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Author Topic: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)  (Read 137466 times)

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Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [04/05/13] Chapter 1-D: The Airheaded girl
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This the last part of this chapter and the last person who will join in this confusing relationship.....  XD XD XD

Phase D: The Airheaded girl

Showa dori Ave. Taito, Tokyo
It was a very pleasant afternoon on the spring season of Tokyo. With the trees have been bloom and only a running vehicles was heard, makes the streets in the afternoon busier. On the front of Daily Yamazaki convenient store, a long-haired girl, wearing black jeans, pink blouse with navy blue and white jacket on of it,  black sunglasses and fingerless leather gloves, was there waiting for someone who can take her a ride, with her medium-sized slingbag on her back and cylinder-shaped pouch on her left.

Kojima Haruna, age 24, she is also called as Kojiharu or Kojipa. She is known to her friends as airheaded girl because of her oblivious nature and giving a nonsense answer that has nothing to do with the question. Although she’s airheaded, her IQ is abnormally high that she can able to answer higher-calculus problems, making her the smartest person.

She has an excellent sharpshooting skill, able to shoot projectile things without misses, either near or far distance, with greater precision and accuracy. She can also shoot objects in very fast straight direction, even there is more aerodynamic force. She’s most dangerous and deadliest in very long range but not in short range, which in short her weakness, but her practice in martial arts making her chance to protect herself in short range very high.

Her natural gift if Gift of Eagle Vision (or known as Eagle-eye), an ability that can see 10x more powerful than the normal human eyesight. She can use this, along with her sharpshooting skill, to shoot in extremely-far distance precisely and accurately. She can able to see 15x farther than human eyesight, that she can saw an small ant walking on the rooftop of 15-storey building from the ground where she stand. Yet despite from her very-sharp eyes, she can’t able to adjust her vision due to relative distance change and from her farsightedness. So she’s wearing a black high-customized, multi-purpose, state-of-the-art RB2132 New Wayfarer glasses, capable to auto-adjust of her sight to surroundings in split-seconds. Due to the technology inside of it, it can automatically able to scan and analyse anything from its glass’s sight of range, depends on the user's like.

Her elemental abilities are photokinesis (light manipulation) the ability to control and manipulate photons. She can use this, and again along with her sharpshooting skill, to shoot any projectile objects faster. It is so fast that it will behave like a laser beam when the object release from her hand, at the ¼ of the speed of light. She can also use light to rapidly accelerate the cell regeneration of organic things, making healing to the injuries, depends on severity, faster than normal human does. She can also to create illusionary projection by bending the light around her to confuse her enemies; and radiokinesis (radiation manipulation) the ability to manipulate subatomic particles to generate, emit and manipulate intense, toxic radioactivity (for those who don’t know about that term, radioactive radiations such as high x-rays, ultraviolet-rays, gamma-rays, neutron ray, cosmic rays and chemical elements/metals that releases radioactive rays are very deadly to organic things and could cause horrible results when too much exposure to it. Radioactive particles can take away or steal the electrons of a molecules in a excited state, causing the block of molecules disintegrate completely). She can use it with her shooting skills, to create toxic radioactive projectiles that will burn any organic objects that have contact with it.

She has a personal weapon. A high-customized 50 pounds, carbon-fibre, titanium-stainless steel alloy, perfectline modern recurve bow and ultra-high carbon metal, it’s string is made from Kevlar-coated carbon metal and razor-shaft arrows, which can able to penetrate 15” of reinforced concrete wall with only a draw length of 25”. The bow is so hard that can able to block bullets and any bladed weapons (including laser cutters) without scratches. The bow can be turn into twin bladed saber with beam cutting edge on its front limbs by remove the lock from its pivot point to divide its center and remove the lock of the string's nock point ,she can use it in melee combats when her arrow quiver is empty. She can also use her arrows in melee combat too, due to its razor-shaft head.

While she’s waiting for someone she remembered her aunt said from her last week.

