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Author Topic: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)  (Read 98269 times)

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 11-C (24/09/15)
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Somehow they all got stronger one way or another

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 11-C (24/09/15)
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Coooolll the girls are got stronger with the training session with their respective shadow
ah but still I'm curious about how's Taka and the other that in the enemy's hand.
pry for their safety....
thank you author-san
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 11-D (20/11/15)
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Hello~!!! Sorry for being late.. Here's the update... ENJOY READING~!!!!!


Phase D: Dark World: Blinding Darkness

Someone’s Inner World

“Hey, wake up.” The first thing she heard. She remembered that the she and Kojinyan are the only people inside the cell. She remembered that Mariko’s Earth Blast sent them to the outside of the mansion, which they were been found by Sandara after the mansion’s fall to the sea. Moreover, no one in the prison visited to them for now. So, why she heard a voice other than Kojinyan? In curiosity, she weakly opened her eyes and saw a blue sky with the silhouette on the foreground.

“Is this heaven? Am I dead now?” The girl said.

“This is not the heaven, silly.” The silhouette replied. The girl suddenly recognized that voice and tried to focus at the silhouette. As her sight became clearer, she was surprise by looking at the familiar face.

“Nami?” The girl rose up from where she lying.

“Welcome to your inner world, Takamina.” Nami announced.

“This is my… Inner world?” Takamina looked around to survey her surroundings. She was sitting beside the tree that only erected on the large elevated landform. To the left, she saw a large lake that situated below the plateau where she stood.

“Wait I know this place…” Takamina remembered something.

“This place is the copy of your hometown, created by your mind. L’Aquila, Italy.” Nami finished what Takamina is trying to say.

“So, why am I in my inner world? What happened to the physical world?”

“The reason why are you here, is to make you prepare for the upcoming battle. About 5 weeks before your execution.”

“What do you mean upcoming battle? Training?” Takamina was confused at her inner demon’s statement.

“Your friends are currently undertaking an inner world training, where they need to convince their inner demon to help them. If success, the inner demons will assist them. However, expect that every damage you will take in inner world will be convert into neural damage. Therefore, if you have a pierce through your heart in inner world, in return, you will feel nerve pain to your heart in physical world.” Takamina looked at her inner demon with ‘are you serious?’ look that was being reply by a nod. “Don’t worry; you can still use your power here. How about a demonstration if your wind manipulation is still working?” Takamina summoned ‘Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow)’, two bladed wind walls are released from her hand that moves like a wave.

“Then, I will undertake the inner world training. I still need to furnish my sound manipulation.” Takamina opened her right hand, and then a ball of air appeared on her palm. When the air ball popped out, Takamina swing her hand widely, causing a screeching noise generated from the swing followed by a distortive crescent-shaped wave that rushing at high-speed. Then the wave contacted to the ground, creating an explosion followed by a highly distorted explosive noise.

“Ok, let’s do it. Are you ready, Minami? I will not holding back.” Nami swing her sword downwardly, generating a squall of wind that sends the grass, soil and even some small plants flying.

“Did I say you go easy on me? Not any chance, Nami. Not any chance.” After Takamina said that, a tornado suddenly appeared around her, sending everything within her vicinity up.

“Then it’s time.” Nami and Takamina charged and prepared to attack. As soon as their sword contacted to each other, a large explosion of gust and shockwave generated, spreading from all direction and making the trees dancing.


Kashiwagi Yuki’s Inner World

Yuki was still in fighting pose for a long time. Her clothes have partially torn from continuous attacks, which she did not see even before the fight.

“Damn it, how could this place to be so very dark? Is this place already a night or just a pitch-black?”

“The answer is neither.” As soon as she heard the voice, Yukirin tried to anticipate the next strike. However, that was her mistake, as she felt another pain coming from her back followed by a squirshing sound of fluid.

Shit. Why? I tried to anticipate her next attack but how could she appeared instantly from opposite area?’ Yuki thought. She was currently holding her scythe in two hands while analyzing her situation.

“Ever wonder why I appeared on the opposite place despite that I’ve leave a sound from your expected place? You may be hear me, feel me or even smell me. However, it does not mean that I am in that place. This darkness distorts all of your senses, so anything that you feel, hear, taste, smell, see or sense is only an illusion. Until you know how to adapt this place, you can’t able to defeat me.” As Black finished her explanation, Yukirin slammed her scythe to the ground, creating a shockwave of darkness. Then she heard a clashing metal not far, from where she stood. Despite that, she really cannot see in this pitch-black place, she kicked the ground and instantly appeared on Black’s place then swung her scythe. Black astonished that Yuki can still followed her despite this place is messing her senses.

“I see, so you are using that shockwave as a sonar to get me here. Nice try, unfortunately.” Black immediately disappeared in which Yuki changed back in defensive state. What happens next is Yuki felt a series of slice coming from all directions. Yuki tried to attack but as soon as she raised her arm, she received multiple cuts.

“Saraba (Farewell)” Black dealt a heavy blow to Yuki by swinging her scythe diagonally upward. It followed by a large shockwave from behind of Yuki. Yuki released the hold of her scythe, letting it fall to the ground.

Tsk, I don’t have any strength anymore.’ Yukirin slowly fell to the ground. ‘Mayuyu, Rena, Takamina-san, Atsuko-san. Minna-san. I’m sorry.’ Before her back touched to the ground.

Accepting the darkness is not enough, my dear Yuki. You need to be part of it. Because, the darkness is you.

Black rotated her own scythe while turn around. However, as soon as she tried to make her footstep.

“What?” Black heard a loud sound of stomp coming from behind. When she turned around to look what is happening.

“I found you, Black.” Yuki suddenly appeared right in front of Black and swung her scythe widely, dealing a heavy blow on Black’s torso. Because of that force, Black walked back. She was holding her torso which stained now by her blood. She saw Yuki still holding her scythe in mid-air and panting many times.

“How could you able to sense me completely?” Black asked.

“I just remember what mama said to me when I’m still a child. She said ‘You don’t just accept the darkness; you need to be part of it.’ Instead of relying to my senses, I used the darkness as my senses. It’s similarly to radar. Like my mama said, darkness is me.”

“Impressive. You never cease to amaze me, Kashiwagi Yuki. Very well then, you have pass the test. I will lend my strength in assisting for your upcoming battle.” Black announced.

“Yokatta.” Yuki lose all of her strength, falling her feet and making her sit to the ground. As her body was finally adapting to the darkness, she was amaze from what she saw.

“This is…” Yuki saw the sky covered by the gray clouds

“This place is the replicated landscape of where you and Mayuyu firstly met created from your mind. If I remember correctly, somewhere in Russia?” Black tried to refresh her memory.

“Kazakh steppe, Altai Krai, Russia.” Yuki suddenly have a short flashback, where she met Mayu on the large rock in the middle of the grassy field.

“Well, I think it’s time for you to go back right?” Black said.

“Oh right, thanks for reminding me. Well, thank you for helping me.” Yuki smiled. Her body glowed as she slowly to disperse into fragments of light.

“Your welcome, see ya.” Then Yuki disappeared in front of Black.


Watanabe Mayu’s Inner World

Moutaineous rocks made from the ruins of the buildings, destroyed roads, fallen posts, these are the results of the fight inside the cyborg’s inner world. Despite of the catastrophic result, the atmosphere is highly suffocated with silence. Behind the ruined house, is a twintail-haired girl, holding her left shoulder which stained by her blood. Her sniper rifle was sling from her back.

She unloaded the magazine from her pistol. After loading it back to her short firearm, she put a deep breathe first. Then, she revealed herself from her hiding place and shoot to her target, only replied by another gunfire. When the gunfire turns into gatling-speed fire, the girl immediately hid to the car.

“You have to be kidding me.” The girl put on her shades, which worn on her head, to her eyes. The shades activated its function, a multi-purpose HUD scanner/navigator. After its activation, the shades detected several heat signatures, in form of the triangular arrows, pointed above the limit of the optical vision. The girl looked up and surprisingly saw several missiles coming to her. She evaded most of them using flash-step that destroyed upon contacting to the ground. The rest were explode in the mid-air by shooting their fuse.

When all of the homing projectiles are gone, she looked straight in front of her. The shades read a heat signature not far from where she stood. It magnified its image several times, revealing a girl wearing hooded jacket and holding two assault rifles. Her arrogant smile still did not disappeared, In annoyance, Mayu summoned two SMGs and loaded them with magazine.

“Tsk, Nezumi.”


Next Chapter: Dark World: Madness Operation
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 11-D (20/11/15)
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Wem.. they all undergo some training

Nezumi and Black are the inner for Mayu and Yuki... like in MG

Nami is such a nice inner self...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 11-D (20/11/15)
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I love your description
Ah mayu, how she'll fight nezumi?
Thanks author-san
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 11-E (13/01/16)
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Hello, everyone~!!! Sorry for the late update.. And Happy New Year~!!! (eventhough it's two weeks ago XD XD XD )


Phase E: Dark World: Madness Operation

Watanabe Mayu’s Inner World

Mayu kept dodging all of the incoming missiles and shooting them at the same time. She ran toward to the truck and slided down below, allowing the missile to hit the truck instead. She saw her scanner detected an object coming to her at high speed. When Mayu was turning around, she was surprised that the cannon shell was already in front of her, about dozen centimeters. Via slow motion, the shell slowly moved towards Mayu. As the shell is in 5 centimeters to her, the time returned back, and then the shell hit its target and exploded upon the contact. Not to far from the explosion site and on the top of the building, Nezumi was watching with her grin on her face.

“Smart move, Mayu. If you did not do that, you are already a dead meat.” Nezumi smirked. She was holding FGM-148 Javelin Missile Launcher on her right hand and two Colt .45 on her left hand. Nezumi saw the smoke is gone, revealing Mayu standing on the center of 5-meter radius crater.

“Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【25型】:陽電子偏折器 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì “25-xíng”: Yángdiànzǐ Piān Zhé Qì (Cyberform Type-25: Positron Reflector)]” An energy barrier appeared in front of her, shielded the girl from the hit of cannon shell and its explosion.

“Using an anti-tank portable missile launcher as shell cannon, what an unorthodox way.” Mayu pointed her rifle to the hooded-girl.

“虚拟形式【57型】:强子炮 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì “57-xíng”: Qiángzǐ Pào (Cyberform Type-57: Hadron Blaster)]” After Mayu said her technique, a spark of electricity appeared above her. Then it followed by the appearance of the holographic framework of an energy cannon, which materialized into solid physical cannon. The slowly glide down to Mayu’s shoulder until the rifle docked on the underside of the cannon mount. After the docking process finished, Mayu pulled the trigger which the cannon fired stream of black crimson beam, which contains stream of hadron particles, to Nezumi.

“Hadron Blaster eh. So finally, you have finally use the true name of your techniques. However…” Nezumi pulled out her own sniper rifle, which was sling on her back.

“Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【70型】:陽電子破城砲 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì “70-xíng”: Yángdiànzǐ Pò Chéng Pào (Cyberform Type-70: Positron Blaster Cannon)]” A holographic framework of a cannon appeared in front of her, which materialized physically. Nezumi put her sniper rifle in reverse-grip; her pinky finger is on the trigger of the rifle. Then she docked the rifle to the left side of the cannon.

“You’re not the only one who can do that.” Nezumi pulled the trigger, firing a large red with white border beam from the cannon. The two beams collided, creating multiple sparks from every direction. Not for long, Mayu’s beam pushed back that the twintailed girl alarm. The next happened; the positron beam finally pushed the hadron beam and made contact to its target, causing explosion. A silhouette appeared above the smoke. Nezumi saw that and pointed her rifle to Mayu.

“Where do you think you are going?” “Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【62型】:卫星遥控炮 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [62-xíng]: Wèixīng Yáokòng Pào (Cyberform Type-62: Satellite Remote Cannon)]” Four satellite cannons appeared beside her, and then started to fire the helpless girl. The satellite cannons mirrored her, firing barrage of lasers.

Mayu saw multiple lasers coming to her. “Oh shit.” “虚拟形式【07型】:光束盾發生裝置 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [07-xíng]: Guāngshù Dùn Fāshēng Zhuāngzhì (Cyberform Type-07: Beam Shield Generator)]” A diamond shaped armband appeared both of Mayu’s shoulder. When Mayu put her arm in front of her, a rectangular-shaped translucent beam shield appeared. The shield successfully blocked most of the lasers, but Mayu knew that her shield would not last long. With that, she needed to think and act quickly.

What should I do? If I used Hadron Blaster, she would reply either another Positron Blaster Cannon or blocking it using Positron Reflector then charging to me. That would be a big no. What if I use Positron Blaster Cannon too? Wait, I have no timing for that. She would also charge at me. Another no.

Tsk, her area of influence is so great. Her calculations are near perfect. I cannot able to outmatch her.’ She saw her beam shield started to crack. When it happened, she used her left arm to generate another beam shield. Mayu realized something.

Wait, her calculations are near perfect. So means, there is a room for errors. On the other hand, there are some things that she cannot able to calculate or analyze. What if…’ While defending from the lasers, she summoned large beam cannon from her side.

“虚拟形式【57型】:强子炮 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì “57-xíng”: Qiángzǐ Pào (Cyberform Type-57: Hadron Blaster)]” Mayu docked her rifle to the underside, while her beam shield continued to blocking barrage of lasers.

“Hadron Blaster again? You are still did not learn.” Nezumi mocked.

I will have to rely on this. I hope this will work.’ Mayu fired the cannon with hadron particle beam. Nezumi stopped the attack and dismissed the satellite cannons, dematerializing from physical world.

“Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【25型】:陽電子偏折器 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì “25-xíng”: Yángdiànzǐ Piān Zhé Qì (Cyberform Type-25: Positron Reflector)]” An energy barrier appeared in front of Nezumi, blocking the hadron beam with no efforts.

“See? I told you. You should change your…” Nezumi did not finish her statement as she saw the Hadron Blaster fired without its shooter. “Where did she go?”

“Unlock: Advanced Tech System” After she heard Mayu’s voice, Nezumi looked down and saw her holding two sniper rifles. Large cannon, about twice the size of Hadron Blaster, appeared above the twintailed girl.

“虚拟形式【72型】:僵硬强子破城砲 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [72-xíng]: Jiāngyìng Qiáng Zǐ Pò Chéng Pào (Cyberform Type-72: Stark Hadron Cannon)]” Mayu docked her two rifles on both sides of the cannon. Then she pulled the trigger, which the cannon fired huge dark-red hadron beam, larger than the Hadron Cannon. Nezumi instantly casted another Positron Reflector to block another hadron beam. However, what made her surprise is Mayu left the Stark Hadron Cannon fired and rushed along the hadron beam.

“What the hell she was going to do now?”

As Mayu finally overtook the beam, she fired five bullets. “Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【28型】:幻像化粒子能量偏转系統 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [28 xíng]: Huànxiàng Huà Lìzǐ Néngliàng Piānzhuǎn Xìtǒng (Cyberform Type-28: Mirage Colloid Energy Deflection System)]” The bullets, were fire by Mayu, shattered into countless shard. The beam passed through the spreading shards, which then dispersed into smaller beams and bent away from its target.

Nezumi prepared to cast another Positron Reflector. However…

“What the hell?” Nezumi saw Mayu was already in front of her and ready to pull out her guns. At the same time, the multiple hadron beams are coming to her.

“So, you used the Hadron Blaster as a bait to fire Stark Hadron Cannon. Then you let it fired continuously then used the Mirage Colloid Energy Deflection System to split the beam so that I will cast another Positron Reflector. However, before I will cast it, you will appeared beside me. Letting me to choose whether fight you or deflect those hadron beams. That is a very nice plan. However…” Nezumi flashed step away from Mayu and appeared above her.

“That’s not going to happen.” Nezumi smiled.

As soon as I snapped my fingers, all of the Positron Reflectors that I have summoned will disappeared. With that, all of the hadron beams are direct to her. Now Mayuyu, it’s your turn to choose.’ Nezumi readied now her finger as she tried to snap it. When suddenly…

“I finally got you.” Mayu smirked. When the Positron Reflectors are disappeared, she made her own Positron Reflectors.

“I’ll never thought that this gambling will work.” Mayu rotated her rifle.

“What?” Then what Nezumi realized, she saw Mayu’s six Positron Reflectors are forming in a spire-shaped.

