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Author Topic: [T-ara] Sweet and Sour Love [AreumxQ-ri, DanixJiyeon, SoRam, EunMin] C-4  (Read 3182 times)

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YOSH!! another fanfic of t-ara updated here... :D ..feel free to visit my  :welcome web aka tumblr for full list for it..or..just wait me updated it here..  :P

I did this after u knew which song starring Dani right??  XD that song..  :lol:



Chapter 1

“I’m merely remember that day…” eunjung whisper to herself. She’s alone in the practice room. She sit and trying to remember the memories that she have with her lovely one. The one that she miss all the time.

Soyeon that just back from buying some cold water sit beside eunjung. She give a bottle of water to her. “Here..forget her..” said soyeon without hiding her attention.

“hmm..what are u talking about??” eunjung pretending she doesn’t understand what soyeon said.

“I mean it..u seriously gonna make it clear to everyone here..”

“I just…u knew that I love her right..thus..”

“yeah..I did knew n I knew it too..the fact that she’s quite close to our maknae rite now..”

“yea..” eunjung nodding weakly as she knew the truth that lies in front of her. The reality that happened just in a second.

“soo…u knew there are someone that waiting for u are u..”

“hmm..” eunjung looking at a figure that being with other member. Her smile did make her heart flutter. A girl that quite busy filming a dramas rite now and doesn’t give much attention to her lately. It make herself frustrated as no one actually calm her down after what happened.

“u know what..she care bout u..that girl..hyomin..” soyeon take a deep breath as she trying to make a right words. The words that can make eunjung become cheerful as before.

“when u have trouble lately..she called me asking about ur situation..even though she quite busy..hmm..and she doesn’t want to make u feel burden anymore..thats why…” soyeon doesn’t finish her words. She quite confuse as it’s the secret between hyomin and herself.

“what do u mean by burden??” the curiosity did make eunjung forget bout her sadness just now. She doesn’t think that hyomin think like that before.

“nothing..” soyeon stand and leave eunjung alone again. As expected, eunjung can’t pick up any hint o remember anything. She quite slow in this case. Soyeon joining hyomin and others while both jiyeon and dani still resting at other place. A place only for them.


The comeback did make everyone worn out. Its quite a while they  have fun on stage. Dani that doesn’t going on stage, just watching from dress room with other staff. She buy some foods and drinks for her unnies.

Everyone comeback to the dress room wearing a smile on their face. They quite satisfied and feel happy cause the performance going well as usual. Everyone eating and chatting with each other.

“Dani..thx for the quite delicious..” jiyeon smiling brightly to the maknae that she like from the first time she meet her. She’s patting dani head, smiling and sharing her food with her.

“unni..” dani face turn red when jiyeon patting n hug her for the food that she give.

“Today, what practice that u have?? I wanna go there..” ask jiyeon curious bout the maknae schedule that differ than other member.

“I guess..dancing..and singing plus rapping..I’m not quite sure either..” the blankness did show clearly on dani face.

“Owh…cute…” jiyeon pinch dani cheek and caress it afterwards.

“unni…” dani feel unusual feeling  that she feel when she see jiyeon for the first time again. The rhythm of her heart is fast and she feel quite hot even though the temperature in that room is quite cold.

Jiyeon just grinned alone when she see dani reaction is exactly what she want and expect.

Eunjung just see both of them from a far. She is quiet and doing her own things only. There is also someone that always checking the situation. The leader soyeon and also hyomin that can’t leave eunjung alone. Somewhere in hyomin heart and mind, there is place for eunjung.

Soyeon can’t stand still when eunjung did her things alone. She walk towards eunjung and drag her to joining others. Eunjung just followed her leader. She did know, she’s wrong in this situation. Soyeon just done her job properly.

“Eunjung..what’s bothering u??” ask q-ri that also feel uncomfortable when she see eunjung act the way she is. “U differ..” boram continue the words from q-ri. Then, everyone asking a question and trying to make a conversation with her. She just answered it half hearted and trying to make things better than before but something doesn’t feel right. Only a girl doesn’t voice out anything and just smiling.

“what is the meaning of that smile?” eunjung thinking by herself. Struggling to find the right answer. She glance at hyomin once in a while, trying to searching some hint.


“Unni…is hyomin ok??” a sudden question come out from eunjung mouth. She ask boram that still sitting and eating some snack inside the van that they ride when they have a schedule.

At that time, they just drop hyomin at her filming site. The other member is already been sent to their own house. There are only boram and eunjung there. The silence make things awkward.

“Nope..I dun think there is something going on with her. She quite busy. Maybe..she tired..” boram broke the silence with unsure answered. She did knew the truth.

“Unni..u hiding something are u??” ask eunjung that doesn’t satisfied with boram answer.

“hmm..I dunno..u better ask herself..and stop asking the question..I wanna eat properly..” boram answered straightly while chewing something.

“oo..alrite..” eunjung is left again with her unended curiosity.


Its early in the morning..its a day without schedule for everyone except soyeon and hyomin that have to film their dramas. Jiyeon and Dani have a day together as promise before. They both jogging together at some park near the practice room.

“Unni..just asking..”

“what is it??”

“How..hmm..ur body…”

“body..what about my body??”


Jiyeon stop jogging for a while. She quite surprise with that praise. Dani also stop jog as she realize her unni stop. Jiyeon walking to the chair near them and sit on it. Dani just following what jiyeon done. She look straight to dani eyes. Dani trying to avod a direct eye contact with her unni.

“hmm..i eating a lot…” jiyeon answered it while watching at dani. She didn’t lie about it. She eat quite a lot.

“yeah..but..u..beautiful” answered dani with her voice lower like she whispering to herself. She looking at the beautiful scenery in front of her.

“ Dani..u also cute and beautiful..”  jiyeon answered wearing a bright smile. She really meant it. She fall in love with her from the first time she see her. Plus, when she film the video clip of day by day. She quite sure about her feeling.

“ah..thx..” she look at jiyeon for a while. Her eyes have been caught seen jiyeon beauty for a while. She really want to run away from there. Her face blushing and redden more when jiyeon suddenly caress her face.

“I love it” jiyeon said that word while caress dani face. She then stand and continue walking to the track and start jogging again leaving dani. Dani that startled by that word being unaware about jiyeon that sit beside her , absent for a few minute. When she realize bout it, she running at her fast following jiyeon that quite far in front of her.


Eunjung that bored doing nothing trying to filled her emptiness by tidy her room. She found some old picture of her and all t-ara member. She smiling alone seeing all that picture that been captured when they have fun doing variety show and winning an award.

“What is this??” eunjung asking herself. She forgot the existence of that things. The2 small boxes that been leaving there for quite a time. She opened the first box and found a lot of things that related to her favourite and loving jiyeon. She regretting her decision that make her life miserable right now. The decision of not convey  her true feeling. Her heart start to aching and the tears start to falling from her eyes.

“Eunjung..are u ok??” ask her mother that coincidently overheard her. “I’m alrite…” answered eunjung shortly. She really don’t want to add the problems that happened lately that make her mom also involved and become worried.