Flashback, 1 week ago
“I’ve resign to be general of Twelve Constellations because I’m old now” Sagittarius-rank General Urano Kazumi said.
“Don’t say that aunt, you’re very strong and young and beautiful” Kojiharu said.
“Hahahaha, your words can’t be flatter me, although I’m appreciate of your compliment. Arigatou” She kissed Kojiharu, making her face bath with embarrassment.
“But still I’m gonna continue to resign and you will gonna replace me from that position”
“EHHHH!!!! Nande?” Kojiharu’s eye widened in sudden announcement.
“Because you have a potential that will complete the requirements for that position, your rank is colonel right?”
“Hai, but still only lieutenant generals will gonna take that position because they are much nearer than me” Kojiharu confirmed
“That’s nonsense, neither of them will can able to take my position, they have a lack of guts. Compare to you and Maimai’s granddaughter”
“Huh? You mean Aries-rank General Oshima Mai, who died 3 months ago?” Kojiharu said.
“Yes my dear, and do you know who is her granddaughter?” her aunt teasingly asked.
“Wakarinai-desu (I don’t know)” Kojiharu blushed.
“Silly girl, it was your bestfriend” her aunt smiles widely.
“EHH!!!!!! You mean my friend and….” Kojiharu widened her eyes and confused
“Yes it is my dear; Aries-rank General Oshima Mai’s granddaughter is your eternal bestfriend, Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko. She will able to take that position as the current Aries-rank and you will gonna take also my position as the current Sagittarius-rank. But don’t spread what I said to anyone until your bestfriend able now to take that position, because I like surprises. So you two must help each other to get that, you understand?” her aunt smirked.
“Hai” Kojiharu said
“Next week, both of you must come to Akiba Headquarters. I heard that Yuko was proposing a project about the vacancies of the positions. That’s your opportunity now to get that position, do you understand?”
“Ok, now that you understand, let’s talk about your abilities”
While the two talks about her improved sharpshooting skills, Kojiharu thought about the sudden revelation she heard from her aunt’s mouth. Out of the blue, she suddenly smiled about her bestfriend, mentally proud for clumsy friend.

Flashback ends
After her mind has back to the real world, she looks at her clock.
‘1:30 pm’ Kojiharu mentally said.
Five minutes more waiting, she looks to the right and she saw a black Koenigsegg CCXR Edition.
Kojiharu smiled, knowing the person own that luxurious hypercar.
As the black car stops in front of her, the left dihedral synchro-helix actuation door was opened, revealing a short-haired girl with a blue blouse with black and white jacket on top of it and wearing RB8041 Aviator Titanium sunglasses. Kojiharu entered the car, put her items on the back of the chair and close the door.
“It’s been a long while, Acchan” Kojiharu smiled.
Sou, it’s been a long while” Acchan mentally replied.
“So, where are we going now?” Kojiharu asked to her muted friend.
Before we go to headquarters let’s have a tea. Do you have a recommended place?
“Hmmmm how about Nekomaru Café” Kojiharu suggest.
Hahahaha, you really have fond of cats, Kojiharu” Acchan smiled while driving.
“Hehehehe, of course… But I’m a cat too, remember” Kojiharu laughed.
Hahahaha, You’re not a cat, you’re a human.
“Yeah, a beautiful cat-like human” Kojiharu said with nod.
Fine, fine, where going there now.  Please put now your seatbelt because were running now at full speed.” Acchan said.
“Hai hai, if you say so” Kojiharu obeyed.
Ok here it goes” the car dashing at the streets.
After 20 minutes of drive, they are now arriving to the building.

Nekomaru Café Ueno, Taito, Tokyo
As the two walked inside of the café, they look around and saw many cats playing with the humans.
“KAWAII!!!!” the two cutely giggled to everything they saw.
As the girls sit on the chair while the cats are running, the waiter coming to them with the pen and notebook holding, ready to take the order.
“Mine is Latte Macchiato and Omellete Rice please” Kojiharu ordered.

Hmmm, I want Iced Choco Latte and Vongole Bianco please” Acchan messaged to her friend.
“For my friend, she wants Iced Choco Latte and Vongole Bianco”

(I actually research about these foods)
After taking the order, the waiter was going now to the kitchen.
While the two was waiting for their order, the girls stand up for a while and take one of the cats to their table.