“虚拟形式【08型】:幻像化粒子隱身系統 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [08-xíng]: Huànxiàng Huà Lìzǐ Yǐnshēn Xìtǒng (Cyberform Type-08: Mirage Colloid Stealth System)].” “Deactivate.” After Mayu announced the deactivation, twelve pods appeared, 10 meters around her.

“Hyper Access: Cutting Edge System” “虚拟形式【85型】:超級龍騎兵系統 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [85-xíng]: Chāojí Lóng Qíbīng Xìtǒng (Cyberform Type-85: Super DRAGOON System)]”

Note: DRAGOON System is the acronym for “Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlook Operation Network System”

“When did she summon DRAGOONs?” Nezumi asked

“Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【28型】:幻像化粒子能量偏转系統 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [28 xíng]: Huànxiàng Huà Lìzǐ Néngliàng Piānzhuǎn Xìtǒng (Cyberform Type-28: Mirage Colloid Energy Deflection System)]” Mayu activated the DRAGOON System. Each of the pods emitted beam of light, crossing each other, turned into beam barrier which capturing the shards from Mirage Colloid Energy Deflection System.

“This is the unknown to me. I did not see any of this from my calculations.” Nezumi said.

“Actually this is the first time that I will use this. In addition, by your location, this will be the best timing. In short, you will be my first subject for this test.” Mayu said, and then she made the hadron cannons disappeared.

“All systems combined. New system: Initialize.” Then she raised her rifle and pulled its trigger.

“Maximum Access: Bleeding Edge System” “虚拟形式【93型】:尼伯龙根高射炮 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [93-xíng]: Níbólónggēn Gāoshèpào (Cyberform Type-93: Nibelung Anti-aircraft Cannon)]” The spire emitted red beams from all directions, which were absorb from the fired hadron cannons earlier, and scattered it to the captured shards, which act as an array of concave mirrors. The light slowly surrounded Nezumi and the next thing happened, a cone of explosive nuclear beam engulfed the sky with the pillar of red beam, centered from the pulsating radiation, emitted from the ground. The explosive blast is so powerful; that it completely obliterated any remaining buildings within its vicinity and the shockwave it created, sent the ruins of surrounding structures flying.

Suddenly, a figure appeared several hundred meters away from the nuclear blast.

“If I didn’t use Type 15: Blaze Luminous Shield, my body will sure turn into dust. Still…” She saw her energy shield formed a crack. “So finally, she can able to use Hyper Access: Cutting Edge System.” A gun pointed behind her head. She knew that it was Mayu behind her. She deactivated her Blaze Luminous System and smiled while looking at the glowing sky. “But what’s more impressive, is the Maximum Access: Bleeding Edge System. I’m really surprised that you used that.”

“I know that you are going to use that. Why hesitate?” Mayu asked.

“I did not have time to react after the Nibelung Anti-air Cannon fired. Eventhough I can able to summon its components, it requires complex calculations for positioning, strength varying and timing.” Then she turned around to face her while still pointed the gun on her head. “That Nibelung Anti-air Cannon is exaggeratingly powerful. The perfect reason why should put it on superweapon-class technology, a fourth tier-class technology.” Nezumi said. Mayu lowered her gun down and slung it to her back.

“It looks like the test is complete.” Nezumi checked on her holographic board. “You have done well, Mayu. Your statistics were improve dramatically. Aside of accessing the quantum-class, the third tier technology, you have also unlocked the fourth and final tier, superweapon-class technology.” The board disappeared from her hand. “To make it short, you have passed. And for that, I will give you my complete support.”

“Thank you.” Mayu bowed to her then turned around. However, before she left…

“Wait, Mayu.” Nezumi called which Mayu stopped.

“What is it?”

“There’s something I want to tell you, about the Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell.” This made Mayu confront her.

“What’s about that spell?”

“The details behind that spell and how to counter it.” This made Mayu hold Nezumi’s collar, which the latter surprised.

“Tell me, Nezumi. Please, tell me.” Mayu’s desperation struck on Nezumi. She knew that Mayu really want to save her friends.

“Calm down, Mayu. I will tell you soon. I will also tell you the way of curing the person inflicted by that spell and the reverse spell of that.”


Shimazaki Haruka’s Inner World

The whole space was shaking due to the clash of the titanic powers. Grasses were blow from the tremendous blast of winds. The continuous tremor generated causing the ground to show fractures.

The girl was throw away from out of nowhere, crashing her back to the solid rock. She instantly caught the end of the flying metal stick before it reached to her face. Her ears captured something and when she finished deciphering the sound she heard, she immediately got away. After she left from where she crashed, she saw the shockwave pass through to the rock, which turned into dust afterwards. The girl then stomped, causing the ground uplifted, and used her metal stick to smack it, sending the uplifted ground out to the horizon. Before it will hit to its target, the girl flash-stepped, facing her opponent.

On the other side, the silhouette sensed an incoming uplifted ground and immediately destroyed it by stabbing her metal pole. However, before she lowered her defense, the other girl appeared behind her, which the latter slightly surprised, and backstabbing her by swinging her own weapon. Unfortunately, the other mirrored weapon of hers blocked it. The clash generated an intense burst of shockwave and subsidence crater was form from where they stand.

“I’m impressed, Paruru. After all of those beatings I made plus sending you hundreds of kilometers away, you still able to come here immediately. I wonder now who is the monster, the original or the inner demon.” The inner demon smirked.

“We cannot figure it out, until one of us will fall.” Haruka said.

“Nice answer. No wonder that I liked you.” The inner demon parried, sending the girl flying and thrusted her weapon, while Haruka is in mid-air in inverted position. However, the girl blocked the thrust while both of them are still moving.

“Well, thank you. Unfortunately, I have no time for your flatteries, Fumie.” Haruka flicked to the girl’s weapon, sending a distortive blast, causing the latter skidded away while resisting being push further.

I can able to see clearly here. So the inner world ignores any disabilities from the physical world.

“Accelerazione Distortivo (Distortive Acceleration).” Haruka suddenly disappeared in the mid-air, leaving an atmospheric distortion in its wake. Fumie looked around, trying to find her. However, only she saw are numerous distortions from every direction. In her late reaction, Fumie felt that she was being throw up, and a pain from her leg appeared. Her ultra-enhanced hearing does not work, as she only heard is whispering sound of wind. Fumie felt the pain from all over her body while thrown to every direction like a ragdoll.

“Tsk. Now you are irritating.” Fumie hammered her fist to the air, creating a glass-like crack in the atmosphere. “Zona di Frantumazione (Shattering Zone).” The crack shattered with glass-shattering sound, followed by the generation of defeaning blast. The blast was so powerful, that it splitted the ground apart, as well as the atmosphere and dispersed the clouds above. The force of the blast stopped Haruka’s movement, regaining to her normal speed.

“My turn.” Fumie stomped to the ground, creating cataclysmic earthquake. “Discontinuità Tettonica (Tectonic Discontinuity).” A large mass of ground, about the size of hill, suddenly upheaved from the crust and launched directly to Haruka.

“Shimatta! (Oh shit!)” Haruka saw the stone coming to her. Then an idea came to her mind. She splitted her metal stick, turning into two small stick, similar to baston in arnis. With her weapon used, she switched her stance into weapon’s style, Eskrima Martial Arts. When the large stone is already a couple of feet to her, Haruka spun her baston to both of her palms then smashed it to the rock, similar how to play the gong.

“Interiorizzare Detonazione (Internalize Detonation).” The hill-sized rock exploded after its contact to her stick.

“Zona di Frantumazione (Shattering Zone).” Haruka widened her eyes as she realized that Fumie was already behind her. The inner demon elbowed Haruka, followed by the crack appeared in point-blank range on her back. After the shatter, the explosive shockwave blasted to Haruka’s back, crashing her to the ground at the speed of jet. The powerful crash made the ground look like jumping upon the impact. Fumie landed to the ground gracefully and then watched to the impact site with the smoke rising. After of minutes of waiting, Haruka still did not come out from the impact site, which the inner demon concerned.

“Haruka, this is not time to take a nap. You need to get up in there.” Fumie said, which replied with silence. This made her even more worried.

Inside the smoke, Haruka was lying on the rocks.

Your kindness shows up again, Fumie. Don’t go easy on me yet, I’m still not down here.’ Haruka slowly tried to get up. ‘Luckily, this smoke blocks her supersensory hearing. She could not hear my thoughts in here.’ She picked her two metal bastons. ‘This fight is endless, that it looks like we are playing rath I need to finish this. Time to give use my triumph card.

Fumie still waited for someone while watching to the smoke rising from the crash. Her worriness intensified as the time passed that Haruka still did not appear from the smoke.

“Mou, Haruka. You could just give up, there’s nothing…” Before Fumie could finish her statement.

Limit Break: Hatsudou (Release)” The smoke instantly dissipated that followed by the surge of energy coming from the crater. Fumie covered her face from the surging blast of wind using her right arm. After she removed her arm from her face to saw what is happening, her expression changed from curiosity to astonishment. It then showed Haruka was envelop by the aura.

Limit Break!? Since when?’ Fumie saw Haruka instantly disappeared which alerted her. She then felt a force coming from behind, this time it became more powerful than last time. Fumie quickly recovered from the attack and rotated her metal stick on the palm.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Esplosione Primaverile (Spring Explosion).” Fumie stabbed her stick horizontally that generated a direct focused shockwave, at the same time sent her recoil away. Haruka saw the attack coming but she does not have time to dodge despite the Limit Break granted her lightning-speed agility. Instead, she slapped the shockwave, redirected it away from her. It hit to the large rock and upon the contact, the rock exploded loudly. However, that did not end as Fumie appeared behind Haruka, surprising the blind girl. The inner demon swung her stick, like swinging a baseball bat, which hit Haruka. The swing continued to bring Haruka and after that, Fumie sent her away and made her crash to the mountains. Fumie saw her arms were now sweating a lot and her hands were start to shake due to usage of much force.

“Shit, my hands are now shaking. I have used 80% of my powers just to counter the Limit Break, which it allows the wielders to overcome body limiter to the fullest and can able to use 50% more power. Base of my analysis, Haruka is only using 56% of her overall strength while I’m using 125% more than that.” Fumie saw Haruka appeared 10 meters in front of her.

“I’m gonna do it now.” Haruka combined the two bastons into one long stick.

“Oh shit, not the Limit Break Technique.”

Haruka rotated her stick then stopped and held it on the end of the stick.

Haruka swung her metal stick then pulled it back in split-second, like flicking using towel or handkerchief. Suddenly, after she retracted back her stick, a compressed shock wave generated from the centerpoint and fired it to Fumie. She tried to block it using multiple Danku, but changed her mind after her second thought and instead dodged it away.

“I almost forgot that is a Limit Break Technique. Only the strong ones on par with the Limit Break or another Limit Break Technique could able to block a Limit Break Technique.” Fumie saw the compressed shock wave passing through the mountain, completely turned into dust.

“That was just a small one, an enhanced version of Scossa dell’Impulso (Shock Impulse). This is the real Limit Break Technique.” Haruka rotated her stick at high speed, so fast that it created a miniature tornado. Then she stopped the rotation, that made the tornado disappeared, then held the one end of the stick in near on her face while her left hand held the half portion of the stick.

“Wait, what?” Fumie surprised of the revelation.

Scomposizione Supercritico (Supercritical Breakdown)” Haruka did the same as Enhanced Scossa dell’Impulso, but this time the aftereffect is in completely new level. After she flicked using her stick, it fired a highly devastating titanic-sized shock wave, which was follow by a shattering glass sound effect. The wave is so powerful that it distorted the space within its wake. The wave moved 100 times faster than the sound, so fast that Fumie can’t able to react nor dodge as it passed through her without any defiance. It continued moving, destroying everything in its path until the wave is gone within the sight. Haruka was now the one who is worrying as she saw the area where the wave’s path, is nothing. However, her expression changed to gladness when she felt something that she instantly flash-stepped. Then she appeared and caught Fumie before she fell to the ground.

“I’m glad that you are still alive. Are you fine?” Haruka asked.

“How could I fine, where I physically tanked that. I never thought that technique is so powerful that it almost brings my knees to the ground.” Fumie said.

“Well it’s a Limit Break Technique right? It supposedly equivalent to a weapon of mass destruction.”  Haruka joked, which Fumie replied by playfully punched Haruka’s shoulder.

“Still considerate as ever, Fumie. You maybe kind, but your strength is monstrous.”

“It is said that the inner demons are completely opposite to the originals right? Well, I’m opposite to your saltyness and coldheartedness. Time to go now, isn’t we?” Fumie said.

“Yeah, your right. It’s time for the war. See you next time.” Haruka walked away and disappeared.


Strategic and Tactical Weaponry Department, Hakata Headquarters, Nokonoshima, Japan; 5 days later, after training and recovery, Sunday, 11:00 am

The door to the equipment room was open, revealing the Generals entering. They are amazed how highly advanced the weaponry department of Hakata Headquarters. They walked to the table where Akane, Rie, Miho, Rino and Aika resided and greeted them.

“We have received an order from the Commander-in-chief Akimoto Yasushi. It is sent by the traditional way, snail mail.” Rino showed them a gray envelop.

“What’s the way of transportation of delivering the mail?” Yuki asked.

“Dogs. They used dogs.” Rino answered.

“Most of the animals are affected by the unknown wave. However, dogs are immune to this outbreak. They are highly sensitive to electromagnetic waves; however, they can counter this unknown wave by using the random magnetic field generating areas as support. The dogs only followed the area with highest magnetic field strength; hence, they can able to get where without being affect by the manipulation. If my prediction is right, the dog used the North Pole as the bridge.” Akane said while patting the dog beside her. Rino started to read the content. After she read the letter, Rino put it in the envelop and lay it on the table.

“The letter said that after all the Generals were finish the training, all of the remaining stable forces will prepare. Then tomorrow, at 0500 hour, we will go to the Nagoya to rescue the Prime Minister. Then we need to go to the Souri Kantei (Prime Minister’s Official Residence), along with the Prime Minister, and use His Excellency’s biometric code to grant the permission of using the Kokudo Hankyuu Bouei System (Nationwide Hemispheric Defense System). After that, we will report to the Commander-in-chief about the mission and the next thing we going to do. Well, that’s summary of this letter.” Rino said.

“So, how could we use the Kokudo Hankyuu Bouei? Alternatively, should we shorted it as Kunikyuu Bouei (National Sphere Defense)? I’m too lazy to say that long name.” Yuki said. Everyone agreed to Yuki’s suggestion on shorted name.

“This Kunikyuu Bouei has three stages of activation. The first stage is the connection of the network system of the archipelago. As of now, all of the three islands’ network system is still offline. However, there are six main network servers in the country; three are which in the Honshu Island, and the other one is in the Okinawa Prefecture. The second stage is the approval of the government of Japan, which is the Prime Minister’s biometrics. The final stage is the erection of three layered anti-ship stainless titanium steel walls, which the vertical limit, is 100 meters high and can withstand 50 megaton of nuclear explosion without any scratch. Then followed by the electromagnetic force field, which covered the whole country. It can destroy any projectile before it enters the Japan’s airspace; even the 1 km radius meteor can’t penetrate the field, and deflects any electromagnetic waves, including the unknown wave. It also masks the country from outside, not even any satellites could able to detect the country, as if they saw the empty land. After that, the country is now safe from the nightmare.” Mayu explained.

“There are six main network servers, if I presume. What are those networks?” Yuko asked.

“Those six main network servers are Kyushu server, Okinawa server, Hokkaido server, Tohoku-Honshu server, Chugoku-Honshu server and the Kanto-Honshu server. Apparently, those network servers are still operational but due to the outbreak, they are offline.”

“In addition to this letter, he authorized us to use any necessary and possible option to make this mission a success.” Rino said.

“Ok now, ladies. We will have another new batch of uniforms. These uniforms are made of multiwalled Mythril-Titanium Alloy strands with the melting point of 30,000° Celsius and has an ultimate tensile strength 360 gigapascal, 3 times stronger than graphene. Myao, what is the tensile strength of yours in your bracelet?” Mayu asked

“500 exapascal and can slice the air due to its tiny radius.” Miho answered.

