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Author Topic: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 23-27 [11-10-2015]  (Read 39119 times)

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 2 [08-02]
« Reply #20 on: August 05, 2013, 08:46:05 AM »
MVPs: Maachan and catdemon!Riho. XD

Seriously, I want to see more of Maachan's color theory.  Given that we have the CERULEAN typhoon, if Maachan does a whole bunch of tricks involving colors (I saw this 4-koma where she did just that, honest), it will be a sure winner.  The demons will have no idea what they just encountered!

Well heck Riho caught a heck of a lotta fish!  This could be a recurring theme where the unfortunate cat demon gets ambushed (by Maa's puppy eyes, no less) and ends up feeding the kids for the duration of her stay XD

And MAN just look at all that SayaIshi rivalry!  For some reason I keep imagining cat!Riho as Inuyasha, with the mannerisms of the Kittenbus (not the Nekobus).  It must be all that red.  Ayumi's head is going to explode if she needs to tame TWO kids.  :cow:

Keep it up, Yuuyami!  Riho's showdown with the (fake) Typhoon will sure to be epic.

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 2 [08-02]
« Reply #21 on: August 05, 2013, 12:36:18 PM »
Wow, four thank you's, I guess I should up the thank you count next time xD JK JK

2.5 Tanaka Reina


...She was pissed. She lifted the poor unsuspecting villager high over her head, his farmer's garb threatening to rip from the sheer force. One would never suspect a tiny person capable of such a feat, but she wasn't human to begin with. She had an ancestry of both a cat and tiger to thank for that.

"So you're telling me...that I've been in the wrong part of Nippon this entire time!?" the golden eyed demon snarled at the human in her hands.

"B-b-b-but that's n-not MY fault!"

This human dared to ridicule her!? She chucked the human to the side and she ran her claws through her sun kissed bronze hair, pointy cat ears twitching. Her outfit consisted of blacks and reds but she was hardly clothed anyway; the easier to move in, the better.

"Okay, I guess I shouldn't have made the turn at Ise..." she glared at the farmer who thought he could out run her, but she simply appeared in front of him. Humans always thought they had a chance at outrunning demons, but that was never the case.

"So tell me, how do I get to the Sky Villages from here?"

The farmer looked at her for a moment before his eyes rolled back in his head--and promptly fainted, leaving a puddle where his posterior landed.



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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 2.5 [08-05]
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Always good to see ragemode!Reina. So adorable even when pissed <3 Poor villager dude. So didn't deserve that :lol:

Ok now where's my chapter 3? :P


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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 2.5 [08-05]
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 I knew it! I knew Reina would be in this story! You can't have a story that has cat-demons without Reina!

Also, I agree with Estrea. Poor village farmer...  XD

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 2.5 [08-05]
« Reply #24 on: August 06, 2013, 07:15:58 PM »
Thaaaanks for getting me on here... just to comment on your fic... hahaha jkjk

I'm slowly keeping up with this which is weird considering how many chapters and a half there are. I'm wondering how many people you'll add to this story... xD And we've already discussed this somewhat anyway  :lol:

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 2.5 [08-05]
« Reply #25 on: August 19, 2013, 11:39:34 AM »
Can't believe I lost sight of this fic!!!

I wonder who this fake typhoon is and who the real one is and just how powerful riho really is and just who does the typhoon fall in love with or who did they fall in love with and omg so many questions.
Can't wait for the next update.
And I would thank you but I'm on mobile lol.

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 2.5 [08-05]
« Reply #26 on: August 28, 2013, 11:48:15 AM »
Estrea: Eeeee a proper comment from you lololol Yeah, ADD Riho is ridiculously fun to write, but the Riho in this chapter will take things more seriously xD Maachan sadly doesn't have lines in this chapter though, so no psychoticness of epic proportion in this one xD

cmze: <3

InvinciblePurple: WE'LL NEVER KNOW WHAT MAACHAN SAYS XDDDDD But yes, no story with a cat demon is complete without Reina being one herself xD

Kitaoji: What Maachan does in the future will just snowball into chaotic masterpieces xD Look forward to more Sayaishi rivalry though! Cuz that's fun to write xD

Scratchednote5: Everyone. I'm including everyone in this story. I'm not lying. xD

H!Pshipper: So many questions indeed <3 They will be answered throughout the story!

