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Author Topic: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 23-27 [11-10-2015]  (Read 40027 times)

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 12 + 13 [2-13]
« Reply #100 on: February 24, 2014, 07:21:26 AM »
Mucca: USO

Yunagi: YES IT'S THE FISHERMAN XDDDD I needed the character to make an appearance somewhere lol xD Mint-kun has.... not many lives left if Ayumi keeps killing him the way she does xD Eripon is just a blacksmith, but still quite derpy xD and the sister's identity won't be revealed for a while but... something else will in this chapter xD

Hart: MAKOCHANNNNN but not Makochan-Makochan, just the character brought to life xD I should probably write more chapters on the 10th gen's side of things, huh.... xD

Kawaii: KITA!!!!!

There's a really small .5 chapter for this which is more of a prequel than anything, so honestly, just 2 thank yous should do it xD

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 12 + 13 [2-13]
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14. Michishige Sayumi

She couldn't believe it. She darted about the wreckage strewn everywhere.

Michishige Sayumi: priestess extraordinaire, cutest girl in the land, cutest bunny in the land... And she was playing cat and mouse with a supposedly dormant dragon while looking for alcohol. Great. If the head priestess heard about her current predicament, she'd be rolling in her grave.

How could those two do this to me?! TO ME!? She knew she should have said something back there. She could have revealed herself, Riho didn't know her. She kept it hidden before because she thought it'd be awkward for a daughter to travel with a mother's... Well she and the Golden Cat from Hell were technically never a thing before they went their separate ways, but they were so close!

"She could have been mine!" Sayumi crinkled her nose. Granted, Riho would be half cat and half human at the time, but if she were half cat and half bunny... What would that look like? She shook her tiny white head. She was being distracted, that wasn't good. She needed to focus. First, assess how many beings were in this cove.

She certainly sensed the dragon, but she sensed... what was that, a human with it? This was a curious situation. Perhaps sneaking around wouldn't factor into the plan after all. But still, caution was top priority.

"...I'm telling you, I'm not getting in that carriage!"

"But Niigaki-sama, you did just say we needed to move, right?"


Wait, Niigaki-sama? The name rang a bell but she failed to place a connection to it. She found a half of a broken crate up ahead. She immediately darted for that and hid in its shadow. Thankfully, there was another hole within it to peek at the sight...

...Which was the strangest thing she ever saw. Why was the human wielding a palanquin in one hand!?

"You need to put that down, Erina!"

Oh, that must be the dragon. She had auburn hair and dark, angled horns from the top of her head to the back. She was also adorned in black and blue samurai armor. There were no pants for her, but her greaves were more than enough ample protection for her. However, there was something else Sayumi noticed. There was a large bloody wound in the dragon's leg. She had it raised over a barrel and she was applying pressure to her thigh.

She's injured? Wow, if they really needed it, Sayumi could just heal them on the spot right then and there. Though, Ayumi had her priestess clothes in her bag ( It certainly raised a few brows from Rihoriho when she brought that back) and her just showing up unceremoniously naked would probably be just the right trigger for a lightning spell to the face. Of course, Sayumi couldn't bear the thought of her adorable face being attacked!

She did however, achieve her objective. The dragon and the human were right where the barrels were... This could prove a slight obstacle. But if the human was there and the dragon didn't eat her, then clearly they must be good people...

The trouble is telling Riho when Sayumi was still unknown to her...

If I don't reveal myself... Sayumi looked down to find a tiny water puddle. She dipped her paw in and began making tallies on the dry rock.

If she doesn't know... I could still hang out in her clothes... Sleep with her.... She'd always take my side if I get in a fight with Ayumi... I could kiss her and she would kiss me back...

If she knew...

What was she doing, the answer was so obvious. The pros and cons were clearly tipped to one side. Heavily. With all of her... feelings.

"Hey Niigaki-sama! I found a rabbit!"

Sayumi bolted for it. Just when she thought she could turn the corner, she heard a loud noise and suddenly, the ground rose! She jumped to clear it and as she landed, the ground rose again! She ran in a different direction and sure enough, a section of the ground rose and blocked her off. before she knew it, she was trapped. She turned around and the human was panting near her.

"A fast little thing, aren't you?" The rather scantily clad human wheezed. Did this human have the power of earth on her side? It certainly explained the muscles she had, despite the slender body.

"A bunny right? Erina hasn't eaten in a while, just take it. I've already had my fill earlier with those pirates."

"We need a fire though, I can't eat it raw like how you ate those men earlier! Silly Niigaki-sama!" she waved her hand at the other dismissively and popped a leg up. "You so funny!"

THE DRAGON IS A HUMAN EATER AND THE HUMAN JUST LAUGHS IT OFF SO GLEEFULLY! Sayumi's face scrunched up in horror. The human bent over to pick her up and that's when she knew she had to escape. She darted underneath the human called Erina's legs and tried to swerve around. Why was this area such a narrow wall path and the rest water!?

She completely jinxed herself as she felt a splash of water and suddenly, she was swimming. But why was she in the air!?

Somehow... that dragon trapped her in a bowl of water, only there was no bowl. What was it, Niigaki-sama? She had a well sharpened, maintained hand raised and pointed towards the body of water Sayumi was trapped in.

Oh no what do I do, what do I DO?! Sayumi was panicking now. She needed to escape somehow but just, HOW!? The water beneath her gave way and she landed right into the dragon's hand. Seeing the dragon up close didn't seem as bad as she thought though. She looked youthful and her emerald eyes were quite inviting. However, Sayumi was cuter.

"Aren't you cute?" the dragon cooed before rubbing her face all over Sayumi's.


It was her first time seeing a dragon but despite that humanoid face, she seriously felt those scales! Either the dragon only freshly turned back or she was too lazy on perfecting her humanoid disguise! Her fur was still wet too! She hated everything happening right now!

"WHOA Stop right there!" shouted a familiar voice.

Except that. She loved what was happening right now.

"That. is MY meat!" Riho declared fiercely, claws sprung out and everything.

Sayumi was so happy she could cry.

"If anyone is eating her, it'd be me!"

Oh gods, all the blood was rushing to her cheeks now.

"T-the bunny's nosebleeding..." the dragon said in bemusement.

RIHORIHOOOOOOO~! Sayumi couldn't help but scream in her mind, YOU ARE MY SAVIOR!! She began to kick away from the dragon in attempt to escape, but the dragon merely gripped her tighter. She tried thumping away at the wrist but her hind legs only met with the touch of rough scales.

"Michishige-san!" Ayumi shouted out, naginata pointed towards the enemies. "Unhand the bunny at once!"

The one called Niigaki-sama merely widened her eyes, "No way, you guys are seriously concerned for the bunny?"

The other human, Erina, was it? She got into a protective fighting pose in front of the dragon. "I won't let you hurt Niigaki-sama!"

"Whoa..." Ayumi lowered the weapon, "We have no intentions of hurting you, we just want the bunny..."

Erina lowered her fists, "Huh?"

"No way, seriously?" Niigaki looked back at the bunny, who was staring back very judgementally. The wet fur only added to Sayumi's chagrin. "Why the particular attachment?"

"It's... a pet we have. After Riho called it fat, it got angry and left."

What do you take me for, Ayumi.... Sayumi narrowed her eyes.

"So if we were to release this creature back towards you... You would go?" the dragon asked, testing the waters.

"Well..." Ayumi began, but was interrupted when the ground beneath her suddenly rose, prompting her to do a backflip to avoid it.

"THEY ARE AFTER YOU, NIIGAKI-SAMA!" Erina declared as she went into attack mode. Riho and Ayumi were running all about the place, dodging stalagmites left and right.

"...Erina... You should have let them finish," Niigaki-sama placed a hand over Sayumi and then lifted it. All the water that clung to her furs was now a ball in her other hand. Thank goodness! The only time she could stand being wet was taking a peek at--

She lurched forward as Niigaki thrust her other hand forward, the water ball launching and turning into a huge shield of liquid. When Sayumi's sight caught up to her, she saw that Riho had launched a fire blast towards the human and that's why Niigaki responded in turn! The two forces meeting created a thick steam which engulfed the area. Sayumi tried to kick at her captor again but to no avail.

Niigaki breathed in deeply and blew with ferocious vigor, effectively clearing all the steam in an instant. However, it seemed that Riho had been doing the same thing on her end... and her eyes were cerulean instead of dark brown.

"Those eyes..." the dragon blinked. "I've seen them before..."

"A storm dragon with emerald eyes and those horns...Are you perhaps the famed Green Gale?" Riho commented in turn.

So THAT'S where I remember her from! Sayumi looked back at the dragon's bright green eyes. Niigaki Risa, The Green Gale who was rumored to be able to travel at high speeds at a young age! But... she looked at the other again, I'm sure she's older now but she still looks like she's 12.

"I know that magic signature too..." the Green Gale scrutinized the other head to feet, she immediately stood up "AH HA" but then kneeled over due to her injury, "AH NO," she wheezed.

"Niigaki-sama!" Erina went to help the dragon.

"Eheh, I over reacted..." the dragon laughed, she had the human help her sit on a barrel turned over on its side. "Come here, it's the first time I've seen you in human form!" she spread her arms out, inviting the other for a hug.

Riho stared.

"She doesn't remember!" Niigaki nearly fell off from her barrel. "You don't remember me?" she pointed at herself. "I used to help your grandma babysit you when your parents were out!"

Riho squinted as she walked forward. "I... honestly don't remember, sorry."

"Uh... What..." Ayumi was even more confused at the turn of events.

"Don't you remember flying around the Sky villages at all? I think I was the one who taught you how to do that mist-clearing spell just now!" Niigaki was sounding desperate now.

"Oh, I thought Nacchi-baba taught me that..." Riho rolled her eyes upwards in an attempt to remember.

Niigaki's expression went neutral. "You threw up on my brand new armor at the time too..."

And then it hit Riho. "OHHHH!" She hit her fist to her open palm, "THAT WAS YOU?!"

"THAT'S what you remember me by?!" the dragon nearly fell over again.

Jeez, does everyone Riho comes across knows her? Sayumi was set down at the dragon's lap, though she made no effort to move seeing how she was not in any form of danger. She said her grandmother was someone called Nacchi... Who would that be...?

"Either way, how are you?! And do you have any idea where your mama is, because I was actually on my way to Okinawa to inquire about her."

"I'm... fine...Though, to be frank, I'm also going down for the same reason."

"...Oh," Niigaki looked crestfallen. "She was missing for that long, huh?"

"...Yeah..." Riho sighed, "Mother went out to look for her a while back, and I thought I'd do some searching too."

"Oh, Reina is...?"

"Yeah, she's going to see Nacchi-baba and ask. Though at this rate, I'm pretty sure us getting to Okinawa and finding Mama will probably happen before she even gets to the sky villages..."

"I see Reina's as geographically challenged as always," Niigaki chuckled. "If that's the case, maybe I should head back. Clearly you're far more motivated than I am."

"You could come with us," Riho suggested.

"At this state?" Niigaki looked down at her leg, "Not so much. I'll be stuck here healing for a week or two, probably."

Ayumi looked down at Sayumi. She knew what she was thinking, but Sayumi merely shook her head. Now wasn't the time. Ayumi let out a strong breath of air through her nostrils, frustrated. If it was a pressing injury that could last months, of course Sayumi would step in... But for a demon, weeks might as well be minutes. Besides, the other was conceding defeat regardless.

"But it'd be... fun to have you come with us, you know? And a week or two is an awful long time to wait for an injury to heal..." Ayumi was now glaring at Sayumi. Jeez, this human...

"To demons like us, weeks might as well be minutes," Niigaki waved her hand dismissively.

Good. Something Scaly Face and I can agree with Sayumi brushed her cheeks with her paws. You better not be pushing your luck... she narrowed her eyes at the other human.

"Besides, if you have Riho with you, I'm sure everything that comes your way will be a breeze!"

"I'm glad you acknowledge me, at the very least," the halfie bowed her head respectfully to the other.

"Oh! The barrels!" Ayumi suddenly remembered. "Did you happen to come across 4 barrels of sake?"

"Sake? You mean these?" Niigaki motioned to the barrels around them, "I drank like, three and the fourth is being used for my wound."

Ayumi, Riho, and Sayumi all opened their maws in sheer horror.


I never took the great Niigaki Risa for an alcoholic...

"Welp, now we need a change of plans..." Riho slapped her hand to her face and dragged it down.

"Huh...?" Erina raised a brow.

"See, someone hired us to either slay you or take back their alcohol. Seeing as the alcohol is all gone.... that leaves us with slaying you."

"Which is impossible because Niigaki-sama is the almighty," Erina crossed her muscular arms and nodded firmly.

"But... Why do you need to take this quest?" the dragon looked at the others incredulously.

"We need money to get a boat ride to Okinawa, basically," Riho finished.

"Oh..." the dragon and tall human said at the same time.

"Maybe we don't even need to do anything... Just bring proof of the deed, right...?" Riho looked at Ayumi.

Uh oh, Sayumi knew exactly where this was going, knowing Rihoriho's record...

Riho then whispered into the dragon's ear.

Niigaki only had one reply...

"NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I wonder what Riho asked Gaki-san for xD
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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 14 [2-24]
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14.5 Sayashi Riho

One Hour earlier...

They were getting closer. Riho could feel the sheer tenacity of the other dragon's power just lying dormant. It was definitely strong...

"We must be getting closer, you're getting tenser..." Ayumi uttered under her breath Riho looked at the other and found her looking right back with a worried expression. "Can you figure out what kind of dragon it is?"

"A demon, definitely," Riho's grip on Ayumi tightened, "a very strong one, but somehow familiar..." she loosened her grip, "A storm dragon."

