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Author Topic: Rivals? CH.8 ANNOUNCEMENT!!  (Read 7215 times)

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« on: November 24, 2012, 01:42:15 AM »

(Well i watched a video of Ayumi and Riho which was really cute so this came to my mind after that!)


Mizuki is the leader while Haruna is the subleader a new member entered after Reina's graduation as part lf the 12 generation her name is X yeah let's not mention her xD

Sakura and Riho are the principal voices of the group but  Riho is the face of the group because Tsunku says so while the others had there own thing to be know for

Like Ayumi who's the pricess of group,Masaki the picture girl,Haruka the tomboy,Zukki as the strong one not like Yoshi but good still and the new one is the new one!!


After a long dance session all the girls throwed themselves on the floor...

"This is crazy.. my body can move!" Zukki says taking deep breaths

"i though you were the strong one!" Haruka says smiling

(Everyone laughed)

"Do you remember when we had a really a hard time with the dancing thing?" Haruna asked looking at her friends

Misaki sighed " man i remember luckily our senpais were good to us!" she says as she fans herself

Eripon sitted "I miss Niigaki san!" she says pouting

Mizuki smiles "do you still love her?" she asked

Erina gets up "Niigaki oshi forever!!" she shouts

(Everyone laughs again)

After a few seconds someone enetered to the room

"Sayashi san it's time to go" The woman says serious as she gives a bottle of water and a towel to the young girl

Riho sighed then got up "okay,i'll go shower!" she says not so happy

The woman grabbed Riho's shoulder "i'll be waiting in the car!" she says then let ho Riho's shoulder

Riho went to change while her friends were still on the floor

"Poor Sayashi san.. not having a break not even for five minutes!" X says a little sad

Everyone felt a little sad

Mizuki got up "Riho chan is giving her best for this Morning Musume so let's get up and give our best too!" she says with a smile

Everyone got up with a smile ready to practice except for one person who took advantage that her members were distracted and went to the changing room

She opened the door then saw Riho's locker open  while she was in the shower

The phone vibrated several times so it catched Ayumi's attention so she grabbed and pick up the call

"Hello sweetheart!" A male voice says

"Sweetheart?" Ayumi repeated

"Riho chan!" The voice says

"Who are you?" Ayumi asked kinda mad

"I'm Riho's boyfriend!" The voice says mad

"boyfriend!!?" Ayumi murmured then hang up

Riho came out and saw Ayumi with her phone in her hand "what are you doing?" she asks and gets closer to snacth the phone from the older girl hand

Ayumi pouts "A Boyfriend! A boyfriend!" she says

Riho took a deep breath and looked other way

Ayumi sighed "do you know what would happen if someone finds out that you have a boyfriend?" she asked grabbing the face of the group and shaking her

"Sorry..i like him" Riho murmured still looking other way

Ayumi slapped Riho "What about morning musume?" she asked serious

Riho putted her hand on her red cheek,she was shocked this was the first time since she met her in 2011 that she's this mad "Why you slapped me? are you an idiot?the younger girl shouted irritated

(All the members heard that and went to the changing room they looked at the two girls.."

"what happened?" Mizuki and Haruna asked

"You're the face of Morning Musume so think before giving a step!" Ayumi says serious looking at Riho then walked away

(Haruka went for Ayumi)

Everyone could feel the vibe

"this is serious.." Mizuki thought looking at Riho who just gathered her things and tried to walk away but Zukki grabbed her hand

"What happened?" She asked but Riho release her hand "it's not your business!" she says mad then walked away


"What happened?" Haruka asked while Ayumi is trying to get water from a machine and ignores her

Haruka looked at Ayumi then sighed and grabbed her arm "well you wouldn't get violent unless it would be really serious!" she murmured

~At the car~

"Did you hear what i say?" Riho manager asked

Riho was still mad cause the ealier scene "yes,i get it.. it's always the same!" she replies annoyed looking through her window

The manager smiled "if you work hard you can get your solo debut!" she says

Riho wasn't paying attention that was the last thing on her mind

~The next day~

Ayumi was the first one to get to the practice room,she thought it was weird that was nonody there yet because she's not the most puntual person in the world so she sitted on the floor to wait for somebody to come

Soon the door opened revealing Sayashi Riho..

The 17 years old Ayumi just looked at the 16 years old as she just sits on the floor and starts texting

Ayumi also pulled out her phone from her pocket,she texted Kudo and waited for her reply but it didn't came "what the hell?" she thought

Riho stole a glance at Ayumi but then returned to look at her phone screen

Ayumi got up annoyed,remembered to who Riho might be texting to

Riho smirks cause of the message but it was all that Ayumi needed to loose control

"Ahhh You baka stop!!" The older girl shouts and throws herself on Riho trying to snacth her phone

"Get off me idiot!!" Riho shouts as both are forcing for the phone

"You're ruining us!" Ayumi shouts on sitting Riho's stomach still forcing

"Mind your own bussines! what are you jeoulous?" Riho asked shouting while Ayumi snatched the phone

Ayumi already has Riho's hands pinned up above her head "what!!?! why would i?" she asked mad and red

*Riho didn't expect that Ayumi would get red so she looked at her in the eyes*

Both had eye contact for a moment till the other members entered to the room and saw the complex situation 

Everyone was with their jaws on the floor..