“MOM” she showed her face a bit from her room.


“I want to eat my fav food today!!!”  eunjung showing her cheerful side to her mom.

“Alrite..when I finish cooking, I call u..” eunjung mom’s just smiling brightly looking at her daughter that facing bravely her own problem.

Eunjung continue to tidy her room and doesn’t opened the other box assuming it just giving her more pain more than anything.


“Hyomin…” soyeon called hyomin from far.  She come to hyomin filming site after finishing her schedule.  Hyomin that see soyeon running happily to greet her.

“Unni…y u here??”  hyomin curious bout soyeon sudden visit to her filming site.

“Wanna eat together??” ask soyeon straightly to the point.

“Alrite..after finishing my scene..there is only one scene left..” hyomin answered as she walk away leaving soyeon alone. The  director calling for the next scene.

“Ok..I wait here..” soyeon waiting at the side. She watch hyomin acting properly as she also new actress that just starring in a dramas. She want to learn more as she watch hyomin act.


After hyomin finish her schedule.

Both of them going to a shop near there. They eating and playing some games. Its been a while that they eat together. Only both of them.


“yup..unni..u want more??” hyomin showing the food that left on the table.

“Nope..I really want u to make it clear to eunjung..”


“Most of us quite concern bout what happened lately..especially bout eunjung..”


“U know that too rite???”

Hyomin don’t have an exact answer to that question. She just playing with her finger and watching the people around her. She really wanna hide the fact that she still longing for eunjung. Its already a long time ago. Her hope crush to pieces. Soyeon that see the hyomin face just leave that question unanswered. She did understand that feeling. Her love line also doesn’t that good.


Next day…

“Here..” jiyeon give some of her food to dani that just finish her dance practice.

“thx…” dani accept it with a very bright smile. She doesn’t know that Jiyeon would come to her dance practice.

“Unni..u have practice too rite??” ask Dani curious about Jiyeon schedule.

“I just finish early..and rite now is invidual practice time..” jiyeon explained it to make dani worried gone.

“owh..” dani feel happy as she see jiyeon in front of her. Eating and chatting happily with her. This happiness totally increase the certain feeling in her heart. The good feeling that she still doesn’t understand.


Other day…

“” hyomin hand out the schedule for next week to q-ri and other member. At the time when its eunjung turn, she just giving it out without calling eunjung name. She stand in front of eunjung and leave after giving the schedule.

All the member sit beside each other while soyeon giving a brief explanation about the event and activities that they gonna do. The manager monitor and also done the same things. The members giving their all attention to each of the words but eunjung blankly watching a figure that sit in front of her. She watch till the meeting end but still can’t find an answer for the question that she curious.

“ u hear everything..” ask soyeon that knew the habit of eunjung.

“hmm..a bit..” eunjung answered half hearted. She really doesn’t have a good mood recently. It become worse when she see the relationship between jiyeon and dani become close than before.

“Make sure u ask if u have any question..understand??” ask soyeon worried about eunjung that still gloomy.

“Alrite..” eunjung nodding. She make herself busy with something. She really doesn’t want to recall anything.

“plus..I really hope u appreciate her..” whispered soyeon to eunjung. She then leave eunjung.

“what?? Huh..” eunjung can’t understand anything. She just sighing as she also walk away to the convenience store near there.


At the convenience store..

Eunjung that just arrived see two figure that seem familiar to her. The actor that act one day by day music video and a girl that make her mind confuse lately. Both of them having such a fun conversation, laughing and eating together. Eunjung doesn’t have any idea that hyomin are close with that actor. Her heart suddenly feel uneasy.

“why?? Why I feel like this??” whispered eunjung to herself.


While at the same time.

Jiyeon, dani and areum, a group of maknae chatting happily inside the dance practice room. The other unnies all going out. Only soyeon alone there, watching her maknae while thinking seriously bout the things that going on in their group. She also thinking bout someone that she mostly care, boram that doesn’t replied her message and doesn’t talk much with her lately.



sry for my grammar n error here n there.. -,-

anyway, thx for reading!!!!

XD  :peace: :peace: :peace:  XD
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Re: [T-ara] Sweet and Sour Love [vary pairing] C-2
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I guess in this part there is more SoRam..soyeon n boram, Dani x Jiyeon and EunMin..anyway, it quite short o maybe not..cause its 7 page in compared to before 6 pages in microsoft words.. :lol:


Chapter 2

“My mistake..I guess..” soyeon concluding one of the serious topic she currently thinking. She kept watching all the maknae while writing some of detail that she also need to finish for the next plan of her schedule.

“Unni…I’m just wondering..why q-ri unni is very quiet??” areum suddenly asking that question to Jiyeon. Dani also nodding as she agree to the statement that been giving out by areum. Jiyeon that quite surprise with the question just calmly answered after thinking it for a minute. Both areum and dani watching Jiyeon intensely. The curiosity of them make Jiyeon can’t think properly.

“hmm…hmm…don’t look like that..huh” jiyeon sighed as she telling them to calm down a bit.

“She just like that..but I dun think she ‘very’ quiet as u said areum..I think if u knew her for a bit longer…she will be differ than what u see right now..” Jiyeon smiling as she answered it. She quite satisfied with the answer that she give.

Both dani and areum feel relieved as they hear Jiyeon answer. They currently trying their very best to adapting to the group member. It quite awkward for them to suddenly too close to all unni in t-ara group. The one that they most awkward is q-ri unni that very quiet in their opinion.

“I knew it!!!” Areum wearing a smiling face when she said that as she also feel the same.

“What did u knew??” Jiyeon quite unsure about the things that areum think.

“Nothing…” areum grinning alone.


“Alrite..hmm, it really doesn’t make sense..” eunjung still feel unsettled. She can’t think straight anymore. Her action doesn’t seem same as her taught. She take a lot of snack and going straight to the counter. Suddenly, a familiar voice questioned her.

“Unni..u really buying all of this??” ask that voice to eunjung that still unaware of the things that she done.


Eunjung that realize what she done wrong after a few minute feel awkward with her own mistake. She opened her wallet but it seems the money that she bring along with her doesn’t enough.

“I’ll pay this too..” hyomin that quickly knew eunjung situation put the things that she want to buy together with eunjung snacks. After hyomin pay the bills, and take her stuff, eunjung just followed her from back.

“Where is the guy before?” eunjung voice is quite slow and totally unheard by hyomin that walk quite far in front of her. It doesn’t reach hyomin at all. Hyomin doesn’t even try to make a conversation and  looked upon her.

When they reach the practice room…

“I pay it later..” eunjung telling hyomin before she enter the practice room. The awkwardness really make her dying. Her mood really ruined from the moment she see hyomin with someone before.

Hyomin that hear that just nodding. Again, she think that its her fault. She make eunjung unhappy again. But, she really doesn’t know an exact reason. She blame herself for that. At that time, q-ri that come after them see and knew what happened between eunjung n hyomin. She then, sit beside hyomin.