Okay time to edit the chapter in xD

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 2.5 [08-05]
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I also wrote this at like 5 in the morning in less than thirty minutes so my Engrishing will be terrible xD Will fix later after sleeeeeep

3. Ishida Ayumi

A fake? Typhoon or not, the kids were in danger. They had protocol to follow if there was impending danger.

"Help me gather the stuff for the cart," it seemed Haruna beat her to it.

"On it!" Duu answered promptly, immediately getting to work on the non-perishables.

Maachan and Ayumi began to corral the kids when Ayumi noticed the cat demon heading towards the village.

"No way, she's not seriously handling all them by herself, is she?" Duu looked at the fleeting cat incredulously, wiping her brow.

"You looked pretty roughed up, how bad were they?" the twin tailed girl pushed the other's fringe back, revealing a bruise hidden beneath.

"They seemed like your average bandits attempting a raid..." the wolfish girl batted Ayumi's hand away, as if embarrassed of having received a wound at all.

"But you said cerulean typhoon?"

"Yeah, because their leader used pretty strong water magic and kept calling himself that to make the chief submit."

"I gotta stop Sayashi-san then!" Ayumi looked back towards the direction of the village, finding that Riho had already disappeared from sight.

Duu grabbed her arm, "Forget her, we have to make sure everyone gets to safety first!"

"I'll just meet you guys later, I know where it is!" Ayumi shrugged her hand off, walking backwards and away from the other, "I just can't let an idiot like her go rushing to her death!"

"She's a demon though!" Duu raised her voice, "She can handle herself, WE need to move!"

Ayumi didn't say anything in return. She turned about her foot and just ran. She retrieved the naginata leaning against the wall and went full speed ahead.

It couldn't have been long. Maybe Riho would still be okay... Ayumi pushed the bad thoughts out as she neared the destination. She began to hear sounds of battle as she got closer.

From what she saw, everything still seemed relatively okay, but there was no one around. Maybe the bandits came up from the other end of the village and started their raid there. She'd know by the time she reached the chief's house. Or well, where it once was. Duu said the leader blew it away in one hit.

Please let Riho be okay... Her fears manifested when the sounds suddenly stopped.


She turned the corner.

...To Riho standing over three men, incapacitated.

"What?" Ayumi's eyes widened.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" a tall, lanky man with 8 crossed arms looked on in disdain. "You're all losing to a CAT...." For a bandit, he was surely well-armored. Was he a samurai who abandoned his duty? His colors were indeed cerulean though...

He must be the leader.... a spider demon with water magic, huh? Ayumi gripped her naginata tighter. She then looked to the other.


"I had some of the best teach me how to fight," A smug smile appeared on the cat's lips. Three more men jumped at her. Ayumi blinked and Riho suddenly wasn't there anymore. The men collapsed in a heap, in complete disarray.

"YOU FOOLS!" the water spider roared, bringing one set of arms to form a triangle with his hands. Suddenly, a burst of water spiraled from the space between his hands, completely washing his incompetent men away.

So that's how the chief's house was destroyed... Behind the bandit leader, the chief's house laid in ruins. Wait....

"What did you do to the chief!?" Ayumi stood her ground, pointing her weapon at the villain.

"Another kid, some village you got here, letting the children fight," the bearded leader turned his head slightly and that was where Ayumi caught sight of the chief. Whatever happened, he was thrown against a house and he was heaving painfully, with some of the villagers at his side though staring at the awe-inspiring entity that was Riho.

Suddenly, Ayumi sensed malicious feelings and looked back--and immediately side flipped out of the way of a water blast! Having survived surprise attacks from Duu and Maachan, she was no stranger to perception and had the dexterity to accompany that.

"Oh? Stronger than that other brat then," the leader simply said, resting his crossed arms against his armor.

"Hey," Riho called out, "Your fight is with me."

The bandit leader scoffed, "Why would the Cerulean Typhoon bother with a weakling like you?"

"Because this weakling just beat up half your crew," Riho pointed at herself, other hand on her hip. "Besides, I don't recall the Cerulean Typhoon even needing a band of bandits in the first place."

"You keep talking, brat, I will end you," the leader grew increasingly annoyed. Seeing that his men gathered themselves, he barked: "GET EVERYONE!"

How low, some of the bandits were even aiming for the injured chief! Ayumi would not allow for that at all! She ran in front of everyone and stood ready for the bandits to come. Luckily for the orphan, a naginata had a far superior reach to a sword, which was what most of the bandits wielded. Two of them charged her at once. She batted each strike away from her, causing the two to stagger. Opening! her mind screamed and immediately, she ricocheted her blade off of the last hit and sliced both enemies in the foot, eliciting howls of pain.

