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Author Topic: RIP 陳僖儀 Sita Chan (1987-2013)  (Read 8093 times)

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RIP 陳僖儀 Sita Chan (1987-2013)
« on: April 21, 2013, 02:42:51 AM »
RIP 陳僖儀 Sita Chan. She was just 26. Known as the Singer with the Most Potential , the 26 year old Sita Chan yesterday morning passed away in a car crash.

Sita Chan Hei Yi two nights ago after singing practice on her drive home had a fatal car accident in Yau Ma Tei. She was 26. She just recorded two new songs and planned to start to promote her new song BACKUP (HAU BEI)'s music video this week. Sita was known as the new female singer with the most potential in recent years. After she joined Paco Wong's Sun Entertainment Culture she immediately received a full push. Everyone regretted her sudden passing. Sun Entertainment initially planned to release a memorial record for Sita, putting Sita's two unreleased songs, her past demos and old songs in it as a final gift from Sita to music fans.

so so cute.

winning 2013 IFPI Best Selling Domestic Female New Singer award

2013 TVB JADE SOLID GOLD Most Popular Female New Singer Gold Prize

With the full support of Gold Label manager Paco Wong and known as the music new comer with the most potential in recent years, Sita Chan Hei Yi early yesterday morning drove home alone from her singing instructor's home after practice. On the way she had a car crash and was severely injured. She was rushed to the hospital but to no avail, ending her short 26 years of life. This accident shocked the entertainment industry and sadden many. Due to how sudden the accident was, her parents and sister, even manager Paco Wong could not accept this fact. Yesterday when respect was paid at the site rain came pouring down as if even Heaven cried with her parents over Sita's short life.

 Chan Hei Yi's parents and her most beloved young sister around 3PM with family, friends and management company personnel returned to the site of the accident and paid their respect in the rain. They brought incense sticks, candles, fruits and other offerings. The police blocked one of the lanes for them to pay their respect. Although Sita's parents and sister wore medical masks, their eyes revealed sorrow as they often wiped their tears lightly. Mother Chan in particular was frail. Although they did not weep loudly, they were sobbing from within. They did not accept any interview, after the ceremony they left.

 Reporters yesterday contacted Sita's manager Paco Wong who lost his favorite artist. He still has not settled down and even said with a hoarse voice that yesterday morning co-workers already informed him of the bad news. He was too shocked to believe that it was true. He did not attend the ceremony on the road because he did not want to disturb Sita's family.

 Did Paco see Sita? He said that he did not, he only learned from her parents that Sita's face was not harmed. They estimated that the cause of death was internal bleeding, but because they have not received a detailed police report he did not want to make too many speculations. He too would hope to quickly get an understanding of the accident, why would it be so severe to cause a death? Currently they had to wait for an autopsy before a death certificate was issued. Then he would fully assist her family with Sita's affairs.

 Would Paco ask about the cause of the accident? He said that he too would have to wait for the police investigation. Perhaps due to the drizzle and the wet road and Sita was in a hurry to get home, but he stressed that Sita has always been a very safe driver. However normally she mostly had a ride. Paco even praised Sita as very hard working. Before the accident she sent an email to the record producer to discuss music. Since Sita worked until after 2AM, did she have the accident because of she was exhausted? Paco said, "I don't know, but her job schedule has always been very normal. I have been fully supporting her because I feel she had a lot of potential. Aside from music, I even planned to arranged for her to be in movies. Thus everything came too suddenly. Originally her record would have been released in the summer, now she has already recorded two songs. However she departed, it's truly very hard to accept." Would the two songs be released together as a memorial? With decades of management experience, Paco said that he has not fully thought of how to handle it. He believed that he would wait until after Sita's affairs have been taken care of and arranged for her final journey before considering anything else.

 Chan Hei Yi's company Sun Entertainment Culture also issued a statement on behalf of Paco Wong and the entire company, generally expressing shocked, sadness and regret over Sita's passing. Before the accident she completed a wedding gown shoot. At night she sang and practiced with her singing instructor. Around 2AM the severe traffic accident took place in Yau Ma Tei, at 4:16Am she passed away. The company offers its deepest condolences to her family and promises to fully assist Sita's affairs. At the time it thanks everyone and fans for their concern.

 Reporters saw Sita's microblog documented her days in music in the past two and some years. She not only was very hard working but also was very close with her family. Online she occasionally would mention that she was already very happy just from having tea with her family. Earlier when her mother was hospitalized with a fever she rushed to visit. She even blamed herself for not having enough time to spend with her family. She hoped to have more time to be with her parents. On Monday online she and her mother interacted for the final time. She pointed out that mother often sent her text messages that were as long as writing assignments and she was too lazy to reply. She did not expected that she was not "too lazy to reply" but had no way to reply anymore. Seeing this message after only a few days truly was heart breaking.