“hyomin…I want to see it..” ask q-ri interrupting hyomin that blankly watch the others.

“huh..see what??”

“hyomin effect..” q-ri smiling as she said that words. She did remember the moment that hyomin playing around in class. Soyeon that sit near there also nodding as she agree with q-ri. She also been influenced by hyomin when they are both alone. She did miss it too.

Boram that just come in after having her daily food that are some vitamin and medicine sit far from the place where soyeon sit. She just look them from far. The smiling face that she miss can’t be reach by her anymore. She can’t do the things that she like anymore. She miss the person that always tease her that is ‘Tom’ aka Soyeon.


Other  day,

“Dani..i’m just curious..” ask jiyeon suddenly. Everyone currently have their own schedule. So,there are only 2 of them in the practice room.

“hmm..unni, what is it??” dani adjusting her position. She looked at Jiyeon face. Her eyes met with jiyeon eyes.

“huh…nothing..”  Jiyeon can’t finish her question after she looked at Dani innocent eyes.

“cute..her eyes..huh..It might worse our relationship if I ask it” Jiyeon stating it to her ownself. She just knew Dani for a while. She can’t ruin their new relationship that currently developing properly.

“Ok..” Dani answered shortly. She doesn’t questioned it at all and started doing some dancing move while Jiyeon just sitting at one side of the room, watching her maknae. A very lovely maknae in her eyes.


At the same time, Boram and q-ri hanging out together.

“Boram, are u ok?? U becoming more n more gloomy day by day..” ask q-ri worried about her same aged friend. They quite close and opened to each other.

“I’m…ok..” weak and short answer by Boram.

“u will sick if this go on…take care of urself ok??” the worried make q-ri feel uneasy. If they live in the same place like before, she might trying her all to take care of boram. Like when they are roommate together.

“Ok..dun worry..” boram calming her same aged friend. She feel glad that there are still someone that care about her.

“I wanna go to bathroom..wait here k..” . Boram excuse herself for a while.

While waiting for boram, q-ri exploring her phone. She searching for one number and calling it.


“yeah..soyeon speaking…”

“Soyeon..where are u??”

“Somewhere in ‘A’ shopping complex…”

“Nice..hmm, did u knew Boram sick??” q-ri asking as she trying to test soyeon. She really want both, boram and soyeon like before. They always together and make things fun for someone that watching. Soyeon is also like to observe Boram as she like to take any chance that she have to tease Boram.

“hmm..really..” soyeon sad voice heard by q-ri from the other side of the phone. Soyeon feel herself betrayed her. She always questioning herself why it end like this..why this situation become worse and worse..why and why..BUT she can’t find it yet.

“come here..” q-ri giving soyeon their whereabout. The reality that she realize and knew from the start. The truth that Boram only need Soyeon right now. The one that can heal Boram is not some medicine, but that one girl that she waited all the time.

After a while..

“where are u??” boram calling q-ri after she doesn’t see her at the same place before.

“I need to go somewhere…wait there..someone gonna come for u” q-ri answered it and shortly ended the call.

“huh..someone..for me..” boram sit properly at the place before. She feel tired and a bit dizzy. She walk a bit and stand near the place that she promise to meet before. She searching some scenery that can make herself more comfortable.

Suddenly, someone stand in front of her and put her hand at boram forehead. Boram trying to look at that person face, but, she can’t as that person stand exactly a few inch in front of her. Boram is short compared to that person. It obviously the reality that she can’t deny. Her height stop to increase quite early as she matured early.

“what are u doing?? Stop it??” boram trying to avoiding that hand from touching her forehead. She taking a few step to her back till she can’t. Boram struggling her best to run from there. She quite afraid that the one in front of her is the stranger and might be someone dangerous that can hurt her. As she trying to go away, that person grab her hand, pull her and hugging her from back.

“Sto…p” Boram words become unexpectedly weak. She not shouting or trying to run away anymore. The reason is obviously clear for her. The breath, heartbeat and warm touch and hug make boram become confuse. She can’t deny her imagination that the person that hug her right now is the one that she love. BUT why? How?

“U differ..u totally differ” said boram broke out the silent. She can’t believe that she can’t identify soyeon before. When  soyeon feel her forehead with her hand.

“No..i’m not..its u..” soyeon denying every single excuse that boram said. She also surprise that Boram doesn’t know its her before.

“I can’t feel it..the warmness of ur hand..” said boram. She trying her best to win in this small argument.

“Its not like that before..” continue boram. Her voice shaking as her eyes started to become a pool of tears. The tears started to fall when boram held soyeon hand. She trying to feel that warmness again.

“Dun the end, u still know its me rite..” soyeon trying to calm boram.

“Unni..” soyeon caress boram cheek and put her face absolutely near boram face. She want to make sure that what she guess is right. Her forehead meet boram forehead. The hotness can be feel by soyeon.

“Soyeon…plz…”boram push soyeon slowly. She did feel her heartbeat beating fast than usual but that is not the only reason for that action.

“U can’t be sick too..u have lot of work to do..” boram quite worried of soyeon that currently busy with her own schedule and t-ara schedule.

“Its alrite..” soyeon pull boram as she said that and kiss her. It’s the action that she love to do. Its been a while for them.

A scene that quite emotional yet lovely for someone that longing to see both of them together. From far from there, q-ri smiling widely and grinning alone. Her plan is successful as she want. She then leave there for sure, going somewhere that she like.

For soram couple, they going to hospital together. On the way to hospital, they doesn’t have any conversation. They can hear clearly each other breathing and warm hand as they holding hand and sometimes hug side by side.

After been examine, they going back to boram house. Soyeon doesn’t want to leave cause she feel boram still need her.

“Boram..are u really OK if I go now??” ask soyeon. The sign that she give is obvious and clear.

“U want to stay here tonight??” boram as usual knew soyeon habit that always giving a hint behind her words. Soyeon wearing a wide smile as she walk into the house and greeting boram’s mother.

>>huhu…imagine what u want..XD


Without any destination in her mind for this day. The day that full of hope but only a despair for eunjung. The conflict that she can’t figure out. The puzzle that make her heart hanging and swing around non-stop. Blankly watching a dramas in her own house without really care about the other matter.

“Ah..its the dramas that hyomin starring in..” eunjung continue watching it. She started to have more interest to the dramas.

“That look..its same..but differ..” eunjung talking alone. She see hyomin that act someone that wanna be love by someone else and been rejected each time. Hyomin that she see right now is someone like that. Full of disappointment and suffering because doesn’t gain what she want. Hyomin only faking her smile and cheerful side in front of others but eunjung close enough to know that its a lie.

“why??” again she asking herself. If someone did see what she done right  know , they might think that she suffer a lot because of depression.

While she still in the mood of watching dramas and been hypnotized by it, her mom calling her from the kitchen. Thus, eunjung going out and found out that there are some of her favourite food on the table. Ready to eat at any time but she doesn’t know that her mom cooking at that time. Its quite early and there are quite a lot of food there.

