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Author Topic: *LOVING U* - chapter 20 (MaYuki) 24/04/2018  (Read 29943 times)

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.19
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For long time...

Please next, my cyborg  :otomerika:

Please don't hiatus again.

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.19
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 :wub: please update soon i love this fanfic
MAYUKI are real !!!


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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.19
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Wowowowow! This is great! I love it XD
I want to read more haha.
I'm still curious about Mayu like I want to know more about her like her background or her past. I want to know more about yuki too!

Thanks for the great fic!

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Re: *LOVING U* - chapter 20 (MaYuki) 13/03/2016
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"I can't believe this... i just wanted to go home with Mayu!" Kashiwagi Yuki facepalmed herself as she spoke then Sae tapped her shoulder "Oh... this is bad" Sae let out looking at the stabbing looks Acchan and Mocchi have on their faces.

Akicha looked at her friends "This is so fun... everything is spinning!" she let out being grabbed Sasshi who was helping her.

"Okay we need to calm down! this is not the first time something like this has happened." Kuu let out moving everyone and grabbing Kai from the floor. "Be careful!" Riku let out interrupting him.

Kuu looked at everyone "I'm an expert on Kaidrama..." he let out serious and confident knowing what to do to help his friend, everyone trusted him.

Mariko looked at her boyfriend "He looks handsome when he is serious!" she whispered.

"WAKE UP! *SLAP!* *SLAP!* WAKE UP! *SLAP!* *SLAP!*WAKE UP! *SLAP!* *SLAP!* Kuu yelled slapping Kai.

Everyone was shocked

"Your freinds are odd!" Sayaka let out

Sae got nervous "They are not my friends!" she replied.

"That's enough!" Riku said nervous removed Kuu

"Oh my face..." Kai let out waking up

"I told you i was an expert!" Kuu let out proud

Acchan and Mocchi moved fast and grabbed his arms "Are you okay"  Both asked at the same time then looked at each other with stabbing eyes.

Kai smiled nervously.

"We are glad you are okay... lucky! lucky!" Kuu let out mischievously looking at the two girls holding Kai.

Riku looked around "Where's Yuki?" he asked still looking around, Sae tapped his shoulder "No no dude.." she said with a poker face.

-At home-

Kashiwagi Yuki entered to her dept, she was so relieved to be home. Seems like forever since the last time she saw the younger girl who to her surprise was doing her homework like a little angel that she's not.

"You are home!" Mayu let out with a smile then run to the older to hug her.

Yuki smiled " This is nice..." she said carrying the younger girl to her room.

Both girls were on the bed with Mayu on top of the older girl.

"You were doing your homework... i'm loving that!" Yuki let out before planting a kiss on the younger girl.

Mayu stopped kissing Yuki and only looked at her "What's wrong?" the older of the two asks.

"I was thinking about my sister...maybe doing the things she wanted me to do, you know going growing up, going to college, get a job,ect"  Mayu answered. "The college i want is not an option is too far" she continued.

Yuki only looked at the younger "Oh..." she only manage to let out.

"What's with the face?" Mayu asked with a smirk.

Yuki got up "I have to shower...i had a long day." she replied then entered to the bathroom.

"Do you want some company." Mayu asked knocking the door.

"No.. i'm fine!" Yuki replied.

-Nxt day- In Yuki's office

"You know tomorrow is the biggest night of the year, right?" Sae asked sitting.

Yuki facepalmed herself "I forgot!" she let out mad

Sae looked at Yuki "That's so unlike you.. that's your favorite night. What happened?"  she asked concerned.

"Mayu.." Yuki let out.

"Hey buy her a new barbie and everything will be fine!" Sae said smiling

Yuki looked at her friend "Yesterday she was talking to me about her plans, about college and im wondering if its okay having this relationship, my life in college was the best, she has the right live it completely like me. Now she's holding to me  and forgetting about herself." she said feeling as a bad person.

Sae sighed " Well you have a few options my friend... holding to her too and ruin her opportunities in life or make her realize that you are not the best option or break up with her before college. Its up to you!" she said concerned about her friend.

Yuki looked down not knowing what to do.

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