"A storm dragon.... You said your Mama was a storm dragon..." the human looked lost in thought.

"It's not my Mama though, the magic signature is different," Riho looked ahead to find that the scenery was slowly shifting. They were walking along the beach for a while, and finally came across sharp, jagged rocks facing towards them.

"We must be getting close, right?"

"The presence is getting stronger... And I'm noticing that the rain is definitely related to the dragon..."

No wonder it was familiar. The very rain that poured upon them leaked with the dragon's essence. This was not natural rain. This rain was a result of a dragon storm. She had seen Mama do it once. The center of a dragon storm was chaotic. There would be whirlwinds, raging tornados, harsh downpour, and if it was over the sea, then add an extra dosage of whirlpools and maelstroms to the mix.

If that dragon did another storm... Riho and Ayumi would be in a lot of trouble... She already knew just by the aura alone that she would be way out of its league. "We can't fight it, we have to sneak the barrels out."

"I thought so. You're strong, but you can't take on a dragon..."

"Maybe if I transformed, I might stand a chance."

"Yeah but what if they transform?"

Ugh, Ayumi was right. There was no way that Riho would win. As much as she loved to fight a good challenge, she would also like to live too...

Why wasn't the dragon moving towards them? Surely they'd sense Riho's presence by now...?

"I think its sleeping... We should be able to take the barrels no problem..."

"Wouldn't it sense your presence though?" Ayumi looked at her.

"It could... And it will sense humans too..." Riho stroked her imaginary beard. "We need something with a presence so little, it didn't even make an appearance in this chapter yet..."

Riho, please break fourth wall more often xD

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 14 + 14.5 [2-24]
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"If anyone is eating her, it'd be me!"

Oh gods, all the blood was rushing to her cheeks now.

"T-the bunny's nosebleeding..." the dragon said in bemusement.

Oh, Riho. If only you knew the double entendre to what you've said.  :lol:  Bonus points for Sayu's perverted mind.  :lol:

More is revealed about Riho's family; Nacchi is her grandmother on the dragon side? I wonder who else is a storm dragon. Nakazawa? Kaorin? Kei?

Eripon is an earthbender? Nice.  :on GJ:  Didn't realize there was more than having a bit of Earth in her.

Can't wait to see what Riho asked of Niigaki. Hope she and Erina tag along with Riho, Ayumi, Sayu, and Mint-kun.

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 14 + 14.5 [2-24]
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Granted, Riho would be half cat and half human at the time, but if she were half cat and half bunny...
… well she’d definitely be shorter and Reina wouldn’t be having those tiny issues.

Oh Gods that art XD

And lol Sayumi, of all the thoughts going on in her head.

"That. is MY meat!" Riho declared fiercely, claws sprung out and everything.

Sayumi was so happy she could cry.

"If anyone is eating her, it'd be me!"

Oh gods, all the blood was rushing to her cheeks now.

"T-the bunny's nosebleeding..." the dragon said in bemusement. 

… The only time she could stand being wet was taking a peek at--
  Sayu!!!!  :w00t:

So they do know each other! Is there even one demon that doesn’t know Riho?

But I'm seriously wondering who Riho’s mother is,and if Gaki-san is related to her… oh and her sister… By the way what happened to Maa-chan and the rest?

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 14 + 14.5 [2-24]
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I just started reading this today its so good =)

Reina is Riho's mother so who could give Riho her dragon side?

Sayu is one of the biggest perverts ever.

I love the Ayumi and Riho interactions poor Mint-kun seems to die alot though it has many lives huh.

Cant wait for your next update and to see just what Riho asked Niigaki =)

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 14 + 14.5 [2-24]
« Reply #106 on: October 18, 2014, 02:54:02 AM »
Hart: There's actually a little more in store for Erina in the future but now's not the time xD

Yunagi: SAYU!!! But we will get to the others soon xD

XxoByNxX78: Awww thanks :3 Sorry you had to wait so long for this LOL


Dang it's been a while, almost a year. ALMOST. I had like 5+ chapters written, but I just didn't have chapter 15 actually done lol. Got too excited for the content in 16 and up xD


-Our heroes find themselves in the tip of Kyushu, but the town's racist against demons. Boo.
-Not to mention they are poor as fuq
-Ayumi enters the town and finds a man who tells her he'd gladly pay for their boat fare if they slay a dragon resting in their cave or just take the sake barrels back.
-The dragon in question is really Niigaki Risa (with Eripon derping) who was actually just minding her own business when pirates attacked.
-She eventually found their cave and ate all of them
-She was healing when Riho and gang came upon them.
-After a brief scuffle, turns out they knew eachother!
-Since they didn't wanna kill Gaki-san, and Gaki-san had drunk all the sake, they needed a new plan of action...
-Riho comes up with a plan
-one that Gaki-san DID NOT like...

Enjoy xD
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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 14 + 14.5 [2-24]
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15. Ishida Ayumi

Ayumi winced at the spectacle trailing her.

Riho was carrying a ridiculously huge, ivory fang at least two times her size. Niigaki-sama  protested very much at the plan but they all knew it was the only way for them to be left in peace while also allowing Ayumi and Riho passage to Okinawa. Ayumi and Erina closed their eyes and flinched when they heard Niigaki-sama's blood curdling "USOOOOOO" echo throughout the cove when Riho pulled out her fang.

Many eyes were upon them when they walked closer to the gates of the port town. Many hushed whispers of the fang-carrying demon behind her reached Ayumi's ears but she paid them no attention.

"Halt! How dare you allow that thing to come near us!" the armor clad gate keepers called out, but she could see them shaking behind their masked helmets.

"I believe I have a right to enter the town if I singlehandedly took down a storm dragon," Ayumi crossed her arms and stood up straight and tall.

The other guardsmen whispered among themselves again.

"A S-Storm dragon?!" One of the guards stammered, "How do we know!?"

"Would you like to inspect the fang?" Ayumi turned around and raised a hand toward the tooth. Just as they rehearsed, Riho pressed her palm against the back of the fang and out of thin air, a thin spiral of water began forming towards Ayumi. It was as if a watery spiral was being beckoned at her call and she fought hard not to laugh as the jet climbed onto her arm and left tickling sensations all over.

"See? Water comes out of this fang when you activate its aura." She turned around and crossed her arms once more; the water that was reaching for her fell into the ground.

Everyone immediately backed away from her, terrified of her (false) strength.

"Even if you s-say so...We can't allow the d-demon to e-enter..."

"The demon is my servant." She heard a slight hiss behind her. "My honorable warrior," She corrected.


"Are you suggesting that despite me doing the honor of slaying a dragon and in turn protecting this town, I am not allowed to enter on account of a demon I subjugated with my very own power?" Ayumi asked pointedly, and the surrounding air began to heat up considerably (at Riho's beckoning, again).

"You should let her in!" one citizen called out.

"Yeah, let the Dragon Slayer come in!"

"She is the Dragon Slayer who saved us from impending doom!"

Soon, calls of "dragon slayer" rang throughout the air. Ayumi felt flustered at the attention she was receiving, but she looked around and saw everyone so incredibly supportive of her that she decided not to correct them.

The guards looked at each other, and then at the crowd, and then back at each other. With a sigh of defeat, they motioned for Ayumi to come forth.

"What is the purpose of your visit?"

"To collect a bounty and then take the ferry to Okinawa."

The guards stood back and discussed what to do. Ayumi and Riho stood by idly in wait, listening to the hushed townsfolks' conversation.

One guard finally responded: "One of our guards will accompany you the entire time you two are in town. Any funny business and you will be out."

"Fine by me!" Ayumi crossed her arms.

"But who will even dare want to watch terrifying people like them...?" a guard wondered aloud. "It feels unlucky to even have a demon in our town..."


Everyone besides Riho and Michishige-san jumped high in the air.

Out of nowhere was a woman dressed head-to-toe in all white, with her oddly white bamboo hat strung over her arm and a naginata in the other.

"S-s-s-s-s-SACHI USUE!!" One of the guards shrieked.

That lady scared the living daylights out of Ayumi! Why in the world was she wearing all white?! What was this, a funeral ceremony!? The only thing that wasn't white was her prim and proper jet black hair tied in a loose tail in the back.

"I will gladly usher you to the other side," the pale lady said monotonously, waving her hand as if beckoning.

"Where's your sister...?" One of the guards asked hesitantly.


Ayumi felt a cold hand touch her shoulder.

"Allow me, Sachi Usuko, to escort you."

The twin tailed girl felt goosebumps rise from the bottom of her feet to the very tip of her head.

"Y-Y-Y-YES!" Ayumi nearly screamed at the top of her lungs. The Sachi sisters looked remarkably similar if it weren't for the fact one had a fringe and the other did not. Usuko lowered her hand,  leaving a ghostly trail of cold along Ayumi's back. She couldn't help but shiver again.

She looked back towards Riho, trying with every might to plead help with her eyes. However, the cat merely raised a brow and smirked, clearly entertained by the whole spectacle. Perhaps Michishige-san could help? She looked down at Michishige-san at Riho's feet, but found an equally entertained visage on the bunny.

I want to hit them... Ayumi gritted her teeth in a strained smile. "Shall we be on our way?"

The two sister guards merely looked onwards, not saying a word. The fringed one in particular looked incredibly lost in space.

I... want to hit them too...

Ayumi led the party through the gates, expecting to find the man with the umbrella right away but instead, she was met with a thousand gazes.

The sight must have been pretty amazing to the residents. A tiny woman leading a pack consisting of two possible ghosts, a cat holding a larger than life dragon fang, and petite white bunny. She felt ridiculously uncomfortable but marched onwards.

...Only she didn't even know where she was going. She attempted to go near the stalls where she had met the man but he wasn't around. The fishmonger was, however.


"I'm not her," Ayumi waved her hand dismissively.

"Join us on the other side..." One of the sisters said nearly hauntingly, which mortified Ayumi.

Thankfully, the old man didn't hear her and they kept walking.

After further looking, it suddenly hit her. After setting her eyes around stalls focusing on vegetable sales, she saw the inn that the man had pointed out for her. That was the one he said he and his men would be at!

"It's this way," she said stiffly, despite the excitement of finally having a goal within reach.

Once she was at the front of the inn, she let out a deep breath and waltzed through the doorway.

The chattering within the inn instantly came to a stop once Ayumi stepped in. She surveyed the area for the man she was looking for and there he was, slackjawed and reed falling out of his mouth.

"You." She pointed at the man, ordering him to step forward. She had to admit, she really enjoyed the power this 'Dragon Slayer' name gave her. "Keep the fang as a gift. May I have that reward?"

Riho set the fang down and it dropped right into the floor, cracking the wood and even lifting a plank or two up.

"Yes, yes," the man reached into his sleeve to pull out the pouch. Ayumi took it from him and double checked, making sure that they were all real. "And this is enough to pay for the ferry to Okinawa? Two tickets?"


Ayumi looked at the man head to toe.

"That umbrella is quite nice."

"I-Indeed! Had it custom made at the capital!"

Ayumi looked back at Riho and Michishige-san, the latter who was shaking its head ferociously within Riho's arms.

Ah yes, things like this were the stepping stones to a path of villainy. Ayumi better step out of it while she knew what she was doing. "It's really nice. I like the spirals on it. But thank you very much," she bowed to the man and walked away, "I wish you happiness on your future endeavors."

Outside the inn, Usue commented, "What a shame. You could have swindled him out of everything you had if you wanted to."

Ayumi paused in reply. Were they testing her? "I'm not that kind of person," she simply said.

"Really? A shame," Usuko said like a whisper into the air, "if you were, you would have enjoyed a meal with our parents."

Ayumi was glad she second guessed herself.

"Would you like to do us the honor of leading us to the ferry now?" Riho asked, impatient. She tapped her knuckles lightly on Ayumi's back.

"Such uncouth behavior in front of your master," one sister placed a hand on Riho's shoulder.

"That behavior invites crossing to the other side," the other sister placed her hand on the opposite shoulder of Riho.

Ayumi wanted to burst out laughing at Riho's squirming expression. Served her right for that sass earlier! 

The sisters managed to shut Riho up for the remainder of the walk.

The town wasn't as big as the orphan thought it would be. But then again, pier towns were known for other things.

They were getting a lot closer to the docks. She saw tall masts peeking in between alleys and buildings. Half of her was really excited for Okinawa, but the other half dreaded it as much because it would be a journey by ship. The last time she was on a ship, she fell overboard and she thought she was going to join her parents in their grave if it weren't for Duu saving her at the time.


She felt herself tense up. How was everyone doing right now? They were headed in the right direction, right?

"Sayashi-san. Are their scents still here?"

"Their scents are getting stronger in the direction we're going. If we're lucky, they might even still be on this port. The scents are incredibly strong."

"THEY HAVE TO BE HERE!" Ayumi bolted ahead, only to find herself stopped by the crossing of the sisters' naginata in front of her. "What gives?!"

"We have to watch you."

"Honestly, you don't have to watch out for me, it's the demon you're watching, right?"

The sisters looked at each other. "We still have to watch you..."

Ayumi looked back at Riho and stuck out her tongue before bolting ahead.

They  have to still be here... They have to be...

The town became a blur. She was only running faster and faster. She better had not miss them or else she'd be devastated. As soon as she reached the docks, her eyes became like that of a hawk's.

Someone tall and lanky like Haruna...

Or tall and wolfish in demeanor like Duu...

She saw people looking very similar but it wasn't those two.

"Excuse me sir!" she called the attention of the one of the dock workers, "Have you seen really skinny girl with really long hair?"

"I dunno, that description applies to an awful lot of girls who come by here..." the worker wiped his brow before hammering away at a nail.

"Her face looks like this?" she placed the palms of her hands at the side of her face and pushed her cheeks together, moving her eyes a little more closer to the center. "But with ridiculously long hair that isn't tied up or anything?"