“Wow, too strong. Back to the topic, these uniforms maybe made of that metal but it’s not heavy; it looks like you’re wearing a normal clothes. Aside of that, the uniforms are equipped with variable gravitational nullifier device; this thing negates the gravitational frame of reference and only the inertial frame of reference is preserve, which is the wearer. For example, if you turn upside-down, instead your clothes going down to the ground, it will still standing like floating in the air; and instead your blood is going to your head, it is still flowing like nothing. Only non-gravitational force could able to affect your clothes, such as wind.”

“So this thing is more like, anti-hentai device?” Airi asked.

“Yup, you could say that.” Mayu smiled at Airi.

“Damn it.” Everyone laughed.

“Ok, the next one is the biometric analyzer device. It scans the wearer’s body and physical characteristics. Then it modifies the clothes’ properties to match compatibility of your powers, strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. For example, the melting point of these clothes is 30,000° Celsius and we know that Atsuko can create a flame 10 times hotter than that, or theoretically, hotter than the Sun’s core. To counter that, the device will input a force field capable of withstanding the temperature of nuclear radiation. This will prevent the clothes from being molten by the exceeded threshold.”

“Lemme guess, there’s a battery inside the uniform, right?” Yuria asked.

“You’re right. The uniform was power by a miniature tritium generator. It also powers the variable electrical shield from the uniform, which protects you from any all forms of physical damage and reduces the effective damage of any energy attacks.”

“And since I still have some fashion sense, so instead it looks like your wearing a metal plate. Those uniforms have same color, texture and design as the most common textile and cloth. So, feel free now to choose your own preferred wearing style. By the way, these are the upgraded version of multipurpose watches. We called it, Chromewatch. The watch will scan on your finalized chosen clothes and will put it in its database as standardized uniform. I already import all of the weapons you have from the previous version of the watch to the latest ones.” Mayu said.

“We may start the preparation.”

The girls started to choose their own style of clothes. After they finished put the chosen clothes as their standard uniform, they went to the table to inspect and ready their equipments and weapons.

Airi saw Akane bringing a metal briefcase.

“Really, Churi? You’re going to use that?” Airi asked.

“Not only that, I will also give this to someone. Hey Yuria!” Akane called Yuria. Yuria went to Akane.

“What is it?”

“I just want to give this as a present to your 20th birthday next 2 months.” Akane plant her hand to the palm print scanner on the briefcase. After the scan, a clicking sound generated from the briefcase.

“Really, huh? Then what is that present that you’re talking about?” Yuria asked.

“This.” Akane opened the briefcase, revealing the four 11-inch cylindrical-shaped object resting synthetic cushion and one silver cube, and then she took one. It has two disk on the side near the end of the object. It also has one button between the disks and two buttons on the other side also between the disks.

“Wow, what’s that?”

“This is my creation. Auxiliary Reinforcement Multiple Armament Generation Embedded Derivative Drive Operational Network System. Shortened for Armageddon System or you could call it Armageddon. Basically, it is a multi-tool, swiss knife-like which contains several weapon forms in one equipment. The right disk, known as mono-force mode selector, has five modes, which can be select by rotating it and set it to the upward. The two buttons known as form selector, where you can choose which form by pressing one of the buttons once. Then the one button on the back, known as the lock button, where after you press it, the equipment will assume to your selected form.” Akane gave to Yuria four units.

“Why four?” Yuria asked.

“You can combine it pommel-to-pommel to use it as double-hilt, known as dual-force function. And the reason of giving you four, cause of this.” Akane gave to her a silver cube.

“What is that cube?”

“This is a Cyber-core Cube, or Cube for short. It can be use as a central network for the tri-force and quad-force function.” Yuria took the cube and the four hilt. She threw and caught it.

“This thing has the power source similarly to Rena’s saber, am I right?” Yuria asked.

“Yup. It’s because of the fifth form of mono-force function.” Akane said.

“Ok, I take it. Thanks Churi.” Yuria said.

“Your welcome. In addition, if you asked if what about me. Don’t worry about it. I have these.” Akane showed to Yuria her 10 units of Armageddon, which holstered on her belt.

“How many did you created?” Yuria asked.

“Because of its complexity to construct it as well as very rare materials, I say 50 units only.”

“That few.”  Airi commented.

“I assume that all of you are finished for preparation right?” Yuki asked, which everyone replied it with a nod.

I was just thinking. This mission will start at 5:00 am right?” Atsuko asked.

“Yes, Atsuko. Why you asked?” Rino asked her back.

How about we named this mission as. Operation: Daybreak?” This made everyone think for a while.

“That’s a great name, Acchan!” Yuko said.

“Yup, a perfect name for this mission.” Kumi said.

“Well then, Vice-president of Twelve Constellation, Aries General Maeda Atsuko. You may announce the commencement of this mission.” Rino said. Atsuko stood in front of her friends.

Everyone, I can’t say more words to you. However, I hope that all of us here won’t die and will go home together. Thank you for the pain, laughter, sadness and joy that you have shared. We are the last hope of the Earth. We have friends, relatives, love ones, and home that we need to save.” Atsuko silent for a while and looked at them. Everyone replied to her with a smile, Yuko gave her thumbs up, Yuria have her peace sign gesture of her right hand on her head and winked at her. Atsuko smiled and started to announce the mission.

Operation: Daybreak, COMMENCE!

To be continued

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 11-E (13/01/16)
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“So this thing is more like, anti-hentai device?” Airi asked.

“Yup, you could say that.” Mayu smiled at Airi.

W-What...? Airin and Mayuyu both being secretly hentai in their own respects....  :shocked

“This is my creation. Auxiliary Reinforcement Multiple Armament Generation Embedded Derivative Drive Operational Network System. Shortened for Armageddon System or you could call it Armageddon..” Akane gave to Yuria four units.

Thank God, Churi had acronyms for her inventions... The 'Akane' AI system and now the Armageddon System... Though the Armageddon's full name is longer.

Operation: Daybreak, COMMENCE!

I like the name... 'Daybreak'...

Anyway, this is long for me of a comment. I'll wait patiently for your update.

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 11-E (13/01/16)
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Nice update.. Please continue this great fic author-san...

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-A (13/03/12)
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Sorry for the late update.. Here it is.. ENJOY READING~!!!! XD XD XD


Chapter 12: River

Phase A: Operation: Daybreak – Delta

Someone’s inner world; Unknown time

“We should start now our training.” An unknown person rotated the arrow to its palm. “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, let’s do it.” The girl said then drew her bow.


There are three stages in this operation. The first stage is to reactivate all of the network servers in the country. There are six servers, so we will divide it into six teams. Yukirin and Kumi will go to the Kyushu Network Control Center.

Kyushu Network Control Center, Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan; Monday, 5:00 am

Cherry Blossom Island, the English translation for the stratovolcano and former island of Kagoshima Prefecture, Sakurajima. It has three peaks namely Minami-dake (southern peak) and Naka-dake (central peak). The highest of all, is Kita-dake (northern peak), is also where the building of the central control network system of the whole Kyushu Island. Its location is highly impenetrable due to that only way to reach it is to cross the bridge where the the lava flows below. Or so they have thought.

One of the mind-controlled soldier was patrolling on the left wall. He saw a black point moving from the clouds, and then it became larger and larger. What was he remembers, is a skateboard smacks to his head causing him to unconscious. Before the skateboard touches the ground, a girl appeared and caught it.

“Sorry for that. Just need to do this.” The girl apologized. She looked at the horizon and mesmerized the bright darkness of twilight.

“The brightness blooms in the sky. What a beautiful dusk it is.” The girl whispered. She rotated her skateboard and threw it in the mid-air, and then she jumps. As soon as the sole of her shoes touches the board, she instantly disappeared. The next happened is a series of smack sound effects flowing in the air followed by multiple whispers of the wind. After a while, the girl appeared on the large gate and went to the gate control to open it. The gate was open, revealing another girl holding a scythe.

“You lived up with that title, Manipulator of Vectors, Yagami Kumi. You have knockout 200 guards and soldiers in less than 1 minute.” The girl amazed. They saw some soldiers coming and started to shoot at them. Kumi raised her hands in front of her, creating an invisible barrier that stopped the bullet from approaching her, while the girl with scythe instantly disappeared, which made the platoon confused. What they didn’t know and didn’t see, due to the darkness, but Kumi is a shadow moving on the ground at the high speed. In an instant, the girl appeared from the shadow and behind the soldiers. She knocked out all of them using only the butt end of her scythe. ‘Shadow Dash’ Kumi said on her thought.  After the area was clear, Kumi walks to her.

“I say, you’re pretty damn good, Manipulator of Darkness, Kashiwagi Yuki.” Kumi grinned while putting her skateboard on her nape and holding it with two hands. Yuki only snickered and then turned around. They approached to the metal door with keypad lock. “I’ll try to unlock the door. I know that they changed the passcodes.” Kumi connects the keypad lock to her hacking device and starts to analyze the algorithmic codes. As soon as the pass codes were duplicate to her device, Kumi typed the duplicated codes to the keypad lock. After for a while, the metal door was open.

Kumi and Yuki passed all obstacles, knocked all remaining guards and completely hacked the security system. Finally, they’ve reached the operation control room. Kumi went to the mainframe computer and started to decrypt the system while Yuki’s defending her from behind. After the level 5 security system has been crack, Kumi reactivates the central network of Kyushu Island.

This earpiece is called as Informative Reinforcement Interconnection System, also known as IRIS. I made this similar to scouters on that I’ve watch on Dragon Ball series. A telecommunication device uses gamma radiation as carrier wave signal instead of radio waves, making the range of communication to be as large as the total area of Solar System. Aside using this as communication, this device can be also use as analyzing scanner to scan the details of locked object. The scanner will be activated by showing the holographic screen on your right eyes and deactivating by retract it back, turning it into normal earpiece with small microphone. Churi have made a modified IRIS for those who owns Armageddon. All of these can be activate without any physical touch, only your brain commands it.

Kumi mentally turned on the communication mode of her IRIS. “Kyushu Network Server, network system online.”

Kitarie, Yuria and Paruru will go to Honshu-Kanto Network Control Center.

Tomei Expressway, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 5:15 am

“Kumi and Yukirin activated the Kyushu Network Server.” Haruka announced.

“Well, since Sakurajima is only several hundred kilometers away, they will be the first ones to activate one of the network servers.” Rie said while driving Atsuko’s Koenigsegg CCXR Edition. Haruka looked to the outside of the car and sighed deeply.

“It’s so quiet. That I only heard dancing plants.” Haruka said.

“Maybe the radiated waves also affect animals too. I don’t know.” Yuria commented.

Haruka then focused on her hearing to the sound of sea waves, despite that Suruga Bay is several kilometers away from the highway. Then she heard something that makes her eyes narrow.

This is…

“Kitarie, can you please stop the car.” Rie tried to question but as soon as she saw Haruka’s face turns serious, she didn’t continue it. Nevertheless, Rie stopped the car. Haruka then went out of the car.

“Go, there something else that I need to do.” And with that Haruka walked away. Rie obeyed her orders and rushed the car away.

Yoshiwara Park, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 6:00 am

Haruka walked cautiously in the deserted city of Fuji, Shizuoka. She held her Bo one-handedly, readied in case of either ambush or surprise attacks coming to her.

But before that, let me drink something.’ Haruka went to the softdrink vending machine and inserted 50 yen. After she drunk the drink, she accurately shoot the bottle to the garbage can, which is 50 meters away from her. After of while of walking, she felt a small quake coming from the ground.

“Oh shit.” Then instantly, a pillar of magma rose from Haruka’s position. It will thought that the blind girl was completely eaten by the ultra-hot magma, or so we thought. Above the pillar, Haruka was riding on the magma using her Bo as surfboard. After she finally located her target, she burst forward, which generates a shockwave from its wake. Her weapon stops instantly, right from the other solid object, which is a spear.

“I’ve been waiting on this deserted place for a couple of weeks. And now you’re here, shall we continue what we left off?” The person swung the spear that sent Haruka away.

“Yeah. Let’s finish this, Otabe.” Haruka slammed her Bo to the ground, creating a shockwave.

Tomei Expressway, Near Tokai University, Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 6:20 am

Damn it. I knew that something’s wrong. We shouldn’t let Paruru go alone.’ Yuria thought. She looked at her roller skates that are automatically activated from the command of her thoughts.

“Kitarie…” Before Yuria finished her sentence, Rie stopped the car.

“I know, Yuria. We have the same thought. Letting Paruru alone meeting to her, means suicide. Especially in this situation.” Rie said.

“Colonel Kitahara~”

“You should go, General Kizaki. General Shimazaki needs help.” Rie said.

“But what about you?”

“Don’t worry about that, I will meet with Major General Takajo Aki once I’ve reached to our destination. Also, your cousin, Lieutenant General Yamamoto Sayaka was waiting on the foot of Mt. Fuji.”

“Well, the only thing that I should worry right now is Paruru.” Yuria said.

“See ya. And don’t die!” Then Rie pushed the accelerator really hard that made the accelerates quickly. After the car disappeared from the horizon, Yuria looked on the other side of the road. She looked below and slightly pulled her skirt up, showing the holster that was attached on her legs. Then she took two of it.

“Armageddon system. After I read all of its data. I don’t know if I will surprised or amazed.” Yuria merged the two Armageddon together. Then the green light from the end of the weapon rotated so that it aligned to the other light, then switched to red light signifying that it’s locked. Yuria heard an announcement from her earpiece.

Dual-force, Engage.

“Omega Adamantium. One of the strongest, indestructible alloys in existence. Churi, you made a fictional alloy into a reality eh. No wonder you are one of the most dangerous humans in the world. A bird with an ultra-high IQ. Well then…” Yuria rotated the two-sided Armageddon on the palm of her hand. Then she instantly skates away at the high speed that creates a shockwave within its wake.

“I’m coming, Paruru. Hold on.”

Yoshiwara Park, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 6:35 am

The fight leaves indescribable destruction to all of the surroundings. The buildings are ruined, the trees are burnt and covered by lava, glasses were shattered, and everything was thrown into chaos. However, the battle seems didn’t stop until one of them are down.

Haruka skidded away from the large pillar that generated below the ground. She saw her hand singed from the burn of the lava.

“Tsk, I can’t able to touch her. Her body was enveloped with magma. What’s more, is those pesky magma pillars are suddenly appeared below.” Then she heard multiple sound of falling objects.

“Don’t tell me. That’s Supervolcanic Shower!” She looked up on the sky. Via her clairaudience, she visualized the multiple large flaming ball falling above her.

“Zona di Frantumazione (Shattering Zone).” Haruka kicked the air that created the crack. Then she delivered another kick to the crack, which makes it bigger, and finally a dropkick.

“Forza di Frantumazione (Shattering Force).” As soon as her dropkick connected to the crack, it shatters violently that generates large-scale shockwave, much larger than Shattering Zone. The shockwave propagated to the incoming fireballs in the air at highspeed, destroying all of them upon the contact.

“If those things continuously fall, then this place is over.”

“Yo.” This made Haruka widen her eyes. As soon as she turned around, she saw a magma fist coming to her. Luckily, with her instinct, she blocked it using her Bo. However, that didn’t end as the latter delivers multiple magma-infused punch towards the blind girl, which Haruka continuously defended herself using her weapon. Her defense ended when a magma-infused underhook punch connected to Haruka’s abdomen, sending her flying and crashing to the building. Haruka was seen sitting on the rubbles while rubbing her abdomen.

Goddamn, it hurts. Even though these clothes are made in composite alloy, I can still feel the heat. Nevertheless, I should be thankful that this thing that I wear prevents Yuihan’s magma fist to make contact in my skin.

“縛道の六十三「鎖条鎖縛」[Bakudō no Rokujūsan:Sajō Sabaku: (Way of Binding #63: Locking Bondage Stripes)]” Before Haruka could stand, a white thick rope of pure yellow energy suddenly appeared out of nowhere and binds Haruka’s upper body, restraining her from moving.

“Shit.” Haruka tried to break it but even her monstrous strength can’t able to destroy the kido. Then she heard a footstep getting closer to her.

“My, my. Don’t struggle a lot. You could hurt yourself, you know?” She saw Otabe’s coming to her holding a spear and both of her hands are smoking.

“Damn you.” Haruka gritted her teeth.

“Hmm… I was wondering, of how your beautiful body is delicious. Maybe I should taste it.” Otabe licked her lips.

“Don’t you dare!” Haruka struggled more than usual. However, all of her efforts are vain. Otabe held her face and made her look straightly to her eyes.