"Ayumin.." Haruka says

"Ehhh?!? this is not it looks like!" Ayumi shouts and removes herself from Riho

Riho also got up and snatched her phone from Ayumi's hand "Baka!" she murmured

*Soon the teacher entered and the practice started*

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Re: Rivals? CH.1
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2012, 02:03:06 AM »
it is on the little one?!
so the bunny also graduate here?!

can i ask you for something here?
i want eripon X mizupon :nervous

back to the topic:
cmze, you are letting history to repeat again  :thumbdown: but i can understand.  :theking
and eripon, niigaki is takahashi's, not yours. so go and find your own in the group.  8)
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Re: Rivals? CH.2
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After a few days..

The girls have the day off so Fuku chan set a date with her friends or group members because everyone feels the tense vibe between Riho and Ayumi but they don't kno what's going on!

(At the restaurant)

Everyone showed up except for one person

"it looks like Riho chan is not coming!" Sakura says as she looks at her leader

Fuku chan looked at her phone but there wasn't any new text message or a missed call from the face of the group

Haruna putted her hand on Fuku chan's shoulder "hey maybe she's busy.. let's have fun!" she says with a smile

Everyone smile except for one person who just got up and excuse herself and went to the bathroom fallowed by certain cute tomboy

(In the bathroom)

"Ayumin.." the cute tomboy called

Ayumi turned around and looked at her friend

Haruka pouted "what are you hiding? i know you and you haven't been acting like yourself lately.. what's wrong?" she asked feeling sad cause the cold mood of Ayumi lately

Ayumi felt bad about it then lied " nothing" she showwed a fake smile to calm her worried tomboy

Haruka looked down not buying that fake smile but let it go

Ayumi watched her hands and soon both got back to the table

The morning musume members talked a lot and had a good time, soon it ws time to say goodbye

Erina clinged on her leader's arm "take me home!" she says

the leader pouted "why you don't ask Niigaki san?" she asked a little irritated

Everyone laughed

Erina smirked "she's having a good life Takahashi san so is better not to disturb her, now take me home!"

Everyone said goodbye and walked different ways

The leader wasn't very happy, even thought Erina and her are nothing but good friends she couldn,t help to feel jealous whenever her ex leader is mentioned

"why you can't stop mentioning Nigakii san?" The leader wondered as she walks with Eripon next to her

Erina smiled " I love Nigakii san very much she found happiness so i'm happy for her..."

Fuku chan got mad and release her arm "STOP! can you please stop talking about Nigakii san?" she shouted mad

Erina was confused this is the first time Fuku chan got mad at her and yell at her

Mizuki took a deep breath then apologized and kept walking while Erina walked behind her

both walked without saying a word


Ayumi walked Haruka home both were also walking without saying a word

suddenly Haruka stopped walking, Ayumi turned her head

"i bought you this!"Haruka says looking down blushing and showing bracelet similar to one she was wearing

Ayumi smiled "thank you!" she says and takes it then put it on

Haruka putted her arm around Ayumi's neck "now that we're free we can do something together just you and i" she says as she starts walking

Ayumi looked at her friend "maybe time only for us might be good "

The two girls went to an arcade were they played and had a good time

Even though Haruka is 15 she's taller than Ayumi and still her hair is short so she looks like Ayumi's boyfriend with that boyish clothes

Many girls in the arcade looks at the handsome boy next to Ayumi

"look you have many fangirls already!" Ayumi says as she plays with a machine

"it's not like i care about them.." The younger girl replies with a smile

Ayumi smiles then looked at her bracelet

-THE NEXT DAY- at the rehearsal room

Ayumi sighed "again early.. this watch is wrong!' she says as she looks her watch

somebody else entered to the room

"Riho chan" Ayumi says a little sad

Riho sighed "hi"

Both girls felt ackward around eachother so Ayumi started to stretch

Riho looked at the older girl and asked " why you haven't tell them? if i have an scandal there would be a high posibilities for you to become center.. isn't that what you wanted?"

Ayumi stopped stretching and looked at Riho "If i'm gonna be center i'll do it by having more fans than you not because you got fired that wouldn't be cool" she answers and gets back to stretching

Riho looked down

Ayumi turned to look at the face of Morning Musume "you know i'm kinda dissapointed..' she says a little annoyed

Riho sighed "i couldn't help it!" she says 

"you're not my rival anymore,you just lost already!" Ayumi says coldly then gets back to her stretching

Riho looked down

Soon everyone entered to the room

They could feel the vibe again  and not only cause Ayumi and Riho also cause Eripon and Fuku chan

Haruna gets in the center "let's practice!" she says with a smile

Everyone formed and started stretching

Erina couldn't help to look at her leader "why she acted like that? she didn't even let me finish.. stupid Fuku chan, if you keep ignoring me i'm gooing to kill you!" she thought as she watches her leader stretching in front of the mirror

Zukki got closer to Riho

"what's going on?" Zukki asked

Riho sighed " nothing..i'm not feeling good!" she says and gets out of the room 

Ayumi ignored it while the others wondered why? and what the hell is going on with Riho?