 Originally named Chan Ho Yi, Chan Hei Yi received her stage name from Lee Shing Chak. He was very sadden to learn the news and revealed online that he has asked Sita not to drive herself this year. He did not expect Sita to have an accident due to that. Lee Shing Chak posted, "Sita is Sin Ting and my good little sister! We met before she got into the business, I gave her the stage name Chan Hei Yi. I have reminded her not to driver herself many times."

 Teresa Caprio (To Lai Sa) once was Chan Hei Yi's singing instructor. She was very upset to learn about her student' death and cried with a broken heart. Yesterday at an event, when To Lai Sa was asked about Chan Hei Yi's passing, she was shocked to hear the news and broke down in tears. She screamed, "Oh my God! She was my student. In 2010 I taught her singing, at least 20 lessons. She sang very well." To Lai Sa praised Chan Hei Yi's potential, sweet looks and had a style of her own. "Life is unexpected, she was considered obedient. In addition she was very intense about her education. After she got into the business we lost touch, but I always paid attention to news about her and was very happy for her because she truly loved singing."

 Before the crash Chan Hei Yi practiced at the studio. Singing instructor Lam who was with her posted an eulogy on a social network site. "I truly didn't expect, you who was still so full of joy last night, you who was talking nonstop all night, even took pictures and had dinner with Instructor Lam......would bring bad news in the middle of the night. It's very sudden, very heart breaking, very very very......miss you! May you have a safe journey!"

 HotCha member Winkie was close to Chan Hei Yi like a sister. Suddenly losing a good friend, she did not dare to believe. She remembered in her eulogy, "Dearest Sita: I truly don't dare to believe that you have already left me! Being able to run into each other and becoming friends were our destiny, we would always always remember you, remember your smile, your singing. I wish we a safe journey and in the embrace of the Lord, in Heaven......we will pray for you!"

 Terence Siufay and Chan Hei Yi were like siblings. When he received the news at 7AM he could not believe it. He recalled when Paco Wong introduced them, then they became even more familiar at the same company and were like siblings. They often chatted and had dinner. Siufay said, "She would share anything unpleasant with me, but every time she talked about romance she would be displeased. Constantly breaking up and making up, so I didn't ask. As far as I know she was dating before, but lately I don't know." In his eyes Chan Hei Yi was a very happy person. She looked mild mannered but when they were together they would always laugh. "I even made fun of her for not daring to swim in her residence's swimming pool. She too said that she really didn't and the pool was closed anyway." The last time he saw Chan Hei Yi was on the 28th, very regrettably she passed away at such a young age.

 Chan Hei Yi's passing shocked show business. Industry insiders expressed their regret and posted eulogies online. Alan Tam Wing Lun, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Julian Cheung Chi Lam and others lamented how unexpected life could be as the music industry lost a good singer. Her LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2) friend Sammy Sum Chun Hin was so upset that he broke into foul language, regretting that he was unable to fulfill the promise of singing together.

 Sum Chun Hin: While in the Mainland I can only read the news online! Chan Hei Yi was a good friend who I could have a heart to heart talk with. I really wanted to drop all the jobs and return to Hong Kong to see her one last time! We made a pact to chase our dreams together, to fight for our dreams! Didn't you say you would write a duet, wait for me to come back and sing it together? I still have a lot I want to say to you, honestly...I really miss you...miss you...!"

 Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum): I looked forward to working with you next month. I wrote a great character for you and I haven't told you about it in details...have a safe journey. I paid attention to Sita's music videos and songs, I thought you sing great. Later we met each other at an event, I knew that you were a happy girl who always had a smile on your face. Coincidentally next month I would make a romantic comedy, originally I saved a part for you so you would be able to show your happy side to the audience. I regret very much that we were unable to work together.

 Stephy Tang Lai Yun: As soon as I got out of bed I received this news, What can I say! My mind is a complete blank, it's too sudden! Sita, have a safe journey!

 Alex Fong Lik Sun: The news is too sudden and too shocking, I don't dare to believe it. I am stunned. I really wanted to go home to see my family, I don't want to work anymore. Sita, you were too young. How regrettable!

 Tavia Yeung Yi: I haven't posted for a long time. Today is very hard to take. The music scene lost a young and talented singer. I wish you peace, have a safe journey, cherish those around you!

