a mixture of pink and white. There are small words on different parts, labelling the anatomy. Amongst the other items in the room, it rather stood out at me when we first entered. I stare at the model, bewildered.

It is a rather accurate replica of a woman’s vagina.

“You’re one doesn’t look like this.” I say, walking up to the hospital bed where my wife sat.

Propped up right by the bed, with her legs held open by the stirrups, Tomomi sits in her hospital gown. Tomomi simply shakes her head, but I see the small smile of amusement on her lips.

“Isn’t it strange that Acchan and I are pregnant?” Tomomi utters, changing the subject.

“Well we were trying at the same time so it’s a bit expected.” I answer, my head still looking around the room.


Hearing Tomomi’s familiar whine, I sit down on the stool beside her.

“I’m sorry.” I smirk. “Yes Tomo, it really is strange. To think that Atsuko, who did the insemination around the same time as us, would be pregnant now is astounding.”

Tomomi playfully slaps my arm but she is grinning. I giggle, and out of the blue, the doctor enters. I quickly quieten down; though maintain the smile, welcoming the woman who has been taking great care of my pregnant wife.

“Sorry for the wait.” Dr Akimoto says. “So how are we?”

“Pretty good.” Tomomi replies. “Just starting to feel the morning sickness.”

“Well that is perfectly normal.” the obstetrician calmly replies. “Now, shall we take a look at you?”

Nodding, we observe as the doctor reveals Tomomi’s stomach and begins to squirt some sort of gel.

“Oh, that’s cold.” softly laughs Tomomi.

The doctor and I smile at her, but I sense apprehension coming from Tomomi and I. This is going to be our first sonogram and from the beginning of the day, we were quite nervous. We just wanted everything to go right. 

Then with what seemed to look like a shop scanner, Dr Akimoto runs it over Tomomi’s faintly bulging belly. Suddenly, a moving image appears on the sonogram machine, the screen grainy, black and white. A pulsing can be heard, a sound exactly like the one Tomomi has whenever I place my head near her chest.

“That’s the heartbeat which sounds very healthy. And… this is your baby.”

I feel Tomomi holds my hand as we stare at the screen. The frozen image of a mass of grey and black. However, amongst the large area of blackness, I see the tiny, hazy, greyish blob. As I stare, I feel my eyes begin to water.

That is our baby. The tiny life that is soon to be ours.

“Would you like to know the sex?”

“You can tell us?” Tomomi gasps, squeezing my hand.

Tomomi looks at me and I excitedly nod. With a smile, Dr Akimoto announces that our baby is a girl. Even though I didn’t mind what gender our baby was, glee surges through me.

“I’ll leave you two alone for a moment.”

Dr Akimoto promptly exits the room and leaves us alone. Tomomi holds my hand tightly, both of us enclosed in our own silent bubble. We don’t need to say anything because we understand. That this moment is just ours and we are soon going to be a family.

“Isn’t she perfect?” whispers Tomomi.

“She is.” I quietly answer.

She truly is.

- - - - - - - - - -

Pushing open the door with my shoulder, I hurryingly enter the toasty house, placing the sodden bags of takeaway on the counter.

“I’m home.” I call. “And I brought you’re favourite take-away.”

Tomomi’s recent cravings including tossed salad smothered in vinegar, stir fried squid with extra onions and extremely spicy chilli grilled chicken breast, with a side of garlic bread. I can say for sure that it definitely not the best smell to sleep with, but Tomomi is the pregnant one and what she wants, she gets. And with today being my last shift of the week, I decided to treat her.

I shake of my jacket, the rain dripping off the waterproof material. “Tomo?” I holler again, throwing off my soaking shoes and peel off my waterlogged socks.

Entering our living room, I expect Tomomi to come gently paddling in, with her almost four month pregnant belly.

However, she doesn’t. I stop and realise just how quiet the house is. No television, no music, no sound of any movement. A terrible fear suddenly grips my heart and I dash through to the bedroom.

“Tomomi?” I yell.

As soon as I enter the room, I don’t see Tomomi on the bed as I wished. I look around the room, and to my absolute horror I see her feet peek out of the side of the bottom of the bed. I run to the side, my heart beating fifty times faster than normal. There, lying on the floor is my wife, unconscious. And just under her legs, I see the pool of blood. 



Rain continues to pour, relentless, unknowing or uncaring of the misfortunes that insignificant people suffer daily. And I am among them.

When I hear the sound of oncoming footsteps I look up and immediately am on my feet when I recognise it is Dr Akimoto.

“Is Tomomi okay?” I urgently demand. “How’s the baby?”

Instantly I notice the sorrowful demeanour and the deep frown that pastes itself of Dr Akimoto’s face. Immediately I want to run away, too cowardly to want to hear. However, my feet are grounded and I can’t move a muscle.

“I’m truly sorry to say this, but your wife has suffered from a miscarriage.”

My world comes crashing down and I collapse onto the unforgiving plastic chairs. My body is numb and my mind is blank. I see Dr Akimoto’s lips are moving but I don’t hear a word. In fact, I don’t hear anything. Not the rain, not my heart, not even the sound of my own breathing. Our dream bubble has popped and we are all that remains.

And I am the one that has to tell the one that I cherish more than anything, that we lost our baby.

- - - - - - - - - -

With the tray of easy to eat foods, I carefully enter the doorway of our bedroom. I sadly look on as Tomomi sits in her usual position on the bed, her arms crossed over her front, holding her now flat stomach. I feel my tears prick at my eyes, but I endure the pain. I have to be strong, for the both of us.

Taking a shaky inhale, I step forward.

“Tomomi I made you dinner.” I say, with a somewhat peppy tune. However she doesn’t even look at me, just staring blankly at the TV, which is off. Trying to seem indifferent, I place the tray on her stretched legs, even though my heart is trembling. “I made your favourite.”

Yet Tomomi still pays no heed. Just sitting, staring. I pick up the chopsticks and pick one of the finely cut fish pieces. I hold it to her mouth, but she doesn’t open. My hand starts to shake and I feel my lip begin to quiver. Biting my lip, I put the chopsticks back down.

“Please eat.” I softly beg.

Desperation is quick to build in me and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I pick up the tray and put it to the side. Not knowing what else to do, I lay back on the bed, next to Tomomi, copying her position. I stare at the TV, just as Tomomi is doing now and I place my hand on top of hers. I feel the familiar warmth, but it doesn’t heal my aching heart. 

“I’m sorry Tomomi, it’s my fault.” I didn’t take better care of you.

Yet, once again, Tomomi doesn’t answer. My tears threaten to fall again and I can’t let Tomomi see. With a heavy sigh, I stand up.


My head twists round as soon as I hear the sweet but exhausted voice. Tomomi is in the same position, however this time she is looking at me. 

“Stay with me.”

Overcoming the initial shock, I rush to Tomomi’s side. This is the first time I’ve heard Tomomi’s voice in weeks that isn’t sobbing, whimpering or sleep talking. This is Tomomi.

Unable to hold back, I immediately bring Tomomi into an embrace. Holding her head against my chest, I frantically kiss the top of her head, not wanting to ever let go. In return, Tomomi wraps her arms around my waist, lying across me.

“She was ours.” I hear her softly mutter. However, I recognise the painful voice and know she is crying. “And… I lost her.”

I shush her gently, embracing her tighter, pressing her against me. I feel her weep against my chest, soaking my shirt. I wonder if Tomomi can feel the tears that drop on her hair or hear the sound of my heart breaking. Nevertheless, I don’t care. All I want to do is take away all of Tomomi’s pain and make it my own. But I am powerless. All I can do now is support her until she recovers.

I hold Tomomi until she falls asleep. However, even then I don’t let go, too terrified of the possibility that I’ll lose her too. So I continue to hold her, gently rocking her to and fro, promising never to let go. Humming the lullaby we would have sung to our baby daughter.

- - - - - - - - - -

Pulling on my jacket, I gaze behind me, wary of the fact that Tomomi is coming with me. I hesitate for a moment. It has been a few months now and I know that Tomomi has been getting better, eating her meals properly, going outside and even going back to the restaurant part-time. However, this is a massive step and I’m not sure if Tomomi can handle it.

“You don’t have to come.” I gently say, voicing my uncertainties. “I can just say you’re feeling unwell. They’ll understand.”

She gives me a brief look, before shaking her head. “Don’t be silly. I have to come for this.”

From the look, I knew that Tomomi was coming. I should have known. She is a tough woman, the toughest I know.

I give a curt nod, I let Tomomi go first and follow her outside to our car.


With me leading, we quietly enter the white hospital room. The cleanliness is almost blinding and our eyes take a second to adjust, but we go in.

“Hey you two.” calls Atsuko, as soon as we enter. “I’m glad you could come.”

I smile at Atsuko, who is lying on the bed. I turn back round to see Tomomi, and I notice her staring at the cot beside Atsuko. Atsuko must have noticed her gaze too because soon she is up on her feet, leaning into the cot. We stare with amazement as Atsuko suddenly stands, this time with a tiny bundle in her arms. Hesitantly, we make our way to Atsuko, standing on either side of her as she holds out her son. My eyes are immediately drawn as I gaze at the pale and miniature face of Atsuko. His high nose and pouty lips resemble Atsuko so much. I can’t help but feel my heart swell with elation and tears soon develop.

“Say hello Kai-kun. This is your Auntie Chiyuu and this is Auntie Tomo-chin.” we smile as Atusko’s soft voice introduces us. “They’re going to be your godparents.”

I freeze, and I feel Tomomi do the same. With wide eyes we gaze at Atsuko.

“Us?” Tomomi asks.


With a tender smile, Atsuko nods. “You can hold him if you like.”

At Atsuko’s bold words, I turn to Tomomi. However, unlike what I had expected, Tomomi is wearing a beaming smile. In a flash she is in the process of accepting the baby.

“He is adorable.” she coos, as Atsuko gently places the baby in Tomomi’s arms.

Immediately, Tomomi adapts to him and is rocking him gently. I watch with wonder as Tomomi softly bounces on her knees, holding the quiet baby against her. She begins to hum a melody that I instantly recognise. A sharp ache hits my chest, but I endure it. It is a pain that I have come to terms with, and though I know it will never quite go, I will become strong enough to go on with my life.

I walk around my wife, completely taken aback by her positive reaction. I sit beside Atsuko on the bottom of the hospital bed, observing the two as Tomomi fusses over Kai.

“How are you feeling?” I ask.

“Much better now that he’s out of me.” Atsuko huskily laughs, making me smile. “Just a bit tired.”

I nod an understanding.

“What about you?” she asks.