"Well if you put it that way... Maybe I have..."

"And with her, another girl but with short wild hair?"

"Oh, yes, definitely here," the man stood up, "If you come with me, I can take you to where they are."

Ayumi nearly seized the opportunity that hope gave her, but she stopped. "The tall one had multiple moles on her face, right?" That was a lie. If the man confirmed it, he had ulterior motives.

"Yes, we should hurry though, " the man placed a hand on her shoulder, but she backed away.

"It's okay, I actually see them," she clapped her hands together in an apologetic expression before running off.

I can't trust anyone... It would be too easy to be kidnapped around these parts. Just be gullible and off to a slave ship you'd be...

What if they... Ayumi's fears began to consume her again.

"You get depressed too easily," and with that, she felt someone pinch her sides.

"S-Sayashi-san!" Ayumi jumped in the air. Without thinking, she just wrapped her arms around the other girl, hugging her as tight as she could.

"O-oi..." the halfie went stiff, unsure what to do.

"Shh, just let me stay like this a while longer..." Ayumi closed her eyes and rested her head against Riho's. For someone who hated contact, she didn't pull away...

"...You're crushing Meat."

Ayumi looked down to find Michishige-san still in the arms of Riho, or well, just her mouth peeking between the folds of their clothes.

"S-sorry!" she backed off a little bit to let the bunny breathe. She took a quick glance at Riho, who looked just as flustered as she was. She then looked away, biting her lip in silence.

"Their scents are very strong here, I'm sure we could catch up to them pretty soon." Riho looked off to the distant sea.

"Yeah but how do we know where each ship goes?"

"All of them go to Okinawa," Usue smiled faintly.

"....Thank you for that input," Ayumi forgot they were around. Then again, they were the only ones dressed in completely all white.

"So do we just board any one?" Riho asked, eyeing each ship.

"If you want to leave as soon as possible, I would recommend that one," Usuko pointed at a rather shabby ship nearby.

"Yes, that one," Usue added, also pointing, "It will take you..." a pause, "To the other side..."
"Was that pause necessary?" Ayumi narrowed her eyes. As much as she appreciated their help, they were just plain creepy. At least they weren't accompanying them all the way to Okinawa...

Though the ship they pointed out was rather worse for wear. "Are you sure?" Ayumi asked. It looked like the sailors were repairing parts of the ship which seemed to have taken a large beating from the storm.

"It has always...taken people to the other side," Usuko added a strange emphasis to the always, much to Ayumi's confusion.

"I'd rather try the ship without any holes in it," Riho casually pointed at one of the healthier-looking ships, whose crew looked especially strong. Ayumi looked down and Michishige-san to find that the bunny had no opinion to offer. She simply crinkled her nose and used her paws to brush her head.

"Do you think they might still be on either of these ships? Since you said their scents were extremely strong."

"Hard to say," Riho took a deep breath, "their scents are really strong though...It's almost like..."


At the call of her name, Ayumi snapped her head to the source. That voice...

"Know your place!" an angry voice shouted before a strong clanking of chains.

Duu. Duu was here.

"DUU!" Ayumi rushed forward.

"Hands off!" a guard shoved Ayumi backwards with the back of his elbow. Ayumi was about to let them know a piece of her mind. Duu was here. She was handcuffed and chained to the oth--

"HARUNA!" Ayumi cried out.

The tall lanky girl didn't say a word, but her eyes lit up like the sun at Ayumi's call.

Her friends! They were still here!


Where was Maachan?!

15.5  Konno Asami

She couldn't believe it. She was the chief's granddaughter; smartest in the village, strongest defender, best archer, second best healer...

And she was lost. Lost!

She could have determined her precise location using shadows, the trees, the sky, and maybe even the way the stream was flowing but for some unfathomable reason, she was still lost.


Perhaps using physical phenomena was not the best way about it. She could still utilize the art of deduction, but clearly of a different category.


She reached into the deepest crevices of her mind, pulling all the knowledge she had studied from her grandfather and his peers. Scanning through like-words and situations, she suddenly deduced it all.

Unnatually recurring landmark instances? Check.

Sounds set on a timed loop? Check.

The absence of movement from clouds? Check.

All of these observations pointed to only one conclusion...

Perhaps she was trapped in a maze spell? She pulled a branch with her and stripped its leaves off, absentmindedly drawing calculations into the dirt below her.

Now she had to deduce why she was trapped in a maze in the first place. Was it because she was scouting the woodlands beyond her village? She was studying the steam and its properties and perhaps she wandered into a demon's territory? The use of a maze spell was either to protect something in it... Or trap something in it...

There, her calculations were complette. When she stood up, she found that she was surrounded by her calculations. Rows and rows of formulas and written laws stretched beyond her feet. Ever since she was taught the beauty of written logic, they were her metaphorical footprints wherever she walked.

"So..." she took in the scene before her with far more scrutiny than normal. "The point of spell origination..." she walked further along the stream and looked for certain points based on criteria. During her search, she heard a rustle behind her. Soon, it was followed by a rather estranged growl. However, she did not pay attention to insignificant things and ignored it.

She heard talking, but she still elected to ignore it because she was so close.


With her index finger and middle finger pressed close together, she jabbed at a certain spot in the water. The air around that point rippled and all pretense of illusion shattered. In an instant, the area around her fell apart and dissipated into nothingness. Satisfied, she stood up and turned around...

...Only to be eye to eye with a large feline demon.

An alarmingly huge gold colored tiger stood before her. Two dark stripes adorned its flared out cheeks. Its ears pressed flat against its skull. It was as huge as a bear, if not bigger! Huge claws bigger than the size of her head were set firmly on the ground. A long black striped tail curled upwards like a scorpion's stinger.

Strange, why did this tiger lack a majority of its stripes? Other than the ones that marked its face, hips, and tail, there were no other stripes to be seen. When she stared at its ears, she found that they weren't round and instead, pointed.

"You're a mixed breed demon," Asami commented, astonished. The demon looked at her, confused at the unexpected reaction. The human stepped back and made gestures framing the being in front of her. "You certainly have the frame of a tiger, yet your patterns are dominated by the other genes inside of you. You lack the rounded ears of a tiger, so perhaps you're a domestic cat."

The demon opened its mouth to say something, but appeared to hold itself back. Stunned, the demon simply sat down on its hind legs, staring down at the human with widened pupils.

"............Hello." Near the half-breed's feet, a weasel appeared.

"What a low voice!" Asami bent over, surprised. She looked around and found that there was a freshly mauled creature. Was it that creature's death cry she heard earlier? No matter, it was not important. "Are you two traveling?"


Asami looked up at the cat from her position, seeing it sit regally and chest puffed out, though its face was staring elsewhere.

"Do you speak?" the archer stood up, straightening so that her face looked directly at the demon. When the demon looked away again, Asami followed.

"What is your problem!?" the demon jumped back and assumed a prowling stance, its voice shaking Asami to her very core. How powerful! She could have sworn that strong, low voice sent shivers down her spine.

"Why didn't you run away or attack or what!?"

"If you had any intent to kill me, you would have already done so. Instead, you killed the demon who caused the maze spell and then discussed how lost you were and wondering if I had found the point of origination."

Despite her zeroing in on one objective, anything and everything was still registered in her brain. Her parents called it a gift from the heavens that they were blessed with such a capable daughter. She walked closer to the bigger demon.

"Where are you planning to go?"

The demon didn't say anything.

"Too prideful?" Though as she said this, the demon bent down to sniff at her head. Something must have pinged its interest as the demon's eyes widened in surprise.

"You..." the demon now began to sniff all over her, "It's barely there, but you smell like the Cerulean Typhoon..."

That's why the demon was sniffing at her?

"Oh,  that's because my great grandfather has met the Typhoon."

The demon lunged at her, tossing her into the air. Asami found herself on its back in a daze, confounded by what had just happened.


If the voice earlier was a roar, than this one simply shook the air around them! The weasel jumped onto the cat's neck and held on tight.

"Go straight ahead..." the archer began. She squeaked and fell forward as the demon broke into a run, grabbing at its golden fur.

Konno Asami was a veteran horseback rider, but this was a completely different experience altogether! The ride was definitely bumpy and if she loosened her grip at any moment, she was sure that she would have been thrown off! She wasn't even sure if her directions were clear half the time either! Verbal cues weren't doing it (the demon would sometimes go right when she said left) so instead, she opted to just tug the demon's fur in the preferred direction as needed.

She was curious about the story behind this demon, for it wasn't often that she would come across a demon who could reason with humans. As village head, her grandfather ground into every villager the fact that demons and humans were not black and white, that there were good demons and bad ones just like how there were good people and bad people. Clearly this one filtered under the good category.

Before she knew it, they reached the village gates. She didn't even have to tell the demon how to get to the main house either. The demon followed its nose the rest of the way. It wouldn't be too long now.

"Konkon?!" she heard a familiar voice.

"Ah, Makochin, hello!" she lslid off the demon's back and waved at her friend standing in a rice paddy. Seemed that she was working hard at harvesting.

"Hello!?" Ogawa Makoto replied, "You're riding a cat demon!?"

"Yes, demon-san wishes to speak with my grandfather," she said as if it was a casual day and was talking about the weather.

"Oh... Well be on your way then."

The cat looked back and forth between the girls. "Is this... normal?"

"Demons in the village? More or less. My grandfather is a pretty open person."

The demon paused for a moment longer, as if thinking. After a bit, it started running towards the house again.

Soon, it came into view. Not a fancy place by any means, but it was something her grandfather worked hard on building all by himself when he was younger. When they finally arrived, she found her grandfather sitting at the steps in front of the house, enjoying a cup of tea.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit today, demon?" His voice was smooth and deep, years of experience clearly shown in his voice.

"You've met her," the demon simply said. "Where is she?"

"Who are we speaking of?"

"The Cerulean Typhoon."

"Ah... her..." Grandfather leaned his head backwards, reminiscencing. "Why do you wish to know?"

"That's none of your business, human," its deep voice reverbrated throughout the air.

"Perhaps as an act of good faith, you should revert to your human form?" Grandfather looked back down at the demon, smiling.

"And if I refuse?"

"I won't be able to show you if you're in that form. You wouldn't be able to fit inside," Grandfather laughed.

Afte a puase, the demon complied. Sand colored fur became paler and faded into a more humanoid shape. It got smaller and smaller and...

"You're tiny."

"THE CORRECT TERM IS VERTICALLY CHALLENGED!" a bronze haired girl shoute. Amazing, that deep voice was replaced with a high piercing one. Such a vivid contrast from her other form. Her outfit matched the wild nature of her demon form. She was fond of tiger-like striped patterns, though Asami found it unsettling that a tiger demon would wear tiger furs...

"Who are you?" her Grandfather asked.

"Tanaka Reina," the cat answered, ears twitching. "You might've heard of the Golden Cat of Hell, yes?"

"Ah... Yes..." her grandfather stood up, stroking his white beard. "Follow me, Tanaka Reina."

"That's Tanaka-san to you."

16. Ishida Ayumi


"She claimed she was a queen and they took her north!" Haruna replied, almost as exasperated. "And I don't know why'd they do that?!"

"Why didn't you stop her!?"

"We tried!" Duu raised her cuffed hands in the air, dragging Haruna and another person into her. She quickly apologized to the girl behind her and returned her attention to Ayumi, "you KNOW how Maachan is!"

Why was Masaki always like that? She felt her worries explode tenfold.. She was hoping to find all of them, not just two! She looked at the nearest slaver and trudged towards him.

"I want these two!" she pointed toward her friends.

"They're not for sale."

"What do you mean they're not for sale?!" Ayumi nearly shouted at the top of her lungs.

"A lord in Okinawa already paid for them. They belong to him now," the slaver said gruffly, shoving Ayumi aside.

"If they're slaves, I can buy them back, can't I!?"

"You'll have to take that with their buyer. I do not have ownership of these girls anymore."

"But we've got money. Lots of money," Riho piped up, "Surely you would go for a better deal, right?"

"Two girls for your paltry amount of money?! HA!" the slaver spat at the half demon's feet. Riho felt a twinge along her crossed arms, claws scratching along skin. She was trying so hard not to attack the man or else violate their terms of entry.

Just then, someone sounded the order to haul all cargo (and slaves) onboard.

"Hold on! I'll meet you guys in the ship, we're going with you!" she reassured her friends before taking the commoner's entrance to the ship. When one of the ship's workers made an effort to stop her, she lifted the bag of money and their travel papers in his face. Riho was right on her tail, with Michishige-san in her arms.

Once they were onboard, they made their way towards the deckhead.

Where were they now?! Riho tugged on her hand and she followed. Maneuvering around busy workers, they found themselves descending into the steerage area, where it was darkest and most uncomfortable, and to make things even less humane, the slaves were barricaded behind iron gates!

"Duu! Haruna!" she called out. Some slaves looked their way, others paid no attention, but she saw a few of them move. Soon, her friends wormed their way to the gate and stuck their arms out, giving Ayumi a hug through bars.

"I'll find a way to get you guys back, I swear it!" she held hands with the both of them. "We'll definitely figure out a way to escape..."

"We'll burn our way out if we have to!" Duu replied, to which Riho cut in.

 "No, we still need to go to Okinawa regardless, remember? We can't cause trouble now."

"What?" the wolfish haired girl looked at the halfie incredulously, "What's in it for you, demon?"

"I made a promise to her in exchange for her help," Ayumi admitted, running her thumb over Duu's hand. "I mean... I heard Okinawa's nice?"

"Are you serious?!" Duu pulled her hands from the bars, away from Ayumi's touch.