When she looked up to check on Riho, her claws somehow glowed as she swung at the air, releasing very tangible, red claw marks upon unsuspecting bandits. Was that some form of magic? It was like watching a moving beam of red light, only it was in the shape of angry scratch marks that were too fast for the bandits to dodge. On top of that, Riho whirled about like a tornado, slicing up all who dared to get in her way. Maybe Duu was right, Riho, being a demon, could definitely hold her own against a gang of bandits.

Wait, these guys are way too easy... How in the world did miss Kudou Haruka lose to these low people? She even had the time to space out, letting the enemies clumsily attack her and simply punishing their horrid aim with slices and blunt hits with the bottom of the naginata. She really had to remind herself to spar with the other a lot more often.

Then again, she was always the winner in those sparring matches anyway. Before she knew it, she had her own pile of moaning and groaning men at her feet.

"Are you SERIOUS?!" the leader threw his hands away at his side, clenching them into fists in pure anger. "INCOMPETENT, ALL OF YOU! THE CERULEAN TYPHOON WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS BEHAVIOR!!!"

Riho's eye twitched. That's when Ayumi knew she was definitely pissed.

"Yeah, keep calling yourself that, you fake," Riho, clenched her teeth, but still remained smug throughout.

"You DARE disrespect me?!" his arms spread out wide, as if in a grappling pose, "BRING I--"

Riho couldn't even wait to let him finish his sentence. With her amazing speed, she punched him square in the jaw.

"You're really getting on my nerves," Riho uttered under her breath, shaking her hand before letting it return to a fist.

Just then, really bad feeling nestled itself in the core of Ayumi's stomach. It was definitely coming from the water spider. She backed up into a defensive position, looking back at the chief and the others to let them know she was there to help.

The aura of the bandit leader came out like an explosion, pushing Ayumi back slightly, but she saw that Riho wasn't in the least bit phased.

"I'll show you the TRUE po--"


Riho gave the demon an uppercut to remember her by.

"I hate it when people talk during a fight," she shook her hand out again, "No point to it."

She backflipped out of the way when multiple water projectiles launched her way from the multiple hands of the spider demon. Ayumi had a hard time trying to keep up with Riho's insane speed in dodging all of the blasts.

The bandit leader growled in annoyance as every single hit was not landing at all! And he had eight hands throwing all he had at the nimble cat demon!

Riho then decided that play time was over however, and she decided to stand her ground. Ayumi gasped when she allowed a water blast to hit her in the face, but there was no sign of injury, only very wet bangs and a dripping wet face.

Only seconds after, the rest of the water barraged her and Riho let it hit. She wasn't even flinching at them--and the ones that missed went right through the wood of the houses behind her!

Just who in the world IS this girl?! Ayumi gaped.

The cat demon simply lifted a hand, palm facing towards the frantic spider.

A powerful gust of wind spiraled out of her palm and into the demon leader, knocking him right into the air and making him spin from the recoil of the hit. Before he could get back up, Riho raised her hand in the air and brought it down with much force, causing spontaneous lightning from above to strike him where he was.

With Riho's two hands, she repeated multiple times, sending lightning strike after lightning strike after the unfortunate demon. After the smell of sizzling armor began to register, the cat demon brought her hands to her sides, panting from all the magic she used. The bandit leader was on his knees, but still defiantly glaring at her.

"And by the way, the Cerulean Typhoon isn't a water spider, but a storm dragon from the central mainlands of Nippon."

"W-What do you know, huh punk?! I'm the Cerulean Typhoon!!" the spider insisted, but shrunk back when he saw gusts of wind reverberate from Riho's feet..

"No you're not," Riho said matter-of-factly. Her whole body now floated over a whirlwind. "Because that would be my mother." She crossed her wrists in front of her chest, palms facing outward, claws bared.

Riho's eyes turned from black to cerulean.

"And that makes me the daughter of the Cerulean Typhoon."

With the aid of the whirlwind at her feet, it propelled her to impossible speeds and she passed him, though her claws were now at her side instead.

The bandit remained still, as if suspended in motion, though moments later, his armor caved in and blood spurted out in the form of an 'X' where the cat demon struck. He fell, face forward, dead or knocked out, Ayumi had no idea.

Did Riho just say... She was the daughter of the Cerulean Typhoon?!