 Alfred Hui Ting Hung: This was our last photo together, I don't wan to believe it. I know that you worked very hard and put a lot of effort into singing. I am still waiting for your new work! Once so close, I wish you peace at a faraway place. Several days ago we went to Tang Chi Kei (G.E.M.) concert together, the memories kept flooding back. I hope you are radiating in another place!

 Lam Man Chung: It's very sad, I don't dare to believe it. I wish it's not true. White Pants, peace be with you!

 Pang Ho Cheung: I already knew Chan Hei Yi when she was a student and wasn't in the business yet. She was a girl who was very active and loved to laugh, she also had quite a talent for singing. May she rest in peace.

 Kay Tse On Kay: Chan Hei Yi was very polite and intimate. When I saw the news this morning, I was very sad and upset. Although we weren't close, I liked her very much. She was a very happy singer who enjoyed her work.

 Linda Chung Ka Yun: After learning of her death, I was so shocked that I didn't even know to respond unhappily. I also didn't believe it. We earlier at the IFPI award presentation ran into each other back stage. She said she loved to watch my television series and listen to my songs, I also praised her singing as great. I really admire her stage presence and her self confidence as a singer. Her voice was very beautiful and she had a lot of talent! Very regrettable!

 Mag Lam Yun Tung: Chan Hei Yi and I sang together and played games on TVB JADE SOLID GOLD. The news of her death was very hard to accept. I really liked her unique voice and singing. We shared a make up artist, who is very heart broken and whose eyes are all red!
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shocking and sad to hear about these things. I've played her music before on TCS I'm sure. Tribute tonite.

very haunting piano now that I fly Sita

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Re: RIP 陳僖儀 Sita Chan (1987-2013)
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chilling the lyrics are: In it Sita wore a black dress and looked out of it to express the sorrow of a girl who was not recognized in love. The lyrics were, "Holding your body, still feel guilty, when love seems to be a crime, it should be lonelier than dying." With Sita's tragic passing, her sorrowful expression in front of the camera was added sadness for fans.

Available on iTunes NOW:

感謝我們的小天使 Sita陳僖儀 曾經為樂壇帶來每首感動人心的歌曲。您絢爛的笑容及觸動心靈的歌聲, 將永遠成為樂迷心坎中的禮物。

4月15日,太陽娛樂音樂上載了Sita於電影《喜愛夜蒲2》插曲《後備》的「即興鋼­琴伴奏版」,並預告正式MV會於4月18日面世。事隔兩天即MV正式發佈前一天,Si­ta不幸於車禍中逝世,原定18日發佈的高清full version MV,終延遲至今天4月23日上載給歌迷們再度懷緬Sita的動人歌聲。

《後備》是Sita第二張個人大碟《Let Me Find Love》中,繼《蜚蜚》及《Let Me Find Love》後的第三主打歌,由Sita作曲、火火填詞、黃艾倫及翁瑋盈編監。MV中S­ita踏上超高的高跟鞋於氛暗環境下在木工工具桌上又行、又瞓地拍攝,她不介意環境惡­劣,還配合導演要求,做足慘情歌需要的表情,表現十分專業。拍攝現場擺放了一座鋼琴,­MV拍攝完畢後,同事們即興地建議她自彈自唱,因而促成了較早前上載的1'33"「即­興鋼琴伴奏版」出現。

Sita早前為未推出的大碟已錄製了兩首新歌及創作了多首demo,其家人及唱片公司­都不想浪費她的心血,因此會為她推出最後專輯給大家留念,紀念碟內暫定會收錄三首從未­發佈的新歌「愛的劇本」、「愛戀魔法」和「不愛我」(即《蜚蜚》國語版),還有一些未­曾發佈過的demo和已推出的專輯「Crazy Love」及「Let Me Find Love」內的舊歌,另附兩隻DVD收錄了Sita的所有新舊MV及之前舉行的New­ay music live。

主唱:陳僖儀 Sita

你習慣等到了 倦透的深宵
瞞著你伴侶偷偷再進入 我亂透家居
抱著你的身軀 還會心虛
當相戀彷似有罪 應該比死更空虛
就似捉心理 定會輸給你 難有驚喜

Let me be the one, one and only one
沒太多計算 為你多辛酸 仍然死守的眷戀
Let me be the one, tho you still have someone
愛若那麼殘害自己心窩 為何要啞忍裝作大方
你對我如垃圾般 不愛理就不理
但我的底線 像你手香煙 隨你差遣

Let me be the one, one and only one
沒太多計算 為你多辛酸 仍然死守的眷戀
Let me be the one, tho you still have someone
愛若那麼殘害自己心窩 為何要啞忍裝作大方
傷心 失望 痛哭 不敢流露
承諾過若你的戀情曲終 給予我美好 wo~
為何你 在教堂中宣佈 將跟她到老

Let me be the one, one and only one
滴過幾次血 就算多心酸 仍然輸給這愛戀
Let me be the one, even just lie for once
對著鏡子呆望自己的講「原來我 根本不算什麼」
其實我 多麼討厭 自我


Passing after from a fatal car crash, singer Sita Chan Hei Yi's final music video BACKUP was released online two days ago to fulfill Sita' wish of even more people would be able to enjoy her songs. Yesterday the music video already had over 70,000 views, higher than most of her past work.