Honestly, I don’t know how to reply. It would be a lie if I said I was perfectly well, because I’m not. However, I am getting by, with Tomomi. And though it may be awhile before we are fine again, I know we will survive and perhaps soon will be happy once more.

“We’re getting there.” I answer and Atsuko accepts this with her own nod.

Suddenly, Tomomi is in front of me, holding Kai towards me. My eyes dart to Tomomi and Atsuko, as if asking permission. With their encouraging smiles, I hold out my arms and accept the tiny bundle. Immediately, as I hold him against my own body, the lightness surprising me, a sudden calmness fills me.

“Oh wow…” I hear myself whisper.

I stare at the tiny face and gently laugh when he gurgles and gently tosses before he finally settles back down.

“You’re a natural.” I hear Atsuko praise.

Bathing in the tranquillity, with my best friend on one side and my wife to the other, I silently cry. Through my tearful smile, I whisper a thank you and simply stare at the baby’s face that is new to this world.

- - - - - - - - - -

The old paper rustles in the spring breeze as I turn the book pages over with my wrinkled fingers. The porch swing rocks as the garden rustles and sounds their welcoming of the comfortable weather.

“Tomo-chin.” utters Tomomi to the side of me, her knitting needles clicking away.

“Yes?” I meekly answer.

“When did we get so old?”

I laugh, my voice husky and slightly out of breath. “I think after we hit 70 we officially became old.” I reply.

“I don’t want to be old.” she retorts. Even after all these years, Tomomi’s cute voice is the same, just with a bit of edge and a hint of croakiness.

“Why?” I ask, partly curious and partly humouring her.

“Because then we’ll have less time to spend together.”

I fall silent. The breeze blows through my greying hair and cooling my aged skin. I gaze at Tomomi as I find myself doing more often lately. Perhaps instinctively my mind knows that the end is coming and that it wants to savour the last moments, cherishing them until we in turn perish. However, with the fact that we are going to die laid out so barely, it makes me uncomfortable. I know that it is life and death is part of the cycle but I want this moment to last forever. I want us to last forever. And even though I know it won’t, I might as well try. At least we can treasure the present.

“Aren’t we together now?” I answer, pushing away the thoughts of the bleak future. “But…. I guess that isn’t enough.” I gaze at Tomomi, who looks as beautiful as ever, waiting for me to elaborate. “Okay, from now on we’ll do everything together. That means no cooking alone, no going out alone, no napping alone, no bathing alone…”

I trail off, the teasing suggestion making Tomomi’s eyes widen and a shy blush appear on her cheeks.

“Stop it you.” she raspingly giggles.

However, with a serious aura, I grab Tomomi’s hand. She stops and stares into me, as she always does.

“I mean it. Every moment of my life, I want to spend with you Tomomi.” I sincerely say, bringing her hands up to my chaste lips. “I love you.” And with that, I close my eyes and kiss the ring that bonds us with our promise to each other.

I glance up at Tomomi to discover her gazing at me with an enamoured expression, that I am sure is reflecting my own. Her eyes are shining and with a smile she whispers the words that I will never tire listening to.

“I love you too.”

- - - - - - - - - -

I lightly stroke the leathery skin of your ghostly arm with my fingertips and like every time I touch you, a warmth fills me, even if your actual skin is cold to the touch. However, this time the warmth is quickly replaced by anxiousness and sorrow.

I grasp your hand, careful with the IV drip, and hold it to my forehead.

Please wake up.

I continue to chant this phrase over and over, keeping your still hand against my forehead. I don’t know why I think this would be any better than actually speaking. However after days of non-successful tactics to wake you, I am willing to try anything.

So I continue to chant, wishing that perhaps with my telepathy, your eyes would open.

Yet, after an hour of chanting, you don’t stir. Not even a twitch of your fingers. Even so, I don’t give up because I am afraid that if I stop, you would truly disappear. So, as if my internal voice was binding to your soul, I continue chanting, keeping you grounded. Even as the despair builds inside me and overflows as tears, I continue. Perhaps my sanity is finally diminishing, but I don’t care.

Just one more time. I want to hear your voice just one more time.


My eyes snap open, lightly sprinkling the salty crystals across my skin. My eyes lock on yours. Even with the deep wrinkles around your tired and partially sedated eyes, I still see the kind spark that made me love you. My aged hands hold onto your hand tighter, now truly afraid to let go. I don’t know if this is a dream, but if it is, I don’t want to wake up.

“Tomo…” I whisper. 

I silently gasp when I see you smile, the same grin that makes my elderly heart flutter. I bite my lip as I try to keep my tears from cascading.

“Do you have to go?” I mutter, surrendering to the unavoidable tears.

“Yes.” you answer, giving the tiniest of nods, maintaining that flawless smile of yours.

I suddenly feel the gentlest of squeezes as I hold your hand. Forcing a smile through the terrain of tears, I hold your hand against my cheek. Lightly you cup it, and even I can sense the struggle with your last ounce of strength.

“I… love you.”

A sob escapes me and I know the evitable is coming. I just hold your hand against my cheek, sobbing as I look down at you fading away.

“Tomomi…I love you…I love you so much.”

You beam and we just smile at each other until, with one final glance, your eyes close. Another choking sob erupts from me and I hold your hand tightly, unable to let go even when it goes limp.

And when the machine sounds an endless bleep, I know you have joined the angels in heaven, to live a new eternity.
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#12: Deal
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Entry #12
Title: Deal
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Itano Tomomi, Matsui Jurina; Tomomi/Jurina
Word Count: 2,128


She abhorred working in this wretched place.

 She had the talent to give hope to people and to deceive them when they felt that the victory was theirs. She had to endure the horrified, enraged, hopeless faces with a cold stare as they lose all of their possessions on a shuffle of her palms.

She hated that job yet she felt that these people deserve that suffering. Everyone was the same, bodies wrapped in money and gold but rotten hearts. She was trained to see through them and every single movement, subtle or obvious, revealed their souls.

She walked through the crowd, surveying the pathetic people wasting their money in useless gamble, the mixture various perfumes, smoke of cigarettes made her sick and the noises of yells and incomprehensible music made her head spin.

However, amidst all of those people, she saw someone who looked out of place: real jewel among the heap of garbage.

She caught sight of the young woman who looked lost as she swayed through the crowd. Physically she looked the same as the others with her pink long gown and diamonds. But Jurina knew that she was different.

The girl suddenly fell forward as they were near each other, tripping over her gown. The young dealer used her reflexes to catch her.

“Are you alright?”

The young woman did not answer. As Jurina helped her stand up, she pulled away and ran towards a nearby balcony.

Unsure why she was interested, Jurina followed the stranger, hiding behind the curtains. She watched through the lace as the young woman stepped down from her beautiful shoes and stared at the empty sky, her chin resting on her hands as her elbows rested on the marble balcony. Her composure from being a young lady changed to that of a young innocent girl.

“Itano-san, it’s time to go,” a man said. Jurina hid in the shadows as she watched Itano wear her pumps, changing to her regal composure. She watched as the lady gave a forced smile on her face as she was escorted out of the hall.  The dealer watched from the windows as she went inside a handsome car and left.

“Itano-san…” she repeated the name in her head. “What is she doing in this kind of place?

Jurina wondered if she would see her again.


Another week had passed and Jurina wondered if she would see the lady again. She tried to compose herself as she stopped in front of the door of the private room where she was assigned for the night. When Jurina entered the private parlor with her tray of cards and tried to hide her surprised look when she saw ‘Itano-san’, sipping her nonalcoholic cocktail and trying to show some interest which did not work for the dealer. Jurina eyed her carefully: her smooth face, glittery eyes and unique pout that the dealer thought was cute.

But Jurina knew that the girl hated to be there. She just did not know why.

“Good evening, gentlemen,” she greeted with a bow. She fixed her tie, a mannerism of hers, before taking a fresh deck of cards from her tray, unpacking it carefully in front of the players. She started to shuffle the cards and gave the honor to the man in the middle to cut the deck.

“Tomomi, can you cut the cards?” The man asked, giving her the deck that Jurina had shuffled.

So, Tomomi’s her name…

“She’s my luck, you see?” He explained to the dealer, who gave a smile, not to the man but to Tomomi, who cut the deck into two shyly, trying to avoid the dealer’s firm gaze.

“Thank you,” Jurina said with a stare that did not falter as she took them.

Jurina thought she was right. She could never let that old man lose even though she hated him with a passion. It was Tomomi’s cut, after all.

The game ended with the man laughing happily as he gathered chips and trinkets that he got from the opponents. He whispered something to Tomomi before he left. The woman followed but she went a different way, passing by Jurina and handling an envelope silently before going away.

Jurina was not surprised when she spotted Tomomi in the same balcony. She wasn’t staring at the sky anymore, but she was crouching on the ground, the hem of her gown spread on the floor, crying.

Jurina took her handkerchief and offered it to Tomomi, who slapped her hand away. “You’re like all of them,” she said. “Go away…”

“Well, aren’t you…?” Jurina asked. She felt offended that she snapped but she regretted opening her mouth.

“You took the bribe.”

Jurina took the envelope from her pocket and gave it to her. “I don’t need it. I couldn’t let a lucky girl lose when she cuts the cards.” Her statement made the girl look up at her, revealing her ruined make up.

Jurina crouched down with her and gave a smile, a real smile. “Hey, what are you doing in this place? You don’t belong here.”

“Itano-san?” a voice called out.

Tomomi stood up and gave a small shy smile before running away from the balcony to go home.  But before she parted the curtains, she said in a small voice, “I had a deal with a devil. A very foolish deal.”

Jurina stood there behind the lace curtains as Tomomi transformed into a casino princess as she left the hall.


Jurina was bothered for a few nights, trying to catch a glimpse of Tomomi in the crowd. She was always called in the private rooms but to her dismay, the girl she was looking for was not in there.

“I had a deal with a devil…” the words echoed inside her head. Was it a debt? Was it a bet? She was living a life of a princess but she thought that the life she was living was hell. What was the truth behind this mysterious girl?

Jurina rubbed her forehead with a small smirk as she fixed her tie, and her hands through hair smooth hair. She was thinking too much. She practiced her fingers before they do their dirty work for the night but she stopped when she heard sobbing from the corner of the ladies’ room.

She followed the voice and knocked on the cubicle. “Hello? Are you alright?”

“Leave me alone.”

The syrupy voice was oddly familiar. “I-Itano-san?” she asked in confirmation. She slowly opened the door and saw Tomomi looking un-princess-like. Her hair was in disarray, the little tiara that adorned her hair looked displaced. The makeup was already running down her cheeks because of crying. But even with those things, she looked beautiful, an angel in her white dress. On her hand was a veil.

