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Author Topic: Field of Love - Chapter 9 [YajiSuzu fic]  (Read 9665 times)

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 5 [YajiSuzu fic]
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RYO!!! :mon fire: didnt i kick u to space last chapter?  :on shady:

im getting bad vibes from ryo  :on freeza: something tells me that risako's gut feeling is rite :mon determined:

nice chapter, maimi and airi talk about their burdens to each other, thats awesome :yep:

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 5 [YajiSuzu fic]
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Ryo..... :catglare:
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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 5 [YajiSuzu fic]
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Uh oh, you're scaring me with Ryo. Was this a bad time to start reading? >.> Whatever happens, you better have Maimi kick his ass next chapter!

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 5 [YajiSuzu fic]
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Seems like everyone really hates Ryo in this fic. xD. No worries, Ryo shall be punished.  :twisted:


On the night street of the shopping district, Airi together with Ryo is silently walking beside each other as the lonely girl’s mind is not with him at the moment, but she’s overthinking of things. Airi wants to part ways with him as soon as possible but she doesn’t have the courage to do so. All she wants is to be alone, and think by herself, but Ryo isn’t giving her a time to do so.

“Airi-chan, you can always open up to me if you feel bothered.” Ryo broke the silence. “You’re not alone, you have me, you can always tell me everything that’s bothering you.”

“Thank you but I’m fine.” Airi said while they walk. “I admit I’m feeling down these days, but it’s not something to be worry about. I’m always like this when it comes to family problems so having this sad feeling isn’t new to me anymore.”

“Then…” Ryo stopped. “… let’s have some fun tonight.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know a new place where you can forget all your problems. Trust me, you’ll have a good time there.” He winked and dragged Airi with him.

Maimi on the other hand went to Airi’s place but she’s not yet home. She tried to call Airi a lot of times but she’s not picking up. Maimi is worried, receiving a blank e-mail, and now it’s late night yet Airi isn’t home. The lights from the posts aren’t even working well, keeps on blinking which made it more dangerous to come back home at late time. Maimi looked around her and found Risako who is facing the other side.

“Excuse me…” Maimi tapped her back.

Risako turned and her eyes almost fell on the ground, “OH MY GOD! Maimi-sama!”

“Uuhh… By any chance, are you waiting for Suzuki-san too?” Maimi cautiously asked.

“Yeah! I’m her best friend Sugaya Risako.” She introduced. “Listen, I’m so worried for her! Airi-chan is feeling so lonely and so down these days. I don’t know exactly why, but I guess it’s about family problem.”

“Family problem?”

“I heard from the teachers that her parents called because they found out Airi failed on one of her exams last time. They’re trying to put a lot of pressure on Airi, and she’s being forced to study hard. Because, if Airi won’t do the things like what her parents want…” Risako frowned.


“…her parents will definitely throw her away and won’t give her any support anymore. A while ago at school, they handed us out papers regarding our college plans since graduation is approaching fast. I know Airi is feeling so heavy and stressed with all these things and yet she’s with a guy that I don’t even trust right now.”

“She’s with a guy?” Maimi questioned. “Hey, where did they go?”

“I don’t know! Airi isn’t picking up her phone either. I followed them when they left the school campus, but I lost my sight on them when they reached the shopping district. Now I’m here waiting for her to come back. I don’t know what to do anymore.” Risako cried.

“That girl…” Maimi sighed in worries.

Maimi didn’t waste any second standing and runs fast away to search for the missing girl. Risako followed her from behind, hoping to find her best friend. From left to right, to the dark roads and to the malls, they’re trying to look for her everywhere but she’s nowhere to be found. Maimi is starting to feel the ache on her ankle injury, but she tries to ignore it just to find Airi.

“Risako-chan!” Nakky and Chisato came as they received Risako’s message that Airi is missing. “What happened to Airi?” Chisato nervously asked.

“Yajima-san, do you have an idea?” Nakky questioned the panting player.

“No…” Maimi simply replies while she catches her breath. She wonders her eyes around the thick crowd passing back and forth, from adults to young ones, to high school students holding on to their lovers. With that sight, Maimi was able to form a guess, “Wait…”

“Why?” They all asked.

“Who’s that guy whom Airi is with?” Maimi twitched her eyebrows.

“Well… he’s studious like Airi-chan, he rarely talks to other but these days he often talks to Airi-chan. She is socially awkward, but since she doesn’t know how to reject offers, she accepted Ryo’s invitation to walk her back home.” Risako informed.

“Ryo wears eyeglasses, he’s tall and handsome. Most girls in our school like him but he doesn’t really care about it. Some says he often lurks around the town at night, some even said that he looks so different outside the school.” Nakky followed up.

“Different outside the school?” Maimi again twitched her eyebrows and tries to think deeper, “C’mon Yajima Maimi! Don’t be an airhead!” She said to herself.

Then this came into her, “… you better find a new path on going back home. This road isn’t safe anymore since a new night club was built around here. I think it would be better for you if you walk by the city, it’s safer there than here in this narrow road.” It was the thing that Maimi advised when she saved Airi from the drunken old man.

“Different outside the school…” Maimi started to mumble by herself as thoughts are now rushing into her mind. “Lurks around the town at night… wears eyeglasses…”

“Hey, what are you thinking Yajima-san?” Risako asked.

However, Maimi ignored her and continues on thinking, “Could it be… a man in disguise?!” She gasped when an image popped out in her mind.

“Quit thinking by yourself and tell us!” Nakky said.

“Sorry.” Maimi said. “You guys can go back home, and don’t follow me.”


“I think I know where Airi is, but it might be dangerous.” Maimi explained. “That’s why, it will be better if I’ll go alone.”

Risako gives her a glare, “Promise me you’ll bring Airi-chan back safe.”

“We’ll entrust Airi’s safety to you.” Nakky said.

“Please come back safe too Yajima-san.” Chisato said last.

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely get Suzuki-san back. I promise.” Maimi nodded and ran fast away.

As if she’s on a soccer field, Maimi runs faster than the vehicles and passes through the people around like her opponents. Until she reached the place she thought where Airi is, the new night club built not long time ago. As expected, a lot of minors are walking around it, and some are still wearing their school uniforms. Maimi sharply looks at every person and walks in the club full of young ones dancing on the dance floor, and some are old man enjoying with them.

“Look! It’s Yajima Maimi!” Some were able to recognize her but Maimi only forced out a smile on them and still on search for Airi.

Maimi pushes herself onto the dancing crowd and completely lost at the middle. The lights are making her dizzy plus the sound is so loud that it could break her eardrums. “Ah…” Finally, at the end corner, she saw Airi with group of guys around her as they all sit on the couch.

“Excuse me!” Maimi stands tall in front of them with her eyebrows almost meeting on the middle due to anger towards Airi.

“Oh, it’s Saitama’s ace soccer player Yajima Maimi!” Ryo said and welcomed her. “How may I help you?”

Airi saw the way Maimi is glaring at her and only avoided eye contacts with her. Then she felt a tight grip on her wrist and was pulled up in a harsh way.

“You have something that belongs to me so I’m taking it back.” Maimi belatedly answered Ryo with a sarcastic smile.