“Such a beautiful creature.” Otabe forcefully kissed Haruka. Haruka tried to avoid Otabe’s forceful sensual attacks by turned her face away. Finally, the blind girl headbutted her, which makes Otabe back away for a while. She wiped her nose and saw a blood from her hand.

“Hahahahahahaha! I like you, Haruka. Let me be your lover in place of Yuihan.” Otabe placed her hands to Haruka’s cheek.

“Never!” Haruka used her head to slapped Otabe’s hand away.

“Then, I will make you mine. By force.” Otabe kicked Haruka’s abdomen, which were previously damaged by her magma underhook punch, so hard. Then she hugged Haruka from behind and slowly inserted her both hands inside of Haruka’s upper uniform then slowly rubs her hands on Haruka’s belly. This makes Haruka slowly weakened.

Oh shit. Otabe unconsciously used my weakness. I cannot… No…’ Despite all of her efforts to resist it, Haruka suddenly moaned from Otabe’s erotic touch.

“Oh my. Looks like your body gave in very easily from my touch.” Otabe erotically whispered from Haruka’s ears in husky voice.

Oh no body, you’re not helping. Don’t fall to my lust. Not now, not now.’ Haruka tried to contain her moan but fail as she moaned louder when Otabe’s hand crawled up to her breast and slowly played it.

“Now then, it’s time to taste your body.” Otabe said. Then slowly sniffed Haruka’s neck.

I can’t resist. My body is started to fall on my unwanted temptation. I’m sorry guys.’ Haruka closed her eyes.

“Who said giving up now? CANCER GENERAL SHIMAZAKI HARUKA~!!!” Someone shouted on her earpiece, that instantly makes Haruka opened her eyes. Luckily, Otabe was busy on violating Haruka’s body and didn’t hear that shout.

That voice.’ Unnoticed, a wheeled shoe suddenly appeared on Otabe’s left head. Then the shoe directly made contact on Otabe’s face and instantly, sent her crashing to the building. The impact was so powerful, that the building collapses and falls down, burying Otabe inside by the falling debris.

Weakened, Haruka fell her knees from the ground, trying to catch her breath from the torture. She looked up and saw her savior.

“Yuria~” Haruka said in husky voice.

“Hold on, I will destroy this.” Yuria lifted her feet above her head and quickly kicked downward, destroying the bakudo. This makes Haruka free from the restrains and uses her free hands to support herself. “You ok?”

“I’m fine now; let me buy me some time to get up. Thanks, Yuria.” Haruka weakenedly smiled at her.

“Don’t mention it.” Yuria said.

“But why did you come? I thought that…”

“Kitarie will do the mission; she will meet Akicha and Sayanee at the rendezvous location. She knew that you would need help. Especially this.”

“She also knew that your weakness is Yuihan’s erotic touch. Moreover, Yuihan’s weakness is your erotic touch. In short, both of you are each other’s weakness.” Yuria facepalmed.

“That Kitarie… Still, I’m grateful that you save me.” Suddenly, both of them felt a very dense spiritual aura that makes the whole surrounding shake, the leaves falling to the trees and the ground is shaking. Then a large pillar of magma burst out of the mountain of rubbles, turning them into molten rocks. Afterwards, Otabe appeared from the large pillar.

“Damn you, Yuria.” Otabe tightened her hold to the spear.

“Rest there, while I’m dealing with your girlfriend.” Yuria said and walked towards to Otabe. Then she stopped 10 meters to her.

“You angry now, Otabe?” Yuria teased her. Otabe replied with a fast magma-infused punch. However, it also replied with a fast kick, suspending the magma fist to the air using her foot. This makes Yuria smirked at her.

“You will pay for interrupting my dinner.” Otabe angrily said.

Yuria, while holding the fist, rotated the switch from the merged hilt, then pressed the second button and finally pressed the lock button. Yuria heard the announcement from her IRIS earpiece.

Input complete. Initializing form.

Yuria kicked Otabe away and rotated her Armageddon on her palm. Instantly after she held it, the Armaggedon transformed into a double plasma dual-edged sword. Then she rotated the switch of the two Armageddons holstered on her leg holsters and double pressed the second button.

Input complete. Charging initialized.

Yuria looked at Otabe with a smile then turned into a serious face.

“Let’s do this.”


To be Continued
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 11-E (13/01/16)
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Why did you hesitate on pressing that post button? hahaha
And I was like pausing that MMPR episode that I'm watching while checking the pasge if you already posted the chapter XD

Lame Story ahead!

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-A (13/03/12)
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Sorry for the late update.. Here it is.. ENJOY READING~!!!! XD XD XD


I can’t resist. My body is started to fall on my unwanted temptation. I’m sorry guys.’ Haruka closed her eyes.

“Who said giving up now? CANCER GENERAL SHIMAZAKI HARUKA~!!!” Someone shouted on her earpiece, that instantly makes Haruka opened her eyes. Luckily, Otabe was busy on violating Haruka’s body and didn’t hear that shout.


I'll give you a slap next week for letting Yuria interrupting Otabe. Seriously. hahaha

Lame Story ahead!

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-B (26/03/16)
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For the replies:

@Rinca: Hehehe, gomen. It's makes me think whether to press it or not.. XD XD XD
@allinone: Thank you for reading my fic. Please continue to read it. :)
@MaYukiIsLife: 'Daybreak' means twilight before sunrise. And thanks for reading.

Well, here it is.. ENJOY READING~!! :)


Phase B: Operation: Daybreak – Theta

“Me and Churi will go to Okinawa Network Control Center. That plase is also known as Ryukyu Network Control Center.”

Ryukyu Network Control Center, Cape Irizaki, Yonaguni, Okinawa, Japan; Monday, 6:25 am

The sun slowly rose up from the sea horizon. Sea gulls are appeared above the blue surface, some of them are flocking on the rocks of the shore while the others are flying beside the sea cliff. Above the cliff is a lighthouse that stood on the edge of the cape. This lighthouse is one of the major tourist spots in Yonaguni, Okinawa before the global pandemonium. Now the lighthouse was heavily surrounded by the electric-grid fences. Several soldiers are patrolling the cape. Tanks and armed helicopters are in standby, ready to deploy for any intruders who dare to trespass the restricted area. By this heavy defense, entering is highly impossible. Or so we thought…

One of the patrolling soldier noticed a small bird flying above the electric fence and perching on the top of the lighthouse’s lantern room. He thought that the small bird is not threatening so he didn’t mind and continued to patrol. The bird leaped on every corner while while looking on the whole surrounding. After finished monitoring, the small bird flew away from the lighthouse and passed above the electric-grid fence. After 10 minutes of flying, the small bird saw two silhouttes hiding on the shrubs and in prone position. The small bird dives down and perches on someone’s shoulder. The silhouette rubs the bird’s throat with its thumb which the bird replied it with its head rubbing back to the silhouette's thumb. The silhouette smiles at the bird’s playfulness then listens to the bird’s chirping.

“The swallow said that there are 20 unarmored soldiers, 10 armored soldiers, 10 tanks and 5 attack helicopters. The fence is powered by 20,000 volts of alternating current electricity. The only way to reach inside the area is via the 4-foot height electric gate. Oh and also, there are also 25 CCTV cameras and 15 hidden cameras. Not impossible, but very hard to enter without suspicion.”

“Well, not anymore. I’m going to switch the barrel and the calibre.” The girl pulled the bolt of the breech from her Denel NTW-20, then she spoke one of the commands.

“Silencer.” After that, she pushed the bolt and closed the breech. It followed by spark sounds coming from the gun. Then an announcement was heard from her IRIS.

Silencer mode, Engage.

Then she pulled a rectangular metal that slides from the magazine, revealing a PIN keypad. She pressed the number 879, and then she pushed the metal bar that sliding up back to the magazine that follows the announcement: Code locked. Then she pushed the magazine to the gun that follows the announcement.

Tranquilizer Cartridge, Loaded.

“Let’s do it.” She then looked at the scope of her rifle and calculated the variables.

“Number of total targets including personnels: 85. Range of targets: 250 meters. Angle of elevation to the targets: 12°. Wind temperature: 28° Celsius. Wind speed and direction: 13 km/h, northwest.” After all of the calculations, she fired her weapon.
The soldier felt a sting from his neck. Before he put his hand to the neck to check the sting, he felt sleepy and yawned. Then afterwards, he immediately dropped to the ground and slept deeply. The soldiear in mechanical armor saw his fellow soldiers consecutively fall down to the ground and sleep.

From the sniping ground. The girl encode another number: 367. Then she pushed the bar and the magazine to the gun.

Code locked. EMP Catridge, Loaded.

After that, she fired the new cartridge. The solider in mechanical armor heard a clanging sound from his armor. Then it followed by a distortion to the holographic display of his armor, then afterwards, the mechanical armor was completely shut down. However, that was not ended yet. The mechanical armors, tanks and helicopters, all being hit by an unknown source, are shut down due to the electromagnetic disruption.

From the sniping ground. The girl encode the last number: 526. Then she did the same before.

Code locked. Jammer Cartridge, Loaded.

From the security control room. An operator saw a monitor with black and white dot pixel patterns on display. The operator tries to fix it but it still shows the patterns. Then all of the monitors are one by one turned the display into a noise video, totally jammed the surveillance.

One of the soldiers from the mechanical armor went out and loaded his weapon. From his peripheral view, he saw a girl walking towards the gate, that was automatically opened. All of the remaining soldiers point their weapons to the trespassing person. The girl unclipped two hilts from her holster and set it up to her desired form. Then an announcement was heard from the IRIS.

Sword Mode. Input complete. Initializing form.

Instantly, the two hilts transformed into single-edged katana. After the soldiers saw the girl holding two swords, they started to shoot her. The girl casually parried all of the incoming bullets; some of it was sliced while the others are deflected away. The girl jumps above the gate while parrying all the bullets. After she landed to the ground, she immediately knocked down multiple soldiers one by one while evading the bullets. After the coast was clear, a swallow perched on her right shoulder.

“Pacific swallow, 13 cm passerine swallow that has blue back with browner wings and tail, a red face and throat, and dusky underparts. It breeds in tropical southern Asia and the islands in south Pacific. In addition, it is a fast flyer.” Suddenly, a door from a small house opened, revealing reinforcement soldiers. The girl prepares to fight them, when several bullets passed through her that slices the wind. The bullets hit the target, sending the reinforcement units knocked down.

“That’s a Knockout Cartridge. It can put a target into sleep by delivering an impact blow when the bullet makes contact. It has small similarities to Tranquilizer Cartridge.” The girl holding a sniper walks toward the other girl from behind.

“Churi, can you please refrain from fangirling from the birds, especially at this situation.” The girl complained.

“Sorry for that, Mayu-san. I can’t help it. This bird is too cute to ignore.” Akane rubs her thumb to swallow’s throat. The bird replied with a happy chirp, which made Akane squealed from the cuteness.

“Ok, that’s enough. Let’s get this mission done. We still have things to do after this.” Mayu pulled the bolt. “Automatic.” She pushed the bolt back.

Automatic mode, Engage.

The two raids the control center, which was below the lighthouse and the small house beside it is the entrance. After they reach to the main operation control room, Mayu and Akane went to the respective computer to activate the network system. Then Akane announced the activation to her IRIS.

“Ryukyu Network Server, network system online.”

Yoshiwara Park, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 6:45 am

Swordstaff Mode. Input complete, Initializing form.

“Bring it on.” Yuria teased Otabe. Otabe replied by charging at Yuria, delivering a magma-infused kick. Yuria replied the kick with a roundhouse kick. The clash creates a large spark followed by an intense shockwave that sends large debris flying. Yuria release a force from her kick causing Otabe to be pushed backward and skidded away.

Yokoyama Yui’s Magma Mimicry, the power to transform her body into molten stone or magma. I really hate that ability; it makes my kicks pass through her. She’s like that Akainu that I’ve always watch and read from One Piece. Adding Magma Manipulation to her arsenal makes this fight difficult to finish.’ Yuria raised her right foot. Then the wheels from the skates started to slowly accelerates the rotational speed. The ultra-high speed of the rotation, creates the vortex from each wheel.

“Förkrossande Slag (Crushing Blow)” Yuria instantly disappeared from Otabe’s sight and reappeared behind her, which the latter surprised. Otabe immediately jumps forward and rolls as Yuria slams her foot to the ground, causing it to uplift the ground from the earth. The inner demon saw the effect, a 250-meter radius of crater appeared with Yuria stood on the center.

“I’m amazed the destruction you have caused. How about joining to our league, your powers will be an asset to our cause.” Otabe asked.

“No thanks. Maybe I possessed a much destructive power, but I will use its destructive capability to protect my friends, families, my country and the world. Rather than joining to the side where destruction, calamity and madness is all matters.” Yuria said.

“Very well then, I respect your decistion. By your answer, you will die by my hands. Your friend’s hands.” Otabe slammed her fist to the ground.

“чысцец прагарыны [čysciec praharyny (Purgatory Burnout)]” Suddenly, the whole ground shook, then a massive column of lava erupted from the ground that almost hit Yuria if she didn’t saw a burning ground below her. However, that didn’t stop as several column of lava erupt from where she stood but she continuously dodge many of it. One of it managed to graze her skin.

Itai~!!!’ Even though she’s hurt, the magma didn’t stop to erupt. When one of the lava column erupted below her, she sidestepped for a while and letting the pillar of lava appeared. Then she stomped the side of pillar to gain speed. Instantly, she appeared already in front of Otabe and swung her swordstaff. Otabe parried it using her spear. Yuria delivered series of high-speed sword slashes while Otabe replied it with series of high-speed spear slashes. They continuously parried each other attacks while sparks appeared because of clash of their weapons.

Otabe separates her spear into twelve segments with chains connected each segment. She used the segmented spear as whip and swung it to Yuria. Yuria dashed backwards, dodging the spear and letting it slammed to the ground. However, the segmented spear swung upward and encircled Yuria’s foot and managed to capture her. Then Otabe swung her spear down, sending Yuria crashing to the ground. That didn’t stop as Otabe swung it left to right that Yuria continuously being slammed and crashed to the ground.


On the other side, Haruka, who was still recovering from the torture, watches the fight. Suddenly…

I think Yuria’s in danger. She maybe powerful, but she can’t able to hold on against Otabe.

How? I’m still in disadvantage to fight her.

I think it’s my time to shine. Am I right?

Wait, what? But…

And besides, that weakness is only applied to you, not me. So let me fight her. Also, only inner demons are capable to fight with another inner demon on equal grounds.

I don’t have any choice right? Then I will let you do this, on one condition.

And that is?

Please. Save Yuihan.

Don’t worry. I will do it.

Then let’s do it.


Mount Fuji, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 7:00 am

The Koenigsegg CCXR Edition stopped near the bricked wall. Rie saw the girl waiting for her and slowly walking towards to her.

“You’re late, Kitarie.” The girl was completely not amused.

“Gomen ne, Sayanee. You already saw the pillar of flames right?” Rie asked.

“Yuihan’s fiery magma pillars. More reason that Yuria was not coming with you.”

“How’s the Control Center?”

“Akicha is on the Control Center right now. Right now, I’m currently preventing any enemies to set foot on Fujinomiya Trails.” Sayaka saw an incoming armored vehicle. She threw several cards that hit on the armored vehicle’s wheel and destroying it, stopping it from going further. Then she saw a tank positioning the cannon.

“Shit.” Sayaka prepared to throw another card. However, Rie summoned armor-piercing swords and throws it to the tank, one of it going through the mouth of the cannon. The cannon backfired, making the tank self-destruct. They saw three helicopters above them. Rie immediately summoned array of swords and fired all of it to the helicopters, destroying the tail and sending all of them crashed to the ground. Sayaka summoned cards from her hand and threw it at high speed, hitting all the long-ranged snipers.

After the long time of defending, they finally heard Aki’s announcement from their IRIS.

Honshu-Kanto Network Server, network system online.

Yoshiwara Park, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 7:16 am
A figure crashed down to the ground, revealing Yuria lying to the debris. She saw Otabe coming towards her.

‘Shit, I never thought that this inner demon is too strong.’ Otabe stood in front of her.