“Please… save me!” she cried, jumping to Jurina’s arms. At that moment, the dealer’s heart stopped. She felt pain. This angel would soon go to hell. She placed her arms around the fragile thing as she listened. “I don’t want… I don’t want to be with him…”

There was no time to compute for the odds or to think of her chances. She suddenly grabbed Tomomi’s hand and walked towards the hall, almost dragging the young woman behind her. She gave a reassuring look and a kind smile. She would save her but she was unsure of what to do.

Jurina was still holding Tomomi’s hand when they reached the main hall where the old man was playing. She faced the man and said with her serious tone, “Won’t you play a game with me?”

“And what will be the prize?” he asked.


The man laughed and it was enough to make the busy crowd of the casino stare at the two people in the middle. He sat down, showing his agreement. Tomomi was nothing but a trophy for him, and this trophy he would definitely win.

“If you lose, what would you give?” he asked as he watched the young dealer as she sat across the playing board.

“I won’t lose,” Jurina said, her eyes flaming with determination.

He laughed. “Let’s determine her fate,” he placed his chin on his knuckles and gave a sly smile, “in one hand. Winner takes all.”

Tomomi clasped her hands together as she sat down on a chair not far from the raised platform of the playing board.

The dealer went in between and started shuffling the cards. Jurina was eyeing the hand sharply as the cards were shuffled.

“Wait,” the man said, using his finger to motion Tomomi to come over. One of his men pushed the woman roughly towards the platform. “Cut the cards for me,” he said. He then looked at the young dealer and said, “Let’s see where your luck will side, Tomomi.” After she cut the cards, the dealer in-charge took them and the guard behind her pulled her back towards her chair.

The game began.

Jurina knew the game by heart. She knew how to win and how to deliberately lose. However, the odds of the cards in her hands were out of luck but she could not be on a tilt. This wasn’t a game where only worldly possessions are at stake, after all.

She shot a look at the old man who fixed his tie with a grunt. With a flick of his finger, the dealer distributed cards from his deck. Jurina pulled the new card towards her slowly, expecting for a miracle.

“Why do you want to get her?” her opponent asked. He smirked. “Ah, probably, it’s that.”

Jurina clenched her fist and stared at him with fire in her eyes. “And how about you? What are you going to do with her?”

“I can do anything,” he said tauntingly. “She’s my property after all.”

The statement filled her with anger but she could not lose it.

Jurina looked at the poor Tomomi who was really anxious about everything. She wanted to go to the princess and assure her that she would be free. The dealer ran her hands through her hair before she placed her hand on the new card and took a peek.

“Let’s end this.”

What was originally a minute game felt like eternity for Jurina as she made a decision, closing her eyes, fixing the cards on her hand and releasing a sigh.

Tomomi stood up from her seat nervously but a man restrained her. “Please…” she pleaded silently.

“Your hands please,” the dealer said.

The players laid their cards on the same time. Tomomi closed her eyes. Her life would be in the hands of these two men. Her future would be determined by a bet, a game.

It was the worst kind of deal.

Even Jurina’s eyes were closed as she shakily placed the cards on the playing board. Everyone around the raised platform whispered to each other and some were at awe.

 “The winner for this game is… “

She could not bear to look or to lose.


Jurina opened her eyes and looked at the cards. She won by the miracle card. She looked across the table, seeing Tomomi’s silent tears glistening like diamonds on her face.

Tomomi’s luck sided with her.

The princess tried to get away from the man who restrained her but with no success. Jurina walked towards them. She gave a rolling kick to the man who was holding Tomomi, letting her go. She immediately ran towards Jurina, holding on to her arm tightly.

“We had a deal! Let her go!” she shouted as they were surrounded by men clad in black suits. The man, not turning towards them, raised his right hand and the men relaxed, letting the two go.

“You’re free.” Jurina painfully said. She let Tomomi go to be on her own and not to be owned again. She started walking out of the hall. She couldn’t continue to work in this place, after all.

“Wait!” Tomomi lifted the hem of her skirt and ran after Jurina. It was difficult running in that outfit. “I’ll go with you!”

Their eyes met. “I’ll go with you,” Tomomi repeated, sure of her decision. She had made a foolish decision in the past that was reversed by Jurina. Going with the dealer was a fast decision but she felt in her heart that she was so sure of it.

Jurina looked at her with those piercing eyes, weighing the odds, like she usually did. She then smiled as she offered her hand. She planted a kiss on the lady’s gloved hand.

“This is a deal that I surely won.”

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#13: Yuki no Koi
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Entry #13
Title: Yuki no Koi
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Takayanagi Akane, Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena; ChuriJuri.
Word Count:  2,128

Yuki no Koi


Snow is everywhere…

So winter has already come.

Another year has ended yet nothing has changed.

The empty and forceful smiles I usually shared to the other SKE members are still there.

The loneliness buried in my heart, the pain remaining in my vulnerable soul never disappearing.

And it’s all your fault.

I have become who I am now because of you.

Why did I ever want to meet you?

Why did I join SKE48 from the beginning? 

Why did I want to talk to you, and end up falling for you?


Why did you always call my name but never actually looked at me?

Yes, it is you, who I cared and loved so much since the first time we met. You, the face of SKE48, were always famous and popular among both SKE and AKB. Even though you were just a 15 year old girl, you had a matureappearance, and many talents that made you different from the other same-aged girls. You were not a captain of a team like Rikako or I, yet you always encouraged the members and restored their spirits before any performance, just like any real leader. You were still young, but you already had everyone looking up to you. The members loved you, admired you, wanted to be with you; seeing that, you spent most of your time with the other members, rather than be by yourself.

But let me ask you this. Except for the times that we were the models at photoshoots, have you ever talked to me like a real friend?

Most of the times I saw you, you were either talking with a member of SKE or fooling around, finding victims for your kissing game. I know you were very busy, participating in both Team S and Team K, so you didn’t have too much time with your fellow members. But you knew you were neglecting me, didn’t you?

When you were bored, you went to Mizuki. You fooled everyone that you two met, disturbing RenAirin’s time together by kissing Airi in front of Rena. You ended up getting chased by Gekikara. When you were excited, you would cosplay as a male character from a manga that you read with Yuria and Kanon. When you were lonely, you would choose to either, cling on to Rena, hang out with Shinoda Mariko or chat with Kumi. And when you were sad or upset, you went to Rena or Mariko, from AKB, for comfort. Tell me, was there anytime then that you wanted to spend that time with me, besides working?

Remember the time when you injured your foot during Team K’s lesson? When everyone in SKE, including myself, heard about the news, we were so worried that Rena, Rikako, Kumi and I took the earliest train to Tokyo to visit you in the hospital. When we arrived, with your bandaged foot shown to us, you greeted us cheerfully. Your famous cat smile formed on your pale lips. My heart ached when I saw how hard you tried to get up from your bed, just to show us that you were fine. But no, you were not fine. Sweat on your forehead and furrowed eyebrows formed whenever you moved, telling me that your injury was far worse than it looked. You could feel the pain clearly yet you still chose to smile and to chat happily with the others. The members gathered around your bed, asking about your health while I just stood near the door, watching you smiling at every question you received.

You were simply amazing, you know that? I could never compare to you, no matter how hard I tried. You rarely cried in front of someone, just so you wouldn’t botherthem. You would bear the pain so no one would worry about you. You would stress yourself with work, for the sake of SKE. Was the stress too much for a teenage girl like you?

You had done so much for both AKB and SKE, that you deserved a long break. But look at what you chose. You chose to work again, even though your foot had not recovered yet.

I found you crying alone in the backstage several times, after the performances, holding your swollen foot. Each time I approached you and offered to take you to the hospital, you would always shake it off and tell me that everything was fine, giving me your famous cat smile. Tears were rolling down your cheeks yet your smile never faded away. I just wished that one day you would stop being so stubborn and let everyone help you. You knew you would have to pay for your stubbornness after that, didn’t you?

Just not too long after your first injury, you hurt your foot again. It was the same injury, but this time, it was worse. The doctor told you to stop dancing for your own sake, but you refused, and joined our performance in Fukui with both AKB48 and SKE48. You were so incredibly stubborn that you had to pay for it, with your whole career.

After a long period of overworking yourself with work, your foot stopped obeying you.

It was a few months after the Fukui performance, that Rena and I decided to visit you in the hospital. It was supposed to be a normal day, but no, God always loved to tease us. Rena and I arrived at the hospital and accidentally ran into Akimoto-sensei. He was standing in front of the main door, talking into his phone. When he saw us, he replied our greeted bows with a small nod, and walked out to his car. His face reflected his unusual seriousness which gave us a bad feeling. Rena, nor I, knew why he came here. He only visited you once or twice when he first heard about your injury. It was extremely rare to find him here. Sensing something was wrong, we rushed to your room.

We knew, I knew, that there was only one possible reason for Akimoto-sensei to be there, but we did not want that to happen. I did not want that to become true.

Yet once again, my heart ached. This time, it was on the verge of breaking. When we opened the door, what welcomed us was not your usual cheerful smile, but a hurtful and depressed expression. Tears were rolling non-stop from your eyes. Right as you saw us, you tried to smile, but instead of smiling, you just busted into more tears. Seeing your motionless foot lying on the bed, our fears finally came true.

You couldn’t dance or move anymore.

I watched you sob into Rena’s embrace, who was also trying to hold back her tears,yet failed. I watched as you cried, not even trying to look strong like usual. For the first time, I saw how vulnerable you were. You did not know how much I wished I was Rena, so that I could comfort you with all my love. You did not know how much I wanted to become your strength, so you could stand up again. But they were just my wishes, not my decisions. I was so stupid that I just stood there, watching you like a stranger. I was such a coward. I did not dare stay by your side.

I was so weak that I could never confess my true love for you.

I watched you announce your graduation from AKB48, sobbing into Mariko’s arms. I watched you announce your graduation from SKE48, tears falling down your cheeks and onto Rena’s shoulder as you leaned on her,searching for comfort and support. I silently watched you leave your second family.

Everyone wanted to wipe your tears away but no one ever noticed mine.

I had thought that you would spend your last day with some AKB members, or your closest friends in SKE. I had thought that you would spend your last precious moments together, with the ones that gave you true happiness. But once again, I was wrong. You were really mysterious, you know that? I could never understand what you were thinking. I could never understand all of your decisions. Until now, I still have my question from that day.

Why did you choose your last day to be alone with me?

You did not want to spend time with Mariko so you let her go with Haruna. You did not want to cling onto Rena so you watched her go with Airi. You did not want to join Mizuki in her foolish tricks.