“Hey, she agreed to be with me tonight!” Ryo argued. “Let her go!”

Maimi threw him the deadliest glare she has that made Ryo to sit back on his place. “Back off or else I’ll cut your head off.”

After that, she pulled Airi out of the night club but Ryo and his gang followed them but now holding weapons. They surrounded the bare-handed Maimi with Airi not uttering a single word behind her.

“Give that girl back or else…” Ryo threatened and removed his eyeglasses.

“I knew those are fake glasses.” Maimi smirked. “I might be an airhead, but the way Suzuki-san’s friends described you, I found it strange that someone a studious guy like you would have an interest with such a stubborn girl. You disguise yourself as a good guy at school but totally a bastard outside.”

“So what now? Airi knew about that before we entered that night club but she still came with me!” Ryo laughed loud. “See? Airi-chan can’t even talk back because she knows I’m telling the truth! Airi-chan came with us on her own will, none of us forced her!”

Maimi looked back and found Airi with her guilty eyes. After she heard Airi’s story from Risako, Maimi couldn’t blame her at all, high school students who have many heavy problems tend to do bad things as they can’t handle it anymore. But, Maimi is somewhat mad deep inside her.

“I don’t care.” Maimi answered back. “Suzuki-san is an innocent girl who easily gets hurt, that’s why forcing her to come at a place like this is not right. You… You’re the kind of guy that I detest the most!”

“There’s no way we’ll let you go away after giving us a bad look!” One of Ryo’s friends said and gave Maimi a strong punch on her face. People around the club are starting running away because of the fight which eventually started.

“Yajima-san!” Airi finally talked now that Maimi is down on the ground. “Are you alright?”

“Back off Suzuki-san.” Maimi said under her breath and realized she got a cut on her lower lip. “There’s no way I’ll let you go with this guy. I told you right? If you feel lonely… or maybe if you need someone to talk with… or if you feel down or anything… just give me a call… Then why didn’t you do so?! And yet you came at such place with these guys!” She roared at the defenceless Airi.

 “Stop the drama you idiot and stand up!” Ryo yelled.

Before Ryo could even smash his bat, Maimi blocked him using her left hand. “Why did you hesitate, Suzuki-san? We’re friends right?” She said still holding onto Ryo’s weapon. “Don’t keep your problems by yourself. What’s the use of your friends who trust and worry for you? Why don’t you depend on us if you think no one is there for you?!”

Maimi bent all her anger on Airi to Ryo. She strongly pushed him and rushed to a strong punch right into his face that he’s totally thrown away. His comrades run away as they witness Maimi’s strength and left Ryo on the scene alone. “And you…” She pinned Ryo on the ground and grabbed on his collar, “I won’t forgive you. How dare you take an advantage on her weakness?!”

Ryo received another punch and this time he begs for forgiveness but Maimi didn’t listen.  Before Maimi could even go out of control, a police was heard approaching fast. “You’re lucky I didn’t kill you.” Maimi said and let him go covered with blood on his face before the police came.

“Let’s go.” Maimi held Airi’s trembling hands and escaped away from the night club.

Maimi together with Airi successfully made flee, and now far from the trouble. Airi couldn’t lift her head up and fixed her gazes on the ground. She’s scared to face Maimi who is obviously mad at her. They stopped near the riverbanks and there they sit beside each other on the bench. Five minutes had already passed and yet none of them talked yet. Maimi is waiting for Airi to talk first, but the younger girl never let out anything.


With that single word from Airi, Maimi heard a sob and later grasped that she’s already crying. Maimi can’t really see her face for her long hair is covering it but the tears are visible, dropping on her lap while she tightly grips on her skirt.

“Why… did you come for me?” Airi cried.

“You sent me a blank e-mail and I found it weird then I remembered what I told you back then. I went to your place and your best friend is really worried for you. We searched at the whole city found nothing.” Maimi replied looking away.

“How did you know I was at the club?” Airi sobbed.

“I was once a high school student too. A girl like you who is carrying a lot of burden often unconsciously does things. I knew a lot of people like you when I was in high school too. And your best friend told me about your problems too that’s why I thought that you might be on a place where you never stepped in.” Maimi properly explained but looking away.

Airi cries harder, “Sorry… Sorry… Because of me… You’re put into trouble again. I’m such an idiot! You shouldn’t have come for me. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Maimi knows that a handkerchief that will wipe her tears won’t do, so she pulled Airi closer to her and let her cry on her chest, “It’s alright, you can cry it all out. I’ll be here. I’m sorry for yelling at you too a while ago. I was just frustrated.” She whispered.

Airi grips on Maimi’s shirt and cries it all out. Maimi doesn’t know what to say. She thinks that if she talks more, it might end up hurting Airi even more. All that Maimi can do is to give her comfort and hug her while she cries. Just then, Airi fell asleep on her chest and completely unconscious.

“She’s cute.” Maimi smiles while she looks on Airi’s sleeping face resting on her chest. “What should I do now?”

Knowing that Airi is tired and fell asleep due to fatigue, Maimi carried her on a bridal way and let her to continue on sleeping. As she tries to walk Airi back to her place, she stopped halfway. If I put her back to her home, she’ll be alone again once she’ll wake up. No one will be there to look after her, no one will take care of her. She has no one to comfort her when she wakes up… Maimi thought. Instead of putting Airi back to her home, she went the opposite way and brought her to their dorm.

“Maimi-chan! What happened?!” Erika immediately rushed to her as she entered the dorm carrying Airi.

“It’s a long story!” Maimi placed Airi on her room and let her rest on the bed. “To make it short, I saved Suzuki-san.”

“Again?” Momoko said and helped Maimi on fixing Airi. “This girl is troublesome.”

“Forget it. If I didn’t help her, those guys probably did something bad to her already. She’s a strong girl but she wasn’t able to take it anymore. What a pity girl…” Maimi said and left the room.

“I told you.” Erika grinned. “Often times, the person who understands you is the one who also have a heavy problem. So, this is the proof.”

“I know that’s why I want to help her.”

“Where will you sleep then?” Momo asked.

“I’ll just sleep on the couch. It’s only for one night so it won’t be a problem. Our soccer practice will start late tomorrow so I guess it’s fine.”

Midnight, Maimi can’t sleep on the small couch on the living room for making her uncomfortable. Mosquitoes are everywhere which makes her even more uncomfortable. As much as she wants to go back to her bed, she can’t for Airi is there soundly sleeping. Thoughts that she should share the bed with Airi also came into her, but immediately erased it for they’re not close to share the bed.

“What’s this?” In the end, Maimi walked around the dorm until she found Airi’s bag and scans her things. On her hand at the moment is Airi’s memo pad which only contains her study schedules, nothing more. From morning to night, everything is about her studies. Then Maimi remembers what Risako said, that Airi is only being forced to study hard.

“She deserves to be happy too even without a family. What can I do?”

Yay~ second page. LOL.  :lol: Honestly, I'm trying to put a lil' comedy or something on my fic but I'm failing. >.< Anyway,  thanks for all the comments guys~ I appreciate it so much! XOXO!
See y'all on the next chapter~  :thumbup
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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 6 [YajiSuzu fic]
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That's our zombie fighting Maimi there !  :cathappy:
Yeah Ryo, good thing Maimi didn't kill you  :shakeit:
but jungkrys-san why didn't you just let Maimi kill ryo XD

“She deserves to be happy too even without a family. What can I do?”