Acchan get a white Persian cat, while Kojiharu get a silver shaded Siberian cat.
While their playing the cats they held and wait for the order, the two start a conversation.
“I’m surprised that you are the granddaughter of Aries-rank General Oshima Mai” Kojiharu said while putting her finger to the cat’s paw.
Me too, I don’t know that you are the niece of Sagittarius-rank Urano Kazumi” Acchan said while holding the cat in front of her.
“Well I guess that we have been separated for a while, that we can’t talked about our personal living”
Yeah, you’re right

“So, are you gonna participate the tournament?” Kojiharu asked while the cat was sleeping at her nap.
Yeah since it’s my dream, and you?” Acchan asked back. Her cat was sleeping also at her nap
“Same too” Kojiharu said.

We are so lucky that they have two vacancies. If there is only one, we could have fight for it” Acchan smiled.
“Hahahaha, you’re right”
Just during their happy conversation, their order was arrive now.
“Well let’s eat, Itadakimasu!!!” the two said in unison. Then they both smiling look at each other and start laughing.
After the 30 minutes of eating. The two girls start saying goodbye to the cat their holding and leave the café.
They went and enter the car now. Then Acchan start the engine and look at Kojiharu. Kojiharu nodded, that makes Acchan nodded too.
Then she drives now the car to their long awaiting destination. Now their exciting adventure has just begun.

To be continued…….
(To meet you someday, was the last thing I will wish for.)
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It is a really creepy thing for Kojiharu, but it could be her downfall if she manages to lose her powers or someone manages to take her out :nervous
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Thanks for the updates!! Love them all :D So Kojiyuu and Atsumina are the main characters, awesome :D
Great introduction to each one of them ^^ The tournament sounds cool!

Looking forward to what happens next! :D

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  • BELIEVE and it will happen
The tournament would definitely be awesome with the girl's powers and all
All of them are super awesome

By the way nice description on their weapons and different items

This is so cool!!!

tnx for the update
Pls. Continue

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Finally our air-headed girl has appeared. Please tell me that we're gonna have Atsunyan in here XD

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  • ^ best of the best ^
wow... :shocked Kojipa`s abilities are.... :shocked :shocked

Btw, nice update :twothumbs. I like how you picturing the girls` personalities and abilities

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Great story there...

I like the plotting, the characters and the detail explanations...

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

How Atsuko and Haruna going to do in the tournaments....?

Thank you for the updates

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Here are the weapons of our main character

1. Maeda Atsuko
G3A3 (G3A3A1 has the ambidextrous selector switch)

2. Takahashi Minami

3. Oshima Yuko

4. Kojima Haruna

5. Kashiwagi Yuki

6. Shimazaki Haruka

7. Matsui Jurina

8. Shinoda Mariko

9. Watanabe Mayu
(Denel NTW-20 20mm Anti Materiel Rifle)

Sorry, that's very simple...just imagine them.heheheheheh  XD XD XD
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Awesome Weapons!!!
it's not that simple...don't worry.. hehehe
hope u'll be able to update!!
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Wah... the pictures of the weapons are so great

I like it...

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [04/06/13] Chapter 2: Pioneer
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For anyone who waiting for my updates, i'm just waiting for your comments before updating.....

@kurosawa87: Maybe I over-exaggerate Kojiharu's and Acchan's power....They are now equally on par with Yuko and Takamina  :P :P

@arrow27: I'm not saying that Atsumina and Kojiyuu are the pairing of this story.. but Acchan, Takamina, Kojiharu and Yuko are the Main characters...