I stood in your hospital room, with all of your fellow member’s friends. We all heard your last request, so clearly, that no one could ever forget. You just wanted to spend time with me, alone.

Your true friends, satisfied with your wish, left us alone. I could not think anymore, my mind was just simply blank. I stared at you in confusion. You just smiled at me, reaching out your hand in an offering. Hesitantly, I took your hand and sat down on the bed next to you. Following your habits, you leaned onto me, placing your head on top my shoulder, still holding my hand. Your cold touch sent a new sensation, causing my heart to race with the wind. Your warm breath on my bare neck heated my face. I could not see my face at that time but I bet it could beat any tomato in the world.

It was the best moment that I could ever experience. It was so good to be with you - my first and last time to stay by your side. It was an unforgettable moment; I still remember every single word you said to me at that time.

Churi, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for ignoring you. I’m sorry for being so stubborn. I’m sorry that I have worried you so much.” Your voice, weak but soft and gentle, echoed in my mind.

I’ve known all this time, that you have been watching over me from behind. I’ve known how much you cared and worried about me at the same time. And I know how cruel I was to ignore all that facts. I know how much I hurt you. I was so busy with my job that I forgot all about you. I was too selfish that I forgot about your presence with me. I don’t ask you for your forgiveness, but please, let me be with you one last time. Please accept my selfish wish just this time.

I sat there and felt your warm tears mixed with mine roll down my skin. I held you tight, scared of losing you. I looked out the window and watched the falling snow. I was so afraid that you would be like the snow. That once I managed to touch you, you would disappear like you never existed in this world.

I was so afraid that I would never have a chance to see you again.

On that snowy day, I stayed with you one last time, sharing our last beautiful moments together. I wanted to treasure every second with you because I had a feeling it would be the last time I would ever see you.

And you know what? My feelings were always right. It was one of the reasons why I hated myself so much. After that day, you went with your mother to the U.S, so you can get your foot fixed.

I was preparing for a performance in the dressing room when suddenly Rena rushed into the room with tears falling from her eyes. I wished it would not be the truth. I wished I was wrong. But no, God never listens to my wishes. Along with every single word coming from Rena, my heart broke into pieces. It hurt so much that I ended up being like you, getting hospitalized for months.

You promised me that you would come back when you have fully recovered.

You promised me but you couldn’t do it.

Because of the snow, your plane crashed in the middle, on its way.


I don’t know whether I like snow or not. You used to ask me the same thing but I could not answer you then.

Snow brought you to me but it also took you away from me.

Then what would be my answer? Like or hate?

The answer is neither.

I love snow.

Because if this feelingis right, like they were before, you have never left me.

You are not here anymore, but your pure soul became a snow spirit.

I know that because I can feel your warmth on my skin.

Jurina, you are my one and only snow angel.

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#14: Unlimited Love
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We announced this on our tumblr but might as well announce it here!  :peace:

We have had an amazing donation from Karen L. She has sent us an astounding amount of 34 unique photos, not even counting all of the extras that she sent as well. The judges have spent the last few days freaking out about this generous donation. The photos are all gorgeous. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself, as they have all been added to our prize album. If you would also like to donate to contest48, then please e-mail us ♥

We still need to add some pics in there, so be sure to check our album now and then!

Entry #14
Title: Unlimited Love
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Shinoda Mariko, Matsui Jurina; Mariko/Jurina
Word Count: 4,003

Unlimited Love

Year 2023

In the middle of the school backyard, there’s a person sitting on the bench under a big tree. Yellow leaves are falling down as the wind breeze on it. A name tag revealed this person’s name, Shinoda Mariko. She has brown short hair and charismatic aura, not to mention she is tall and has figure like a model. It’s hard to believe she actually is a teacher in this high school. She is now 26 years old, has been devoted herself to serve in this school for 8 years since she graduated. She has the potential to be a model but she rather gives up on her dream and chose to be a teacher in this school. What kind of reason that made her to stay in this school?


A girl in school uniform is running towards her energetically. Mariko smirked and secretly took a quick look at the running girl. She is pretending to ignore the girl and enjoying her juice. As the other girl call out her name more louder, her smile becomes wider. The girl stopped in front of her, painting. She snatched the juice from her hand and glaring at her. She drank the juice till the last drop and squeezed the box while looking at Mariko with a pair of murderous eyes. Mariko simply smiled at this girl’s childish acts.

“Don’t you hear me calling you?” the girl is angry at Mariko.

“You are late, Matsui Jurina” Mariko said as she looks at her watch.

Jurina is mad and throws her school bag at Mariko. Mariko dodges and stands up, walking to the girl. She stopped next to her and took out a pack of chocolate, the girl’s favorite food. Without saying a word, she is just swaying the chocolate in front of the girl. Jurina immediately grabbed the chocolate and glaring at Mariko, “You are forgiven”

Within five seconds, Jurina regretted and took back what she just said because what Mariko gave her is only a pack of chocolate, an empty pack of chocolate… a pack of chocolate without chocolate inside… Mariko laughed at the girl’s expression and whisper “Baka” beside her ear. Jurina tighten her fist and launched it towards Mariko.

Mariko managed to grab Jurina’s hand and put it behind her back. She put the other hand around Jurina’s neck and gently pulled her closer, hugging her from behind, resting her head on the girl’s shoulder. Jurina blushed as she feels Mariko’s warm breath on her neck. They paused like that, not wanting to move. Mariko closed her eyes and smiled as she recalled how they met for the first time, even though Jurina doesn’t remember it. But this is the reason… the reason why Mariko devoted her youth to this school until now… the reason is you… Matsui Jurina…

There’s the beginning, love between 26 years old teacher and 15 years old student… not only a matter of age and forbidden rules against public views, it’s unlimited love through the time.


Year 2012

My name is Shinoda Mariko, I was in my rebellious age at 15, as I become a high school student. At the school opening ceremony, I was chosen to be the representative for first year student. I am known as best grade-well mannered student, not because I want to, it’s because I am told to. I have to keep my image and attitude when I am in school. My mother got into accident and failed to reach her dream, to become a pianist. Because of that, my mother put her dream on me. She sees me as her substitute, she wants me to success her dream. What else can I do? She is my mother, I can’t fight her… I can only be obedient and follow her wish. But inside, I am a rebellious kid.

Without them knowing, I cut my hair short and wearing a wig to cover it. I don’t like long hair but my mother likes it, long hair makes me look elegant. I often sneak out in the middle of the night and come back home before six. Why I’m doing this? Because this is fun, it gets me excited and release some stress. In the first year of school I already made up many trouble, not to mention got into fight. Thanks to my genius brain, I can always have someone to cover it and no one knows it was all my works.

Scratching principle’s chair with pocketknife, setting trap in washroom for teacher, messing with the food in school’s canteen like put in many spicy and random ingredients without the chef knowing, this has made all the people who ate the food been hospitalized. It’s great because we got free from school for three days. When I forgot to study for the exam, it’s simple… I sneaked into teacher’s office and switched the answer sheets envelopes with porn magazine inside. That sure made a huge blow and that ‘not-knowing-what-happened’ teacher got fired.

Why I’m doing that? Bored, tired, annoyed. I really don’t like playing piano. What’s with that elegant posture, stoic face, and annoying classical music. What I really like is pop music and photographing. I want to be a model, I want to try various kinds of clothes, I want to be in front of camera, I want to express my emotion in many ways, not to wear a kind, warm, polite poker face in front of everyone.

Tonight I sneaked out from home again after my parents were asleep. As usual, I put off my wig, wearing a hat and put on leather jacket which makes me look like an adult, plus my height is taller than usual kid in my age. I can get into the pub without gets suspicious. On the way to the pub, there’s a person around my height crying under the tree on the side road. Don’t know why, I can’t ignore her. I want to just pass by but ended up walking to her side.

“Oi, Baba (old hag). Why are you crying?” I said in bad manner.

“Who do you call baba?! I am only 15 years old!” she shouted at me while she is still crying.

She is in my age? It’s rare to meet someone as tall as me. But why is she crying? I lift my head to see a kite hanging on the branch. “Are you crying because of that?”  I pointed the kite.

She looked down and nodded.

“Good luck” I said as I walked pass her.

She grabbed my sleeve to stop me from walking, “Aren’t you gonna help me?”

“Why should I?” I said with emotionless face.

“How could you leave a troubled girl in the middle of the night and didn’t help her after knowing what troubled her?” she looked at me straight into my eyes. Somehow it’s like she is breaking my wall of ice, the wall I put to border myself from people.

I smiled politely at her, the same smile I wear when I’m in school, “I doubt I can help you”

I reluctantly raise my hands and wave it in the air, “My hands can’t reach the kite, I’m sorry”

I bowed politely and turned to leave but she grabbed my sleeve again, I pushed her away and she starts clinging on my arms, never let me go and that annoyed me, “I already act politely to you, I said I can’t reach the kite, what do you want?!”

“You can’t reach the kite but we can!!” she shouted at me.

Five minutes later, I ended up having her sitting on my shoulder. As she said, I can’t reach the kite but WE can reach it. Why am I lose to her in jankenpon, does she know that she is heavy?

“Are you reached it yet?” I growled.

“Just a little… hey, don’t move. I almost get iiiiiiiittttttttttttt”


I can’t hold her weight anymore and ended up falling to the ground. I was about to scold her but all of my words lost in the air when I see her smile. Her smile shows me how satisfy she gets her kite back. It’s just a kite, why is she cares so much? Is there something else with the kite? I keep silent and watching her checking her kite. As expected, she touched some part of it and there’s a small device like coin pop out. Before she gets it, I snatched the coin with high speed.

“Hey, give it to me!!” she reached out her hands to snatch the silver coin from me.

“It’s just a coin, why are you worrying so much?”

“It’s not just a coin! It is a–” she paused there and pressed her mouth like she said something forbidden to know.


I turned my head to saw a big truck is moving toward us with high speed. I forgot that we’re in the middle of the street. With the speed of this truck it’s impossible for me to dodge. Fear overwhelmed my body and made me freeze there, all I can do is close my eyes and wait for the trucks to crash me. To think about it, this is not too bad at least I can be free… free from the border around me and started a new life.

“Don’t move!”

I heard that girl’s voice. I can feel that she is holding my hands and I can hear a click and feel something shines before me. The truck must be a few steps in front of me. I wait and wait, but the pain never hit me. I opened one eye to check on my surrounding. It was weird that nothing happened. It was quiet and silent. The only thing happened is that girl is holding my hands. I was about to ask her but she put her finger on my lips, prevent me to say anything.