“This is the end.” Otabe raised her arm that transformed into magma arm. Yuria closed her eyes, preparing for her end. Then…

Eh?’ Yuria didn’t feel any contact from the magma nor any heat or burn. As soon as she slowly opened her eyes, she was amazed from what she saw. Another hand, who held on her arm, stopped Otabe’s magma fist.

“What the hell? Another intrusion? Who the hell are… YOU?!?!” Both Otabe and Yuria widened their eyes while looking at the source of the hand.

“Hello.” The figure smiled at her.

“Haruka?” Otabe asked.

“Haruka ja nai. Fumie da yo.” She kicked Otabe’s belly that sent her crashing to the mountain pile of debris. Fumie offered her hands to Yuria, which the latter reached it, allowing her to stand with help.

“Fumie? You’re Haruka’s inner demon?” Yuria asked.

“Yup, I’m her inner demon. A compassionate and soft-hearted inner demon, Fumie-desu.” The girl introduced to Yuria.

“Why are you here?”

“Inner demons are capable to fight another inner demon on equal grounds. It’s because our strength and power are one-step ahead of yours. You may have Limit Break that we not possess, a technique that grants you to access the remaining 50% of your capabilities, but we still able to fight you even activating it.” Fumie explained.

“Oh I see. How you could able to hold Otabe’s magma arms without your hands getting burnt?”

“Ever heard the technique “Reigai [霊鎧 (Spirit Armor)]?” Fumie raised her eyebrow.

“Oh shit, I completely forgot about that.” This makes Fumie sighed.

“Next time you should prepare. By the way, I think you should called her.”

“Why?” Yuria asked.

“Because even though inner demons can par with another demon. A spell enhanced inner demon is a different matter. We need two inner demons to deal with her.” Fumie suggested.

She’s right. You already have no chance against her. Even Fumie can’t able to hold her for a long time.

“Ok then. Let’s do it. I leave this to you, my inner demon. Good luck.” Yuria smiled then she closed her eyes.


Fumie saw Otabe standing several meters away, this time with angry face.

“Damn you.” Otabe said in more annoyance.

“Well then, are you ready? What’s your name, Yuria’s inner demon?” Fumie asked. Yuria’s eyes slowly opened. Instead of brown-colored iris, Yuria’s iris turned into regal blue, similar to Fumie’s iris. Then she posed with peace-sign hand beside her winked eyes.

“Me? I’m Peace, a playful and cheerful inner demon.” Peace saw the two clipped Armageddon with green light on. Then she picked the swordstaff that was stabbed on the ground.

Looks like you've unconsciously prepared for this, Yuria.’ Peace smiled.


To be continued
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-C (27/05/16)
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Sorry for the late. Here's the update. ENJOY READING~!!!! :3


Phase H: Operation: Daybreak – Lambda

Myao-chan, Acchan and Erika-san will go to Hokkaido Control Network Center.

Hokkaido Network Control Center, Mount Rishiri, Hokkaido, Japan; Monday, 7:00 am

The next control center is somehow near impossible to reach due to the large trees that cover the structure and its location is somewhere near the base of the mountains. Several CCTV cameras where hiding in the dark area of the forest and soldiers patrolling the area.

One of the soldier saw a girl walking towards the building. He then points the gun to the girl which the she raised both of her hands.

“Although I don’t think that would be work. Am I right, soldier-san?” She smiled at him. The soldier fires the gun without any hesitation. However, none of the bullets reached to her and instead, those bullets disappeared into dust.

“You’re wondering why those bullets can’t able to hit me? It’s because of this.” The girl waved her hands and in an instant, the gun sliced into many four pieces, surprising the soldier. Then he pulled the pistol from his holster.

“Oh no. You don’t.” The girl restracted her arms like she’s pulling something. Then the soldier felt that he’s being pulled to her. Once the soldier is in her range, the girl punched his face so hard that knocks him out.

Really? Like that?” The girl noticed her companions appeared from the shadows.

“You could say that you have carbon-titanium monomolecular razor wires, Myao-chan. In addition, you have the ability to manipulate strings and wires.” The girl with sword said.

“As if that they will able to comprehend that.” Miho pouted. The security alarm sounds, signifying that the intruders were being found.

“As expected to the Hokkaido’s Northern Army. Their response is something that we shouldn’t joke. Aren’t we, Erika?” Miho said.

“As much as I want to thank you for your praise. I think we should move now.” They saw sentry guns appeared from each hole of the turret. Then the guns fired simultaneously. Atsuko went behind of Miho while Erika unsheathed her long nodachi and executed multiple slashes in split seconds, slicing all the incoming bullets. Miho clasped her hands then separated it, revealing multiple white lines connected from each of her hands. Then she waved her hand, which the wires moved at high-speed and sliced all of the bullets. Miho waved both of her hands downward, slicing the turrets vertically into two.

“Angrebsstryke Kategori #01: Slangebøsse (Assault force Category #01: Slingshot)”

“神鳴流「奥義、斬空閃」(Shinmeiryuu “Ougi”: Zankuusen, Gods’ Cry Technique: Air-cleaving Flash)” Erika’s swing fired bladed-shockwave, destroying the metallic gate upon the contact. When the gate was destroyed, two tanks appeared in front of them and preparing to fire. Atsuko went in front of her sister as both of her hands are on fire.

Φωτιά Τοίχο: Επιθετικός Φόρμα (Fo̱tiá Toícho: Epithetikós Fórma, [Firewall: Offensive Form)” Atsuko swung both of her hands downward, firing a wall of fire that move at the high speed; destroying the tanks before any chance of firing its cannon. Upon entering the restricted area, multitude of machine guns appeared from all direction and firing all at them.

“Avantgarde Kategori #70: Størknede Fuglegitter (Vanguard Category #70: Solidified Screen)” Miho flicked her fingers. Then a mesh of wires surrounds the girls, shielding them from the ambush.

Erika disappeared from their sight. After 3 seconds, she appeared beside Atsuko with her sword partially unsheathed. When she completely sheathing back her sword, the patrolling soldiers are knocked out, their weapons are sliced into four. Even the sentry guns, turrets and cameras are divided into two.

That’s my sister. No wonder you’re being called as ‘Queen of Blades’.’ Atsuko thought. She gestured them to raid now the area.

When they reached to the control room, Atsuko replaced the CPU board with their own board. Then she nodded at Miho, signifying that it’s time to activate the system.

“Level 6 security system eh. This is the highest level of security that I’ve ever seen. No worries.” After 30 seconds, Miho cracked the firewall security.

After a couple of minutes, Miho gestured Erika with OK-sign. Then Erika mentally switched her IRIS in communication mode.

“Hokkaido control network server, network system online.”

Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 7:10 am

The fight escalated further when whole city turned into their battleground. Most of the structures are completely obliterated; roads are destroyed; in short, everything is in total chaos.

“Tsk. This is harder than I thought, Fumie.” Peace said in frustration. She’s currently leaning behind the building, trying to make some distance from the intense fight. She saw a dragon-liked magma pillar appeared several meters on her side, trying to get Fumie who was currently in midair.

“Burst blaster.” A large beam of energy appeared, passing in front of Fumie and destroying the dragon-liked magma before it reaches her. Fumie saw Peace holding the Armageddon with smoke coming from the mouth of the hilt. Then she clipped it to her holster. Peace unclipped the other one and merged the two Armageddons together.

Dual-force, Engage.

“Moonblade.” Peace rotated the switch from the left side and selected the Dual-bladed Polearm Mode. Then she pressed the second button.

Moonblade mode. Input complete. Initializing form.

The hilt transformed into a large polearm weapon, with dual-bladed scythes on each end. Each scythe has the   side of the blade larger than the other side, that makes it shape look like ‘S’. Peace rotates it from her hand and then holds it.

“Yup. Even with the two inner demons like us, can’t still able to defeat her.” Fumie’s regal blue eyes staring to the horizon. They saw Otabe slowly walking towards them.

“What’s the matter? Even your inner demons, still can’t able to defeat me? This is too boring.” Otabe slam her spear to the ground.

“Расплаўлены Шипы (Rasplaŭlieny Šipy, Molten Spikes)” A thorns of molten rocks erupted from the ground. The eruption moves at high speed, that it rapidly approach Peace and Fumie. The two girls kicked the ground so hard that created a small crack of crater to the road. That kick made them disappear that the spike passes without hitting them.

“Tsk, they evade that.” Otabe saw the two inner demons gliding on the midair. “Then.” Like the two, Otabe kicked the ground and instantly appeared in front of them, surprised Fumie and Peace. Yokoyama Yui and her inner demon may be lack of speed, as Jurina who’s the slowest shunpo user, is hundred times faster than her, she can compensate it with the strength of her legs, thus she can able to catch up for the likes of Yuria and Haruka.

Otabe infused her spear with molten rocks then instantly swing it to the two. Fumie flash-stepped, dodging the spear. Peace instead used both of her foot to block it, but the force of the swing sent her crash to the building. However, before Otabe can react, Peace suddenly appeared behind and spinning kicked her, sending her flying. Then Fumie appeared above Otabe and smashing her Bo, which send her to the ground. The impact was so strong that it created the shockwave, enough to make the heavy debris around fly.

Peace kicked the midair, creating the shockwave on its wake, and dashing towards the crash site. Fumie did the same. As about to hit their target, a metal clashing sound was heard. When the smoke was cleared, they saw Otabe holding two spears, blocking their respective attacks.

Two spears, that means…

Bring it on, Otabe.’ Peace smirked.

“My patience has growing thin now. I’m going to send you all to hell.” Suddenly, Otabe’s aura flunctuated at alarming rate that makes the whole area shaking. Then Otabe swung her two spears to the Fumie and Peace, which the two parried her weapons. Peace and Fumie swung the moonblade and Bo respectively in high-speed, but Otabe can still parried them. Then the three engage in high-speed fight, lighting the whole area from the sparks created from the clash of their weapons.

Otabe kicked with her magma foot that sent the two away, skidding on the ground. Then she kicked the ground, allowing her to dash towards them. She coated her fist with magma and ready to punch Fumie. Fumie cannot able to prepare herself to defend due to the short instances despite that she’s faster than Yuihan.

霊鎧 (Reigai, Spirit Armor)’ Otabe’s magma fist hits on Fumie’s chest. However, before she retracts it, Fumie holds Otabe’s hand despite that it still covered with magma. With her free hand, she put on Otabe’s abdomen in fist.

“Usually, only Yuihan, Paruru and some humans skilled in martial arts can able to do this. The main requirements of this are calm mind, patience and focus. Fortunately, Paruru taught me this since I’ve met those requirements. Now then, I’ve made some variations of this skill, let’s try this. Shall we?” Otabe tried to get away. However, Fumie holds Otabe’s magma hand tighter while her fist is still on her abdomen.

“Shit. Get away!” Otabe struggled, using her free hand to punch Fumie while increasing the temperature of her left hand. However, Fumie endured all the torture she received and still holding Otabe’s hand despite that the magma’s heat already bypassed her reigai-coated hand.

“One-inch punch: Radial explosion.” Fumie instantly pushed her fist against Otabe’s abdomen. The force of the punch was so powerful that the aftershock was generated from Otabe’s back. Due to the exploding impact from the fist, Otabe was propelled at high speed. However, before she will flying further, when in slow motion, Peace appeared from behind.

“Meteorenstorm (Meteor Storm)" Peace unleashes barrage of kicks at blinding speed to Otabe. After that, she ends it with high-speed roundhouse kick, sending Otabe across several buildings. Then she went to Fumie.

“You all right? You’ve taking that risk, receiving Otabe’s magma fist just to punch her at point-blank range.” Peace said as she saw Fumie’s left hand covered with burns.

“I’m fine. We should focus of finishing this as soon as possible. As of now, four control centers are now in operational. Only Kansai and Tohoku Network Control Center left.”

“Ne, you still remember about what Mayu-chan said before this operation started?” Peace asked.

“You mean of turning the brainwashed inner demons back to normal? Yup, I remembered it. And I know just the way of how to do that.” Fumie smiled.

“You do?” Peace looked at her with curious face.

“Yup. Just leave that to me. All you have to do is to support me.” Fumie walked to Otabe.

Nezumi discussed about how to revert the brainwashed inner demons back to normal. Since the process of Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell is to let the inner demon use the body then using the magic chains to brainwash them, the only way to bring them back to normal is…

Honshu-Chugoku Network Control Center, Awaji Kaikyo, Awaji, Hyogo, Japan; Monday, 7:20 am

“Tsk, I’ve never thought that they are here. This is harder than I thought.” Jurina said while riding on the water like wave surfing. They almost reached to the control center, which was located on the strait near the Awaji Kaikyo Bridge, until an unexpected hindrance appeared. Not the patrol soldiers that obstructed their mission though; it was other than Lieutenant Colonel Ishida Anna and Colonel Oba Mina.

While riding through waves, Jurina saw energy beams firing from the shores. She butterfly-flipped to avoid most of them.

“Time to make some snowman.” Jurina flipped again, creating a giant wave. She put her right index finger on the water, which later the wave she created turned into ice. Then the freezed wave blocks all the incoming energy beams.

“Tsk. Hang on there, Rena. I’m coming for you.”

On the port of Akashi strait, Rena was currently fighting Colonel Oba Mina. While defending herself against Mina’s aggressive melee attacks, she saw Lieutenant Colonel Ishida Anna standing on the floating dock and firing her energy-charged pistols while laughing maniacally.

“Yo, Rena-senpai. You shouldn’t look away while fighting someone right? What a bad general we have here.” Rena quickly switched her glance to Mina and instantly blocked a high-speed thrust.

Minarun’s using a photon-bladed spear, despite that less powerful than Yuihan, she still a dangerous opponent in her own right. Adding with a magically empowered, brainwashed inner demon, I shouldn’t underestimate her. However…

“Gomen ne, Minarun. I’m worried to Jurina that she might get sick or something that makes me concern. So much that this fight is less important than my concern to her. You know that she’s still young right?” Rena calmly said.

“Why you?! Don’t mock me!” Mina shouted.

Oh god. I just flicked the wrong switch.’ Rena felt the pressure as Mina’s charging at her with blind rage. Despite of that, she’s calmly parried all of the spear thrusts. She saw Mina rotated her spear then tried to thrust at her. Rena flash-stepped away to avoid it and instead the rotated spear hits the ground.

Hmmm. Yuihan’s technique eh, what a copycat we have here.’ Rena smirked. She saw Mina instantly appeared in front of her with the spear is already several inches from her face. Rena sighed as she took a glance to her left.

“Why are you here, tsundere queen?” Suddenly, a glove-covered left hand appeared beside her and does a finger snapping. Then a burst of flame explodes right in front of Mina that sending her across the port, crashing through the shipping container.

“Cause we’re the reinforcement? And no thanks?” The girl went to beside her.

“Why should I thank you?” Rena raised her eyebrow.

“Stubborn general here.” The girl whispered.

“What did you say?”

“Ah, nothing. By the way, Sasshi is already inside the control center.” The girl reported.

“Since that you’re here, take care of her. I’ll deal with Annya.” Rena ordered.

“Yes, General Matsui Rena.” Rena revealed her silver-gray wings from her back. Then she flapped her wings to take-off and fly away, disappearing from their sight. The girl saw Mina appeared from the destroyed container.

“Aika!” Mina said with the hint of anger from her voice.

“This is 2nd Lieutenant Ota Aika speaking, are you there Sasshi?” Aika called from her IRIS.

“I’m right here from the main control, give me 1 hour. I’m currently busy dealing with these guys.” She heard gunshots and metal clashing sound.

“Be careful.” Aika disconnect the call. She tightened her gloves while a spark appeared from her right hand. Mina appeared beside her and prepared to thrust her spear. Aika parried it by delivering right spinning kick to the spear. Then a gust of wind appeared right after the spinning kick, sending the inner demon skidding away. With a singe step that creates a wind upon her wake, Aika appeared in front of her and sending right hand-punch Mina. During the contact of her gloves to Mina’s face, a static electricity discharges from her gloves that electrocute the latter. Then she push the punch to her, sending the inner demon again crash to the containers. 

Blaze Transmutation Circle on left hand: check. Lightning Transmutation Circle on right hand: check. Storm Transmutation Circle on both legs: all check. Ok, now time to finish this.’ With her single step and the activation of the transmutation circle from her legs, Aika dashed forward. During her mid-dash, a thrusting spear appeared from the smoke. Aika tilted her body to the right, causing the spear passes beside her head.