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Re: Rivals? CH.2
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2012, 05:59:02 PM »
Ho! Ho!
More complicates!
I really feel like if I think about real Kanon-chan, she will be the one that know everything because everyone is kind of confide her.
Anyway, it's your fiction, you give me the feeling of real Ayumin! That's fantastic!

P.s. Could you give me Kuduu and Maachan' pair for me? XD

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Re: Rivals? CH.2
« Reply #4 on: December 25, 2012, 04:42:10 AM »

are you intending to have ShigePon... i tell you maikea will hate you if she would to read it... you are breaking her KameShige up.

i really like the fact you have made Eripon such a good girl here... actually, that's our real Eripon, that No.1 fan of Niigaki-san.

will our favorite made physical appearance too, in this story?

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Re: Rivals? CH.3
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Things been strange for the group, Riho is been missing practices with the girls.According to the teacher she's been busy and also sick ...

(The girls laying on the floor)

Fuku chan sighed she still knows that things are not okay "be a leader is harder than what i thought but i can give in" she thought then got upb

Erina looked at her leader "she still can't believe that Fuku chan ignored her all this three days.." she thought as she gets up

Haruka got up also and helped Ayumi to get up

Sakura and X smiled "awwwww you two look so good together!" the two young girls says

Ayumi and Haruka blushed

"you think?" Haruka asked blushing while Ayumi only smiled

Maachan felt a little irritated but ignored it "i have to go now!" she says breaking the vibe

"what's wrong with her?" everyone wondered

"Maybe what Riho has is contagious!" Zukki says
Ayumi sighed "i have to go too,i have something to do!" she says as she walks away

Everyone started to go home..

Eripon grabbed Fuku chan's arm "you're stupid!" she says mad

Fuku chan frowned "what the hell is wrong with you?" she asked then putted her hand Erina's forhead "do you have fever?" she asked

Erina got mad and removed the hand "what? what's git into you? you yelled a few nights ago and then ignored me!" she says mad

the leader scratched her head "i already apologized for that.. and ignored you mmm i don't think so it's just that there's nothing to talk about so i have to go bye!" she says and fast walks away leavin an open mouth Eripon


Ayumi entered to a desert shop, she bought a cheese cake then noticed that a handsome guy was looking at her then wiked at her then smiled

The young girl looked other away and after a few seconds a girl appeared and kissed him roughly

"what an idiot flirting with me with his girlfriend around.." Ayumi thought then walked to her destiny

Ayumi stopped in a door,she sighed then knocked "hope you be at home..."

After a few seconds the door opened

"Ayumin.." the girl says not so happy

Ayumi sighed " i brought you this!" she says coldly

Riho was shocked by the action then invited Ayumi in and made her sit on the couch

"i'll bring you something to drink.." the face of morning musume says as she goes to the kitchen

Ayumi looked at her watch then Riho got back with orange juice "here for you!" she says as she gives the glass of juice to Ayumi

Ayumi drank it and after that there was an ackward silence

Riho couldn't take it anymore "what are you doing here? i thought you were mad!"she says

Ayumi looked at Riho "just wanted to know if you were ok..." she says then gets up and heads to the door

Riho followed "i just catched a cold,i'll be back soon!" she says calm

Ayumi just nodded and opened the door "eh?!"

"Koji!" Riho says with a smile while Ayumi was shocked

The guy ignored Ayumi and hugged Riho then said hi

Ayumi looked at the guy "really this is your boyfriend?" she asked

"huh?" Riho looked at Ayumi

"this girl was flirting with me in the bake store!" he says pointing Ayumi

"what?!" Riho reacted

Ayumi pouted "what?no! you were with another girl there,you have to believe me he's a jerk!" she says shaking Riho

" hey don't lie.. Riho chan she's not your friend!" Koji says serious

Ayumi gulped and looked at the younger girl who seemed confused

Riho looked at Ayumi "i don't believe you..."

Ayumi was shocked while Koji smirked

"get the hell out of my house!" Riho says and pushes Koji out and closed the door

"Riho! open up!" he shouted mad

Ayumi looked at the younger sad girl

"you know what screw you! he shouted and left

Riho sitted on the couch and some tears came out,Ayumi sitted next to her and offered her shoulder

"everything will be fine,he was a jerk he didn't deserve you!" Ayumi says to her crying friend while taps her head softly

Riho looked at Ayumi in the eyes "thanks.." she says sobbing then hugs Ayumi

"don't worry what are rivals for?" Ayumi says

Riho smiled then closed her eyes


Maachan was walking to her home but all the sudden someone grabbed her arm

"ahhhhhhh!" she shouted then stoppped when she saw who was holding her arm

"you stupid baka!" Maachan says

Haruka was laughing like crazy then stuck her tongue out "it was a joke.. sorry!" she says smiling

"silly!" Maachan says and keeps walking

"hey wait up! why are you so grumpy lately?" Haruka asked grabbing her by her hand which cause Maachan to blush but then release her hand