“Let’s move to the side road first, I’ll explain to you what happened” she holds my hand and guide me to the side of the road. Just when we reach the side, there’s a truck coming and passed by. I was jaw dropped to know what was happened.

“That is the same truck from before, I remember its plat” I shocked.

“Yes, that is the truck from a minute before. This…” she took the silver coin from me, “This is one of my experiment, a time travelling machine. Whoever holding this when it active will travelling within time”

“What is that?” I pointed something behind her. As she turned back, I snatched the coin from her.

“Hey, give me back!!” she shouted.

“Did you steal this from somewhere? I’ll report you to police”

“No no no no no no” she pleaded, “You people from this age can’t know about this. It’ll have impact to the future”

“Future?” I asked.

“Well…” she withdraw her hands from me and explain to me more detail, “My name is Matsui Jurina, I come from the year of 2023. I am here to get some extinct herbs to the future. There’s a terrible disease spreads in my hometown and the scientist are having hard time to find the cure. Recently, I read an old article in library and found a description similar with the disease but the herbs that used are extinct in my year. So that, I am here to find them”

“Have you found the herb?”

“Not yet…”

“If you don’t mind…” my grinned grow wider when she is looking at me with shimmering eyes, hoping that I will help her finding the herbs but I’m sorry, my answer will disappoint you, “Let me use this for a while~”

The next day

As usual, I wake up and prepare myself to school, taking the same route to school. I can’t stop myself from laughing as I remember what happened yesterday. About that girl I met yesterday night… I tricked her and left her in the crowded pub, prevent her from following me to my house. I took the coin from my pocket and look at it then something flashes in my head. Facepalmed for myself, I forgot to ask her how to operate this thing!!! Suddenly, I feel someone tapped my shoulder. That innocence smile and face… Matsui Jurina?! How did she manage to follow me?

“Give it back to me” she ordered.

“No, not until you teach me how to use this” I replied.

“Okay then” she stopped in front of me with a big grin, “I’ll pestering you until you return it to me”

In the school

“Stop clinging on me! It’ll ruin my image!”

“Who cares~~” she said playfully, ignoring the eyes of people around us.

I can hear people said rumors about me and it spreading fast in the school. The usual calm and noble-like student is now being lovey dovey with an unknown girl. I don’t know how she gets my information and how she stole my school uniform and makes some false information to enter this school. The main problem is she claimed herself as my cousin and went all clinging at me in school. How can she ruin my mighty image like trash.

“Mari-chan~~ feed me~” she opened her mouth, waiting for me to feed her lunch.

This attracts many eyes on me, whispering something weird and disgusting about me. Our model student is being weird, is she gay? Who is that girl with her? Her girlfriend? Eww, that’s disgusting. How could she act all lovey dovey in school. Get out of my sight, that makes me sick.

“Enough!” I yelled and went out from the canteen.

Great, I lose my cool. I showed them my annoyed face. I’ll get scold at home later. I ruin my day… I ran to the school backyard, finding some fresh air to keep me calm. This is the place I like the most. I always come to sit on the bench under this big tree whenever I was upset. The green field and the shimmering sunlight with gentle wind breezing through the leaves give me the calm I need the most. This is the only place I can relax myself.

That girl is still following me, staying beside me. I am mad… but not to her. I hate this feeling… I want to yell at her but my words lost in the air when I saw her smiling face. I want to beat her but my hands are opposing my will. I want to be kind to her but my pride won’t let it. Maybe I shouldn’t get into this trouble. All of this begins because of this stupid coin.

“Take it” I handed the coin to her, “Get out of my sight immediately”

“You let me go?” she asked.

I stayed silence and closed my eyes, ignoring her.

“I changed my mind” I can feel she come closer to me and whispering beside my ears, “I won’t go until you help me find the herbs I need”

My eyes widen as I heard what she just said. Her grin becomes wider when she saw my shocked expression, “I’ll be counting on you, Mari-chan” she said as she wrapped her arms around me.

“Wow, wow, look what we got here” there’s a bunch of boys walking to our direction, “Being lovey dovey with your GIRLfriend in backyard? Are you doing something SECRET here? Hahahaha…” They are mocking at us.

Their faces make me wanna puke. I want to beat their face merciless but I have to hold myself, I can’t win against five of them. I hold Jurina’s hand and gonna leave but they stopped in front of us and put on some annoying face. One of them grabbed my wrist and pulling me into his embrace, “Why don’t you accompany us for a while?”

I stepped his foot and launched my knees on his stomach and sent an upper punch toward his chin, sending him to the ground. The fight between two girls and five boys started. Unexpectedly, Jurina is great at fighting. Her boxing fighting style is fast and strong. No matter how strong we are, they’re still stronger than us. After fighting for some minutes, three of them attack against Jurina, one of them is picking up a branch and launched it behind Jurina. I ran to block the branch with my right hands. The branch broke in two and my hand is bleeding. I bear the pain and put my usual poker face as it didn’t hurt at all.

“This is what you got? Can’t you beat me harder? This is how you should do” I grabbed the left branch in his hand and hit it on my own head. The branch broke in two as my head is bleeding.

“She is crazy. Let’s go!” Those guys ran away.

“Wow, you’re so cool~!” Jurina said as she starts clinging on me again. She hugged me and rubbing her cheek against mine.

“Get away from me, you are dirty” I tried to push her away but actually I’m enjoying it. “Your hands are full with mud, get away”

“Mari-chan~ I’m so gay for you~” she said and tried to kiss my cheek.

I struggled from her and tripled at my own legs, ended up falling on the ground with her still clinging on me. The sunlight shines behind her back makes her smile shining bright. My heart skipped a beat whenever I saw her smile like that. She moved and lay down next to me, reaching her hands to the sky, “The sky is so blue and wide” she turned to face me for a second and turned away. In flash of that moment, I swear I can see her blush.

All of the sudden, she sat up with her eyes widen, like she saw something. I asked her what’s wrong, she just smiled and told me it’s time to go home. She will send me home and explain to my parents why I got into fight. When we got in my home, she explains that I got into fight because I want to save her from the guys harassing her. My mother is in tears when she saw my wounded arms. She is crying and said that my dream is ruined… my future is ruined, with the wounded hand, it’s impossible for me to play piano again. The truth is I am relieved to have wounded in hand, so that I can have an excuse to finish this stupid dream my mother put on me. But seeing how broken is she, I can’t bear to tell her the truth that I don’t want to be a pianist.

My moms let Jurina sleepover tonight due to her wounds and Jurina lied that her parents aren’t at home, that makes my mom more insisted to let her stay. After having dinner, we get into my room and that’s the time when we have to separate.

“I have to go home now” she said all of the sudden.

“What did you say? You haven’t found the herbs, do you?” I was panicked a bit.

“I found it” she smiled, “After the fight, I saw those herbs in the glasshouse at your school backyard. You’re my lucky star, if I didn’t meet you maybe I won’t find these herbs in such a short time. Thank you”

Anger filled in my body again. It’s good thing that she found the herbs but... why am I mas about it? “Get lost now” I commanded. I didn’t mean to be rude at her but I just can’t help it. Those words slipped from my mouth.

She is smiling like nothing happened and pulled me into a hug, “It’s nice to meet you here”

My tears burst out suddenly and I can’t stop it. When she was about to let go, I hugged back, I hold her in my embrace tightly, don’t want to let her see my crying face. She patted my head and pulled back to face me. Her thumb gently wiped my tears, “When a girl learns to love, she cries”

I turned my face away from her and pushed her hands away from me but she cupped my face, makes me look straight into her eyes. “Maybe I am not even born in this year, maybe I will remember nothing about you but… please find me. Find me and love me”

I can hear a click and a light soon filled my room, force me to close my eyes. When I opened my eyes, Jurina has disappeared.

Year 2015

Three years passed after that unforgettable incident, I am now 18 years old in my third year of high school. Everyday goes in routine as always. Since I don’t have to play piano again, I work hard to gather many information about modeling. I decided to pursue my dream to be a model after graduation. But things always mess up with me.

“I’m going” I said as I leave to school.

Today is a bit noisy in the earlier morning. A truck parked beside my house, people are moving furniture and boxes, seems like I’m gonna have new neighbor today. As I walked pass, I saw a girl is crying under the tree. Somehow this scene reminds me for someone. That little girl turned her head and saw me then she cried even harder. I was panicked a bit and went to calm her down.

“Little girl, how old are you?” I asked.

She sobs and answers, “Seven” while showing a peace sign with right hand and five with left hand.

I laughed a bit at it, “So, why are you crying?”

She pointed up to the tree, “My kite”

My eyes widen as I remember exactly the memories in my past, “Kid, what’s your name?”

“Jurina, Matsui Jurina”

Flashback End

Back to year 2023

Because of you, I gave up my dream and became teacher in this school. After teaching at school, I take part time job to become your private tutor and guide you to be a student in my old school to prevent you becoming a scientist. You can say I am selfish but this is my love to you. I don’t care if you seeing me as a big sister, I will always love you. Years after years passed by, we are getting more closer like real siblings. Everyone will only see me as a big sister who takes care of you. Then one day, in the evening of this fall… you confessed to me…

“I love you, I see you not only as my big sister. I know the gap between our ages, I know we’re both girls, I know it’s forbidden but… I just want you to know how I feel… I just want to say I love you!”

I am so glad you said that. I am waiting for 11 years to hear that. You can’t imagine how happy I am.

Back to the school backyard

“Ne, Mari-chan. What are you smiling at?” Jurina asked.

Mariko let go of her and went to grab her belonging, “It’s late now, let’s go home”

“Mari-chan” Jurina hold Mariko’s hand and stopped walking, “Can I kiss you?”

“No” Mariko answered, “You’re still 15”

“Mou~” Jurina pouted, “Three more years to wait…” she sighed.

Without warning, Mariko leaned in and gave her a light peck on lips. Jurina surprised and place a light punch at Mariko, “Mou, you said no kiss!”

“I said you can’t kiss me but I can~ because I’m already 26” Mariko said playfully.

“That’s not fair!!! Let me kiss you” Jurina went to chase after Mariko.

“Not until you are 18” Mariko giggled.

This love is unlimited love. No border of age, gender, nor the time space… I will always love you… with this unlimited love…

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#15: Tomo & Taka & the Caterpillar Incident
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Entry #15
Title: Tomo & Taka & the Caterpillar Incident
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Takahashi Minami, Itano Tomomi; TakaTomo
Word Count: 2,432

Tomo & Taka & the Caterpillar Incident

120912 K6 「RESET」
Like any other day, today there is AKB stage performance at Akihabara. As we all know, the stage performance is done in rotation meaning today Team A, tomorrow Team K and the next day Team B and so on. And today it’s Team K’s turn.