@dark48: Just wait  XD XD XD

@Tanchan: Atsunyan and Takayuu are only bestfriends....  XD XD XD

@stv_wong In terms of strength of their powers...well maybe I over-explained it too much, teeeheee  XD XD XD



Chapter 2: Pioneer

Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseueno, Tokyo; 3:00 pm
It was a very busy afternoon at the basecamp. Many soldiers are start to running from everywhere, being guided by the generals. It’s because they are start to prepare for the incoming ‘Shoushin Senbatsu Taikai’ (Promotion Selection Tournament) which is 1 week from now.
Every general are volunteered to work on some duties. Takahashi Minami assigns for the registration forms of every person who will participate the tournament. Kashiwagi Yuki assigns to handle some forces in props and decorations. Watanabe Mayu assigns for the electronic equipments and computers. Oshima Yuko assigns for stages needed, since she knows that the battle will be ferocious. Matsui Rena, along with Matsui Jurina, assigns to help Takamina supervise the application papers.
While these generals are busy, they saw four girls with the same uniform arrived here and walking to them.
“Well here are the latecomers” Rena teasingly said.
“We’re very sorry that were late, Takamina-san” the short-haired girl said with Kyoto-ben.
“Taurus-rank General Shinoda Mariko, Capricorn-rank General Itano Tomomi, Virgo-rank General Yokoyama Yui and Cancer-rank General Shimazaki Haruka. You are all here.” Takamina listed and nodded
“It seems that we are now complete, I will gonna assigned you for your duty” Takamina ordered to the four generals

"Paruru, why you are wearing shades?" Rena asked

"I told you last 4 years ago, that I'm a blind. Remember?" Paruru said.

"Oh right, and your have a Gift of Clairaudience (ability to hear anything; as oppose to Clairvoyance, an ability to see anything. although they are equal), right?" Rena said.

"Yeah, that's right" Paruru smiled.
“Takamina-san, we still have 5 minutes left for the opening of registration” Rena said.
“Wakatta, let’s ready now open the registration process. Yuihan and Paruru, call now the officers lieutenant colonel and higher to come here and fall in line for them to get the application form”
“Wakarimashita, Takamina-san” the two said in unison immediately exit from the tent.
The two walk to a bunch of noisy peoples.
Then Yuihan went to the highest stone they found, bringing a megaphone, while Paruru sentry for her.
“All officers that are here listen up!!!” Yuihan said from a megaphone.
All of the people are silent now, waiting for the next sentence.
“The application for the registration of ‘Shoushin Senbatsu Taikai’ has been started. All officers lieutenant colonel or higher must proceed to the green tent. The registration will be close until 5:00 pm; all late application forms will not be accepted, failure to comply will not be entertained. Do you understand?” Yuihan said in military tone
“Maam, yes, maam” the entire officer said in unison.
“Then, move out!!!” Yuihan commanded.
Then Yuihan went down to the ground where Paruru helps her not to stumble.
“Arigatou” Yuihan said and blush while her hand touches Paruru’s hand.
“Are you fine?” Paruru blush too.