“Mom..thx..” eunjung smiling and grinning alone. She really need her favourite to filled the emptiness that she feel rite now. Her habit of eating a lot of her favourite food while having a problem is well known by her mother.

“Are u having a hard time rite now??” ask her mother. She quite worried. Her face did express it.

“hmm..not really..but..” eunjung become confuse with her mom question. She taught that her mom figure out that she have some problem.

“But what eunjung?? Are u really2x OK” ask her mom again. Curious about the unfinished words

“Yup…I’m ok..this’re not the one that cook it??” eunjung ask again. She honestly wanna know the answer. Is it that same as what she currently think right now. She must knew it. Its what she need currently.

“No..its Hyomin..” answered her mom shortly confirming her ideas. She felt happy and grab her mom’s hand.

“Mom…where is she??” she excitedly waiting for the answer. Hoping that hyomin is still there. Somewhere in her house.

“She’s already go back my eunjung..” her mom calmly explained it.

“She ask me to call you out after half and hour. After she gone back.”  Eunjung mom might have figure out what happened after seeing eunjung reaction. Eunjung can’t hide her feeling at all especially in front of her mom.

Eunjung hopelessly sitting and stare the food that been left by hyomin.

“I wanna meet her..” the words that she spoke without any intention. The words that just flow out from her mouth. The truth that she hiding all the this time.

“Then, meet her my eunjung..” eunjung mom giving an opinion as she know eunjung very well. Eunjung that doesn’t know the answer for a simple question but trying hard to solve it by herself.

“Dun make it complicated..just meet her..” eunjung mom’s encourage eunjung as she see eunjung felt confuse. Eunjung looking at her mom, simply asking for confirmation. Her mom just smiling and nodding as her daughter looking at her.

“thx mom..” eunjung hug her mom and sit in front of the food that she like. She start eating and at the short time, she finish it all.

“delicious..” her mind shouting it repeatedly. Her heart beating very fast while she enjoying the food. The taste that she missing very much. She longing for it for a long time.


At hyomin house.

Hyomin looking at her phone. She received an sms from eunjung that ask her to meet at a place that quite special for hyomin. It’s a place full of good memory for only hyomin. Its quite rare to receive it. Thus, she very happy but at the same time, she’s worried that it might turn out bad as usual.

She thinking it properly and listing out the things that she need to figure out and want to say to eunjung. She want to make sure that this meeting end well. She doesn’t want to see eunjung sad face anymore.


At.. somewhere in a company..

“Unni..why u look uncomfortable..are u sick??” ask Dani that realize Jiyeon action from the start of the day.

“Nope..” Jiyeon giving a short answer but still her heart denied it. She felt the burden of the question that she want to ask last time. She quite curious and its not her way of doing things. Hiding the fact and ideas of what she want and thinking. Its not really herself BUT that what she done right now.

“U want some water??” ask Dani again. Her sincerity touched Jiyeon heart again.

“Why??” a sudden question by Jiyeon really make Dani surprise. She doesn’t expect the question come out from the question that she ask just now.

“I…just..want to give u..hmm..water..” Dani voice shaking as she answered Jiyeon question. She afraid if she done something wrong to her Unni. Her face become pale. Her heart beating fast as time goes by. Her sight is blank and blurred.

Suddenly, she felt some warm feeling out of no where. She startled as she realized that Jiyeon currently hug her quite tight.

“Unni?”  ask Dani as a reflex for Jiyeon action.

“Sorry..i’m sorry..are u afraid??” Jiyeon felt sorry for Dani. She didn’t realize that her emotion controlled her body and mind. The desperation make this happened.

“No..”.  Dani trying to calm her unni. Her instinct tell her that Jiyeon currently have a problem.

“I’m OK..dun feel sorry..” continue Dani that want to ease Jiyeon heart. At last, Jiyeon release Dani from her tight hug and looking for something in Dani eyes.

Jiyeon felt awkward after everything that she done. She then leave Dani and that place. She want to run from there. Dani just stand there and look confuse after everything. She feel some pain somewhere in her heart.

“why its hurt??” ask Dani to her own self. She put her hand at her her chest. She quite unsure about what she feel. She just watching jiyeon back from far that by time disappeared from her sight.



THX for reading it till the end!!!!   :cathappy:


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Re: [T-ara] Sweet and Sour Love [vary pairing] C-3
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Chapter 3

“Are u ok??” ask Areum that just come there to get some sort of refreshment.

“Unni…” dani answered weak as she felt that everything become complicated for her.

“Lets go..i’ll treat u..” Areum wearing a wide smile as she said it. She held dani hand and bring her somewhere. She quite unsure about what happened earlier BUT she did knew that Dani is together with Jiyeon before she met her.

As time passes, they are already walking out from the company. They heading to somewhere that only Areum know as she lead the way. Dani just follow her unni. She also need it, a certain time to relax and thing about what she feel.

“Here..go in…” a sudden voice distracting Dani that currently busy thinking about what happened. She see a restaurant in front of her.

“Go..Go..”said Areum repeatedly while showing Dani a sign to go inside the restaurant.

“Sit down..”

“hmm..” Dani just following her unni. She’s quite comfortable with Areum that also new in t-ara. She doesn’t feel there is a need to rejecting areum invitation.

“I ordered something..wait here OK..” Areum looking at Dani that just staring at her.

“Because I am the one that treat this…I’m order..OK??” ask Areum calmly claim what she want to do. She also showing an ‘OK’ sign to Dani. Dani nodding as the sign that she agree with Areum.


Its already about an hour hyomin waiting at the place where eunjung want to meet. She felt uneasy as time goes much faster for her. She can’t believe that this kind of thing happened. She kept looking at her watch.

“Am I the one that felt this way??” ask Hyomin to her ownself. She walk back and forth. Sit and stand when she bored. Time really goes quite fast for her. She called eunjung  but it doesn’t connected.

While waiting and waiting and waiting, she found someone that she knew. Both maknae are having their meal at a restaurant near there. Areum that see Hyomin from inside, going out to meet Hyomin.

“Unni..lets eat together..” ask Areum properly. Dani that see it from inside, giving a sign to come in.

“hmm..its alrite…I’m waiting for someone..” answered hyomin weakly. She felt tired after waiting for quite a long time.

“Someone?? Boyfriend??” Areum tease her unni. She like to see hyomin reaction BUT the reaction that hyomin give is totally opposite from what she want.

“Nope..” Hyomin voice trembling as she answered it. She felt like her tears gonna come out at any time. She avoided a direct eye contact with Areum.

“Eunjung Unni..” Areum make a guess. She saw eunjung unni before. When she’s at the company while she’s on the way to the place where she meet Dani.

Hyomin nodding after Areum done with her words. Areum that see it felt sorry as she knew the exact thing that happened. “The scene that she see before, are there a need to tell hyomin unni??” a question that keep repeating in her mind.

“Unni!!!” Areum showing some face expression. The set of expression that make Hyomin smiling widely and laughing while watching it.

“U good..” hyomin praise Areum. At last, she back to her normal expression that always wearing a wide smile and love to joke around. She felt her heart did calm a bit because of Areum.