At the backstage or the dressing room, you can see Team K members inside. Since it is still early, members are either eating snacks, chatting, blogging, playing around, putting on makeup, etc.

BANG! With a loud thump made from slamming the door, Miyazawa Sae, Genking of AKB, succeeds in making a flashy appearance.
“Ohayo…. Ouch! Why did you hit my head, Sayaka!!” pouts Sae
“How many times do I have to tell you to stop slamming the door!!!” says Akimoto Sayaka, Team K captain, angrily.
“Hehe… I just forget things” Sae replies while sticking her tongue out.
Sayaka sighs as her best friend never remember about opening the door gently…

Well, it’s another cheerful day here at Akihabara Theater~

Near the corner of the room you can see a girl with beautiful brown hair and wearing stylish clothes, as she smiles you can even see her cute canine! Yes, she is Itano Tomomi, the fashion queen in AKB, and at the moment she is reading a fashion magazine.

“Yaho~~ What are you doing there at the corner??” asks Sae
“As you can see, I’m reading a magazine” replies Tomochin but her eyes are still on the pages.
“Oh! So what’s the trend recently??? I need to be prepared as the AKBINGO! Fashion collection is coming again and this time I’ll for sure get rid of the name BUSU!!!” says Sae all fired up.
“Hahaha~ Is that the latest joke this week?” asks Tomochin while laughing
“Tomo… TT^TT How can you say that?! I’m totally serious about it!!”
“That’s what you always say but the results are always BUSU isn’t it??”
“Whatever! This time it will be Mote for sure!!! Anyway, the topic for the MC today is ‘insect’. I’ll go have some banana from Sayaka first to refill my energy bar”

Sae then went to Sayaka who is busy eating bananas.

“Hm… speaking of insect I hate caterpillar the most. Is there anything to talk about caterpillar?” Tomochin questions herself while trying to recollect any possible topic to talk about later.
“Ah! Speaking of caterpillar, there is that incident….” Tomochin utters as her mind flies back to her memories while smiling sweetly….


Back then…
“Ne, ne, ne Takamina~~” Tomochin calls while flipping the pages of a fashion magazine although all her attention is on the girl called Takamina.
“Hmm??” answers Takamina or Takahashi Minami, a 148cm tall girl with a big ribbon on top of her head, but not removing her eyes from the One Piece manga.
“Do you know what day is today??” Tomochin asks calmly while closing the pages of the magazine but actually she is kind of excited about what Takamina’s reply will be.
“Today??” Takamina repeats as she slowly turns her attention away from the manga she was reading awhile ago.
“Yea” Tomochin replies as she plays with her beautiful long hair.
“Hmm… By the way, what is the date today??”
“Today is July 3rd”
“Hrm…. AH!!! Today is the releasing date of the newest volume of One Piece!!!” exclaims Takamina excitedly as she stands up from her chair.
“Thanks for reminding me, Tomo! I almost forgot about something so important as this!!! If I forgot to buy the volume this week then I’ll regret forever!!!” cries Takamina animatedly while she grabs onto Tomochin’s hand and look at Tomochin gratefully.

Takamina kept on telling of how grateful she felt towards Tomochin while failing to notice the darkened face of the fashion queen.

With one swift action, Tomochin manages to remove her hands from Takamina’s and gave her a cold “Hmph!” then walks toward the exit while closing or rather crashing the door hardly with a loud BANG! Leaving our poor captain dumbfounded as she stares at the door.

“What’s wrong with her?? Did her monthly period came??” was the only thing that came to Takamina’s mind…

On the other hand, after leaving our captain Tomochin went back directly to her home and inside her bedroom.

“Bakamina! Stupid Minami!! Shorty!! A man!!! Acchan, Haruna, Miichan, Yuko, Mariko, …. all did gave me a present and you!!! Not only didn’t gave me any present but also has forgotten my birthday!!!” Tomochin who always have a calm and cool image is now totally give herself an image change this moment as black aura spreads inside the room.

What is the reason for our calm and fashionable queen to lose her temper?? What did Takamina do that causes all these curses from Tomochin?? I’m sure if you’re truly an AKB fan, you would’ve figure out the reason already by this moment or even earlier right??

Yes! The reason why Tomochin lost her temper was because our dearest captain has fail to remember that today, July 3rd, is our queen’s birthday!!! How could she have forgotten that??? As they have known each other for so many years!!! Ahem! I’ve gotten a bit out of control so let’s bring the story back to Tomochin…

Tomochin’s bedroom…
“Bakamina! Bakamina!” says Tomochin with anger as she punches and kicks a doll with the height of 148cm and a big ribbon on top. She is now really showing all her skills she has learned back when they are shooting a drama called ‘Majisuka Gakuen’, she is totally in Shibuya mode at the moment.

Poor doll… I pity you but there is no one here who could stop Tomochin in her Shibuya mode. You can only blame why your height is 148cm and why do you have a ribbon on top.

Simultaneously at a barbeque shop, No3b are having Busu Kai (No3b’s gathering)
“Achoo!!!” Takamina sneezes.
“Takamina, are you okay??” asks Miichan while roasting a meat.
“I’m fine but I wonder why I suddenly sneezed. I just hope that I won’t catch a cold”
“Maybe someone is thinking about you at the moment” teases Haruna
“Naa~ Maybe someone is bad-mouthing about her LOL!” laughs Miichan

The Next Day
After waking up in the morning, our fashion queen is not satisfied with just punching a ‘Takamina-like’ doll to release her anger. So now she is thinking of a way to pay back to Takamina.

“Hmph! I should do something to that Bakamina!”

A few moments of thinking deeply, Tomochin seems to have thought of something.

“Ah~ Tomo has thought of a good idea~~~” Tomochin says to herself as she quickly get off the bed and turn on her computer.

“Hehehe~~” She laughs creepily like those witches you often see in fairy tales.

Once the computer is fully turned on, she immediately went to the Google Search and didn’t hesitate at all and input the word ‘caterpillar’ inside the search box. Then ENTER!

In the blink of an eye, hundreds and thousands of pictures pop up in her computer which frightened herself out.

“Ewww!!!! That’s why I hate caterpillars!!! Look at those creepy legs and asdlfjaei” As she is totally freaked out, which is why the words coming out from her mouth are not interpretable at the back…

After fighting with her inner conscience, Tomochin manages to get a few caterpillar images inside her phone.

“Hehehe~” Tomochin giggles as she attaches the images inside a message with the sentence ‘Bakamina is as disgusting as the caterpillar!!!’ then she input Takamina’s e-mail address and press the ‘SEND’ button.

“Send~~ Hmph! This is what you get for forgetting my birthday, Bakamina!”

Ring~ Ring~ a message is received in Takamina’s mobile.
“Hm? A message from Tomochin to Takamina? I wonder what it is about~ Since Takamina is at the bathroom now, I as her best friend have the responsibility to check the message for her~ It could have been an emergency message~” says Miichan with a sneaky smile on her face.

After the gathering yesterday, Miichan decided to have a sleepover at Takamina’s place. Since it is close to the working place tomorrow besides it is just nice to have Takamina preparing the food for her, the bathing water, drying her hair and waking her up in the morning. All in all, Miichan decides that it is best to have a sleepover yesterday and that’s why Miichan is here sneakily reading the message now.

“Hmm.. No subject. It makes me even more curious about the content” Miichan utters to herself as she click on the message.

Miichan who always knows to make the right decision and calculation, didn’t know that this will be one of the decision she regrets all her life…

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Miichan screams with all her might as her face turns pale while she tosses Takamina’s phone away.

“What happened?! Is there a robber? Cockroach??” Takamina rushes out of the bathroom as she heard Miichan screaming.

“Ca…” was the only thing that came out of Miichan’s mouth as her teeth are still shaking from the shock she has received.

“Ca?” Takamina asks confusedly while looking worriedly at Miichan.

“There.. was so.. many ca.. caterpillars inside your phone!!”
“Eh?! Caterpillars inside my phone?!” exclaimed Takamina as she hurriedly look around the room for her phone and saw her poor phone lying on the floor.

As Takamina glimpse on the screen on her phone she manages to get some information from it: Firstly, was that the message was from Tomochin. Secondly, there weren’t any caterpillars inside her phone but that there were lots of caterpillar images attached in the message. Lastly, she doesn’t know what she did to deserve a message ‘Bakamina is as disgusting as the caterpillar!’ from Tomochin.

“What did you do that pissed Tomo off??” asks Miichan who has obviously calmed down from the caterpillar shock awhile ago.

“I don’t know… she’s pissed since yesterday” replies Takamina who apparently still doesn’t know what mistakes she made.

“You mean Tomochin is pissed ever since yesterday?”
“Yea…” Takamina responds sadly as she is totally clueless about what’s going on.
“Ne, Takamina… Did you remember what day is yesterday?” Miichan questioned as she kind of know what might be the possible reason for this childish prank from Tomochin.

“Yesterday?? One Piece’s releasing date, of course! Why did you ask the same question that Tomo asked me yesterday?”

After hearing Takamina’s answer, Miichan facepalmed herself and wants to murder this stupid captain in front of her.

Detective Mii has now solved the case!
Cough* Cough*” Detective Mii clears her throat as she is preparing to give Takamina a good scolding.
“YESTERDAY WAS TOMOCHIN’S BIRTHDAY! And YOU have definitely forgotten about it which is why Tomochin was mad and send this caterpillar message to you! What’s inside your brain aside from shounen manga??!! How can you forget Tomochin’s birthday?? You better apologize to her.”
“Oh shoot!!! You’re right! Yesterday was Tomochin’s birthday! How could I have not remembered about it! Oh… now I’m feeling so guilty about it… I guess I’ll go apologize now in person, see ya later Miichan! And thanks!” Takamina dashes out of the room not realizing that she’s wearing a pink and funny T-shirt with rainbow tight pants… and because she was in a rush, she wore a pair of worn-out slippers… (The reason why Takamina was wearing on such a ridiculous matching was because when she hear Miichan screaming she just put on whatever clothes she finds at the moment and didn’t realize how absurd and silly she was looking.)

In front of Tomochin’s house…
Ding Dong~ Ding Dong~
“Yes, who’s there?” Tomochin replies as she opens the door and see our stupid captain with her ridiculous outfit.
“Er.. Tomo.. I’m here now.. er.. because.. yesterday…” Takamina stutters as she was nervous in how she should ask for forgiveness from Tomochin. She is now regretting that she acts before she thinks! She should’ve thought of what to do first rather than rushing here with a blank mind.