Tear off Airi's memo pad  :twisted:

Thank you for the Chapter jungkrys-san  :bow:
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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 6 [YajiSuzu fic]
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Yeah Ryo! Right through your face! Not just one but twice. :rock:

“She deserves to be happy too even without a family. What can I do?”

Tear off Airi's memo pad  :twisted:

You're such an evil. XD

Well Maimi you can be Airi's boyfriend if you dont mind. :wub:

Thank you jungkrys1024 san  :bow:

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 6 [YajiSuzu fic]
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OMG~ Sorry guys for the late update and sorry for not making personal replies on my last update. I was in a rush and just made a general reply instead. >.<
@GNUpon: Don't worry, I wanted to kill Ryo on that chapter too but my conscience can't take it so I let him live. LOL.
@twintt: Maimi as Airi's boyfriend? OMG~ <3 <3 <3 I would love that! *thrilled* xD.

And yeah, thanks guys for always reading my fic. hehe.  :D


Airi slowly opened her tired and dying eyes early morning. As she blinks her eyes a couple of times, she’s able to see an unfamiliar ceiling. Then she slowly rolls her eyes to scan more. First to the right, she can see a wooden cabinet with a lot of pinned photos, which she can’t visualize properly and a ball of soccer above it. Then beside it are used clothes piled up on a basket, which aren’t hers either. Near the door are hanged clothes which are ready to use with the full-body mirror beside it too. The walls are covered with posters of popular soccer players. Lastly, her wide opened eyes turned to the left, only to see the window without a curtain and a small electric fan.

“Wait… this is definitely not my room!” Airi jolted up on the bed and this time, her eyes are wondering nonstop. “Where am I?”

“Good morning Suzuki-san.” Momoko entered the room with a huge smile on her face. “How are you feeling?”

“Well… I think I’m good. But, where am I?” She again asked.

“Ah, you’re in our dorm, specifically you’re in Maimi-chan’s room.” Momoko said and sits on the bedside.

“Eh? You’re kidding right?”

“I wish I am.” Momoko giggled. “It’s obviously her room. Look around you, it’s full of soccer stuff, a little messy and totally a player-like room.”

Airi realized that Momoko is right after she finished scanning around. “Then, those photos on her cabinet…”

“Her photos with Mano-san.” Momoko said but then a visible frown was formed on Airi’s lips. “Don’t be jealous, Maimi is planning to remove those soon.”

“I’m not jealous!” Airi defended with her high pitch voice. “Anyway, what am I doing here? And who changed my clothes? Where’s my uniform? And it’s Wednesday! I’m late for school!” She said in panic.

“We already called the school and informed them you’re not feeling well. We also called your worried friends because they kept on calling on your phone. Relax Suzuki-san.” Momoko said with an assured smile. “If you want to know why Maimi-chan put you here instead of putting you back home last night, I don’t know the answer. Ask her.”

“Then… how about my clothes? Who changed it?” Airi asked cautiously.

“Maimi-chan did.”

“EH?!?!” Airi blushed from head to foot.

“Just kidding.” Momoko laughed. “It was Erika-chan and I. Your uniform is already on the laundry and you’re wearing Maimi-chan’s clothes right now.”

“Whew, thank God.” Airi exhaled.

“Why? Do you prefer if it was Maimi-chan who changed your clothes and saw your body?” Momoko teased.

“Shut up!” Airi pouted and turned around. “By the way… Where’s Yajima-san?”

“She’s outside, warming up.” Momoko said. “They’re having a practice later for the upcoming nationals so Maimi-chan has to condition herself until the time comes. Her injury isn’t fully healed yet so she also has to control herself at the same time.”

“I see.” Airi shortly answered and lowered down her head. “Is she still mad at me?”

“Why don’t you ask her directly? It’s only her who knows the answer.” Momoko smiled. “And, why don’t you try calling her Maimi-chan too?” She said and left Airi alone.

Airi let out a deep sigh and looks outside through the small windows. She checks on her phone and she’s flooded with messages and missed calls since last night until at the moment. In return, Airi replied them all, saying she’s safe. She silently went out of the dorm to take a glimpse on Maimi who is seen stretching her injured ankle in front of the building. She’s wearing her jogging pants with a simple white t-shirt and her hair neatly tied up but her sweat is dripping from her jawline.

“Peeking is bad you know.” Maimi caught her behind the post.

“Sorry.” Airi revealed herself and walks closer to her. “Are you alright?” She asked a silly question.

“I should be the one asking you that.” Maimi coldly said which gave Airi a chill down to her spine. “How are you feeling?”

“Well… I’m fine.” Airi answered nervous. “Thanks for last night and… I’m sorry for the trouble.” She said and bowed down her head.

Maimi stares at the apologetic girl in front of her. She feels mad but at the same time, she feels pity. In the end, she asked her to straight up and gives her a warm tight hug, “Don’t ever do that again.”

“Y-yeah.” Airi blushed. Airi wanted to hug her back but it was too late, Maimi already let go.

“Good.” Maimi patted her head like a little girl. “Make sure you won’t hesitate next time to call me if you need help. Like I said, you’re not alone.”

Maimi left her alone stunned as she went away for a jog. Airi has never felt this way before. Whenever Maimi is around her, she feels safe and secured, it’s like there’s nothing to worry about when she’s with Maimi and most importantly, she feels love and care when she’s with Maimi. Because of these feelings and emotions running through Airi, she can say to herself that she’s definitely in love with the player.

“Now I know why Mano-san fell in love with her.” Airi formed a smile but hurt deep inside.

Meanwhile at St. Victoria’s High School, the whole class can feel the absence of the genius Suzuki Airi. The energetic class turned into a dark as they can see Airi’s empty seat for the day. Without Airi, the performance of the whole class is affected, for no one could lift their minds up.

“Suzuki-san said she’s not feeling well so she has to skip today’s class.” The teacher informed but no one reacted. “Well… Sugaya-san, please write the notes for her.”

“Yes sir.” Risako lazily replied and frowned at Airi’s seat.

“Don’t worry Risako-chan, she said she’s safe. I’m sure she’s with Yajima-san right now.” Nakky comforted Risako during lunch time at the cafeteria.

“Hey look…” Chisato pointed at Ryo who just entered the cafeteria.

The students murmured at their seats, some laughed and teased him, and some even pointed at him. Ryo’s face is completely ruined, for he got black-eyed, a long deep cut on his lower lip and a wound on his formerly flawless cheeks. Risako and her friends like the view of him being beaten up, as they know it was Yajima Maimi who did it. As he walks in, Risako couldn’t control her anger towards him so she intentionally stretched her foot outwards and tripped Ryo on the floor.

“Oh sorry Ryo-kun, are you alright?” Risako asks but enjoys the view of Ryo on the floor.

“Damn…” Ryo cursed. “… you want a fight too?”

“Get out of my sight or else I’ll break your balls.” Risako glared and Ryo just walked away from her in embarrassment.

“If I were you I already stabbed him with my fork!” Chisato said with an evil grin.