"sorry.. i'm not Ayumi who only smiles!" Maachan says mad and walks away

"what the hell just happened?" Haruka wondered


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Re: Rivals? CH.3
« Reply #6 on: December 29, 2012, 09:46:18 AM »
so there is something going on with haruka and maachan... ayumi is just a covering  XD
i don't know how will the relationship goes about but it kinda interesting  :thumbsup please continue  :)

and please do update don't judge by the covers, it have been quite some time you have not update it... i want to know what happen to junrei   :)2

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Re: Rivals? CH.3
« Reply #7 on: December 29, 2012, 02:53:26 PM »
Ho!Ho! What we have here?
Interesting, as always :D
There they are! Ayumin and RihoRiho :twisted:
Awww, you brought my lovely couple there. Thanks :wub:

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Re: Rivals? CH.3
« Reply #8 on: December 30, 2012, 10:58:34 PM »
Really love this fic :)

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Re: Rivals? CH.4
« Reply #9 on: January 07, 2013, 07:24:38 AM »

The girls have been busy lately touring, seems everything got back to normal except for one thing Riho chan seems having more fun the group lately and Mizuki and Eripon seems to be in a weird friendship station..


Everyone were happy chatting..

Mizuki got up and interrupt everyone "We did great tonight,i'm so proud!" she says serious

Everyone clapped

"Yeah!" Ayumi shouted while Kudo who was sitting next to her claps

Riho got up also "i feel like we're getting closer and closer to that Morning Musume that we want to be!" she says with smile

Everyone agreed

"We have to keep working hard!" Haruna says with a smile and determinate

Everyone agreed again and got back what they were doing

"Huh? Riho looked at Maachan was next to her"what's going on? you haven't say a word! are you feeling sick?" she asked as she touches her forehead

"mmm no!" Maachan replies looking at Haruka who was laughing with Ayumi in the back

Riho got up looked at the back and noticed,she sighed "It bothers you?" she asked to her friend

"Since they met till now, they are so close!" Maachan says sad

Riho putted her hand on Maachan's shoulder

"I have no opportunity,she's Daishi the dancing queen!" Maachan says looking down

"Dancing queen not yet! and i remember Haruka saying thay you were too cute to reject.. why don't you try?" Riho asked

Maachan looked at Riho "she said that! really?" she asked shocked

"yep!" Riho says with a smile

"YAY!" Maachan shouts and hugs Riho gaining everyone's attention

Haruka frowned but shook her head and payed more attention to the girl next to her

~Soon they arrived to the hotel~

"Well since we been touring too much we thought this might be a good place to realx!" The manager says with a smile

Everyone saw the hotel close to the beach and got instantly happy

"Okay these are the room arrangements.." The manager says

Sakura and Kanon (room.20)

X and Erina (21)

Haruna and Fuku chan (22)

(Haruka was praying to have the same room .with Ayumi)

Maachan and Haruka (23)

Riho and Ayumi (24)

"Now let's go get something to eat!" The manager says after giving them their keys

Everyone shared a good dinner and had some quality time together but soon the girls wanted to go to the pool so everyone went to change


Everyone were having a good time, Riho,Kanon,Sakura and X were playing in the water while Fuku chan,Harunan and Ayumi were taking a little sun and Erina was talking to Maachan in a corner of the pool because she's a little upset because Haruka is glue to Ayumi

Erina looked at Fuku chan with the corner of her eyes while pretends to be interest about Maachan's love trouble

Fuku chan was also feeling a little strange "great before i had to deal with Niigaki san and now is Maachan!" she thought irritated

Ayumi got up "too much soon!" she says before jumping to the pool

She got closer to the girls "i wanna play!" she says with a smile

Riho smiled and got closer to Ayumi with the girls "we were actually planning on take them down!" The face MM says whispering

Ayumi smirked "let's go then"

The five girls got out of the pool and grabbed their first target THEIR LEADER!

The five girls grabbed Fuku chan and throwed her to the water

After a few seconds of laughing they noticed that their leader is not swimming

"Why she's not coming out?" Riho asked

Erina fast jumped and pulled her out

"what the hell? it was a joke!" Kanon says shocked

Erina looked at Fuku chan

"Give her cpr!" Ayumi says nervous

Haruna was ready to do it but Erina reject her "i'll do it!" she says nervous as she opens her mouth then leans closer

Everyone was looking at the scene

"It looks like if Eripon is kisssing her!" Everyone thought

Then after a few seconds Fuku chan spitted water then Erina help her to get up "i had a cramp!" she says as she tries to breathe

Everyone was worrie

 Erina took her to her room

While the two were walking Mizuki stops

"you didn't have to kiss me!" She says looking other way

Erina pouts "it wasn't a kiss,it was cpr!" she replied

"Whatever!" Fuku chan says then walks ahead

"This girl at least she could thank me!" Eripon thought


Everyone was getting back to their rooms but suddenly Haruka takes Riho's arm and pulls her behind with her

"Riho chan!" The tomboy says with a smile

Riho smiled nervously "what?" she asked

"well ummm let's change rooms!" Haruka says with a smile

"huh is just that.. well i'll love to but. NO!" Riho says with a smile and fast run away to her room.