Pfft!” Tomochin burst out laughing as she can’t keep her laughter inside anymore. Why? Because of Takamina’s silly outfit with her expression right now is just a great combination to become a joker.
“Hahaha!!! Takamina, are you serious?!!”
“Did you really come all the way to my home in this outfit??” Tomochin chuckles while holding on to her stomach leaving our captain with her famous failed expression.
“EH!!! I didn’t realize it at all!! I.. I was in a rush…” Takamina’s face has turns apple red as she now understand the reason why Tomo is laughing out loud now.
“Why were.. you.. haha.. in a rush??” Tomochin asks while breathing heavily as she was out of breathe at this instant.
“Well… because… after receiving your message in the morning, Miichan told me that it was your birthday yesterday and I felt totally bad that I forgot about your birthday so I decide to come and apologize in person but it seems that I have failed again…” Takamina told Tomochin the purpose of her coming here as she pouts.

“I’ll forgive you this time, seeing that you have given me a good laugh just now. But remember only this time! If you fail to remember my birthday again next time then.. hehehe… You know what I mean” Tomochin states as you can faintly see a devil-like tail wriggling at the back of Tomo.
Gulp* I promise I won’t ever forget your birthday again, I swear.” Takamina assures Tomochin with her serious face which causes Tomochin to blush a bit with Takamina staring at her like that.
“Bakamina!” Tomochin shouts to hide her embarrassment and went back to her house leaving a puzzled Takamina outside.


“Tomo, it’s time for the Enjin (円陣) now!” says Sayaka
“Coming~” Tomochin replies and run towards the rest of Team K members.

“チームK いくぞー!”
“じゃん じゃん じゃん RESET!”

After the Enjin, Team K members left off to the stage and start their usual stage performance. And now is the MC time and the topic is about insect.

“Don’t think of me as weird person. But when I usually have free time I will go to Google and search for the caterpillars’ pictures. I show it to members like Takamina, when she got me pissed off. Last time, when I know that Takamina forgot about my birthday I was really mad so the next day I send her lots of caterpillar pictures….”

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#16: Welcome Home
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Entry #16
Title: Welcome Home
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s):  Gekikara, Yuko, Shibuya, Dance, Black, Torigoya, Sado
Word Count: 3,195

Welcome Home

My name is Gekikara, no that's my nickname. My real name is Matsui Rena. They call me Gekikara because I like spicy food. I lost my parents since kindergarten, it's my grandma raise me up. My grandma works hard to earn living fees and my school fees. She said all I need to do is get good grade and went to Tokyo University. She wants me to live a proper life like the other people. I study hard and always get good marks, I love seeing my grandma's smile. That's the best thing in my life, the second is my grandma's handmade spicy crackers. I like it so much.

Good things won't last long. It happened on the day before the opening ceremony in my first day entering high school. My grandma found dead on the street, police said they believe my grandma has been robbed by gangsters and beat to dead. I was so blank hearing that statement. I can't believe the fact that I was left behind alone in this house. I locked myself in my room, don't want to go out. I covered all the windows in my room, let the darkness filled in and doing nothing. I stayed there for three days without food and drink.

One day, my uncle came to pick me. When he stepped into my room and saw me in terrible state as my hair is messy, my pale skin, dark circle below my eyes and I lost my weight which makes me like I become crazy. My uncle didn't dare to adopt me and sent me to orphanage. He even transferred me from elite school to yankee school. That's how I become member of Majisuka Gakuen.

I was still a weakling normal girl. I am afraid when I step into this school. Students here are all scary. Their face, their hairstyle, their make up, their accessories, their weapon, all the wall painting and the classroom is too much different from my old school. None of them is listening while the teacher is teaching. I am the only one who brings books and study like a normal student will do. Not to mention, they always picking at me and forcefully taking my money everyday. When I have no money, they will beat me.

Day after day, the orphanage dropped me out because they say I will bring bad impact to the other children. They think I am a yankee and always picking fight in school. The truth is I am a victim of that school but no one will believe me. I am no longer the elite student everyone respects. I have no where to go and decided to sleepover at school. It's really creepy at night. No power supplement, it's all dark here. I climbed the stairs and went to my classroom. I arranged the table to the side near the window, forming them like a bed and sleep on it. When I was about to sleep, I heard someone's steps come closer. I was too afraid and fall to the ground. Without me notice, a hand tapped on my shoulder sending a goosebumps all over my body.

"AAARGHHHHHHHH, Stay away from me!" as reflect, I sway my hands randomly and hit something.


I look over my shoulder and saw a creepy figure with her nose bleeding and her teeth is sharp like wolf. "GHOOOOSSSSST!!!" I scream out loud from my lungs and fainted.

When I woke up, I was on someone's back. This person is piggybacking me but seems like she is shorter than me because my feet almost touch the ground.

"You awake?" asked this person. I nodded as reply.

"What are you doing there?" I asked, remembering the scary face she has.

"That's my question. What are you doing there?"

"I-I... Umm..." I can't say that I have no home and have to sleep in classroom.

"Here we are~" she gently put me down and knocked the door. I looked around and realized this is in school building. There's a mark on the wall saying "Rapappa Club"

As she opened the door, she pushed me in, "Tadaima~"

"O-ka-e-ri~" a beautiful brunette stood there in front of us and greeted us kindly.

"Who is she?" a sudden voice appeared behind me, makes me freak out. I turned back and saw a raven haired girl glancing at me with cold eyes.

"Weakling" another person who sat on the chair is looking at me from head to toe.

"Yuko-san, who is she?" a short haired girl in fur jacket walk in from another door inside this room. So this short girl who carried me named Yuko.

Yuko walked to the middle of this room and cleared her throat, "I officially announce to take her in as member of Rapappa!"

"No way! We can't have such weakling in our club"

"Shibuya, listen to Yuko-san's explanation first" that short-haired girl shot a fierce glance at her.

Yuko claps her hands and continue, "Who said she is weak? She has strong brain" Yuko pointed her head, "She is sure can be a great help in exam~ I don't want to be punished to wash toilet every weekend"

Well, that's how I became member of this Rapappa Club. Since that day, no one dare to mess with me because Yuko-san always visits me in break time. Plus, Rapappa Club room in now the place where I called home. That is the place I sleep everyday. Although everytime I clean the room and make it tidy, it always becomes a mess in no more than five minutes.

Yuko-san always bringing some snacks and shares it in this room. She is busy telling us what happened that day, with who she fight, she talks while eating the snacks which make the carpet and the floor dirty. Shibuya-san always bringing her nail-polish equipment and one of her loyal servant, Dance. She will punches Dance-san whenever she likes and her blood scatter around, splat on the floor. I have to clean it again at night. Black-san's incredible speed will make the paper or things fall to the ground when she passed by and I have to put it back to the right place.

Torigoya-san is such an airhead, she always forget what she is doing. Sometimes she took Sado-san's toy and confused what she took it for? Then put it on the ground, she went to take some snack, before she ate it, she gazed at the snack and threw it on the ground. She is just wandering in the room like stranger. Sado-san is usually standing at the corner, sleeping in standing position and does nothing but observing the others. But when she is in her bad mood, vases, chairs, and other thing in this room were broken into pieces. Rather than a member of mighty Rapappa, I think I am only their housekeeper, cleaning this headquarter after they left. But I enjoy it, rather than being alone, I like this place the most.

It's been months since I live here. The leaves outside are turning gold, summer holiday is about to end. I was thinking about making some special cooking for them when they back to school. With the money I earn from part-time job within summer, I went to the nearer store to buy some ingredients. Was it my bad luck or what, I run into Yabakune gangs. Yabakune is Rapappa swore enemy. Since I can't fight, the only way for me is run but it seems impossible because they already surrounded me in circle.

I throw my ingredients to the person in front of me and dashed forward to escape. When I was about to escape from this circle, someone dragged me in and begins to beat me. I was thrown to the ground as they continue beating me. I heard them whisper that I was doing some good shopping and they pick up a sack of salt which I brought just now. I saw one of them ripped open the sack and pour the salt on my wound. I scream out loud as the pain burn my wounds. Another person is raising her metal stick up high and swaying it at me. Before it hit me, I saw an arm went between and hold the stick. It was Yuko-san, she is grinning proudly as usual.

"How dare you lay a hand on my friend!" She kicked that person at stomach and dashed forward for another attack. Some of them turned away from me and went to attack Yuko-san. Without warning, another bat comes to hit me. Sado-san managed to stand in front of me and got hit on her head, forming a scar above her eyebrow. I gasped to see the blood coming out from the wound. She wiped her blood and sending the death glare to Yabakune before join the fight with Yuko.

"What are you doing there? Stay aside!" Shibuya rushed in and knocked down a girl with a single blow with her knuckle.

Suddenly I feel wind passed by and within second, Black and Torigoya are standing beside me. Back facing me, Black turned her head a bit and ordered Torigoya to take care of me, "I'll take care of them, you take Geki out of here"

"Please follow me, Geki-chan" Torigoya said sweetly as ever.

There in front of us, a sudden black shadow covering the place like mist then all the Yabakune members around us are fallen to the ground. Torigoya wrapped her arms around mine and guide me out of this circle. Both of us were sitting on the side, watching them fighting Yabakune members. Torigoya took out a snack from my shopping plastic bag and eating it. Rapappa is sure the strongest yankee student in this area. Should I learn how to fight?

Under the bridge somewhere in the city

I feel guilty seeing wounds all over their face and arms. They got wounds because of me, if only I can fight... they shouldn't be like this.

"Itai tai tai taiii..." Yuko complained when Torigoya rubbed the cotton bud on her wound.

Sado went to took over Torigoya's place and told her to take care on Black's wounds. Torigoya do the same to Black but there's no reaction from her. I can see Torigoya is smiling and pressed harder on Black's wound. Suddenly there's a loud thud from nowhere, when Black walked away, blood coming down from Torigoya's nose and she fainted after seeing her own blood. As usual, Shibuya will be accompanied by her loyal servant, Dance-san. The funny thing is everytime Dance tried to take care of Shibuya's wound, she will get a smack from Shibuya. Poor Dance-san...

"It's because of you, we got beaten like this. Usually they can't lay a finger on us" Shibuya mad at me.

"You can't blame her, Shibuya" Yuko-san defended me, "We are just being unlucky today"

"I don't like you defending her" Shibuya pissed.

I'm too lucky to be in this school, to be in this club. Yuko-san really takes good care of me. Although Shibuya-san always picking mouth at me, but she never harms me. Black-san and Sado-san always watching me from afar and Torigoya-san always accompany me and talking with me, though sometimes I don't understand what she said.

"There you are!" A voice coming from behind us, revealing bunches of Yankees walking toward us.