“Hai” Yuihan blushly said, while their hands are still held.
10 meters not far from them, Acchan and Kojiharu watch the seen that makes them smile widely.
Looks like I can see some butterflies flying around them” Acchan teased.
“Don’t tease them, come on before we are outrun from the application form” Kojiharu said and smile.
Ok, how about some fast forwards, you know what I’m thinking” Acchan smiled.
“Oh yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But are sure about it, you know we will cause more trouble if we try it?”
It’s ok; we need to finish this fast so I can sleep at your apartment” Acchan continue to smile.
“Mou~~~” Kojiharu pouted.
Are you ready?” Acchan smiled, moving forward her left feet.
“I’m ready” ‘this is going to be fun’ Kojiharu smiled too and doing the same as her bestfriend.
Many of the officers surrounding them are watching, some of them saying ‘what are they doing’ or they are crazy’
Yuihan and Paruru saw the two girls with casual wearing.
“What are they doing?” Yuihan said.
“I don’t know, maybe we should come to them” Paruru said.
“Sei no!!!! San!!! Ni!!! Ichi!!! NOW!!!” Kojiharu said.
With one push of their feet from the ground, they are suddenly disappeared from where they stand with the dust smoke only remains, making everyone who’s watching are shocked and eyes widened, including Yuihan and Paruru, who has more exaggerated expression.
The other generals suddenly stop from their doing as they feel the sudden outburst from somewhere.
“Wow did you feel what I feel?” Takamina said.
“Me too, I can feel a chilling sensation that touches me” Jurina answered and trembled as if she was getting a cold.
“This is the first time I felt that energy and it so very strong” Rena commented.
Yuihan fastly recovered from her shock.
“Where are them?” Yuihan said that makes Paruru recovered too. They hear someone shouting from the green tent.
“YES!!!! WE GOT IT NOW!!!!” Kojiharu said with her hand holding a form in front of Takamina, Rena and Jurina, making the three startled and jumped from their seats.
ME TOO!!!” Acchan said to her thought while holding high another application form.
“I can’t believe it; I’m sitting here along with you two” Takamina said.
“And suddenly they are appeared from nowhere, in front of us” Rena continued.
“In just a split second” Jurina finalized.
Yuihan and Paruru arrived and saw the two from earlier making their jaw dropped from amused.
Acchan and Kojiharu saw the three making a startled face.
“Ano~ is the registration going on, right? We already finished filling our application form” Kojiharu said.
The three recovered from their shock fastly, then Yuihan and Paruru and standing formally in military position.
“Ummm ok” Takamina get their application form and look at it. “So Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko, Commander of Delta Force and Colonel Kojima Haruna, Commander of U.S. Army Special Forces, both are from the United States Special Operation Forces. You two are the first one that has this kind of achievement that equivalent to a major general.” Then Takamina continued reading.
While she was reading Kojiharu’s paper, she was surprised what she saw
At the same time all of the generals are arrived at the tent.
“Hey what’s the commotion?” Yuko asked.
“I can’t believe it. Colonel Kojima, is this your writings are true?” Takamina asked
“Yes maam, they are true and authentic. If you don’t content what I write, I will give you my birth certificate as long as my personal documents, including medical papers” Kojiharu nervously said.
“What is it, Takamidget?” Mariko asked.
“Colonel Kojima Haruna is the niece of the former Sagittarius-rank General Urano Kazumi” Takamina calmfully said.
“EHHHH!!!!” making everyone, except Acchan who was tilting her head with the questioned face, are surprised.

To be continued……

SO..HOW WAS IT???? Please comment  :on drink: :on drink: :on drink:
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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/06/13] Chapter 2: Pioneer
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Kojiharu and Acchan finish first and a little truth comes from a blood line
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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/06/13] Chapter 2: Pioneer
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Oh Yui and Paruru... They are so cute

Atsuko and Haruna are so fast....

Now that they knew who Haruna is.... what's going to happen next?

Can't wait for the competition to start

Thank you for the lovely update

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/06/13] Chapter 2: Pioneer
« Reply #33 on: April 07, 2013, 09:24:45 AM »
I WANT MORE :banghead: :banghead:
wow your fic is really cool...
i cant wait to read your next update~~
:on gay:

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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/06/13] Chapter 2: Pioneer
« Reply #34 on: April 07, 2013, 01:49:53 PM »
I can't wait for the next chapter! :panic: your fanfic is great!!  :twothumbs

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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/06/13] Chapter 2: Pioneer
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lol ya kind of figured may not be atsumina and kojiyuu since the title is called love rectangle, but I was too lazy to refer to the 4 of them seperatly & thus wrote Atsumin and Kojiyuu instead :P

Anyways, great chapter!! THanks for the update!! Seems like everyone is already pretty impressed with Atsuko and Haruna  :D

Looking forward to what happens next!!

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Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [04/11/13] Chapter 3-A: Yoake Made
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Tnx for your Waiting......HERE IT IS, ENJOY READING

Chapter 3: Omoidasu Tabi ni Tsuraku Naru

Phase A: Yoake Made (Maeda Atsuko POV)

5:10 pm

After our sudden commotion in Akiba military base, we manage to finish our first step in entering that tournament. We give everything what they needed: DNA examination papers, medical certificate, birth certificate and passport. After that they have interview us about our personal experience in military (of course I didn’t say that I’m the granddaughter of their second-command, is just like I don’t want to be dead meat) and our skills (I didn’t include my talent and gift, I’m gonna surprise them later. Though I’m suspecting someone of these generals, another companion has the same ability as mine in different perception). After every process that we take, the short girl with ribbon stands before us, bringing a megaphone to making an announcement.