"But you two don't get along!" Haruka shouts

Riho entered to her room and locked the door

Ayumi looked at her and smiled,she was picking her clothes

Riho also smiled "i saw something creepy!" she replied

"okay,i'm going to shower!" Ayumi says as she walks to the bathroom

Riho smiled and sitted on the bed then noticed Ayumi's phone because it was vibrating,she looked at the screen and read "Two new messages from Duu!"

"I'm sorry Kuduu but i also enjoy spending time with her.." she thought then turned the phone off

After a few minutes Ayumi came out and Riho entered she showered fast and got out dressed with her pjs

The two girls looked at eachother

"i'm not tired yet!" Ayumin says

"Me neither!" Riho replied

"Let's watch a movie!" Ayumi says with a smile then turned the tv on an  for their bad luck there was only horror movies

Riho was so scared that she end up on Ayumi's bed

Both were scared and covering their eyes in the creepy scenes

Ayumi hugged Riho "i don't wanna see! i don't wanna see!" she says several times
Riho blushed "she thought Ayumi was cute scare like a kitty!"

Riho turned the tv off the sighed,she was about to get back to her bed but Ayumi pocked her shirt from behind "sleep with me i'm scare.." she asked embarrased

"mmm o..okay!" Riho replied nervous

Ayumi smiled then hugged Riho again


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Re: Rivals? CH.4
« Reply #10 on: January 09, 2013, 01:39:37 AM »
sorry friend,
for the time being i am not free so i cannot appear so often to comment but i am still reading whenever i am able to.

sorry to break such subtle new to you.

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Re: Rivals? CH.5
« Reply #11 on: March 01, 2013, 08:08:22 AM »

~The next day~

Ayumin opened her eyes then looked around "wondering where Riho was?" till she noticed her in the balcony watching her phone screen sad

Ayumi got up and got closer to her "what's wrong?" she asked as she comes out

Riho turned and looked at the older girl for a second then turned to look at her phone's screen "He called.." she whispered sad

"Oh.." Ayumi whispered then got back inside

Riho kept looking at her phone till Ayumi throwed her a swimsuit "We're in paradise.. stop thinking about it and let's go to the beach!" the older girl says with a charming smile

Riho grabbed her swimsuit and smiled "okay!" she says being convinced by Ayumin


In the hall..

"Fukumura Mizuki stop walking now!!" Eripon shouts and goes after her

"What?!" Mizuki replied irritated and turned around

Erina pouted "Why you're acting like this? Stop ignoring me i can't stand it!" she says poking the other girl's shirt

The leader of Morning Musume frowned "I'm not ignoring's just..i.. *Erina got serious* there's nothing to talk about about with you!" she says as she tries to leave but Erina grabbed her

"Tell me what i did to this mad.. please let's go back when we only laugh together!" Erina says sad

Mizuki looked other way "Look i have to talk to manager so.. see you!" she says and releases her arm

Eripon pouted "I seriously don't understand.."

Mizuki walked away mad "Airhead! Airhead!Airhead!" she says as she walks

~Meanwhile~ At Haruka and Masaki's room

" I'm sorry my phone turned off last night..We're having breakfast close to the pool,come join us!" Haruka read her new text message

"Duu do you like my swimsuit?" Masaki asked showing it to her

"Yeah,yeah let's go to the pool!" Haruka says as she drags Maachan with her

~Close to the pool~

Haruka saw Riho and Ayumi laughing together and pouted before saying "hi!"

There was already everyone sitting there having breakfast they used two tables so they were eating together

"This place is like paradise!" Ayumi says smiling as she eats

"Yeah having so much fun here!" Haruna says smiling also

Sakura and X already end their breakfast so they couldn't resist jumping into the pool

Fukuchan got up "You two had to wait 30 min!" she shouted while those two were having fun in the pool

Haruka and Maachan were ordering while the others were already finishing

"I wanna play too!" Ayumi says with a smile and goes to play  her Kouhais

Mizuki sighs "I don't think she understand she's 17!" she says moving her head side to side

Everyone laughs

Riho only smiled as she watches the older girl owner of the color blue in MM

Haruka looked at Riho "no way.." she thought

After a moment everyone entered to the pool and started playing like kids.

Everyone were pushing everyone inside the pool without mercy then they got tired of pushing and started to compete who swims better between games the hours passed fast and it was already getting dark

Everyone came out of the pool with a new lips colour "Blue.." they went to their rooms

~At Riho and Ayumi's room~

The played janken to see who showered first of course before that Riho offered the bathroom but Ayumi also offered to her so they decided playing janken

Ayumi won she showered and came out fast because she new Riho was soaked

As Riho entered to the bathroom Ayumi's phone vibrated,she saw the screen and noticed a new message "Meet me at the beach.." from Duu

Ayumi got ready and went to the beach to wait for Duu while she's there she sitted on the sand

"Hi.." Duu says awkwardly

Ayumi got up and looked at the younger girl "what's wrong? are you okay?" she asked worried

"Okay *deep breath* why your phone was off last night? why you and Riho seems so close?" Haruka asked

Ayumi looked at her for a moment then answered "I don't know my phone just die and Riho chan is nice we solve our problem i guess we're friends.."