“Lets go in..I really want to watch our maknae make this expression a lot..” Hyomin walking to the restaurant leaving Areum behind. Areum that watch it felt glad that she see hyomin smiling. She knew hyomin still felt a pain deep inside BUT she feel relieved as she can calm her down when she about to cry in front of her.


An hour before…

Eunjung are preparing to meet hyomin at the place she promised to meet BUT her manager ask for help. Thus, she need to go to company first. She want to finish her task as fast as she can and  there is one thing that she forgot to bring along that is her phone. She didn’t realize about it till the end as she always been clumsy and forgetful. When she arrived at the company, she see Jiyeon running out from the company, passing her and without greeting her.

“Its quite rare..” she thinking as she knew Jiyeon very well.

“Unni..what are u doing here??” ask Areum that currently on the way to have some refreshment. She’s just finish practicing almost all dancing step for the next showcase. She need to catch up to make sure she doesn’t ruined the performance.

“Have some task to finish. Ur done??” ask Eunjung concern about Areum that practice hard by herself for the next showcase. Even after the group practice.

“Yeah..I want to drink something..” answered Areum as she showing the sign that she want to go for refreshment.

“hmm..did u know what happened to Jiyeon??” ask Eunjung curious about the situation before.

“Nope..I doesn’t know that she’s here..” Areum confuse as she also doesn’t know that Jiyeon is here at the company before.


“K..I’ll go first..” Areum leaving eunjung alone. Eunjung then going to ther exact destination, meeting with manager and finishing her job.

“huh..what happened to her??” ask Eunjung to herself. She kept remember the moment Jiyeon run away in front of her.

“I think she will be there..” eunjung did know one place that Jiyeon always visit when she having a problem. She’s going to that place, without remembering her original plan. The plan that she make last night. Her mind is full of Jiyeon.


Current time…at the same time…

Jiyeon’s alone in her own room. She live alone for quite a long time now. She’s try her best to sleep. For her, sleeping is one of the way that can make her problem disappeared from her head. Even for a while, she really need some time to figure it. The things that make she felt frustrated.

Suddenly, a crack sound heard as the result of the main door been opened. Then, the sound of footstep coming to her way make herself froze as she quite sure there is no one that gonna come to her home at that time. She lived alone. If her family want to come, maybe they called her or giving a message but she got nothing.

She is standing at the corner of her room, hiding and ready to attack if it’s a stranger. She quite strong and did win a lot of competition when she was active in taekwondo. The footstep is quite close to her room, then, the door of her room is opened. The light that she doesn’t switch off before proved that she was there.

“Jiyeon…u here??” a familiar voice that quite disappeared from her mind recently came back and calm her down.

“Jiyeon..I know u here..” again that voice calling her name. Jiyeon can’t stand anymore. She running and hug that person, eunjung.

“Jiyeon..” eunjung smiling as she received a hug that she missed so much. The touch that she doesn’t feel for a long time.

“Unni..” Jiyeon crying and hugging eunjung quite tight. She always been the one that received love compared to giving love. Thus, the puzzle that entangled in her mind can’t be solved. Eunjung is one of the unni that give her lot of love from the time she met. A sudden idea came to her mind.

After a while, Jiyeon sit in front of eunjung. Their eyes met and there are something that bothering eunjung heart. Jiyeon eyes that sadden, the eyes that cheerful all the time but sadden this time, she doesn’t realize it for a long time. The change that make her heart ache and pain so much.

“Jiyeon..” eunjung caress jiyeon face and wipe out all the tears that flow with her finger. She kept looking at Jiyeon.

“Unni…” Jiyeon look deeply in eunjung eyes. She found out something that she doesn’t know before. Her heart beating fast as the result of unbelievable fact the she just found out.

“Ur eyes..” Jiyeon also caress eunjung face. The idea that she have in mind just vanished with her sadness before. She became worried and afraid if the things that she currently think right now is the truth.

“hmm..what is it Jiyeon??” ask eunjung worried about her lovely maknae. The maknae that she treasured all the time.

“Why it look the same as mine??” ask Jiyeon curious. She stop crying and sitting properly in front of eunjung. Her mind started to thing everything that she done before. The memory between herself and eunjung suddenly play non-stop in her mind.

“Why its same as yours?? I’m not crying like u did…” eunjung wearing an awkward smile. She can’t accept the fact that it the same as Jiyeon. The one-sided love eyes. The eyes that she have for quite long yet Jiyeon doesn’t aware about it.

“Nope..its the same as mine…” Jiyeon insist that fact. “Why I doesn’t realize it??” Jiyeon whispered to her own self. She doesn’t know that Eunjung suffering all this time.

Eunjung stand up and leaving Jiyeon’s alone. She gave up on pretending in front of insisting Jiyeon. Jiyeon that she knew is someone that must have the answer for the question that she want. She will not give up and kept asking all the time. Thus, she must leave before she giving out the answer that she shouldn’t tell.

With eunjung leaving her alone, Jiyeon become more confuse. She taught that the puzzle can be solve with eunjung there but another difficult puzzle came to her mind. Her heart stuffed as she quite sure that its related to herself.


Eunjung just awake from her own dreamland aka sleep. She wake up and searching something. Her phone that she left out yesterday while going out and forget to charge. She found it and charge it. Then, she wash up a bit and  going out from her room to reach out for some morning drink and the breakfast that her mom make.

“Am I forgetting something??” eunjung ask herself as she looked at the wall clock. She stare at it for a long time. A sudden and repeating sound of knocking make herself fully awake. She opened the door and surprisingly seeing someone that rarely visiting her house.

“Unni..” eunjung shock look can be clearly seen by soyeon.

“Are you just awake?? Why u turn off ur phone eunjung??” Soyeon voice still calm but certain. She knew eunjung habit that always clumsy and its also her fault that doesn’t recalled about it before.

“I’m not turn off my phone..I guess it off because its out of battery..”  eunjung still clueless about the whole situation. She really forget about today schedule.

“hmm…hurry..we have signing event..I’ll give you 10 minutes..” Soyeon sighing as she said it to eunjung. She can’t blame eunjung nor mad at her cause its her responsibility.

“Alrite..but 15 minutes..” eunjung wearing a wide smile as she leave soyeon. Soyeon just smiling looking forward for eunjung cheerful side today. Its quite a long time that she doesn’t see that smile.


“Unni..thx for yesterday..” areum that walk pass hyomin with dani turn back as she honestly feel very happy because of yesterday event.

“welcome..”hyomin smiling as she said it. She meant it as yesterday turn to be a good day because of areum and dani.

“Unni..u need to buy something for me..” Dani suddenly came from areum back.

“Why should I??” ask areum to Dani.

“Yesterday can’t count..cause yesterday, hyomin unni treat both of us..” dani wink at hyomin as she want her to join herself to tease areum.

“huh..I guess I dun have any choice..then, later2x..”Areum shown a sign for later.