“What the hell?” Mina saw Aika already below her. Before she could react, Aika delivered a lower spinning sweep kick to Mina’s foot, causing her to trip. While she’s in the midair, Aika then lifts her feet in the air while using both of her hands as stand then spins her body. Her three transmutation circles suddenly sparked.

“Infernale Tempesta (Infernal Storm)” Her spin creates an electric-charged blazing tornado. Her left and right hand continuously generate flame and electricity respectively due to the friction of the air while her legs generate a gust of wind due to the large momentum, to carry the flame and electricity. The spinning of her body allowing the wind to rotate around her, thus creating a large tornado with fire and lightning combined. Mina didn’t able to react and thus already caught by the blazing tornado. Aika appeared several meters from the tornado and walked away. After a while, the tornado finally dissipated, revealing Mina covered with burnt clothes and burnt injuries. Then a body crashed onto her, putting the two unconscious.

Aika saw a white vertical line appeared in front of her.

That’s Planescape Divider if I’m correct. Then it means…’ Aika saw Sashihara Rino appeared from the white vertical line. Rino saw Aika and giving her a thumb’s up while smiling.

“Done. The Control Center is fully operational, although I didn’t announce it yet. Where’s Rena and Jurina?” After Rino asked, Rena landed beside them while holding Jurina.

“We’re here.” Jurina said. She put her chains to her holster.

“We need to restrain Minarun and Annya before they’ll wake up.” Rena said. Her gray wings still unfurled from her back.

“I’m on it.” Jurina pulled out a chain from her slingbag. Then she went to Mina and Anna to chain them. Rino activated the communication mode of her IRIS.

“Honshu-Chugoku control network server, network system online.”

Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 7:30 am

Peace went to the crash site. Her eyebrows raised when she found nothing.

“Huh? Where did Otabe go?” She felt a shockwave coming from below. Peace instantly sidestepped, avoiding an eruption of magma.

“I’m right here.” Otabe appeared behind her and attempting to backstab her. Unfortunately, Peace blocked the attack by putting her Moonblade-form Armageddon behind her.

Now, Peace! Initiate the plan!’ Yuria shouted from their mind.

I know, Yuria!

“Meteorenstorm (Meteor Storm)” Peace unleashed a barrage of high-speed sidekicks to Otabe. Otabe already analyzed the technique after Peace used it to her once and successfully blocked all the kicks.

“That technique again? You know that using again the same technique will not work again.” After the last word she said. Otabe hold Peace’s right leg, which is her last kick.

“Oh you didn’t know right? As far as you know. There are some techniques that can work twice or many times. After all there are plentiful of surprises.” Peace smirked.

“Which is?” Otabe airheadedly asked.

“This.” While her leg was being held, Peace jumped and used her left leg to kick Otabe’s head. Otabe didn’t expect the attack coming out of nowhere. Despite being thrown in midair, she still holding Peace’s right leg.

“While our attacks were successfully initiated, we can finish it with devastating attack. On the other, if we cancelled our attacks or our attacks were being reflected, held, parried, blocked by someone or something. Only she can able to do this."


“In terms of this. Only me, can able to initiate this, high-speed cancellation counterattacks.” Yuria backflipped in the midair so that her held right leg was set free. Suddenly, a ripple of waves appeared on Yuria’s foot.

“Chain Cancellation.” Then she flash-stepped and appeared below Otabe. “Turbocharger system: Activate.”

“Hypersonisk Regnskur (Hypersonic Rainstorm)” With a push to the ground and the activation of the her skate’s turbo system, Yuria unleashed a double-legged barrage of kicks at hypersonic speed, so fast that Yuria’s feet can no longer be seen and only leaving jet streams and streams of light resulting from the turbocharger’s ignition. Otabe can’t able to dodge nor block any hits; even her magma can’t able to protect her from Gatling barrage of assault.

Hypersonic Rainstorm. Yuria uses turbocharger booster to enhance the force and speed of her kicks. Yuria’s speed in conjunction with her turbocharged skate; she can able release 300 kicks per second. That’s faster than Meteor Storm. I wonder how many kicks she could release if she’ll use Sleipnir.’ Peace thought.

Yuria concluded her technique by delivering high-speed dropkick to Otabe, sending her upward. “Now, Fumie. What’s your move now?”

When she reached 100 meters above the ground, Fumie appeared in front of her, holding her before being thrown further to the stratosphere.

“I have a special gift for you.” Fumie did something that made Otabe widened her eyes. Yuria, who was watching from the ground, also widened her eyes and her jaw dropped.

Really, Fumie?’ Yuria and Peace thought simultaneously.

Fumie cupped Otabe’s chin then to her cheek, afterwards she slowly kissed her. She retracted herself while smiling her, and then she moved her lips as if she’s talking silently. Otabe’s priceless reaction made Yuria giggled. Afterwards, Fumie kicked Otabe, sending her crashing to the ground.

Yuria saw Fumie landed beside her.

“So that’s the plan. I wonder if that will work.” Yuria said.

“Trust me, this will work.” Suddenly, they saw an explosion where Otabe crashed. Then they saw her fuming with anger.

“Yup, it’s working. Then, what we will going to do?” Yuria picked her Armageddon that stricken to the ground.

“We wait.” Fumie calmly asked.

“HAH?” Yuria raised her voice.

“We will do nothing and wait here. Trust me, something will happen.” Fumie divided her metallic stick into two then put it on her stick holster.

“I hope your right. My god, standing here while doing nothing is like kissing this world goodbye.” Yuria deactivated her Armageddon and clipped it on her belt. They saw Otabe coated both of her arms heavily with magma. The coating was so thick that makes her arm very large.

“Here goes for nothing.” Yuria said. Otabe charged at them like a bull. While running, she leaved trails of magma on her wake. The rock and metallic debris on her surroundings melted like a lava, indicating the temperature surpasses the temperature of the Earth’s core. Suddenly…

Here it comes.’ Peace thought. She felt something’s coming.

The real fight starts.’ Fumie said. She also felt it.

As soon as Otabe readied to throw an overheating punch, it suddenly stopped by an unknown force.

“What the hell? Who the hell stop…” Otabe didn’t finished her statement.

“Limit Break: Hatsudou (Activate)” A surge of energy slaps on Otabe that slightly pushes her backwards.

Wait, Limit Break? What do you mean…’ Before she raised her overlarge, magma arms to look in front of her, a palm appeared in front of her.

“Муспелльсхейма Гіпервыбух (Muspielĺschiejma Hipiervybuch, Muspelheim Hyperburst)” Suddenly a stream of molten materials burst out from the palm, blasting through Otabe. Otabe tried to block it using her overlarge, magma arms. Unfortunately, her magma arms slowly started to evaporate.

What the hell? My magma-coated arms are evaporating?’ She felt her sweat flowing from her skin.

My sweats increase dramatically. I can’t endure the heat, my skin will burn from this.’ Otabe jumped away from the firing zone. The eruption stopped, leaving only a stream of molten materials flowing to the ground.

What the hell is that thing? It doesn’t look like molten rocks or minerals. The molten substance is highly viscious for such rocks. Wait a second.

“The chemical element with the highest melting point is tungsten. At standard pressure, the melting point is 3687 kelvin. Now the question is, what if I increase the pressure exponentially? Up to 500 gigapascal. Maybe it can also able to increase the melting point. By approximate calculation, the melting point is 1.09 million kelvin.”

No wonder why I can’t able to endure the eruption. Instead rocks, a high-pressurized molten metal.

“Who are you?!” Otabe asked. She saw the silhouette slowly approaching her. The silhouette remembered the first words after being awakened.

Wake up, sleeping beauty.

“Thanks for that, Fumie. You used my weakness to wake me up. What’s more, I can still feel and taste Haruka’s lips even in my inner world.”

“You. Yokoyama Yui!” Otabe said.

The only way to bring them back to normal is to awake the original inside the inner world, no matter how it takes, as they are the only ones that can able to destroy the shackle bracelets worn by the inner demons. Those shackle bracelets are the strings that control the inner demons, while the puppeteers are the one who initiate the Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell. That’s how the spell works, first they knockout the original and putting them in eternal slumber state, then they put the shackles to the inner demon, making them a living puppet.

“Now then. It’s time to set you free from that chain, Otabe.”


To be continued.

The next update will be the conclusion of Battle of Fuji and the Reclamation of Japan.
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-D Part 1 (07/09/16)
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Sorry for the late update guys.. Here it is now.. ENJOY READING~!!!!!!!


Phase D: Operation: Daybreak – Sigma

Part 1

Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 7:40 am

“Is it started?” Yuria asked.

“Yes. Apparently, Yuihan was already wake up and pulled Otabe back to her inner world.” Fumie stated. They saw Otabe standing while her fist, now without magma coating, still in the midair. Fumie catches Yui’s body before it lands to the ground.

“Well, I hope that Yuihan win this and reclaim her body. A brainwashed inner demon is totally a monster.” Yuria said. Fumie nodded in agreement.

“Let’s go with the others.”

Yokoyama Yui’s inner world

Yui deactivate her Limit Break while looking at Otabe.

“I can still feel Haruka’s lips even that I didn’t control my body.” Yui draws her finger to her lips while reminiscing the memory.

“Yokoyama Yui.” Otabe gritted her teeth while angrily looking at her. Yui snapped her imagination and calmly looking at her.

Those bracelets. I need to destroy those things. However, it’s very difficult to approach her without preparing a counterattack. A brainwashed inner demon is twice or trice more powerful than an average inner demon. Limit Break is a very possible option. However, I can’t use it for a long time, much that I can’t activate it twice since I don’t have a training to master it. A Limit Break Technique-delayed Chain Cancellation may be a highly possible option that I can’t think of. However, most of my techniques are straightforward one shot and has zero timing to cancel.’ Yui pulled out her two-segmented spear. She looked at Otabe with smug face despite the latter roaring with anger.

With one kick to the ground, Yui instantly appeared right in front of the inner demon and initiated spearthrust. Otabe delivered uppercut to the spear, causing Yui to stagger, then she spinned around behind Yui and going for a rough slash. Despite being staggered, Yui used her unbalanced momentum to put her spear behind her, blocking the incoming spear slash. Using the spear as her leverage, Yui backflip around Otabe and delivered downward dropkick. Because of the kick, a crack formed from where the inner demon stands.

Using the counterforce from the kick, Yui tried to leap away. However, a hand suddenly held her leg. Then Otabe smashed Yui to the ground like a baseball bat consecutively. After that, she threw her with full strength which leaving a sonic boom upon the launch. While being thrown at supersonic speed, Yui’s body hit several building and finally crashed down to the street ground.

“You made a terrible mistake of pulling me back to the inner world, Yui. This time, I’m going to put you to sleep, for eternity.”

Yui suddenly got up from the ground and went to the nearest building to rest for a short time, while Otabe was still far away.

I can see that she has too many openings. So many that I can able to speedblitz to her. However, it doesn’t mean that she willn’t fight back. No wonder of her fighting style.’ She saw the building behind her melts into molten rock so she jumped to the rooftop of other building.

She’s more on defense and can able to initate counterattack while being hit. Totally opposite to my fighting style.’ In an instant, Otabe appeared behind her and readied her feet to kick her. Yui already anticipate that, stomping Otabe’s feet upon swinging it to her. Then Otabe delivered a hook punch to Yui’s face. Yui’s fighting style is more on total offense and she knew that she couldn’t win if she will continue to use her style.

However, it doesn’t mean that I’m in total disadvantage now.’ Otabe channeled all of her strength directly to her right fist and delivered a high-speed straight punch. Yui slapped the right arm, redirecting the punch away to her then delivered a very low sweep kick that trips the inner demon, sending her in the midair. Then Yui lift her left foot above her head and instantly release an axe kick, sending Otabe below the ground and the force is so powerful that whole ground where they stand folds itself. Yui jumped away to avoid falling to the abyss.

Finally. I can manage to have some space even for a while.’ Yui winded her breath while looking at the large fault. Then she let herself falling to the ground.

Sooner or later, she will come. Right now, I need to think some contingency plans.’ When she took her last breath, suddenly a hand appeared below the ground and caught her neck, slowly choking her.

“Do you ever think that will knock me out? Think again.” Otabe smirked. She tightened her hand to Yui’s neck.

“GAH!” Yui coughed from the intense choke. ‘What the hell? She instantly appeared from below. I’m not still prepared yet!’ She tried to struggle.

“It’s fruitless. Your struggle will go nowhere. Why won’t you accept that you’re weak and you can’t win?” Otabe asked. Then she saw Yui didn’t struggle and smile that made her little surprise.

“I already accept of being weak. You know why. Because I fear that, I’m going to hurt someone for being strong. And because of this, I’m not strong enough to protect and save you, Otabe.” Yui slowly raised her hand and held Otabe’s face, startling the inner demon.

Otabe gritted her teeth then tightened her right fist while being coated by magma. “Fool.” Then she tightened further her hold to Yui’s neck. She raised the magma arm. “Begone.” Then she threw now the magma punch to Yui.

Matsuda, Kanagawa, Japan; Monday 8:45 am

A Lexus RC F rides along the long road of Tomei Expressway with moving at the top speed of 170 mph. Fumie drives the car while Yuria watching the still unconscious Yui. Their trip to Prime Minister’s Official Residence has no interruption, due that the most of the cars in the expressway are beside the railings.

“I wonder what happened to the people right now. I can’t see them everywhere.” Yuria said.

“Due to the sudden surface of their inner demon, most of them are hiding like a wild animal. Some are brawling to each other as you saw 10 minutes ago. After the activation of the shield, expect about ten millions of casualties, thousands of deaths and trillion yens of property damage. Of course, that excludes the near-completely leveled Fuji city.” Fumie explained. Suddenly, she stepped the brake so hard, causing the tire skidding on the road before going to complete stop.

Fumie?’ Haruka said on her mind.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Fumie opened the front seat’s door.

“Eh? What’s the matter?” Yuria asked.

Oh shit. This is not possible.’ Peace said on Yuria’s mind.

“Peace? What’s happening?” Yuria and Haruka are now confused on their inner demons’ blabbering. Fumie opened the back seat’s door and slowly pulled Yui out then put her lying on the ground. Yuria and Fumie’s eyes are now widened. They’re horrified as they saw a blood coming from Yui’s mouth.

“Oi, Yuihan! Hold on!” Fumie shook Yui’s body. In an instant, Peace switched in to control Yuria’s body. Then put her two fingers on Yui’s pulse.

“Her pulse is getting weaker.” Peace said.

What is it? WHAT’S GOING ON?!’ Both Yuria and Haruka shouted on their mind out of their fear. Peace and Fumie looked at each other for a while. Fumie nodded at her.

“Do you know how the Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell works right?” Peace asked.

‘Yes, the original will be put in eternal slumber of prison and brainwashing the inner demon.’ Yuria explained.

“However, do you ever ask yourself why they should need do that?”

I don’t know.’ Haruka said.

“It’s because the original is the main core and the central nerve command of the body. The original personality is also the pilot of the whole body system. Whatever happens to the original personality will proportionally affected the physical body as they are connected completely. When the original was put in sleep, the body will be pilotless. Hence, it can takeover by the other personality of your mind.” Peace explained while Fumie still shook Yui’s body.

NO WAY!’ Yuria and Haruka finally realized behind Peace’s explanation.

Honshu-Tohoku Network Control Center, Lake Inawashiro, Inawashiro, Fukushima, Japan; Monday, 8:50 am

Two girls are standing in front of the gate. Behind the gate is the last control center needed to reonline.

“Say, Erena. This is the first time I will see you fight, right?” The midget asked.

“Yup, General Oshima. You always see me as a secretary that always holding a clipboard and a fountain pen. In reality, it’s been 3 years since my last usage.” Erena pulled something on her pocket and put it on her ring finger.

“A ring?” Yuko asked.

“Not just an ordinary ring, Yuko-san.” Erena adjust her ring to her left ring finger and put another one on her right ring finger.

“The ring in her left ring finger is color blue while the ring in her right ring finger is color violet.” Yuko then suddenly realized.

“Hyper Dying Will Flames, release.” Flames suddenly appeared on each ring’s gems.

“If I remember correctly, that blue flame is known as the Rain Flame of the Sky with the characteristic of Tranquility. That violet flame is the Cloud Flame of the Sky with the characteristic of Propagation. There are seven Flames of the Sky, and those things are the most commonly things known in Mafia World. In addition, by the shape of the ring.” Yuko saw twelve-petal shape on each ring.