“Then I’ll spear my chopsticks to make him as a barbeque.” Nakky followed-up.

On the Saitama’s Stadium where the soccer team is busy preparing for the upcoming nationals, Airi went all the way there, not to make commotion like last time, but to pay Maimi a visit that is currently having a practice game with the juniors. She properly put Maimi’s clean clothes which she used. She watches Maimi calmly running around the field for her injury is still on its way on full recovery. Airi can’t help but to fantasize on the ace player, dreaming with her eyes wide open and her lips stretching out in smile.

“She’s so cool~” Airi giggled.

“I know right~”

Airi got startled with the sudden voice from behind as she seats on the bleachers. She turned around only to find the small captain handing her canned coffee milk.

 “It’s not what you think.” Airi defended.

“I used to admire her too though I have more experience than her.” Saki said and seats beside Airi. “I’m Shimizu Saki by the way, team’s captain.”

“Yeah, Maimi once mentioned you to me before.” Airi shyly said.

“I never thought I can meet Suzuki Airi-san this close.” Saki laughed. “But, I didn’t expect that someone like you is pretty close to Maimi-chan too.”

“Well, we’re not that close. In fact I still call her Yajima-san.” Airi said.

“Is that so? Why don’t you try calling her Maimi-chan instead? And then she’ll call you Airi-chan too. I’m sure she’ll like it.”

Airi pouts and glues her eyes onto Maimi. She remembers Momoko saying the same thing, try to call her Maimi-chan. “Well, you see… I’m still awkward around her.”

“It’s because you like her, am I right?” Saki teased.

“No! Definitely no!” Airi shook her head rapidly in denial.

“Oh c’mon! What’s wrong with admitting it?”

“She still loves Mano Erina-san.” Airi said with no tone and with a frown.

“See? So you admitted that you indeed like… or that you love Maimi-chan.” Saki said and left Airi alone on the bleachers to join the practicing team once again.

Airi was unexpectedly caught off guard with Saki’s words and unintentionally just admitted her feelings. The more that Airi thinks Maimi is still not over Erina, the more she can feel her heart aches. As she grips on her chest with her heart pounding out loud, she clenches her teeth to avoid from falling deeper on the ace player. However, she fails to do so. Her feelings are inevitably getting deeper, she’s falling deeper, and finally going crazier over Yajima Maimi.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Maimi approaches the spacing out Airi.


“What’s wrong? You look pale.” Maimi asked and touched her forehead. But after a millisecond, Airi avoided her hands and moved back.

“S-sorry… I’m fine. I only came here to give these back. I want to give it back personally so I came here instead of giving it back on your dorm.” Airi hands over the paper bag but her gazes are away from Maimi’s.

“Hey, do you want to play soccer with me?” Maimi suddenly asked and forcibly twisted Airi’s head to look at her straight in the eyes.

Airi blushed at the realization that Maimi’s hands are cupping her face and now looking into her crescent-shaped eyes as she smiles wide at her. Airi couldn’t utter a word so she only gave a nod and left their bags on the bleachers for a while and went on the soccer field.

“Where’s everyone?” Airi asked.

“They already left since practice session for today is over.” Maimi said and placed a ball in between their standing positions at the middle of the field.

“But wait… I don’t know how to play.” Airi said. “I don’t even know any sports.”

“It’s alright. Just kick the ball all the way to the goal.” Maimi said and positioned Airi far from the goal.

 “But why?”

“Just do it and tell me how it feels like.”

Airi only obeyed on what Maimi said. She strongly kicked the ball but only made a small impact against the goal’s net. “Oh… I did it!”

“So, how does it feel that you’re able to reach the goal?”

“It feels… great.” Airi admitted with a huge smile on her face. “It feels great! It’s my first time and yet I did it!”

Maimi stares at Airi’s smiling face, “Keep that smile from now on.”


“Never forget this feeling of being able to kick the ball and reached the goal for the first time. Always keep that feeling and if you do, I know you can always have that smile.” Maimi said and retrieved the ball.

“You… let me do this just to see me smile?”

“Sorry but I think that’s all I can do for you. Your face last night is painted all over my mind the whole time so I thought of something that could make you happy. I can’t think of anything that’s why I can only make you feel the happiness of being able to make a goal for the first time.” Maimi explained with a smile on her face.

“Is this… how you felt too when you made a goal for the first time too?” Airi hesitantly asked for she knows Maimi’s answer will be somewhat related to Erina again.

“Yeah, ultimate happiness. Whenever I step on this field, I always tell myself to keep on running though it’s hard, to keep on fighting, and to keep on moving forward. I already dropped tons of sweats in this field, stepped million times on this field and it didn’t get tired on me. So it’s the same for you.”

“How will be this is the same for my situation?”

“I thought you’re smart? I’m trying to say that no matter how hard life gets, you have to keep on moving forward. Just like soccer, never look back and keep on running forward until you reach the goal. If you can’t run anymore, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. The only thing that’s important is you have to keep on living.”

Airi is completely amazed with her words, with such a soft and warm deep voice. It totally cleansed her heart for a moment, and her problem instantly faded for a while. She never thought Maimi could say such things, words which she directly got from her heart.

“Let’s go. It’s getting dark. I’ll walk you back home today.” Maimi said and started walking away from the middle of the soccer field.

Airi hurriedly catches her up from behind and walks together on the busy streets. Since Maimi is wearing her cap, no one recognizes her having a peaceful walk with Airi. The crowd on the streets got thicker for its rush hour, Airi hardly walks pass by them, causing her distance with Maimi to get bigger. Until Airi felt Maimi’s warm hands holds on hers and pulled her close, their huge distance disappeared and now walking beside each other again but hand-in-hand.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll hold your hand.” Maimi said looking straight on their way.

Airi blushed at the sight of their hands intertwined and holds it tighter, afraid to let go of it now. This is the second time they’ll walk hand-in-hand but Airi somewhat feels more special at this day because it was Maimi who made the first move.

“We’re here.” Maimi stopped in front of Suzuki’s mansion.

Airi let go of their hands with a smile, “Thank you…. Maimi-chan.”


“Never mind.” Airi awkwardly chuckled. “I only wanted to call you Maimi-chan for at least once. But I guess I’ll just call you Yajima-san then.”

Maimi smirked, “You’re welcome Airi-chan. don’t forget to call me when you feel lonely.” She said and left.