“I’ll make sure I treat u properly..” Areum pinch Dani cheek and grinning as she enjoyed the atmosphere that they in right now.

“Unni..u too..” add Areum while looking at hyomin. All of them laughing as they walk together to the dressing room before signing event started.


“Jiyeon unni!!!” dani call Jiyeon and run to her as soon as she see Jiyeon currently have her make up done.

“Dani..” Jiyeon replied with her slow but warm voice. Dani smiling as Jiyeon doesn’t look troubled like yesterday. She also felt relieved after seeing Jiyeon smiling awkwardly while controlling her expression so that the make up can done perfectly.

Jiyeon held dani hand as dani sit beside her. She felt happy that Dani looks like she forgetting yesterday incident. The incident that hurt herself and also might leave Dani with unsettled feeling.

“U want some sandwich??” ask Jiyeon purposely. She knew that dani exactly like her.  She like to eat.

“Sandwich?” ask dani curious. Her interest shown quite clearly without failed with her excited reaction. Her love towards food might seem more than everything.

“Are u really love food that much..there is no sandwich for u…” Jiyeon tease Dani. She love to see her maknae felt confused and mad at her.

“Unni…sandwich..sandwich…” Dani feel so down as the hope that been given by Jiyeon crush just in second.  Her expression change so much.

Jiyeon suddenly laughing as she see the reaction that she exactly think happened in front of her.

“’re so bad..where are my sandwich??” Dani doesn’t give up on the sandwich. She repeatedly asking for it.

“U love sandwich more than me..huh..U really unfair..” added Jiyeon while sighed. She pretend to feel disappointed with dani reaction as she want to see more from her lovely maknae.

“Unni..i’m not..why u compared urself with sandwich..its unfair..” dani make a certain expression. She became quiet all of sudden. She gave up on sandwich and trying to go to other unni.

“Wait..” Jiyeon grabbed dani hand. Her make up is done perfectly by the stylish. As soon as its finish, she stand and give her a sandwich that she promise before.

“U bad..”dani whispered that word while punch lightly towards Jiyeon’s body. Jiyeon stopped that punch and whispered something.

“Your whining is cute..” whispered Jiyeon to dani. She leave dani alone and going out first to make the small performance to the fans that waiting outside. Again, dani fall into jiyeon trap. She followed behind Jiyeon and mumbling some words.

“Dani..” a sudden voice stop her step.

“Don’t follow me to the stage..” Jiyeon patting Dani head. Jiyeon grinning when she see dani face redden and blushing when she patting dani head and caress her face.

“Or u want to follow me..” ask Jiyeon curious. She want to play more with her. She waiting for dani answer even she saw someone giving a sign to go on stage.

“Can I?” ask Dani as she couldn’t think another answer.

“Of course..” Jiyeon grab dani hand and take the sandwich that she give before to the staff that sit near the stage.

“Take care of this..I’ll bring along dani..and take it later..” Jiyeon talk to the staff and walking fast while held dani hand properly. She look at dani and whispered some words.

“Trust me…”

Jiyeon bring along dani to the stage and introduce dani to the fans.  They performing together a small things that make all fans happy. They playing and joking like they usually done in front of the fans. The cute and memorable event that can’t be forget at all for all the fans that waiting.


“Hmm…my phone..can’t be on yet..” eunjung talking alone.

“Charge it in front..” Soyeon suggesting a simple solution that eunjung might not think at all.

“Yup..that’s right..” eunjung wearing a wide smile as she pass her phone to the manager that sit in front.

“Turn it on..” add eunjung while looking at her manager that charge the phone.

The phone vibrate non-stop after the manager turn it on. Lot of message and missed called come in.

“Can u read it??” ask Eunjung from the back seat. She forgot to bring her phone yesterday and forget to charge it when she back home.

“Are u ok with it??” ask the manager afraid that there is some private things and all.

“I’m OK..” eunjung calmly answered it. There is nothing that she should hide.

“hmm..eunjung’re not coming?? From hyomin..” said the manager.

“Wait..stop2x..dun read the rest..” a sudden important event come up to her mind. Her meeting with hyomin yesterday, the one that she ask and promise to come BUT she didn’t come.

“What did I done?” ask Eunjung to herself. She quite frustrated as she forget the one thing that she promise and not to just anyone but hyomin. The one that she need to meet and seeking for a forgiveness.

“What did u do??” ask Soyeon feeling uneasy with eunjung sudden change.

“Hyomin..” eunjung replied weakly. She can’t hide her her uneasiness.

“Again?” soyeon replied coldly. Her sudden change did surprise eunjung.

“Wait..what do u mean by ‘again’??” ask Eunjung curious. She doesn’t remembered anything else except the promise that she made to hyomin recently. Soyeon just keep her mouth shut and do nothing except sitting and enjoying the scene outside the van.



thx for reading it!!!

again… :sweatdrop: sry for my bad english and error here and there…

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[T-ara] Sweet and Sour Love [AreumxQ-ri, DanixJiyeon, SoRam, EunMin] C-4
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LOL..I find it interesting to read this story again... :cathappy: :deco:

I actually totally forgot how it will update with u later too..huhu..

 :heart: :heart: gonna read it later by my own story... :cathappy: :cathappy:


4TH PART of this title..its quite long..without I realize it..its 8 page in microsoft word..huhu..^,^


Part 4

“Areum..u need to go on stage too…” the staff of the event said to Areum that currently have some make up applied by  their stylish for the group performance.

“Why??” ask areum that quite surprise with a sudden plan change. She doesn’t knew that she need to be on stage early.

“Change of plan…hmm, sorry..but ready OK?? U can join Jiyeon and Dani..they currently on stage.”  The staff giving some sign to other member group to joining Jiyeon and Dani along with areum.

“Alrite..” areum controlling her expression. She need to finish it properly. The make up can’t be ruin especially when they need to finish it quickly.

After a few minute…

“Areum..u doesn’t want to go??” ask q-ri that already done her make up. She done her make up by herself as they are lot of member. Q-ri a bit worried when she see that areum doesn’t move from her spot at all even though she need to joining Jiyeon and dani.

“Afraid??” ask q-ri again. She understand that situation as she also one of a new member long time ago. The moment she need to introduce herself to the fans as a new member is the most frightening moment for her. She need to make the fans accept her as that the main mission for the introduction.

Areum just nodding weakly as the answer for q-ri question. Then, a sudden nervousness bothered her. Its not because of her worried or afraid feeling anymore. It’s the sudden movement by q-ri that make her heart beating fast.

“Hurry…hurry…” q-ri said it while held areum hand properly and walk through a crowd in the backstage. Areum just following her unni step from the back. She can’t think properly as it is one of the precious moment for her. She doesn’t know that q-ri unni is like ‘this’.

“Easy…” whispered areum to herself. She can’t believe the fact that q-ri currently holding her hand.

“Wait..before we go on stage..” q-ri suddenly stop and looking straight into areum eyes. Areum quite surprise, she can’t avoiding that stare.