“Flower-shaped rings? Many mafia families used flower as emblem. However, only one family I know that used chrysanthemum flower as emblem…” Yuko’s voice was in trail. Then suddenly, her eyes were widen. “What do you mean?”

“If you referring to Aurefiore Famiglia, yup.” Erena unsheathed her two Italian-styled sabers from each side. The edge of the saber are completely blunt, making it look like a rod stick. Then the sabers’ blades were coat with blue and violet flames respectively.

“And I thought the Aurefiore Famiglia was totally eradicate 12 years ago.” Yuko curiously said.

“I totally not disagree with that. I’m the only survivor of the family. I was adopted by Takamina-neechan as her little sister.” Erena said.

“That I didn’t know. Tell me that story when all of these are over.” Yuko twirled her tonfas in both of her hands. Suddenly, an alarm was raise that makes both of them in fighting stance.

“Here they come.” They saw multiple soldiers pointing the guns at them. Yuko and Erena split away to each other, running to the wall while avoiding the rapid fire coming from the control center’s defense. A large barrel of cannon appeared from the wall of the fortress and fired its shell to Erena. The shell reached its target and exploded upon the contact.

“Erena!” Yuko shouted. The smoke subsided, revealing Erena with no visible injuries.

“I’m all right, Yuko-san!” Erena dashed towards the gate and swung her violet flame-coated sword. The gate instantly exploded and all of its shards are scattered due to the blast. Yuko instantly flash-stepped, disarming several soldiers as well as destroying cannons and sentry guns before they could able to shoot. Then she appeared beside Erena.

“How did you survive from explosion?” Yuko asked. They’re currently standing now to the password-encrypted gate. Erena tried to crack the security code to unlock it.

“I used the rain’s tranquility factor to absorb the kinetic energy of the explosion, shielding myself from the blast.” Erena cracked the code then tapped the green key. The gate slowly opened.

“Now I know.” Yuko smiled. Finally, they arrived to the central room of the base. Erena went to the mainframe computer and tried to crack the security. After several mistakes, she finally gained access to the CPU matrix.

“Now then… What do we have here?” Erena scans throughout all the folders. Of all the files she scanned, a one folder that piqued her curiosity.

“Codename ‘Project: Morpheus’?” Erena looked at the details of the folder. Then her eyes widened while she stare at the last line of words.

“Author: Sandara Park.” This makes Yuko went beside her.

“Eh? Rena-chan’s biological sister?” Yuko asked. Erena tried to access the folder, but she was greet by a word program filled with lines and dots.

“Erena, please tell me that these are not Morse code.” Yuko facepalmed.

“As much as I want to say no, they are indeed the Morse code.” Erena now trying to decipher the codes.

“If only Kitarie was here, her gift of Cryptanalysis may put in use.” Yuko said.

“Either Rena-san’s older sister is really a paranoid or she has some trust issues.” Erena frustatedly said.

“What do you mean?” Yuko asked.

“A multilevel encryption system. Once you deciphered the code, it reveals another code. The difficulty of deciphering a code increases with each codes per level are cracked.” Erena translated the Morse code, revealing a word full of ones and zeros.

“Great, Binary codes. And without spaces.” Erena rolled her eyes. “Let’s try seven-digit binary decipherment.” After translation, Erena put her both palm to her face.

“Let me guess, Hexadecimal code?” Erena nodded with frustration to Yuko. Erena tried to decipher the third cipher. When everything is all done, a last window appeared.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me.” Yuko said. She saw a square of letters.

“Transposition cipher. Neither horizontal nor vertical lines can be able to read the whole code. However, if I put the whole words in right slope. Then…” The letters are now put in paragraph form, revealing its hidden message.

“Hmm, this message: ‘If you reading this message, it means that you have survive from the terrorist’s hands, including mine. I have put this great gamble at risk. Once they discover that I’m helping you, I will be consider as the traitor of the group. Moreover, the punishment for that is execution. That’s the reason why I put this file in cascaded encryption, so that someday you, Rena’s friends, will able to unlock this folder. We know that someday, the whole world will be plunged into eternal nightmare. Well, it’s already happen, the whole earth was blanket by the madness. With all these things have come, I prepared a backup plan. In this folder consists the information of the cause of this mayhem, Project: Morpheus, as well as the surprising information of all the members of the Agmonglyu terrorist group. May the gods forgive me for all that I’ve done. If Rena is not there, please tell her that I still love her.’” After message window was close, Erena finally have access to the folder, showing several files, including the information of Project: Morpheus and the members of Agmonglyu group.

“Wow, that…”

“Don’t say anything, Yuko-san. We already know how much Sandara-san went through just to protect Rena-san. To the point of creating chaos.” Erena interrupted Yuko.

“Well, at least Sandara still have some goodness in her heart. However, with all of her present action. She still considered as a terrorist.” Yuko said.

“Yeah.” After transferring the viable information to her USB, she finished reconnecting the network. Then she announced it on her IRIS.

“Tohoku-Honshu Network Server, network system online.”

Yokoyama Yui’s Inner World

“Gah!” Yui spat out too much blood. She looked down and saw Otabe’s magma arm pierced through her torso. The smoke risen up from the pierced part due that her flesh and internal organs are slowly char to cinder. This makes Yui getting weaker to recover from great pain.

“Otabe…”Yui looking at her inner demon.

“………” Otabe quickly pulled out her hand.

Is this now my end? Am I really going to die?’ Yui trying to held Otabe to avoid falling. However, her little strength failed her to do so as she slowly falls down to her knees. Otabe stepped backwards, making Yui dropped down on the ground. She looked at Otabe’s feet with blur vision. Despite her sight blurs down, she saw several liquids falls down in front of her.

What are those? Tears?’ Yui slowly adjust her vision to above and saw Otabe’s eyes filled with watery fluid. When Otabe noticed she’s crying, she wiped out her tears.

“Why am I crying?” Otabe then walked away to the dying girl. Yui let out her last word before completely succumbed to her wound.


Matsuda, Kanagawa, Japan; Monday 8:55 am

Haruka heard Yui’s dying word from her thought causing her panic to grow exponentially. Fumie stopped doing the CPR as she looked at Yuria with sorrow face.

“She’s… She’s gone.” Fumie lamentably said.

“Yuihan~” Yuria said while crying.

“Switch.” Haruka regained the control to her body.

“Yui? Yui?” Haruka shook Yui’s body while trying to call her. Yuria patted Haruka’s shoulder. When Haruka looked at her frantically, Yuria only replied her with a slow shake of her head. Haruka pulled up Yui and hugged her head to the chest. Then she let out her anguish cry as she called out her lover’s name.


Unknown Place; Unknown Time

Gazing at the fluffy clouds while lying down under the tree, she silently admired the beauty of the sky. Her eyes, with the same shade as the grasses around her, were glittering with amusement. Her blue sukeban jacket laid down beside her. She wore collared white shirt with sleeves, a gray vest over her shirt, green-checkered pleated skirt, and a navy blue blazer. Her style of wearing have something similarity much akin to a Korean school uniform.

“So this is how the mountains in Earth looks like. I find it actually beautiful. No wonder that she likes this world.” She said in earthly girlish tone.

“Sadly, we don’t have this in my homeworld. It’s more like machine workshop to me.” Her smile turned upside down when reminiscing her life in her own world. She heard several girlish laughs coming not to far away from her. She then sat up and looked at the source. Luckily, the large bush in front of her makes it a better cover.

“Mou~! Stop teasing me~!” The shorter girl pouted. She wore white one-piece dress and a 3.2 shaku (96.97 cm) cybernetic nodachi that slung on her back. She also carried the same nodachi from her hand, in case of any surprise ambush attacks. She also wore a pair of polarized glasses.

“You’re so cute that I can’t stop teasing you. You know. Also, your head is big for me to pat you like a crystal ball.” Another girl, slightly taller than her, held her head like a crystal ball. Like the short girl, she wore white one-piece dress. Her cybernetic bow which restracted into a small box that looks like an attache case was clip on her black belt.

“Mou~” The shorter girl pouted more adorably.

“Kawaii~!!!” The taller girl hugged her.

“I still wonder how we get these kind of eyes. Having a glowing limbal ring around our iris.” She mournfully asked. It shown that her eyes has glowing yellow ring around the iris. The taller girl has also glowing ring around the iris but the color is different, hers is blue.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s a mutation. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, we are still humans. We’re not still different from them.” The taller girl hugged the shorter girl, effectively calming her down.

“Despite all the teasing, you’re still very kind to me.” The shorter girl said.

“Of course. You’re the only important person left to me; even you’re not my biological sister. I don’t want to lose someone anymore.” The taller girl tearfully said. Hearing that statement, the shorter girl hugged her, replying the tenderness that she received from her.

Behind the bushes, the girl still evesdropping their conversation.

“Eventhough you’re both humans, judging from the color of rings around the iris, both of you have still have the DNA and the blood of our kind.” The girl whispered.

“In addition, humans are our archenemy, ever since that incident a hundred years ago. Well, in our race’s perspective, not mine.” She picked up her sukeban jacket then wore it. She pulled up and adjusted her hair.

“Since I made a promise 20 years ago to my bestfriend, Mai, that I will watch over you.” She walked away to the soil road.

“You really much look like Mai, she has blue iris instead of blue ring though. Nonetheless, you have the same image and personality from her, like mother like daughter.” She smiled while walking. “Although I don’t know about that yellow one, but you remind me of my another bestfriend. She has yellow iris and have the same feature as that short human girl. However, as far as I know…”

Suddenly, her field vision changed into digital HUD vision. All of the icons and the lines are color green, similarly to the color of her iris. Then a phone icon appeared on the top right side, signifying that someone calling at her. She pressed the button on her single wireless earpiece to answer the call. In her HUD vision, a live-streamed video appeared on the top right side by picture-in-picture form, showing a girl with red iris in her eyes. The girl wore slimmed leather jacket and a cute hairband. She has a sniper rifle slinging on her back as shown of the barrel of gun from the video.

“Sturmjäger Juggernaut, the Kaiser wants to summon you here immediately.” The girl said from the video.

“What does she wants?” She asked impatiently.

“She wants the four Sturmjägers to be summoned right away for the next large invasion.” She groaned in frustration upon hearing the word ‘invasion’.

And here goes with another shit. Instead of having peace treaty with humans and able to live with them, she’ll go with worthless invasion. Just to instill fear among humans and telling them we superior to them? This is the reason why this war will not end.

And having four Sturmjägers on the same mission? It looks like her desperation keeps increasing as of now.

“I know what your thinking, my friend. We two have the same connotation that this war is nothing but bloodshed. However, we have no choice; we must do it for the sake of the survival of our race.”

“I know. I’m coming right there, Sturmjäger Dreadnought. Over and out.” After that, she ended the call and her vision goes back to normal. She looked at the two girls, still hugging from each other.

“If fate will able to meet us in the battlefield, I have no choice, but to fight you with all of my might.” She tightened her fist. She didn’t want that kind of meeting.

“Mata nee, my friend’s daughter.”

To Be Continued


The last part of that is the cameo for the new character. Hope that you enjoy the update.. :)
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-D (07/09/16)
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Damnnn, is Yui really dead? I mean, it's cute that her last word were Haruka but that does not mean that she should die xD

And what happened at the end? Are they robots or something? That would be cool lol

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-D Part 2 (06/01/17)
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My first update in this year. Hopefully I can able to finish this..



Phase D: Operation: Daybreak – Sigma

Part 2

Black, everywhere’s black. Why it’s so dark?

Why I can’t feel anything? I only feel like floating.

Wait, I remember. That’s right. She thrust her hand right through my heart coated with molten rocks that most of my internal organs are incinerated. So it means that I’m dead right now?

Not yet, idiot. You cannot die just yet.

Wait that voice. But how?

I can communicate to you via your soul, thanks to what you did. Your words pierced right through me. However, due to the spell, I can only maintain this communication for short duration. After that, it forces me to sleep again.

I don’t think I can’t able to do anything, I’m dead now.

Then what’s your promise to me? You will going to save me, right? Moreover, you will go back to Paruru. Or everything that you said was a lie?

Paruru? Haruka?!

Listen to Haruka’s tears, she’s weeping to your death. You don’t want to see her cry right?

That’s right.

To do that, you need to wake up. Fight and free me from these chains. Go for it, Yui!

I will, Otabe.

Yokoyama Yui’s Inner World

“Now that she’s gone. I have now a total freedom to control this body.” Otabe said while walking away. However, before stepping further, a dense aura suddenly exploded out of nowhere, causing to stop her track.

“What the hell? Where did that came from?” Her eyes went wide after she realize where that came from.

“You have to be kidding me.” She felt something’s approaching from behind.

“You’re still alive?” She furiously turned around to face the approaching person.

“I can’t die yet, Otabe. I still have many things to do.” She said.

Most of her organs are charred to cinder. She still have large hole to her chest. She should be almost weak at that state. Nevertheless, how did she able to stand up? Moreoever how did she able to get that energy, at that tremendous amount?’ Every step that the injured girl made, Otabe slowly stepped backward.

“I don’t get it. Why do I feel scared of watching you approaching me? I DON’T GET IT! GAAAAHHH!” Otabe suddenly charged to the injured girl without any hesitation. Then she was going to punch her. The next thing is a sound of impact echoed throughout the field.

“You felt fear and you didn’t know why? It’s not just I’m a monster. Like I’m still mortally injured, still standing up and walking while an oceanic-sized aura approaching you, right?” She smiled at her, with flowing blood on her mouth.

“Get away from me, Yui! Release my hand!” Otabe frantically said.

“As you wish.” Yui released Otabe, by pushing her fist. Causing her to stumble uncontrollably.

 “限界解放、発動!(Genkai Kaihou: Hatsudou, Limit Break: Activate).” An aura explodingly appeared to Yui. Then she kicked the ground, causing her to instantly move to Otabe, who was still in the midair. Otabe widened her eyes when she saw Yui above her, readying her fist. She only used both of her hands trying to block her.

“Муспелльсхейма Гіпервыбух (Muspielĺschiejma Hipiervybuch, Muspelheim Hyperburst).” A torrent of silver-colored hot molten metal fired from Yui’s fist directly in front of Otabe, causing her to being enveloped from the blast. The molten metal flowed down to the ground then slowly cooled down until it turned into solid. After the solidification, Otabe appeared, who was still lying above the solid metal ground.

Eh? Why am I still moving? I’m supposedly being covered by the molten metal and turned into a metal statue. Masaka~’ Otabe saw Yui standing above her.

“My ultimate technique indiscrimately solidifies anything into metal, whether it is living or non-living. However, I managed to control the flow of the molten metals to pass through you, letting you unharmed, and instead these things turned into solid metal.” Yui held Otabe’s hands. The inner demon saw the shackle bracelets turned into metal. Yui crushed the bracelets using her hand’s brute strength, completely freeing Otabe. She saw Otabe’s chest rose while closing her eyes. Otabe let her final scream before fainting.

“Yokatta.” Yui finally fell down to the ground, with her face on Otabe’s chest. Two hours later, Otabe opened her eyes.

“I’m free.” She saw Yui sleeping on her chest. ‘Kawaii~

“Thank you. Now sleep well, Yuihan. I’ll take care the rest. Paruru needs someone to calm her down.” She caressed Yui’s head. The latter replied it with a silent moan.

Matsuda, Kanagawa, Japan; Monday 9:15 am

The large road was succumbed by the dead silence with only the mournful wail of the blind girl. Yuria, who’s standing beside Haruka, could only watch and cry silently. It’s been 20 minutes ever since they declared that Yui has been passed away.

“Yui~” Yuria said. She turned around and tried to walk away to let Haruka alone for a while. Until…

What was that?’ Her inner demon, Peace, suddenly felt a heartbeat from someone else.

What’s happening, Peace?” Yuria said from her mind.

I felt a heartbeat from someone. Like it’s trying to fight to live.

What do you mean?” Yuria turned her head around to look at the lying girl. While the girl was still crying, her inner demon also felt a hearbeat.

Haruka, did you hear that?’ Haruka didn’t respond from Fumie’s call.

Oi, Haruka! Did you hear that?!

What?” Haruka finally responded to Fumie.