"Duu, stop it. Ayumi's had a tough time," Haruna sighed, pulling one hand out to grab the younger girl's wrist, stopping her from leaving. "Any help would be good though, do either of you have plans?"

"No..." Ayumi frowned. "We'll figure out something though!"

"I already have a bit of something figured out." Haruna then crossed her arms and leaned against the bars, "I overheard that the ide will take a full day. We obviously can't break out wen the boat's all we have at sea, so we should wait until they start unloading to do anything."

"That sounds like a good start," Riho chimed in. "That just means we have the entire day to think about how to do it."

Well that, at least, sounded like a promising start. She couldn't argue with Haruna's sound logic. She could always count on the older girl to know what was best.

Before she could say any more, a sailor forced his way between them. "Don't you be thinking any funny ideas over here, understand?" he said gruffly. "The goods are already paid for, so don't be staking any new claims now," he crossed his arms and puffed his chest out, looking like the epitome of intimidation. Ayumi was about to let out a piece of her mind until Riho dragged her out.

"What is the big idea?!" Ayumi yanked her hand out as Riho was about to climb the step ladder to the deck.

"Did you not hear what I said earlier? We're not here to cause trouble now," Riho whispered as she pulled on Ayumi's wrist again. Michishige-san was perched over the halfie's shoulder with an equally concerned expression. "We don't want to ruin our chances later, got it?"

Ayumi was fuming, but she couldn't deny that Riho and Michishige-san were correct. And to pull a quote from the eldest of their team, going invisible paid off in the long run. She held her breath and pouted as the demon continued to haul her onto the main deck. For now, they just needed to find space to rest.

Perhaps this was a big mistake? The crew was in a complete disarray! Supplies, foodstuffs, weaponry, and everything under the sun was being transported haphazardly. She was constantly spinning in circles in order to avoid being whacked by eant crates flying through the air or tripped up by people rolling a barrel under the deck!

Michishige-san had found her way on the top of Ayumi's head, apparently to stop getting underfoot in all the chaos. Wondering where the other demon was, she looked about. When she couldn't find Riho in either direction, there was only one direction she could have been... When she looked up, Riho somehow managed to laze about and lay relaxed on the sail. Her arms were draped over like a cat on a treebranch.

"Okay how come she gets to relax when we need to be planning?!" Ayumi lifted the demon off her head and stared face to face with large beady black eyes.

The bunny merely crinkled its nose in response.

"Since you're tiny, maybe you should scout out the entire ship! See where the weak points are?"

The bunny vigorously shook its head at the idea.

Ayumi scowled. Michishige-san was good at being invisible! What was there to be afraid of?!

There was a sudden lurching of the ship and Ayumi fell backwards onto the deck, Michishige falling onto her chest as a response. "Whoa!"

"Not got sea legs yet, girl?" one of the passing sailors sneered at the young girl.

"Oh yes I do!" Ayumi immediately stood up, standing tall (as much as she could, anyway) and brushing herself off. Michishige-san sat right on her foot, nearly clinging to her ankle to avoid getting trampled.

"You better keep an eye on that demon pet of your's. You know we'll chuck that thing out the moment it does something suspicious..."

"I'm sure Riho will..." she looked up at the cat again to assure that she was still a badass, but unfortunately, she had clearly fallen off the beam and was dozing away on Mint-kun, who attached a rather fluffy tether to the beam so as to not be left behind where ever the ship goes. "...not cause any trouble. She's harmless," Ayumi finished in disdain.

The sailor merely shrugged and wandered off to do his duties.

Ayumi frowned and attempted to find a place where she wouldn't be a bother. Activity was slowly lessening on deck, though all navigation related quests were out in the open. If she wasn't going to do anything, all the better to sit down somewhere and think of a plan!

She found herself sitting in the corner of the upper deck, back against the guardrails as she watched the busy sailors. "So what do you propose we do?" she looked to her currently furry companion, still resting on her shoulder. "You're old right?" Michishige-san bit her on the neck and Ayumi winced, "I mean, old enough to know how most of these things work. What happens during the whole loading process?"

Michishige-san looked up for a moment, as if remembering.

"It really depends on their labor capacity at the harbor. If they don't have enough for the day, they might enlist the help of the slaves to unload the boat," the bunny whispered just loud enough for Ayumi to hear.

"They probably want the men to do all that though, right?"

"Yes, it's very likely that it's men only. They'd rather the girls stay delicate, but that works to our favor..." Michishige-san trailed off, looking up at the clouds passing by. "We should hope that it does not rain. The buyers will have their heads if anybody gets sick, so they'll be under even greater scrutiny and it will be that much more difficult to get to them..."

"Why do you even know this? Did it happen to you before?"

The bunny remained silent and Ayumi knew she shouldn't ask any further. She was a demon, yes, and she knew of demon slaves existing, but she still didn't know a thing about the bunny.

"So if it was a sunny day, would it be that much easier?"

"Everyone would be too busy unloading everything else. Whoever is the buyer would be waiting at the docks or if we're lucky, will be late.  So if we're going to get them out, we need that exact timing when no one's watching. We could leave by Mint-kun."

"Alright, and if it was raining?"

"Give me time to think."

So there was a bit of a plan, that was good. She was still rather curious about the bunny's past but if she didn't want to talk about it, she was not going to push it. She hated being harassed by personal questions too, so she completely understood.

It felt like an eternity in the ocean breeze.

Ayumi must have gotten used to the swaying boat cuz she even heard the sailors muttering between them about how quickly she got accustomed to having "sea legs," or so she heard. The bunny hadn't said anything to her either about any development of plans and that stupid-ass cat demon was being true to its nature, lazing about on the poop deck. She entertained the thought of visiting her friends in the brig again but there were too many sailors underneath the deck that she didn't want to go down alone without Riho or a human Michishige-san.

It left her to dwell.

Where was Maachan?

Poor girl was all alone with greasy guards and she probably couldn't even find a way back since she didn't know how to read or write...

She felt her body become numb. What if they couldn't get to Maachan on time? But worse, what if it started to rain and they wouldn't be able to get to Duu and Haruna on time?

Negative thought after negative thought kept pouring into Ayumi like boiling tea and she felt like she was drowning in dirty dregs, unable to find a way out. The sun was doing nothing to dry her and she felt her heart beating worse and worse.

Michishige-san nuzzled against her ankle, snapping Ayumi out of her reverie.

"It'll be okay, the day isn't over yet," She stood up on her hind legs with her front paws pushing against her shins, kneading at her.

"Thanks," was all the girl could muster.

Boredom struck furiously after. Ayumi thought of taking a well deserved nap but she'd rather not when there were so many people and Riho wasn't with her. She felt her eyes get heavier and heavier. The steady rocking of the boat only served to lull her further into the throes of sleep.

Michishige-san nudged at her ankles again. She had another plan, but Ayumi was meandering in and out of consciousness, barely paying any attention at all.

When she woke up, it was nightfall and she was surrounded in darkness. The only source of light were the lanterns scattered around the deck. She had been resting in a hammock and even had a blanket to top! She looked over and found that her things were neatly collected and wedged between nooks.

"Look who's up!" a familiar sailor bellowed.  Ugh, Ayumi couldn't deal with that man again. His features were seriously overshadowed by his ridiculous sideburns and a rather gigantic mole. To add to his scruffyness, he was also showing off pronounced muscle and had a lengthy cloth around his neck.


"Your pet brought you down here when she found you dozing off," the man said, munching at dried squid. "Can't believe you seriously tamed that thing. All the demons I ever knew tried to eat me."

"I guess it depends on where you look..." to be honest, Riho was truly one of the only nice demons she ever met. She knew her previous encounters would more or less be the same as the sailor's.

"Hate 'em all. One fishmonger lost his wife to them recently. You actually kind of look like her, actually," the burly man waved his snack at the other. Come to think of it, that situation did sound familiar...

"By chance is her name Hotaru?"

The man jumped up. "How'd you know?!"

"I... might have met that fishmonger earlier in the day."

"Ahhhhh," the sailor nodded vigorously to himself. "Yeah, I used to fish for him all the time, I still do, but I got contracted to help out with transporting this time here so here I am."

"Why are you so nice to me?" he was clearly harassing her earlier, what changed his mind?

"You're around my youngest's age. I have three daughters, Sujiko, Tarako, and Kazunoko," He counted off his fingers, "they're all really silly girls but I wish the best for them," he sat back, relaxed.

If only the rest of humanity was like this man. Just living their day, always doing their work diligently... She felt envious of his seemingly routine lifestyle. At least his family was still intact too...

She needed to rescue her friends and on top of that, she still had Maachan to look for...

"Excuse me..." Ayumi said as she hopped off the hammock. She bowed a little to the sailor before running back on deck.

All was calm. The boat was quietly gliding through the blue sea. She automatically looked up, hoping to find Riho but oddly enough, she wasn't in the air. She looked towards the back of the boat and she wasn't there either. That only left the bow of the ship.

Staying close to the center, she navigated her way around sleepy sailors and obstacles to find Riho looking pensive, leaning over the wooden railing. Michishige-san was also next to Riho's feet, looking out towards the sea.

Without a word, Ayumi leaned her elbows against the railing, taking in the sight ahead.

The stars were gorgeous tonight. Like white ink painted upon a canvas of black. The moon was just as handsome tonight, lighting everything in a tone of silver and blue. Part of why blue was her favorite color was due to its cool, yet calming effect. She may have been frantic earlier, but right now she felt like she could drift away in an ocean of calm.

"Thank you," Ayumi simply said. Riho threw a glance towards her.

"For everything," she finished. She felt Michishige-san nuzzling against her feet and she bent over to pick her up. "You too!" the bunny batted her eyelashes at the other in return. She brought the elder demon to her chest and they all continued looking towards the sea.

"I mean it," Ayumi turned to look at the taller girl, staring right into those golden eyes of her's. "Thanks for dealing with me."

"Right back at you," was all Riho said quietly as she returned her gaze to the sea. Seeing that one hand was free, Ayumi grabbed it and was glad the halfie didn't pull away. Instead, she leaned closer to the other and rested her head on her shoulder.

Not much else was said.

However, Riho pulled away and sniffed at the air.

"What's wrong?" Ayumi inquired, following Riho towards the side of the boat.

She looked over to find people climbing up the side...


Ayumi stumbled backwards as a projectile nearly caught her in the face! Being discovered, one pirate let loose a bright red flare into the sky, painting the night sky a blood red. Riho snapped her head to a different direction and hissed vehemently. On the other side of the ship, they could see the fastly growing silhouette of another ship's crow's nest.

"PIRATES!" another crew member onboard shouted. Like moles, everyone began popping out of every oriface of the ship, armed and ready for combat.

Where was her naginata?! As she dodged fights and encounters erupting on board, she managed to find herself nearly tumbling below deck. However, a pirate managed to get a hold of her naginata.

"Are you serious?!" Ayumi said exasperatedly as she watched the pirate treat the naginata like a club. The dang idiot wasn't even using it correctly! Enraged, she trudged up to the pirate, dodging flying objects and flailing bodies as she did, and grabbed at it. Both fought for control of the naginata but not for very long as Ayumi had the lower center of gravity. She pulled herself backwards and forced the other into a roll and she kicked the man away from her naginata with legs of power.

Success! She began to help fend the pirates off when she heard a deafening roar of a cannon. Out of panic, she ran up to deck to find that the pirate ship managed to catch up to their ship! As she fought off other pirates, she looked all over for Riho and Michishige-san. The bunny was nowhere to be found but she found Riho squaring off with three pirates at once. The sound of more cannons went off and Ayumi rolled out of the way, hopefully dodging whatever debris was flying everywhere. Someone grabbedher by the scruff of her top and she elbowed her captor, only to find it was...


Duu flung back upwards, fixing up her nose, "N-no problem..." She had somehow gotten her hands on a sword. "Cannon tore open the brig and gate. I don't see the ship staying afloat any longer..." Duu added, seeing Ayumi's confusion.

There was a loud crack! in the air and orange reflected off of Duu's face. Ayumi turned around to find that the ship's helm was on fire!

"Where's Haruna?!" Ayumi turned to look at Duu but the decking beneath her gave way and all of a sudden, she found heself tossed furthe away!

She tried to get up but she was too weak and her ears were ringing badly. Duu was nearby but she managed to get up again. "Duu!" she called out, though didn't hear herself doing so. She opted for reaching a weak arm out instead, screaming Duu again and again but if she wasn't hearing herself, what made her think Duu could? The taller managed to get within distance but she was yanked back by a pirate.

 Eventually the ringing in her ears faded, with the sound of clanging blades and yelling and shouting returned to her. Ayumi found Riho squaring off against one particularly burly pirate near the destroyed stairs to the upper part of the ship. "RIHO!" Ayumi called out, and in that moment, Riho looked over.

The pirate kicked Riho backwards, and out of Riho's chest came the splintered end of the stair railing.

Ayumi screamed.

Riho looked down, blood dripping down her lips.

The pirate swung down at her and Riho twisted, pulling the piece of railing with her, and dodged the hit. Riho staggered clumsily though, breathing heavily with the huge piece of debris stuck in her chest. Ayumi cried out but nothing could escape her throat. The splintered piece ad lodged itself through Riho's body, where she could see it past the demon's back. This couldn't be happening...

Surged up with adrenaline, Ayumi got up, picked up her naginata, and rammed the pirate straight from the back, pushing him straight into the waters below. She turned to look back at Riho, who was also dangerously teetering close to the edge of the ship.

The demon let out an apologetic smile as she staggered back further and further. Ayumi ran for her but it was too late.

It was like slow motion as she was running.

Time skidded to a halt and the only thing moving was Riho falling.

Her legs weren't fast enough as she watched Riho disappear over to the other side.