 Paco Wong said that Sita was a very hard working and motivated singer, thus he truly felt regret. So far 3 songs have not been released yet. Paco Wong is planning a memorial record and releasing them all at once.

 Sita' funeral services have been scheduled to begin on Po Fook Shan on May 10. Paco Wong and his management company will assist fully. As for whether fans will be able to pay their respect, he said that her family would determine that so nothing has been confirmed yet.
Posted by hktopten 

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Re: RIP 陳僖儀 Sita Chan (1987-2013)
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The service was yest...


Sita Chan's funeral services will start on May 10. Fans will be able to pay their respects at the Po Fook Memorial Hall
 courtesy of

Sita Chan Hei Yi passed away in a car accident last month. Her funeral services will begin on May 10 at the Po Fook Memorial Hall and the funeral will take place the next morning. Fans will be able to enter the memorial hall between 5PM and 6:30PM to pay their respects. Sun Entertainment music hope to be able to release Sita's memorial record ALL THE BEST...that day with all the proceeds going to Sita's family.

 The memorial record will have all the songs from Sita's previous records CRAZY LOVE and LET ME FIND LOVE, Neway Music Live concert and all music videos as well as three unreleased new songs and her past demos. The record will include 5 photo books with photos from Sita's life, photos from her two previous records and her performance and event photos, as well as messages from Sita's family, co-workers, friends and singers.

 The 3 unreleased new songs include SCRIPT OF LOVE (OI DIK KET BOON). Actually Sita sang this song's demo before officially joining the business. That day when she learned that it became her song she was very happy and even shot a music video for it. On the day of the shoot, she went to Shek O and Cattle Depot's glass workshop for location shoots.
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Whitney. Sita. Legend.

▶▷ ''All the Best...'' 紀念專輯 Available on iTunes NOW:


Sita生前還有三首從未發佈的新歌,最後的一首是《不愛我》。由Kim Baksa 作曲及編曲, 代岳東填詞, 劉諾琪監製,MV內容講述一個女子為了愛人不惜付出自己的所有,縱使以一身高貴的艷姿­,也無法令對方動容, 換來是謊言的傷害。為了拍出富美感的效果,Sita以希臘女神的造型示人, 並以慢鏡捕捉雪纺長裙飄逸的美態。

太陽娛樂文化將會為Sita推出最後一張專輯名為「All The Best...」,內容包括已推出的「Crazy Love」和「Let Me Find Love」專輯內的所有歌曲、從未發佈的新歌及demo,還有Neway Music Live演唱會及全部MV,除了DVD及CD外,當中還包含五冊相片集,包括兩張大碟­的照片、演出時候的照片、雜誌及活動照片、私人照片,還有家人、同事、朋友及歌手朋友­們寄語Sita的文字都一一收錄在內。3CD的歌曲已在各大網上音樂平台可以下載, 而紀念碟將於下星期中推出, 全數收益將撥捐Sita家屬。


her last MVs

Sita last album called "All The Best ...", including all the songs in the "Crazy Love" and "Let Me Find Love" album, never released a new song and demo, Neway Music Live concert and all of MV, in addition to the DVD and CD, which also contains five photo gallery, including photos of the two albums, performances when photos, magazines and photos, private photos, as well as family, colleagues, friends and singer friends text message to Sita are all included account. The 3CD songs can be downloaded in the major online music platform commemorate the dish will be launched in the next week, the full proceeds will be donated to the families of Sita.

Thank Sita a song that brought us
With Sita singing continues lips to the corner ....

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Re: RIP 陳僖儀 Sita Chan (1987-2013)
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may she rest in peace, that's amazin. the fan support.