"Just friends? *WHAT!? says Ayumi* no,i mean good friends like us!" Kudu says embarrased

"i guess is other level of friendship..we're not awkward around each other anymore " Ayumi says scratching her head

Haruka clings on Ayumi's arm "then it's fine.." she says with a smile

Ayumi was confused but rathered ignore it as the two walks

~Meanwhile also in the beach~

Mizuki was sitting on the sand looking at the waves

"You know you can't run away from me forever!" Erina says as she sits next to her
Mkzuki looked other way

"I don't know what hurts me more this or Niigaki san living Takahashi san?" Erina says

Mizuki gets up "There you go again..Niigaki san this,Niigaki san that.. I'M DONE YOU AIRHEAD!" she says shouting the last part

Eripon also gets up "What about you? KAMEI SAN THIS! KAMEI SAN THAT!" she replies

"The difference is that i'm not in love with Kamei san!" Mizuki says ash she walks away

"Ehh i'm not inlove with Niigaki san! I'M IN LOVE WITH U!" Eripon shouts

Mizuki fast turned round "What?" she asked with her eyes open wide

Eripon was all red "Did i say that loud?" she asks nervous

"You like me.." Mizuki says as she slowly gets closer

Erina looked other way "Maybe.." she replied with her eyes closed expecting a slap

Mizuki smiles and gives her a sweet kiss on her cheek


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Re: Rivals? CH.5
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Oh my God

PonPon action!!!!
Ive been lurking But i Love this  fic.
Keep up the good work!

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Re: Rivals? CH.5
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sorry friend, i didnt know you have updated this months ago. :sweatdrop:

yeah, great now we have Ponpon love  :cow:

update soon.. i will try my best to read it  :thumbsup

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Re: Rivals? CH.6
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~After the practice~

Mizuki smiled "Girls let's have a pijama party, you guys have nothing on your schedule after this!" She said clinging on Eripon' s arm.

Everyone thought about it.

"C'mon guys we haven't spend some quality time in a while.." Haruna says trying to convince her friends.

Riho pouted "Actually I have a photoshoot but I'll catch you there.." she says as she waves to the girls before leaving.

Sakura and x smiled "I wanna go!" Both answered at the same time.

Ayumi smiles "Yeah some quality time won't be bad!" She says looking at the Suzuki who also agreed.

Haruka fast reacted "If Ayumin goes then I'll go!" She says with a smirk while Machan pouted cutely as she looks other way.

"C'mon Machan!" Sakura and x says pulling Machan' s shirt cutely, she sighed and agreed to go with the girls.

"Yay!" Everyone says happy.

Everyone went home to gather their things and after that they'll go to Mizuki' s home.

~At Mizuki' s home~ at her room~

"Well it was a good idea bringing my things earlier!" Eripon says with a smile as she checks her phone while she's sitting on bed.

Mizuki smiled then sat next to her "Told you..  Now we can spend some time alone!" She says with a mischievous grin as she gets closer to Eripon' s face.

"What about your parents?" Erina says blushing and nervous avoiding Mizuki.

Mizuki laughed "My parents are not home!" She says with a smirk as she even closer to her.

Erina couldn't retreat anymore is not like she doesn't want to kiss.. her now hot  Girlfriend.

As their lips were about to touch the door bell suddenly rang.

Mizuki retreat then sighed disappointed "must be the girls.." she said then walked downstairs to open the door.

"Hello~" Everyone says as they enter to the house bringing food and candies.

"Now we can eat candies till we get sick!" Machan says with a smile.

Haruka putted her arm on Machan' s neck "You're just a cute baby aren't you?" She asked with a smile.

Machan looked other way "I'm more than that.. stop treating me like a kid, I'm more than that!" She said kinda irritated and removing Haruka' s arm off.

"I brought warm bread!" Ayumi said with a smile and gave it to Mizuki.

"Ta-da we should change already!" Eripon says surprising everyone and showing her Pjs.

Everyone smiled and soon they became crazy turned on the music loud, started taking pictures, making Mizuki's room a mess,singing dancing till they got tired.

The girls got tired and soon they were on the floor laughing.

"Let's make up each other but with eyes covered!" Haruna says with a smile.

"Yeah yeah let's see who does it better! Mizuki says with smile.

The first one was Machan on Duu.

"This is my revenge, stop breaking my hear!" Machan thought as Haruna covers her eyes.

Machan was painting Haruka really awfully while everyone was laughing like crazy.

"Machan my lips are not on my eye!" Haruka says irritated.

"Okay let's stop this!" Haruna says uncovering Machan' s eyes.

Haruka was pouting and everyone were taking picture of her.

Machan smiled "I'm sorry Duu!" She says says not feeling sorry at all.

Suddenly the door bell rang again.

"Must be Riho chan!" Mizuki said before walking downstairs to open the door.

Haruka was still mad cause the make up on her face till Ayumi helped her to clean up herself.

"Look who's here!" Mizuki says inventing Riho to the room.

Everyone smiled at her.

"I got out earlier!" Riho says with a smile then laughed like crazy when she saw Haruka' s face.

Haruka looked at Machan.

"Okay let's play something else, this could  ruin our image of idols!" Erina says with a smile.