When she got to the side of the ship, she peered over and grabbed onto a piece of hanging rope, careful not to fall off.

She saw the resulting splash of Riho's fall and Ayumi wanted to cry. She found that pirate she took down earlier too, naginata still lodged in his chest and floating among the debris below.

That was that.

No more Riho.

She was gone.

All it took was a moment's notice to disappear out of Ayumi's sight.

Riho was gone.

She turned around to see Duu fending off more people. There was nothing in he mind  now, only just instinct to rush over to her friend's aid. Along the way, she picked up fallen swords in each hand and joined the fray.

Nothing was in her mind now. Her veins pumped with rage. Rage at what, though? Rage at that moronic demon to, of all things, get itself hurt by the dumbest of methods ever.. Rage that she lost someone she was only just starting to be friends with? Rage that she was powerless to stop Riho from getting killed?

Were those tears wetting her face? Maybe, but everything got darker and darker in her vision. She felt herself become drenched now.

It was raining. Raining buckets as winds howled around her...

Whether it was coincidence or all of Ayumi's fears manifesting through the weather, she didn't care. If fate wanted to listen to her, why didn't it ensure that Riho would be alive, fighting with her?

She grew fatigued.

Everything began to feel hopeless. The arms swinging the swords were so slow now. She had to call up all of her strength to block blows now. Block. Rest. Block. Attack. Block. Rest.

Why were there so many pirates now? She wearily looked over to find that a second ship had come upon them.

What was even going on anymore?

Duu was looking just as bad as she was, and even she had taken to dual wielding like her.

The storm of wrath only grew stronger.

The ship began lurching back and forth and Ayumi struggled to stay on her feet. There were too many things on the deck and bodies to trip over. Duu managed to pull her back on her feet only to have both of them sent flying again with a sideways lunge. Ayumi would have nearly fallen off of the boat if it weren't for the railing still intact. Too weak to back up, she looked into the waters below.

A maelstrom was developing beneath them, neither distinguishing between friend nor foe, dragging their wreck of a ship and the pirates towards it. Lightning crackled towards its center and Ayumi clung as tight as she could to the railing. She felt a strong thud against her back and she looked, only to find that it was Duu just getting up.

There was another crack of lightning and Ayumi saw something white flash upwards from the water. Following it was the most bloodcurdling roar she had ever heard. She was chilled to the bone thanks to the rain but she felt a force of heat radiating from the center of the storm.

There was a snake, no, a white dragon suspended in the air, illuminated by the constant lightning. Its long black horns nearly curled towards the back, unlike Niigaki-sama's straightforward horns. There was a long snout met up with bright glowing cerulean gaze and pointed cat-like ears beneath its horns.

Weak and weary, Ayumi fell backwards, hitting her head hard off of the cold, drenched deck.

And with that, her world went black.


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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 15 - 15.5 - 16 [10-17]
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Yay!!!! Like you promised last week, new chapters.  :deco:

Will review later. Hopefully before the next batch of chapters will be up.

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 15 - 15.5 - 16 [10-17]
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It's back! Hooray!

...And uh oh, the Cerulean Typhoon is pissed. :lol:

I predict Maa-chan will have everyone eating out of the palm of her hand by the time Ayumi and Co. catch up with her. It's her secret power!

And I might have mentioned it before (too lazy to go back and look), but I love the Reina/Marin dynamic. Though I'm sure Marin is the easiest to write for (huge ellipses followed by a word or short phrase!), she might be my favorite character of all.

Good show! Totally worth waiting eight months for. :D

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 15 - 15.5 - 16 [10-17]
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A cliffhanger I feel like crying. Its been so long since you last updated and once seeing you had I was so excited to read it. The Sachi sisters you have no idea how hard I laughed when I read their small parts they were perfect. It seems like everything is falling into place and Reina is finaly close to finding her wife because of KonKon making her appearance.

I really love the moments Ayumi and Riho have it really seems that they have warmed up to eachother I really hope they become more in the future because they are just adorable.

Sayu also seems to be favouring Ayumi now not more than Riho but still shes growing attached to the pair.

Maachan is still yet to be found on her little journey to the kingdom she is not really a princess in. God knows what will happen to her she is so unpredicatable.

I'm happy to see that Duu and Haruna have been found.

I am rather interested to know who is Riho's sister I think it could be Airi or maybe Kanon hopefully we will meet her in future chapters.

I know you have not just killed Riho ahaha she still has so much more to give plus Sayu would be pretty pissed so I'm guessing thats Riho's demo form on the last bit yes?

This chapter was very entertaining and I loved the interactions between each character I cant wait until your next update thank you!!

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 15 - 15.5 - 16 [10-17]
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Will review later. Hopefully before the next batch of chapters will be up.

Back again. Don't know where to begin.

The Sachi sisters were a nice surprise. Even the mention of the fisherman's (in this story a friend of the fisherman) daughters, Sujiko(Nacchi), Tarako(Yossie), and Kazunoko(Fujimoto). (Does that mean there are two Miki-samas in this story?  :shocked)

I'm happy that Ayumi is reunited with Duu and Haruna, despite the situation they are in. I should worry about Maachan, but I think she'll be alright.......somehow..........Maachan needs be found as soon as possible.  :nervous

Konkon with her deductive skills at work.  :twothumbs  The calculations she drew on the ground remind me of when the Twelfth Doctor started writing equations and formulas on the floor in the first episode of Season Eight. Hope her grandfather will help point the way for Reina. Do you have a drawing of Reina in her demon form?

Somehow imagining Riho lying on Mint-kun who's tethered to the ship's mast to be quite hilarious.  :lol:

Looks like there's more to Sayu's past. Doesn't sound all that great.  :(

And right at the end of the latest chapter, we get to see Riho in her demon form. Kinda hard to imagine a dragon with cat ears.  :huhuh

I'm glad I went to the MM '14 concert in NYC two weeks ago. Now I know who's who in 10th gen. Will take me a while to know 12th gen. Will 12th gen be in this story?

Waiting patiently for the next batch chapters to come. Hope Ayumi & gang make it to Okinawa in one piece an no pirates will come after them. (Oh no. Just mixed One Piece, Hyokkori Hyoutanjima, and All Aboard in my brain.  :panic:)

Before I forget, poor Gaki. Getting a fang pulled must have hurt a lot:(

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 15 - 15.5 - 16 [10-17]
« Reply #112 on: January 05, 2015, 08:11:40 AM »
Hart: At the end of the update will be your drawing xD Also, I plotted the skeleton of the fic but I definitely have room for 12th gen in here! Their appearances may be short though xD There's sooo many more skit characters to come though, the three daughters for instance! They'll be around somewhere and will meet the cast eventually xD Sayumi's past is quite a thing, we'll discover bits and pieces of it as time goes by. I'm not sure if I wanna do a full flashback without making a full prequel story to this though xD

Mucca: and now an update! and more Marin!

Robyn: Maybe with some hints here and there, Riho's sister / Reina's other daughter / her identity will eventually be answered xD Whoever this is, she is also GAM's grandkid and Nacchi's grandkid, maybe that's clue enough xDDDD Anyway, there's more Sayaishi in here, it's adorable :3

I'm beginning to wonder if I can maintain a one chapter a month schedule, given that my editor and I are busy folk lol. We'll see what we can do xD


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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 15 - 15.5 - 16 [10-17]
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17. Michishige Sayumi
Michishige Sayumi was not someone who courted danger. No ma'am - in the face of danger, she'd run the other way! Unfortunately for her, they were smack dab in the middle of the sea with not a dry patch of land in sight and all the confidence she had in being invisible went from a hundred to zero in a heart beat. If she had transformed to heal the sailors, that would put her at way too much risk of dying again. If she had ventured on deck, she would surely be trampled and die a bunny's death.

Having already experienced death quite painfully, she would most certainly do her best to not relive the experience with arrows exchanged for feet! It was sheer luck that she'd gotten a second chance at life, but she didn't want to tempt fate again.

Their ship wouldn't last much longer, with the shelling that it was receiving from cannon fire. She was sure they wouldn't have much time before the ship gave way.

She did know a spell that would allow her to breathe underwater but she had spent so much time perfecting the art of autotune that she wasn't sure if she could handle adjusting her magical pitches to extend the spell to someone other than herself. She would have Reina for that in the past but Reina wasn't here and the only person with decent magic was Riho, but that girl was fighting above deck where all the danger was!

Maybe she had died for a noble cause, but that part of her disappeared with the 50 years of demonhood she had attained. She might have been braver as a human, but when one was an unbirthed demon with disposition amplified to the nth power, she would very much like to cling to her life!

That said, staying put would do absolutely no good at all. Staying still meant being a potential target of cannon fire and she wouldn't have that! She peaked out between the barrels she was hiding behind and saw a group of slaves huddled in a corner, frightened. That's right, she was in the brig... She noticed a familiar face among them, one of Ayumi's friends?

Fortunately, the fighting on the deck hadn't made its way down here yet... and she'd rather keep it that way too. She sat down on her hind legs and began to utter a spell. She hadn't sensed another demonic presence other than Riho so that they were dealing with an all-human enemy. Her barrier spells were perfect at deterring and reflecting people away. She had used it before when they were nearly run down by the insanely fearsome four horsemen entities.

Just when she had the spell ready to go, she felt Riho's presence disappear and heard Ayumi's scream.


She snapped her head to the direction of the other, only to find Riho's presence getting weaker and weaker.

Oh gods no no no no...

She had failed again hadn't she.

She was supposed to watch over Reina's daughter.

No no no no...

She ran up to an upper deck and found a freshly blown hole in the wall and she looked over.

Although she couldn't see her, she could sense that Riho had been badly injured and was sinking further and further into the sea.

Reina... I...

Sayumi backed up slowly.

The bunny went over to the passenger cabins, taking care not to get stepped on along the way. Luckily enough for her, the doorway was completely shattered and blocked, but there was an opening small enough for her to squeeze in. She went through and found Ayumi's pack. Seeing as she was the only soul in the cabin, she transformed back and quickly threw on her priestess garb.

While she could still use magic as a bunny, the more complicated spells required a human form. The only offensive spell she knew wasn't even offensive as it was more of a basic skill that allowed one to simply push things backwards. With all the concentration in her hands, she stuck her index finger and middle fingers out and thrust at the air. A pink aura pushed out and shoved the wreckage in front of her, but it wasn't enough to budge completely.

Blowing her bangs out of her face, she vied for a stronger thrust. Again, no progress other than a slightly stronger jostle.  This wasn't good. Sayumi felt a very strong demonic presence getting stronger and stronger and she definitely did NOT want to be in this room when things went down.

She planted her feet firmly on the ground, taking on a very unladylike pose with her legs spread so wide. Breathing in and out, she inhaled and put her all into the thrust!


With the planks above her cracking apart, a man fell from the ceiling next to her and scared all the blood out of her! Well, so much for blowing the door away! Someone very conveniently did the work for her. Sayumi squealed as the ceiling caved in along with him, though not enough to reach her end of the room. She looked up at the hole in the ceiling, the sounds of fighting and thunder rumbling overhead.

Although she meant to get out through other means, this way was okay too. She prayed she remembered how to do a jumping spell now. Despite being a bunny demon, she could barely keep up with her demon physically and would have made a very pitiful one meter hop in human form.

Climbing was out of the question too, so she started dragging everything she could find around here towards the hole, forming a makeshift mound of humans and supplies. Once tall enough, she cautiously made her way to the top and hopped.

She managed to get her upper body out onto the deck, but she was knocked over by people stepping all over her arms during their fights.

"Are you serious?!" Sayumi cursed at the men before trying again.

Once she reached the top deck, she looked around, and...

A white dragon was suspended in air menacingly, curled up in mid air with its teeth bared and claws all flared out. There wasn't the shine of a scaled coat... The dragonskin didn't catch any of the lightning's light very strongly...

Fur? the demon thought to herself. Suddenly, she recognized that magical signature.


Of course Reina's kid could survive. She was Reina's kid after all. And being the Typhoon's daughter, obviously her chances of survival well surpassed any mere human or even the best of demons

Though she had to say... Riho's true form was astoundingly impressive. Who knew a cat and a dragon would produce a fearsome offspring that was as long as 16 men!

Riho surged forward, becoming a white blur and crashed into the pirate ship. When Sayumi thought she had disappeared, the dragon appeared just outside another section of the ship, barreling through everything.

She's weaving in and out of the ships... She's trying to sink them all...!

Welp, so much for trying to stay afloat somewhere if all Riho was doing was causing mayhem and destruction. Sayumi had to find Ayumi now. That cat dragon was more than capable of taking care of herself (especially in that form) so now she needed to find the one girl who didn't know how to swim. She made he way out of the hole, grabbing hold of a stray rope and pulling herself up, she looked around.

Too many bodies on the floor... Now Sayumi got worried again. Riho was fine, yes, but hopefully Ayumi hadn't gotten hurt. She looked around the bodies, trying to find the human girl. Her heart quickened when she spotted Ayumi lying on the deck near the edge of the boat.
 She darted over and was sent flying as Riho suddenly appeared up next to her, having crashed in from the floor and then spiraling into another pirate ship  nearby.

Resolving to get this done quicker, Sayumi threw herself in Ayumi's direction, landing with feet on either side of her and hand on the railing.

She called out the girl's name but to no avail. She placed her hand on Ayumi's chest, sensing for heartbeat and found it, though very faint.

She's passed out....

Sayumi could fix that.

It was all in the head, so she lowered herself and brushed Ayumi's bangs up and kissed her on the forehead. She could feel Ayumi's life force stabilize the longer she kept her lips there. She lifted the short girl by her arm-pits and prayed to the gods that she'd wake up eventually to find a way out of here.