Known as the new comer with the most potential in the music scene in recent years, Sita Chan Hei Yi (originally named Chan Ho Yi) passed away in a car accident in the early morning of April 17 and ended her 26 year short life. Yesterday her funeral services began at the Po Fook Memorial Hall. Her parents, younger sister, mentor Paco Wong, confidant Lam Hau Man, rumored boyfriend Sammy Sum Chun Hin, a group of industry friends and almost 300 fans paid their respects. Cries echoed throughout the halls and broke hearts. Mother Chan in the memorial book broken heartedly wrote, "Seeing the pajamas on your bed, the song drafts and make up on the table, my heart and insides shatter from the pain!" Rumored boyfriend Sum Chun Hin wrote, "Your singing and smile are the best gifts for fans." Paco Wong said that he would always remember Sita.

 Chan Hei Yi's funeral decorated the halls in white with pink roses and music symbols. Her final photo was from her second record with a brilliant smile, which her family chose for everyone to always remember her smile. Sita liked Doraemon and a cardboard likeness was on the hand to keep her company. Her sister produced a video to be played at today's funeral. Her remains will be cremated after the funeral and her ashes will be placed at the Po Fook Memorial Hall.

 Sita's parents and family yesterday arrived around 2PM, the location was filled with plenty of offerings, as well as origami cranes from her fans and friends. They originally wanted to fold 10,387 cranes to represent Sita's 1987 March 10 birth date, the final count was over 60,000. A moth flew in and caught everyone's attention. Dr. Lam Hau Man who reportedly funded Sita behind the scene arrived around 3:30PM to pay his respects. He stared at Sita's photo, then workers accompanied him for a final glimpse of Sita. Around 5PM he stepped out of the elevator and the media flocked to take photos. He waved them off to indicate no interview.

 Yesterday a public memorial took place, almost 300 fans waited early on and entered the hall around 5PM. Many fans wore school uniforms; many fans after paying their respects broke down. A female student said that she has liked Sita for a year and wished her idol a safe journey.

 Chan Hei Yi got along with people well, many friends in the business came to pay their respects. They included Sum Chun Hin, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Stephanie Cheng Yung, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Terence Siufay, Dr. Lee Shing Chak and his wife Sandy Lau Sin Ting, Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and others. Siufay and Lau Sin Ting were saddened, Siufay cried so hard that he needed assistance. Sum Chun Hin did not take a final glimpse of Sita. He said, "Sita's family wants to be low key. I already accepted her passing. A good friend has passed away, which is regrettable. I think Sita would want us to be happy. Today so many friends are in attendance, she should be very happy." He did not talk with Sita's parents and would not attend today's funeral.

 The record company originally wanted to release Sita's memorial record yesterday, but the printing could not make the schedule and the release has been postponed. 500 sets were prepared for family and friends. The photo book that came with the record included messages from Sita's family, idols and good friends, one of which was a wedding photo that Sita posed for the day before her passing. Paco Wong said, "The memorial record release is to fulfill Chan Hei Yi's wish. Singing was her favorite, her biggest dream was for more people to hear her songs. The first printing had several thousand sets." Paco Wong in the memorial book simply wrote, "Always remember you". Mother Chan broken heartedly wrote, "Touching your still moist face, seeing the pajamas in bed, the song drafts and make up on the table, my heart and insides shatter from the pain......your beautiful outside and inside will always be in my heart......I even have no regret from having this excellent daughter!" Father Chan wrote, "You are my pride, I am proud of you. I hope to be father and daughter again in the next life." Her sister wrote, "Sister, thank you for spending 20 years with me, with joy and sorrow, laughter and tears. From now on you will always be in my heart."

 Rumored boyfriend Sum Chun Hin wrote, "You always greet people with a smile because you say when you don't smile people would mistake you for being mad and mean. You have successfully made all the people who love you only remember your smile, proving that you are a very hard working artist who is very worthy of respect. Your singing and your smile are the best gifts for fans."

 Chan Hei Yi started in 2011. Although she was only in the business for two short years, she had plenty of friends in the business. In the "Chan Hei Yi memorial photo book" Sita's idols Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung wrote, "May you rest in peace" and "May you find music wherever you go". HotCha members Crystal and Winkie, Sit Hoi Kei also wrote about their memories of her. Winkie wrote, "I liked your directness and sincerity, your smiling silly lady personality." Also enclosed was a photo of her with Sita pouting cutely.

 Crystal said that if she was able to, she would pretend that Sita went on a beautiful vacation and would wait to see her again in another space and time. She even asked Sita to "remember not to be forgetful and bring our love on the trip". Endy Chow Kwok Yin wrote, "Because of your optimism, self confidence, courage, you always brought smiles to others, radiated on the stage, and persisted your love and ideas". G.E.M. Tang Chi Kei has not known Sita for long, but after a few conversations she already thought Sita was very true and lovable.
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and in come the "rare" tracks...

Canto Pop takes another blow but we'll be back and FIGHTING!!! 中國強!!! :hip aww:

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