“Ok officers, we are finish through the registration. We will able to process finalizing your entrance. All of you must go home and ready everything what you take. We will announce through your mails for the confirmation for the tournament and for those who are not receiving the mail in 48 hours, meaning that you are not chosen to participate in this tournament. Next week will start the tournament; call time will be 8:00 am at the entrance of this place, so you will be have time to prepare whatever you need. Bring your own weapons and yourself in full condition, do you understand?” Takamina said in military tone.

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am” All of us shout, except me (I’m mute remember, hehehehe)

“Now, dismissed” Then she walkout to the tent.

“Ahhh, at last it finished” I stretch my hand like I’m tired.

Then we saw a raven-haired seifuku girl coming toward us with a ponytail-haired girl behind her.

“Ummm, Colonel Kojima Haruna-san, the niece of former Sagittarius-rank General Urano Kazumi?” The raven-haired girl said.

“Hai, what do you want to me?” my bestfriend said.

“I’m Scorpio-rank General Kashiwagi Yuki and behind me is Libra-rank General Watanabe Mayu”

My bestfriend nodded it. I glared at that ponytail girl. In my naked eyes, she’s just blankly staring at us. But in my clear peripheral vision (due to my clairvoyant ability), she’s doing something.

From what I expected she’s using her gift to us, called Gift of Mindsight. It is the dangerous gift, an ability to map somones’s mind terrain. In short, she’s mind reading us.

Fastly, I disrupt my telepathic connection to my bestfriend.

To my expectation, I can see of her frustration from her face. Meaning she didn’t anything from me and to my besfriend (because she’s airheaded).

“Our president, Leo-rank General Takahashi Minami wants me to bring you to her office. Will you come to us at headquarters?”

I and my bestfriend stare at each other with curious look. After that, we simultaneously nodded, signifies that we accept her offer.

“Ok, I accept it but could I bring my bestfriend?” my bestfriend requested to the two generals.

“Ok sure” after that she walks away.

“Oh, could you please wait for us in a while?” my bestfriend asked

“Ok we will wait at the entrance”

Before they are far away, I’ve accidentally eavesdropped their conversion which my curious mind wants me hear it.

“Ne, Yukirin” the ponytail girl said.

“What is it, Mayuyu?”

“I can’t able to read their minds”

“Why, somethings wrong?” the raven-hair girl concerned.

“That long-haired girl with sunglasses, her mind is completely blank. Like she doesn’t thinking of anything”

“You mean she’s airheaded one, what about the other girl, the short-haired girl with aviator glasses?”

“Yep, and the another one, I think she knows it”

“What do you mean?” the raven-haired girl asked.

“When I try to map her mind, all I can see is a black and white static image. Is just like watching TV without an antenna. My theory is she disrupt her connection to someone”

“Oh, so we say that these two are dangerous”

Me? Dangerous? My abilities are dangerous?

“Yeah, maybe we should watch them very carefully”

They are far away now so it’s safe now to relink to my bestfriend.

“Wew that was close one” I said

“What do you mean?” my bestfriend said

“That ponytail girl, she has mind reading gift”

“EHHH, really? So what did she saw to my mind?”

“She said your mind is completely blank “

“Are~?” my bestfriend tilting her head in blank look, as expected from the airheaded one.

“Let’s go now, we shall not wait our guest” Then we hold each other’s hand as we went to entrance

Then we saw the two again on the outside, leaning to their Pagani Huayra. Their eyes are locking on us now.

“So let’s go, please go inside now Kojima-san” the raven-haired girl open to door to us.

“I have my own ride” my bestfriend pointed at my car 5 meters away.

“That black Koenigsegg CCXR? Who own it?” the ponytail-haired girl shyly asked.

“It was hers” she pointing at me.

“Oh, then please follow us in headquarters” the raven-haired girl said

Then the two enter the car and start the engine. We go back now to our ride and start the engine.

After 15 minutes of following them, we’re arriving now to the 5 meter black gate.

The guard went nearer to the car in front of us.

“This is General Kashiwagi, please open this gate” she said.

Then the guard rush to the control gate.