Sakura smiles "Let's play hide and seek but let's turn off all the lights."

Everyone gulped but then agreed and started turning off the lights of the house after that they played janken to decide who seeks.

Sakura was the one who has to seek the members.

Everyone ran fast to hide while Sakura counts.

In the dark Haruka tried to follow Ayumi but she lost her on her way upstairs while Mizuki and Erina went to hide in the kitchen.

Sakura went to look for the members, she found Zukki under a table then found Haruna behind the curtains, X was behind the sofa.

"Not fair!" X says pouting while Haruna smiles.

"Let's have faith that the last one won't be found!" Zukki says as she sits.

Sakura registered the first floor and she didn't saw Erina and Mizuki next to the refrigerator.

Sakura went to the second floor..

"Now is our time!" Erina says grabbing Mizuki' s hand.

Mizuki smirked "You're totally right!" She said before kissing Erina on her lips.

The two shared a sweet, deep kiss.


Ayumi was changing her hiding spots, she entered to Mizuki' s room thought about hiding under the bed or in the closet "mmm no.. too common" she thought, she heard some steps closer, she looked for some place to hide, somehow someone grabbed her and pulled her with her behind the door.

Sakura opened the door the more she opens it the more Ayumi and Riho gets pressed against each other.

Riho and Ayumi were hugging each other to let the door open more.

Sakura stood there looking if someone runs the hall while Ayumi and Riho were blushing already, their lips were a few inches away from each other.

Sakura heard some whispering coming from the door in front of her (the bathroom)

"You're a spoiled little girl.."

"And you a stupid tomboy!"

Sakura found Machan and Haruka the three went downstairs and found Mizuki and Erina were already with the other members in the living room with lights on hypnotized watching a movie.

"You guys are watching a movie.." Haruka asked

Mizuki pats the couch "come sit!" She says offering popcorn to the three girls

~Upstairs~ still in the Dark~

Riho phones rings, Ayumi steps back but couldn't help to see it was Riho' s ex boyfriend calling.

Riho looked at Ayumi who looked other way showing her discontent "It's not what it looks like.." she said.

"I can't believe you're still talking to that guy knowing that he could ruin you!" Ayumi said disappointed

"I'm not talking to him!" Riho says as her phone keeps ringing.

Ayumi sighed "yeah you still has his number.." she said as she was about to leave but Riho grabbed her wrist.

"Ayumi chan.." Riho said worried.

Ayumi moved her head side to side and left the room


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Re: Rivals? CH.6
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this chapter is so full of love  :thumbsup

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Re: Rivals? CH.6
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woah,,, so full of love.. rabu rabu everywhere..

hey but don't leave riho-ayumin hanging please author-san :) keep up this good work..  :bow:

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Re: Rivals? CH.6
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Awesome! Worth the wait, please update soon~

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Re: Rivals? CH.6
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It's really funny how the authors of the fanfics here know how much fans love the Riho & Ayumin Rabu Rabu...CMZE, please keep up the good work and update soon  8)

and oh please don't split up the PonPon Combi as well...they seem rather cute together  :lol:
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Re: Rivals? CH.7
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As a normal day Morning Musume were practicing for their new song but there was someone who was completely out of focus making mistakes every two seconds and even got scolded by the choreographers.

"We better have a break!" The choreographer says as she leaves the room with her assistants.

Everyone looked at Ayumi except one person who looked at her through the mirror.

Haruka putted her hand on her shoulder "Ayumi chan what's wrong? You never do this kind of mistakes!" She says shocked.

Ayumi looked down and sighed.

"It's alright I'm sure next time Ayumi would do better" Mizuki says soothing the situation while everyone looks at Ayumi.

Ayumi looked other way "Yeah I'll do better" she said then left the room and went for some water.

"What's wrong with her?I'm the one who does the mistakes! " Machan asked while Haruka looked at the suspicious Riho who was ignoring everything.

The other members also went to get some food.

Ayumi was alone drinking water "Why? Why I can't stop thinking about it?what that kiss meant? " She asked to herself then blushed.


Last night Ayumi couldn't sleep, she looked at the members around Mizupon and Eripon were sleeping with their head next to each other, Masaki has her legs and arms around Haruka, Sakura is sleeping like a normal person, Zukki and Haruna were calmly sleeping, X was next to Sakura hugging with her leg and Riho is apart from everyone.

Ayumi got up quietly then went to the living room, she turned on the tv and sat on the couch.

After a few minutes someone else noticed Ayumi absence and looked for her around the house.

"Ayumi chan!" She says looking at the older girl watching tv.

Ayumi got up then turned off the tv "I'm sleepy already.." she said as she passes next to Riho.

Riho grabbed her by her wrist and made her turn around.

"Why you just don't believe me?" Riho asks sad.

Ayumi pouted "Look Sayashi san you can do whatever you want.." she said trying to leave but Riho didn't let go her wrist, the two girls were forcing.

"You're not listening!" Riho says sad still forcing with Ayumi.

"I don't care!" Ayumi replied then with more force she pulled Riho to let go her hand.

Riho end up slipping on Ayumi, the two fell on the floor with Riho on top.