"Oh goodness... What people do to pretend to be you..." Riho looked up at the sky, cerulean eyes turning back into a dark brown.

Wait... isn't she a cat...?

"But you ears...?" Ayumi said aloud.

Riho's ears picked up on what she said though. "Yes?"

"And you said the Cerulean Typhoon is a storm dragon, right?"

"Mmhmm." Riho began walking towards her.

"You're... half cat and half dragon?"

"Yup," Riho  pushed Ayumi's gaping mouth closed.

How in the WORLD did that even HAPPEN!? There were some things in this world that she would never understand.

"You'd be surprised at how much magic helps in conception," the half cat, half dragon demon smirked, dusting herself off. "Don't you have somewhere to be?"

"Oh, they're probably safe, they should be at the safe house at this point," Ayumi looked at the angling of the sun. She then turned to the chief, "Will you be okay?"

"Y-yes..." the chief could only stare at that anomaly of a demon next to Ayumi. "But you... have to go."

Riho only nodded, as if this was normal to her. Ayumi suddenly felt really bad. For someone with that kind of lineage, it would be very easy to assume destruction would follow. "Do you want to come with me in making sure they're alright?"

"Only if there's food."

Ayumi facepalmed.

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 2.5 [08-05]
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Ok I failed to wedge. So DIBS instead. XD


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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 3 [08-28]
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I'm really curious to see where this is heading. I mean, will they keep Riho like a mascot? Or will Ayumi and co somehow end up traveling with her?

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 3 [08-28]
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Typical no-sense-of-direction Reina.  :lol:

I wonder who Riho's parents are? Considering magic was used during conception, according to her, I assume......there's no father?  :?

Also.....forgive me for not commenting on the other chapters. *bows*

I still don't know much about the latest gen members.  :nervous

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 3 [08-28]
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I've read this a couple of days ago, but I only leave a comment today... Talk about late.  :banghead:
I pass blame on my slow internet connection. Lol
Anyway this is so awesome. I'm a huge sucker for fantasy (as if it isn't obvious with my recent posts)
By the way I love your writing style. Will be waiting for the next chapter.   :twothumbs

Reina and her sense of direction + Maa-chan's choice of words = ''(*~*)''

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 3 [08-28]
« Reply #32 on: September 30, 2013, 07:06:44 PM »
Questions are being answered and I am very much enjoying this fic. keep up the good work I cant wait for the next update! :)

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 3 [08-28]
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Welp: I like Riho's level of power-up.  And here I was thinking that kittenbus!Riho was related to mama!Catbus!Reina.  ... Fine. So it's Daddy that's the tiger, and Mama's the dragon.

I still say MaaDuu should use the cat demon for sparring practice, and at one point in the far future one of them should accidentally drop-kick Riho into a large body of water.

SayaIshi rivalry will be interesting... but when does Harunan step in?

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 3 [08-28]
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Estrea: ... You did it again xD

Rndmn: Things might come out towards the latter xD

Hart: It's okay! Now you get to learn about them here xD

Yunagi: Thank you! <3 I loooove fantasy!

H!PShipper: And now even more questions and answers! :3

Kitaoji: I feel like Maaduu would totally try to make Riho as uncomfortable as possible, like a cat stuck between kindergarteners xD You'll see about Harunan though :3


If the chapter gets 4 thank you's, you'll get a bonus chapter featuring everyone's favorite perpetually angry cat/tiger! xD

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 3 [08-28]
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4. Ishida Ayumi

She might as well be on this little journey all by herself. Her shoulders sagged and her naginata was wobbling loosely in her grip out of sheer boredom.

Meanwhile, the half cat half dragon anomaly was sleeping. SLEEPING. Riho was curled up and dozing off on her tiny fluffy cloud, trailing Ayumi from above her, but not quite above the tree line. The cloud seemed to weave its way around any upcoming obstacle too, as if it were an intelligent being as well.

Somehow, everything about the cat (she refused to acknowledge her dragon side until she saw visual evidence) just annoyed her to no end. She was a mannerless, inconsiderate, and smug demon of a child. just how old was she anyway? Yasuda-san said that demons developed twice as slow, so despite a demon saying they were a certain age, they were actually half that by human standards.