Airi was stunned with the way she was called, “She called me Airi-chan…” 
I hope you liked this chapter~ Sorry if I'm updating kinda slow. Some things suddenly came up here at home so I hardly find time to write. hehe.  :) But I'll always try to write and update soon.  :D

Thank you and See yah on the next chapter~  :peace:

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 7 [YajiSuzu fic]
« Reply #27 on: May 23, 2013, 06:31:06 PM »
Maimi took Airi back to the dorm and eventually took her back to Airi's mansion and called her by a friendly name :twothumbs

And Ryo.... bad fellow isn't he XD
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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 7 [YajiSuzu fic]
« Reply #28 on: May 27, 2013, 04:39:38 PM »
Now I know Airi is really fall for Maimi. :wub: But Maimi still couldn't get over her ex right?
She walk hand in hand and call Airi's first name, I wonder if she's just being nice, nothing with rabu rabu feeling :O

Darn.. this gonna take some times ;)

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 7 [YajiSuzu fic]
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heheh cant wait to see what happens next XD O0

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 7 [YajiSuzu fic]
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 This chapter :wub:
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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 7 [YajiSuzu fic]
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Hey yoh! I'm back for an update! @kurosawa87, @twintt, @darkacex99 and @GNUpon : Thanks for the comments on my last update~ I appreciate it!  :twothumbs And don't worry, rabu rabu will come soon too! haha! Just wait for it.  :D

Here's the update for now~ ENJOY~


“Airi-chan… Airi-chan… Airi-chan…” Airi grins by herself as she thinks of how Maimi called her last time they were together and how sweet and soft Maimi called her name, “Airi-chan~”


“Airi-chan~” Airi continues on grinning by herself on her seat while she looks out through the window.

“SUZUKI AIRI-SAN!” The teacher called louder and this time, Airi got startled with his call and even jolted up on her seat. “Are you even listening to the discussion?” He angered. “What was my last sentence?!”

“W-well… are you even listening to the discussion, was your last sentence sir.” Airi timidly answered which caused harmonious laughter inside the classroom.

The teacher faked a cough as he couldn’t argue any further and just continues on with his discussion, “So as what I was saying, graduation is approaching fast and I believe I handed out the college preparation plan papers last week. And by tomorrow, we’ll be having a one-on-one talk with your parents and you should come too so that we’ll hear their concerns and opinions.”

“Oh yeah, that thing happens annually with the graduating students.” Risako nodded. “So Airi-chan, will your parents come?”

“I’m 100% sure they’ll come because it’s about my studies, and they are faster than lightning.” Airi sighed. “I guess I won’t come with them and just let them talk with the teachers. They won’t give me a chance to speak even if I’ll tag along with them.”

“It’s been a while since I last saw them.”

“It’s because they rarely come back home. I wonder if they even know how I look like.” Airi answered with her low tone and let the discussion to go further without listening.

Airi doesn’t want her mood to go down just because of her parents and her upcoming graduation. All she wants to think of is her closeness with Maimi which is getting better each day. Though they don’t meet often, they often exchange e-mails, every day until at the very moment that Airi is walking slowly back home with a smile on her face.

“How’s school?” Maimi sent.

“Nothing special. Classes as always and the teacher just informed us about the parents’ meeting tomorrow. Everyone’s so excited about it while I’m completely the opposite. But it’s fine. Hihi! How about you, how’s practice?”

“It’s good. My injury is healing fast and I’m getting better in our practice matches. We have one week left before the nationals will start. And on weekend, I’m planning to go at my parents’ place in the countryside for a visit. I haven’t seen them for a while.”

“Really? That’s good to hear…”

“Airi-chan is deeply in love, don’t you think?” Nakky asked Risako who are left on the school campus, together with Chisato.

“I guess so. I’ve never seen Airi-chan this happy. It’s like she’s not worried that there will be a teacher-parent meeting tomorrow.” Risako smiled as she closed her locker and walks out together with them.

“Thanks to Yajima Maimi-san, Airi is getting all so energetic these days. She often visits Yajima-san on her practice too.” Chisato further said.

“She changed a lot since she met Yajima-san. After classes, she used to go to library, but now she rarely goes there. Airi-chan doesn’t really like hanging out, but now she’s starting to be socially attached to everyone. Isn’t that great?!”

“But… do you think Maimi-sama will accept her if in case Airi-chan will confess her feelings?” Risako wondered.

“I’m worried about that too. It seems like Yajima-san isn’t interested with her romantic feelings at all and she only likes Airi-chan as a friend, well, a special friend.” Nakky said.

“I wonder if Airi-chan will be alright if she goes on…”

The next day came, and St. Victoria’s High School is packed with visitors which are the graduating students’ parents. Almost everyone is seen linking hands with their parents, but not Airi for she got no one. Looking at the happy families around her, it makes her feel jealous and mad at the same time. She has never felt the true love from her parents like others do, they never smiled at her like other parents do to their children and her parents can’t even look at her directly into her eyes. However, Airi is being pushed by their orders for she’s afraid to be left out and have nothing.

“Don’t be sad Airi-chan.” Risako patted her best friend’s head as she saw her sitting alone at the corner of the hallway. “Why don’t you just send Maimi-sama an e-mail to cheer yourself up?”

“I want to but she’s having a practice and I don’t want to bother her always with my e-mails, she might get irritated.” Airi pouted.

“Sugaya Risako-san.” The teacher called loud. “It’s your turn and Suzuki Airi-san, you’re next.”

Risako gave Airi her last smile before entering the classroom with her parents. While she holds the unsigned graduation plan papers on her hand, she couldn’t help but to feel anxious. She wants to sign it and honestly write her plans on it, but thinking of her strict parents, she couldn’t write a single letter and only waits for their orders.

“Suzuki-san!” Her classmate came rushing to her after 10 minutes of silence. “I think your parents just arrived. They are in the front gate now using a limo!”

“I don’t care.” Airi looked away.

Seconds later, Airi heard footsteps on the stairs and finally saw her parents walking towards the room with their bodyguards around them. Airi stood up from her place and glared at them, but they only look away and immediately entered the room without waiting for the queue.

“Oh Suzuki-san, have a seat!” The teacher lowered down his head and offered chairs at once. Airi belatedly entered the room and stands at the back and not beside her parents. 

“Make it quick, we have a lot of things to do.” Her father said with a deep tone.

“Y-yes!” The teacher panicked. “It’s about Suzuki Airi-san’s college plans and her school performance…”

“School performance?” Her mother cut off. “Do we even have to talk about that? She’s obviously doing well like what was reported to us. And her college plans, we already have a plan about that, there’s no need for Airi to think about it.”

“I agree.” Her father followed up. “I heard she’s involved with such a mess on a soccer game last time and I couldn’t believe it. She's messing up everything because of that thing and giving a shame to us. That’s why, for her college, we’re planning to let her study Business Management in America.”

“Wait!” Airi butted in. “America!? I didn’t hear anything about that!” She argued.

“Do we still have to discuss things with you?” Her father asked without looking at her.

“OF COURSE!” Airi roared. “It’s my life! And I have the right to choose! Why are you planning things for me without even asking if I want it or not?! DAD! MOM! I’m not your robot!” She cried.

“Then what? We’ll let you slack around here and do things that will shame the name of our family?! We already let you study here for high school, and yet you’re messing up! You gave us no choice but to put you away and go to America!” Her father answered back with a higher tone and even echoed all over the classroom.

Airi sobs and cries harder, “Why… Am I even your daughter? Why are you treating me like this?”

“Because you’re a Suzuki and you should be well-disciplined for everything.” Her mother said.

“Then look at me.” Airi begged. “Why can’t you even look straight into my eyes? Because I’m a Suzuki? So if I go against your orders…”

“…we won’t recognize you anymore.” Her father said and stood up from his seat. “Please excuse us, we have a meeting in 30 minutes. We’ll let our lawyer to talk about this matter.” They said and immediately left with eyes all on them as they went out of the classroom.