Unfortunately, it was hard to escape when one was in the middle of a raging whirlpool storm with a psychotic dragon rampaging out of control. The ex-priestess did her best to carry Ayumi by an arm around her shoulder and looked around. Honestly the only way to survive was to get into the water, find some debris to grab on, and pray for the best while that dragon calmed down. Uttering a waterbreathing spell which hopefully was enough for the two of them, Sayumi jumped off the ship, Ayumi in tow.

The water was painfully cold. It felt like needles prickling her body all over and Sayumi began to breathe heavily. This was too much like the way she had died before. Anxiety flowed through her veins and she felt her heart beating faster and faster.

Then she realized she was no longer holding onto Ayumi.

That little dragon... in Riho's fury, the dragon was stirring all sorts of underwater currents that separated Ayumi from her and worse yet, she was losing control over her waterbreathing spell.

She had no idea what to do. Ayumi was now being swept away and she was just swimming around in circles, never up towards air seeing as there was no surface to break and thus no air to breathe. It was starting to get hopeless again. So much for trying to be the hero. That never did her any good except being killed. And now she was going to die a second time for it. That's fine. Seventy years of existing was good enough.

She stopped struggling and simply stared into the abyss. A faint light was seen and Sayumi knew her time was about to come again.

However, with that light, came ... people?

They looked to be soldiers marching towards her. Funny, even though they were in the water, they were marching as if they were on land...

What human could accomplish that sort of feat?


They weren't human.

They were demons.

They were armored demons wearing mail of bright gold and teal, which, tempered by the marine environment, appeared more orange than gold. Their ears were like bones with thin webbing between them. There were antler-like horns coming out of every one of them too.

These are sea dragons... Sayumi thought. When they got nearer, two of the soldiers walked on either side of her and grabbed her arms.

At the moment of contact, she could suddenly breathe. She gave out a coughing fit, spitting out all the water she could muster. She felt like throwing up too but nothing came out.

"Save Ayumi...Save Riho...!" Sayumi managed to sputter. When she looked around, she found that her vision cleared immensely too. Was the gift of sea sight bestowed from her being in contact with two sea dragon soldiers?

"Her..." Sayumi found the human girl, who had regained consciousness and now choking in the expanse of water  "The one in the blue! That's Ayumi!"

Soldiers suddenly swam past, forgoing the marching stance. She had never seen anyone swim  that fast! Granted, they were sea dragons and this was their territory. They grabbed the human and swam just as fast back to their general area.

"What is the meaning of this?" From the bottom of the ocean rose another soldier, though judging by the headdress made of the spines of fish and the fancier regalia, this person was certainly a commander.

"Pirates," Sayumi responded, surprised that she could hear so well underwater.

"No, not that, that is significant. What is ­that," the female commander pointed upwards at the rampaging demon.

"The one who saved our lives," Ayumi uttered under her breath.

"That half breed is out of control," the commander commented. "We have to kill it."

"NO!" both Ayumi and Sayumi cried out.

"That abomination's ­non-dragon blood is wrecking havoc. What do I care about showing mercy to such half-breeds?" The commander looked back at Sayumi specifically, ignoring Ayumi. "Tell me, Mano Erina, Commander of the Ryuuguu-jou forces, why that thing deserves to live?"

"What's making all that noise?" came a sleepy voice, entering the fray. The demon called Mano Erina seized up and immediately saluted, and all the other soldiers did the same.

Sayumi looked over to find a gorgeous demon with long voluptuous hair, springing in the ocean waters. She was adorned in orange garb and various silver and coral accessories. Judging by her clothing and the others' deference, she had to be someone of royal status in the water.

"Hime-sama! It's dangerous for you to be here! That half-breed is tearing things apart on the surface and could even disrupt the seabed!" the commander pleaded.

"It's fine," the princess raised a well manicured hand. "Nothing new about dragon storms waking me up rudely..." with the flick of her sleeves, she shot upwards, leaving her soldiers at a loss of what to do.

There was a brief silence, then a loud rumble, and silence once more. The soldiers looked at eachother in confusion and Mano Erina simply sighed as if this was something normal to behold.

The princess came back from the left side of everyone's vision, skipping a bit before turning around and simply waiting.

The ex-priestess felt Riho's presence also following the princess too. Was Riho going to ram into the princess of sea dragons?!

Like a white flash, Riho came forth like an arrow!

...Only to be stopped by a simple hand to the nose. The princess's hand glowed bright orange as it managed to stop one hell of a raging demon. When Riho's snout was stopped, the rest of her body came fumbling forward like a snake crashing into a wall. The princess then grabbed Riho by the nose and then slapped her with the other hand, somehow causing the gigantic dragon to revert back to a knocked out humanoid Riho.

"I was having a wonderful nap too..." the princess cooed, as if talking to a pet dog. However, her eyes went wide open and she brought Riho closer to her, sniffing at her hair.

"Hime-sama?" Mano looked on incredulously.

"This girl... smells like my ex..."

"I wouldn't touch her if I were you," Sayumi suddenly called out, "She's the daughter of the Cerulean Typhoon and the Golden Cat of Hell."

The princess jumped back, letting Riho awkwardly drift in the water's suspension. "REINA HAD A KID?!"


"AND IT WASN'T MINE?!" The princess slapped both hands to her cheeks, genuinely shocked.

"SHE'S NOT MINE EITHER!" Sayumi let out without thinking. If she could slap a hand to her mouth, she would have! The princess looked at Sayumi while the bunny stared right back. She wasn't technically Reina's at any point of time but she would certainly vouch for their past attraction way more than whatever those two had!

"We're going to have a nice long talk..." The princess said, pulling Sayumi's chin up to meet with her bright fiery orange eyes.

"I am Michishige Sayumi. And how shall I address you, your highness?" Sayumi asked, nearly challenging the other.

"You are speaking to Ryuuguu-jou's esteemed princess and heiress to the throne, Kame-no-miya. However, I permit you to use my name - Eri."

17.5 Tanaka Reina

Reina walked into the hut, fascinated by all the strange trinkets and gadgets all around her. The human girl she was with earlier was incredibly intelligent. She must have come from a line of ridiculously smart people. She could tell they spent a lot of time inventing judging by all the contraptions lying around.

The distinct smell of her love was certainly getting stronger too, but too faint. Sad to say, it meant she hadn't been here a long time. She couldn't refuse the hospitality of nice humans either (most would run her out) and had to be honest - it was nice to rest in a human dwelling now and then. Soon, she was led to the tatami room, and that's where her eyes locked onto the relic hanging in the midst of it.

To anyone, they might have mistaken it for a giant piece of carved metal. White metal done so neatly and treated so well that it looked so organic; it shined like a lively eye.

"Do you have questions for me?" the elder made a move to sit, but his grand daughter quickly attended to him to help.

"Where did you get that dragon scale?" Reina pointed to the relic behind the man. She suddenly had an inkling of everything that was happening. She remembered bits and pieces of the other's journey.

"It was a gift."

"From The Typhoon," Reina added. She was getting annoyed now. "How did you two meet?"

"Hnn..." the man thought to himself, "I personally didn't meet her. It was my father before me. He told the story so much to us that I have it running through my veins," the elder man laughed. "I suppose if you were looking numerically, it would have been... 70 years?"

Reina did mental calculations in her head. That meant this was way before she herself had met the Typhoon. Unlike her significant half, she actually remembered all their anniversaries and meetings.

"Ahhh, he wouldn't stop talking about how a dragon fell from the sky..." the elder smiled, reminiscent. "Injured from a great fight, he thought. She  remained in her dragon form for weeks, but despite that, he kept tending to her wounds, cleaning and dressing them as best as he could. When she finally trusted him, she turned into the most beautiful lady he had ever set his eyes upon."

Reina nodded, repressing those pangs of jealousy. She hand't seen her in a very, very long time...

"And then she gave him a scale as thanks which has been in our family ever since."

"So since then, she had not stepped foot in this area?"

"Not since. The only reminder we have is this scale which has protected our village from dreaded storms and blessed us with plentiful harvest for years. My father has preached of his kindly demon encounter to people and that was how this village was founded. That's why we accept anyone, human or demon, with  open arms."

"Count on her to have foresight for this..." Reina slapped her hand on her face and laughed weakly. The scales of storm dragons, when given as a gift, would always bring gentle rains when seasons became dry, or warded off terrible storms that dared to come near. Truly a blessing to have if one were to be farmers. And dragons very rarely gave away their scales...

That meant that if it weren't for Reina, the typhoon would have returned. If she hadn't come back to this place, that meant Reina was the reason why.

"Thank you for enlightening me."

Reina stood up and was about to go, but was stopped by the grand daughter. "Are you leaving so soon? Didn't you say you were going to rest?"

The tiger-cat demon waved her hand off gently, "Thank you for your kindness, but I shall be fine." She couldn't bear being near her typhoon's presence without the lady herself in question, it was maddening. It was like her first few years after her disappearance and the cat was being needy and rolling around in the typhoon's belongings. She was more mature now and did NOT want to relive that again.

"I'm leaving now," She looked at Marin, who rose on her little legs and scurried over.

Although she hadn't met him, she knew who he was. That lady mentioned how she had met a human who changed her views on humanity. Reina laughed quietly to herself again as she stepped out into the sunlight. She knew she shouldn't be jealous but couldn't help but quietly seethe at the idea of someone else having that much impact on her. Marin climbed onto her back, paws grasped firmly onto skin.

She broke out into a run and allowed her inner demon to unleash itself from her human guise. A deafening roar shook the entire area, causing clouds of birds to rise and fly off.

I'll find you again, I swear...

Adrenaline flowed through her veins as she ran so fast, feeling the ground scorch slightly with burns.

I will definitely find you and we can do a little dance or whatever the hell it is, just SOMETHING...

Yeah, she would like that. She would definitely like that. She knew how she worked. Reina sprinted faster. She would always say sappy stuff to her and Reina would always complain.

"Let's have a dance... My dear..."

She missed that voice. And all the sappyness it spewed.

She had to get rid of negative thoughts now though. She needed to get to the sky villages and find the chief. They'd know where she'd likely went.

Feeling invigorated, Reina let out a hearty roar.

18. Sayashi Riho

Riho woke up, awakened by a constant, tingly sensation on her left shoulder. She smelt the sea all around her and calmed down a bit more. While her feline side protested being surrounded by so much water, her dragon side felt rejuvenated.
That's right  Riho thought, I got impaled and transformed...
The transition between forms was agony with that piece of wood lodged in her. The trauma caused her to take on her true form just out of sheer reaction. However, the fatal injury forced her to act in survival mode. After she transfomed, she was completely lost and couldn't remember a thing that happened.
My dragon storm is still going...
Her energy was still running rampant in the air. She felt the maelstrom above...
Wait, above?
She opened her eyes to find lips approaching her mouth at an alarming pace.
Riho quickly slapped the offender. Yes, she was now completely awake.
"Mooouuuu!" The pale lady backed off immediately, holding onto her reddening cheek. "Is that any way to treat your bunny!?"
The lady had long black hair as dark as night, but with two prominent bunny ears sticking out at the very top. Her eyes were as large as her animal's nature dictates, and she had a beauty mark below her lips. Why was she in the priestess robes that Ayumi had in her pack?
Riho paused.
"It's finally a pleasure to finally meet you in my wonderful true self!" the lady smiled as she rubbed at her cheek, wispy white aura leaking from her hand as she healed it. "You were out for a whole day."
"wait wait wait wait," Riho looked at the other top to bottom again, "Meat!?"
"You were a demon this entire time!?"
The lady nodded. "Michishige Sayumi at your service!"
Was that why Ayumi kept calling her Michishige-san? "Did Ayumi know the entire time?"
Sayumi nodded.
That certainly explained a lot...
Wait, if Sayumi was a demon this entire time... That meant all the times they slept together... All the times they cuddled... All the times they kissed... All the times they bathed...
"It's here!" Sayumi gushed, "Rihoriho's great expression!"
Great?! What did she mean, great?! Riho was absolutely mortified!!!!!
"In any case, your shoulder isn't gonna heal itself! It'll take a month if I don't tend to it..." Sayumi began to zero in on Riho's lips, licking her own in anticipation.
"Okay," Riho placed a hand between the bunny's lips and her own and pushed the other back away as much as possible, flinching at the pain of her shoulder, "is violating me necessary to do so, Michishige-san?"
"Awww," the bunny pouted onto Riho's hand. Riho had to admit, she was ridiculously adorable. "I liked it better when Rihoriho was so hellbent on eating me," Sayumi placed both of her hands on her cheeks and feigned a maiden's blush.
Words could not describe Riho's expression.
Seriously. This lady was traveling with them the entire time?!
"You have bone fractures in there. I can heal simple flesh wounds with a touch but for things that require the mending of bones... A far more... Intimate approach is needed."
"I'd rather just wait out the month," Riho would cross her arms, but the pain in the shoulder prevented her from doing so.
Sayumi pulled back in a wince, "Ouch, that's painful."
"Why didn't you tell me that you were a demon!? It would have made our jobs a whole lot easier if I had known we had a demon who was skilled enough to cancel her own aura out ("Autotuning," Sayumi corrected) with us!"
"Rihoriho, I understand you are upset... But here is not the time and place."
Oh that's right. Where were they now?
They were in a bright red room with white accents and accessories everywhere. The bed Riho laid on was woven with the finest silks and the feel of the bed reminded her of a soft sponge. She looked out the window to her right and the sight outside made her freeze in her tracks.
There were fish.
Fish  were swimming in the sky.
No... We're underwater...  Riho widened her eyes.
"We are in an underwater palace right now...You know... THAT one..."
Well that certainly explained the white and gold scheme all around them. And the fact they were underwater...
"I didn't expect us to be welcomed by the Sea dragons... "
"Well, we were lucky that the princess recognized you and allowed us to rest and treat your wounds, otherwise we would have drowned out there."
"The princess knows me?" Riho quipped an eyebrow. Strange. She did know a princess, but she didn't know one who was a sea dragon. Her nose twitched at certain scents and suddenly, her stomach growled.
"Oh, I'll be right back!" Sayumi stood up with a bounce and left in a hurry. Catching a whiff of something tasty, Riho could only wait in increasing anticipation as the lovely smell drew closer. Sayumi came back with a plate of raw fish. "Cooking doesn't mean much to sea dwellers, but I doubt that matters to a cat, right?"
Riho was already stuffing her face by the time Sayumi finished talking. The delectable pieces of fish fell apart on her tongue with a simple touch. A sense of the sea and a renewed freshness traveled through her body after finishing up the entire plate.
"So about that shoulder..." Sayumi murmured in anticipation.
Riho started and moved as far away as possible. "You are not touching me."
"We have to find Ayumi's friends... You need to heal it now."
Riho pouted, refusing to meet Sayumi's eyes, and then winced as she felt the throes of pain shoot up her body again.
"I can only heal you through magic, and yes, that involves touch whether you like it or not," Sayumi sat on her bed in front of her.
The halfie didn't dare look at the other in the eye. First Meat was actually a person and now this person is invading her personal bubble?! She'd been nestled comfortably - maybe too comfortably in her clothes for crying out loud!
Regardless, she had promised to help the human, and that took priority over dealing with disturbingly over-friendly demons.