Riho randomly turned in her sleep, but doing so, her elbow hit a tree and she immediately yanked it back in an strangled mewl. Ayumi couldn't help but giggle at the noise. As a result of demons developing slower, their mental maturity and wisdom took twice as long to establish. She remembered Maachan's shrill voice exclaiming "so demons are pretty stupid then, right?!" and everyone in the orphanage laughing. In a way, they are Ayumi thought to herself. If Riho was any indication, then she only added further to the fact. With that, she stopped, waiting for the cloud to be at a good distance...

And she grabbed a pebble and threw it at Riho's cloud. It traveled right through but smacked Riho's body, causing the cat to wake up in alarm and the cloud beneath her disappeared. She landed on all fours in an aggressive stance, facing Ayumi.

"What was that for?! What did Mint-kun ever do to you?!"

"...Mint-kun...?" Ayumi repeated incredulously. Riho named her cloud...?

"What do you waaaaant?" Riho stretched out like a cat before standing upright. "Are we there yet?"

Jeez, this kid had a severe case of the mood swings. She probably doesn't hold grudges for long, huh...

"Almost," Ayumi replied simply.

"I think it's cute that you guys have this whole safehouse strategy for when things get rough. I wouldn't have ever thought of it."

"Its something Yasuda-san devised. We have this cart which could fit all the kids and food so its only right we'd use it for an emergency like this."

"Food..." the cat rubbed her belly at the thought.

"Is that all you ever think about?" Ayumi's eyes narrowed.

"I get hungry like everyone else," Riho shrugged. "It's a bit difficult when you're a wanderer. Especially a do-gooder demon like myself." She cupped her chin with the space between her thumb and index finger, grinning confidently.

"What's the difference between a do-gooder demon and a normal one, might I ask?" Ayumi raised a brow.

"If I wasn't, you'd be eaten a long time ago."

"That's soooo reassuring" Ayumi face-palmed. Great, she forgot that the more feral of demons only thought of humans as a snack.

"If it's any consolation, you're way too small to eat. You're just skin and bones."

Ayumi didn't have a comeback for that. She just kept walking.

Riho remained silent and trotted after.

Seriously, why did she even bother with Riho in the first place?

"Why are you even down here in the first place? The mainlands would be a lot more exciting, wouldn't it?"

"I'm looking for someone in Okinawa."

"Okinawa, why all the way there?"

"Just someone with answers." Riho said simply.

Not willing to divulge any more information than that? Sure, okay. It wasn't like she'll stick around long anyway.

"I'm surprised you didn't ask a thing about my mother, didn't her accomplishments reach all the way out here too?"

It'd be a lie if she said she didn't know who the Cerulean Typhoon was. The typhoon was said to be a legendary demon of vast power, said to even have the power to submerge all of Nippon underwater. However, it was just that, a legend or myth. Duu would make up tales about the typhoon's power, awing the children. Though she did claim some of them were true...

"So the legendary typhoon found her heart in a cat, huh?" no matter how Ayumi looked at it, Riho was a cat inside and out. Mixed demons weren't unheard of but that was just things like some being part dog, part wolf or scenarios like that. Species of vast differences mingling together were unheard of!

"I know it's something absurd to hear of, but it's true. Not that I care whether you believe it or not," Riho waved her hand dismissively, "but no matter, I just want to find my mother."

"And she's in Okinawa?"

"No, but this person might know where she is," Riho's cat ears twitched and she looked in a different direction, stopping suddenly.

Ayumi looked in the same direction and horror engulfed her face.

There was a broken pieces of wood everywhere. Both of them navigated beyond the bushes and found a broken cart. It was split clean down the middle next to a very splintered tree. That meant... it was... slammed against the tree to the point of...

The naginata dropped.

She ran forward, nearly tripping over various planks of wood. She lifted one half of the wreckage away, finding nothing but blood spatters covering the ground on the inside. She cast the wreckage aside and lifted the other, finding even more splatters.

Were the kids... IN there....?!

"Ayumi..." Riho began, but was cut off by Ayumi's cries.

"ANYONE! IS ANYONE STILL THERE?!" Ayumi darted aimlessly around the scene, eyes scanning the forest for anyone. Anything. Anybody.

She spotted a tall figure leaning against the tree. Haruna? She ran for it and she was immediately yanked backwards by Riho. When she focused more on the sight ahead of her, it was just the frame of the cart jutted out awkwardly from the tree. If she had ran at full force, she might have accidentally impaled herself in the leg.

What happened to everyone? Why were there no bodies to be found? She stood up and looked about the scene once more.