“Suzuki-san…” The teacher feels pity at the sight of trembling and frightened Airi in from of him. “…Sorry. I couldn’t do anything.”

 “I hate them...” Airi cried and ran away from the classroom.

Risako wanted to chase her, but Nakky stopped her saying that she has to think alone. Everyone also wants to comfort her, but no one will never understands how she feels so they let her run away alone. On the busy streets of Saitama, Airi runs out of nowhere with her tears falling nonstop. She doesn’t care if people look at her, or gossip about her, she just wants to cry and run away.

“Worst! Worst! I hate you!!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” Airi ended up crying under the bridge with the river running wild in front of her.

She curls herself on the side, thinking of how she grew up without anything. Back in grade school, only her old lady maid was there for her and died before she graduated. When she was freshman, she had a bodyguard but soon left after the school didn’t allow it. During her sophomore year she transferred to St. Victoria, she met her best friend Risako and other friends. For the first time, she felt love and care from them and thought not to let them go anymore. Though they know she’s from a rich family, they never walked away from her. And now she’s graduating, her condition with her parents got worse and in state of confusion at the moment.

“Eh?” Airi was about to grab her phone but realized she forgot her bag at school and now she has nothing. She wants to call Maimi knowing that she can cheer her up, but got nothing. “Damn…”

Airi lifelessly walks back home as she fixes her eyes on the ground. She can’t think properly at the moment with a lot of thoughts coming in and out of her mind. Some people even think she has gone crazy for her hair is totally messed up with her eye make-up ruined all over her cheeks.

“Maimi-chan?” Airi’s eyes went wide for Maimi is seen sleeping in front of her mansion’s gate with mosquitoes flying all over her head.

“Oh…” Maimi smiled. “Welcome back Airi-chan. Where have you been?” She asked with a big yawn.

“Well, why are you here? It’s already midnight!”

“I called you but you’re not answering. Then your friends came to the stadium because they thought you’re there. They’re supposed to give your bag back, but I got it instead and return it to you.” Maimi explained slowly. “So, what happened?”

“It’s nothing.” Airi denied. “Just a family thing as always…”

“I know.” Maimi weakly said. “I was just testing if you’ll lie or not. Sugaya-san told me what happened at the teacher-parent meeting a while ago.”

“Geez, that’s embarrassing…” Airi sighed. “You don’t have to worry about it Maimi-chan.”

“I’m not worried though.”

“Oh, I see.” Airi frowned.

“But I’m SO worried that I almost died.” Maimi later cleared up and suddenly pulled Airi for a tight hug. “Can you come and watch my practice match tomorrow?” She changed the topic to avoid Airi’s worries regarding her parents to go deeper.

“S-sure.” Airi nodded with a blush for her head is resting peacefully on Maimi’s chest.

“And after that…” Maimi pulls her closer, “Can you come with me at the countryside and spend your weekend in my parents’ place?”

“EH?!” This time Airi’s not only blushing, but a steam came out of her head due to thrill. “W-why?!” She asked and awkwardly pulled out of the hug.

“I thought you need a break too. I know that you rarely go out every weekend so maybe spending time on a peaceful place might help you think better.” Maimi said.


“You can’t say no! I already told my parents you’re coming with me!”

“Okay fine.” Airi finally agreed with a shy nod.

“Cool. So I’ll wait for you tomorrow at the stadium. Make sure to come because I’ll dedicate that practice match for you. If our team will lose, we’ll treat you for dinner. If we win, you’ll be the one to treat us, how’s that?” Maimi confidently said.

“Sure! It’s a deal!” Airi again nodded.


“There’s more?!”

Maimi took out her handkerchief and uses it to wipe Airi’s chaotic face, “Your face right now doesn’t fit you. Can you promise me not to cry anymore? It’s so hard for me to make you smile and laugh like this.”

“Maimi-chan…” Airi sobbed.

“Hey! I just told you not to cry and now you’re crying?!” Maimi laughed and used her both hands to wipe Airi’s tears away. “So, can you promise me? I like it more when you smile like a kitten.”

Airi rubs her eyes before saying, “Yeah, I promise!”

“There, that’s better.” Maimi giggled and forced Airi’s lips to form a wide smile. “Good night.”

Airi watched Maimi’s back walking away from her. Knowing that her heart is beating fast and loud again because of her, she grips on it with a smile and feels that her worries are fading away gradually. “I shouldn’t fall deeper.” She said to herself a couple of times but always fail to do it.

It’s past midnight when Maimi returned back to their dorm and found her friends waiting for her on the living room.

“Where have you been?” Erika coldly asked.

“I went to Airi-chan.” Maimi simply answered.

“Getting closer huh?” Momoko grins with a tease.

“We’re friends, so it’s natural.” Maimi again simply said with a deep sigh.

“Friends? I doubt it.” Erika said.

“Why? We’re friends, nothing’s wrong with what we’re doing.”

“If she’s just a friend, I warn you not to do this much for her. I mean, you can worry, you can look out but not this close. Because if you do, even strangers will think you’re lovers.” Erika seriously stated.

“Lovers? Oh c’mon…” Maimi smirked. “I’m not even in love with Airi-chan. Maybe I’m just sweet, that’s all!”

“Still…” Erika breathed. “If you continue on treating Suzuki-san like what you’re doing these days, you might not want to see what will happen next. It’s either Suzuki-san will fall for you or you, yourself will fall for her.”

“Don’t make her fall for you if you’re not going to catch her.” Momoko followed up. “Suzuki-san is a fragile high school girl. She easily gets hurt because she’s always alone. That’s why, if possible Maimi-chan, treat her like how you treat your other friends.”

“There’s no way Airi-chan will fall in love with me. She knows about Erina, she knows about my past and I know her situation. She’s smart enough to think that I’m just a friend who’s worried for her just like others. You’re the ones who said she was able to look through in my heart and mind, so she knows I’m just a friend.” Maimi said.

“There’s no smart person when it comes to love Maimi-chan.” Erika whispered. “Even the smartest person becomes dumb when it comes to love. Anyway, take care of Airi-chan as a friend.”

Maimi didn’t reply back anymore and locked herself inside her room. She faced her cabinet full of self-taken pictures of her together with Erina. Instead of thinking of Erina, Airi’s smiling face appeared on her mind instead, which made her to rapidly shake her head.
AH YEAH! xD. Again, sorry for the late update. School will start soon again and gonna be busy again. But I'll try to update this every time I'll find a vacant.  :D

As always, thanks for reading and see y'all at the next chapter~  :peace:

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 8 [YajiSuzu fic]
« Reply #32 on: May 30, 2013, 06:39:04 PM »
Airi's parents are just horrible although considerate at the same time but if they do disown her she gains the freedom she needs

Erika maybe foreshadowing the issues with Airi being with her, I don't know but it seems that way :nervous
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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 8 [YajiSuzu fic]
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I SO love Erika this chapter :wub: lol.
Talking sense to Maimi. Let her know if she's not gonna be serious about this then BACK OFF!! :twisted:

Oh well I know you will make it through anyway. I will wait  :wub:

Thanks for the chapter. :heart:

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 8 [YajiSuzu fic]
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dem ratchet parents of airi's :catglare: they need to b tore up like ryo...thos meanies

poor airi :cry:

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 8 [YajiSuzu fic]
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Both of my parents are abroad but is still feel i'm not alone because they call me everyday they're the best parents for me  :love:

But Suzuki Papa and Suzuki Mama is UNACCEPTABLE! :mon fire:

“There’s no smart person when it comes to love Maimi-chan.” Erika whispered. “Even the smartest person becomes dumb when it comes to love. Anyway, take care of Airi-chan as a friend.”