After a multiple sounds were heard, the gate has finally opened.

We stop our cars in front of the entrance of headquarters and go out.

Kashiwagi-san along with Watanabe-san went toward to us.

“Uhm, if you want, we can call a valet here to send your car in our parking lot” Kashiwagi-san said.

I gave a sign to my friend when she looks at my face and she understands what I meant.

“My friend give a thanks to you but she said that its ok, the car will stay outside cause we will not here for a long while, right?”

“Is she mute?” Kashiwagi-san asked.

“Yes, and why?”

“Ahhh, so that’s why” I look Watanabe-san with curiosity.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh don’t mind my friend, please follow me”

When we go inside of the building, I started to amuse of this place.

This place is really big, 3 times bigger than the Pentagon building. The hallway is filled with great designs and numerous picture frames hanging on the wall.

Then we go to the counter with, the counter girl has patiently waiting for us.

“Good evening General Kashiwagi-sama and General Watanabe-sama, Welcome back” the girl politely greets to the two generals and bow.

“Good evening Captain Sashihara, is General Takahashi in her office?” Kashiwagi-san said.

“General Takahashi-sama is staying here for a while to finish some paperwork. Shall I inform her of your arrival?”

“It’s ok; I will inform myself to her. By the way, these two are being called by our president because she needs to talk to them”

Then the girl faces to us and politely greet.

“Good evening ma’am. Welcome to our headquarters, please nice to meet you” then she bows.

“Please nice to meet you too” my bestfriend replies and we bow too.

"Umm, is Rabutan here?" Watanabe-san asked

"I'm sorry, General Watanabe-san but 2nd Lieutenant Ota Aika was already left now to go home" Sashihara-san apologized

"Ummm, ok" the she frowns.

“Let’s go now, Kojima-san” Kashiwagi-san said.

We continue to walk deeper to the hallway until we reach the center of floor building. In front of us was an elevator door that was already opened. Then we went inside and Kashiwagi-san press #8 button.

After a while we are now in front of the door with gray cardboard that says ‘General Takahashi Minami’. Kashiwagi-san press the speak button on the intercom
beside the door.

“General Takahashi, we bring now your what you said” she said

“Wakatta, please let them in”

Kashiwagi-san opened the door for us as we come in.

As we enter to this room, we saw a table with several transparent holographic monitors on top of it with a girl watching on each monitor.

As she saw us walking toward to her, she waved her hand. The monitors automatically shut down and the roomlights have been turn on.

“Please have a seat” the midget offer us a seat.

“Kojima-san, I have asked you here to come because I want to talk some important matters to you”

“Hmm, ok” my bestfriend asked

“Well as you can see, you are a niece of our former Sagittarius-rank. So I have a proposed offer for you” Takahashi-san said.

Before I’m imagining of this beautiful midget girl in front of me, I forcibly disrupt my psychic link to my bestfriend so I can able to protect my mind from mind readers, especially the ponytail girl on our back.

My bestfriend hear some static sounds to her mind, and then she faces me with question look. Then she finally analysed the situation and calmly nodding to me.

“Ok what is your proposed offer?” my bestfriend asked.

“Well I want you to become my assistant” Takahashi-san said.

(Assistants are the subordinates that assist or help their boss; they usually rank at lieutenant general. Each of the general has its own assistant. Like generals, their strengths and gifts, although not so greater than their boss, are very powerful than normal lieutenant general and especially very useful.)

“And why I will accept your offer?” Kojinyan asked.

“If you become my assistant, I could protect you against any danger. I could able provide your needs. Being a general requires a very hardworking situation.” Takahashi-san explain

“And how will I able to do that?”

“Back-out of this tournament”

“My answer is this: a very clear ‘NO’” Kojinyan said the last word with harder voice.

“And why is that so?” Takamina arched her eyebrow.

“Because I don’t want that position to get by someone, my aunt will disappoint me if I do that what you said. And also, this is my dream now. So I will refuse your
offer and continue pursue my dream.”

“Acchan let’s go now.” Kojinyan stand up

“Before you go, I want you to rethink of your decision and accept my offer. Before the tournament, either you should not come to that place or going to me and accept my offer. It’s just for your own sake; I just don’t want my comrade’s loved ones to be hurt and see them died in front of my eyes.”