Where was the tall and lanky Haruna? The ever hyper Maachan? The wolfish Duu?

Where were they?!

"Ayumi," Riho placed both hands on Ayumi's shoulders. She didn't even know until Riho touched her that she realized she was shaking horribly.

"That's not the blood of whoever you think it belonged to. That is demon blood."

Was that supposed to make her feel better? It made her more worried than anything.

"This is just the cart though, where is the safe house?"

Ayumi opened her mouth to speak, but nothing could come out of it. Instead, she began to run again. This time, her destination was set.

Maybe they sacrificed the cart to take care of the demon and then fled to the house...! That HAD to be what happened...! with all her heart, Ayumi hoped for that to be true.

It wouldn't be too far now, it was just off of this path. After a few twists and turns avoiding the foliage and branches, they came to a clearing with well-disguised hut built into a rock wall. However, there was complete silence in the air.

So many questions flooded her mind as she walked closer to the hut. What in the world happened back there? Why was the cart shattered? How come the blood on the floor belonged to a demon? Where was everyone? Why was it so quiet? Why did the hut seem like it was untouched? Did that mean they never reached the hut in the first place? What in the world was going on?

Riho stopped her once again, placing a firm grip on her shoulder.

"This place has only been visited by us."

No, Riho's nose wasn't strong enough. Demons can't be right. Cat demons don't even share the same sensing powers as dogs, right?! She had to be wrong. She just had to be...

"I think they went a different direction..."

Now it was Ayumi's turn to place her frantic hands on Riho's shoulders, causing the cat demon to squirm uncomfortably. "WHERE?!"

"Is there another village near here?" Riho's hands pulled Ayumi's tight grasp off of her.

Oh! That's right, they had another backup plan! If for whatever reason the safehouse strategy was compromised, they would head to the village close by! That one was twice as large as the one they were from.

"Let's go!" Ayumi grabbed Riho's hand and began to yank her towards the direction of the next village.

"Hold it!" Riho slipped her hand out of Ayumi's grasp, "What about food?"

"Seriously!?" Right now, her family could be out there, dead, and all Riho cared about was food?!  She let out a frustrated breath and trudged away.

Whatever Riho said afterward, Ayumi completely ignored. Someone who didn't have their priorities straight didn't deserve an earful from her. All demons were stupid and they were a waste of space! Gods forbid that she'd have to stick around this demon even longer than necessary!

What mattered were her friends, the kids, and Yasuda-san's safety. Whatever shred of humanity she thought was in Riho was now nonexistent. Tuning the cat out became easier after that.

Fortunately for her, Riho became silent on her part.

Just then, she caught sight of Riho suddenly appearing on a cloud. Mint-kun was it? Why did Riho get to travel in comfort and not her?! She immediately kicked at the cloud, her foot traveling right through and hitting Riho right in the butt.

"MINT-KUN DIDN'T DESERVE THAT!" the cat cried out as the cloud dissipated. "Why are you so mad at me thinking out loud?" the cat ears went flat against the back of her head and Riho let out a hiss right after. 

That wasn't worth an answer.

But before she could walk away, Riho lunged and Ayumi immediately brought her naginata up for defense. The clang of claw meeting iron met loudly in the air.

"Why. Are. You. So. Angry?" Riho snarled, pushing back at the naginata with struggle.

"You. Are. So. Childish!" Ayumi gritted her teeth as she fought to keep the blade from touching her own face.

Riho backed off, sliding backwards on her four limbs with her back straightened and her butt high in the air. "For YOUR information, I'm almost 30!"

"That makes you no more than 15 in human years," Ayumi swung her naginata in circles before letting the base of the blade rest against her shoulder. "Did your parents teach you to be so immature like this?"

"Leave them out of this!" Riho jumped forward again, though Ayumi sensed the trajectory and dodged with an immediate split, bringing the bottom of her spear to hit the demon in the stomach.

The orphan was prepared for more, but that hit did it. Riho, landed on her side, her arms cradling her abdomen. A strange noise filled the air before Ayumi registered it as growling.

Specifically, a growling stomach.

"You're lucky I'm too hungry to fight!" the cat yowled. "You'd be on your back in a heart beat!"

"I'd love to see you try!" Ayumi pulled on the bottom of her eye and stuck her tongue out. Ugh. The faster they could separate and go on their own ways, the better. She was at her wit's end with the other fool! Leaving the other on the ground, she finally walked away once more.