I want to be treated a friend too Yajima-san   :ptam-shy:

Yajima-san Fall in love with Airi ok :ptam-ok:

Thanks for the Update!  :bow:

And them I'm off  :cow:
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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 8 [YajiSuzu fic]
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@kurosawa87, @twintt, @darkacex99, @GNUpon : Thanks guys for always commenting on my fic. And sorry I couldn't make a personal reply all the time. Sometimes I'm a rush so I have to update it fast then just close the browser. :( But, I always read all your replies and I appreciate how you notice all the things on every chapter.  :D I'll try to work harder on the next and upcoming chapters. Thanks~


“Yajima-senpai! I had fun with today’s practice match. Thank you so much!” The juniors of the team bowed down their head in front of the ace player after the successful game against their senpai.

“You don’t really have to call me senpai. You can call me anything you want though.” Maimi shyly said and walks forward going to their locker room.

“But, Yajima-senpai is so talented! We couldn’t do anything at the field and it seems like we still need tons of practice to beat you someday.” One of the juniors praised and said.

“Hey, hey! Why are you only praising this girl?” Chinami whined as she caught up from behind.

“She’s way better than you Chinami-chan. And there’s nothing to praise in you.” Miyabi teased and rested her arms around her shoulders.

As they walk towards the locker room, Airi is seen waiting outside by the doors. The tease on Maimi grew bigger with cheers and some are referring Airi as her girlfriend. Airi heard them approaching with their wide smiles and awkwardly bowed and smiled at them.

“Sorry for making you wait again.” Maimi jogged forward and faced her.

“It’s alright. I watched the practice match. You did great as always.” Airi praised.

“Ayee~” Saki butted in. “Do I smell something here?”

“Yeah, it’s your sweat! So leave us alone and take a shower!” Maimi opened the door and kicked her inside.

“Why are they like that?” Airi asked.

“Well... they’re teasing me and they’re saying you’re my girlfriend.” Maimi shyly said in front of the blushing Airi.

“Is… that so.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. Anyway, I’ll take a shower first before we go. Wait for me here instead, our locker room stinks with sweat so it’s better to wait here outside.” Maimi excused herself and made her way inside.

“Hey Maimi-chan, are you sure about bringing that girl with you back in your place?” Captain Saki asked as she saw Maimi entered the room.

“Your mom and dad with surely say she’s your girlfriend.” Chinami grinned.

“No. Everything will be fine.” Maimi assured with a smile. “I have to take a break from the field too, and Airi-chan needs a break too. I only want to help her.”

Maimi waved goodbye to them and walked out of the stadium with Airi. The walk all the way to the subway station was silent as none of them bothered to utter a single word. Though Maimi would sometimes take a glimpse on her, Airi’s eyes are fixed on the ground. Knowing that she’s thinking deep, Maimi kept her silence until they both entered the train and went straight to their cubicle.

“Woah. This train is nice.” Maimi looked outside through the window while the train is running fast. “Look Airi-chan, you can see the sea from here.”


Maimi sighed and sits across the spacing out girl, “What’s wrong? You look unwell since we left the stadium.”

“N-nothing. It’s just my first time to go to countryside so I’m a little nervous about it.” Airi tried to excuse but Maimi still gave her a glare.

“If you want to lie, make sure I’ll believe it.” Maimi reaches out for her hands and once again asks, “So, what’s wrong?”

“I guess I have to practice then.” Airi awkwardly laughed as she stared at their intertwined hands. “Listen Maimi-chan. I was… just… thinking of… Mano Erina-san.” She hesitantly said with her trembling voice.

“Oh…” Maimi leaned back a little from shock. “What about her?”

“I know it’s kind of random…” Airi breathed in panic. “…how should I say it?”

“Erina is just like you.” Maimi exhaled with a bit of stretch on her lips as she stands up to look outside. “She rarely opens up her feelings, but when she does, she always gets nervous and get panic.”

“What made you love her? I mean, like what Umeda-san and Tsugunaga-san said, you’re a play girl when you’re in high school. What’s with Mano-san that you love?” Airi asked.

“I don’t know.” Maimi answered with a frown. “Do we still need a reason why we should fall in love with someone? Love is mysterious, that’s all I know. Erina doesn’t have any traits of a girl that I like, but she made my heart beat fast and made me go crazy. So I can say that’s love.”

“I see.” Airi gave a short answer.

“Why?” Maimi went back on her seat and faced Airi. “Is that what’s bothering you?”

“Well yeah. I know it’s not something that I should worry about. I always overthink of things and put myself into bad mood.” Airi lied but this time, better than a while ago and Maimi believed her.

While they’re still on the long travel, Maimi fell asleep on her place and Airi is completely awake trying to distract herself from playing games on her phone. In fact, Airi is bothered with something deeper than what she asked. Airi is thinking if Maimi will even look at her as her girl, as someone special and if in case Maimi will open her heart again, she wonders if she has even a small chance. Airi knows these things are stupid to think about, but this is what love has done to her.

“We’re here!” Maimi announced the time they arrived at the place.

Airi wonders her eyes around and all she can see are fields with the crops planted, animals freely walking around the field, trees swaying with the strong blow of the wind and the smell of the land. Slowly, a wide smile crept out on her lips and suddenly runs forward to take another view of the place. High mountains are seen from afar, and the sky is so blue, with the sun still up high at noon.

“MAIMI-CHAN!!!” They heard a loud voice approaching fast from behind.

“HAGIKKO!” Maimi carries her with a big hug and twirls her around. “I miss you Haggi~”

“Oh! A new girl!”

“H-hi, I’m Suzuki Airi.” Airi introduced and bowed down her head.

“Suzuki?! Wow! You’re a Suzuki?!”

“Y-yeah.” Airi forced out a smile.

“Hey Haggi.” Maimi immediately stopped the young girl from talking any further. “By the way, she’s Hagiwara Mai, but I call her Haggi. She’s an orphan, and we kept her. She’s like my little sister now.”

“You can call me Haggi too!” Mai returned back Airi’s smile with a wider one. “Our place is not far from here. Let’s go back now! Uncle and Auntie are so eager to see you!”

As they reached the small village, elders are busy fixing their farm, some are feeding the animals from their backyards and kids are freely running around the muddy way. Most of the houses are made of wood and only the chiefs and officers’ house are cemented. The ignorant Airi only shuts her mouth but completely feeling the freedom deep inside her. The people would give her a glare for she’s a new face, but Airi only avoids the eye contacts.

“Mom! Dad!” Maimi rushed to the old couple farming on the field and showered them with hugs and kisses.

“They’re Maimi’s parents.” Mai said at the stunned Airi beside her who is watching them from afar. “Maimi-chan loves them so much. Every time she visits here, uncle and auntie’s smile never fades. Maimi started staying in Saitama when she entered high school. Her parents wanted her to enter college and have a degree, but something unexpected happened.”