"Fine," Riho nearly muttered her consent, but Sayumi did not do anything. Did the lady not hear? She said it a little louder.
"What was that?"
"Make it quick..."
"I can't hear you," Sayumi sing-songed.
"Fine, I take it back and wait a month."
"Awww, you silly girl," Sayumi chuckled, "Can't take a joke, huh," she inched closer and closer.
Riho backed up into the wall, no place to go but to lower herself onto the bed. Sayumi lowered herself right after, her soft black hair falling onto Riho's sides as she came up onto Riho. The switch of position definitely caused a surge of agony through Riho's veins but she trusted that the other would heal it up to par.
Sayumi pulled aside one half of Riho's top, revealing the shoulder in question. Ignoring the twitch as she looked over, Riho noticed the lack of blood. There wasn't even a scar either, so she assumed that Sayumi had already closed the wound during her sleep.   She let out the breath she was holding as Sayumi's lips made contact with her shoulder.
Riho let out a cry as she felt a searing hot pain flash within that shoulder, and her bones seemingly melting with the heat to reconfigure back into their proper structure. Minutes of reconstruction felt like hours to Riho! She couldn't hold back anymore, she grabbed onto Sayumi's shoulders and squeezed hard, letting out another cry. It felt like she was being torn inside out!
"WHAT'S WRONG!?"  Ayumi stumbled into the room, worry all over her face. Sayumi lifted her head from Riho's shoulder. The pain of bones reforming subsided as both demons looked over at Ayumi.
Then it dawned on her that Sayumi was straddling her, with Riho's kimono top practically off of her, and well, that explained Ayumi's expression quite clearly.
"This is... um, ah, NOT what it looks like..." Riho managed to say, out of breath. Oh jeez, why did her voice come out like that!?
"I should probably probably just let the two of you be alone together..." Ayumi's face darkened and shuffled back out.

Sayumi jumped off the bed, tackling Ayumi and pulled her back into the room.  "I was only healing her. My magic comes from the mouth, remember?"
...Why would you say that...? Riho dulled.
"Yeah..." Ayumi looked away.
"I healed your legs that way too, remember?"
Riho sat up rigidly. Michishige-san... made it to Ayumi's legs?
Remembering, Ayumi lit up, "Oh yeah that's right!" She then walked over to Riho, but all the halfie could focus on were Ayumi's legs as she came up to her.
Did our lecherous Meat(-chishige-san,  the polite part of her added) lay her lips... on Ayumi's legs...?!
"How's your shoulder now?"
Oh yeah, her shoulder. She didn't feel any pain anymore. She lifted it up and moved it around slowly, testing different positions.
"A little stiff but workable."
"Yay!" Ayumi hugged the demon immediately.
Instantly, he shoulder twitched again, and Riho yelped in surprise.

 Ayumi backed off immediately.
"Was that too strong?"
"A little," Riho raised her hand and made a tiny motion with her fingers.
"Give me a few more minutes to adjust everything and you should be good to go, okay?" Sayumi knelt down by the two of them, pulling at the top again to reveal the spot from before. "You went through the most painful part, so all that's left will just tingle."
"Good!" Riho gave an exasperated sigh. She never wanted to go through that again, as much as possible. Sayumi lowered her head and connected with Riho's shoulder again. She was right in saying that the rest was just tingles. Though, in the healing process, Ayumi grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. 
Soon, Sayumi lifted her head. "When you were unconscious, I had already worked on getting that heinous chunk of wood removed. Getting the splinters and leftovers in your skin was annoying but doable. Skin was patched up right after and now your shoulder bones are welded back together. You should be lucky that the area of effect wasn't too big!"
"Yeah, that was scary! That pirate just shoved you and all of a sudden, we saw you with that piece of wood pierced through you! I thought for sure you were staked at the heart or something!" Ayumi pressed forward, worried, "and then you had to play the hero and literally pull away WITH that stake still in you! And then you fell in the water! Did you have any idea how scared I was!?"
When Riho was in her true form, all she remembered was being surrounded by feelings of fear and hostility.  "I'm sorry... I'll find other ways to be badass."
"You'd better!" Ayumi pouted.

"I'll let Eririn know you're awake!" Sayumi hopped off of the bed with glee and retreated.

Riho blinked. "Who's... Eririn?"

"The princess of Ryuuguu-jou," Ayumi replied, "It took some time for her and Michishige-san to warm up to each other and now they're practically the best of friends, while you were out."

"That's....strange..." Riho sat back down, staring at the ceiling.

"Yeah, I thought they were going to fight, it sounded like they were both your Mother's exes..."

" my mother's ex....?"

"I am just as confused as you are," Ayumi sighed. "I'd reconfirm with Michishige-san later if I were you."

"Meat was a demon all along..."

"Yes she was..."

"Meat really likes me..."

"Yes she does..."

"Meat is Michishige-san who also liked my Mother..."

"Okay okay now I really think you should ask her just to be sure of things."

Riho was getting a headache. First the revelation of her snuggle buddy being a really touchy-feely demon and on top of that, one who knew her mother...?

Meatchishige-san returned, the sea-dragon princess gliding in behind her. She was very pretty, wearing a long flowing kimono of orange and white. The designs were very coral-like and she had an especially extravagant head piece attached to the top of her hair.

"Pleasure to meet you, Sayashi-chan! I'm Kamei Eri, your almost-mother!"

Riho and Ayumi nearly fell off the bed.

"Oh silly Eririn, you'll give her a heart attack if you say that," Sayumi waved her hand dismissively.

"I'm just humoring her, Sayuchan, did you see the their reaction!?" Princess Eri laughed hard, holding onto the taller bunny for support. "They almost f-fell off!"

Sayumi cradled the princess back upwards, "they most certainly did!"

Princess Eri stood up properly once more, deftly adjusting any stray accessories that may have gotten tangled up in her antler-like horns. "How are you feeling, Sayashi-chan?"

"Better, thanks to... Michishige-san," Riho warily looked at the other.

"That's good to hear!" the princess jumped forward, giggling, "if you need anything, anything at all, feel free to give a servant a call! Rest is super important!"

"Says the one who sleeps years at a time," Sayumi laughed.

"Hey! There's nothing wong with quantity AND quality!" the princess smiled widely, showing a fanged visage. She began to retreat, pulling Sayumi by the hand with her, "again, if you ever need anything, just tell us, okay?"

Riho nodded stiffly watching the bunny and sea-dragon sail out the door. Ayumi was about to leave too but Riho immediately grabbed her wrist.

"Sorry, can you stay with me a while longer?" the halfie looked away, unable to meet the human in the eye.

Ayumi paused, causing Riho to slowly turn her head to look. Thankfully, she wasn't giving her a strange look. Instead, she gave more of a slightly exasperated smile.

"What will I ever do with you?" Ayumi sat down, squeezing into the bed with Riho and slipping under the covers as well, "but no really, how do you feel?"

"Honestly? I'm actually fine," Riho said matter-of-factly. "Michishige-san healed me up pretty well, although it was a painful process..." suddenly she remembered, "so what was that about your leg?"

"Ahhh!" Ayumi scooted downwards, resting her head on the same pillow as she was on, "Well long story short, I got caught in a maze spell and I was about to be fried by a demon. She managed to rescue me! So I'm very thankful towards her. She's done a lot for us."

"Yeah, Michishige-san is special..." Riho thought aloud, staring at Ayumi. "You did a lot of things too for us as well"

Ayumi chuckled, "you're welcome."

Having a human by her side had made her journey go a lot smoother. Where previously, she was stuck foraging for food in the wild when stopped from entering human villages, having Ayumi around meant she wasn't as lonely and could eat a bit more. She actually had room for more food, but she was too fatigued to leave the bed and having Ayumi with her just made her feel that much lazier.

"I really was scared that you were going to d-die though..." she saw that the human was tearing up.

She would have turned on her side but she feared what it would do to her healing process. Not knowing what to do, Riho took the hand closest to her and awkwardly pet Ayumi's shoulder from her laying flat position.

"Mou... It's okay... I'm here now..."

Ayumi sniffled, and let out a sob.

"I'm here..."

18.5 Miyazawa Marin

Why are you like this...
I am thinking in haiku
because Tanaka-san...

That is... Well, to start...
Shall we begin this story?
Once upon a time

There was a forest
In fact, it used to be here
But she was called short.

Unfortunate man.
He mistook her for a kid;
one who had cat ears.

Thankfully I'm safe
because I ride her shoulder
away from the blaze.

Why am I still here...?
So much anger stored inside...
Tanaka-san please.

For those who asked, here's a lil drawing of what Reina and Riho look like in their demon form xD
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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 17 - 18.5 [05-1-2015]
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Yuu made it! congrats  :lol:

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 17 - 18.5 [05-1-2015]
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Thank you for updating I was so happy when I noticed then I realised I had to go to college before I read it and my mood drastically dropped haha anyways this was a great update I am a little down however that Reina still couldn't get a hint to where her wife is I wonder If it will be Riho that finds her first makes since especially with her mothers extremely bad sense of direction

I see that thing have got interesting Riho finding out Sayu's identity and all can only really lead more into her mothers past which I have to say I can not wait to find if it also includes her misadventures and Sayumi. Thank God Sayu helped out instead of running away even if playing hero ended up bad the first time which I can not wait to find out either.

Eri is Reina's ex that knocks her off the list meaning I think I know who the mother is now between my choices which I only have two left of. As for Riho's sister you say that its enough of a hint but I still can't figure it out hmmmm.

It seems that Riho has let Ayumi in considering she didn't really like contact so cute honestly I love the two as a pairing.

I only have one question really what happened to Maachan. I guess that makes two people that know a princess haha with Riho knowing whoever and Ayumi knowing our delusional loveable Masaki we most likely find out what happened to her for a while huh haha.

Thanks for the update and I will wait until your next oh and you spelt my name wrong its Robyn I don't mind though :)

Just re read and the 'lets have a dance my dear' has just clicked. So she's Riho's other mum haha never saw that coming

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 17 - 18.5 [05-1-2015]
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Great way to start 2015....

So many things to review:

Can't believed I guessed right that Eri is the sea dragon princess. Also nice to see ManoEri as well.  :lol:  Not so surprised that's she's also Reina's ex. And the fact she and Meatchishige easily became friends.

Riho finally meets with Meat's true form. (Sorry. Pun intended.  :lol:) Guess she now regrets trying to eat Sayu. And Ayumi's expression at seeing Sayu healing Riho....priceless.

"the art of autotune" - Oh Sayu......  :lol:

Now I definitely want to know about Marin. What's her story? Will she become another member of Reina's harem?  :lol:

Finally the last thing to talk about:

"Let's have a dance... My dear..."

No. F****ing. Way.

* Hart's mind shuts down, reboots, and has a fit similar to the last 2 minutes of the Korra series finale

She's the Cerulean Typhoon?!!!  Her?!! Really?!!!

Wow, you were right when you said one of my guesses was correct. I comfess that was just a random guess.  :banghead:

Heh. Kinda ironic.

She's the one who's depicted at having the harem with the members irl and in this story it's Reina.

Well played, Yuu-chan. Well played.  :yep:

Now I'm wondering the endgame. Will her and Reina's reunion be similar to a certain ?

Off-topic: I blame you for getting me sucked into Carmilla.  :angry:

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I'm here to make a comment because it is awesome:) (and I got called out) hehe

Anyways michishige and Riho are so damn adorable with Eri becoming the integral part of this story

Also 12th gen making an epic appearance

Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 17 - 18.5 [05-1-2015]
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pikapikapika: Yup xD

Robyn: Actually I was curious of the two you were thinking of xD Everyone seems to think the Typhoon is *that* person because of the line but we have to remember that that line wasn't said by just one person through performances throughout the ages :3 We'll figure out where Maachan is eventually!