Please Gods... Let everyone be okay... Ayumi hoped with all her might. She wouldn't know what to do if she found no one waiting in the village.. She looked back and she saw Riho coming along weakly. Good. At least she wasn't talking anymore.

She couldn't wait to get to the village...


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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 4 [10-16]
« Reply #36 on: October 17, 2013, 04:47:30 PM »
heh finally caught up with all of this :3
it gives me a real Inuyasha-vibe which hits me right in the nostalgia and thats a good thing
as always, i wanna see more of Reina  :cathappy:
(but secretly i ship SayaIshi so... the fact that they're alone now is also good heheheh)
keep up the good work <3

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 4 [10-16]
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4.5 Tanaka Reina

Reina trudged through the brush and branches of a thick forest. She was annoyed by the humidity. She was annoyed by the trees. She was annoyed by the tall grass. She was annoyed by the bushes. She was annoyed by the bugs. She was annoyed by the sprites. She was annoyed by the pollen.

Everything was so annoying!

"Reina is so close to burning this forest..." the half cat, half tiger demon whined as she chopped everything in her path with her long claws.

She hoped she was in Mino this time. She was apparently at Totomi, last she asked a passerby. Reina figured that if she followed where the sun was going, she'd head into the right direction, and hopefully, where the sky villages were.

As she continued swiping away, she felt something bump into her feet. Reina looked down to find an adorable ferret looking back at her. The cat squealed at the sight and immediately squat down, patting the cute ferret like crazy!

"Ain't you the cutest thang around?" Reina's voice got higher every second. "Nyaaaaaa! You're soft!" the ferret seemed to enjoy the other's caressing, leaning into the touch every time.

She then crossed her arms in front of her knees, "Alright, where am I? This is Mino, right?" there was no mistaking it. Reina was like the queen of sensing and she knew this ferret was actually a demon in its true form.

The ferret looked up at her, beady black eyes blinking.

"..........You're in Kai."

"WHAT'S WITH THAT VOICE?!" Reina stumbled backwards. Why the hell did this cute ferret have such a low, disinterested, womanly voice?!

The ferret paused for a second, as if thinking," ...........I'm Miyazawa."

"Jeez, is your voice just naturally like that?" Reina leaned forward once more, poking where the ferret demon's throat was.

"........It's unfortunate."

"So what's your human form then? I wouldn't be surprised if you were this little girl that-- WHAT THE FUCK. WHY ARE YOU SO TALL!?" Reina fell on her butt when the ferret immediately assumed human form, sprouting up like a growing sun flower. Hell, she might as well be as tall as one for all Reina would know!

Miyazawa had bangs covering one of her dull eyes and her amber hair tied up in a flared out bun in the back of her head. She was wearing a simple dark yukata with no patterns and with the sleeves tied up around her shoulders, showing off long lanky arms.

"...You're cute at this angle."

"EXCUSE YOU!" Reina smacked the other in the arm as she got up. "At least your voice fits you this time!"

She looked down to find that the other was wearing geta sandals.


Miyazawa let out a breath of air, with a slight upward tilt to her lip. Was this idiot smiling?!

"Ugh, whatever," Reina pouted, "Can you tell me how to get to the Sky Villages from here?"

The ferret demon looked at her, blinking. "...And you're in Kai?"

"SHADDAP!" Reina crossed her arms and looked away.

"...A southern accent... and you were looking for how long?"

"Reina will punch you in the throat," the cat demon returned her gaze to the other, glaring with all of her might.

"Did Reina-chan get lost?" Miyazawa bent over slightly, hand moving to ruffle Reina's hair but she swatted it away.

"That's Tanaka-SAN to you!" Reina gritted her teeth, showing off her fangs. "You're WAY younger than me, brat."

"...My apologies," Miyazawa bowed. "You can call me Marin then, Tanaka-san."

Oh hay, Lovendor xD
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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 4.5 [10-17]
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Ayu, of course, doesn't get along with Riho yet. Hope everyone's okay.

 :w00t: Marin-chan! You should have heard me when I realized who it was XD

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Re: Typhoon Tell You ♥ 4.5 [10-17]
« Reply #39 on: October 19, 2013, 04:21:09 AM »
Quietriot: Yaaay you caught uuuup! <3 There will definitely be more Reina in the future, don't worry xD And yeah, I was thinking of Inuyasha when writing this too, so not too far off xD


I don't think there will be an accompanying bonus chapter for the next chapter, so too bad xD Maybe next time~!

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