“Mano-san’s death…”

“Yeah. Because of her death, Maimi’s world upside down and now she’s a soccer player. Her parents were against her decision at first but since Maimi-chan is so stubborn, they gave up and let Maimi-chan to do what she wants.”

 “And who’s this pretty girl?” Maimi’s mother draws near Airi.

“She’s the one I told you yesterday. She’s my friend Suzuki Airi.” Maimi happily introduced and Airi politely lowered down her head for respect.

“A Suzuki…” Maimi’s father grabbed Airi’s clean hands with his dirty ones for a handshake. “It’s so nice to meet you Suzuki-sama…”

“Hey wait! You don’t have to be that formal.” Airi said. “I’m a Suzuki but I’m not like my parents who want to be treated like royal. You can just call me by my name.”

“Is that so?”

“Well, well… save the talk later. Let’s go back inside and have lunch.” Maimi’s mother cut off their conversation and guided Airi inside their small house as Maimi carries her huge bag.

After the long lunch with some talks and exchange of words, the family introduced Airi to the whole place. The house is just enough for the four members of the family. The way is narrow, and the design is like the traditional Japanese style with wooden sliding doors. The living room and the kitchen joint together are as big as St. Victoria’s classrooms. The two bedrooms are placed at the back of the house, with the CR parallel to it. Generally, the house is a little messy.

“Sorry Suzuki-san.” Maimi’s mother apologized for their small yet steaming hot small house.

“It’s alright. Actually, I’m amazed. I wanted to be on a place like this.” Airi replied.

“We’re not using one of the bedrooms; Suzuki-san can use that. We already cleaned it when Maimi told us a friend is coming back with her.” The father informed and guided Airi all the way to the said bedroom.

“We all sleep together at the other bedroom. I use this room before but when Mai came into our family, we started sleeping in one room. She’s scared of ghost so we have to stay close with her.”

Airi laughed loud at the reason with an eye smile formed on her face. Maimi watches her laughing for the first time of the day. It’s the first time Maimi witnessed a different smile from her. Compared to her usual smiles, Airi’s smiles are extraordinary for the day.

“It’s my first time.” Airi said with a tear on her eye. “It’s my first time to feel the love of a family. I know I don’t belong here. But, your mom and dad treated me as if I’m their daughter. I’ve never felt like this before. I feel… I don’t know. Thank you Maimi-chan.”

“Come with me. I want to show you something.”

Maimi put her on the field where her parents farmed this morning. She let Airi sit on the grassy part and followed her afterwards. “The field looks better than the soccer field, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I can smell animals’ poop though.” Airi giggled. “But, it’s so wide that I can’t see anything from afar. Look at the horizon, I wonder what’s in there.”

“The sun always set on that side. So from here, you can see it every day. Whenever I try to wait for the sunset, I always fall asleep so in the end, I couldn’t see it. And I always wake up with the moon above me already.”

“Let’s wait for it.” Airi said and sat still on her place.

The two patiently waited for the sunset until it finally came. The sky turned into red orange and the sun went big on the horizon. Airi looked beside her and as expected, Maimi already fell asleep and couldn’t witness the beautiful sunset again. Airi tried to wake her up but she didn’t move an inch so Airi eventually gave up and watch the sunset alone.

“You know Maimi-chan…” Airi started talking to the soundly sleeping player beside her. “… I don’t really like watching the sunset, but since you said it’s beautiful I have to see it. I have to say it’s indeed beautiful, but it’s more beautiful because you’re with me.”

Airi noticed that no one is around, and everyone is busy preparing for dinner inside the house. As she couldn’t control her overflowing feelings towards Maimi, she took the opportunity and stole a quick kiss on the lips and immediately pulled back.

“Hey you two!” Mai suddenly popped out from behind. “Dinner is ready!”

“Hhmm…” Maimi slowly opened her eyes and saw Mai on top of her with a pile of water on her hands. “Oh please Haggi, don’t do that again.” She whined.

“If Airi-chan isn’t here, I’ll ready spill this on your face.” Mai grinned. “By the way, uncle said we’ll have fireworks after dinner for Airi-chan’s welcome.”

“REALLY?! I LOVE FIREWORKS!” Maimi jolted up and rushed inside the house and hastily eats her dinner.

Like a one big family, they shared laughter and joy while they eat dinner. Including Airi, the family enjoyed the foods served on the table though it’s not that much. Airi doesn’t really mind about it, as long as she can feel a love from a family, it’s enough for her.

“Airi-chan~” Mai approached her after dinner on the backyard and handed her sparklers. “Here, uncle will light up the fireworks now.”

In no time, Maimi’s father lit up the fountain of fireworks and some flew in the sky and created colourful lights together with Maimi. “It’s so different from the one I always see in Saitama. It’s like the lights can blow up more freely and disperse peacefully.” Airi said with amazement.

“I saw it.” Mai murmured.


“Does Maimi-chan have an idea you have romantic feelings for her?” Mai asked and stares at her shining sparklers.

“W-what are you talking about?” Airi hardly uttered and pretends to be focusing on her sparklers.

“Oh c’mon. It’s unfortunate I have big eyes that I can see what everyone’s doing a kilometre away from me.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“THAT KISS!” Mai blurted out.

“Hey!” Airi immediately let go of her sparklers and covered Mai’s big mouth instead. “Seriously, you saw it?”

“Yeah, you kissed her while she’s sleeping.” Mai said with a teasing grin.

“Aish…” Airi groaned. “Why did I even do that?! Please Mai-chan, don’t tell her about it. I’m begging you!”

“Why should I tell her if she already knows it?”

“What do you mean?” Airi nervously asked.

“She’s lying when she said she sleeps during sunset.” Mai stated. “Actually, Maimi-chan never missed sunset. So if you thought she’s really sleeping that time, then you’re fooled.”

“No way… then that means…” Airi slowly turned her head where Maimi is and to her surprise, Maimi is already staring at her without expression on her face at all. “She only acted… no way…”

“You’re already caught Airi-chan, all you have to do now is to tell your feelings properly.”

Mai left Airi alone when she saw Maimi walking towards Airi on the corner. Airi’s heart started beating fast every step that Maimi takes closer to her. Airi knows there’s no way to deny, no way to avoid and no way to lie anymore. But still, she feels nervous and doesn’t know what to do.

Yup, I kinda rushed this chapter. I've been busy lately and school will start tomorrow again~  :banghead:
Anyway, I'll try to write and update this fic if I have time.  :D
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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 9 [YajiSuzu fic]
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OMG!! Maimi knows it now :shocked What she will response??  :panic:

I hate the sentence "staring at her without expression on her face at all" lol. You make me scared :nervous

Oh please don't break Airi's heart :banghead:

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 9 [YajiSuzu fic]
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wat da heck?!?!?! :shocked: maimi KNOWS!!??!?!? goood grief wats gunna happen now???? :shocked maimi,s getting closer and closer airi...cant turn bakk now :cathappy:

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Re: Field of Love - Chapter 9 [YajiSuzu fic]
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Airi would seem bothered by the Erina question although meeting her parents and Haggi was a welcoming sight
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