"You can't escape now!" Another voice coming from the opposite direction. We are now being trapped by Yabakune armies in the tunnel under the bridge. All of them were 50 people or more, each of them were holding weapon.

"How many can you handle?" Yuko asked.

Shibuya is wearing her fighting gloves and smirked, "10"

"More than 10" Black added.

"Okay, 20 of them are mine. Sado, you take care the rest" Yuko ordered them then she turned back and winked at me, "Geki, Tori, and Dance, you can just stay there and grabbing some popcorn to eat"

"CHARGE!" Yabakune armies are starting to attack against Rapappa.

I was too busy to do nothing and stayed there like a statue, watching this completely chaos scene. Yuko-san is fighting like monster. She is fighting so many people and didn't get hurt at all. Sado-san is really sadist as her nickname, she beats all of them who stand in her way without holding back. She even snatched enemy's weapon and hit them merciless. Shibuya-san looks like she is throwing her temper at her enemy like she is punching a punching bag. Her speed is fast and deadly.

Within the time flows, half of Yabakune armies are fallen to the ground. Rapappa also getting tired, I wish I can help them but I am too weak.

"Geki! Run!" Yuko shouted at me.

I was panicked at that moment, don't know where to run. Two Yabakunes showed up with their weapons stand by in attack mode. One of them managed to hit me on my back, sending the pain through my bone. Another one in front of me is smirking at me and launched her bat toward me. There's a loud thud but I can feel no pain. Then I feel someone's body leaned against me. It was Yuko-sanナ she shield me with her body. I can see the blood coming down from her head. I called her name over and over again but she is not responding.

"Yuko!!" All of the members are calling Yuko-san. She is still unmoving in my embrace.

My heart hurts, my head hurts, my body is hot like there's fire spreading inside of me. My body is shivering not because of the pain, but it's because of my anger. I can feel blood pressure on my head, all of the sudden, I hear an evil voices echoing inside me. I am thirst of blood, I am longing to hear their pain. I can never control my body anymore and let them explode like a bomb. Every single person in my sight will taste the power of my fist. I won't stop until they cough of blood.

"Geki, enough!"

"They are retreating! Gekikara!"

"Gekikara! Stop!"

"Stop! She will die!"

My head fights back those voices and ignoring them. My hands won't let off from this person's neck, the more she is struggling, the more my hands going harder on her. There're many voices coming up and the flashlight spotted my face. I hate lights, I hate those lights fall on my face. I growled and rushes toward the light... then... all of the sudden, my mind went blank...

The next day I woke up and found myself sleeping behind the bar, in other words, I am being jailed. Yuko-san and Sado-san came to visit me and explained to me what happened. Yuko-san explained that she is only playing dead to force my fighting spirit out but ended up to be a mistake. I went berserk and unstoppable, I can't hear their voices calling me and beat up all Yabakunes brutally. Then the police appeared and I went to attack one of them, so I was sentenced to be in jail until the next semester.

"It's not your fault, Yuko-san. It's just me being uncontrollable." I smiled at her which makes her crying hard.

Three months passed and next semester will be started in next week...

Jail is sure lonely and dark, having routine everyday, eat the same thing everyday, keep in the small area everyday, being watched by someone everyday, being alone everyday... I miss Rapappa, I miss cleaning Rapappa's headquarter, I miss being protected by Yuko-san, being scold by Shibuya-san, being airhead together with Torigoya, sneaking with Black-san, and dancing with Dance-san...

Fortunately, the officers release me a week earlier because they said I was doing well inside. They give me a ride to my uncle's house and dropped me outside of his apartment. After make sure the officers were gone, I start walking to my home, Rapappa's headquarter is the only place I named home. I was wondering what expression they'll have if they see me. Will Yuko-san cried over me? Will they scare to see me? Or will they ignore me? I can't imagine how will I live if the third probability becomes true.

Don't realize how long I walked, I arrived in front of Rapappa club. My hand is trembling to touch the door knob. Will this room becomes a mess without me, the housekeeper? I giggled at my own thought. I take a deep breath and repeated the word in my head which I want to say it for a long time. Taking another deep breath, I brave myself to open the door and say, "Tadaima (I'm home)"


I was surprised to hear them. My eyes widen as I see the room is filled with colorful balloons and ribbons, in the middle of the room there's a table and a cake on it. A huge banner is hanging at the windows, saying the word 'WELCOME HOME'. Yuko-san, Sado-san, Black-san, Torigoya-san, Shibuya-san, and Dance-san are smiling at me. Today I found the third thing I like the most in my life. I went back to outside and closed the door, then I re-opened the door and went in.

"Tadaima" I said with my biggest smile.


Welcome home is the warmest word in my life...

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#17: Hope
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Entry #17
Title: Hope
Main Character(s)/Pairing(s): Bunker, Sudachi, Jovijovich, Annin, Nobunaga; NobuAnnin
Word Count: 1,300


- For how many days she still is in this mood? Asked Bunker.

- I don’t know… maybe two weeks? Answered a thinking Sudachi.

Two weeks, the time coincided with Nobunaga disappear and Paru coming to the prison taking her place. Since this, they leader Annin have been in a bad mood that they never have seeing before. Annin was not the type of person who talks too much so they was able to see her mood just by her attitude. She was angry and they didn’t know why, the only thing that they know was: with she in that mood be by her side was dangerous.

- Why she is so angry? Can be that Nobunaga disappear is the reason?

The entire team mongoose turned in direction of the voice and for they surprise was Jovijovich who said that. The girl rarely talks something in Japanese. The girls in the team starting to argue about if what she said was true but then they give up, after all, why Annin could be angry because Nobunaga disappeared? They was enemies, without Nobunaga, the things for them take the top of the prison was easy. Even after thinking a lot the team mongoose still didn’t found the reason and the solution to change they leader mood. Messhi sighed and stared the empty couch that Annin always sitting.

- I don’t know what is making her act in that way but whatever is we should just wait to she calm herself and try to not tease her with anything, after all if she is dangerous with us don’t giving her a reason, I can’t imagine how she will be if we give one to her.

All the team nodded they head agreeing with they comrade, the only thing that girls could do is wait and don’t do anything stupid.


When the Team Mongoose talked about they leader, Annin was walking in the prison, observing, searching. But again was useless, she didn’t find anything, no sign, even the team habu did not know how Nobunaga disappeared.

They’re more useless than my own team.  Thought, the team mongoose leader.

For two weeks she has been haunted by boredom and loneliness, since Nobunaga disappeared she feels that has lost something. She could not help but feel the boredom because since the start, when the team mongoose and team habu started to confront each other she never have been bored, maybe they can call her a masochist for like to fight with Nobunaga, but she don’t mind, she love it every time when she felt the punches of the other girl. Defeat the habu leader was a challenge and wanted to won.

But slowly something start to change, she just not wanted to fight with Nobunaga, she just wanted to see the girl, she start to make excuses to saw her, challenge for fights or without nobody notice, stare her from distance. But she loved more was the fights, so she was able to see Nobunaga stare her with that fiery glare and that smile. Without notice, she start to enjoy be with Nobunaga and feel lonely when was not able to see the girl, be searching for the haby leader, make Annin remember the day when the things changed, the day that make she and Nobunaga start to pretend fight for the top, when the they start to lie to they comrades just to have some time alone, when they turned into secret lovers.

——— // ———-

Nobunaga and Annin was fighting in the room of mongoose team, both of the girls was exhausted and with bruises and cuts over all they body, was almost the time to the prison gates close but the leaders of rival teams don’t minded with that. Annin just smiled and Nobunaga make the same, with her serious and sad tone Nobunaga start to talk.

-  Why you’re doing this? Always challenge me to fights but you never seem to be fighting serious. What’s your real plan Annin?

The leader of mongoose became surprise, she was used to Nobunaga said something’s when they fight, but this make her surprise because the girl noticed her habit and even knowing that Annin challenge her again was not serious, she still accepted the challenge. The leader of mongoose  looked the clock in the room, the gates was about to close in 50 seconds, she smiled and then approach of Nobunaga, that surprise by Annin action walked one step backwards, but after look in the mongoose leader she saw something that show that she not wanted to fight with her, curious Nobunaga stopped and just started to star Annin.

Foe her surprise the girl punched her, thinking that she fall in a trap Nobunaga turned to the girl ready to fight but then she felt something soft in her lips.

Annin kissed her, Nobunaga tried to push her but was useless, first was because of the fight, she didn’t have enough energy to push the girl, and the another reason was because she didn’t wanted break the kiss that now was a passionate kiss. When Annin pushed her to the couch in the room, the gates of the prison closed, understanding the girl plan, Nobunaga smiled.

- So that’s was your plan.

Annin answered her with a smile and then they two started to kiss again.

———- // ———-

Annin sighed with the memory, she have been avoiding be in the mongoose room, not just because she was searching for Nobunaga, but also because that couch bring certain memories to her. Annin get out from her thoughts when she saw the pervert guard from the prison holding something that reminded the platters with food that is normally used by them, seeing how suspicious he looked she decided to enter in the place that he came out. Thanks to this she was now some hidden place of the prison that she never saw before, Annin sighed when she noticed that was lost. But a sound called her attention, the sound of chains.

Just driving herself by the sound Annin reached a long corridor with a cell in the end, and there sitting in a chair, with chains holding her, was Nobunaga. The mongoose leader ran in direction of the cell and tried to open the gate of the cell but was useless.

Nobunaga that was just staring the floor raised her gaze and saw Annin, fear take her face when she saw the girl.

- What are you doing here Annin?

Annin ignored her and again tried to open the gate, seeing this Nobunaga stood up from her chair and took Annin hands, the mongoose leader glared her and Nobunaga did the same.

- Stop! You have to go, they probably didn’t find you here yet because the prison chief is not here, but if you don’t go now will be in troubles.

- Why? Why that woman is taking you here? What is happening?

Nobunaga sighed.

- I can’t answer this, please Annin go!

For the first time after months Nobunaga treated Annin in a cold way, she was not happy with that, but Nobunaga didn’t have other choice.

- I missed you; I thought you was dead or have run away!

- I missed you too but…

That was the last thing that Annin remember before be knockout by someone, she wake up in her couch in the room of team mongoose, alone and with a letter in her hand.

 ‘’If you want to live, keep your mind out of the prison business.’’

After read the piece of paper Annin throw it and screamed, all the time that spend searching was for nothing, she could not help Nobunaga and she could not punish who take Nobunaga from her. Hate, that was the word who described her in that moment, she hated that place; she hated that prison, the prison that has stolen her freedom, her lover and her hope.

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