“Lets hug..” q-ri suddenly hugging areum that stand still in front of her. A warm feeling that came from q-ri make areum calm. Her mind goes blank as she can feel and hear q-ri heartbeat that beating fast like her.

“Our heart..beating as one..” areum whispered to herself. She kept it by herself but q-ri heard it. Q-ri just smiling widely as they going on stage together, joining Jiyeon and Dani. Areum awkwardly follow from behind.


At the same time…

“Sorry…sorry…I’m late..” eunjung said as she arrived at the dress aka make up room. They are only a few staff and a member in that room.

“Unni..where the others??” ask eunjung to Boram that waiting for Soyeon that need to pick up eunjung. Eunjung scanning the room as she quite curious bout the other member especially the one that she didn’t meet yesterday aka Hyomin and the one that she run away, Jiyeon.

“They all on stage…except hyomin..she having some headache..and..”

“Where is she???” eunjung quickly cutting Boram words when she heard hyomin sick. Boram look at Soyeon that stand beside Eunjung. She really doesn’t want to bother others matter as she also responsible to protecting hyomin.

“I dunno..” answered Boram calmly while giving some sign to Soyeon. She want to going out from there before eunjung asking more.

“Unni..what happened here?? I doesn’t know that they need to go on stage early..” Soyeon pretending as if she doesn’t know the situation that happened while she’s absent even though she knew the truth.

“Lets meet the staff..” Soyeon held Boram hand and going out from that room. Eunjung is left alone there. She doesn’t even think that they leave her because of the awkwardness and uneasy feeling. She can’t realize the fact that they avoiding her. She just continue what she need to done with uneasy feeling. She absolutely worried about hyomin.


“U really something..” said Boram while wearing a wide smile. She’s proud of Soyeon that can handle the situation like an expert. She love to see Soyeon that understand every single things that she done.

“U too..unni..” Soyeon still holding tightly Boram hand as she walking to somewhere near the stage, leading in front to the place where there are no one except both of them. After arriving, Soyeon put her hand at Boram forehead. She still worried about Boram that currently weak because of the high fever that she have last time.

“Are u eating ur medicine properly??” ask Soyeon concern about her one only love.

“yup..” Boram nodding excitingly while putting a cute face on herself to showing her confident in front of Soyeon.

“Good girl..” Soyeon pinch weakly Boram cheek and kiss it afterward.

“Hope u heal fast..” add soyeon while patting Boram head. She then want to walk away from that place as she heard someone calling her name BUT she stand still and keep quiet in front of Boram that blushing as the result of Soyeon action before.

“I really can’t leave u this early unni…” Soyeon wearing a sad face while staring into Boram eyes. She really meant it because there is only a little time that she spent with Boram recently.

“It's alrite..later k…” Boram trying to calm Soyeon. She can felt the honesty in Soyeon words and the love that Soyeon give. Its more than enough for her.

“I knew..I understand..” Boram hug Soyeon to calm her down.

“I love u..” Boram whispered as she caress Soyeon face. Soyeon that understand all the hint that Boram give replied the words that make Boram heart melt again.

“I love u too..” Soyeon walking out from there and searching for the person that called her before while Boram sitting near the stage watching the member that perform on the stage.


At the dress room…after 30 minutes of eunjung arrival…

Hyomin that just back from taking some fresh air outside still doesn’t realize about the absent of Boram and the existence of eunjung. After coming in, she sit weakly in her own place.

“Unni…did u have something that can make me feel better…”ask Hyomin that clueless about the situation. She put her head on the table, waiting for the answer BUT there are no answer. A silent situation that make her head more dizzy than before.

“Unni..” again hyomin calling Boram. After a while, she look back and found out that no other member  there except  a person that she really don’t want to meet right now BUT she still giving out  a small smile. She sit properly and doing her own thing. The awkwardness and silent make the staff that sitting there uneasy.

“Hyomin..Eunjung..lets go now..” soyeon calling their name from outside. She currently with everyone else waiting for only eunjung and hyomin that still in dress room. Both eunjung and hyomin felt relieve as they can’t stand the awkwardness that grown bigger by time in that room.

Jiyeon smile awkwardly as she see eunjung while hyomin still smiling widely as usual. She trying to be as natural as possible in front of others. They continue their acivities for that day without having any problem except the awkwardness for certain person.


Other day…

“Alrite…I guess we can end this meeting..” said Soyeon wrapping out the meeting for the upcoming showcase.

“BUT  don’t forget to enjoy this performance OK??” add Soyeon again to ensure that the member doesn’t forget their real reason of performing. She quite sure all the member already at their limit when they having lot of performance and showcase from one day to another BUT she also confident that all of them can make it success as there are fans supporting them from the back.

“OK..” all member answered soyeon’s question at the same time. Their voice became one. They really fired up as the ticket for the next showcase sold out quite fast. They excitingly practice their dancing step and memorizing their own line.

While everyone busy practicing, Jiyeon keep glancing at a person that practicing alone in a corner of the practice room. She can’t stand still and waiting for the answer like someone that doesn’t realize bout the truth. She need the answer for the question that bothered her mind recently. Thus, after taking a deep breath, she walking straight to that one person.

“Unni..we need to talk..” ask Jiyeon after she met the eyes of the person she want to talk to. Eunjung that startled by Jiyeon appearance that too sudden stop practicing and walk out from the practice room.  She want to run away like before BUT Jiyeon run after her and stop her with a strong statement that make her heart beat fast than usual. A feeling of fall in Jiyeon trap make her mind goes blank.

“Do u have someone that u love??” ask Jiyeon at first after seeing that eunjung try to run away from her.

“IS IT ME??” added Jiyeon while grab eunjung hand, trying to stop her. Eunjung felt that everything could end there. She afraid that her relationship with the person that she longing and love for will worsen and end at that time and place. She kept her mouth shut as she afraid what she think become reality.

“Unni..plz be honest with me..” Jiyeon caress eunjung face and look straight to eunjung eyes. Her eyes really show her determination. Determination to get an answer for the question that playing in her mind repeatedly.

Eunjung felt confuse as she doesn’t knew the result of the action that she gonna do. The result of the answer that she gonna give to Jiyeon. A silent became the witness of the very tense atmosphere that been built between them by time.

“hmm..if I said yes..” at last, at last eunjung voice out what she might think as that what she felt all this time.

“huh..really??” jiyeon quite surprise by the answer than eunjung give. She can’t believe it at all, its like a dream that she can’t touch or dream at all before. There are always a very concrete reason behind her reaction. She can’t accept it at all. The statement that eunjung made.

“really…” eunjung add again as she staring deep in jiyeon eyes. She felt that way all time.

“Are u sure..are u sure unni???” ask Jiyeon again, hoping that eunjung think properly and reconsider what she said. Eunjung just nodding as jiyeon kept asking the same question again and again.

After some time, Jiyeon give up on Eunjung that kept believe what she think is true. She really want eunjung to think properly the time when they are all together. She pinch eunjung cheek as a result of her unsatisfying feeling.

“Huh..what’s this for..” eunjung caress her cheek that redden as the result of Jiyeon action.