“Don’t worry, General Takahashi-san. I will be able to hurt myself, but I will not able myself to be died in front of your eyes.” Kojinyan smirked

“And besides I have a friend here that will protect me, and also to protect her too.”

“We will be going now, General Takahashi-san. Oyasuminasai” after that, I and Kojinyan had left in that building and enter in my car.

I reconnect my link to my bestfriend.

Wow that was terrific moment” I smiled at her.

“Well it doesn’t matter now. I finalized my decision, so I will officially refuse her offer and I will able to win that tournament to get that position” Kojinyan
determinately said.

Kojinyan has been hype-up, ehhh” I chuckled

“So where we will go next?” my friend, Kojinyan asked.

You know of that place right

“Oh I know what you mean” Kojinyan smiled.

It’s been a long while since I’ve been there” I insert the key to start my car.

“Yeah and you know that thing was still standing there?”

Really!!!!! Then let’s go on that place!!!

After 20 mins we arrive now at that place were talking about.

So that thing is still standing there, ehh?

The ‘thing’ we’re talking about was Kinmokusei tree, standing on the slight-hilled grassy surface, 10 meters away from this road that my car was sitting.
This place was very special to me and my friend, because this place was our first meeting as a stranger before my grandmother died. This place became also my hangout when I don’t have anything to do, sleeping below that tree.

Flashback, 15 years ago

Like I said she’s muted

I was just there, lying below on this Kinmokusei tree while having my two hands on my head and looking at the sky with clouds. It was very cold summer in here, and it was nothing to do except sleeping.

After a while I stand up and saw a tall, long-haired girl walking toward to me.

When she was very near to me now, and I can see her lips put in a smile which gave me a curious look.

“Hey, what are you doing in this place?” the long-hair asks to me

I don’t reply to her and continue to watch the moving clouds. But she continues to talk to me.

“You are here because you are tired, or you are nothing to do anything?” the long-hair girl continue to ask

‘How did she knows’ I suddenly thought about it and starting glaring at her.

Then the tall girl start to chuckle from my expression.

“Your very interesting girl, I like it. By the way I’m Kojima Haruna, what’s your name?” then her hand stretch on me, as she wanted to shakehands on me.
I look at her hand, then looking back at her with glare eyes.

Suddenly a woman shows on the back of that girl. Then the girl knows who on her back, started to run to that woman and hugging her.

“Look auntie, there’s a girl that was sleeping on that tree” then the girl pointing at me.

Then the woman smiles and went toward from me along with her niece.

“Hello Acchan, why are you here?” the woman ask

It was Urano Kazumi that asks me around. She’s one of my closest godmother.

“So ‘Acchan’ was her name” the little girl said

“So you see her here, right Kojipa?”

“Unnn, I already introduce myself to her. But she didn’t say her name, I wonder why?” Haruna curiously said

“It’s because she was mute, and her name is Maeda Atsuko” my godmother chuckled

“Ehhh, she was mute? So that’s why”

“Well Maeda-san nice to meet you” Kojima-san said to me and stretch her hand once again.

For the first time, I accept her hand. And this is the first time I had a friend.

To be continued....

Well the next chapter maybe too long for me to update, I have a finals next week. XD
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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/11/13] Chapter 3-A: Yoake Made
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Takamina offers to save them with a safe job but both refuse and now they face off in the tournament.  It'd be interesting
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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/11/13] Chapter 3-A: Yoake Made
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Thanks for the update!! Interesting chapter as always and a nice little development to the plot :)

Looking forward to what happens next! & good like on ur finals!

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Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/11/13] Chapter 3-A: Yoake Made
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Ara... Atsuko is also powerful... able to detect Mayu's ability the moment she started using it

Eh... Why did Takamina asking Haruna to back out from the tournament....?

Haruna is strong... I think she can win the position....

Ah... so sweet how Haruna and Atsuko met each other for the 1st time

Can't wait to see the tournament from starting...

Want to see some action...

Thank you for the update

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