Hart: I'm so amused at your thinking process xD I'll still continue saying *one* of your guesses is correct.  And Meatchishige-san is life and all that is the universe. She'll only get more epic xD

Kuro: Yaaaaaaaaaas

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 17 - 18.5 [05-1-2015]
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19. Kudou Haruka
She woke up with a gasp of air. Her lungs hurt after every cough and she felt like she was going to throw up. Duu tried to sit up but lethargy kept her chained to the ground. She felt little dots all over her face and she wasn't sure if it was because it was numb or there were literal grains resting on her.
When she opened her eyes, the sun immediately blinded and she shut them tight again, weakly raising an arm to shield herself from its burning rays.
Where was she?
She sat up and found herself washed ashore on a particularly sandy beach. That would explain what was on her face...
She wiped the sand off and proceeded to stand up, only to sit back down and grab her foot in pain. Why did she have a cramp now of all times?! She hissed as she tried to massage it back to nothingness, but to no avail.
"Oh, you're awake, sandy cheeks."
Duu pointed her finger at the voice, fire spell at the ready.
There was a towering demon standing over her. It was a lady with black and blue chest armor and a battle skirt, with grieves that ended at her knees. At first, Duu thought she had a horned helmet on, but it was the lady's actual black horns running back on her head, with her jet black hair pushed backwards.
"Stay away from me demon!" Duu attempted to back up, but her foot prevented her from doing so.
"You're injured." The demon crouched down, inquisitive blue eyes blinking curiously.
"Even injured, I could take you on!" Duu made the flames at her finger tips bigger. She totally couldn't fight off a demon at this state, but she had to do all she could to survive. Her future was looking very bleak..
"I'm injured, too, see?" the demon held out a hand with a rather unsightly bruise, "Had a bad run in with a tengu. But on the other hand, I'm fine."
Why wasn't the demon attacking her?! Was the demon the type to play with their food before consuming her?!
Duu kept her teeth gritted and tried to make her flame bigger, but she was too weak to truly show it off.
"Ah, fire, huh?" the demon ran her claws through her hair, "As elementary as that spell is, I honestly don't think it’d light well with an aura like your's."
"What do you suppose I'm suited for then?" she growled.
"I think lightning would suit you best," the demon rested her elbows on her crouching knees, "Yes...It certainly strikes you quite fine."
"Why are we even talking about this, you're a demon! You're trying to eat me!" Duu managed to stand up, suppressing the pain as best as she could. The demon smiled, showing off a crooked fanged grin. Great, Duu was going to die, wasn't she.
"Correction, I am a storm dragon," the lady said as she delicately placed her hand on Duu's cramped up foot. "Though I don't deny that I do partake in human..."
A dragon!? That's it. Duu might as well say her prayers before being offed.
"Your foot is giving you trouble, hnn? Shall I heal the sole?" the dragon said absentmindedly.
Duu fired the spell at the dragon but it merely passed through her as if it was mere wind, completely unaffecting her. She just attacked a human eating storm dragon. She was surely in trouble now.
The demon stood up. She was only a little taller than Duu but the intensity of the other's bright blue eyes made her feel so much smaller.
"That was not nice."
This was it. She was going to die now.
The demon inhaled and blew at Duu, knocking her right over. If a simple breath could tumble her, anything else would crush her!
"Knocked the wind outta you," the demon chuckled before crouching and grabbing Duu's foot again. "Now let's heal this, shall we?"
Duu braced herself but was surprised that the demon stuck true to her word. She felt a warm force from the other's hands and suddenly, the cramp in her foot was gone. "Am I dreaming or did a demon just help me?" This was unheard of! She thought that one cat demon was just a crazy exception to demon behavior but this one?
"Why didn't you eat me? You eat humans, don't you?"
"I've served man for quite a while now, I'm hurt you have all these assumptions about me," the demon put the tips of her fingers to her lips, feigning a hurt expression. "Do you always snap at anything that's not human?"
"Of course I do! Ugh, why am I still having a conversation with you? I need to find my friends!" Duu turned about her foot and trudged off. Stupid demons and their stupid lying selves! Of course that demon was playing with her! She followed the sandy coast until much to her horror, she met up with the demon again.
"I was going to check if you were all right, but it seems you already are."
Wait... Duu looked around them and twisted her place in displeasure to find that they were on a tiny deserted island. All was not lost though, it seemed they were surrounded by a bunch of islands.
"Where am I...?"
"Just off the coast of Amami...?" the dragon looked up to think, "Though I guess you could say we're between Amami and Okinawa..."
Okinawa... That was where she and Haruna were supposed to be after being sold... and so was Ayumi and that cat!
"I need to get to Okinawa!" She was sure Ayumi and the cat survived the wreck and were heading there!
"Oh how convenient, I also need to go there, to meet with my Mother."
Oh gods. This demon had a mother? Duu was screwed for sure if they decided to snack on her.
"Oh by the way, I'm Suzuki Airi," the demon bowed her head slightly, "not that I'm expecting any thanks, but I was the one who pulled you out of the water and patiently waited for you."
Well that certainly made their encounter that much more awkward. She was mean to her rescuer... who was a demon... She SHOULD be nice... But Airi was a demon...
"...Thanks," Duu muttered. She was hoping Airi didn't hear but her smile indicated that she did. Damn demons and their super good hearing.
"Here," Airi extended out a hand, "It won't be long until we hear the stars, so we might as well step on it and find a place with a decent food source."
Duu walked past the dragon, "I don't need your help! I can walk!"
Airi laughed, "Are you sure? By the way, Okinawa is in that direction!"
The wolfish haired girl turned to look back at Airi and sure enough, she truly was going in the opposite direction. She let out a frustrated scream, kicked at the sand, and ran back. Just as she got into range, Airi suddenly scooped her up, bridal style.
"Ok ok, what the HELL are you doing now, demon!?" Duu tried to shove away from the other but she was too weak to do so.
"You're not in the condition to swim, so we're just gonna island hop for now. I'd go into my true form and zoom through, but Mother will scold me for scaring off game," Airi smiled widely, even causing her eyes to turn up into crescents.
She broke into a run and hopped ridiculously high before landing on a different island. Duu had to break it to herself, demons and their stronger builds were definitely useful.
"You never told me your name by the way."
Ugh, she had no reason to stay mean to a rather nice demon, but that didn't mean she wouldn't still keep her guard up. "Haruka."
"Just Haruka?"
"Kudou Haruka."
Airi thought for a moment. "Is that with the characters for work and vine?"
"Yes..?" Duu frowned when the demon chuckled again.
"Ah... See, work and vines don't have much sense together. Unless of course, we change it to something flower related. That'll have a scent."
Duu just didn't understand this demon. Why was she speaking so weirdly? First it was telling her what her element truly was, then it was healing her foot, and now helping her get to Okinawa? Clearly she was going to feed her to her mother!
"Hmm... how old are you? I'm turning 90 soon."
Jeez, could people live that long? Then again this was a demon, they were never human to begin with. Without a thought, Duu answered truthfully "I'm 13."
"Ah! my nieces are around your age, well, in human years. They're a bit older though."
I swear... if all this demon is doing is feeding me to her family... Duu darkened at the thought of it.
"You're also missing the view."
Duu looked up and her breath was caught. Islands among islands were zooming by,  nestled in the super blue seas. Hell, she'd even go as far as to say the sea's intense blue was just like Airi's intense blue. She looked up at the other to confirm.
"You've never seen a dragon before, have you?" Airi looked at the other girl curiously. That was true. Duu had never seen a dragon before. All the evil demons she’d ever saw were bugs, rats, and fauna. The only nice demons she had seen were the foxes that occasionally sold trinkets to their village and the cat that Ayumi kept following around. She had only seen dragons through paintings. Airi certainly did fit the description of horns, grace, and fierceness, appearance-wise.
Personality-wise... the demon was not what Duu expected.
"I'm sorry.. I'm having... trouble sorting things out right now..." Duu clung to Airi's armor tighter.
"I'm not going to eat you, nor am I going to kill you, if that's what you are wondering."
"But why?" Everything she knew about demons... Was that all lies? There were definitely bad demons...
"I'll let you know that storm dragons are a little different from sea dragons and mountain dragons..." Airi began, "the others are more territorial or just very greedy dragons, but us? Storm dragons are more... inquisitive. Unlike our brethren, we enjoy learning and are often in pursuit of knowledge and seek beyond what is the now..."
Duu nodded.
"I'll even daresay some of us don't even partake in human at all for the sake of the sentient. My sister, for example, does not eat human. Though, we did have a fight about that when she first declared it and gave me the cold shoulder for dinner," Airi laughed to herself.
Well that was new. Who'd have thought it? She almost wanted to say demons weren't so bad after all but she still needed to be on guard. For all she knew, Airi was just prepping her for consumption later.
Airi continued talking about her family as the day went on. From little stories about shenanigans with her sister to the big ones like destroying bandit encampments, Duu listened to them all. This was all too calculated to be lies... Could it all be seriously true? Was this demon actually... ?
"You haven't said anything in a while."
"I'm just... thinking..."
"Then would you like to stand?"
They had apparently stopped on a much bigger island, with a proper forest and everything.
"Oh." Duu quietly shuffled away, standing awkwardly besides the dragon.
"You can hunt, right?"
"I can!" Duu nearly shouted. "I'll have you know, I'm one of the best!"
Airi's bright blue eyes widened before turning into crescent smiles again. "Alright, shall I watch? Darkness is upon us soon though. Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like papayas."
"How about you go do your thing and I do mine?" Duu made the motions as she said so.
"If you insist. I'll see if I can set something up for rest." Airi shrugged, "remember, I can hear pretty long distances, so if you call for help, I'll be there!" she raised a finger in the air and winked at the wolfish haired girl. Duu couldn't help but roll he eyes as she walked into the brush.
She wasn't lying about being one of the best. Back at the orphanage, she would always have a successful turnout of game, whether it be boar, squirrels, or birds. She was skilled with spears, archery, and swords after all. She was the daughter of a blacksmith who unfortunately passed away, thus lending her orphan status a year back.
Immediately, she found a large piece of sharp rock. Good, this could slash the throats of whatever she could catch in this forsaken brush. She fiddled with the rock and threw it in the air a couple times. Given its light weightedness and shape, Duu could probably even treat it like a throwing blade. That's good, now she just needed something to throw it at...
There was a rustle and Duu kept still, crouching low to the ground. Suddenly a bunch of birds dispersed and she threw her rock at one, though cursing to herself as nothing got caught. Strange, she had done this before at home, why couldn't she do it on the first try here? She looked for that rock only to find she had lost it.
"Pftt... Of course this happens to me now... Thanks a lot, luck..." Duu narrowed her eyes. She turned to walk and nearly fell over when she came face to face with an upside-down Airi. "WHAT THE HELL."
"Do you need help?" Airi asked, mouth full of... what was that? It was green...
"No!" Duu angrily walked off. That's not fair! The demon already had food! and it was probably using its inhuman abilities to do it! That's cheating!
Okay, maybe hunting might be a far shot because this island didn't seem to house anything larger than squirrels in it... Perhaps foraging would be the way to go. She carefully scrutinized her surroundings, maybe she'll find fruit hanging from a tree... and there it was!
Duu spotted something red and green hanging on some trees. Immediately she bolted for them and used her strength to climb towards the top. Of course, there were fruit at her height level but she knew the best ones were on top. Thankfully, the tree had multiple branches and wasn't ridiculously tall, so it was an easy pick for her! However, just as she was about to reach for the topmost fruit, Airi came into view.
Or rather, she flew into view. Via a random cloud. She thought dragons could fly without the help of anything?
"I see you found mangoes! Man goes a long way before enjoying the fruit of their labor!" Airi grinned.
Man-what? Whatever, I don't want it anymore... Duu furrowed her brow downwards. She began to climb back down.
"What did I do?!" Airi went into a slight panic, allowing her cloud to disperse and then landing on the ground with a three-point landing. "You've been out of sorts since I've met you."
"You're a demon who's supposed to be mean and scary, and you're supposed to be fighting me to the death! Not helping me hunt for food! What kind of demon are you!" Duu shoved the dragon, though Airi hardly budged. "All my life, I was told demons were evil, and I've seen first hand how messed up demons are, yet Ayumi gets to travel around with a goody two shoes demon and here you are messing up my perception of everything again!" she added an extra shove, though that didn't do anything either.
Airi just stared back.
"Come on! Fight me!" Duu raised her arms, allowing one hand to grow hot with magic, ready to set everything on fire if she had to.
"Let your energy simmer down in your chest, and put all of your power into that index finger in one instant motion," Airi simply replied.
"I don't need to listen to you!" but despite that, Duu swung her hand and allowed her energy to focus on her finger tips in one fluent motion and she fired.
Instead of fire came lightning.
Airi held her hand out and caught the thin strip of lightning that shot out of Duu's fingertips, allowing it to zap about her hand before disappearing.
Duu froze.
Did that just happen?
Airi clapped, "Yes! That's how you do it! You aura is far more suited for lightning than it is for fire. That was stunning..."
Duu walked backwards until she hit a tree. Did she really just do a lightning spell after hearing some lame master-trainer quote from a demon?
"Hey," Airi patted Duu on the shoulder, "What did I tell you? I told you that you'd struck me better as a lightning user than a fire one."
"You..." Duu looked up, "actually are genuinely a nice demon that doesn't want to eat me, huh...?"
Airi laughed, "Of course I don't want to eat you. I wouldn't be speaking in puns the entire time otherwise."
"Uhhh.... what?" Duu had to trace back their conversations and slowly realized what Airi was talking about. That damn demon had been punning her since the moment they met!
"Also, I’ve eaten so many cucumbers that I’m over encumbered."

“Suzuki-san…” Duu slapped her hand to her face and dragged it down. “You’re killing me.”

“Ah! You finally called me by my name! A demon finally being called by name!” Airi threw her hands up in the air in joy. “I’m sure it was a blast for you as it was a blasphemy.”

If someone manages to count ALL the puns Airi's made, I will draw a TTY-related fanart just for you of your choice xD Remember, anything TTY related, I WILL draw it. Do keep a lookout for a PM if you happen to make the closest guess right before I post a chapter xD

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