Try to focus your ears.’ Haruka calmed down for a while then she focused all of her sense to her ears. She heard a faint beat.

Is that a heartbeat?” Haruka tried to focus again, only to be hearing the same thing.

Yeah, but who owns it? Wait a second.’ Haruka heard a faint heartbeat coming from Yui. Then she widened her eyes. As soon as she lifted her head up, she saw Yui’s eyes slowly opened.

“Yui! Yui! Is that you?” Haruka held Yui’s should and shook her hard.

“Itai! Itai! Haruka stop that!” Yui said while in pain.

“Yui!” Haruka hugged her. Her tears started to fall again.

“Don’t scare me that, Yui.”

Yuria walked towards them then she placed her arms in cross.

“You’ve done it, Yui.” She lifted her right hand slightly and showed her thumbs up posture to Yui.

“As much as celebration for this is a must. I will have to say, I’m not Yui.”

“What?!” Yuria and Haruka said. This caused them to put in high alert state.

“However, do not be fret. Yui finally destroyed the cuffs after all that near-death experience and she’s currently resting in her inner world. She authorized me to use her body for a while.” Otabe smiled at them.

“Really that hard?” Yuria raised her eyebrow.

“Yup, that hard.”

“It doesn’t matter to me if you’re Otabe, you’re still Yui to me.” Haruka held Otabe’s cheeks.

“Haruka~” Otabe looked at her. She saw Haruka’s gray iris through her the medium-dark sunglasses.

Haruka, if your sight is not like a negative film, you could able to see Yui’s beautiful smile.

“Okaeri, Yui.” Haruka hugged her.

“Tadaima, Haruka.” Otabe replied to her with a hug.

“Uhm, guys? Enough making out. Our battle is still not done yet you know.” Yuria smiled at them. Causing the two to separate themselves while blushing.

“Sou da ne. We still need to go to the rendezvous location.” Haruka put Otabe’s arm on her shoulder as she helped her stand up.

“Yuria, fill me the details of the current situation while we’re on the way.” Otabe said.


Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Monday, 10:30 am

“The Prime Minister’s Residence: Souri Kantei.” Rino said.

“All we have to do is to wait the Prime Minister, right?” Aika asked.

“Correct. Apparently, Jurina-chan and Rena-chan found the Prime Minister in Atsuta Shrine and they’re currently on their way in here. Oh and speaking of the demon.” Aika and Rino saw a mini-bus coming to them. After the parking, the door opened showing some passesngers getting down the bus, including the Prime Minister, Rena and Jurina. Aika and Rino salute in front the presence of the Japan’s leader.

“My Grace, I’m apologize chaos and carnage that stormed to our country.” Rino said.

“You don’t need to apologize, Captain Sashihara Rino. You’ve done your very best, now it’s my turn to protect my people and my country.” The Prime Minister said.

“Rena-chan, did the Prime Minister being affected by the signals?” Aika asked.

“Nope. While the Prime Minister is in the Atsuta Shrine, the shrine priests erect a barrier right before the outbreak happened. They stayed there for several weeks.”

“I see. So, why the shrine priests are here?” Rino asked.

“The head priest wants to meet Ten Commandments’ Beta General Tonooka Erica. I have no choice but to bring them in here. How’s the Kantei?”

“All clear.” Aika showed her thumbs up sign. “And most of them are already inside, except Yuria, Yuihan and Paruru-chan.”

“Then, let’s go inside. My Grace, if you may.” Jurina said, allowing the Prime Minister to walk into the residence first. Just after all of the peole went inside with only Aika and Rino left in front of the gate, they heard an engine sound. Then a black Lexus RC F parked just in front of them. The driver window slowly downed, revealing the driver.

“Yo.” Yuria smiled at them.

“Yo my ass. What took you so long? All of them, including the Prime Minister are already inside.” Rino angrily said. Yuria went out to the car and opened the back seat’s door.

“Sorry, we have a very long stopover.” Haruka pulled out the injured Yui.

“Yo, guys.” Yui salute to them. This caused the lower officers to pull out their weapons.

“Oi, calm down, guys! She’s already free from the control. See?” Yuria pointed onto the IRIS that hung on Yui’s right ear.

“Oh.” Rino and Aika lowered down their weapons.

“Apparently, this is the extent of her injuries after a lengthy and intense fight with her and in her inner world.” Yui was almost covered by bruises and cuts.

“Aika, help Yui bring inside the Kantei and tend her with your medical transmutation.”

“Wakarimashita.” Aika helped Haruka bring Yui inside the building.

“So, let’s go?” Rino asked.

Cabinet Room, Sōri Daijin Kantei; Monday, 10:35 am

While the girls were waiting, the wooden door opened causing them to look at the doorway. They saw the most important person entered the room along with the attendants behind. Then Yui, Haruka and Aika entered, with the two helping the former to walk. The last ones who entered are Yuria and Rino. The Prime Minister went to his seat and surveying the whole room.

“Girls, I apologize for the hardship that you endured to save this country. I truly regret myself for being unable to do anything while inside the force field.” The Prime Minister bowed in 90 degrees.

“It’s nothing, My Grace. It’s our duty as a soldier to protect the citizens. However, we unable to fulfill that responsibility, resulting the chaotic fall of the world. Therefore, the fault is ours to shoulder.” Yuko said then she bowed at right angle.

“Even the world falls into the abyss, we can still able to save it. Therefore, we must move forward and carry on. As long as we still have breath, we will never give up!”

“HAI!” The girls shouted.

“General Tonooka.” The Prime Minister called. Erika and Atsuko went in front of him.

“The Head Priest of Atsuta Shrine wants to talk both of you.” The head priest approached in front of the Erika, with the shrine maiden holding a long object, standing beside him.

“Tonooka-sama. Your grandfather, Tsukuyomi-sama, asked me to give you this sword as a present.”

“But my birthday is 6 months away, why Tsukuyomi-jiisan giving me this in advance?” Erika tilted her head.

“Tsukuyomi-sama said that the sword was made by himself especially for you. He saw your maturity reaches its peak. That’s why he wants to give it to you.” Erika took the sword that was cover with black cloth.

“Thank you. I will cherish this.” Erika went to her twin sister.

“Acchan, I forgot to give this to you.” Erika gave a black-sheathed sword to Atsuko.

You brought Yamato. Thank you, my twin sister.” Atsuko hugged her.

“Sir, it’s time.” Yuko said while holding two Zero Halliburton briefcase. Atsuko also hold the same one, albeit the color is black.

“Ah yes. General Oshima, General Maeda. Prepare those cases.” Yuko set the silver briefcases on the table then Atsuko set the black briefcase between the silver ones. Yuko opened a small case, revealing three identical keys. Then she gave the middle one to the Prime Minister and the last one to Atsuko. The Prime Minister along with Yuko and Atsuko simultaneously insert the key to the hole below the briefcase handle. Yuko and Atsuko looked at each other. The three rotated the keys, putting it in parallel to the briefcase, and then pushed it into the briefcase. They heard the clicking sound coming from the three briefcases. Then the Prime Minister, Yuko and Atsuko opened the cases, revealing a monitor, a keyboard, a key in each cases and another keyhole. The black briefcase has a toggle switch with a red safety cover.

Yuko and Atsuko took the key from the briefcase and inserted it in the keyhole. Then they simultaneously rotate the switch. The black briefcase received an activation command from both of the silver briefcase, signifying that it’s time for the main switch to be push. The Prime Minister insert the key to the keyhole then rotated it allowing the safety cover to unlock. Then she held the toggle switch.

“It’s time for counterattack, are you ready girls?”

“HAI!” The girls shouted.

“Kokudo Hankyuu Bouei System (Nationwide Hemispheric Defense System), ACTIVATE!” Then the Prime Minister pulled the switch which it followed by a clicking sound. The holographic monitor appeared on the wall, mirroring the image coming from the black briefcase. It showed the map of the Japan. Six large points, representing the network centers, appeared on the map of Japan. Then several small points appeared, surrounding the whole archipelago, starting from the westernmost of the Cape Irizaki, Okinawa, to the southernmost point of Okinotorishima, Tokyo, to the easternmost point of Minamitorishima, Tokyo, and to the northernmost point of Cape kamoiwakka, Hokkaido.

15 km, south of Okinotorishima, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 11:00 am, JST

A lone fisherman currently waiting while his fishing net scattered in the sea. He saw a small water wave crashing to the wooden hull of his boat. Then the sea suddenly trembled, causing the boat to swing a little violently. After a while, he saw a collosal metallic wall slowly rose from the sea, stretching from the ends of the horizon. It continued to rise until it reached 100 meters from the ground. Via the aerial view from the low-orbit space, we can see the Japan and all of its territories including the seas, islands, islets, atolls and corals, are surrounded by the series of black lines connecting into a polygon. The endpoints, representing as wall towers, fired a beam of light to the six network towers. Then, an energy barrier erected from the top of the wall, slowly crawling between the lines. Afterwards, a grid-like energy barrier erected from the top of the wall, this time it covered the whole top like a spherical dome. Lastly, another energy barrier covered the grid-like barrier. Then the spherical grid-like barrier and the pyramidal barrier disappeared into nothingness, leaving only clouds visible.

Cabinet Room, Sōri Daijin Kantei; Monday, 10:45 am

“Activation complete! The walls are fully armed with variable-identification stationary guns in case of outside invasion.” Yuko said.

“Wow, so this is Kunikyuu Bouei.” Yuki said with amazement.

“Yup. There are two parts of the system: aerial subsystem and terrestrial subsystem. Aerial Subsystem is composed of three energy barriers: the first barrier, the mirage barrier, masks the aerial defense, preventing to be detected from any sources. It can also repels any radiation waves. The second barrier, the grid-like spherical barrier, consists of extremely high-powered lasers forming in a grid with nanoscopic separation. The lasers can slice the graphite without any efforts and it’s powerful enough to slice atomic bonds. And if the intruding object survives the second barrier, the final barrier will grab the job. The pyramidal barrier is made of ultravibrating microwave, which the vibration increases the heat output enough to toast a pure tungsten into gas. The Terrestrial Subsystem is similar to the Aerial, albeit that the very thick wall takes the job of the three energy barrier, minus the toasting and slicing part. However, the wall is durable enough to tank a 50 teraton nuclear bomb or 150 tons of tungsten cylinders moving at Mach 1000.” Mayu explained.

“No one goes in; no one goes out, whether from air or sea. Nothing, not even the light itself can pass through the defense. The good thing is, we’re safe from the unknown radiation. The bad thing is, the dome cuts off any communication from and to the outside world. In short, we’re isolated from the outside world, for a while. Another thing is, since not even the light can able to pass through, you know all about it. The only communication we can able to use that doesn’t require radiation is the telegraph key. And the only way to get out of this dome is the gates that reside on the four extreme points of Japan.” Akane said.

It means we need to finish this as soon as possible. We don’t want anyone inside die from dehydration, starvation and asphyxiation. Much less that, the total number of trees in this country can’t provide enough oxygen for several months.

“Ladies, now that the defense system has been erected, it will take time before the enemies acknowledge the presence of the gigantic fortress. We need to prepare for the counterattack. First, we need to find the source of the unknown wave. General Watanabe, Lieutenant General Takayanagi, General Yagami, I want you to pinpoint the location of the source.” The girls who mentioned saluted to the Commander-in-Chief then they went to the laptop. Then the Prime Minister went outside of the Cabinet Room to his own office.

“How’s Yuihan, Aika-chan?” Aika saw Sayaka coming to her.

“She’s currently in critical condition. According to Otabe, her inner demon, Yuihan receives many lethal damages in her inner world. The most lethal is her internal organs are burn into crisp. Later, all those pains will kick-in and Yuihan will suffer in agony from those pains.” Sayaka saw five knives around Yui, forming into five points with pentagram inscribed in a circle drawn on the ground using chalk. Aika slammed her hands to the circle, causing it to emit blue sparks.

“Can she able to move from those damages she received?” Sayaka asked.

“In her current state, it will take 1 week for her to be fully heal. However, I can able to lessen the intensity of the pain and speed up her recovery with my medical transmutation. Therefore, it will take 3 days for Yuihan to be in good condition.”

“Sayanee, how’s your girlfriend.” Yuria asked.

“I still can’t able to contact her. I hope she’s fine.” Sayaka’s shoulder dropped from disappointment. Then she felt a hand tapping her shoulder.

“Daijobu, she can take care of herself. She’s not a General for nothing, you know.” Yuria smiled at her.

“Guys, we found the location of the source.” Kumi said.

“Connect it to the main display.” Yuko said. Kumi connected her laptop to the table. Then the holographic globe appeared on the center of the table. Mayu inputted the coordinates to her jacked laptop to the table. A cross line appeared, analyzing the inputted coordinates, then starting to adjust its position according to the coordinates. After the last coordinate pinned a cross line to its final position, they started to look at Erica. Then Erica smirked while looking at the position of the cross line, where she familiar with.

“Well, well, well. Hisashiburi ne. I’ve never thought that the final stage would be you.” Erica said. Her smirk didn’t disappear.

“Looks like the last boss is in Erica-chan’s hometown.” Jurina said.

“Well, we still have four weeks left till Kojiharu-san and Takamina-san’s execution.” Akane said. Except Kumi and Mayu, all of attendants in the room looked at the three with widened eyes.


“How did you able to get that information?”

“Well, before the defense system erected, I managed to hack and get some classified data from the archieves.”

Even though the whole fortress itself completely envelops the country, it doesn’t mean that we are completely cut off from any forms of communication. Aside from Morse Coding, I can still use seismic technology to track the location though.

“Acchan and I set the agreement. Five days from now, we will stealthly invade the hostile country. After that, we will hide in Erica’s place for the rest of the day while preparing for the upcoming war. On the execution day, we will commence the counterattack.” All of the girls nodded at Yuko’s plan.

Atsuko looked at the holographic globe, which she saw the cross line positioned to an archipelagic island. Her mouth moved.

Manila, Philippines.

Seashore, Unknown Location; Unknown Time

The sound of the waves echoed. Water moved at ebb and flow. Feet stood above the coarse sand. A chilly wind crashed to the denim jacket. She’s in a deep thought while looking at the large ball sitting in the sky.

“How many times I saw the moon so close, and yet my amazement still didn’t disappear.” She looked at her left side, showing a small girl playing.

“Your daughter is highly energetic you know.” The girl wearing the denim jacket said.

“Sayanee-papa! I want to show you something?” The tiny girl said.

“Ok. What’s my daughter showing to Sayanee-papa?” She smiled. The little girl breathed slowly, then her hands clasped together. She moved her hands in seven hand formations, the last one she put her thumbs straight up. Then she faced to the sea.

“火遁・豪火滅失の術 (Katon: Gōka Messhitsu no Jutsu, Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction Technique)” The small girl inhaled for a while, and then forcefully exhale from the mouth. Then a massive stream of intense flames fired from the mouth. Due to the intensity of the flame, the seawater evaporated into vapor. After finishing the demonstration, the little girl looked at her.

“Wow, that’s a B-rank technique. To pull that out someone at the age of 12.” She smiled. She patted the head of the small girl causing the latter to giggle from the affection of her father.

Ne, did you see it? Despite being a cutely small, she’s a force to be reckon with. She has those eyes too, similarly to yours and mine. Well, except that the design is highly different from ours.’ Sayaka saw the little girl smiling at her with scarlet eyes glowing. The little girl looked at Sayaka’s vermilion eyes then she tilted her head.

Despite being a genius, she still airheaded. Just like you.’ Sayaka giggled. The little girl looked at the glowing moon.

Mama, even you’re gone, I know that you’re watching us right? I’ll promise, I will protect Sayanee-papa until the time that you will able to meet her. I’ll promise.

To Be Continued - End of Chapter 12

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-D (06/01/17)
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There's the cameo. . . . . .!

Lame Story ahead!

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-D (06/01/17)
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Lots of chapters since then...

Nice story...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-D (06/01/17)
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Let's beat up these bitches!

“Well, we still have four weeks left till Kojiharu-san and Takamina-san’s execution.” Akane said. Except Kumi and Mayu, all of attendants in the room looked at the three with widened eyes.

Where's Churi's wife? Where is she? (Obviously referring to Airin here.)

And she really has to be that blunt with saying that, doesn't she? XD
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc] - Ch. 12-D (06/01/17)
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Update pls author-san :cry:

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