Ayumi was shocked while Riho had her arms on both side of Ayumi head.

The two shared eye contact till a tear rolled Ayumi's cheek.

"What's this I'm not crying?" Ayumi thought in the dark it was hard to tell where that came from but then realized it was Riho's.


Ayumi was with her eyes open as a pair of lips were on hers.

After a few seconds Riho got up and left to the room leaving an open mouth Ayumi behind.

~Back to earth~

Ayumi chan woke up from her thoughts cause Haruka was shaking her.

"What?" She asked kinda irritated.

"Ayumi chan we were thinking about going to the fair today!" Eripon says with a smile.

"Oh mmm.. *Looked at Riho who was talking to Zuki then turned to her friends* okay!" She replied coldly.

~In the fair~

"Ikuta san is so cute!" Sakura says then hugs her from behind and walks hugging her.

Eripon fast turned to look at Mizuki and smiled nervously.

Mizuki grabbed her hand.

"Oh why me? What Niigaki san would do in this case?" Eripon thought smiling nervously, she knows Mizuki is jealous.

The other girls only smiled looking at the three.

"Ikuta san, Ikuta san please get me a teddy bear!" Sakura says cutely.

Eripon looked side to side "What should I do? There's exit close.." she thought nervous.

"C'mon Eripon get her one!" Mizuki says with a smile but with an irritated tone.

Ikuta faked a smiled then started playing.

"Oh that was close!" X says with a smile.

Mizuki smirked "Wow Eripon you seem bad at this!" She said with smile.

Sakura pouted.

"Damn it I wanna live but I wanna be a good senpai also!" Eripon though then smiled and hit a target.

The helper gave a teddy bear.

Eripon took it and gave it to Sakura who smiled while Mizupon pouted "c'mon girls we have plenty games to play" she said walking ahead.

Haruka noticed the weird vibe between Riho and Ayumi but she rathered not to ask and just putted her arm around Ayumi's neck.

"We look like a couple don't you think?" Haruka asked to the members.

"A cute one!" X says with a smile.

Riho and Machan looked other way.

"Let's go to the roller coaster!" Machan says taking Riho' s hand and running with her to it.

Ayumi sighed while Sakura,X, Zuki and Haruna run to it too.

Mizuki wasn't running and Eripon was behind her then catch up with her and clinged on her arm.

"Go with Sakura chan!" Mizuki says looking other way.

Eripon smirked "I was trying to be a good senpai.. but also wanna make my girlfriend happy so what about a date only just the two of us in our next free day?"  She asked.

Mizupon was still looking other way "only if you promise there will be a lot kiss!" She said with a mischievous grin.

Eripon got red "Yes.." she answered shyly.

Mizuki smiled and hugged her girlfriend as the two walked to the roller coaster.

Once there the morning musume members were already in the line.

"C'mon is almost our turn!" Machan says like a little child.

Ayumi just looked at her friends then noticed Machan holding Riho' s hand and stopped walking.

"C'mon Ayumi chan!" Haruka says taking her hand and pulling her.

Everyone looked at the two even Riho.

Ayumi looked other way "I'm not feeling like it.. You go!" She said to Haruka.

"You sure!" Haruna asked before taking Haruka with her.

Ayumi nodded then smiled and looked at their friends as they get on.

[After the ride]

The girls walked looking for a new game.

"Let's go to the wheel of fortune!" Riho says pointing to it.

"I'm hungry!" Haruka says followed by the younger members who also complained about food.

"I wanna go to the wheel of fortune too!" Mizuki said looking at Eripon.

Haruna smiled "I'm hungry too so I'll take care of them!" She said.

"Okay, Let's see who wants to go to the wheel of fortune come with me and the others with Haruna!" Mizuki says with a smile.

Haruka stood by Haruna' s side.

"Then it's decided let's go!" Mizuki says while leads her friends.

"Ayumi chan! Ayumi chan!" Haruka says as she watches her going with Mizupon, Eripon, X, Zukki and Riho.

Haruna pulls Haruka with her "C'mon I need some help with these two!" She said with a smile.

Making the line for the game.. when there was their turn Ayumi abruptly sat fast next to Riho and now they were on the air.

Zuki was confused.

"Maybe they have something to talk about!" Eripon says before getting on with Mizuki.

Zuki also got on the game with X.

Ayumi and Riho were looking other way with an awkward silence between them.

Riho looked at Ayumi and noticed she was with her eyes closed "What are you doing you can see the view?" She asked.

"I trust you.. I don't know why but I believe you!" Ayumi says still nervous with her eyes closed.

Riho smiles then takes her hand and intertwine their fingers.

Ayumi blushed and her heart was beating fast.

"Open your eyes.. it's fine!" Riho says as she looks the view, Ayumi did what she was told.

"Wow this is way too up!" Ayumi says kinda scared then saw theirs hand and blushed again.

Riho blushed too then looked down and smiled "If it's okay if I like you very much Ayumi chan?" She asked then turned to look at the older girl.

Ayumi was frozen looking at the younger girl, Riho got serious "Maybe she's going to reject me.." she thought but suddenly Ayumi leaned gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek.

Riho was even redder but closed her eyes to enjoy the moment.


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