“Are u awake??” ask Jiyeon without hiding her attention.

“Unni…I guess u need to think properly before u confessing like this..” add Jiyeon again. She did knew about her unni that clueless. She also knew that eunjung can’t pick up any hint even though there are lot of hint been given to her BUT it really make her heart hurt this time.

“What do u mean??” ask Eunjung that became confuse with Jiyeon action that unexpectedly serious than normal.

“I mean..u don’t love me unni…don’t said it, that words..hmm.. if u don’t love me..” Jiyeon voice trembling as she said that. She became sad as she remembered all the moment that she spent with eunjung. There are lot of happy memory in the surface BUT inside it, its differ, absolutely differ.

Eunjung just kept quiet as she trying to pick up what Jiyeon said. As she trying to thinking it, she see a certain person pass through them without looking at them at all. She suddenly felt nervous like she’s been caught doing something wrong with Jiyeon.

“Unni..I’ll joining practice first..” Jiyeon leaving eunjung that still struggling in finding a right words to explaining what she felt.

“Why I’m too slow!!!” Eunjung hit weakly her head repeatedly as she felt quite angry with her own self. She’s quite worried that she hurt a lot of people around her while she’s been this clueless. Even though she can’t find the right answer yet, she still join the others practicing for the next showcase.

Her action have been seen by that certain person. That person just sighed as she see what eunjung done.

“Am I fall for a wrong person..” that person said to herself. She also questioning herself about that. The reason why she fall in love to eunjung. It still confusing and complicated for her that think eunjung clueless self are her charm.

“Love sure is blind..” she trying to cheer up herself with that words and started to singing a song that she like while dancing happily. Everyone suddenly joining her and dance together with her. They really love to play around sometimes to make their practice time fun and interesting.

Eunjung that look at the situation felt calm as she see that certain person smiling brightly. She felt her problem and her confusion faded away as she see that person smiling.

“I want to dance too!!!” eunjung run excitingly to the member that playing around happily. Jiyeon that realize bout it also smile as she confirming what she taught is right.

“Really..its the truth…” her mind calm down as she realize what is mean by love while watching her unni.


At some restaurant near to t-ara workplace.

“Unni…buy me the things before…” dani make a cute face while asking a favor to her fav unni, Jiyeon. Jiyeon just sit calmly beside dani while watching areum ordering some food for them.

“Are u gonna eat alone with areum if I’m not coincidently meeting both of u at the shop before??” ask Jiyeon curious bout it. She’s ignoring dani that kept asking for the things that she like at the shop before.

“YUP!! But unni..plz…plz…” dani answered it short and continue what she done before. Jiyeon just pretending that she doesn’t heard any and stand up suddenly when she look areum’s  going to the counter to pay for the food that she ordered.

“Wait..areum!!” Jiyeon walk to the counter and giving a sign to areum to sit first. She want to settled the bill.

“But…”areum trying to decline Jiyeon offer.

“Hmm..nope..I pay..u sit..” Jiyeon doesn’t want to hear any excuse from areum. Areum just nodding as she look back to Dani that sit and looking at them. She walk to the table and sit in front of dani.

“Unni…u not pay the bill?? Again??” dani tease her unni that failed for a second time to treat her some food.

“I guess I have lot of luck…” areum smiling as she said it. It’s the truth as everytime she tried to pay, there are someone else that gonna pay in her place BUT she also realize that this time, it can’t be considered as luck.

“hmm..hoping that I was lucky like u..” dani make a sad face as she can’t win against areum and can’t receive what she want.

“U also a lucky girl…” areum stand and patting dani head. She laugh as she seen dani reaction that trying to done a same thing to her but failed. A sudden unsettled feeling have been felt by areum as she heard the sound of footstep that coming close to their table.

“U win..u win..” areum suddenly stop playing and letting dani win in that small and sweet argument. Jiyeon that just coming after paying the bills felt uneasy as she see areum and dani moment while she gone for a while.

“ u really meant what u said before??” ask Jiyeon suddenly bring the topic that dani ask repeatedly before. Dani that heard it nodding and wearing a very cute face just for Jiyeon.

“Alrite..lets go there after we eat..” add Jiyeon after seeing her maknae face. She really can’t decline dani request especially after the things that she done sway her heart.

Dani very happy with that and hug Jiyeon tightly before she show off what she achieve and receive to areum.

“I got it!!! lucky..lucky!!”

Areum just smiling as she see dani reaction that she find very cute and charming.


At the same time, at some shopping complex..

“U really buying a lot..” said q-ri to hyomin. Both of them always hanging out together as they have the same interest that is shopping. They changing their opinion while having a great time searching the best among the best item. Its not about brand but the feeling while using it.

“U too unni..” hyomin replied shortly.

“Lets rest first..” add hyomin that see an empty rest chair near them. Q-ri just following as she also have the same thought.

A song called ‘day and night’ that involving one of their member is playing in that big shopping complex.

“Areum..” q-ri suddenly whispered to herself. Hyomin that sit beside her just nodding. She suddenly remembered the set of face that areum done for her and grinning alone.

“She’s cute..that set of face expression really priceless”  hyomin suddenly voice out what she think while smiling widely. Her mood really turn good every time she remember that face.

“Set of face expression??” ask q-ri that curious of the things that hyomin said.

“Yup..a set of face that she doesn’t show to everyone yet except me…I guess..” said Hyomin while watching a shop in front of her. She doesn’t think it that deep and serious but that differ for q-ri that heard it.

“she doesn’t show anyone?? Except u??” q-ri want a confirmation for what she heard. She felt a bit uneasy. Her heart felt stuffed as if something bothering her. She tried to be calm and not to be notice by Hyomin that quite sharp in this kind of thing.


“Alrite..lets listing and think it properly..” said eunjung that currently alone in her room. She writing what she think properly.

“What title should I give??” ask eunjung to herself. She want to make thing interesting as she doesn’t want to be bored while thinking it and solve it half hearted.


1.       I love or like her??? jiyeon…
2.       Why I like her??? and why she said I’m not???
3.       Why she felt sad as she remembered our memory???
4.       Why she ask me to reconsider it??
5.       Why I’m hurt all this time?? because of her??
6.       Why I can’t answer her confidently??
7.       Why I run away from her??

“ this all??” ask eunjung again trying to figure out the problem that she need to solve.

“I guess..this is it from now..”said eunjung again to comforting her own mind and self.

“Lets review by one” eunjung look at the list that she made seriously.


A few days later…

“Unni…did q-ri unni have some problem??” ask areum that can’t keep her eyes off from q-ri that sit quietly in the group of member that apparently chatting and laughing together. The uncomfortable yet worrisome feeling make her heart felt stuffed when looking at that unni.

“I dun think so…she’s always like that…” eunjung answered it after take a glance to q-ri unni that might day dreaming in her opinion.

“ I wrong??” ask areum to herself. She’s quite sensitive with her surrounding as she can actually knew if the person around her have a problem or not just by looking at them. She like to watch others whenever she have a free time.



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